DAILY SUMMARY - 1946/03/06

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August 3, 2018
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Approved for Release: 2018/03/26 C03164659 / APPROVED FOR RELEASE - Historical Programs Staff 15 March 2018 GENERAL 1. calm i_sj.91�Egt.erlgaZiagigta--Dutin reports that Soviet Deputy Gusev has finally agreed to invite the Italian Govern- xnent to submit to the Council further memoranda regarding the peace settlement with Italy. The Deputies have also ten- tatively agreed that representatives of Italy(a.nd other inter- ested states) should eventually be given an opportunity to discuss with the Deputies the main provisions. of the treaty, when further progress has been made in drafting those provisions. Dunn believes that Gusev's reversal of his previous position was undoubtedly influenced by the state- ment that the US would feel obligated to act independently in inviting the Italian Government to submit its views. Reaction to.Bylm�lap_egab--Preliminary State Department reports on foreign reaction to Secretary Byrnes' 28 February foreign policy speech include the following: (a) the speech was ignored by the Moscow press; (b) the Rumanian censor reportedly prohibited the publication of any part of the speech; (c) the full text of the Secretary's speech was communicated to the Yugoslav press on I March, but there was no mention of it in any of the papers the following day; (d) in Bulgaria the speech was printed in considerable detail but with slight shifts of meaning in translation that distorted the significance of the Secretary's comments; (e) Government reaction in Vienna was exceptionally enthusiastic. Br.itisk FoollAfijatateLgarskte_ to W.-Embassy London advises that British Food Minister Ben Smith is leaving for Washington. It is understood that, in addition to British requirements, he will support food requests presented by Indian representatives now in the US. Document No. 0 a") NO CHANGE in Class. DECLASSIFID /Glass. CU-Z:0 Tr): TS DDA M=o, 4 Apr 77 kith: 77/M7 Date: By: 0 0 0'ri, '114R Z.94? Approved for Release: 2018/03/26 C03164659 [APPROVED FOR RELEApproved for Release: 2018/03/26 C03164659 EUROPE-AFRICA � AUSTRIA: Fciosl Mortaggajp, Vienna.--General Clark reports that for the current week only the US met its full food commitments for Vienna. As a result, the ration scale again fell below the theoretical level of 1,550 calo- ries. The situation promises to deteriorate further, since both the Soviets and the French remove food from their- zones and the ration scale in the UK zone after 1 April is uncertain. Clark proposes to meet future defaults in quadripartite food deliveries by reducing rations in the US zone when necessary and diverting the saving to Vienna. HUNGARY: Rojtt_tal tpasion PiSO_S --Schoenfeld reports increasing political tension and growing apprehension by Government officials that a crisis is imminent. Commu- nists are increasing their press attacks on the rightists. According to a "trustworthy" source, a high political police official has proof that the Communist Central Com- mittee has issued orders to commence demonstrations and strikes. Schoenfeld believes, however, that the Soviets, for fear of resulting adverse world publicity, will hesitate to overthrow the existing coalition Government unless their current objectives of economic penetration cannot otherwise be achieved. HUNGARY: liamertga Arauicw ra 1_,Q1ette,x2L'w--Schoenfeld reports that there may be a real basis for widespread reports that Americans in Budapest are indulging in black market, racketeering and other illegal transactions. He points out the danger to American prestige if anti-American groups were to seize upon these activities for propaganda purposes. 7. USSR: U2g2iLeg,s .1p24��,Qf ecor_goklgrmamtl--The State Department has requested Embassy Moscow to make another effort to obtain from the Soviet Government the texts of all USSR trade agreements with Rumania. Hungary and Bulgaria. Approved for Release: 2018/03/26 C03164659 APPROVED FOR RELEASE - Historical IApproved for Release:. 2918/03/26 C03164659 Et IRAN: (jaapospones Moscow d art,--Embassy Moscow reports that Prime Minister Qavam, apparently after a conversation with Stalin, postponed his departure from Moscow until 7 March. The Shah is depressed by the non-withdrawal of Soviet troops and fears future USSR action. He believes that the Soviets will disregard Security Council disapproval and will withdraw from the UNO if the opposition is too vigorous. He considers that Britain no longer possesses sufficient power to defend his country, whose only hope, therefore, is the US. US rigat.Q.Moscow--The State Department's note to the USSR of 5 March regarding the retention of Soviet troops in Iran includes the following points: (a) this Soviet action was taken without the consent and over the protest of the Iranian Government; (b) in answer to the US proposal that troops be withdrawn by 31 December. 1945, the USSR replied that the Tripartite Treaty of 1942 provided for with- drawal six months after the cessation of hostilities; (c) this commitment was not questioned at the recent meetings of the Security Council; (d) the US cannot remain indifferent to the failure of the USSR to withdraw its troops; (e) there was general agreement in the Security Council that the retention of troops by one of the United Nations on the territory of another, against the latter's will, was contrary to the principles of the United Nations; (f) the US earnestly hopes that the USSR will immediately withdraw all its forces from Iran, EO 13526 1.4(c)
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