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July 16, 2020
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July 30, 2020
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June 22, 1971
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Approved for Release: 2020/02/11 C05646579 fr 2 2 JUN 1511 DD/S&T-1970-71 MEMORANDUM FOR: Director, Research and Development Director, Special Activities SUBJECT: Project AQUILINE 1. Attached hereto is a copy of Executive Director- Comptroller's memorandum regarding the meeting with the DCI on project AQUILINE. 2. I invite your attention particularly to paragraph three in ich the Executive Director-Comptroller has agreed to make of FY 1971 Funds available for the next 90 days and also to his limitation on the use of any FY 1972 funds for project AQUILINE. Attachment: As stated For: Carl E. Duckett Deputy Director for Science and Technology (Sign) F. V. Jann� 3.5(c) Approved for Release: 2020/02/11 C05646579 ,-Approved for Release: 2020/02/11 C05646579 Cr: I ) I " le Juno 1971 Nifs;MOIkANDUM YOB, Director of Planning, Prograrnniing, and Dudgeting Z)011.TECT Project AQUILINIC 1, On 16 Juno 1971 Carl Duckett and I met with the Y.'irector and General Cuuhnian to report on the atatua of Project AQUILINF: and to Feel-. guidance on the course of action wo sho,s1r1 now purnue. Carl reported on the last teat flight, during which the plane crashed, and alao pointed out the follcrwing: A. ii7V CA1 I CI be approximately enough money to continue the project on a bare-bones approach for approxi- mately ninety days. b. If we decide to go ahead with the project. the �;) in the Fiscal Year 1972 budget will probably not be enough. At tide point in time we do not bow much more would he needed. c. If we go ahead with tho project. Fiscal Year 1973 will be the peak budget year, and we hall need at leant rind probably for the project flu ring that fiscal year. d. In the light of SAI,T negotiatione� iling-Pong (liplo- nincy, and the like, we need to satiety cyureelven to the extent n ible that, annuming we produce a V; ();1-1,1�0,111 an t, Nve ahall bo permitted to nue it over (1,s1Thc'd nroltra. Z. In tho diticnn2ion vd r h followed, Pirector f;rped tbAt nnxt ninety dayra 1,vo nbonld, flue contrac tor. WThl". out th�I projort tboron:Thly, nrling the 11:1re-1)010nm appro.-1cl, r(TC0-11.:terid0d by Carl. During this time frame. w 11010111f1 Alpo make ,Ireoentation to the 40 Committno to find out whether we shall be Approved for Release: 2020/02/11 C05646579 Approved for Release: 2020/02/11 C05646579 - able to tier the vehicle Operatlorolly. Vie eliott1,1 vlo everything ner ea- wary to in) e a tlncinion and bite thn 1,01,4 onn r�ny or the (Win,- no Inter than 30 nrptomber. The III rector elec.) tint, 11 lir, t goes Ahead. if It in inccennfttl, and if we love'rein,n to 1,"11"ve 11,,t we .111,111 be permitted tO tile it, he will halm no he�nitinf7y In rerreelIog the neco�pary fonds in the Fiscal Year 1973 httdrot. 3. In nilhnocoont convernation with Carl Pncl,.rtt on le I Agreed to mak� thns of l'incnI Year 19/1 Ilirn"y avnilnhlot now with tlin nndnrntanding that (a) thin will take caret of the intrn-1),�,Ini approach approved by tho Director for the nnxt ninety dayn and (b) flint no Yiecal Yrar 1972 funds will be used for Project AQUILIVIE until the dociaion to proceed OY terminate is made sOmetline between now and the end ot September. 7071 71,,, IC, White. L. K. White Executive Director�Comptrollei �CCI DDCI DD/SagT Approved for Release: 2020/02/11 C05646579