DAILY SUMMARY - 1946/02/15

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August 3, 2018
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Approved for Release: 2018/03/26 C03164645 APPROVED FOR RELEASE - Historical Programs Staff15 March 2018 Approved for Release: 2018/03/26 C03164645 Approved for Release: 2018/03/26 C03164645 APPROVED FOR RELEASE - Historical Programs Staff15 March 2018 secret Yalta and Tehran Agreements for Sale in Paris�The .?aris Embassy aports that alleged secret agreements between the US and the USSR at ':alta and Tehran have been offered for sale insParis by agents of "some Russians" in Switzerland, and that a French and a Swiss ne7spaper are con- sidering their publication. Ambassador Caffery has secured some of these e agreements there are said to be eleven.of them), about which he reports the following a. In one Tehran � "agreement" the US promised to supply the USSR with a $10 billion credit in return for a Soviet commitment to support our pro- posals for fae:litating world trade, fair distribution of raw materials, and the regulation of international currency. b. in one Yalta "agreement", allegedly signed by Hopkins and Molotov, the US recognized a Soviet claim of free aceess to the Mediterranean in return for a Soviet agreement (1) to recognize the absolute independence of Austria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, R umania, Bulgaria and Yugoslav :ta. and (%) to renounce any agreements with those countries giving the. Soviets a pre- ferred position. Another Yalta "agreement" covered the Soviet use of German prisoners and Soviet acquisition of German industrial machinery for recoil, struction in the USSR. In addition, the Embassy reports that these agents are also said to be offering (a) secret Soviet agreements with Syria and Lebanon and (b) treaty between Iraq and Transjordan. IT -1- 0 04 Document No. 140 CHLE 111 Ca=ms. Class. G,01C:�) TO: TS DA lf,2,10, 4 Apr 77 Auth: DIA 7/ 1978 Approved for Release: 2018/03/26 C03164645 941341 TS ct / fteeerow- Approved for Release: 2018/03/26 C03164645 APPROVED FOR RELEASE - Historical Programs Staff1_5 March 2018 (.1 EUROPE-AFRICA GERMANY: Discontinuance of relief for displaced persons in US Zone�The War Department has authorized Gen. McNarney to announce by 1 March the discontinuance of relief by 1 July for all displaced persons in the US Zone in Germany. An exception will be made, however, for those persons who are unwilling to be repatriated because of possible persecution on the grounds of race, religion, etc. Those desiring repatriation will be moved out by I July. 3. TURKEY: USSR willing to wait for solution of Turkish "problem"--In con- versation with the Turkish Acting Foreign Minister, as reported by Embassy Ankara, Soviet Ambassador Vinogradov has stated that "we waited a long time regarding the arrangement we wanted with Poland and finally got it; we can wait regarding Turkey." He said that for a reestablishment of friendly relations between the two countries, a solution of the USSR's claims regard- ing the eastern provinxes of Turkey was important, but the question of the Straits was "vital". Asked what the Sevieuirements regarding the Straits were, Vinogradov replied thae USSR (a-.)must have an adequate guarantee ) that the security of the Sc iiet Union will not be endangered, (b) that a sovereign and friendly Turkey at the Straits would not be adequate for the defense of the Straits, and (c) that Soviet use of bases in the Straits when the need arose would be essential. tkipe 1. YUGOSLAVIA: .Anti-AMG propaganda in Venezia Giulia-- Military authorities in Venezia Giulia report that Communist press attaats on the .Allied Military Government are mounting, probably in an effort to obtain UNO examination of Allied actions in Venezia Giulia. The authorities also report reinforce- ments of Yugoslav troops in the Yugoslav zone of the province, apparently in order to apply pressure on the local population during the visit of the Council of Foreign Ministers' Commission. FAR EAST 5. CHINA: US moves Chinese armies--CG, Chinese rilheatre reports that five Chinese armies and 18,000 service troops are being moved north by him for occupation of Manchuria. In addition to moving this force, he is supplying them with 250,000 sets of US winter clothing. . FRENCH INDOCHINA: Proposed Sino-French agreement�The Chinese Foreign Office has informed Embassy Chungking that negotiations with France concerning Indochina are in the final stage. Principal provisions of the proposed agreement include: (a) withdrawal of Chinese troops, (b) up- holding of prewar Chinese rights, (c) freedom of transportation on the Yunnan- Indochina Railway, and elimination of duties through. Haiphong. rt:112-ggenET Approved for Release: 2018/03/26 C03164645
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