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October 25, 2019
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October 31, 2019
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January 26, 1956
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Approved for Release: 2019/10/21 C03157475 CURRENT INTELLIGENCE BULLETIN DOCUMENT NO. a d7// 26 January 1956 3.5(c) 3.5(c) 3.3(h)(2) .//s/ co3:57475 /7#/4 Copy No. NO CHANGE IN CLASS Jo CI DECLASSIFIED CLASS. CHANGED TO: TS S C NEXT REVIEW DATE. 2-010 AUTH: HR 70-2 DATE:11 T_50 REVIEWER: 103 OFFICE OF CURRENT INTELLIGENCE CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY TOP SECRET Approved for Release: 2019/10/21 Approved for Release: 2019/10/21 C03157475 Aleik Approved for Release: 2019/10/21 C03157475 �-�kr% ry roi* arr. Approved for Release: 2019/10/21 C03157475 r CONTENTS I. SIGNS OF POUJADLSM IN ITALY (page 3). 2. SECURITY SITUATION IN SOUTH VIETNAM (page 4). 26 Jan 56 * * * * THE ARAB-ISRAELI SITUATION (page 5) * * * * THE TAIWAN STRAIT (page 6) Current Intelligence Bulletin Page 2 Approved for Release: 2019/10/21 C03157475 Approved for Release: 2019/10/21 C03157475 CONFIDENTIAL 1. SIGNS OF POUJADISM IN ITALY The recent Convention of Small Industries held in Rome was the setting for a full-scale airing of the accumulating grievances of Italian businessmen against the "anti-private enter- prise orientation" of the Segni government, according to the American embassy in Rome. Two cabinet mem- bers were hooted down during their speeches. The chief points of attack were the government's fiscal and credit policy, social security payments, new overtime laws, and inadequate customs rebates. Comment Discontent among Italian small business- men may cause them to be sympathetic to protest movements along the lines of the Poujade move- ment in France. Poujadist groups have been founded in Rome, Naples, Milan and Bologna, and Poujade reportedly intends to visit Italy in the spring. Local elections are scheduled to be held in early summer. Otto Strasser, former Nazi leader re- cently returned from exile to Germany, apparently hopes to establish a similar movement among German extremists and reportedly plans to meet Poujade soon. 26 Jan 56 Current Intelligence Bulletin Page 3 -CONFIDENTIAL Approved for Release: 2019/10/21 C03157475 =mom Approved for Release: 2019/10/21 C03157475 2. SECURITY SITUATION IN SOUTH VIETNAM The Viet Minh is apparently scoring a considerable success in its alli- ance with the Hoa Hao rebels in south- west Vietnam. By using the Hoa Hao it is able to carry on military activity against the South Vietnam government and at the same time avoid open viola- tion of the Geneva terms. Since Hoa Hao-Viet Minh co-operation was initiated last fall, a general improvement in Hoa Hao tactics and combat effectiveness has been noted. In a clash with the Hoa Hao on 13 January, the Vietnamese army suf- fered its heaviest casualties in any single action since the end of the war in 1954, with 61 killed and missing, includ- ing a battalion commander. The Vietnamese army now has some 35,000 troops deployed against an estimated 3,800 Hoa Hao. The Viet Minh's association with the Hoa Hao is only one facet of the Communist effort against Diem. Subversion and infiltration are equally important The Viet Minh may make a special effort to interfere with the national assembly elections in South Vietnam on 4 March. It has already called for a boycott of these elections. the Viet Minh has is- sued orders that the election be "sabotaged." 26 Jan 56 Current Intelligence Bulletin Page 4 -711919-4FPP-PX Approved for Release: 2019/10/21 C03157475 Approved for Release: 2019/10/21 C031157475 I is THE ARAB-ISRAELI SITUATION 25 January) Only minor shooting incidents have been reported on the Arab-Israeli borders. Ian Israeli patrol action against the Arab Legion on 22 January, which may have been in reprisal for an earlier incident in which two Israelis were killed. Egypt has publicly an- nounced that Israeli aircraft over the gulf area would be fired on, and stated that antiaircraft fire had been directed at a plane in this area. Tel Aviv notes that a bill has been introduced into the Israeli parlia- ment to increase the deficiency appropriation for defense from the equivalent of $14,000,000 to $281000,000. Egypt now has 150 T-34 tanks. (This esti- mate is approximately correct.) Israel was at a point of "extreme desperation" and that preventive war would be the best way out were it not that Israel cannot afford to antago-, nize world opinion by such action. 26 Jan 56 Current Intelligence Bulletin Page 5 Approved for Release: 2019/10/21 C03157475 _MIL% r% #4. re wq, Approved for Release: 2019/10/21 C031157475 BIWEEKLY SUMMARY 12-25 January 1956 THE TAIWAN STRAIT Report of the IAC Current Intelligence Group for the Taiwan Strait Problem 1. During the period the Chinese Communist and Nation- alist ground forces in the Quemoy area engaged in a series of artillery exchanges. On 19 January, the Chinese Communists fired almost 3,000 rounds, the heaviest day's shelling since 22 September 1954. This heavy firing probably was in retali- ation for earlier Nationalist shellings or it may have been re- lated to the Nationalist troop rotation in the Quemoy area. No particular significance is attached to this heavy Communist shelling. 2. the Wuchiu Islands, midway between Matsu and Quemoy, be evacuated because of their negligible value and indefensibility. The Wuchius are garrisoned by 480 guerrillas. President Chiang Kai-shek may concur in this action, although for political and psychological reasons he has been opposed to giving any more islands, to the Communists. 3. The rotation program between Quemoy and Taiwan has bogged down due to many difficulties in both areas. This rota- tion was to be completed between November 1955 and mid-March 1956. However, the replacement of only one of the five divisions has been completed and the rotation of the next division may now be delayed until sometime in March. 4. Although four of the new coastal airfields are considered serviceable, aircraft are not yet permanently stationed on the new airfields in East China. Chenghai airfield, near Swatow, may have been used for an overnight refueling stop by jet fighters from Can- ton, and Nantai, near Foochow. 5. 26 Jan 56 Current Intelligence Bulletin Page 6 TflPQCOPFT Approved for Release: 2019/10/21 C03157475 Approved for Release: 2019/10/21 C03157475 I A. 6. during the months of Novem- ber and December, a total of 40 Chinese Communist LCMes ar- rived in the Shanghai area. The arrival of these craft, which accommodate 90 troops each, will considerably increase Chi- nese Communist amphibious capabilities in the East China area. 7 13 amphibious transport vehicles operating in the Peding Peninsula area northwest of Matsu. Seven of this type were sighted 8. In recent propaganda comment on the Geneva ambassado- rial talks, Peiping has charged the US with an effort to "finalize" its "occupation" of Taiwan and to cover up its activities designed to maintain tension in the area. On 25 January a Chinese Commu- nist broadcast contained the vague threat that the US "must bear the consequences" if it persists in "dragging out" the ambassado- rial talks. An implication that the talks would continue, however, was contained in a Peiping broadcast of 20 January which pro- claimed that "the Chinese people do not fear US dilatory tactics. . . although the US dragged out the Korean armistice talks for two years, still had to sign the armistice agreement." 9. The offshore islands received no unusual propaganda atten- tion in Chinese Communist radio broadcasts, other than a broad- cast of 18 January addressed to the officers and soldiers on Que- moy and Matsu noting the anniversary of the Communist seizure of Ichiang and encouraging defection. The Communists have increased their use of artillery to deliver propaganda leaflets on the Quemoys. This has proved suf- ficiently successful to cause the Nationalists to make plans for in- creasing the political indoctrination of troops in this area. 26 Jan 56 Current Intelligence Bulletin Page 7 n rim. Approved for Release: 2019/10/21 C03157475 Approved for Release: 2019/10/21 C03157475 TAIWAN STRAIT STRAIT SITUATION 26 JANUARY 1956 CHINESE COMMUNIST AIRFIELD LEGEND: DESIGNATIONS PRIMARY AIRFIELD CONSIDERED MOST IMPORTANT IN AREA WITH PREPARED RUNWAY GENERALLY 5000 FEET OR LONGER. SECONDARY AIRFIELD AUXILIARY OR EMERGENCY BASES OR FIELDS OF LESSER IMPORTANCE. RUNWAYS GENERALLY LESS THAN 5000 LEET. ACTIVE BASE FOR MILITARY & CIVILIAN AIR- CRAFT. SOME BASES USED BY PISTON TYPES MAY BE USABLE BY JETS OPERATIONAL INACTIVE BASES CAPABLE OF USE BY AIRCRAFT � SERVICEABLE CURRENT STATUS UNDETERMINED UNKI, OWN USABILITY I 4! 7 MIG-15 TU-2, IL-10 i IA-9/11 1.1-2 IL-28 ETC. MIG-17 f U-4 UNKNOWN * FIELDS NOT CONSIDERED CAPABLE OF SUPPORTING SUSTAINED OPER- ATIONS AT PRESENT RONAN \_ L 11 U T E H WAN KOW / CH IUCFIIA L NANCHAN 28 CHANGSHA H NGYANG 26