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October 25, 2019
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October 31, 2019
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October 30, 1956
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;;;,Z, f�r-Ras,S:2..T.PL1-9/23 CCgV9Z,400:4W,O. 3.5(c) 30 October :1956 r5 / Copy No. 11;3 ///1/ / 0/ //j / / e7 CURRENT / f 1CIJK7 7 . � Ill 1:',i:OLP,Se-ViVZD CLAST S. GI-SANCED TO: IS I, :) c.tip..CUZ6. V 7 NI TELLIGENCE 44 e BULLETIN r� -i/' // NEXT REVIEW DATE.: AUTH: R 70-2 OFFICE OF CURRENT INTELLIGENCE .// el/ CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY '.// 47 / 0 / / / / 0 77/7/173) , 0:00A 0/ TOP SECRET 74//r/r/7/00/1/7407:0,040 I / Approved for Release: 2019/10/23 C03179159 Approved for Release: 2019/10/23 C03179159 71114 Approved for Release: 2019/10/23 C03179159 Approved for Release: 2019/10/23 C03179159 *ore :war CONTENTS 1. ISRAELI ATTACK ON EGYPT (page 3). 2. THE HUNGARIAN SITUATION ( (page 7). 3, POLAND CONTINUES TREND TOWARD MORE INDEPEND- ENT POSITION (page 9). 4. MAJOR DISAGREEMENT REPORTED IN CZECH REGIME (page 11). 5. YUGOSLAVS CONTINUE TO SUPPORT NATIONALIST MOVEMENTS IN POLAND AND HUNGARY (page 12). 6. INDIAN REACTION TO EVENTS IN HUNGARY AND POLAND (page 13). 7. GENERAL STRIKE IN ALGERIA CALLED FOR 1 NOVEMBER (page 14). 8. ASSASSINATION OF CUBAN INTELLIGENCE CHIEF (page 15). 9. DEMOBILIZATION OF SOVIET ARMY OFFICERS REPORTED HALTED I (page 16). 10. USSR DELIVERS JET AIRCRAFT TO AFGHANISTAN (page 17). 11. INDONESIAN FOREIGN ER COMMENTS ON PEIPING'S FOREIGN RELATIONS (page 18). 30 Oct 56 * * * * THE ARAB-ISRAELI SITUATION (page 19) Current Intelligence Bulletin Page 2 TOP SECRET Approved for Release: 2019/10/23 C03179159 11.E1.0 al���� 10, -..e. Approved for Release: 2019/10/23 C03179159 Nee ' '�Nswir 1. ISRAELI ATTACK ON EGYPT (Situation as of 0100 EST) As of 0100 EST, 30 October, no Egyptian military reaction had been reported to counter the advance by Israeli mobile forces into the central desert portion of the Sinai peninsula. Cairo has indicated that it is "aware" of the Israeli action, but that no contact has been made with the invading force. The central portion of the Sinai desert has been very thinly occupied by Egyptian troops because of rough terrain and lack of water. The main object of the thrust into Sinai, according to an Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman, is to "eliminate Egyptian terrorist bases in the Sinai peninsula." The Israelis state that the action, "followed military attacks carried out by Egyptian forces on Israeli lines of communica- tions on land and by sea. . ." A high Israeli official is re- ported to have stated unofficially that the action is "too big for a reprisal and too small for a war:' He intimated, how- ever, that Israeli forces were not withdrawing as reprisal raiders had done. The present location and size of the Israeli force are unclear. The only official Israeli statement has claimed the force is dug in west of Nakhl, a road junction about half way across Sinai which has served as an Egyptian command post for the central area of the peninsula. Uncon- firmed press reports from Jerusalem, however, have quoted anonymous Israeli government sources as asserting their troops are only 18 miles from the Suez Canal. (See map, p. 5.) the Egyptian warships which Tel Aviv had claimed were heading for the Israeli coast were in fact on a search mission 30 Oct 56 Current Intelligence Bulletin Page 3 TOP SECRET Approved for Release: 2019/10/23 C03179159 1 _ Approved for Release: 2019/10/23 C03179159 I j Niue *Iwo' for an Egyptian transport aircraft which was lost on a flight from Damascus to Cairo. Further evidence of French material support for Israel has been reported by the American attaches in Tel Aviv. On the night of 28-29 October a French merchant vessel unloaded AMX light tanks, hall tracks, guns, and pos- sibly other materiel at Haifa. On 29 October, three French destroyers arrived in Haifa harbor. * * * * * * * * The IAC Watch Committee met at 1430 hours, 29 October, to consider information bearing on this situation. The summarizing paragraph of the committee's report is as follows: "The Watch Committee concluded that the scale and nature of the Israeli attack was sufficient to precipitate war with Egypt. Whether war results depends largely on the Egyptian reaction which is as yet unknown. French-Israeli collaboration probably � exists in connection with the Israeli move against Egypt with at least the tacit approval of the British. The British and French are prepared to and probably will intervene with force in the Middle East as opportunity occurs in� connection with the Israeli-Egyptian action.'' ( 30 Oct 56 Current Intelligence Bulletin Page 4 Approved for Release: 2019/10/23 C03179159 Ar-ti T.. 1�r er-ri � Approved for Release: 2019/10/23 C03179159 ;we Nupoie' tEl Infantry Cgl Airborne Infantry EI Armored Infantry CZ Cavalry Armored Cavalry 0 Armored 0 Field Artillery IN Antiaircraft Artillery N National Guard P Palestine Home Guard FC Frontier Corps SG Security and Guard xxxx Army xxx Corps xx Division X Brigade i II Regiment II Battalion I Company or Battery ff ign Alexandria FC SG Eglso JFC CAIRO FC HA SG SG SG ay) CD � ort Said CE1231 tJ Li 'Horns et -Tripoli �LEBANON BE RUT OA rgi CgJ Hada. ISRAELl icxx. �Nabluxs rAnt 0161 Ck ?.:aFIQ n65) AliiiMAN el Aviv yrusaledl, eA4 ) CYPRUS (U.K.) ISRAELI MOVES ON 29 OCT. 1956 SELECTED ROADS LIMITED EXCHANGE OF MORTAR AND MACHINE GUN FIRE HQ NAKI-IL SINAI PENINSULA Le116J. Sharm al Shaikh Al Qunaytirah SYRIA �F'11.1 [f]ENG SI G National Guard A 26 BNS WEST BANK 10 B NS EAST BANK JORDAN Lit British 'Mean SAUDI ARABIA Tabuk� Cg3 30 Oct 56 Current Intelligence Bulletin Page 5 60829 B SECRET Approved for Release: 2019/10/23 C03179159 .���� u.� -on* 1,��� Approved for Release: 2019/10/23 C03179159 Ham. DEPLOYMENT OF ISRAELI AIR UNITS A Occupied military airfield � Unoccupied by major air units, but serviceable DEPLOYMENT OF ARAB AIR UNITS A Occupied military airfield � Unoccupied by major air units, but serviceable .4ADele?uindrt .Porl Said CYPRUS ' (U.K.) Klmat 4 Piston light bombers jLEBA IN SEIRUT* Rbok Beirut-A 7 Jet fighters, _I 24 Jeli) fighters 17 Piston fig 71---...A= Haifa. 59 Piston fighters� ) 21 Jet fighters En, Snertier., Rishporki ISRAEL Tel Aviv*" l)71 Maintenance Base Tel Avivelk 21 PistoliRlight bomberE bombers KI/esSaltin ArnanA AMMAN 18 Piston light Q.tins"4AEL, Jerusalem) 15 RAF jet fighters 89 jet fighters 15 RJAF jet fighters Shads/ Baniyas DAMASCUS rSA Maim .AI QuaiYUGS SYRIA