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January 27, 2020
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January 30, 2020
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October 1, 1958
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/747/7/1/ ZAjfpMe_cTfr Release::2(12(S/0:1/3:CS)2_99_83.77/7/1/41/demmf TOP SECRET *ti 3.5(c) / /-0 3.3(h)(2) 1 October 1958 "I" 1'4�' 59 CENTRAL INTELLIGE\CE BULLETIN DOCUMENT NO. NO CI tANC-ii..: IN Ci.A.r:.;$. CLAS5'3. c.;'./."1,:D TO: TS NEXT P,;:2;//z/iV DATE: AUT RE-VIEWER: TOP SECRET Approved for Release: 2020/01/23 CO2998377 Approved for Release: 2020/01/23 CO2998377 "14 -TOP-SECRET- a* 40P-SECRET- Approved for Release: 2020/01/23 CO2998377 Approved for Release: 2020/01/23 CO2998377 VA I.Ort�Nura wor as 1 OCTOBER 1958 I. THE COMMUNIST BLOC Taiwan Strait - Peiping moves jet light bombers onto coastal airfield near Chinmens; five submari moved down to Shanghai area. IL ASIA-AFRICA Iraq - Deputy Premier Arif dropped from cabinet, sent to Bonn as am- bassador. Cairo pressing Iraq to conclude di- rect arms deal with bloc; Baghdad leaders holding back pending study. %�31 koof Jordanian premier fears harsh crack- down on dissident elements might have repercussions government could not control. 0 Resentment of Diem's authoritarian rule growing in South Vietnam. Some reports say coup is planned shortly. TOP SECRET Approved for Release: 2020/01/23 CO2998377 III. THE WEST 0 Peruvian leftists call nationwide mass meetings to exploit resent- ment of US lead, zinc import quotas. LATE ITEM USSR - Two nuclear explosions on 30 Sept. at Novaya Zemlya in just over two hours. oved for Release: 2020/01/23 CO2998377 TOP SECRET CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE BULLETIN 1 October 1958 DAILY BRIEF I. THE COMMUNIST BLOC Taiwan Strait situation: In the first known deployment of Chinese Communist jet light bombers to the immediate coastal area, at least 12 IL-28's on 30 September flew from the Liencheng area to Huian, a coastal airfield located about 40 miles north of the Chinmens. On 30 September five submarines normally base at Tsingtao to be operating in the Shanghai area, using East (Page 1) (Map) ASIA-AFRICA *Iraq: Premier Qasim has strengthened his position in Iraq by dismissing pro-UAR Deputy Premier and Minister of Interior Arif, as well as two more pro-UAR cabinet mem- bers. Arif is bein sent ant of thp rniintry ac an-ihnoenrinw. to West Germany. UAR-Ira : Cairo is apparently trying to press Iraq Into making an arms deal directly with the USSR. Iraqi military authorities are still holding back and are� studying the matter. Some arms have been furnished to Iraq in the recdnt past by the UAR. (Page 3) jordan: Extensive political maneuvering continues in Jordan. Prime Minister Rifai feels that strong action against dissident elements might have repercussions beyond the ability of the government to control. He accordingly plans to arrest Approved for Release: 2020/01/23 CO2998377 Approved for Release: 2020/01/23 CO2998377 � ti-s '111ise ttAisd only a few of the more junior officers among those newly imnlicatec in plotting against the government. (Page 4) South Vietnam: Undercurrents of discontent with '?resident Diem's continuing dictatorial rule are a poten- ial threat to his regime. The army, which on the whole s considered loyal to Diem, has long contained elements -eRcantful of political interference in army affairs0 a rightist army 3ourg against Diem is being planned to tam place soon. (Page 5) III. THE WEST 016-' � Peru: A predominantly Communist-led group of labor organizations is planning nationwide anti-US meetings for 2 October. At a 28 September meeting, union leaders urged nationalization of the American-owned mines as a solution to problems nosed by the recent US import quotas for lead and zinc. (Page 6) LATE ITEM �*Two Soviet nuclear explosions: The Atomic Energy Detection System has reported that two explosions occurred at 0750 and 0955 Hours Zebra on 30 September, both in the LThZemlatesti- 1 Oct 58 DAILY BRIEF TOP SECRET `Approved for Release: 2020/01/23 CO2998377 (Page 7) Ii pprociercl-for Release: 2020/01/23 CO2998377 41114k 4 Piston fighter >->.� Jet fighter nnn, Communist troop I+ Piston light bomber �"I'v strength + Jet light bomber 000 Nationalist troop strength 4. Ground-attack SELECTED AIRFIELDS INDICATED IN BOLD TYPE Hengyang, 80806/ 80927 Hankow. NANCHANG CHANGSHU. Nanking ghai HOU SHAN I Foochow' NANTA LUNGTI TU BAY 'A I HUIAN TAIWAN mAcitnaYANI)k- STRAIT NGCHI+ ,,t;_ 4:3 WEITOU PEN. KAOCHI ' '9N M E N I C ( 86,000 CHENGHAI Amoy CANTON � HUtNG Swatow NAN AO IS. . PENGHOS 16,000 SOUTH CHINA SEA 0 STATUTE MILES 300 Approved for Release: 2020/01/23 CO2998377 Approved for Release: 2020/01/23 CO2998377 1411.1 A V41101 I. THE COMMUNIST BLOC Taiwan Strait Situation At least 12 IL-28's probably subordinate to the 8th Air Division flew on 30 September from the Liencheng area to Huian airfield on the coast about 40 miles north of the Chin- mens. These are the first Communist jet light bombers de- ployed to any of the coastal airfields in the Taiwan Strait area, which are extremely vulnerable to Chinese Nationalist retaliatory action should the Nationalists decide on this course. Since bombing operations could be carried out from more protected rear-area bases and the deployment of these bombers to Huian destroys the element of surprise which would normally be expected if the Communists intend to carry out bombing sorties, it appears that the move is designed to provoke the Nationalists into retaliatory action. Five submarines--two long-range and three short-range-- now are operating in the Shanghai area. The other three, moved to Shanghai undetected. by these North China Fleet vessels suggests a deployment of extended duration. The shorter range boats op- erating from Shanghai are within optimum operating range of the Taiwan Strait. Communist China shows increasing concern about heading off any international demands for an immediate cease-fire with- out significant concessions from the US. Premier Chou En-lai on 30 September stated that the withdrawal of US forces rather than the "trick" of a cease-fire is the key to eliminating tension in the Taiwan Strait area. Chou said that if the US forces ignore Peiping's warnings and extend "provocations" to the mainland, "they will pull tighter and tighter the noose around their neck by themselves." While he promised "punitive blows" against Nation- alist forces, his concept of a "forceful answer" to the US was the 1 Oct 58 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE BULLETIN Approved for Release: 2020/01/23 CO2998377 Page 1 Approved for Release: 2020/01/23 CO2998377 1.110 series of mass demonstrations publicized in the mainland news- papers. Peiping's 18th warning was issued on the same day. Mao Tse-tung has added his voice to Peiping's appeal for international condemnation of the US. In a recent press "inter- view," Mao declared that the United States is threatening peace with "atomic warfare" and has alienated more than 90 percent "of the people in the whole world." Nationalist Premier Chen Cheng has now stated that the supply situation is improved and if it could be solved, retal- iatory attacks might be "unnecessary." He had previously in- dicated a necessity for retaliatory action. Chiang Kai-shek, in a 29 September press conference, re- served the right to take unilateral action but indicated such action would come only at the "crucial" moment when the "life or death of... Chinmen was at stake." West German officials are concerned over East German claims that Berlin is as much a part of the East Zone as the offshore islands are of Communist China, and are critical of analogies between the offshore island situation and Berlin. TOP SECRET 1 Oct 58 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE BULLETIN Page 2 Approved for Release: 2020/01/23 CO2998377 Approved for Release: 2020/01/23 CO2998377 %woo IL ASIA-AFRICA Iraq Cool Toward Cairo's Effort to Promote Arms Deal WITE'55Tiet Union Baghdad military authorities remain wary of Cairo's efforts to promote an Iraqi arms deal with the Soviet Union. the office of UAR Armed Forces Commander Field Marshal Amir advised the Iraqi military attach�n Cairo that an unspecified quantity of arms was "ready for shipment in the Russian ports." The Cairo authorities pressed the Iraqis to decide at once whether to purchase these arms and other equipment from the USSR. The Egyptians urged that if the decision was affirmative, the Iraqi Government advise the Soviet Embassy in Cairo immediately and consider sending a committee to Moscow via Cairo to negotiate a contract. On 25 September, Baghdad cautioned its military attach�n Cairo against discussing the matter, indicating that the subject was still being studied in "great secrecy." Further indication of Premier Qasim's desire to avoid too close relations with Cairo pending stabilization of the po- litical situation in Iraq is the Iraqi ambassador to the UAR had been unable to obtain a direct reply from Qasim to a re- quest that he meet Nasir at a place of Qasim's choice. TOP SECRET 1 Oct 58 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE BULLETIN Page 3 Approved for Release: 2020/01/23 CO2998377 Approved for Release: 2020/01/23 CO2998377 6.0 1.1 Ia. .L.1 a Political Developments in Jordan Extensive political maneuvering among Jordanian mili- tary and civilian leaders is continuing. Prime Minister Rifai feels that strong government action against dissident military leaders, against whom further evidence has recently been un- covered, might provoke reactions beyond the government's ability to control. Only junior figures, therefore, are to be arrested in a new roundup of security suspects, although senior officers-- including the deputy chief of staff and his brother--remain under suspicion. Rifai, who has made common cause with Deputy Chief of Staff Shara, has expressed the belief that the leadership of conspiratt)rial activity is civilian, and that the Arab Nationalist and Jordanian Baath parties were the principal sources of danger to the government. Rifai acknowledged that Court Minister Majalli was maneuvering to obtain the premiership, but expressed confidence that Majalli's efforts would fail. New rumors, meanwhile, have spread in Amman and Jerusalem that King Husayn is considering bringing nationalist opposition representatives into the government, presumably in a bid to avert antigovernment violence after withdrawal of British troops. These unconfirmed reports were apparently inspired by the King's unusual recent meeting with Abdul Halim Nimr, National Socialist minister of interior and defense in the 1956-57 cabinet of Suleiman Nabulsi. NOFORN) SECRET 1 Oct 58 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE BULLETIN Page 4 Approved for Release: 2020/01/23 CO2998377 Approved for Release: 2020/01/23 CO2998377 a..1 la. ea 11.Lit a Discontent in South Vietnam Discontent with President Ngo Dinh Diem's continuing dictatorial rule is a potential threat to the stability of the South Vietnamese Government. Criticism of Diem's author- itarianism is being heard increasingly among influential Vietnamese, including members of his own cabinet, who formerly supported the President unswervingly. Diem is isolated from the public by his dependence on a tight circle of advisers, headed by his brother Ngo Dinh Nhu. Nhu, who is widely feared and hated, also heads the elite Can Lao party, which controls all political activity in Vietnam. The police-state methods of the Can Lao and the activities of its covert branches have caused much resent- ment within the government. In this context of dissatisfaction, plans for an early rightist coup by the army--possibly involving Diem's as- sination--have been twice reported in some detai While the army is considered IthOtOis ernessarnbng some officers over political interference and favoritism. Saigon's preoccupation with internal security to the det- riment of economic progress, coupled with heavy-handed police measures, is also engendering resentment among the masses. This plays into the hands of the Vietnamese Com- munists who appear to be stepping up their clandestine ac- tivities aimed at toppling Diem. 1 Oct 58 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE BULLETIN Page 5 Approved for Release: 2020/01/23 CO2998377 Approved for Release: 2020/01/23 CO2998377 1, LaL / IS IAS III. THE WEST Nationwide Anti-US Meetings Planned in Peru Nationwide anti-US meetings have been scheduled in Peru for 2 October by predominantly Communist-led labor groups. Nine labor organizations joined in a communiqu�n 28 September announcing plans for the demonstrations. A committee has been named to arrange a gathering in Lima in the Plaza San Martin, which is near the US Embassy. At a meeting on 28 September attended by 1,000 persons, the head of the union in a central mining town urged nationalization of the mines as a solution for the problem posed by the recent US import quotas for lead and zinc. The largest mining enterprise in Peru is the American- owned Cerro de Pasco Company. The chief of the leftist but non-Communist APRA party told an officer of the American Embassy that APRA and the APRA-linked leadership of the national labor confederation hope to exert a restraining influence on the protest meetings. However, American Ambassador Achilles doubts that APRA can control the situation. CONFIDENTIAL I. Oct 50 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE BULLETIN Page 6 Approved for Release: 2020/01/23 CO2998377 Approved for Release: 2020/01/23 CO2998377 11.116e %LI Noe �4,00 LATE ITEM Two Nuclear Explosions at Novaya Zemlya The Atomic Energy Detection System has reported that two explosions occurred at 0750 and 0955 Hours Zebra on 30 September, both in the vicinity of the Novaya Zemlya test site. Signals from both explosions have been reported by acoustic, seismic, and electromagnetic stations. A prelim- inary estimate of the yield of the first shot is in the range of 700 to 2,000 KT, with the most probable value being about 1,000 KT.� For the second shot, the range is estimated at 700 to 7,000 KT, with the most probable value being about 2,000 KT. Nuclear confirmation cannot be expected prior to 3 October, and some difficulty may occur in separating the de- bris from the two events. This is the third occasion in 1958 on which the Soviet Union has conducted two tests in a single day. On 27 Febru- ary two tests were conducted within a three-hour period in the Novaya Zemlya, area, and on March tests occurred at Novaya Zemlya and at the Semipalatinsk proving grounds within an hour. The events of 30 September bring the total number of Soviet nuclear tests to 57, nine of which have been held at the Novaya Zemlya proving grounds, 42 at Semipalatinsk proving grounds, and the remainder at other locations within the Soviet Union. It is expected that the Soviet Union will conduct nuclear testing at a rapid pace, probably until 31 October, when nego- tiations will begin at Geneva on implementation of a nuclear or torium. SECRET 1 Oct 58 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE BULLETIN Page '1 Approved for Release: 2020/01/23 CO2998377 Approved for Release: 2020/01/23 CO2998377 I A! L4L I i 1-11.4 %Me s Nor THE PRESIDENT The Vice President Executive Offices of the White House Special Assistant for National Security Affairs Scientific Adviser to the President Director of the Budget Office of Defense and Civilian Mobilization Special Assistant for Security Operations Coordination Board of Consultants on Foreign Intelligence Activities Special Assistant for Foreign Economic Policy Special Adviser to the President The Treasury Department The Secretary of the Treasury The Department of State The Secretary of State The Under Secretary of State The Under Secretary of State for Economic Affairs The Deputy Under Secretary for Political Affairs The Deputy Under Secretary for Administration The Counselor Director, International Cooperation Administration The Director of Intelligence and Research The Department of Defense The Secretary of Defense The Deputy Secretary of Defense The Secretary of the Army The Secretary of the Navy The Secretary of the Air Force The Chairman, The Joint Chiefs of Staff Commandant, United States Marine Corps The Director, The Joint Staff Chief of Staff, United States Army Chief of Naval Operations, United States Navy Chief of Staff, United States Air Force Assistant to Secretary of Defense for Special Operations Deputy Director for Intelligence, The Joint Staff Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence, Department of the Army Director of Naval Intelligence, Department of the Navy Assistant Chief of Staff, Intelligence, Department of the Air Force Supreme Allied Commander, Europe Commander,in Chief, Pacific The Department of the Interior The Secretary of the Interior Federal Bureau of Investigation The Director Atomic Energy Commission The Chairman National Security Agency The Director National Indications Center The Director United States Information Agency The Director CONFIDENTIAL Approved for Release: 2020/01/23 CO2998377 ./r. � f. IV/ ZprZ,ZZ. /// I ILPP SECRET r/2 ifJ Z/f r/1 r/) 04'7 .#7Z 0047 IZC r// r12 I% TOP SECRET � 71 ZAPProved for Release: 2020/01/23 CO2998377WWM,MM,