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September 6, 2019
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September 12, 2019
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January 15, 1976
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Approved for Release: 2019/07/30 C06527441 3.3(h)(2) 6.2(d) -OTS/CB Memo f76-11 15 January 1976 MEMORANDUM FOR : DC/OTS/DED SUBJECT : ORD Report Card - Status of the LSR/ORD Avian Program 1. On 13 Janua v 19.7 the q est c re C- u DC/OTS/CB; I visited c/Ls. Project Engineer of the Avian Program, in order to dete ine_,thestatO of =A 1 Y recektlY, inheritea the Avian Program from who is -going -on fUll- time training, and therefore, wa not totally 'faMiliar with the intraCacieg.:(5f, the:,prOg'iain: Based on the Aviafi'Demonstration: arid the above briefing, the lfollowing is my interpretation Of ' the StatUi of 'the program '" 2. Many years. ago, the DDO was interested,,in,a,certain potential s.,ienario: ' Consequently; the .D59 levied upon LSR/ ORD' the requirement of obtaining a -bird that - would talce- pidtiltes'-of CertainrlobjeCt6 . Apparently,' ,this articularp Scenatio ',never came to fruition. _ ,3. A few liars ,ter the D310 levied anOther ,reqqirement on the LSR to train a bird, to place a sensori7oh a Window ,ledge. This was, carried blit to completion! Unfortunately;' the bid was. in-the'process Of molting when the emplacement was needed and, to make matters worse, when the _bird. was _finally _able to fly, it placed the =sensor on the wrong window the prOgram. Unfortunately, 4.2'Until recently the Avian iProgram has been .Shelved due to the..lacic� of hard requirement. , _ or -46, ORO has app-arently de.cided to determine once and :for all 4-pa. -tilminated::in the "Avian Demonstration' held h-eiq on 'October 79, 1975. At that demonstration the bird capabilities were demonstrated. Although the general. consensus at that time was that the bird ,capabilities, were intereatimf,- it appeared there were 1Dreci_07,sisfe,7 ,s-dparlos in which -a bird Would bri the only possible ehidle. to complete the mission. E IMPDET CL BY Approved for Release: 2019/07/30 C06527441 Approved for Release: 2019/07/30 C06527441 5. Since that meeting, it has been discovered that four possible scenarios have, materialized in which birds, could be used. They are as follows: 7a) A bird climbing up and down a rope. b) A bird taking Pictures in ,?� .denied,area. , c) , A bird placing a microphone on-a:A-349w sill. d) A bird collecting ,a water_ sample, , What was dismissed, a few months ago, as an improbable, exotic, humorous idea has suddenly become a serious under- taking. In, fact, it is .presently being_han led bv the TCT. SDB/OS, is. acting-as chairman. DC/SE/UsSR, :as vice7ch.4.4=!lah 4nd As secretary- ofl the effort. As-it stands to date, SR has the foll in plans for the bird program. It has a contract' with in California to conduct a feasibility test o., a specific operational scenario,._ The scenario is..to have a ,kit.ofpigeons equipped with, cameras, fly- from on* ;Location (launching site) to another location 3 miles- away, p. pictures of a certain object., and f1V. to a- different- lbcation (home). ; 6. The exPeriment will involve 3 kits. Tb rst kit will actas a control group and will_be trainedto�fly from home, to the target and back to home. , The sec6nd, kit will be trained to fly from a launching -point to the target,X0 .anew home 25 miles away,. - The third ktzll be trained in, Cali- . fornia to fly from a launching point to the target and to a new home. This kit will then be moved to Oklahoma and will be carefully: observed tp determine the affects long distance displac:eraent has,. on their Performance.- _ -1 '--; 7. Finally, the second 'kit in California Will�..pe,,poved with the kit in Oklahoma .to Washingtpn, Tt, has, n determined thatl at this time a live demonstrator :might._,be - held .for ..interested. offices., Soeciiaca 1- the ,kits, -will- - individually flY�from a launch point to tc)-17iast The. above. project has been alreaunded,aat an-d should take -6-7 months to go-mPlete-, ,If 'all, goes-as the. feasibility of gird s'enzi:4,c.�-J.- will have been proven by 8. For your further edification, ORD/LSR has made a 27 minute 16mm film of the Avian Demonstration held at It shows -110, performance of the birds in real life situations. Lsa also has a 10 minute film clip of an impromptu demonstration of a raven collecting a water sample. Approved for Release: 2019/07/30 C06527441 Approved for Release: 2019/07/30 C06527441 9. At this point in time, is not being funded whatsoever. It is my impression that they are ,not employed at this time because of the less "soectacular" Performance of birds as compared to birdE _ This is unfortunate because pproached the problem from a scientifid-Postu'r-e, examining cause and effect, 'whereas took a more pragmatic approach to get the job done. TR)th aPPKoache feel, are equally valid,in this case. - ,It_shOlifd,be_nOted that the bird,deenefib:Pre sentlYbein4 inveStigatedfin*Califdrnia bY is not an OTS r6qUirement, but was generated directly by the DDO staff. No firm requirements have yet been placed upon OTS by the DDO. 11. I would like to reiterate my opinion which is reflected in OTS/CB Memo Demonstration It appears as if justification of spending approximately $100,000 per year for the maintenance of a stable of birds for an occasional deployment would be difficult to ration- alize. The undersigned received the impression that given the present avian capabilities and the known possible missions, there was little interest in maintaining the capability at this time. ,In fact, there was only one DDO Division (SE) that indicated an immediate interest in the present avian application. for the Record 475-127, "Avian Through discussions with both contractors, the undersigned pelieves that if the contracts were allowed �to expire, would close down this type of operation completely. However, has a continuing interest in this basic type of training since he trains animals and would most likely stay in tne tield. Given a lead time of 3 to 4 months, and $20,000 to $30,000, would be able to obtain and train 3 to 4 birds for a particular scenario which has been previously demonstrated. Compared to yearly maintenance of a stable of trained birds, this would be the most economical route provided that operational plans for using a trained bird are develpped far enough in advance of the requirement." 3 ^ Approved for Release: 2019/07/30 C06527441 Approved for Release: 2019/07/30 C06527441 12. In closing I would like to state that based on the limited knowledge I have gained to date, it is my opinion that the Avian Program should be terminated by ORD upon compipt+on of its present contract with I feel it should then be turned over to OTS and retained at not cost for R&D until a require- ment is levied on OTS. At that time, could train a pa-rticular bird within 3 to 4 months to perform a -scenario Similar to those already demonstrated in the past by ORD, at a cost of $2(M-to $30K. 4 Approved for Release: 2019/07/30 C06527441