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March 16, 2022
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June 13, 2016
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July 5, 1961
-coy ZA_p-plov-ejl (or ---- le-as-e:-2516/657260�25469-5, �aW, ar'AN'aff ff ... leoP-stacau C t f(b)(3) o(b)(3) 111---10P�SECREL � I 5 July 1961 CENTRAL IYTELLIGENCE BULLETIN Approved for Release: 2016/05/26 C06224695 Approved for Release: 2016/05/26 CO62246957 A ET tc *Congo: Secretary General Hammarskjold has been alarmed by reports at the French ambassadors in Leopoldville and Brazzaville are encouraging Mobutu and Leopoldville's Foreign Minister Bomboko to undertake a military coup against the Ileo government, possibly this week if President Kasavubu's coopera- tion can be secured. Hammarskjold also has reports of the ar- rival of a new group of "French mercenaries" in Katanga, and says the UN representative there has demanded they be expelled. The secretary general sees these alleged French activities as undermining hopes for a moderate Congo settlement and as play- ing into Soviet handsj In Brussels, US Ambassador MacArthur reports that For- eign Minister Spaak has objected to the proposed immediate withdrawal of Belgian military from Katanga Province on the ground that it would provoke Tshombe and create a "definitive rupture" between Elisabethville and Leopoldville. Spaa.k main- tains that the Belgian cadres are the backbone of order and stability in Katanga and that their sudden withdrawal would lead to chaos made worse by the possibility of conflict with UN forces deployed to replace them. Spook admitted that the powerful Belgian mining interests in Katanga Might be "playing a differ- ent game" there from that of the government, but insisted that he needed -firm evidence of this in order to proceed against them. CSpaOk.also opposed what he called the "British thesis" that thej 5 July 61 DAILY 'BRIEF iii A 'o(b)(3) , A 1--t3P-SEGRET 0)(3) fr A Approved for Release: 2016/05/26 C06224695 Approved for Release: 2016/05/26 CO6224695, TYPSECRF.T 0 ICCongo parliament should convene in the near future even if I it meant a government dominated by Gizen 5 July 61 DAILY BRIEF iv A Approved for Release: 2016/05/26 C06224695