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March 16, 2022
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August 5, 2016
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December 29, 1960
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Approved for Release: 2016/07/05 C06541051 CURRENT INTELLIGENCE WEEKLY SUMMARY CENT AL N. Z0.40004 0 U.."k Nscret4f401...*1-1 - COPY NO. OCI NO. 410$14100 26 DeiebT 1960 JGENtE. AGENCY OFFICE Of CURRENT iNTELUCANCE Approved for Release: 2016/07/05 C06541051 Approved for Release: 2016/07/05 C06541051 NTE14,4=1 29 December 1860 A "balance oi weakneaat, be weea Gizeogaa and Mobutu's forces in which Mobutu hesitat- ed to move militarily oseinst the weak but inaccessible regime at Stanleyville, ended on 25 December whoa Olzenga's soldiers entered Kivu Province. A force Of about 60 men seized provin- cial lenders and a military com mender regarded as leaning award Although tile bold on El vu is probably precarious, the ease with vhich Gizengs achieved the first of his goals, with little outside help, can be expected to boost the dissidents' prat: tige both within and outside the Congo. The increase REPUBLIC OF THE CONGO Mobutu. Although no more tnan a few hundred troopswere used by the dissidents, by 27 Decem- ber much of the province gip/mare responsive to the Oimenga regime. By his initiative Gizes64 toed control of a food-pro- ducing area capable of alleviat- ing the serious feed shortage in Stanleyville. PAST I OF situation u will pressure on P4abutu to undertake u4ii terY operations against tho dissidents, pot- withstanding UN oppo- nition. Hammarskjold has seat a letter to Basavubu implying that he will ask the Security Council to take the UN Out of the Congo if Mobutu nap* force in an attempt to take Oriental e Province. Masavuhu--in an ap- parent attempt to avoid an obstructionist role letive to the UN-- baa indicated that is wU 1ta to reedye the long-d yed (114 conciliation eoumis- sion, preferably at the time of Hammer- skjold's visit to Leo- poidvill on 3,�.4 Jan- uary. awhile, Guinea, Oben d the VAR hag� accepted ation from King Mohamed 4c0 to meet in Casa- blanca on 3 January to discuss mnmon problems, In atiditioe to viding a sounding board for l-Western pronouncements, the meeting is expected to promote discussion of possible joint ac- tion to aid the Staeleyville dissidents. Approved for Release: 2016/07/05 C06541051 Approved for Release: 2016/07/05 C06541051 RT ce her $oviot ?oroin Mn.itr Gromyko on 23 December said that c USSR recognizes Gizengs as ",acting premier of the le- ate government of the Con- go,t but the USSR has so tar teed from oxtendixtj aid explicit recognition tanleyvil3e regimo. myko, reporting on developme in the Congo, told the Supreme Soviet that "cutthroats in the pay of foreigners" bad adjourns the parliament elected by the Congolese people and had im- prisoned the lawful premier, Lumunba. He asserted that this, however, could not be regarded as a victory for the "coleaLal tato" because it had dispelled the naive illublea that they will voluntarily relinquish thei rule in the coloalee. The fail ure'of the UN in the Congo altua tion, ha said, makes clear the "pressing need" for changing the structure of that body. Ihrushchev, after a delay en days, responded on 25 ber to an appeal for assist 011911ali I STE Following good progress is the earlier tails, East - West German aegotiations on reactiva- tion of the iaterzonal trade agrienent were still in the hard bargaining phase as of 29 Decem- ber. Tho East German representa- tive on 22 DecomberesuddenlY re- vereed his conciliatory attitude, complained about "leaks" to the Western press, and asked for a postponement of the negotiations until 2$ December. The USSR for the first time is giving high-level pub- lic support to East Germany's efforts to pressure Winn into KY SU from genera Of of Attic a definit governmen � OX I rot r t s of Seale iy but avoid- itmeats. be awaiting the out- Casablanca_ meeting loaders before taking stand 'Onward the rump In Leopoldvtfle, tho ap- ch of 31 December originally by Uobutu as the terminal for his interim government. stirred new dissension over absence of civil government he Congo. Mobutu appears to favor the retention of his Com- missioners und r a premier re- sponsive to himself; Kasavubu, on the other hand, favors the restoration of the lice cabinet, with which he displaced tumuaba. pact. to ibe 3upreee Soviet 23 December, Foreign MiniSter yko warned' that failure to h tn agreement would be ught with unexpected and dangerous consequenaesta elicit an East German ory hiuW," and could to .ra dangerous con- in relations between owers." This threat ntrasts with the con- ed Gromyko's speech cate that Ulbricht appealed to Moscow for specific support to strengthen his hand n the talks, Approved for Release: 2016/07/05 C06541051