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January 27, 2020
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January 30, 2020
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October 28, 1958
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re/71 Z/ZZ/Z 4013�SECRET 3.5(c) 3.3(h)(2) 28 October 1958 Copy No. C .59 C EN TRAL INTELLIGENCE BULLETIN- DOCUMENT NO NO CHANGE IN CLASS. L ; DECLASSIFIED CLASS. CHANGED TO: TW NEXIT REVIEW DATE: ADUATTIE-14 REVIEWER -T-OP-S-EC-R-ET A.[D'"p"rov"edfc;r"Refea'se"2cf20"01"ZccT6L42V I AftrZrZ/ZA Approved for Release: 2020/01/23 C06232624 0 TOP SECRET Approved for Release: 2020/01/23 C06232624 IFTerte 11 VI 047,1 Approved for Release: 2020/01/23 006232624 28 OCTOBER 1958 L THE COMMUNIST BLOC Rumania - No serious threat to re- gime apparent, despite sporadic reports of dissidence. II. ASIA-AFRICA Cairo fears Israeli action against - Jordan, issues contingency orders to First Army in Syria. Ben-Gurion to seek UN guarantees if status quo ends in Jordan and may seize West Jordan if convinced pro- UAR changes imminent. Cyprus - Greece rejects NATO-spon- sored efforts to convene conference concerning Cyprus; more violence expected. Pakistan - General Ayub takes over; Mirza out. III. THE WEST 0 Haiti - Warning of coup. Approved for Release: 2020/01/23 006232624 rr0 SECRET WZ/Z/ZZ/Z/7 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE BULLETIN 28 October 1958 DAILY BRIEF I. THE COMMUNIST BLOC Rumania: The general effort inaugurated by the Ru- manian regime in late June to tighten its control over internal affairs--ostensibly as a campaign against thievery and corruption--presumably continues, but apparently at a level.' below the midsummer peak. While there have been sporadic reports of dissidence, no serious threat to Communist con- trol is apparent at resent, and.the party leadership appears to be stable. (Page 1) II. ASIA-AFRICA UAR-Israel-Jordan: The UAR's military headquarters in Cairo on 26 October instructed Headquarters First Army in Syria to be prepared to implement previously prepared plans because Cairo's information "confirmed the probability" that Israel would take action against West Jordan. Damascus has asked Cairo whether Iraa should be informed of the TIAR concern. Israeli Premier Ben-Gurion publicly declared that if the status quo in Jordan were changed Israel would demand a guarantee of its frontiers by the UN and the "great powers" and seek a UN-enforced demilitarization of West Jordan. Israel may feel that such aims could be best assured by a seizure of the West Bank if it decides that a pro-UAR change in the Jordanian Government is imminent. (Page 2) ;.;� 0 0 Cyprus: The past month's efforts within NATO to bring 17Fita-71, Greece, and Turkey together in search of a con- ference settlement of the Cyprus dispute have reached an im- passe. The Greek Government, in a last-minute cabinet decision influenced by Archbishop Makarios, and in effect reversing Foreign Minister Averoff's prior approval, has decided not to participate in the proposed conference. An intensification of violence on Cyprus is now expected. (Page 4) *Pakistan: General Ayub Khan on 28 October assumed full presidential powers following President Mirza's announcement that he was "stepping aside" in favor of Ayub. Mirza acted shortly after the general, dominant figure in the dual regime since its inception on 7 October, had been sworn in as prime minister. Mirza probably relinquished his office under pres- sure from Ayub, who may have suspected him of renewed maneuvering. III. THE WEST *Haiti: An American businessman with interests in Haiti has been warned that followers of ex-dictator Magloire will at- tempt a coup there on 28 or 2S October. Supporters of the ex- dictator made an abortive attempt last-July, and there have been reports of continued plotting on their part, with the support of Dominican dictator Trujillo. 0 rA 40 reA e,/__,z.tzf.,ziazzzf,�/�zA,p2p,r.2,y2s1�9L�I9,2a�.39,39!91,33�Rc;'9,3?,?E,IW.AW://W,//ZZZ,ZZZ 28 Oct 58 DAILY BRIEF ii SECRET 81 fog 91 ire r1), tr,\Approved for Release: 2020/01/23 006232624 0 L THE COMMUNIST BLOC Rumania Continues to Tighten Internal Discipline The Rumanian regime's effort--inaugurated by the central committee plenum of 9-13 June�to tighten its internal con- trol presumably continues, but apparently at a lower level than during the peak period in midsummer, when there were uncon- firmed reports of widespread arrests, particularly for eco- nomic crimes. Although it was originally aimed at stamping out embezzlement or misappropriation of state funds, the cam- paign was soon expanded to include elements of the middle and lower echelons of the party and government who were ideolog- ically suspect or professionally incompetent. The penal code was amended to allow more stringent pun- ishments for the theft or destruction of state property, and the Rumanian judiciary was reminded of its obligation to impose maximum sentences for offenses against "socialist morality." At the same time, the press called for a drive against "revi- sionism and bourgeois ideology, indiscipline, and disruptive anarchic elements." While there have been occasional reports of popular dis- content and a few incidents of open peasant opposition during the past year, antiregime hostility does not now appear to pose any serious threat to Communist control. Recent reports in the Western press of widespread repression and deportations appear exaggerated and in at least some cases unfounded. SECRET 28 Oct 58 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE BULLETIN Page 1 Approved for Release: 2020/01/23 006232624 /.....\App7ove-d�for le for 006232624 a II. ASIA-AFRICA UAR Anticipates Israeli Move Against West Jordan Cairo instructed the headquarters of the First Army in Syria on 26 October to be prepared to carry out previously prepared emergency plans, because Cairo's information "confirmed the probability" that Israel would take action against West Jordan, and the Jerusalem area in particular. ( ordered con- tingency war plans to be prepared for the Syrian Army, ap- parently by a Soviet military mission in Syria. the First Army commander then in Cairo, ordered the Syrian plans and operations staff to request the visiting "chief expert," presumably Soviet, to prepare "studies...for the theater of operations so as to ensure coverage of all even- tualities." The extent of Soviet-UAR cooperation, if any, en- visaged in such plans. is unknown. The reaction in Damascus to Cairo's warning order was immediate, and Damascus requested Cairo to return "as quickly as possible" all First Army unit commanders who were in Havnt as members of missions or committees. Damascus inquired if Cairo desired to recall to Syria the MIG-17 jet fighter squadron re- cently sent to Iraq, the squadron's ground elements would require about three days to make the return move to Dumayr air base. Damascus also inquired if Cairo wished to inform the Iraqi high command of the "probabilities of aggres- sion." Should hostilities break out, Western-owned oil pipe- lines in Syria would probably be destroyed. Israeli officials are attempting to stress the necessity of the immediate occupation of West Jordan in the event of any change in the Jordanian Government, on the assumption that any new government would sooner or later be pro-UAR. The Amer- ican army attache on 24 October received the impression that the Israelis TOP SECRET EIDER 28 Oct 58 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE BULLETIN Page 2 Approved for Release: 2020/01/23 006232624 c_,\App7oved�forlerea-se-: -2-070/01/23 006232624 0 plan to move into Jordan at once in the event of undesirable developments there, and negotiate later on a diplomatic level. Israeli Prime Minister Ben-Gurion in a press interview on 26 October declared that if the status quo in Jordan were changed, Israel would demand a guarantee of its frontiers by the UN and the "great powers," and seek a UN-enforced de- militarization of West Jordan. Israel may feel this objective would be best assured by seizure of the Nest Bank, which could subsequently be evacuated in return for a UN guarantees. During King Husaynes forthcoming absence, Jon,: , will be ruled by a three-maxi regency council composed of former Prime Min- ister Husayn Khalidi, Senate President Said Mufti, and Senator Umar Matar. All of these individuals are weak moderate nationalists who probably favor establishment of better rela- tions with the UAR. TOP SECRET 28 Oct 58 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE BULLETIN Page 3 Approved for Release: 2020/01/23 006232624 � IFe re nee r..,\Approved for Release: 2020/01/23 006232624 0 Cyprus Situation The Athens announcement that, for "juridical and proce- dural reasons," Greece will not attend a Cyprus conference under the terms worked out in the North Atlantic Council. reduces prospects for an early negotiated settlement. This decision, reached after a night-long Greek cabinet meeting, reflects the unwillingness of Archbishop Makarios to attend a conference as proposed and the inability or unwillingness of the Greek Government, in view of the inflamed nature of Greek public opinion on Cyprus, to proceed independently of Makarios. Greece's decision not to participate in a conference is based on a conviction that the British and Turkish attitudes would make any serious consideration of Greece's proposals for final solution of the Cyprus problem impossible. The Greek Gov- ernment, along with Archbishop Makarios, had publicly re- nounced union of Cyprus with Greece and demanded in return that the conference exclude at the outset the Turkish objective of partition. The principal point separating Greece from Britain and Turkey has been Athen's demand that other NATO countries, preferably Italy and France, participate in the proposed con- ference, to forestall Britain and Turkey from dominating a Cyprus conference. Britain and Turkey, however, appear to be at the limit of their concessions. � Having decided not to participate in a Cyprus conference under NATO auspices, Greece's next step will be to carry its complaint to the UN General Assembly. The apparent impasse in the NATO negotiations is likely to increase violence on Cyprus, They have authorized celebrations by �Greek and Turkish Cypriots on their respective holidays on 28 and 29 October. 28 Oct 58 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE BULLETIN Page 4 Approved for Release: 2020/01/23 006232624 Approved for Release: 2020/01/23 006232624 THE PRESIDENT � The Vice President Executive Offices of the White House Special Assistant for National Security Affairs Scientific Adviser to the President Director of the Budget Office of Defense and Civilian Mobilization Special Assistant for Security Operations Coordination Board of Consultants on Foreign Intelligence Activities Special Assistant for Foreign Economic Policy Special Adviser to the President The Treasury Department The Secretary of the Treasury The Department of State The Secretary of State The Under Secretary of State The Under Secretary of State for Economic Affairs The Deputy Under Secretary for Political Affairs The Deputy Under Secretary for Administration The Counselor Director, International Cooperation Administration The Director of Intelligence and Research The Department of Defense The Secretary of Defense The Deputy Secretary of Defense The Secretary Of the Army The Secretary of the Navy The Secretary of the Air Force The Chairman, The Joint Chiefs of Staff Commandant, United States Marine Corps The Director, The Joint Staff Chief of Staff, United States Army Chief of Naval Operations, United States Navy Chief of Staff, United States Air Force Assistant to Secretary of Defense for Special Operations Director for Intelligence, The Joint Staff Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence, Department of the Army Director of Naval Intelligence, Department of the Navy Assistant Chief of Staff, Intelligence, Department of the Air Force Supreme Allied Commander, Europe Commander in Chief, Pacific The Department of the Interior The Secretary of the Interior Federal Bureau of Investigation The Director Atomic Energy Commission The Chairman National Security Agency The Director National Indications Center The Director United States Information Agency The Director CONFIDENTIAL Approved for Release: 2020/01/23 006232624 /h4 V% 44 fr/r, 67,407.07/4///./..7/Apip.evor_Re.iea)e_20_20_91.23_co_623.26347//7,40077.4wriwz yr,