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September 6, 2019
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September 12, 2019
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December 12, 1975
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� Approved for Release: 2019/07/30 C06527524 6.2(d) OTS/SDB Memo #290-75 12 December 1975 MEMORANDUM FOR: TACANA TCT Members SUBJECT : TACANA/TCT Meeting 1. �A general TACANA/TCT meeting will be held Thursday, 18 December, 1400 hours, at Room 717 Ames Bldg. It is requested that ORD furnish a recording secretary to keep minutes of this meeting. Subjects to be addressed at this meeting are: a. Camara design report (ORD) b. Contractor training proposal (ORD) c. Training operational report (SE/OTS) d. Tasking for team members 2. Attached herewith is a list of designated TACANA/TCT members. Parent units which wish to add/ withdraw/change designated members may do so by contacting the undersigned on ext. 3278., Attachment: as stated above SE ET Chairman, TACANA/TCT OTS/OPS/SDB E2 IMPDET CL BY Approved for Release: 2019/07/30 C06527524 , Approved for Release: 2019/07/30 C06527524a, - ,Barry Kelly harles Adkins SEC TACANA/TCT MEMBERS � .NIO/SA OTS/SDB SE///USSR . ORD/LSD . DD/ORD ORD/OT OTS/VEB OTS/VOB SE/TO SE/RR OWI/PAD � OSI/ND IAS SOG/AMB 5G00 Hqs. x7301 221 East . x3278 HD 3115 Hqs. x6267 716 ,Ames x2702 606 Ames x2652 616 Ames x2763 331 South x3606 330 South x3606 5B29 Hqs. x5953 4D0119 Hqs. x6441 11146 Hqs. x6931 5G48 Hqs. x6707 GG1406 Hqs. x4527 � Approved for Release: 2019/07/30 C06527524