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February 25, 2020
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February 27, 2020
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December 11, 1959
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V./Zit Z( f,r7Z/Z/Z/Z/ZZZ/Z/1. Approved for Release: 2020/02/21 C0300735/ �MP111-5-EtRIET� Nersten 9," MI OSAMU IN KAU. ift DECLASSIFIED KASS. CHUMS Iii T$ $ I NUT RiVIEW AO(C) Minh sa 744 .19. 913_ RIVIILWEIlls 11 December 1959 Copy No. C C EN TRAL 3.3(h)(2) 5(c) tYTELLIGENCE BULLETIN TOP SECRET /Approved for Release: 2020/02/21 C03007357WWZMWMM Approved for Release: 26-25762a17(7)3007357 N110 TAP SF(RT Approved for Release: 2020/02/21 C03007357 Approved for Release: 2020/02/21 C03007357 viwipo �4400 11 DECEMBER 1959 I. THE COMMUNIST BLOC USSR may be helping Communist China produce Tupolev turbojet bomber or transport. Bloc nations raying groundwork to seek diplomatic exchanges when Cyprus be- comes independent. II. ASIA-AFRICA Algerian rebel leadership meeting to dis- cuss talks with French imminent. Nigerian general elections Saturday con- sidered crucial by rival tribes. Yemen claims to have decided on pro- Western policy. Fiji Islands�Attempt to suppress oil strike touches off anti-European riots. 0 III. THE WEST �British inclined to compromise at Geneva for early agreement on atom test cessa- tion treaty. ()Brazil, USSR complete negotiations for three-year trade increase. 0 Soviet exhibit now in Mexico to open in Cuba in February. Approved for Release: 2020/02/21 C03007357 Approved for Release: 2020/02/21 C03007357 �000 TOP CENTRAL INTELLIGEN IN 0 11 December 1959 DAILY BRIEF I. THE COMMUNIST BLOC Communist China - USSR: the Soviet Union is assisting. ommums the production of a Tupolev-designed aircraft and a turbojet engine for this aircraft. This production may involve Badger (TU-16) jet medium bombers or possibly Camel (TU-104) trans- ports. the Soviet Union is appar- ently continuing to help Commanist China modernize its air- craft and its aircraft industry. (Page 1) Cyprus - Communist Bloc: r/F4e Soviet bloc apparently is preparing to bid for diplomatic representation when Cyprus be- comes Polish and East German offi- cials are reliably reported to have visited the island recently, Hungary has asked permission to open a consulate, and, the Soviet ambassador in Athens is planning a trip to Nicosia. While Moscow propaganda has criticized the London and Zurich agreements providing for the independence of Cyprus, bloc countries can be expected to extend prompt recognition and to concentrate their efforts on stimulating Cypriot opposition to remaining British base rights. In mid-1959 Moscow and Peiping indicated to a delegation of lo- cal Cypriot officilQ flu:dr wi Ilinannqg tn give economic aid to +ha maw raniihlirrl II, Algeria: an important meeting of the rebels' policy-ratifying group, the Revolutionary Council, is scheduled to be held shortly. The meeting may result in one or two cabinet shifts, but will prob ably concern itself mainly with discussion of rebel policy con- cerning contacts with the French, in the light of the UN debate on Algeria. The source said that rebel military commanders) TOP SEtnET 4Approved for Release: 2020/02/21 CO3z607357 Approved for Release: 2020/02/21 C03007357 *itre GILBERT IS Nauru = TERR. OF NEW 9U1NEA ELLICE IS. APUA )!` ---. SOLOMON ISLANDS �11-� '14 1, � I � ORAL , NEW HEBRIDES IS:I 5 E � -.I AUSTRALIA % New Caledonia, UNCLASSIF ED \- 91210 2 VITI LEVU IS FIJI IS. SAMOA IS. Approved for Release: 2020/02/21 C03007357 2020/02/21 C03007357 01( ILA) Approved for Release: -*04704P�SEeRE"F 14# gemain critical of the rebels' political leadership, and question whether it can secure from the French satisfactory guarantees concerning Algerian self-determination. Defeat of the UN res- olution on Algeria would probably weaken the position of rebel moderates at the forthcoming meeting.) 0 (Page 2) Nigeria: Ni eria's general parliamentary election on 12 December is expected to determine the make-up of the federal government which will be in power when the country�with an estimated 35,000,000 people--becomes independent next Octo- ber. The election is therefore regarded as crucial by Nigeria's three major parties--each of which is largely tribal in compo- sition and controls one of the federation's three self-governing regions. One of these, the party of the conservative Moslem rulers of the north, is especially determined to secure a con- trolling voice in the new federal government. Should it fail to achieve this, its adherents may react violently and possibly at- tempt to secede-4 (Page 3) (Map) Yemen: Yemeniofficials have told the American charge that the recent economic agreements with the United States and a private American firm result from a definite Yemeni policy decision "in favor of the West." They are now urging prompt American action to prove the wisdom of this decision. Yemeni assurances have often been unreliable, but the agreements cited by the Yemenis, together with other recent actions, reflect the Imam's growing suspicion of Soviet and Chinese Communist mo- tives. (Page 4) Fiji Islands: The American consul in Suva, on Viti Levu Island, reports riots and anti-European violence have resulted from efforts by the British government of the islands to suppress an oil workers' strike now spreading to other industries. He suggests that evacuation of Americans may become necessary. There is basic antagonism between Fijians and the Indians who comprise more than half the islands' nnn1finn i.J. i 1., Al DAILY 13HIE F ii TOP SECRET AApproved for Release: 2020/02/21 C030673571 z Approved for Release: 2020/02/21 C03007357 INS III. THE WEST Britain-Geneva: rfac Foreign Office Minister of State Ormsby-Gore, sent to-Geneva to examine the atmosphere of negotiations at the conference on cessation of nuclear tests, believes that the political need to achieve agreement has be- come so great that it may be necessary "to deviate slightly from our traditional position of 'no disarmament without thor- oughly effective control.'" Ormsby-Gore told US Ambassador Wadsworth that international political pressures for an agree- ment have doubled in the past year, and that a special session of the UN General Assembly will be convened if the conference breaks down without any treaty. Ormsby-Gore proposes that "comparatively minor" issues be cleared away quickly in or- der to focus attention on the major questions of on-site inspec- tion and the phasina of the control swrl-pm-) Brazil-USSR: The Brazilian-Soviet trade agreement of 9 December calls for the exchange of goods, mainly coffee and petroleum products, projected at $107,000,000 each way over a period of three years. It is still subject to approval by both governments and requires further negotiations over the fri0 composition of deliveries. ther Moscow's plan to send This could fur- Brazil in hopes a traae mission to I� of opening the way for renewed diplomatic relations. The agree- ment may have exceeded Brazil's expectations, especially by the USSR's offer to triple its annual coffee imports. I (Page 5) Cuba: The Soviet technical and cultural exhibit now show- ing in Mexico will open in Havana on 5 February, according to Moscow radio. Mikoyan publicly offered the exhibit to any Latin American country when he visited Mexico to inaugurate the fair. The Cuban showing gives the Castro government further occasion to invite a high-ranking Soviet official to the opening, and might serve as a prelude to an offer to me diplomatic relations with the USSR. II Dec 59 DAILY BRIEF TOP SECRET Approved for Release: 2020/02/21 C03007357v Ill 'a Approved for Release: 2020/02/21 C03007357 %go TOP SECRET *No IV. SIGNIFICANT INTELLIGENCE REPORTS AND ESTIMATES (Available during the preceding week) Prospects for Indonesia. NIE 62-2-59. 8 Dec 59, Short-term Prospects for Ecuador. SNIE 95-59, 8 Dec 59. 11 Dec 59 DAILY BRIEF iv TOP SECRET / A Approved O Release: 2020/02/21 C03007357 Nee 'toe I. THE COMMUNIST BLOC Communist China May Produce Tupolev-Designed Aircraft the Soviet Union is assisting Communist China in preparing for the production of a Tupolev-designed aircraft and a turbojet engine for this aircraft. similar to those observed before Communist China began making the Fresco (MIG-17) jet fighter, the Colt (AN-2) piston transport, and the Hound (MI-4) helicopter. Therefore the Chinese may be preparing to produce the Badger (TU-16), the Camel (TU-104), or some other unidentified aircraft of Tupolev design. The Badger seems more likely, as China recently received a small number of Coot (I14-18) turboprop transports, which suggests that it has less im- mediate need for the Camel. China's medium bomber force now consists of approximately 20 Bull (TU-4) piston-engine aircraft and possibly two TU-16s which may have been turned over to it early in 1959. No other bloc country is known to have been provided with TU-16s by the USSR. gfffIttObetween the two coun ries9 the Soviet Union is apparently continuing to assist Com- munist China to modernize its aircraft and its aircraft industry. TOP SECRET 11 Dec 59 CENTRAL INTELLIGENcF RI II I PTIKI Approved for Release: 2020/02/21 C03007357 Page 1 Approved for Release: 2026/02/21 C03007357 Ttsp4 IL ASIA-AFRICA Algerian Rebels Schedule Policy Conclave an im- por po cy-ra y ng group, the Revolutionary Council, is scheduled for 12 December in Tunis. Among topics to be discussed is a reorganization of the provisional government and the ouster of Foreign Minis- ter Lamine-Debaghine and Minister of Armament and Supply Mahmoud Cherif. Lamine-Debaghine has long been at odds with his cabinet colleagues, and the likelihood of his ouster has periodically been a topic for speculation. The planned ouster of Cherif suggests that the rebels may require a scape- goat for the serious supply and ammunition shortages which have plagued their units in Algeria. an inpurtant rebel meeting is to be held shortly, but cited Tripoli rather than Tunis as the likely location. The rebels' holding of such a conclave outside of their headquarters in Tunis would reflect irritation at President Bourguiba's recent curb- ing of their supply operations in Tunisia. It would also be in- terpreted as a move away from Bour iba's moderate council on the issue of a cease-fire. Rebel military commanders continue critical of the provi- sional government leadership and of its ability to secure from the French satisfactory assurances concerning Algerian self- determination. The UN General Assembly is scheduled to vote on 11 December on a resolution endorsing talks between the rebels and the French. The provisional government hopes that passage of this resolution would strengthen its hand for an ap- proach to De Gaulle. Defeat of the Algerian resolution in the UNwoii1cLtnd to weaken the position of rebel moderates...? f\I TOP SECRET 11 Dec 59 CENTRAL INTELLIGENICF RI HI FTIKI Approved for Release: 2020/02/21 C03007357 Page 2 Approved for Release: 2020/02/21 C03007357 z eri DAHOMEY TOGO � (Fr. Trust Terr.) GHANA Railroads UNCLASSIFIED MILES NIGER Kano NORTHERN REGION Kaduna Jos 6:ge, Ibadan WESTERN GE ION Lagos-- 3C,)0 30526 0161 IFI Minna Enugu EA ERN RE JON Port � H-rarcourt- GULF OF GUINEA / Nguru CHAD BRITIS CAMEROONS:* (Trust Terr.) Maiduguri CAMEROUN (Fr.Trust Torr.) � c