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March 16, 2022
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August 5, 2016
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March 1, 1961
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Approved for Release: 2016/07/05 C03007377 , I r ci 40113.--SECREL 1 March 1961 Copy No. C CENTRAL 7 b INTELLIGENCE BULLETIN I(b)(3) f /(b)(3) :(b)(3) 11 (b)(3) Approved for Release: 2016/07/05 C03007377 Approved for Release: 2016/07/05 C03007377 iwv TOP ECRET �IF The Daily Brief of the CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE BULLETIN is produced by the Director of Central Intelligence in consultation with representatives of departments and agencies of the United States Intelligence Board. Back-up material is produced by CIA with as much consultation with other departments and agencies as is practicable. When, because of the time factor, consultation with the department or agency of primary concern is not practicable, the brief will be produced by CIA and marked with an asterisk. Intelligence in this publication is based on all sources, including Interpretations of intelligence information in this publication rep- resent immediate and preliminary views which are subject to modi- fication in the light of further information and more complete analysis. Certain intelligence items in this publication may be designated specifically for no further dissemination. Other intelligence items may be disseminated further, but only on a need-to-know basis. WARNING This document contains classified information affecting the national security of the United States within the meaning of the espionage laws, US Code Title 18, Sections 793,794, and 798. The law prohibits its transmission or the revelation of its contents in any manner to an unauthorized person, as well as its use in any manner prejudicial to the safety or interest of the United States or for the benefit of any foreign government to the detriment of the United States. TOP-SECRET Approved for Release: 2016/07/05 C03007377 77,7 'Approved for Release: 2016/07/05 C03007377 %sof SEtlf&L_ 1 March 1961 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE BULLETIN CONTENTS 2. USSR-UN: Contrary to previous report, Gromyko will attend resumed General Assembly session in March. (Page it) 3. Mali: Bloc offers to purchase entire 1960-61 pea- nut crop. (Page tt) 5. Israel - Arab States: Forthcoming Israeli test mo- bilization may be used by Nasir as occasion to de- nounce Israel. (Page iit) 6. USSR: Comment on ICalchenko's dismissal. (Page iti) Approved for Release: 2016/07/05 C03007377 Approved for Release: 2016/07/05 C03007377 Approved for Release: 2016/07/05 C03007377 'Approved for Release. 2016/07/05 C03007377 Approved for Release: 2016/07/05 C03007377 � Approved for Release: 2016/07/05 CO3007377 kao TOP�SECE ) - *USSR-UN- The designation of Foreign Minister Gromyko to head the Soviet delegation to the General Assembly which resumes on 7 March apparently marks a change in Soviet plans. Khrushchev may wish to show that despite his harsh attacks on Hammarskjold and Western policy in the Congo, he has not lost interest in improved relations with the US and a meeting with the President. Gromyko told the Finnish foreign minister in mid- February that neither he nor Khrushchev would return to New York for this session of the UN but indicated that Khrushchev was still willing to come to the US for talks with the President. One of Gromyko's purposes may be the arrangement of such a meeting. The decision to send Gromyko coincides with an inten- sive effort by the Soviet UN delegates to confine General Assem- bly debate to a few items so as not to hinder restoration of "nor- mal" US-Soviet relation, Mali-Bloc:CMali is reportedly engaged in negotiations base On ..a joint Soviet-Czech offer to purchase Mali's entire 1960-6 peanut crop--about 50,000 metric tons--for approximately $20,000,000. Since this single commodity accounts for about 90 percent of the country's export earnings, consummation of th deal would lead to an early reorientation of the Malian economy, toward the bloc. France has offered to continue taking Mali's peanuts at premium prices, but Mali's leaders are apparently attracted by the willingness of the bloc countries to make a 25- percent payment in US dollars and by the prospect of sharply re- ducing Mali's economic dependence on France-.1 1 Mar 61 DAILY BRIEF TOP-SECRET 11 (b)(3) (1?)2) Va Approved for Release: 2016/07/05 C03007377 'Approved for Release: 2016/07/05 CO3007377 TOP�SEGREJ: 1(1(3) Israel - Arab States: A surprise test mobilization of Israel's armed forces is scheduled to take place shortly after 2 March. Jordan has been informed of the impending test through UN arm- istice commission channels. Nasir, who will probably also learn 6 K of the test, is nevertheless likely to use it as an occasion to de- nounce Israel during his current campaign to generate more en- thusiasm in Syria for the union with Egypt. The scheduling of the test at this time is probably designed by the Tel Aviv government to unify the country following the disruption caused by a govern- ment crisis over the Lavon affair, and to stren then Ben-Gurion's Ma ai ar in e el ction (b)(1) (b)(3) 1 (b)(1 *USSR: he dismissa o S rainian remier c en o or a (b)(3)1 cultural failures emphasizes Khrushchev's determination to achieve a sharp improvement in Soviet agriculture this year, and serves notice on officials responsible for agricultural performance at all levels that they stand to lose their jobs if they fail to get results. Numerous lesser officials have been fired on similar grounds since G IC January, when the party central committee aired the agricultural problem. Kalchenko, who has been government chief in the Ukraine since 1954, has been replaced by Vladimir Scherbitsky, one of the central committee may be involved in the weeding out process be- fore a new committee is elected by the next party congress in Oc- tober. (Backup, Page 6) Ukrainian party secretaries. Many more members of the party 1 Mar 61 DAILY BRIEF TOP-SECR ET: A (b)(3) Approved for Release: 2016/07/05 C03007377 Approved for Release: 2016/07/05 C03007377 Approved for Release: 2016/07/05 C03007377 Approved for Release: 2016/07/05 C03007377 Approved for Release: 2016/07/05 C03007377 Approved for Release: 2016/07/05 C03007377 UNrit/t2P14-1.a.Lic Nitre ftof Mali In the five months of its existence Mali has established diplomatic relations with six bloc countries, including the USSR and Communist China, received a large number of visiting bloc delegations, and sent a number of special mis- sions to bloc countries. Except for one rather vague eco- nomic agreement with Czechoslovakia signed last Novembe these contacts have so far produced few overt results. Nevertheless, the way seems to be open for the bloc to pen- etrate Mali as it has done in neighboring Guinea. The USSR is known to have been developing a comprehensive plan for the industrial development of Mali, while the Czechs have , evinced interest in Mali's civil aviation, industrial develop- ment, and geological surveys. Malian Minister of Commerce Ndoure stated last week that he was "inundated" with bloc economic proposals, adding that he was under heavy politi- cal pressure to accept such offers without delay. Mali's Marxist-influenced one-party regime is moving to reduce French influence The regime, motivated by a militant anticolonialismt considers such a reduction a necessary prerequisite to the attainment of its proclaimed goal of "total" political and economic independence. At the same time Malians continue to resent the part they believe French elements played in neighboring Senegal's secession from its former federation with Mali last summer. After finally accepting the federation's demise, Mali's leaders declared their country's dissociation from the French Com- munity and began to institute measures aimed at undercut- ting French commercial interests. Regime spokes- men nave ten little IOUbt that turtner moves to reduce French influence--especially in the economic sphere-- would be forthcoming. A decision to shift the bulk of Mali'i4 --trOTIRDENTIAL 1 Mar 61 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE BULLETIN Page 3 Approved for Release: 2016/07/05 C03007377 Approved for Release: 2016/07/05 C03007377 _ CHINA INDIA 1 � AREAS CLAIMED BY CHINA IN BHUTAN 300 30942 SAUDI ARABIA ITeitar CHINA BURMA 1 Mar 61 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE BULLETIN Map Page Approved for Release: 2016/07/05 C03007377 pproved for Release: 2016/07/05 C03007377 COMPIDEPM,A_L_ r-7 export trade to the bloc would suggest a possible early break with the French franc currency zone. (b)(1) (b)(3) 1 Mar 61 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE BULLETIN Page 4 Approved for Release: 2016/07/05 C03007377 Approved for Release: 2016/07/05 C03007377 Approved for Release: 2016/07/05 C03007377 Approved for Release: 2016/07/05 C03007377 Nair,C5NFff3FNTJALNigo' High Soviet Official Dismissed for Agriculture Failures Khrushchev showed strong dissatisfaction with the condition of Ukrainian agriculture early in the central committee meeting in mid- January when he interrupted the speech of Ukrainian party chief Podgorny, a member of the ruling party presidium, with sharp criticism. The first sign that ICalchenko was personally in trouble, came only a few days later when Khrushchev, in his own speech, accused the Ukrainian Premier of panicking with disastrous re- sults, during a drought in 1956. "There he sits," said Khrushchev, "a member of the central committee and everything rolls off him as water does off a duck's back. It doesn't matter to him that he made a mistake." Vladimir Matskevich, like ICalchenko a former subordinate of Khrushchev's in the Ukraine, was fired as Soviet agriculture minister in December. Their ousters and Podgorny's precarious position are further signs that the Ukraine and Khrushchev's old associates can no longer expect special treatment from Moscow The new premier, Vladimir Shcherbitsky has been a secre- tary of the Ukrainian party organization since late 1957, special- izing in industrial matters. He is one of several younger party administrators who have been brought recently into prominence. A party member only since World War II, Shcherbitsky got started in the Ukrainian party organization during the early 1950's and became party boss in the industrial center of Dnepropetrovsk In 1954. He attracted the attention of the Moscow leadership, and was given a seat on the party's Central Auditing Commission at the Twentieth Party Congress in Moscow in 1956. 1 Mar 61 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE BULLETIN Page 6 Approved for Release: 2016/07/05 C03007377 Approved for Release: 2016/07/05 C03007377 N*0' CONff-DENTML THE PRESIDENT The Vice President Executive Offices of the White House The Special Assistant for National Security Affairs The Scientific Adviser to the President The Director of the Budget The Director, Office of Civil and Defense Mobilization The Director, National Aeronautics and Space Administration Chairman, Board of Consultants on Foreign Intelligence Activities The Department of State The Secretary of State The Under Secretary of State The Director, International Cooperation Administration The Deputy Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs The Deputy Under Secretary of State for Administration The Counselor The Assistant Secretary of State for Policy Planning The Director of Intelligence and Research The Treasury Department The Secretary of the Treasury The Department of Defense The Secretary of Defense The Deputy Secretary of Defense The Secretary of the Army The Secretary of the Navy The Secretary of the Air Force The Assistant Secretary of Defense (International Security Affairs) The Assistant to Secretary of Defense (Special Operations) The Chairman, The Joint Chiefs of Staff Chief of Naval Operations, United States Navy Chief of Staff, United States Air Force Chief of Staff, United States Army Commandant, United States Marine Corps U.S. Rep., Military Committee and Standing Group, NATO Supreme Allied Commander, Europe Commander in Chief, Pacific The Director, The Joint Staff The Director for Intelligence, The Joint Staff The Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence, Department of Army The Director of Naval Intelligence, Department of Navy The Assistant Chief of Staff, Intelligence, Department of the Air Force The Department of Justice The Attorney General The Federal Bureau of Investigation The Director The Atomic Energy Commission The Chairman The National Security Agency The Director The United States Information Agency The Director The National Indications Center The Director ziorlpfar Approved for Release: 2016/07/05 C03007377 0.1proved for Release: 2016/07/05 C03007,32J4 TOP5CRET Approved for Release: 2016/07/05 C03007377