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January 27, 2020
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January 30, 2020
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October 30, 1958
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V i4.77 4/: 4 r 0! bat forces and the scheduled departure of the King from the NOTE: The survival of the Jordanian regime is increasingly threatenedbecause of the imminent withdrawal of all UK corn- 1 OP P country on 10 November. Should the regime collapse or become clearly UAR-oriented before, on, or following the . with, action by other neighboring states. Bank is probable. This could precipitate, or be coincident departure of the King, action by Israel to seize the West 0 1 Iraq: The clashes in Baghdad on 27 October between pro- and anti-UAR factions´┐Żthe latter apparently had Commu- nist support- indicateAhat the Qasim regime's control is not 0 yet firm. Army tanks were used to intimidate and disperse the demonstrators. Rumors persist of an early cabinet change, and adherents of the pro-UAR Baath party apparently 1 believe that former Deputy Premir Arif will return to the coun from Europe about 5 November. (Page 6) 0 an eventual likelihood of widespread unrest if the new 1 scanty reports from this province do not yet indicate general re East Pakistan: President Ayub's new military regime is likely to stimulate growing unrest in East Pakistan. While issatisfaction, the Bengali akistani in composition. Sporadic population probably will chafe under Oi overnment's policies discriminate against East Pakistan. ' adic disturbances may occur, with (Page 7) I bsolute rule by an army which is overwhelmingly West P - tary aid from the UnitediStates. Vargas has been increasingly efense Secretary Jesus Vargas, possibly following Vargas' re- turn from his mission in early November to seek increased mill.. President Garcia may be planning to replace I publicly denied this week a current rumor he was "preparing ' a coup," but this statement may only aggravate speculation con- cerning his political ambitions. (Page 8) (4;zx7ff,/zfzzf.//f,rt;///Z/Zgf/Z/ZZff//////,/,/A4WNIE7Aae 20L61/23 C062326*VZZZZ7Z,ZZZZWZZZZZZWZA #ANT