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January 27, 2020
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January 30, 2020
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November 27, 1958
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..Approved(�����, (c,!W zdAjp,:pvidioreaje:401:s),:23:.0:625v/zirrzmizzyizzyzz%, 110-17�SeeRET--C 3.5(c) / 3.3(h)(2) 27 November 1958 Copy No. C tit) CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE BULLETIN DOCUMENT NO. NO CHANGE IN CLASS. I DECLASSIFIED CLASS. CHANGED TO: 66-1, NEXT REVIEW DATE: C� - AUTV I 7'2 DATtr REVIEWER: Approved for Release: 2020/01/23 C06232650 0 o �1F01:0-SEeRET� Approved for Release: 2020/01/23 C06232650 27 NOVEMBER 1958 I. THE COMMUNIST BLOC USSR seeking to fix blame on West for any failure as Geneva talks enter final stage. Additional Soviet arms arriving in Egypt. II. ASIA-AFRICA UAR reduces armed forces alert. Syrian dissatisfaction deemed within UAR control. Ghana may turn to bloc for economic aid. � Approved for Release: 2020/01/23 006232650 OP SECRE III. THE WEST 0 Uruguay - Governing party likely to suffer losses in general elections. TrID erriprrr Approved for Release: 2020/01/23 006232650 APIfl 416P .LCRET13 fl C�623265� CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE BULLETIN 27 November 1958 DAILY BRIEF I. THE COMMUNIST BLOC USSR-Geneva talks: Moscow apparently believes . that both Geneva conferences are entering the final stage and is maneuvering for the strongest possible positions in the event of an early breakoff. Bloc delegates are seeking to establish a record which they hope will place the onus for any failure to reach agreement on the West. There have been no hints of any major changes in bloc proposals at either con- ference. USSR-UAR: Negotiations begun this summer for the sup- ply of additional bloc arms to Egypt are still in progress in Moscow. In addition to jet fighter aircraft, Cairo is seeking naval equipment and probably a wide range of land armaments. Deliveries contracted for earlier in these negotiations are now under way, with at least three Soviet merch.m+ chirl� onhieI uled to transport arms to Alexandria shortly. IL ASIA-AFRICA UAR alert reduced: Cairo on 25 November called off the precautionary alert of UAR forces instituted in late Octo- ber in anticipation of a crisis in Jordan. Units were instructed to revert to their previous state of readiness, with the excep- tion of Egyptian forces in Sinai which will remain on alert. TOP SECRET iciP75,12\251,15-13:2122M,1QM9,11,33 C�623265,9% A , 'Approved for Release: 2020/01/23 006232650 TOP SECRET Syria-Jordan: Reports of Syrian dissatisfaction with the UAR and of possible new difficulties for Cairo in the UARys northern region are increasing. The disgruntled elements, however, appear to be primarily members of conservative groups. Current reforms are largely di- rected against their vested interests, and neither Nasir nor the Syrian Baathists have ever counted on their polit- ical support. Even if unrest develops to the point of open violence, UAR security measures nnear aciPnuatp fn maintain control in Syria uncuid: rrime minister Nxruman nas incticatea tnat if he does not receive the assistance he desires from the West to implement the 50,000,000 Volta River hydro- electric-aluminum project, upon which his regime is count- ing heavily, he will do "all possible" to get such assistance from "any source anywhere." A spokesman for Nkrumah said offers of technical assistance and machinery from Po- land and Czechoslovakia are already being considered and that Nkrumah would be "reluctantly" receptive to major help from Moscow if it is not forthcoming frnm thp Wt 1Pae 5) III. THE WEST Uruguay: The Colorado party, which has dominated the government for almost a century, is likely to suffer severe losses in the 30 November general elections because of widespread discontent over economic conditions. The party's fear of losing control of the nine-man executive coun- cil as well as of Congress has led to talk of a preventive coup, but the party is probably willing to rely on its organizational ability and the advantages it expegain at the polls from its recent pro-labor measures. (Page 6) 27 Nov 58 DAILY BRIEF ii TOP SECRET AApproved for Release: 2020/01/23006232650 A Approved for Release: 2020/01/23 006232650 0 74 1 I 11.1-a 1 11 1 1 116 1.4 THE PRESIDENT The Vice President Executive Offices of the White House Special Assistant for National Security Affairs Scientific Adviser to the President Director of the Budget Office of Defense and Civilian Mobilization Special Assistant for Security Operations Coordination Board of Consultants on Foreign Intelligence Activities Special Assistant for Foreign Economic Policy Special Adviser to the President The Treasury Department The Secretary of the Treasury The Department of State The Secretary of State The Under Secretary of State The Under Secretary of State for Economic Affairs The Deputy Under Secretary for Political Affairs The Deputy Under Secretary for Administration The Counselor Director, International Cooperation Administration The Director of Intelligence and Research The Department of Defense The Secretary of Defense The Deputy Secretary of Defense The Secretary of the Army The Secretary of the Navy The Secretary of the Air Force The Chairman, The Joint Chiefs of Staff Commandant, United States Marine Corps The Director, The Joint Staff Chief of Staff, United States Army Chief of Naval Operations, United States Navy Chief of Staff, United States Air Force Assistant to Secretary of Defense for Special Operations Director for Intelligence, The Joint Staff Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence, Department of the Army Director of Naval Intelligence, Department of the Navy Assistant Chief of Staff, Intelligence, Department of the Air Force Supreme Allied Commander, Europe Commander in Chief, Pacific The Department of the Interior The Secretary of the Interior Federal Bureau of Investigation The Director Atomic Energy Commission The Chairman National Security Agency The Director National Indications Center The Director United States Information Agency The Director CONFIDENTIAL Approved for Release: 2020/01/23 006232650 4/ 4 Approved for Release: 2020/01/23 006232650 IF zt� Km I (wak:, T. g x, rd r7 0 7 ir TOP SECRET / ZiApproved for Release: 2020/01/23 CO6232650 Z.