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March 16, 2022
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August 5, 2016
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March 9, 1961
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Approved for Release: 2016/07/05 C06541062 NC? IAL COPY N.O. 001 Mirth .CURRENT INTELLIGENCE EEKLY SUA4,:MARY CENTRAL offic ULLA AG P CIAPENT RiatitIG Nce Approved for Release: 2016/07/05 C06541062 Approved for Release: 2016/07/05 C06541062 SKLY MIAOW tEUtt Ito atmosphere of hitte sumo between tho UN Commend . and Coagolese army 010000t0 miry lend to 1110W ohooting loci - donto, sod further sethatta for the UN offort in the Comgo. Coogolese sOldiers, who aPfer 1y do not want to fight each o1ur, ere nevertheloss deeply auspicious of OF ietootiono to disarm then. They react spoolp00000lp to allY imagined threat of ON intertereoce, as in the incidents with ON Soda., tem0Ood CarledittO trOOPO in katadi. Secretor ak4010, - meolios of th advisory committee ordered Delal to d" Congoloso Porla ad to "retake" them vitb if beCOGOOry. gemerer, Pore kioistor Domboko oo 6 North geld that Matadi. would not he returned to ON onotrol pending a full investigation of the dis- orders. Thor*, boo boon no fur- ther fight it, the area since 5 March, but taco Coogoloma re - *alb eosploloos of tho U T40 Leopoldville governneot. play- ing On'this distrust as well as on the octroity of employ- moot lo tbe&rent rocoutlY re- cruited some 12,000 CongOlOso voluoteers by tallies for "410- btitmetloo" against US "tote - Jose." piano improve bold to belioved acttoo to try to s 10 I poe I- Roa. The teesli of -111 Day 1 from Loopeldvil Orb--0Stoollibly for conwulta- too�probebly io first step y ihammarealold to eatse bin out of the Congo picture per - oancetly. knight Abbots of tbe Sudan Ins been onm00000d set the UN'e acting rePresootative lo the Cougo. Th ottac UN foce led g opoett that ai.l tO tit* Congo ere dreop. Its that ho cleaners� 040 to on- ie 390 troops UN of of- lciala were 'negligent" to heir deployment of the forte aod did opt adopt a firm at- titude tovtrd "toporieliste is Darn., a cover for the In- optitode of the local Sodsoomo comaander aod e poor perforosoce by bio colt sowover, sudanose Officials state tbat their gov- ernmeat will continue to refuse to allow WE sod bloc aid ma- teriel to he sent across the Sudac to the Stanleyville regime. Onobt $k 14211 Mo4Grato, iota, LB concerred tbst 40 - 'Grotto& condlttone ip *Ill lave it isolated other alricaus im ito o Of the ON. Novertbetees, it hes sent so additional 600 moo to ointorce its 2,000 troops al- ready in the CoOgo. pie Ire 1 o o to GOO � of 4,730 O 01 Approved for Release: 2016/07/05 C06541062 I of 28 Approved for Release: 2016/07/05 C06541062 col S be' y are schedu 14 March t national mgd. OttliOU torPtated Khrwohcbev*e ttere on the Congo _ thatioa probiens as ft 1,0 ;Attempt to iaotato he leading African hes collator The lediam post toe. may ve .1afleeneed Indonesia:, .h&c anaellaccot On 7 tierce that It 014 seed * battalihe 10 the age to replace, the eno beteg hdrawn, "in view of the, est development" Djakarta really ts pinolag 410 Cop- ed participation en ef/ew. inplementatloo of the Security Couecil rt of a some ba d klnd far the UN was voic ProAldovot Nkruputa of Ghc. d g hie 7 March impeach before, tt General Assembly. No called ler * Otrengtheeing of the UN under* 'primarily"' Afr1444 cOmmand. So further medllied hitearlter proposals, which would have excluded :EU - rOpe*n 00410 to the ax force *et would have put **Aeon to a Suberdinete role. od luau:, of- Lofted or Asian r and the Aira... UN base pro - ortgiv Alexander, der vi the orcea�na a lug a - tted nations' deverunee be UN a propos arse Approved for Release: 2016/07/05 C06541062 Approved for Release: 2016/07/05 C06541062 to tha governmea hedged to re. 4Ontrel., their tly *Nitrate. *stabile lose dot erg provide wed* with eleilar et eleation would be &eve esoteraed4 hereapOwelve ttority. The dU1iy problem be iacr srmwor, Ct ral Wobst 04 00t 4b es tbe t1eviflo 2'94' Crged so peleville Leal leaders, buts re- dly has rolue 11# *greed ke at berc the ille tPtcm have gaga.. se, sod possibly at Itoolt. Rio 4,200 teur PrevLece *re epad elthemice erein- n11 eopp1is4 *ILO 1150. VIA01144. wad re- it is etill t shy cotton they The 00to p *Whet eyrille was onol_. �the reported le Steam- a* et 1200 re No -Worse- con- aa uf the C Prow- rbe could tnkca . dela, d mango W ad sander, reportedly the coup, bet he Ile respect among tie* has less owle Oaftega's -contra ernmAmta aed leeal,�tribkllY bleed aotherttiee, which have tended to be mere moderato. to oera Or Xivu ?rev - It 44 ke4re4Gt- en 4 XarcAl tattled the in 'cetera d hie destro the Loopole- le probably �Grt to a11 with the -Coptawnlat coping el 28 Approved for Release: 2016/07/05 C06541062 Approved for Release: 2016/07/05 C06541062 -on to cabana*, glIPPO t 4 prtripea6d cooperation regimes in t tea of 0)0 little of sipml pentad ta mate bt, gatemji, d. fleet nett ot 28 rfahrOary, but doubtful that Omer]. gOet- bOUgh Of &IVO provtece this move of any real nee, monlere of co - dere being held a -a Au the-beincany de. Ot under *ay Chu obeembe At* t0444.- ta do far loom and Preueldeat A basin state /ratan Cetem thee conference am ereblem to feltee the - e meeting, but a nore ipxectat1v* gatbartod tISY tional one fonder O4 by President Tub., ri fl o hat invited nt Teat African h of Ghana, there wet- telly al atd nor for ambnl at t the, General A _OmOXY bed- 4, Keitak amd have supporta tab boa re.. CamablannA - aneropribte ban oot yet mold* LI tit a believe tba on remaining before completely out the COnneOUbot leardero among 4,04 quies- papoiation..lbe fatted ta Wa- in the economic t of Ate ore- moittioal- duae time is further mars AdOb- factors and Adiap boft meow of t alga beim ardi- me, a t 414 In* Part 4 l!i01:!1,1 :;. bltohnont of blefdr 2N men- the eIp wy to sal* sasses's settee,- A 10 PAVitVgiArty acute Lilo4 thorn sant of smse se unemployed to Auflatton in 4 Approved for Release: 2016/07/05 C06541062