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March 16, 2022
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June 23, 2016
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October 31, 1972
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Approved for Release: 2016/06/15 C05363897 � NO FOREIGN D.SSEi7o =SEM ABROA -- DATE: 08 -20 -2007. , � CLASSIFIED BY AUC 60324/BAW/STP/cld _ � DECLASSIFY ON: 25X 3.3(1) 08-20-2032 CriijI�VIA C1:.,li RIF R . ' � Er �� .SE ALL INFORMATION CONTAINED HEREIN IS UNCLASSIFIED EXCEPT WHERE SHOWN OTHERWISE � ET _ 3 i OCT 197Z SUBJECT: Current Activities of.a'Special Assistant in the Guyanese Ministry of Informatibn and Culturek$ ) q.1411-121-22aLUFJJLODV1) who is currently serving as a special-I-St-Ant in tr - Guyanese Ministry of Information and Cultur?,2)(IN (b)(3) ----......_ ___.......� A. YFIELD is working on a variety of assiz ments, including political tasks, often d rectly under Prime Minister Forbes URNHAM who appears to have a Iiigirrega � for MAYFIELD's professionall ..... . competence and judgement. MAYFIELD, who is considered intelligent with exceilelt -public relations expertise by local standards, was recently appointed to the newly organized propaganda committee of the ruling People's National Congre s :GS) ..1=7,Tivi' . , B. MAYFIELD, a c4Whicia.. black . power radical, has been allow Rif.6:23/ , Yl:Itip,--D maintain some: contact with'Et4i AYANA leader of the Africaij_5.ociety forr-ult ral i..' Relations with Imxtep-end'fff-AfiiCa (ASC IA)' ... 7 ' but understands the Prime Minister's political difficulties and the necessity for the government to disassociate itself 1 NOV 16 1972 from much of ASCRIA'ss doctrine; MAYFIELD ....�...... i..m anemaionis recently concurred in a paper advising "1 the Prime Minister to cultivate and .pacify the East 'Indian community.M . Ao_y/287.2_ *mu Malia) 4-Xi/I/AV NOV die NO FoREgf ;�,1. � ET Si;s1 ABROA CLASSMED EXF.i.IFT k SCH2DUI V. 0 ,� 5::".0). hill 0 Y . RIM CT.:N t (AI D'..;T11CAMN � 0 11":"..2 :-::1! 3 (1) f.," (.3 t,e,t.� .;a.,, e: :�:,:re) I.': I id I.1 ..."-i. 1 i;_f.: ON ossible to determin (unless unpossil:le tnser I doe or evenl) . � X. Approved for Release: 2016/06/15 C05363897 Approved for Release: 2016/06/15 C05363897 ' VO FOREIGN DISSEM NQ D257:91-41n.. STET 41.111111111.1111M1101111111, (b)(6) w o is out o avor with Minister. Nevertheless. the Prime the Prime Minister will arrange for MAYFIELD to be granted Guyanese citizenship in the near futurc7.164 2. The above information 'concerning being provided to your Bureau in reply to D.C. letter,. dated 23 May 1963, Subject: Mayfield - Security Matter' C, Ana Livia Security - C4.which reepested infortation MAYFIELD's activities while he IS abroad (b)(1) (b)(3) MAYFI LD is your Washington, Julia Hudson CordeTo Mayfield conceininv (b)(1) (b)(3) (b)(6) 3. The above information is being provide 4 to your -Bureau with the understanding that it will receive no 'further dissemination other than to your approptiate field offices, without the prior approval of this office; and that any reference to it in internal Bureau documents will state only that it was obtained from.a confidential source. Please 'transmit ropty via CAiS chan.a31 140.POREIGNDIS5ENt DISSENIAMADA1):. \� Cg, Approved for Release: 2016/06/15 C05363897