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March 17, 2020
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March 26, 2020
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December 30, 1960
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Approved for Release: 2020/03/13 CO2993708 3.3(h)(2) '*4646 Nor u',1'" ZZLICC I Nimpe 30 December 1960 Copy No. C CENTRAL 3.5(c) INTELLIGENCE BULLETIN rACUMENT NI. 2 1W AIWE IR CLASS. >e f�-! CECLASSMill CilittV7111 TO: TS ,S Cj�h XT 11U911W CATE: - At.T4 Hfl 701 AO JUN 1980 REVIEWER! -TOP-SECRET-- o#V rd r Release: aj -10%0 /13 CO2993708J' Approved for Release: 2020/03/13 CO2993708 No" i %Pr ic�ortt. Name Approved for Release: 2020/03/13 CO2993708 Approved for Release: 2020/03/13 CO2993708 30 DECEMBER 1960 I. THE COMMUNIST BLOC Soviet minister of agriculture replaced. 0 II. ASIA-AFRICA Japanese Government reviewing its policy, toward Communist China. L?.) Turkish military, regime may soon under- take campaign of political arrests in all major cities. Congolese Army paratroops reportedly headed for Kivu Province to prevent Congolese battalion there from joining dissidents. The situation in Laos. III. THE WEST Cuban celebrations on second anniversary of Castro revolution victory will provide opportunity for guidance of Communist- led groups throughout hemisphere. Belgian prime minister apparently willing to make some concessions to Socialists in austerity program to end widespread strikes. 0 _o_crazz-r�uo� Approved for Release: 2020/03/13 002993708 hIlool SECRET Approved for Release: 2020/03/13 CO2993708 Nee CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE BULLETIN 30 December 1960 DAILY BRIEF I. THE COMMUNIST BLOC *USSR; Vladimir Matskevich, Soviet minister of agriculture since 1955, has been removed following the USSR's second consecutive bad agricultural year. The action was foreshadowed by personal criticism recently leveled at him in the Soviet press. Matskevich, who has been given a secondary assignment in the New Lands, has resisted reforms in agricultural organization advocated by some top-ranking political figures. His successor, Mikhail Olshansky, is a veteran academic specialist in agriculture whose lack of executive experience may sig- zial a cutback in the ministry's operational functions. The shift may clear the way for organizational changes to be adopted at a central committee plenum on agriculture, scheduled t9 begin on 10 January. II. ASIA-AFRICA Japan - Communist China; je recent signing of an expanded trade agreement with the USSR and concern aroused by US dollar-conservation measures have in- creased pressures in Japan for improved relations with Communist China and induced the Ikeda government to un- dertake a review of its policy toward Peiping. Tokyo offi- cials emphasize that their current thinking excludes diplo- matic recognition and a government-to-government trade agreement but does envisage promotion of private trade, cultural exchanges, and technical agreements on the gov- ernmental levei.3 (Page 1) �1.FELRLF--w_J AApproved for Release: 2020/03/13 CO2993708v Ii A , � r Approved for Release: 2020/03/13 CO2993708 SECRET IA Turkey: The military regime in Turkey may soon un- 0 iertake a campaign of political arrests in all major cities similar to that in Ankara on 24-25 December, in which at / 19a5t 65 persons were arrested on charges of "systematic gctivities" against the regime. he Committee of Nation Union reportedly hopes to create a "stabilizing mood" throughout the country before the 6 January convocation -7_,A-1 eff the Constituent AssemblO A widespread campaign of arrests is more likely to increase than to reduce instabil- tY. (Page 2) Congo 2: Two hundred Congo Army paratroops left Leo- poldville on 7 et ember. for Lulua.bourg, apparently to pro- ect President Kasavubu during a visit to that city. The paratroops will, however, continue on to Bukavu. Kivu province, ine troops are scnettulea to emplane on about 30 December for Bukavu, the location of one of three Congo Army battalions in Kivu Province believed to be leaning to- ward the dissident cause. The commander of the force re- portedly has been instructed to seek an "understanding" with the Bukavu garrison, but failing that to occupy the city by force. The Bukavu operation�hastily organized after Gizen- ga's 25 December "invasion" of Kivu Province�suggests that Mobutu's immediate interest is to contain the dissidents with- in Orientale Province rather than to initiate operations against Stanleyvilllj (Page 3) Laos: both � ovlet and Chinese ammunition and equipment were used dur- ing the battle for the city. Four Soviet AN-12s which flew to Communist China and North Vietnam have re- turned to the USSR. Three are en route to their home base at Vitebsk and one is at Vladivostok. Three others are scheduled 30 Dec 60 DAILY BREEF ii 6 k. SECRET ;p"p/Zjia7Wf;Q;n1liCliarri-CiligiiClir Approved for Release: 2020/03/13 CO2993708 to return to the T.r.f.ri Other bloc transport aircraft continued 117- _Tito Laos through 29 December. The five Soviet 12-4 -.optors probably destined for airlift operations in L-e_ '.7.1e,,a from Shenyang to Tientsin on 28 D'Anc4"111P" their flight southward on 30 December. tn. THE WEST � Cuba: Deleg from the Sino-Soviet bloc, from Latin At�rie-Fica, and count.%105 are arriving in Havana for massive demonsir.rattaTee ciTi I and 2.Janua.�y to cornmem-� orate the second aneLecreary e Castrds revolutionary vic- tory. The Castro refeleee 'ea held up as a model for other� Latin American coureteeea, 1.teet of the Latin American del- egates were invited becaeee cf their sympathy for Castro's program, and a num.ber cf Co::.raunists are included. The event will provide anothee eppertunity for liaison among and guidance of Communiet greeres throughout the hemis- phere and may be the ccee-eeion for some dramatic new Cuban announcement. It is prc.:aaele tIlat opposition elements will step up their bombing - cceeital during the celebrations. Belgium: The Scciel Christian - Liberal government of Prime Iiiinister Eyskens a:peers willing to make some con- cessions to end the wic.:eeeeeael Socialist-instigated strikes before Parliament receeeenes on 3 January to take up again the government's econc:e austerity bill. The government has, however, taken Tr17.-' :::r;..:res to strengthen_ security. The strikes, in protest agatTuA the bra and designed to force its modification, have spread to northern B31giUM. Any compro- mise Eyskens might make- would be designed largely to retain the support of the ra.nk ar.zi file of the Roman Catholic trade unions. King Batdouin ymoon in Spain to return to Brussels. (Page 4) Approved for Release: 2020/03/13 CO2993708 Approved for Release: 2020/03/13 CO2993708 Japanese GoveNlinent Reviews Policy Toward 141. Communist China r The recent siring oi an expanded trade agreement with the USSR and concern aroused by the US dollar-conservation program have increased pressures in Japan for improved trade relations with Communist China and induced the Ikeda government to undertake a review of its policy toward Peiping. ahe Japanese Socialist party, inspired by the impact made earlier this year by the campaign against the US-Japanese se- curity, treaty, decided on 26 December to launch a new national movement directed this time toward establishing relations with Peiping. The Socialists, abetted by business circles, the press, and even some members of Ikeda's own party, are using effec- tive arguments, although the political climate in Japan lacks the volatile elements which led to the downfall of the Kishi govern- m entj The doubling of Soviet-Japanese trade both in 1959 and 1960 and the conclusion of an agreement on 20 December to expand 1961 trade to a total of $160,000,000 have aroused new Interest in the possibility of similar success with Communist China. Although Japanese trade with the bloc remains relative- ly small, it has assumed a political importance out of all propor- tion to its actual volume. Asahi Shimbun, Japan's largest and most influential newspaper, has adopted the Socialist theme that decreased opportunity to earn US dollars makes important an increase of trade with the bloc..i Foreign Ministry official has stated that Ikeda does not want to be accused, as was Kishi, of "militant uncooperative- ness" toward Communist China. The government, he asserts, already has decided that certain contacts with Peiping, short of recognition or a government-to-government trade agreement, are vital. He has indicated that a study is already under way to determine the form of such contacts.1 Official Japanese thinking currently envisages the promotion of private trade, cultural exchanges, and--on the governmental level--technical agreements such as postal and meteorological arrangements. In addition, the Japanese are giving preliminary thought to escaping Afro-Asian criticism by dropping their sup- port for the moratorium on Chinese representation in the United Nations.' �eeNHDE-N-T-IAL 30 Dec 60 CEE! -fr7pr'prAovi edkf.o-r-Relrase:TO-20701YEE993708Page 1 Approved for Release: 2020/03/13 CO2993708 More Political Arrests Expected in Turkey The arrest of at least 65 persons, including military personnel and civil servants, in Ankara on 24=25 Decem- ber may have been the beginning of a widespread campaign to uproot suspected nuclei of opposition. As many as 150 ersons may have been arrested in Ankara and 100 others ay soon be arrested in Istanbul. A campaign of arrests in the major cities of Turkey is reported to be imminent or the alleged purpose of creating a "stabilizing mood" roughout the country prior to the convocation of the Con- tituentAssembly.lAccording to the Turkish Press Liaison ureau, "certain unfortunate and greedy persons with a re- actionary mentality and extreme partisan interest" have en- gaged in activities contrary to the interests of the nation. Some of those arrested were charged with distributing anti- regime leaflets and other disruptive propaganda. The Committee of National Union (CNU) has denied ru- mors of a counterrevolutionary movement in Turkey, but the activities and expressions of concern by some members of the CNU suggest that antiregime sentiment may be increas- ing. Some reports indicate that military officers who were forced to retire last August are also organizing and prepar- ing for political action. Widespread arrests at this time may actually help pro- mote and consolidate any incipient opposition movement. In- discriminate repression of suspected resistance could back- fire, especially in a situation where the complete loyalty of the armed forces may be questioned. Meanwhile representatives of various political and social � groups are being chosen to serve in a 272-man chamber of rep- resentatives which, with the 23-member CNU sitting as a senate, will convene on .6 January 1961. While it will have legislative powers, its primary mission will be to approve a new constitution and lay the groundwork for national elections. The CNU will retain its power position, however, through a formula which in effect amounts to a leeislative veto. 30 Dec 60 rr"r Ikln Al 116.1T'rl I I"Mio� kt� rsi iii .1.111, I "'"Approved for Release: 2020/03/13 CO2993708 Page 2 Approved for Release: 2020/03/13 CO2993708 Noy' Neol REPUBLIC OF THE CONGO CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC SUDAN /-\--5"----