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February 25, 2020
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February 27, 2020
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December 8, 1959
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ZZIZZ,Z, ZrZZ, //7 Approved for Release: 2020/02/21 C03007356 ur tKT vele DOWIIWIT Pr. _32 04,74104E iN 0 13E5...ASt;!.CP:i.1 CLASS. 09.WEE' EVij li,11, VE 4 z;ATI; 1_002� hifR 7a-2 ibiref JUN 1980 wEVVVERI ,o 8 December 1959 3.3(h)(2) I) :3.5(c) Copy No, CENTRAL EVIELLIGENCE BULLETIN' TOP-S-EatET- jApproved for Release: 2020/02/21 C030073567,,Mmzrnm Approved for Release: 2020102121C03007356 i�NIV ---T410_arrinc-r Approved for Release: 2020/02/21 C03007356 Approved for Release: 2020/02/21 C03007356 8 DECEMBER 1959 I. THE COMMUNIST BLOC Peiping stresses "peaceful" intent in Taiwan Strait for foreign visitors. Moscow, displeased with military, eco- nomic programs in Yemen to date, agrees to help Yemeni agricultural project. IL ASIA-AFRICA Imam's efforts to suppress tribal dissi- dence in southern Yemen thus far appar- ently ineffective. Pakistan presumably hopes its new en- voy to New Delhi will help improve rela- tions with India. -.7 III. THE WEST �Cyprus- -Insistence of Makarios on bi- lateral talks presages difficulties for US facilities. �Increasing reports of impending invasion or coup in Venezuela; Betancourt appar- ently retains support of majority of armed forces and public. ()Peru may demand withdrawal of US Naval Mission. �New disorders may occur in Panama. Approved for Release: 2020/02/21 003007356 Approved for Release: 2020/02/21 C03007356 fts TOP SECRET CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE BULLETIN 8 December 1959 DAILY BRIEF L THE COMMUNIST BLOC Taiwan Strait; The Chinese Communists are continuing their effort to convince foreign visitors that Peiping has "peaceful" intentions in the Taiwan Strait. Foreign Minister Chen Yi recently told Japanese Liberal-Democratic party member Matsumura in Peiping that "because of advice from the USSR, among other things," the Chinese will not use force against Taiwan and intend to wait patiently for five or even ten years. Peiping's propaganda in the past two months has avoided references to the possible use of force against Taiwan. Soviet propaganda, for its part, recently stated in one broadcast that of the two ways to "liberate" Taiwan. possibilities for the unpaerritillt U71 X7 arta crraa+aci- USSR-Yemen: Moscow has agreed to aid Yemen in an agricultural land reclamation project using funds remaining under the $25,000,- 000 credit extended in 1956. While the USSR also agreed to provide Yemen with two armed motor launches and two aircraft, Moscow apparently rejected or scaled down a number of other requests made by the Yemeni aid delegations which recently visited the USSR. Moscow, which has had difficulty to date with its military and economic aid programs in Yemen, extended no new credit and apparently received po Yemeni request for such assistance. (Page 1) TOP SECRET 4Approved for Release: 2020/02/21 C0300735& Approved for Release: 2020/02/21 C03007356 -TOP-SEGRET-- II. ASIA-AFRICA Yemen: the, Imam's efforts to heau oil triDai cassicience in northern Yemen have been disorganized and so far ineffective. Continued failure to put down the rebellion--which still seems limited to one tribe--is likely to encourage other dissident tribesmen in the area to loin in active revolt. ----Wkistan-India: The Pakistani Government's selection of A. K. Brohi, one of Pakistan's most prominent and able legal ex- perts, as high commissioner to India appears to be another move by President Ayub to promote better relations with New Delhi. Brohi is considered a strong advocate of closer ties. Ayub prob- ably feels Brohi's experience as a UN delegate and skill as a negotiator will be useful in the 7do-PakiRtani np7tiations an- ticipated by Pakistani leaders. (Page 2) III. THE WEST Cyprus: l'ETf w difficulty in negotiating the status of the im- portant American facilities on Cyprus may be foreshadowed by Archbishop Makariost insistence that the issue be settled bi- laterally with the new Cyprus government rather than multilat- erally in London. Makarios had earlier agreed to holding the talks in London. He apparently continues to favor keeping the facilities on Cyprus but will probably seek compensation. He earlier warned "You will havo trx pay us something,] (Page 3) Venezuela: The arrest in Mexico of several exiled' Venezuelan officers on charges of preparing an invasion of Venezuela lends credibility to reports that, such an attempt is being planned, possi- bly with external financial support from Dominican dictator Tru- jillo and former Venezuelan dictator Perez Jimenez. Rumors of a coup attempt sometime during December by disaffected Vene- zuelan military elements against the coalition of President Betan- court are circulating with increasing frequency in Caracas. Betan- court is believed to retain the support of the majority of the armed 8 Dec 59 DAILY BRIEF ii I9I AApproved for Release: 2020/02/21 C0300735e, A Approved for f-o�rRele-a�s-e: 2-020/02/21 C03007356 Nicif I. THE COMMUNIST BLOC Results of Recent Soviet-Yemeni Aid Talks in Moscow During the recent visit of the Imam's brother to the Soviet Union, Moscow agreed to support a Yemeni land reclamation project�using uncommitted funds from the $25,000,000 eco- nomic credit extended in 1956. The Soviet Union, which had previously offered to aid Yemeni agriculture, will send a small group of experts at its own expense to conduct preliminary feas- ibility surveys. A Yemeni request for Soviet aid in building an "interna- tional airport" apparently was side-stepped, as were some other minor requests for Soviet aid. The bloc now is building three airfields in Yemen. The Yemeni delegation also asked Moscow to provide three 1L-14 transport aircraft and two hel- icopters; the Soviet Union agreed to supply one of each. Mos- cow agreed to supply Yemen with two armed motor launches "at the first opportunity." The only other request for military aid involved 10 parachutes. While no offers of Soviet financial aid were made, the Yemeni mission apparently neither expected nor asked for any. Moscow's perfunctory treatment of the Imam's delegation ap- parently did not offend the head of the Yemeni group, who stayed in the Soviet Union "no longer than necessary for the purposes of courtesy and discussion." �rop-sfeRET 8 Dec 59 CENTRAL INTFI I irzFkirP ni II I =TIM Approved for Release: 2020/02/21 C03007356 Page 1 Approved for Release: 2020/02/21 C03007356 NNW *404 IL ASIA-AFRICA Latest Pakistani Move to Improve Relations With India The Pakistani Government's selection of A. K. Brohi, an outstanding legal expert, as high commissioner to India ap- pears to be another move by President Ayub to promote better relations with New Delhi. Brohi is regarded as a strong advo- cate of closer ties with India. He has considerable stature as a constitutional lawyer and will probably gain the respect of Indian officials. Ayub may feel that Brohils experience as a UN delegate will be useful in future efforts to settle the Kash- mir dispute. Relations between Pakistan and India have improved mark- edly since Pakistan's military government came to power, and even more since the increase in Chinese Communist pressure on the Himalayan border area. The two countries are beginning to make real progress in settling border and financial issues that have troubled their relations since the partition of British India in 1947. On 3 December the two countries announced a new pay- ments agreement intended to increase their mutual trade. Pakistan's government-monitored press has recently curbed its hostile attitude toward India, and the Indian press has toned down its criticism of Pakistan. In editorializing on President Eisenhower's current visit to the subcontinent, newspapers in both countries have anticipated that he will try to bring India and Pakistan closer together and have implied that such an effort would be welcomed. CONFIDENTIAL 8 Dec 59 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE BULLFTIN Page 2 Approved for Release: 2020/02/21 003007356 Approved for Release: 2020/02/21 C03007356 *NW' Cyprus ffhe proceaure to L3e topowea in assuring continued opera- tion of American facilities on Cyprus after the island becomes independent next February is uncertain following a change in Archbishop Makarios' position on this issue. Makarios orig- inally suggested that the subject be discussed by US representa- tives and Cypriot leaders. He later agreed to have the Joint Committee in London, composed of British, Greek, Turk, and Cypriot representatives, take up the matter and accept in prin- ciple the continuation of existing arrangements between the US and UK, Details of a final agreement were to be negotiated by American and Cypriot representatives after Cyprus became in- dependent. On 5 December, however, Makarios reverted to his original pos1ti,T9 Ellie US maintains an FBIS monitoring station near Kyrenia and a Department of State radio relay station and certain other activities near Nicosia. The Zurich-London Agreements of 19 February 1959 provide that the new Republic of Cyprus will as- sume "appropriate obligations" of the present government.] krios repeatedly has indicated that continued operation, of these facilities is acceptable to him but has also warned that compensation for this "hospitality" will be expected, No fur- ther action on the question is anticipated prior to the Cypriot presidential election on 13 December .,- 8 Dec 59 CENTRAI INTFI I inFkirF RI1I I FTIkl Approved for Release: 2020/02/21 003007356 Page 3 Approved for Release: 2020/02/21 C03007356 New/ III. THE WEST The Peruvian Situation rP-eruvian Navy Minister Tirado charged on 4 December that the United States was planning direct reprisal against Peru for purchasing a second cruiser from the United King- dom. Reacting to a report from the Peruvian Embassy in Washington saying that Peru would not receive funds allocated it under the Mutual Security Act, Tirado told a US Embassy officer that, if the report were confirmed, he would demand the withdrawal of the US Naval Mission in Peru or, failing that, would resign from the cabinet. The disclosure of Peru's purchase of a British cruiser late in October had sharp repercussions in Chile and led to concurrent Peruvian-Chilean proposals for cooperation among West Coast Latin American countries in limiting military spend- ing. Peru's second purchase, which was consummated last Oc- tober but kept secret until early December, undercuts the pro- posals for arms limitation and may revive a destructive arma- ments race among Peru and its neighbors. Chile has been of- fered several British ships, including a battleship, at low cost and now may feel impelled to accept the offer. The United Kingdom, however, has agreed to consult with the ates on the sale of any battleship to Latin Amerij, CONbNTh- 8 Dec 59 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE BULLETIN Approved for Release: 2020/02/21 C03007356 Page 4 Approved for Release: 2020/02/21 C03007356 New, New Anti-US Demonstrations Planned in Panama ffailitary intelligence sources and items in the Pana- manian press have reported plans of extremist student groups to stage another anti-US march and meeting on 12 December. The demonstration would celebrate Panamanian rejection, as the result of mob action, of an agreement on US bases in 1947. Foreign Minister Miguel Moreno told the US ambassador on 4 December that the Panamanian Government will pub- lish a statement within a few days declaring that in spite of the recent conversations, the US has not made any substan- tial or specific offers to Panama, and "no progress whatso- ever" has been made in the negotiation of US-Panamanian differences. He added that the administration felt obliged to tell the Panamanian people, whose hopes of more'canal benefits have been raised by recent events, that the De la Guardia government regarded the latest US offers as being "entirely unsatisfactory!' The publication of such a state- ment would increase the likelihood of additional disorders. Unconfirmed reports have also been received that an assassination attempt against US Ambassador Harrington may be made on 8 December, and similar attempts at some indefinite time against the lives of Canal Zone Governor Pot- ter and Panamanian National Guard Commander Vallarino. Plotters are said to include several instigators of the anti- US incidents of 3 and 28 November, who are hoping to force the up to move troops into Panamanian territory, thus caus- ing an international incident which might eventually force th US to relinauish ifs (-mit-pm nal Zone) ) CONFIDENTIAL 8 Dec 59 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE RULI FTIN Page 5 Approved for Release: 2020/02/21 C03007356 r r r% Ilk 1.6411. � � Approved for Release: 2020/02/21 C03007356 THE PRESIDENT The Vice President Executive Offices of the White House Special Assistant for National Security Affairs Scientific Adviser to the President Director of the Budget Director, Office of Defense and Civilian Mobilization Director, National Aeronautics and Space Administration Special Assistant for Security Operations Coordination Chairman, Board of Consultants on Foreign Intelligence Activities Special Assistant for Foreign Economic Policy Executive Secretary, National Security Council The Treasury Department The Secretary of the Treasury The Department of State The Secretary of State The Under Secretary of State The Under Secretary of State for Economic Affairs The Deputy Under Secretary for Political Affairs The Deputy Under Secreti_ry for Administration The Counselor Director, International Cooperation Administration The Director of Intelligence and Research The Department of Defense The Secretary of Defense The Deputy Secretary of Defense Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs The Secretary of the Army The Secretary of the Navy The Secretary of the Air Force The Chairman, The Joint Chiefs of Staff Commandant, United States Marine Corps The Director, The Joint Staff Chief of Staff, United States Army Chief of Naval Operations, United States Navy Chief of Staff, United States Air Force Assistant to Secretary of Defense for Special Operations Director for Intelligence, The Joint Staff Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence, Department of Army Director of Naval Intelligence, Department cf Navy Assistant Chief of Staff, Intelligence, Department of the Air Force Supreme Allied Commander, Europe Commander in Chief, Pacific The Department of Commerce The Secretary of Commerce Federal Bureau of Investigation The Director Atomic Energy Commission The Chairman National Security Agency The Director National Indications Center The Director �eeeffilDENITAT Approved for Release: 2020/02/21 C03007356 , yi Lk�R.; 2�aieL-2�2_6/112-,w7f55, ./// .,-,9; / ftv TOP SECRET4. .,.. . / ,, , �117P�VEC--RET� / /// 4