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May 24, 2019
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May 30, 2019
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April 30, 1952
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Approved for Release: 2019/05/08 CO2692628 LAtz SEC INFORMATION 30 April 1952 Copy No, 52 CURRENT INTELLIGENCE BULLETIN DOCUMENT NO. NO CHANGE IN CLASS. ye: � ; DECLASSIFIED r - CLASS. CHANCED TO: IS S C NEXT REVIEW DATE: 2007 DATA fIFV;PWF Office of Current Intelligence CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY TOP SECRET 3.5(c) 3.5(c) 3.5(c) 3.5(c) SECURIFY INFORMATION Approved for Release: 2019/05/08 CO2692628 Approved for Release: 2019/05/08 CO2692628 PSECRET SUMMARY SOVIET UNION I. High level of air activity continues in Chukotsk area (page 3). NEAR EAST - AFRICA 2� Iranian religious leader threatens anti-American campaign if aid is withheld (page 3). 3. Turkish Prime Minister interested in Greek-Yugoslav rapprochement (page 5). WESTERN EUROPE 4. Soviet officials in Austria interrupt telephone communications (page 6). 5. Contractual agreement threatened by new West German Senate line-up (page 6). 6. Italians consider American attitude at London talks on Trieste unfriendly (page 7). * * * * -2 3.5(c) 3.5(c) 3.5(c) Approved for Release: 2019/05/08 002692628 Approved for Release: 2019/05/08 CO2692628 3.5(c) SOVIET UNION 1. High level of air activity continues in Chukotsk area: 3.3(h)(2) the high number of air transport flights from the Khabarovsk-Nikolayevsk area to Povarny Krestik, unprecedented along this route, continued through 26 April. Between 21 and 26 April, a total of 281 flights was noted. (See Map) Comment: Although the purpose and signifi- cance of this activity cannot as yet be determined, the number of flights and pattern of activity suggest a shuttle-type operation, possibly intended to provide logistical support for a redeployment of Soviet air units to the Chukotsk area. It is also possible that the aircraft may have been trans- porting supplies for some unidentified military or economic activity in the area0 NEAR EAST - AFRICA 2. Iranian religious leader threatens anti-American campaign if aid is with- held Mullah Kashani, influential Iranian religiou3.3(h)(2) leader and supporter of Prime Minister Mossadeq, threatened on 25 April to start an extensive anti-American campaign throughout Asia .if the United States did not immediately give Iran substantial finan- cial and economic aid. Kashani claimed that the United States was backing France and Britain against Iran and was being exploited by these nations. He insisted that unless Iran received United States aid, it would have to turn to the Soviet Union. He made these threats in the course of a lengthy conversation which he had requested with the Amer- ican Ambassador. -3 3.5(c) Approved for Release: 2019/05/08 CO2692628 Nei ;74 Approved for Release: 2019/05/08 CO2692628 3.5(c) Mg 60 40 80 100 .04/ 120 140 6D . I 160 180 150 s� * 24...244 ( '''' --66 \ -,-,3 � ___75`" ,k �py N- el NO., 'N 04 '- 1 '-''. - r-- ----- , ' .) \ 7,. __ \ "e* 1,"�. Yakutsk 'IA, - Alekminsk 4 i c tl te. �. ' __.___----,-r-_, 1 snayohkreV -kr : � . \ \ -------L I \ 04 ce' T rl E 4' cD � � - - - \ .,..fl, - 5 ' ,.._ I KE;Ginska" ,-- - 'aee cO'l i \ xffr ---- 4, , 1 / �I' \ i ..,- 6 N \�....-- oymyakon f t., 1 ____---`r 1 p ( p al 8 , a q 8) c'k1�6 j, �C61',30 � , ,. ,dy n5 ,Y �_,� i ------4- cv�-/- �,....-4.6..-- .,A.74. 0,0, ryndinskiy 4,10. Ai ah N,,,.. 4/e? ' .1* ''..s>5 � hit t a h50 'D e' � .1/4 nd � - ,14.9. -.-- -,-- ait`--0,?�����..i'"-""\. i � eruien Q. . _ _ _ OagoVeshchensk .P,/,..�);, � "N..* \ , ',,,, Aoyark 4 --- 'd ',ven_ch, \,', eng Or% ..... ..". ' '`.41 .....� � ... � ___;-�!lelzga(' C s.----,-JiARBIN --... N. A I - , ,... � % j� \'-j.i.........:',"--i-r;VO1S---TnOiYs:T.' r-tip NG o ',, Likiffi7EN r-,.. _PA fp,. , - .. i, 7 _-_g- ,_, ' � , ,,:./ PORT. I 'f 0 r - --- �_. _ WY,' rSIN0 TA0 SOu ,, Eli Ie ---_________ 1,0 � \ \ / ..."-' 21-22 '13' , , _ i0`65 ,c 44 A r.I. � �4,,,� di \-'-\' c,`) - . ii Ar ,....i �, \,,, 4, ''-..-, i5 Apr el .S' I. Ai 0 I' � �'.? , co,,Aosi�c '14 \. .4 - \ f ',. tka � - >,, _.---- 1 SAKHALIN Z)-----1r. Kamsomolsk I \ --,-:----- 1 ' ------ 2'0 Nikolayevsk \ KARAFUTO 2, ' AU 5 S R Admin./ `,.., , 3� Okhotsk ,.,/..,,_, 4.', Magadan ' � \ o$a Khali nsk c�:�.&p'? 5. Sejmchan ,..i �3 , A/ I- . Wakkanai 6. i,�ovarnr. trestik ' \ '-11 -Pet4Otavlawsk , at', ,_ ie., A � " 1 r ;� Sbakhtersk ,,.0�..,1' P i. '" ' KUSHIRO 1,..,- - -�-�._ ( % ,---- Pi'HAK0-6ATE -----, -1531 V ----------- v- � Biro n Sovet5V1, .�, � , Gay..,�.46�1( 6,7R0 ..,, ,Y.K , 1.17C- as k / -21 HOKKAIDO OTIIR P s, E A 0 F .7 1 P A A' i 0 KANAZAWAif Some boundaries shown on this map are de HONSHU facto boundaries lig52), not necessarily recognized @SENDAI as definitive by the United States Government. \ 120 140 160 U. S. SOVIET FAR S. R. EAST SHUTTLE FLIGHTS AREA. ----- --go Return Flights (selected) --- Trail (selected) Railroad (selected) 600 8ri10 10,00 Miles INITIAL PATTERN INTO --------4' Outbound Flights �..� International boundary (*i National capital OF AIR TEURSPORT LOWER CHUKOTSK - -- Road Scale L28,000,000 200 400 o I 200 400 600 800 1000 Kilometers BA 98 352 � / 3.5(c) A Approved for Release: 2019/05/08 CO2692628 Approved for Release: 1019/05/08 CO2692628 3.5(c) Comment: Kashani's remarks appear to be part of the government's effort to stimulate American aid by arousing United States alarm. The government itself, however, is unlikely to initiate an anti-American campaign as long as it has hopes of procuring financial assistance from the United States. Iranian officials are currently promoting the belief that the recent exchange of notes on American military aid fore- shadows increased United States aid of all kinds. 3. Turkish Prime Minister interested in Greek-Yugoslav rapprochement: The Turkish Prime Minister, now visiting 3.3(h)(2) Athens, left the impression with Ambassador Peurifoy that Turkey was "intensely interested and keenly anxious" that the Greeks make a real effort to engage in talks with Yugoslavia. The Prime Minister thought the Greeks were deterred from reaching a basic military under- standing with the Yugoslays because they thought that their NATO role precluded bilateral agreements. Greek leaders also were dubious about close relations with their Yugoslav neighbors because they did not know what would happen in the event of Tito's overthrow. Comment: The Turks, genuinely intgrested in consolidating defense arrangements in the eastern Mediterranean, are attempting in various ways to put pressure on Greece to achieve more cordial relations with its northern neighbor. There are indications that Yugoslavia now also favors closer military ties with both Greece and Turkey. Talks have al- ready been held by officials of Turkey and Yugoslavia with the aim of im- proving political and economic relations between the two countries. The Turkish Foreign Minister reportedly will visit Belgrade in May. 5 3.5(c) Approved for Release: 2019/05/08 CO2692628 _.���� Approved for Release: 2019/05/08 CO2692628 'OP sEckucl 3.5(c) WESTERN EUROPE 40 Soviet officials in Austria interrupt telephone communications: Austrian Minister of Interior Helmer reports 3.3(h)(2) that Soviet officials have insisted on changes in the Austrian communications net, and that on 28 April telephone connections in the area between Felixdorf an Wiener-Neustadt airfield were interrupted. Simultaneous Soviet demands to establish direct telephone connections between two barracks in the Klosterneuberg area and between Vienna and Strasshof air base appear to confirm the suspicions of Austrian officials that the interruption of service is due to Soviet military requirements. The Austrian cabinet is now considering a public statement and a protest to Soviet officials. Comment: Austrian Foreign Minister Gruber recently reported that he had the impression that the Soviet officials in Austria are "planning some kind of move" and are awaiting instructions from Moscow. Soviet forces are currently rotating into summer maneuver areas, but there is no indication of a buildup of Soviet military strength in Austria. 5. Contractual agreement threatened by new West German Senate line-up: Chancellor Adenauer fears that instructions3.3(h)(2) from the Social Democratic coalition govern- ment 41 Germany's new southwest state may block ratification of the contractual agreement by the Federal Senate. He has therefore urged the Allied High Com- missioners to frame the related c nventions to the agreement in such a way that Senate approval will not be required. - 6 - 3.5(c) -Approved for Release: 2019/05/08 CO2692628 Approved for Release: 2019/05/08 CO2692628 Comment: Although the Christian Democrats won a plurality in the 9 March election in the new state, now called Baden- Wuerttemburg, they were excluded from the state cabinet by a coalition of Free Democrats, Social Democrats, and representatives of a refugee bloc. This coalition will name the five representatives to the Federal Senate, where Adenauer's government now holds a precarious majority. Should the new delegation to the Senate join the opposition, Adenaueris programs could be defeated or at least blocked in part. 6. Italians consider American attitude at London talks on Trieste unfriendly: Premier de Gasperi considers that the American delegation to the London talks on Trieste is show- ing an unfriendly attitude toward Italian desires and exercising" a negative influence disposed British." \ the serious re- action in Italy and "repercussions to the detriment of European integration itself" that would result unless the United States and Britain agreed to greater Italian participation in the administration of Zone A of Trieste. Comment: This is the first official expression of Italian bitterness toward the United States over the Trieste issue. The Italians have heretofore consistently ac- cused Britain of disregarding their interests in the area and have shown particular hostility toward the British military commander of Zone A. TOP RET 3.5(c) 3.3(h)(2) 3.5(c) Approved for Release: 2019/05/08 CO2692628