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April 3, 2019
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April 12, 2019
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October 10, 1976
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21U:ZagL3TAPPE,4RE1. ON PAGE e- 7 Jack Anderson. 7 Throughout most of its 200 yearS; the. � ''United States has held aloft ther.torch of libertrand his.'Prennoted. dercioe0cy 1, among its; neighbors But thepainstak- lug; progress- has now been1a.rgel44m-'''.. � .by kUnited States-thatisuddenly ebegaiieto. see CeinnituaiStssuider.eVet.7-?. btishbeyonditisonthern.border%,;.,:e'-.,.-:e.'�]A The statistics of tell thestory.e, 1963, .cinlY foux siiall tatik-Aiiieriaan" �.:nations--,E1Salvade'fi:HoriditraS;.Nicir gni -and Paraguay--.were etary dictators.Then Bra& fell to a junta': ein. 1964. Panama and Peru...Went Militarya iii 1968.: The armed forces took livia In,. 169, Ecuador. lit 1972,Chit..ahd Uruguay' fit .1.973 'after.1.1j :brief,military flirtation (:has now.4aIlen.. under.' harstV_ rule......And,. behind .inost:Of.-the.)nihtary � triates in the .Pentagen or. ShadOWYfig. uresin the Central Intelligene:AgenCY.e; There is ShOcking exxn- ple,�itedat:theeUnited Stites.:41iletl?en :Oottrag ed. the gehetaLg, .of.rSouth:Atherica'sedernotraciesdee;, adeeapart,. in,J317T �, tWeen,; there Were M.:8;:whiSperbigs hi tci", . :the ears of other LithiA,Merican. gerier;;;:., ..4....liliailbeen'estab1islied Olaf-the CIA irk; .f Mine' dot: :-Iars. into .organizations .that. opposed: the'', fjOact.Goulart."1-16 was deposed,,. interest :ifigli.;enough, while 4: colonel named :YerritaWaltersWat.thel.I.S; military at;:: ...tache in Brazil -Nine years laler': thii-Same-Verlion?' ',...Walters turned up'as deputy director of' � :the . CIA. He was involved, in. funneling I. subsequent,. CIA tions that ;Were pppOseci i!.17.eident;t I SaIVidotAllende.niCtale;,;;4.-..4. Approved for Release: 2018/09/17 C03394336 10 OCTOBrAt 1976 Y5L�11'414J91 Uii d , ---!-::Arid what didthe. U.S. taxpayers get., . . ' for their money? Both Brazil and Chile , . are'no t,V 'hided by:. repressive' Militirr, ,dictatorships. They have brought a!mea.:�4., � sure of stability to their countries'-Butz' ,.only � rarely..has the . economic trickle:- reached the poorer masses. For :their :dubious blessings ; the people haVe. paid ., a high price: arrests in the "niglitarbi-, trary imprisonment arid torture for the crime of disagreeing. .. '." " .',. , - But:for the United States, the plice-,. has been higher. This country, once re': garded around the world as the bastion,.,, of freedom, is now. thought no. laetter,..r than its Communists rivals. The militaryi governments of Latin America have,bef: come so opPressive that thejmOderafeS;.' Including 'many who despise cOnunurt-;' Ism,' have turned' in desperation not to Washington but to Havana. - , , For in, nation after nation, they have: ,.,vitnesSed the. love affair between the - dictatorships- and the. Pentagon,. 'Overt .the ',past' 30 :years, the Pentagon. : has',' squandered $2 billion' worth. Of- 11.6.rd: : Ware and training.on-the military estab-- lishments of Latin Anaerica. - -, growing concern -of , Congress , hasnt yet stopped the flow. In the year;2 � ahead,. for' example, the American Mx-e, payers will deliver, $49.3 million in Mili-e, .-, tary aid . to the Argentinian: junta, million to the Brazilian generals,',$1 _ . , . . 'Million. te" the military dictators in Bo-: livia. and $1.4 mfflion to General AlfredO Stroessner's regime in Paraguay.. '.-,...,:.-..(,-..-1:., ;,--: Military brass from virtually everyna-��: tion in Latin America meanwhile have,' ..trained at such.U.S.' military sehoOls:as,.. the Command and General Staff College: at Fait' Leavenworth,' Kan., arid.tiie Na-� val War College at NeWPort; R.T.Indeed7 ., a � the' Pentagon las even established onci. , school that. is: specifically deigned ':to train.La.tini. Its Called the,School of the; AiriericIns and is located in the Pararna,: -Canal Zone. Over, 30,000 Latin. Ameridan- Military Men havetrained at the schOoll .overthe past three decades. Of 1,765 'stu- dents Who: attended the :school ini1975;.' .575 came from the cfateiti regimei,;A:.'-.. 1 The Defense 'Department also niain--:: tains military advisers in 17 Latin Amer.:. ican countries: ThdOhe top. military'. ...brass in Latin Arrierica and the lInited;: States have developecrclose personal re, 10 ships .;,:.,_ :' -.;...-e.,:�,:.�..,;,:, ! ': .7: '.......,.!, e ,�..';.. &lit) cliaz At the White House aiid State Depart-71 ment�there has been little sentiment for restoring democracy in Latin America. - It. doesn't seem to matter, whether'the .1 governments use terror: and torture.!, Our diplomats Prefer to keep a "low,:. profile" and confine their objeetiOns to - -"quiet .representations:.' Secretary of.? State Kissinger appears to be finite corn, fortable with repressive dictator-ships. Take Argentina, for example. Kidnap-..., pings, murder and tcirture have become dairy occurrences. The outrages are committed by militants of both political extremes. There have been "more peo- pie killed in one year in Argentina," one _State Department source told us, "than. in five years in Northern Ireland:" , - :The . situation has deteriorated since the military junta took over on March 2/1. The dictatorship, rather than join in the murder-and mayhem directly, per- , mits right-wing para-police _and para- \military.squads to roam the cities and. /countryside, dispensing street justice: - Some Rey congressmen, such as Rep.- Edward Koch tD-N.Y.), would like to cut- off militarY aid to Argentina as 6 ges- ture of U.S. concern. U.S. law states that this can be done if a country demon-' strates a "consistent pattern" of "gross violations" of human rights. But the State Department characteristically has objected. that a "consistent pattern" of abuse lutist still be proved. . :-RespoiriaS;:Kpeir . "Bold steps are needed;to itnpresi the Argentine gov- erninent that its graCe-period is over." At least dirmly;-those Wifo=7.15elieve the United States-sliould--promate democra- �:Cies; not dictatorship, are being heard. '176,IteFire8yndaLe.Inc..c&tc. Approved for Release: 2018/09/17 C03394336