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March 16, 2022
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June 13, 2016
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September 16, 1961
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ZAypwroyed for Release: 2016/05/26 C062247497 NOW � � (b)(3) (b)(3) TOP-SECRET_ 16 September 1961 Copy No. CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE BULLETIN', -1-701)--SECREL / nez z Approved for Release: 2016/05/26 C06224749 z /J&E:c2251 for Release: 2016/05/26 C062247497 Z thi-7013--SECRET CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE BULLETIN 16 September 1961 DAILY BRIEF *Congo: Attacks on UN forces in Katanga continued through 15 September. The US Consulate in Elisabethville reported yester- day evening, however, that UN officials there, while seriously con- cerned about the Irish company still under heavy attack at Jadotville, believed that the situations in Elisabethville and ICamina were "in hand" and that the Katangan fighting would "slacken." UN authori- ties planned to airlift two companies of Swedish troops from Leo- poldville to Kamina yesterday, and early additional UN reinforce- ments were also expected in Elisabethville. Hammarskjold, in conversation with US Ambassador Gullion in Leopoldville yesterday, was optimistic regarding the possibility of a cease-fire in Katanga, and said that Katangan Vice President Kibwe had promised to help arrange a meeting between Tshombe and UN representative O'Brien. Hammarskjold said there was no question of the UN giving up positions it now holds or of renouncing its mission; he added that if a cease-fire could not be negotiated, the UN military would take the "initiative," a step he said it had avoided doing thus far in order to minimize bloodshed and destruc- tion. In Elisabethville, O'Brien hoped to have a meeting with Tshombe yesterday evening; as of 0500 EDT this morning it was not known whether this meeting took place. Although both Tshombe and O'Brien are believed to be anxious for a cease-fire, neither has appeared willing to abandon his political objectives. The UN has recently attempted to build up the authority of Kibwe, who had announced on Elisabethville radio on 14 September that he had assumed control of the Katangan forces "because Tshombe is unable to carry out his functions." Cease-fire appeals by Kibwe and O'Brien went ignored, however, and Tshombe yesterday continued his efforts to whip up popular support over "Radio Free Katanga." 4tangan armed forces reportedly have been reinforced by tribal /warriors from the bush. According to the American Consulate in Elisabethville, UN officials there have largely blamed local Europeans, especially TOP�SECIZET Approved for Release: 2016/05/26 C06224749 Approved for Release: 2016/05/26 C06224749 X X %DI P�SECRET �N1�0 Belgians, for the failure of their plan to secure Katangalor Premier Adoula. The consulate described Tshombe's white allies as increasingly effective as snipers troop command- ers, and drivers of armored vehicles. gcal Europeans-- apparently led by the Belgian consul general�are regarded by the consulate as even more emotional than UN officials. The consulate has characterized the Belgians as threatening any- one not supporting them, and reports the consulate has been under heavy pressure to join other Western mistion'skin a denuntilation of UN "atrocitieq Hammarskjold has canceled a press conference which was to have been held shortly after his arrival in Leopoldville on 13 September0 li...si statements to foreign diplomats, in New York and Leopoi v lle, have cited various bases for the UN ac- tion in Katanga. The British ambassador in Leopoldville, in a 14 September meeting with Hammarskjold, advised him that if the UN was not able to justify its actions, Britain would re- consider its financial support of the UN operatioril The US Embassy in Leopoldville has received unconfirmed reports that a military revolt has broken out at Inongo, where a Congo Army battalion is stationed. The embassy adds that iso- lated tribal clashes occurred in Leopoldville on the night of 13- 14 September, and that politically conscious youth groups had become more active. Foreign reaction to the events in Katanga has been strong- estt in Western Europe, where criticism of t UN has been in- tense both in official and unofficial circles. In a conversation with Ambassador MacArthur, Belgian Foreign Minister Spaak-- in a "cold and bitter mood"--denounced Hammarskjold on 14 September as a "liar" who "could not be trusted." Spaak said that if the Congolese Government closes Brussels' Congo mis- sion, Belgium will terminate all economic and technical aid to the Congo and withdraw all its tee 'clans. 16 Sept 61 DAILY BRIEF ii (b)(3) N Approved for Release: 2016/05/26 C06224749