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October 25, 2019
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October 31, 2019
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June 6, 1956
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iprovor Release: ed,f9;21 NOT RELEASABLE TO FOREIGN NATIONALS CONTINUED CONTROL CURRENT INTELLIGENCE BULLETIN CO2989478 /4/ / P effI 6 June 1956 SC No. 02514/56 Copy No. 1)3 DOC:LIME:NT Nr) NC U-IANGE: IN (...ASS. LIEICLAS'IFIED CLASS. CH,',..N'S7..0 TO: TS S C Of NEXT l'IVIE-1111 DATE: AUTH; HR 7 DAT � REVIEWER. 372044 OFFICE OF CURRENT INTELLIGENCE CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY This document contains information affecting the national defense of the United States within the meaning of the espio- nage laws, U. S. Code title 18, Sections 793, 794,and 798, the transmission or the revelation of the contents of which In any manner to an unauthorized person is prohibited by law. THIS DOCUMENT MUST BE KEPT IN COMMUNICATIONS INTELLIGENCE CHANNELS AT ALL TIMES It is to be seen only by U. S. personnel especially indoctrinated and authorized to receive COMMUNICATIONS INTELLIGENCE information. The security of this document must be main- tained in accordance with COMMUNICATIONS INTELLIGENCE REGULATIONS. No action is to be taken on any COMMUNICATIONS INTELLIGENCE which may be contained herein, regardless of the advantage to be gained, unless such action is first approved by the Director of Central Intelligence. ET 3.3(h)(2) 3.5(c) Approved for Release: 2019/10/21 CO2989478 Approved for Release: 2019/10/21 CO2989478 Comments and interpretations in this publication are based on all sources, including COMINT, and repre- sent the immediate views of the Office of Current In- telligence. The classification of a comment is noted separately only when it is higher than that of the re- port commented on. Approved for Release: 2019/10/21 CO2989478 Name Approved for Release: 2019/10/21 CO2989478 __-1-1Artirtr4 I Ns" CONTENTS 1. SOVIET REGIME REPORTEDLY SU7END! ANTI-STALIN DISCUSSION IN PARTY MEETINGS (page 3). 2. BELGIANS PROPOSE CUT IN ARMY STRENGTH (page 4). 3. TITO MAY 7,ALSE GERMAN CONFEDERATION SCHEME IN MOSCOW (page 5). 4. SPLIT REPORTED IN RUMANIAN PARTY HIERARCHY (page 6). 5. COMMUNIST AID TO CAMBODIA EMPHASIZES GRASS ROOTS CONTACTS (page 7). 6 June 56 * * * * THE ARAB-ISRAELI SITUATION (page 8) Current Intelligence Bulletin Page 2 SE ET Approved for Release: 2019/10/21 CO2989478 Approved for Release: 2019/10/21 CO2989478 A., *me 1,. SOVIET REGIME REPORTEDLY SUSPENDS ANTI-STALIN DISCUSSION IN PARTY MEETINGS The American embassy in Mose,ow has heard that the central committee of the Commu- nist Party has issued a letter calling a halt to discussion of Stalin in party meet- ings. The embassy also reports that it has heard of one case in which a party group, taking too liter- ally talk of party democracy at the 20th Congress, adopted a resolution calling for free elections and restoration of political power to the people. According to this unconfirmed report, signers of the resolution were expelled from the party but not arrested. Ambassador Bohlen notes that the removal of Stalin pictures and statues has virtually stopped but that re- vision of Stalinist ideology continues in academic journals. Comment In its anxiety to cut off excessive freedom of discussion, the regime earlier is reported to have disciplined four party members who had criticized the anti-Stalin campaign. On 5 April, Pravda published an editorial denouncing "slanderous statements" against party policy. 6 June 56 Current Intelligence Bulletin Page 3 Approved for Release: 2019/10/21 002989478 Approved for Release: 2019/10/21 CO2989478 Ut .1/ VI' ' 121/L4 Noir' 2. BELGIANS PROPOSE CUT IN ARMY STRENGTH Belgian military leaders told a visiting SHAPE team on 28 May that total army strength would be reduced from about 108,000 at present to 0,600 by the end of this year and to 83,600 during the period 1957-1960. In view of the expected decline until 1960 in the number of available conscripts, the government proposes to "reorganize two active divisions to a smaller size" and to eliminate two reserve divisions which are pres- ently earmarked for NATO use. If the Belgians carry out this plan, it may further increase pressures in other NATO coun- tries for cuts in their conventional armaments. It is the preliminary view of American ob- servers in Brussels that the Belgians are using the shortage of conscripts as an excuse for greater troop cuts than are really necessary. 6 June 56 Current Intelligence Bulletin Page 4 CONFI Approved for Release: 2019/10/21 CO2989478 Approved for Release: 2019/10/21 CO2989478 1 Nue 3. TITO MAY RAISE GERMAN CONFEDERATION SCHEME IN MOSCOW West German Social Democrat Herbert Wehner in- dicated that Marshal Tito had told him, before leaving for Moscow, that he in- tended to seek a solution to the problem of German unity on the basis of the "con- federation" concept, which would involve accep�tWautonomous German administrations. believes that Wehner visited Tito to persuade the latter to intervene in Moscow for the ouster of East German Communist chief Ulbricht as the necessary groundwork for East-West German talks on unification. Yugoslav leaders are supposed to have reacted favorably to this suggestion. Comment Wehner is a freewheeling left-wing Social- ist whose ideas on reunification are much more radical than his party's. A confederation scheme which would leave the Communists in control of East Germany and not involve free elections is unlikely to find acceptance by the West German leadership, even if Ulbricht is removed. On 24 May, Tito publicly called for discus- sions between East and West Germany on a basis "which would enable both the one and the other side to retain their individuality in a certain sense and on certain questions." Tito is therefore likely to broach the confederation idea during his Moscow talks. 6 June 56 Current Intelligence Bulletin Page 5 Approved for Release: 2019/10/21 CO2989478 Approved for Release: 2019/10/21 CO2989478 .11. NINO 4. SPLIT REPORTED IN RUMANIAN PARTY HIERARCHY believes that a group in the Rumanian politburo headed by party first secretary Gheorghiu- Dej and secretary Chisinevschi is holding out against far-reaching changes, maintaining that "Rumania has already instituted principles of the 20th Soviet Party Con- gress and there is no need to go further." First Vice Premier Bodnaras is heading a group which is reportedly awaiting a chance to seize power� concludes that Gheorghiu-Dej is likely to win out at the cost of limited concessions such as the sacrifice of the Stalinist Chisinevschi and that the princi- ples of the Soviet Party Congress are likely to be enacted grad- ually and smoothly. Comment Soviet Party Congress directives apparently have caused confusion in the Rumanian party hierarchy, but there is little evidence of major factionalism of the type prevalent in Hungary and Poland. Although reportedly in personal conflict with Bodnaras, Gheorghiu-Dej apparently has retained his position of control without major difficulties. Chisinevschi, on the other hand, may be slated for removal be- cause of the party's reported condemnation of his alleged in- sistence on fitting Rumanian culture into the Russian mold. 6 June 56 Current Intelligence Bulletin ,SE Approved for Release: 2019/10/21 CO2989478 Page 6 Approved for Release: 2019/10/21 CO2989478 --�31171b1M1 yaw, Nort 5. COMMUNIST AID TO CAMBODIA EMPHASIZES GRASS ROOTS CONTACTS Chinese Communist and Polish economic assistance funds pledged to Cambodia for 1956 and 1957 amount to $40,000,000 and are to be supervised by 112 Chinese and 22 Polish technicians, Concen- tration on such popular projects as public housing, electrifi- cation, water supply and education from primary through university levels indicates a far-reaching plan to develop grass roots contacts. Emphasis will be on rural improvement programs, with 70 of the Chinese technicians scheduled to work on irrigation projects in village centers. In addition, approximately $8,000,000 is reserved for development of ru- ral trails which will facilitate contact among presently iso- lated Chinese communities in the area. Comment The Cambodian government has all but ratified Peiping's offer of over $22,000,000 in "unconditional" aid, and Crown Prince Sihanouk is in War- saw presumably exploring details of proferred Polish assist- ance. Sihanouk has also mentioned the possibility of receiving economic aid from the USSR and plans to visit Moscow during his present European trip. The prospect of widespread Communist contacts with the Cambodian populace, which includes 250,000 Chinese, is reportedly provoking increasing opposition to Sihanouk's policies on the part of several government leaders. (Concurred in by ORR) 6 June 56 Current Intelligence Bulletin Page 7 Approved for Release: 2019/10/21 CO2989478 Approved for Release: 2019/10/21 CO2989478 tAil Noe THE ARAB-ISRAELI SITUATION (Information as of 1700, 5 June) Egypt has protested to the Mixed Armistice Commission that two Israeli jets violated Egyptian air space over the Gaza strip on 4 June. (Press) Prior to final approval of the Western-sponsored resolution on the Middle East by the Security Council, Israeli for- eign minister. Sharett in a strong statement to Ambassador Lawson in Tel Aviv urged the West to stand firm and retain the phrasing in the resolution concerning a peaceful settlement "on a mutually ac- ceptable basis."i,Sharett said that to do otherwise would mark a com- plete surrender to the Arabs, would create a very bad impression in Israel and reluctance to rely on the United Nations and the secre- tary general's mission. The phrase, however, which had been included in both the Soviet statement on the Middle East of 17 April and in the Soviet-British communiqu�n the London talks, was hotly protested by the Arab states and was deleted from the final resolution. The Arabs attacked the phrase on the grounds that it would upset all the United Nations decisions made since 1947 and would comnel the Arabs to recognize present Israeli borders. 6 June 56 Current Intelligence Bulletin Page 8 Approved for Release: 2019/10/21 CO2989478 Approved for Release: 2019/10/21 CO2989478 L./lux-La %LI I -SECRE-T Approved for Release: 2019/10/21 CO2989478