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March 18, 2019
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May 29, 1951
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Approved for Release: 2019/03/14 CO2733133  otal U "11.t-1- 29 May 1951  Copy No. a  CURRENT INTELLIGENCE BULLETIN  DOCUMENT NO. /5  NO CHANGE IN CLASS.  Li DECLASSIFIED  CLASS CI lAt';IGED TO: TS  NEXT REVIEW DATE: "WY   AUTH: HR 7 -16f  LATE4.. I REVIEWER: ,  Office of Current Intelligence  CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY  3.5(c)  3.5(c)  3.5(c)  3.5(c)  TOP  Approved for Release: 2019/03/14 CO2733133  Approved for Release: 2019/03/14 CO2733133   SUMMARY  GENERAL  1.. Return of German scientists from the USSR (page 3).  FAR EAST  Two Manchurian airfields closed for repairs (page 3).  Main body of Kuomintang forces reported to be still  in Burma (page 4),  NEAR EAST  4. Nehru anxious to have US economic aid (page 5),  5. Syria concerned by Israel's failure to halt Lake INle  drainage project (page 5).  EASTERN EUROPE  Differences in Yugoslav Politburo over socialist develop.  ment (page 6).  WESTERN EUROPE  7. UK Conservative leaders press for strong action against  Egyptian Suez Canal restrictions (page 7),  3.5(c)  3.5(c)  3.5(c)  �,..--Approved for Release: 2019/03/14 CO2733133  Approved for Release: 2019/03/14 CO2733133  TP8ECRET  ,  - 3.5(c)  GENERAITJ  1. Return of German scientists from the USSR,.  Information dated November 1950  has been received which states  that the group of German scientists  working on atomic energy develop,  ment at Sukhumi will ndt leave the USSR for at least another  two and one half years.  Comment: This group of scientists  in the Sukhumi area is engaged in research on "peripheral"  problems connected with Soviet affifiiic energy development.  According to present Information German scientists have  been taken into the heart of the Sbviet atomic energy pro- '  gram.  It is considered that the retention  of these German scientists in the USSR for two and a half  years more indicates that they are still making a contribu- tion to the Soviet effort. It is probably also true that they  currently and for at least another year have information  which the USSR cannot at this time afford to make available  in as vulnerable a spot as the Soviet Zone of Germany.  FAR EAST  2. Two Manchurian airfields closed for repairs:  3.3(h)(2)  3.3(h)(2)  3.5(c)  �Approved for Release: 2019/03/14 CO2733133  Approved for Release: 2019/03/14 CO2733133  Tc*ISTCRET  I  3.5(c)  Comment: The nature of the re- ported repair or construction is not known, but.i.t.may be  necessitated by the intense air activity of the past six months  in Manchuria. Another possibility is that the Chinese are  expanding the capacity of certain airfields in Manchuria,  although Kungchuling was only recently expanded to handle  YAK-15 and YAK-17 jet fighters.  3. Main body Kuomintang forces reported to be still in Burma:  the -Main  body of Chinese. Nationalist troops  in Burma, about 4, 000 strong, has  not re-entered. Yunnan, :but has  been mewing., into_ the Northern Shan'  and Wa States of ;tirma� where it  may join forces with an additional 4, 000. anti-Communist  guerrillas that have been. collected by the local chieftains:    also reports that the KuomintaLrhg force is still in Burma,  doubts that these troops would risk destruction by mOving  Into Yunnan. The US Embassy in :Rangoon comments that  it is still possible that the Nationalist objective is Kengma,  Yunnan,  Comment: While the Chinese �  Nationalists in Burma are Apparently Ohl the move, there  Is no reliable evidence that 'they have made any serious  effort to. return to Chinese territory..  - 4 -  3.3(h)(2)  3.3(h)(2)  3.3(h)(2)  3.5(c)  -Approved for Release: 2019/03/14 CO2733133  Approved for Release: 2019/03/14 CO2733133  T�.PSIECRET   ligiut EAST  . Nehru anxious to have US,econornic aid:   Prime Minister Nehru of India  has told US Ambassador Henderson  that India needs US economic as- sistance, that he (Nehru) is most  anxious to have it, and that he would be willing to accept  such aid on existing ECA terms and conditions, Nehru did  not object to any of these terms or conditions, but he did  attempt to assure himself that acceptance Of US aid would  not be taken by the US Gdvernment or by the Indian people  to imply that India there4y committed itself directly or in- directly to follow the US lead in matters of domestic or  foreign policy.  . Syria concerned by Israel's failure to halt Lake Hule   drainage Project:   The Syrian Prime Minister has  asked US Charge Clark in Damascus  to inform the State Department that  Syria takes a serious view of  Israel's non-compliance with the  18 May. UN Security Council resolu- tion, which provided that the Israeli  drainage work in the Lake Hule de,.  militarized zone be suspended. The Premier stated that  while Arab hopes were initially raised by the firm tgsT resolution  the newly-found Arab confidence in the UN was tast ebbing  away. Clark also reports that the concern of the Syrian  Army was indicated when the Syrian Army Chief of Staff  telephoned the Us Military Attache that Israeli tractors were  continuing the Lake Hule drainage project. According to  Clark, UN officials have reported that the Israelis recently  moved large calibre guns into their defensive zone and re- fused to let observers inspect them,  -5-p  3.3(h)(2)  3.3(h)(2)  3.5(c)  Approved for Release: 2019/03/14 CO2733133  Approved for Release: 2019/03/14 CO2733133  114.01) SECRET  3.5(c)  Comment: Initial Arab satisfaction  with the terms of the 18 May UN Security Council resolution  has been reflected in reports from several Arab capitals.  The possibility gists, however, that Arab confidence in the  UN will again be Shaken by Israel's failure to comply in  full with the Security Council measure and that criticism  of the US and UK will reappear in the Arab press.  EASTERN EUROPE  6. Differences in Yugoslav Politburo over socialist development:   Ambassador Allen in Belgrade has 3.3(h)(2)  learned that 3.3(h)(2)  a difference of opinion has developed  In the Yugoslav Politburo over the  speed with which Yugoslavia should change its Soviet-based  pattern of political economy to a new indigenous type of  socialism. The more theoretical and idealistic group, led  by Djilas and Pijade, favors drastic decentralization and  the withering away of the bureaucratic state. The second  group, headed by Kardelj and Rankovic, favors a. slower  evolution of Yugoslav socialism. Tito, who has been in- active in recent debates on this issue, is said to lean toward  the latter group. Ambassador Allen believes that a com- promise solution will be reached, with Tito casting the de- ciding vote whenever he decides to show his hand.  Comment: The evolution of a new  type of Yugoslav socialism, evidenced by recent changes  In the governmental apparatus and increasing Yugoslav  contacts with Western socialists, may well have resulted  in differences within the Politburo; In recent months the  Yugoslav Government has introduced several reforms which  ostensibly strengthen the power of the local governments at  the expense of the central authority. Yugoslav leaders  probably hope in this manner to abolish much duplication  - 6 -  .22511� CRE  Approved for Release: 2019/03/14 CO2733133  3.5(c)  -t  Approved for Release: 2019/03/14 CO2733133  ET  3.5(c)  and bureaucracy. Under the Yugoslav Communism two lines  .of control have actually existed -- the Federal Government  and the Communist Party. None of the reforms to date,  however, has weakened the authority of the Party.  WESTERN EUROPE  7. UK Conservative leaders press for strong action against  Egyptian  u�ah�res r ctions:  Anthony Eden, deputy leader of  the UK Conservative Party, is  reported by US Ambassador  Gifford to favor the adoption of  strong measures' against Egypt if it continues to restrict  the passage through the Suez Canal of British oil tankers  _bound for Haifa. Pointing out that Eden is not given to  urging such courses of action without careful consideration,  the Ambassador indicates his belief that Churchill agrees  with Eden and that other influential Conservatives would be  inclined to go along on the matter.  Comment: The views expressed  by Eden on this subject suggest that a Conservative govern- ment might even attempt coercive measures to reopen the  Suez Canal to Haifa-bound British tankers. The present  government,� concerned about the currently delicate state  of the defense treaty negotiations, is unlikely to adopt any  such measures as urged by Eden; but it is well aware of  both this Conservative pressure for a tougher line toward  Egypt and of similar pressure from among some of its own  supporters. It will therefore be particularly cautious about  concluding any Anglo-Egyptian defense arrangements which  would appear to make concessions to Egypt  3.3(h)(2)  3.5(c)  Approved for Release: 2019/03/14 CO2733133