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July 15, 2019
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July 22, 2019
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October 11, 1953
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01/ DOCUMENT NO 26 NO CHANGE IN CLASS. 0 DECLASSIFIED CLASS. CHANGED TO: IS S C NEXT REVIEW DATE: OD AUTH: HR 70 DATE: .?='17/1.2/ 79 REVIEWER f Approved for Release: 2019/07/10 CO2869428 r sTOP S ET /7., EC INFORMATION 3.5(c) ?7' 4 4 3.5(c) 4, 11 October 1953 Copy No. CURRENT INTELLIGENCE BULLETIN 3.5(c) Office of Current Intelligence CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY 'TOP S RET SEC INFORMATION Approved for Release: 2019/07/10 CO2869428 Approved for Release: 2019/07/10 CO2869428 Nime 1 k...11- SECURITY INFORMATION 3.5(c) SUMMARY GENERAL 101( British action in Guiana may influence Latin American UN voting (page 3). FAR EAST 2. Chou En-lai's political conference proposal (page 3). 3. Coup against Rhee believed unlikely (page 4). SOUTHEAST ASIA 4. Thailand's resistance reportedly depends on prompt arrival of American troops (page 4). Langson raid reportedly less successful than.French claimed (page 5). NEAR EAST - AFRICA VOil field in southeastern Turkey recorded as a major reservoir (page 5). 7. Comment on Syrian elections (page 7). 8. Kenya officials pessimistic over elimination of Mau Mau (page 8). EASTERN EUROPE Vr( Comment on Yugoslav reaction to Trieste demarche (page 8). WESTERN EUROPE itle Italy to maintain its claims to entire TrieSte territory (page 9).. 11. German delegate sees progress made on EPC at Rome (page 10). LATIN AMERICA 12. Copper strike threatened in Chile (page 1.0). 11 Oct 53 3.5(c) 3.5(c) Approved for Release: 2019/07/10 CO2869428 Approved for 'gee 1 Release: 2019/07/10 CO2869428 At, I 3.5(c) SECURITY INFORMATION GENERAL 1. British action in Guiana may influence Latin American UN voting: Latin American reaction to the Guiana situation has shown a strongly national- istic tone which may have its effect in the UN when the Tunisian-Moroccan and 3.3(h)(2) the nonself-governing territorial issues are debated, A Venezuelan official and the ambassadors from Luba, Ecuador and Argentina reportedly have made statements favoring the liquidation of the "colonial system in America." Comment: Last year Cuba, Ecuador and Venezuela. joined Brazil and other Latin American countries in sponsor- ing a mild resolution on North Africa designed to give the French time to undertake reforms in the area. The French, confident of defeating any Arab-Asian proposal, have asked the Latin Americans not to take any initiative on the issue this year, 3.3(h)(2) FAR EAST 2. Chou En-lai's political conference proposal: Chinese Communist premier Chou En-lai's 10 October message to the UN secretary-general proposes meetings between Communist and American representatives at Panmunjom to decide the time and place of the Korean political conference and, "more important," its composition. Chou specifically reaffirms the Communist demand for the participation of "neutral nations" in the conference itself. The only modification of Chou's position of 13 September is the withdrawal of the demand that Chinese Communist and North Korean representatives be invited to conduct "joint negotia- tions" at the UN General Assembly. The current statement waters down, but does not withdraw, the 13 September demand for settlement of the composition question before discussing the time and place. - 3 - 3.5(c) 11 Oct 53 3.5(c) Approved for Release: 2019/07/10 CO2869428 Approved for Release: 2019/07/10 CO2869428 J. kJ"- I Noe SECURITY INFORMATION 3.5(c) Chou's message does not reflect any Sino-Soviet disagreement on the conference. A Polish UN delegate told an American official on 5 October that the USSR favors a two- phase conference, I. e., preliminary negotiations on procedure to be followed by the conference itself. Such a procedure would lend Itself to the familiar Communist delaying tactics. 3. Coup against Rhee believed unlikely: The American embassy in Seoul reports that in desperation supporters of Yi Porn- sok might attempt to unseat President Rhee, but that such action is unlikely at this juncture. It points out that police and possibly army support would be needed, and the president has successfully removed Yi supporters from key positions in both organizations. 3.3(h)(2) Comment: Contrary to the embassy's views, General Chong Il-kwon, commander of South Korea's II Corps, reportedly stated in late September that Yi still could determine the actions of the army, and that there is danger of a coup by elements of the I Corps. There is no other evidence to indicate that an army coup is likely. SOUTHEAST ASIA 4. Thailand's resistance reportedly depends on prompt arrival of American troops: in the event of a Communist invasion, the Phibun regime would not resist unless the United States immediately sent infantry units to Thailand's aid, the Thai armed forces alone would put up only token resistance, but that with American assistance they would fight "to the last man." The Thais would insist on an American commander in chief in any general Southeast Asian defense effort. 3.5(a)(2) -4- 11 Oct 53 3.5(c) Approved for Release: 2019/07/10 CO2869428 Approved for Release: 2019/07/10 CO2869428 i i'CL I SECURITY INFORMATION 3.5(c) Thai leaders are under the impression that the United States has given Malaya definite assurances that it will defend the latter tn case of Communist attack, whereas it has made no similar guarantee to Thailand. Comment: These views are in accord with those of other observers. They are given added substance by a high Thai defense official's recent public admission that "foreign forces" would be required to defend Thailand against Communist aggression. 5. Langson raid reportedly less successful than French claimed: the French High Commissariat in Saigon told the assist- ant US army attache on 8 October that the French raid on Langson last July was not as successful as had been expected, and had novsigniftcant effect on Viet Minh capabilities. A security leak gave the enemy time to evacuate vehicles and other supplies with the result that automatic rifles were the only important stocks at the depot. Considerably less than 1,000 tons of enemy materiel was destroyed, in contrast to the figure of 5,000 tons which was given to the press. Comment: The Langson raid was widely acclaimed as a successful manifestation of a new aggressive policy instituted by General Navarre. The commander in chief carried out only one other operation of six which he reportedly planned during the summer rainy season, and it was even less successful. NEAR EAST - AFRICA 6. Oil field in southeastern Turkey recorded as a major reservoir: Oil reserves at the Raman field in south- eastern Turkey (see map, p. 6) are now estimated at 400,000,000 barrels, enough - 5 - TOP CRE-11 11 Oct 53 3.3(h)(2) 3.3(h)(2) 3.5(c) Approved for Release: 2019/07/10 CO2869428 9Z17699Z00 01./L0/61.0Z :aseaia Joi pancuddV Broad gauge railroad A Oil field Standard gauge railroad it Oil refinery �Siwa 200 300 .1 Bursa� .31F. 017 1.V1;AN Alexandria GYP T onstanaa 3/' BLACK SEA Harabuk Haifa ISRAEL Tel Aviv Gan Horn 'Damascus ..���� e"..c Mayliop U. Sukhum Pon SIIPSA Erzurum , Qubayasit.fd -iaas�rae/7-7 c'Khed 1' � Des ez Z e��N. 4ershata : JORDAN � � El I 1 ���an / �����.. . j 'Al Jaul 1. priigoi4 Tatvan4:4,e' .Rutba khichevan 55 Cc \ Makhechkala � \ 't --A--..- --s Asara RA I L f I - � 'BARRELS RESERVE �, R�raiy. 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