DAILY SUMMARY - 1946/02/21

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August 3, 2018
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//APPROVED FOR RELEASE - Historicar-13113,givsvc2Dric? letsL20418/93/6 CO3164666 -444 p !it I, GEN " L cagailetateimMinitt.tat2411--Dunn reports that the Deputies at the Council of Foreign Ministers are en- countering difficulties in the consideration of important problems and that unless there is some improvement the Council will not finish its work by 1 May. As an example he cites the disagreement among the Deputies, on the proposed visit of the Allied Boundary Commission to Venezia Giulia. In this instance, while the French agree In general with British and US views, they take the position that in selecting an ethnic boundary line between Italy and Yugoslavia, the Commission must take care that such a line is not geographically and economically absurd. The Soviets' however, insist that the only, area in dispute is that between the Italian ethnic line (as proposed by Italy) and the line delimiting the greatest extent of Yugoslav Restitution of Danubian s- ..Erhardt reports from Vienna that Czech and Yugoslav vessels held by US forces In Austria have not been returned because of the Soviet opposition to free navigation on the Danube and because movement below Tulin is physically. impossible. While the Czechs do not seem anxious for return of their vessels at this time, the Yugoslays have preesed for the return of their ships (which Erhardt believes would come under Soviet central). USFET has suggested that Yugoslav and Czech vessels in Austria be returned along with those in Germany, but US Forces Austria does not concur. Erhart recommends that the subject should be treated uniformly in Germany and Austria, taking into consideration the political aspects of Soviet polioy regarding the Danube. Mattasskit___s exceed six million-..The War Department reports that 6�095,03e. Army personnel were discharged bet- ween 12 May 145 and 15 lzebruary 1946. o o 9 Document No. NO CHATIGE in Ciass. 0 7CLASSIII.ED 7.0Pla 1)ss. CAD TO: TS DDA liemo 4 Apr 77 ?h: Date: 1 0J1 1O73y:M Approved for Release: 2018/03/26 C03164666 Approved for Release: 2018/03/26 C03164666 APPROVED FOR RELEASE - Historical Programs Staff 15 March 2018 EUROPE-AFRI 0 CZECHOSLOVAKIA: Czechs protest U.� re ol_in f cu- ments--The Foreign Minister on 18 February formally protested to Embassy Prague the removal on 12 February of certain documents from Czech territory by an American detachment. A prompt investigation and return of the re- moved ...aaterial were requested. Murphy reports that the expedition was organized by G-2 USFET, which obtained permission for the party to enter Czechoslovakia, OUt did not ask Czech authority to remove documents for fear of jeopardizing the project. Steinhardt has learned that the French had disclosed the location of the cache to both USFET and the Czech Govern- ment. Although the precise nature of the documents was not known in advance, Murphy reports Z.hat the/ appear to include the archives of the Protectorate; Gestapo, Si) and SS records concerning Bohemia and Moravia; the official papers of President Banes, l$)1-W39; and his personal fileS, 1928-1938. Murphy and IvrieNarney pro3x;se that he atailta be. ''.icussecil on a military basis, with the head of tOe Czech ,niitary mission i Berlin IvielVarney �oalievez that no rwwired onk.,�.e L. ngoVernikiell UK; cirm:mstancezs and rachive.-1. and aLri-we-.. ho 4.);*. n iSFETof-et*, re;kaoe ecitlearecri_e, "-- , . k 4. fi,,41:1;,,.44,i4 U--,= r r= cr b:u: r.r, Tci:;"� � : 1141,-.1 4,-24-42zi - g.:71,1 ,c 1.5 7' Approved for Release: 2018/03/26 C03164666 APPROVED FOR RELEASE - Historical Programs Staff 15 March 201811ftio. Approved for Release: 2018/03/26 C03164666 ^ '1 o -1 he Soviets recently presented to The IWO the protest o-1: the Yugoslav Government against the presenca of Polish troops in Italy, PC.)LAND: Mikolalczvles Vilyza--Ernbassy Warsaw has been told by lviikolaiczyk that certain Polish Government officials have attempted to bring pressure on him to deny that the security police have participated in political rnurdelis, but at he refused to do so, About two weeks ago, klikolnjczyk the soviets and certain Polish Government officials raanned P. FiRrios �I incidents in order to create Pt SPriCTIS situation which would iustify Soviet ecliorttrsun- ii,ress trouble., iviikolajczyk Iiec.lares that these plans were :-hwarted by US and UK investiqations in the areas coneierreo.,,, 7e- says that his party continues to _consider i_mecoerttable a, CirZle list of. ca.rididates. De feels ;hat. 'if the US qnvetrnment opposes single lists as cortzrary o the Yalta acrrpornort.it uld be desirable to 1?:ive that view publicitr iftiNGARY: USSR. seeks _economic controi--A Office official cons1ck-10,s ;tat ie Pc"nrOrni�"' lohlli+ntICIYI CY! Hungarian economy is a part of a finvie; nlan, f.) brirg Vaillgary within the Soviet fold. The ricditist swfriT in recent elef!tions, he feels has dictated the �resent, Soviet nclicy- FRANCE: DevelopmenIs concemina,1rrw.rlds� :-N.(:cording to Winant, ?rench Foreign Niinister B1dnl.,t before leaving London, agair asked. Bevin fri,- romrt dei- ;ii on the French Ruhr proposals__Bevin reolied thlt. hP. X17,t:'7:d a Cabiret, YiiontA!iii 111%:, 171-11,h ive reo ef?!eot Leel plan!: rernov--,F, th#1 spier es enne174,3 to Prr,s1-4? ".gt c7-irrling to e7ristinfY: bound4ries rtanwrimf=rt with Gene-a1 Clay that the kirevey elhoulri Irv-11_14e the glisr il.ermany. Approved for Release: 2018/03/26 C03164666 APPROVED FOR RELEASE - Historical ProlApproved for Release: 2018/03/26 C03164666wwwwwwwasismeows"."1" 114./ Blum has told Ambassador Caffe .1, he will urge Gouin and Bidault to accept Byrnes/ request for French approval of a central German. adminisiration. Blum believes, however, that the US exaggerates the importance of this issue, NETHERLANDS: Loan missim to 1,18--EmbasEly The Hague reports that four Netherlands officials plan to arrive in Washington by 25 February to riegottaie for a ::,500,000,000 loan. *Hornbeck has been told by the Finance Ministfz.r that the unfreezing of Netherlands assets in the US on 12 February and the $50,000,000 P.vpnr;.-Irrinort Bank credit granted on 15 February will liot be sufficient to implement that country' g vital ear)- , omic roccnstrue,Lion program. 10. f_7"nuntulist move to ret4Lore The British Foreign Office has learned that Ana Pauker, . 7.tumanian Communist leader, was recently in Paris, ,ifhere she remarked that ex.-King Carol is a "much abused man" and that there is no reason why he should not return to Rumania. She is understood to have con- tacted an agent of Carol. FAR EAST U. CHINA: Chinese factions strengthen Manchurian fprces-- General Wecierneyer reported on 18 February that both. Central Government tnd Communist forces, now building up their strength ir Manchuria, appear to be avoiding large scale conflict until Soviet troops are literally and figura- tively out of the line of fire. KOREA: Soviet pressure increasinK--State Department repre'sentntive Benninghoff reports an intensified pro-Soviet End anti-American campaign by Soviet authorities in North Korea, The Sovfets are questioning Koreans regarding the distribution and conduct of US forces in South Korea, Soviet Approved for Release: 2018/03/26 C03164666 APPROVED FOR RELEASE - HistoribPPrpve.d .f.9r IRplae: 2.018/03/26 C03164666 j border control is reportedly tightening. Freedom of speech and all outside press and radio influences are - suppressed. 13; FRENCH INDOCHINA: Annamese defense of Tonkin expected�US Mission Hanoi expects the Annamese to resist desperately any move by the French into Tonkin; The Chinese began the withdrawal of one of their armies on 16 Februarg and the French are re- ported to have 6,000 troops on the frontier. Although this French force is believed destined for Laos, in north- western Indochina, the leader of the Viet Nam Party has expressed a fear that it may be used to seize Hanoi. He is considering submitting the issue of Annamese Inde- pendence to UN mediation. 14. N. El. Sumatra cool to 12:va political movement�The US Consul General believes that even if the negotiations 1.t. Batavia break down, there is still a strong possibility of a separate agreement between Sumatran leaders and Dutch authorities. 15. INDIA: Boral2! IBT reports definite iniica- tioas that the current rioting by Royal Indian Naval per- ;17onne1 is politically inspired, probably by the Communists, and states that as yet no attempts have been made to arrest the rioting seamen, who are said to be taking orders only, t-om their own Naval Strike Committee. Approved for Release: 2018/03/26 C03164666
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