DAILY SUMMARY - 1946/02/16

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August 3, 2018
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Approved for Release: 2018/03/26 C03164644 APPROVED FOR RELEASE - Historical Programs Staff DATE: 15-Mar-2018 /6 Zei/9ve I. AUSTRIA; Treatment ,o).` German assets Embassy London reports that the BritliiEnieigtt 'nice has-submitted lo the US and French Missions memoranda proposing a f.ormula for the treatment of German assets in Austria, with a view to later submission to the USSR. The memoranda propose that (a) measures already 'taken against German assetS in Austria constitute full satisfaction of reparation claims against such assets, ('o) further removals of such assets as reparations be dicontinued, and (c) the Austrian Government be required to examine the title of ownership of all German assets remaining in Austria and to take such action as might be required. 2.; ITALY: Military rnaint,taance scheduled to_be_withdrawn_from _Ambassador HAirc reports i1 on 14 Februry-Oener-at Mo-FgTin COmmander in Italy) announced his decision to-transfer7military ma.intaiAce froth Trieste to Venice � as of 1 April. 1`:silon.]:an has thereby reversed : his position of 22 November; he justifies wi:thdrawiti now on the �grounds of (a) British demobilization and (b) the unlikelihood of , � � serious repercussions, . His decidion was made over the protest of - US and British political representatives, who are of the opinion that the present delicate situation in Venezia Giulia will become more critical in the next few months and should not be farther disturbed by an suggestion of Allied military withdrawal from Trieste. Kirk � recommends that the Combined Chiefs of Staff reverse Morgan's decision, and advises that the British representative is making a similar re- commendation to the Foreign Office. - 3 SPAili: UK will not withdraw Amba�sador-Embassy London has been informed that, despite demands in :�-)a,riirrient and the press that the British Am-h bassador be withdrawn from Madrid as a-sign of displeasure, the Foreign Office considers it imp-ortant that he remain there until the results of Don Juan's visit to Lisbon are known. Document No. 110 CHANGE in Class. � .1).ECILA55IFIED Class. CraiCLD TO: TS itaUG, 4 Apr 77 ituth: DDA 77.A3 7-55 ate: 1 -OW 137/: 0 4-1979 � Approved for Release: 2018/03/26 C03164644 � Approved for Release: 2018/03/26 C03164644 APPROVED FOR RELEASE - Historical Programs Staff DATE: 15-Mar-2018 EGYPT: Cabinet change--Despite Cabinet changes and the intensity of recent student demonstrations, Legation Cairo reperts that local anti- British sentiment is not as widespread or bitter as in 1919 or the - middle 1930's and that any Cabinet change will be the result of in- ternal intrigues and unbalanced representaticn rather than mass anti-government seiatimert. FAR EAST JAPAN: tiests of Japanese shipping-- Embassy Moscow reports that the Soviet Foreign Office has requested immediate transfer of one fourth of the lapanese naval fleet to the USSR and early division of the Japanese merchant fleet among the USSR, Ule, US and China. The Sovieta argcs that the.use of these ships for repatriation of Japanese and other purposes connected with the Japanese surrender should be discussed after the division has oeen effected. In connecting on the Sovf.et note, Embassy Moscow points out that the Soyiets are now operating 11$ Lend-Lease vessels for their own t4Sepurposes, and have not replied to inquiries regarding Japanese Shipping ca.ptured by them. In view of the fact that SOAP rias the greatest need for shipping in implementation of the surrender, the Embassy suggests that the USSR be asked to what extent it would be willing to divert Soviet shipping for such purposes, in the event of a division of the Japanese fleet. le.OREA: Publicity on ,-;eou.1 Confereice--Gen. Hedge advises against releasing a full statement of Conference actions to the US or the horeans. He would prefer such publicity "as a means of pressure in the future," after the Soviet commander has finally approved the agreement. THE AMERICAS Reaction to Blue Book on Areentina�US Embassies in Latin America report that press reaction to the Blue Book is genErally favorable in Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Ecuador, iparaguay, :Peru arid Uragay. In Cuba, however, there was considerable unfavorable press comment, thoug the most important paper strongly endorsed the Book. Embassy Peru reports that the Peruvian Foeeign Minister has asi,.ea' whether the US would give Peru economic aid, if relations with !Argentina were severed and Argentine exports rere shut off. Approved for Release: 2018/03/26 003164644
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