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April 3, 2019
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April 12, 2019
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December 28, 1981
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Approved for Release: 2018/10/02 C03394273 ARTICLE APPFARED ON PAGE ABROA.D AT HOME i � e. Can in.ttiE: Win �.. . � '5 toggeoftwalgoisompowirrerwramisib�-� ByAnthonyLewis -� BOSTON, Dec. 27 �When President Reagan expreesed his outrage at what is hamming to man% be spoke foe washing= to the president.eient, also spoken tart in spite of threats and `. NEW YORK TIMES 28 DECEMBER 1981 Y1424.17i*."fl'i49/xVt-o-r 9V6 wants to help that GOvernment defend Or consider El Salvador. The firet : "peace and liberty." It ended an arms !major Reagan Administration initia- embargo by mopplying $3.2 mimeo tive foreign policy.leas to send rrfrili- worth of jeeps and truck). It sent a' tary.aid to the Salvador jurita, deciar- 1 background paper to. American diplo. ing the rebels to be a major Conana%. mats around the world saying that nlst threat. � The widely-reported ' Guatemala was thresticed, by brutalities of the Government forms, .trernistgroops.,. , � including mass murder', drew little'. Or consider...Argentina. During the criticism from Washington. When : last rreeyeers at leen is,tus of Rape�. three Catholic men and a lay worker � pie.� some estimates run to doublet I were murdered, Secretary of State. that � have "disappeared."... They.! Haig suggested�without evidime were kidnapped by the. military. tor. ,that the vlotime might have tried to tured, dropped from planes. Sawa rim a�roadblook and might have shot 'I have been the victims of- particular-. atthekillers. � � -� brutality; swastikas are in display in.: "Our Government and mom of our the jails and torture chambers : allies " President Rea said th gen �What' has. the Reagan Arloninisinf.', Other day. "have expmsed.moral re- tion done ntout Argentina? Last. '.von at the. police-state tactic' of March it gave a. warm welcome in Poland'e oppressors. The church has all 01 us. To see "the stirrings of lib-, erty" crushed by 'haute force, 03 In � put it, has touched the deepest Arnett - can feeltaget We wish we covald do more than light a candis in the wine :� dow. . . � But the President's cutragi was curiously selectbee. And it does not ; slight the Polish tragedy to recast:dna 1, that. . � - Mr. Reagan denounced the Polish- authorities for "killings, =33 arrests and the setting up of tannceatraticse camps." Another government in the world has killed not seven, the official figure of deaths under martial law in Poland, or the 200 mentioned in some reports, buttincsetands of its own citi- nets. That government is in Arnericate backyard, and the Reagan Adminis. trailers has not said a critical. wont aboutit. � � �� -- Guatemala le the place. In a report 'this year Amnesty International.sald that "a Goverrrment campaign of political murder" personally directed .by President Mateo Luca., Garcia had killed nearly 3,000 Guatemalans, in the* last three years. The Inter-American Human Rights Commission found the Government respnesible .for � . the "great rnatority"cd thottestesieng gal executions.. The. Guatemalan Government-is; there as the result of a C.I.A.-Organ. 'zed coop years ago. It uses American, not Soviet weapare. Its state tenor- �Ism, perhaps the bloodiest on earth today, might be expected to armee, moral indignation or at least- =num in Washirgton. - � ' What has the Reagan Administra- tion done about Guatemala?-lt sent a. special ambassador there, General. Vernon Waiter % who said General Roberto Viola. It worked with' in midation." That statement would apply exactly to the official brutalities in Guatensa-4 la, Argentina, Chile, El Salvador�ex- cept that the United States has not e.: pressed its moral nrrulsice. Many allied governments have been critical, and the church has been outspoken. The Reagan Adoehaistration has cad- dled np to the oppressors. � Perfect consistency about flunsen Argentine to. try to soften critical in- gully Into the disappearances by. a� ' United Nations Connaission. Reagan people have thrown Mud at one of the prominent :vicdms of Argentine fas- ciern, Jacobo Tin:Lerman. Secretary of State Haig said the United States shared values with Argentine, notably � "abelief in Gtxl." � � � ' Or coneider Chile. Itsiallitaty took' over in a coup .atiainst a left-wing core.' ghts is not possible than imperfett - stitutinnai Gwenirnent that-the ',world. Whatever the flaw, in the United States, working thraugh the 'American =Ord, we' ere right :tO C.I.A., had tried to keep out of power..., speak up about Poland: But our words i. mammary Government of president would carry more weight if we applied ". Augusto Phnothet sent agents to Wash-; our Vallaaa with equal determination In`. Meru tin:larder the former Foreign .9tia OWn hemisphere. � Minister, Orlando Letelier and then , refueled American demands for extra.! tilt's:not thosemponsible. What has the Reagan Admheistrn. - tan clone about Chile? Last February It. ifted a ban on U. S. financing of: trade with Chile, imposed by Presi- -�� dent Caster when the Pirocbet regime would not =perste In the 'Leteller murder prosecution, and invited Chile � to take part in joint r.irral exercises.:. And it did that while dencsmcing ternatIonalterrorism." � . � � - � � : � The Reagan Adrainietritloree AM- � basaadce to the United Nations, Seam; Kirkpatrick, visited Chile and Alsearti- ne. She said they could give good ad- . vice to Central American countries on how to deal with guerillas. Dld she have in mind the murder of unarmed civilians? Approved for Release: 2018/10/02 C03394273