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September 6, 2019
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September 12, 2019
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February 10, 1976
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'roved for Release: 2019/07/30 C06527517 .4.1% ORD-030-75, 1 0 FEB 1976 MEMORANDUM FOR: ,Mr. Barry D. Kelly N10/SA SUBJECT: TACANA TCT Program REFERENCE: Memorandum from Mr. Barry Kelly, NIO/SA, to Chairman, TACANA TCT, dated 12/11/75; Subject : Guidance from the PCP/TCT*Evaluation Group (TS-205672-75) 1. The purpose of this memorandum is to call your attention to the fact that the TACANA TCT project is entering a new phase Which involves certain risks you should be cognizant of officially. 2. To review, the purpose of the project is to test the capability , of pigeons to perform photographic intelligence collection missions eAtitnst denied fOreign targets. The birds will carry a small camera 'which is automatically actuated while they pass over the target area. The training program will take place in the United States against targets which will �simulate the performance in a foreign country. The training and test sites which have been selected are in California, Oklahoma, and the Washington, D. C., area: The latter location has been selected for a final test mission prior to the conduct of a foreign- intelligence mis- sion. In this final test the birds will be trained 443 fly from a release ,point approximately three miles from the to the Simulated t4rget at and then 'fly to their "home" approximately 50 miles away in Washington, D. C. The "home" location will be one ,of the Agency buildings in the area. During the course of testing and training, it is possible that some, birds-411,belost along with their cameras. .Should a camera be reCovei7e4 hy &mg.-Unauthorized citizen and the film developed, there is the nett:it-lel for, unfavorable publicity to ensue. This publicity could comoivably.take-the line that the Government it releasing birds to photograph ,unwilling -private citizens as another form, of illegal domestic spying. In an effort to preclude or forestall* such 'erroneous conclusions, we are instructing the contractor, to label the camera and "camera harnesses. The labels will be marked HemiNG, RESEARCH and will carry telephone number. If questions. arise regarding the purpose ot,thp .eattler- 0e4pots0 will be that he uses the cameras'to.,dbcument the flight routes of the bird' in connection with research he is doing In Cl by E2 IMPDET roved for Release: 2019/07/30 C06527517 _� ����� Approved for Release: 2019/07/30 C06527517 � SUBJECT: TACANA TCT Program preparation for the publication of a book. In fact; he does indeed intend to publish a book that Will deal with the knowledge gained from his lifetime experiences in the training of birds. ' 3. If you feel that it would be advisable to take other precautions or to obtain Other official authorization to continue with this work, Please advise us at the earliest possible date. . Distribution: Orig. - Addressee 1 - D/ORD 1 - OTS) 1 - LSR/ORD File 1 - LSR/ORD Chrono 1 - ORD Chrono Donald L. Haas Director of Research and Development 1 - ADD/S&T LSR/ORD/DD/S&T: kav:2702 Rewritten 2/6/76/DD/ORD:nrp Approved for Release: 2019/07/30 C06527517