DAILY SUMMARY - 1946/02/22

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August 3, 2018
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A.i.....�����!!.^ A APPROVED FOR RELEASE - Historical Programs Staff DATE: 15-Mar-2018 I GENERAL Approved for Release: 2018/03/26 C03164643 / 1. Danish atom expert declines to visit USSR--The assistant US Military Attache in Stockholm reports that Profethsor Bohr, the Danish scientist and expert on atomic fission, recently was invited-through scientific channels to visit the Soviet Union, but has declined. British ask information on IVIanchuria�Ambassador Winant reports that the Foreign Office has asked for US information ral S oviet intentions in Manchuria, since the Foreign Office wishes to decide on a policy for that area, particularly as to whether it may be necessary "to show our teeth." 3. USSR misrepresenting its attitude towards Italian peace treaty:- Dunn notes that Vyshinski recently stated to an Italian represen- tative that the USSR was trying to be helpful to Italy in connection with the peace treaty between that country and the Allies, and that similar intimations had been published in the Italian leftist press. Dunn believes that this appearance of friendlinesth to Italy is being presented for the purpose of influencing the coming Italian elections. He observes no indication whatever of such a Soviet attitude at the treaty discussions among the deputies of the Council of Foreign Minister's. Dunn cites (a) Soviet denaands for a single trusteeship of TripoMania and for reparations, (b) the difficulties the Soviets create in connection with proposed investigations in Istria by the Allied Boundary Commission, and (c) the statement by Soviet Deputy Gusev that Italy must be regarded as a defeated enemy. EUROPE-AFRICA 4. BULGARIA: Non-fulfillment of armistice terms�The US Dele- gation, ACC, Bulgaria, reports that the Soviets are reluctant to enforce the armistice agreement With regard to the restitution of property and reparations in the form of food deliveries. The USSR continuously places the burden of proof in these matters on the US and UK ACC delegations rather than on the Bulgarian Government. Furthermore, the USSR exerts no pressure on the Bulgarians in the matter of food reparations, particularly to Greece, and at the same time pursues a. course which prevents jDocument No. 0 I NO CHANGE in Class. 0 'DECLASSIFIED Class. CHANCED TO: IS DDA Ilmo, 4 lpr 77 th: DDA REG. 717-1763 Date: 0 MAR PawThz: oil �7 I I Approved for Release: 2018/03/26 C03164643 Approved for Release: 2018/03/26 C03164643 APPROVED FOR RELEASE - Historical Programs Staff DATE: 15-Mar-2018 the UK or. US n!presentatives from so doing. The British Foreign Office Las notified Ambassador Winant that the UK is considering t.:.king up vigorously with the USSR the ques- tion of Bulgarian reparations to Greece, on the grounds that direct responsib:lity for Bulgarian fulfillment of its obliga- tions lies with the Soviet Government, � FRANCE: Leon BAum will leave by air for the US on 26 Feb- ruary, according to the French Foreign Office: The remainder of the delegation wt11 leave on 1 March and will be ready to begin discussions ca a proposed US loan on March 4 or 5. (3� GERMANY: gpetati . of breweries postponed--0MGUS has postponed the opening of German breweries in the US zone for fear of unfavorable American reaction in view of the recent Presidential order drastically restricting the produc- tion of grain alcohol in the US� OMGUS, however, believes that the 'advantages of allowing the breweries to open more ' than compensate for the release of 39,000 tons of barley (the equivalent of 10 days bread ration) needed for one year's � production of beer.. CZECHOSLOVAKIA: Czech Air Force purchases--The MA at Prague reports that, altl.ough the Czechs recently received 50 tactical planes from the 3oviets, the trend, in equipment and organization of the Czech Air Force is non-Soviet. The Czechs are now negotiating the purchase of Mosquito bombers from the British. 8, SWEDEN: Swedestrtelt-gt British air pact-,-The. Swedish Govern- ment rejected a British air agreement which would divide traffic to Great Britain on a 50..50 basis. Minister Johnson summarizes the situation by quoting the following remark made by a UK dele- gate to a Swedish official: "We realize you cannot accept our terms but our lack of 'commercial planes, etc� makes it impos- sible for us to offer better ones; we must bluff our way through the next year or two until we are in a position to compete with you and the Americans.'' Approved for Release: 2018/03/26 C03164643 Approved for Release: 2018/03/26 C03164643 APPROVED FOR RELEASE - Historical Programs Staff DATE: 15-Mar-2018 Nov Nue 9. ITALY: yamalay activitiesin Verkezia Giulia�IE;mbassy Rome summarizes military reports of the situation in Venezia Giulia as follows: (a) Propaganda in the local Communist press and Radio Belgrade against reactionaries and Polish troops in Italy 'has been maintained at a high pitch. The alleged threat to peace may be used as an ex- cuse for the considerable reinforcement of the Yugoslav zone in Venezia Giulia. (b) Recently arrived Yugoslav troops are telling the inhabitants that they have come to seize Trieste. This may be merely propaganda to intimi- date the population, but it is widely believed in both zones� (c) The Yugoslays now have some ten divisions in Venezia Giulia, concentrated toward Trieste, and could intervene militarily west of the Morgan line with little or no warning, 10. RUMANIA: Reported 1411itaasay movements�General Schuyler transmits the report of a reliable observer that on 12 Feb- ruary at 8:25 P.M. "several hundred" planes flew in from the north, passed over Constanza an d headed south down the Black �Sea coast towards Bulgaria. Aircraft navigation lights were on, but markings were not observable� Types were not speci- Another reliable source reports that during the week of 4 February orders were issUed for the evacuation of all Ruma- nian munitions now stored in 14 forts in the Bucharest area so that Soviet munitions could be stored in these forts. iTAR EAST 1,1. INDOCHINA; French intentions ii.egarding Topkin�Bidault has informed Caffery that the French Government has decided to back to the limit the conciliatory policy proposed by D2Argenlieu with respect to Indochina, which would meet the Anna,mese "more than half way."' The Navy, however, has very reliable information that the French are likely to begin occupa- tion of northern Indochina by force on 25 February, local time The French plans are reported to include airborne and amphibi- ous landings, as well as an overland advance and naval demon- strations. Annamese armed resistance is expected. (See Approved for Release: 2018/03/26 C03164643 Approved for Release: 2018/03/26 C03164643 APPROVED FOR RELEASE - Historical Programs Staff DATE: 15-Mar-2018 Summary No. 6, item 13j 12. Dutcracapz--Consul General Batavia reports that General Dempsey has agreed that some time after Sjahrir's return to Batavia, a Dutch unit now waiting in Malaya will relieve a British brigade. Van Mook and British General Stopford are discussing whether General Dempsey has the authority to order important troop move- ments in N.E.I. without reference to JCS. Sjahrir is due back on 23 February from Djocja where he went to present the Dutch proposals for Indonesian decision. 13. INDIA: Continuing disorclug�The US Mission reports the confinement of striking naval personnel in Bombay by troops of the Indian Army and believes that the Royal Indian Navy will be unable to continue functioning as an effective organi- zation. According to CG IBT, mob demonstrations have occurred throughout India; and the naval mutiny has spread to Karachi, with a call for a similar strike at Calcutta. The US Military Observer, at New Delhi ascribes the rioting to self-seekers and "hoodlums" without political aims. - friQ.P.SZr,Ag-T Approved for Release: 2018/03/26 C03164643
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