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October 25, 2019
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October 31, 2019
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October 27, 1956
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;erAedforRelease: 2019/10/23 CURRENT INTELLIGENCE BULLETIN 27 October 1956 Copy No. 11 � o DE'GLASSIVICD CLASS. GHPNG';.'...C.) "Ia. TS S NEXT REVIEVJ DAJE: H 0-2 titevisvER. DATE' OFFICE OF CURRENT INTELLIGENCE CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY 0 r fozoffiomo,TOP SECRET Approved for Release: 2019/10/23 'Approved for Release: 2019/10/23 C03161871 pmek Approved for Release: 2019/10/23 C03161871 -9.42.44�dp-ado Approved for Release: 2019/10/23 C03161871 :04 CONTENTS 1. THE HUNGARIAN SITUATION (as of 0100 EDT 27 Oct) (page 3). 2. NEW LARGE-SCALE MOBILIZATION IN ISRAEL (page 5). 3. IRAQ REPORTED DIST IN SYRIA FOR LATE OCTOBER COUP (page 7). 4. SOVIET ATOMIC EXPLOSION REPORTED IMMINENT (page 8). 5. SINGAPORE RIOTS page 9). 6. ARAB STATES PROTEST FRENCH ACTION IN ALGERIA (page 10). 7. PLOT AGAINST COLOMBIAN GOVERNMENT REPORTED (page 12). 8, EAST EUROPEAN REACTION TO HUNGARIAN DEVELOP- MENTS ) (page 13). 9. GOMULICA wage ip). 10. REPORTED DISSATISFACTION IN BURMESE ARMY (page 16). * * * * THE ARAB--ISRAE LI SITUATION (page 17) 27 Oct 56 Current Intelligence Bulletin Page 2 -140P�SEC�RE-T Approved for Release: 2019/10/23 C03161871 Approved for Release: 2019/10/23 C03161871 4rnips? Nri110 1 THE HUNGARIAN SITUATION (as of 0100 EDT) Fighting is continuing in Budapest as of 0600 Budapest time (0100 EDT) 27 October and has spread to at least one other city and probably several more. Budapest radio admitted dur- ing the evening of the 26th that armed groups had started riots and were causing disorder in Szolnok0 a raaio station in south-central Hungary late on the 26th called for the people in eight localities in the Pecs area to co-operate with military and police forces "wearing the Kossuth rosette"-- a traditional symbol of Hungarian nationalism. This suggests that siz- able numbers of Hungarian military forces now may be supporting the anti- Communist rebels. In contrast to claims of victory issued daily by the regime during the first three days of the fight- ing, the Presidential Council announced a new amnesty for all those "fighting either in formations, groups, or singly" 27 Oct 56 Current Intelligence Bulletin Page 3 TOP SECRET Approved for Release: 2019/10/23 C03161871 MT 11 Ts f� r r ry Fpi Approved for Release: 2019/10/23 C03161871 NIS NIS who surrender their arms by 2200 on the 26th. The curfew, which the government reinstituted on 26 October in order to wage "a general attack against the rebels," was to be ex- tended through 27 October. In addition, [�telephone contact had again been broken off with Buda- pest. The government of Imre Nagy apparently has been unsuccessful in asserting central authority and Nagy's prestige is reported declining rapidly. In a- desperate effort to garner popular support, Nagy promised to negotiate with the USSR for the withdrawal of all Soviet troops by 1 January and to form a new popular front government immediately. Budapest Radio had indicated on the morning of the 26th that the new government would be formed in a few hours, but a later broadcast said that it would be established during the evening of the 26th or the morning of the 27th. Nagy is having difficulty recruiting prom- inent former minority leaders, including former Smallholders Secretary General Bela Kovacs and Social Democrat Ana Kethely, to participate in a new regime. Encouraged by the weakness of the gov- ernment in Budapest, workers throughout the country have begun to press for extensive changes, and a general strike seems to be in effect in several cities. At least two regional governments, seemingly acting independently of the central regime, have been formed in the provinces--the Workers Committee of Greater Miskolc and the Workers and Soldiers Council of Szolnok. These committees, which for the moment still appear dominated by "national Communists," have called a general strike until the government implements all their demands which include the withdrawal of all Soviet troops from Hungary, a new liberal government and satisfaction for their economic complaints. In Budapest, the National Trade Union Council and an unidentified writers' group, apparently acting independently, levied a set of demands which, in effect, com- plemented the Miskolc workers' demands. ground, air, and naval units in eastern Europe and the western USSR have been alerteki. Altitude restrictions have been imposed on the air route between Moscow and Budapest, probably to facilitate high priority flights be- tween the two capitals. 27 Oct 56 Current Intelligence Bulletin Page 4 -Top SECRET Approved for Release: 2019/10/23 C03161871 er,r,r) 17"7-1 Approved for Release: 2019/10/23 C03161871 �40. 2. NEW LARGE-SCALE MOBILIZATION IN ISRAEL New Israeli mobilization on a "very large scale," with an extensive call-up of re- servists, civilian vehicles and construc- tion equipment, probably indicates prep- aration for a limited objective action against Egypt or Jordan, with full capa- bility to exploit any Arab response. Prior to these new call-ups, Israeli strength had been increased to about 100,000. The main weight of the new troop and vehicle movements has been southward from Tel Aviv. Very heavy concentrations of troops and materiel have been reported southeast of Tel Aviv, and in the Southern Com- mand, where a build-up of armor was previously reported. Earlier in the week Israeli troop activity increased in for- ward areas near the Jordanian frontier, and extensive lay- ing of field communication wire was reported. all Israeli military units are on a standby alert. Mobilization of per- sonnel has been sufficient to curtail industrial activity. The American embassy reports that the mobilization resembles that which occurred before the El Auja raid in November 1955. An embassy officer was also advised by an Israeli official to cancel week-end trips arid stockpile food supplies. An Israeli strike against Egypt would ostensibly be in retaliation, not only for the recent Egyptian mining of two military vehicles in the El Auja area, which resulted in three dead and 27 wounded, but also for a series of recent incursions by Egyptian-directed terrorists from 27 Oct 56 Current Intelligence Bulletin Page 5 Approved for for Release: 2019/10/23 C03161871 Approved for Release-7E7-9/10/23 C03161871 *01 Egypt, Syria and Jordan. In the most recent such incident on 25 October, a terrorist was killed near the Gaza strip by Israeli security forces four kilometers inside their border. Israel is also prepared for possible action against West Jordan if Iraqi or other Arab forces enter Jor- dan * * * * * * * Members of the Watch Committee have individually examined reports received since their last meeting concerning Israeli military and associated devel- opments. They generally agree that the likelihood has in- creased of major Israeli reprisals, probably against Egypt in the near future. It is believed that the present Israeli mobilization, though on a large scale, is not a full mobili- zation, and therefore Israel does not intend that this action lead to general hostilities althoughllJ&nrenaringJojneet the possibility of broader action. 27 Oct 56 Current Intelligence Bulletin Page 6 -SECRET Approved for Release: 2019/10/23 C03161871 Approved for Release: 2019/10/23 C03161871 Nave 3, IRAQ REPORTED DISTRIBUTING ,ARMS IN SYRIA FOR LATE OCTOBER COUP Iraq is distributing arms among Druze tribes in southern Syria as part of an Iraqi plan to execute an antileftist coup in Syria in late October, The reported Druze role is to neutralize Syrian army units in that area. Iraqi agents are in contact with elements of the rightist Syrian Social Nationalist Party and certain conservative Syrian politi- cians. Comment A possible Iraqi-sponsored coup against leftist elements in Syria has been re- peatedly reported since last June. If arms are actually being distributed to dissident elements, the rightists may be about to move. French agents and Syrian leftists have also been reported in contact with the Druze. The Druze are reported to be increasingly restive, hostile to the present Syrian government, and disappointed that Iraq has taken no action in Syria to overthrow the government. In this situation it seems likely that a numberoLdiffejent groups may be trying to win them over. 27 Oct 56 Current Intelligence Bulletin Page 7 Approved for Release: 2019/10/23 C03161871 Approvjd�f-orWelease: 2019/10/23 C03161871 Nop, 4. SOVIET ATOMIC EXPLOSION REPORTED IMMINENT Khru- shchev had revealed that the USSR would set off an atomic explosion within the '!next few days:' Khrushchev's statement was made in connec- tion with an exposition on Soviet desire to ban atomic tests. He added that in the absence of an agreement to ban tests, the USSR had no choice but to continue its tests. Comment If a Soviet test is imminent, it possibly will occur in the northwestern USSR on the periphery of the Barents Sea. There has been some evidence of nuclear weapons program interest in and about the area of the Kola Peninsula since mid-September, 27 Oct 56 Current Intelligence Bulletin Page 8 TOP SECRET Approved for Release: 2019/10/23 C03161871 Approved for rli.e7e�as7: 7079 / 10/23 C03161871 Nfter` New' 5. SINGAPORE RIOTS Communist-led rioting--with extensive property damage and some casualties-- is continuing in Singapore. Matters may be complicated by efforts of some Chinese secret societies and criminal elements to exploit the situation. The police have dislodged student strik- ers from school grounds where they ave seen ricaded for the past two weeks. The latest informatiop suggests that the students' organization is col- lapsing. Troops of the, local army garrison have taken up stations to assist in preserving order, and police and army reinforcements from Malaya have been ordered to Singapore. Chief Minister Lim has appealed to the schools to return to their role of institutions of peaceful Chinese culture rather than continue as pawns in a polit- ical campaign. This may reduce the rising antagonism among Singapore Chinese based on the belief that the gov- ernment is attacking Chinese culture. A successful solu- tion of the school issue would encourage the government to press its anti-Communist campaign, and there are al- ready indications that it is moving against the political elements of Communist-front "cultural" organizations. 27 Oct 56 Current Intelligence Bulletin Page 9 SECRET Approved for Release: 2019/10/23 C03161871 _� Approved for Release: 2019/10/23 C03161871 6. ARAB STATES PROTEST FRENCH ACTION IN ALGERIA The Arab world is reacting strongly to the capture by the French on 22 October of five Algerian leaders of the Front of National Liberation (FLN)0 Tewfik el-Madani, FLN leader in Cairo on 23 October exhorted the Algerian Army of Liberation over the Cairo radio to continue the battle "more energetically and determinedly than be1ore:1 Strong protests have been made to France by most members of the Arab League. Its political committee has cabled a pro- test to the secretary general of the United Nations and a special meeting of the Arab League's council considered the situation on 25 October. The Jordanian Chamber of Deputies has demanded the recall of Jordan's ambassador to France. Anti-French demonstrations have occurred � in Amman, where the French ambassador has requested government protection, and in Tripoli, where crowds demonstrated anthusiastically outside the Egyptian and Soviet embassies. Libyan, Iraqi and Saudi Arabian officials have requested American intercession to obtain the release of the captives. A group of Iraqi deputies requested Pakistan and India to use their good offices. The French charge in Tunis claims to be receiving no instructions from Paris and believes the situa- tion is very serious for all French residents, though some- what better than for French residents in Morocco. A government spokesman in Paris ex- pects an interval "little better than an armed truce" for 27 Oct 56 Current Intelligence Bulletin Page 10 SECRET Approved for Release: 2019/10/23 C03161871 Approved for Rele-a-se-:0T97710/23 C03161871 N.1.1 two or three months. He told American embassy officials the French intend to use this interval to advance a political settlement in Algeria in order not only to solve the Algerian problem, "at least temporarily," but also to renew friendly relations with the Moroccans and Tunisians. 27 Oct 56 Current Intelligence Bulletin Page 11 -SECRET-- Approved for Release: 2019/10/23 C03161871 Approved for RereZ72-0791/10/23 C03161871 NOW 7. PLOT AGAINST COLOMBIAN GOVERNMENT REPORTED The Colombian government is greatly concerned over a possible coup, which reportedly has the support of a group there is a movement of signifi- cant proportions to unseat President Rojas. The leaders of the present movement are not identified. Any substitute military regime would probably continue to be pro-US. The Rojas regime has leaned increas- ingly on the military in recent months since its other sup- port has eroded rapidly. The military has remained loyal to the government, although dissatisfaction has been re- ported among junior officers. However, only the air force endorsed the "Third Force:' the recent unsuccessful gov- ernment effort to organize popular support. Rojas' unexpected convocation on 11 Octo- ber of the National Constituent Assembly, the sole constitu- tional element of his regime, has injected an element of con- troversy and uncertainty in the situation, in part because of the critical speeches of opposition deputies during the initial meetings. 27 Oct 56 Current Intelligence Bulletin Page 12 Approved for Release: 2019/10/23 C03161871 ef FN.-1r% Irq Tr. Approved for Release: 2019/10/23 C03161871 %me 8. EAST EUROPEAN REACTION TO HUNGARIAN DEVELOPMENTS The Satellite press generally has mini- mized developments in Hungary, while popular reaction has been s in Poland and Rumania. The Czechs called public meetings at all levels which have publicized pledges of loyalty to the party and inseparable friendship with the Soviet Union, cul- minating in a similar politburo decree of 25 October. 'things were just as they should be" in Hungary and Poland--that it was up to the people to determine what is necessary in the process of democratization. the Polish central committee sent a congratulatory message to the Hungarian central committee praising the Hungarian moves toward de- Stalinization. The Satellite press reaction has gen- erally followed Moscow's lead in noting only briefly that disturbances have developed in Hungary, "where counter- revolutionary forces attempted to overthrow the regime." These forces were described as local and isolated groups of anti-socialists who are being stimulated by imperialist forces of the West. Only the Czechs and Poles have received 27 Oct 56 Current Intelligence Bulletin Page 13 'FOP-SECRET Approved for Release: 2019/10/23 C03161871 Approved for Release: 2019/10/23 C03161871 %me fairly detailed descriptions of the actual events, and only the Czechs have been told of the anti-Soviet nature of the revolt and of the intervention of Soviet troops to quell it. Public reaction has been sympathetic in the few instances thus far registered. Groups of Poles demonstrated on 24 October in front of the Hungarian em- bassy and then headed for the Soviet embassy but were youth and writers' groans. according to stopped by tear gas. Two groups sent telegrams of sup- port to Hungarian the Polish press. Hungarian students in CIjRuaiira, have gone on strike as a reaction to Hungarian events, de- manding cultural autonomy and better Hungarian minority representation in Rumania's affairs. Yugoslav reaction has been one of satisfaction with the changes in the Hungarian regime. The Yugoslays have decried only the fact that liberaliza- tion measures were not taken early enough to avoid armed conflict. They say Hungary can solve its present problems only through continued recognition of the workers� demands and further democratization. They describe the armed re- volt as the work of irresponsible individuals which has been seized upon by anti-socialists. 27 Oct 56 Current Intelligence Bulletin Page 14 TOP SECRET Approved for Release: 2019/10/23 C03161871 Approved for Release: 2019/10/23 C03161871 *410 9. POLISH SOURCES COMMENT ON GOMULKA � Comment The removal of seven members of the politburo on 21 October probably elimi- nated most if not all of the persons Gomulka regarded as Soviet agents. In addition, the first secretaries in the provinces of Szczecin, Bydgoszcz and Cracow have re- signed since Gomulka,'s ascendancy, and the Polish Trade Union Federation announced that its presidium would resign "in the near future:' These actions all suggest that Gomulka is moving rapidly to strengthen his position. Gomulka probably made many enemies among party functionaries during his dictatorial reign as secretary general before his purge in 1948. These persons, as well as others who were associated with Stalinist ele- ments in the party, will now probably be replaced by peo- ple considered more trustworthy by Gomulka. 27 Oct 56 Current Intelligence Bulletin Page 15 -SECRET--- Approved for Release: 2019/10/23 C03161871 .0.11's 11-� erg Approved for Release: 2019/10/23 C03161871 Nose Nftael 10. REPORTED DISSATISFACTION IN BURMESE ARMY The Burmese army's capability tq re- store and maintain law and order, which has been steadily improving in the past few years, may be seriously affected by increased political interference in the assignment of its personnel. The American army attach� in Rangoon has received a number of reports of dissension among army officers, who resent War Office insistence that they join the Anti-Fascist People's Freedom League, the government coalition party. Officers who refuse to join, as well as those who are not "pure" Burmans, are allegedly being relegated to less important posts and in some cases separated from the army. The Burmese Socialist Party, the domi- nant element in the government coalition, has for some time been cautiously attempting to gain more effective political control over the army and to place more Burmans in key positions. An acceleration of this process could seriously weaken the army's leadership, especially since many of its ablest officers are either Anglo-Burman or belong to ethnic minority groups. General Ne Win, the commander in chief, who has generally sought to keep politics out of the military, appears to be taking little interest in army affairs since his return from abroad last month. Several reports suggest he is "on his way out," 27 Oct 56 Current Intelligence Bulletin Page 16 �SEteRgT Approved for Release: 2019/10/23 C03161871 Approved for R-elTa's-e7. 2-017/10/23 C03161871 *air' 'Nov, THE ARAB-ISRAELI SITUATION (Information as of 1700, 26 October) The American embassy in Amman points out that Jordanian chief of staff Nuwar signed the military agree- ment with Egypt and Syria on 24 October without permission of the cabinet and that it has not been ratified by parliament. The under secretary of the Jordanian Foreign Ministry commented that Nuwar seems to consider himself a government apart. It is possible, however, that Nuwar's failure to obtain approval may be deliberate, to enable the government to claim that the agree- ment is invalid should it desire to do so at some future date. The American military attach�n Amman reports that Syria's gift of heavy weapons to Jordan includes 60 Bren gun carriers and eight prewar model French 105-mm. howitzers. The attach�n Damascus has also observed anti- tank artillery there being readied for Jordan's use. Egypt presented the Jordanian air force with, five Vampire jet fight- ers on 25 October. the presence in mid-October of an unusually large number ot tanks in areas west of Alexandria. Thirty-four Sherman and T-34 tanks were observed there, together with four self- propelled guns, and a number of additional T-34's arrived from Cairo on 17 October. observed 70 armored personnel carriers moving OWafcUthe city from the armored concentration area near Giza and has also seen 60 tanks in the canal zone. These are the first tanks reported in the zone. 27 Oct 56 Current Intelligence Bulletin Page 17 Approved for for Release: 2019/10/23 C03161871