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March 16, 2022
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August 5, 2016
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April 20, 1961
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Approved for Release: 2016/07/05 C06541075 AL II :LURRENT' INTELLIGENCE EKIY SUMMARY CE A -COPY NO. OCI No. 260 April EATAGENCE AGENCY OFFICE Of CUOMO NTtUGLL Approved for Release: 2016/07/05 C06541075 Approved for Release: 2016/07/05 C06541075 CURRENT INTELLIGENCE WEEKLY =MKT ability as ribal grItj pposition to the elan ilea.. At the same Chore indiVAttttiEns til*4 the US d'ha radical Airiest) doptias tougher se. in on 17 Apr parh14 14: rears Congolese Any under dtpo,o1P6r, Ito aeon* *41V s to permit even A thli liter)? presence La thari ad* Bannara I hi* pressare the Ulf Wear to ahip goOda via and Brazzaoille la ouch Canso it Nate& tinverthe state o Idyl I le versed h a to tC ds r9Orra te41y 13 sell Le Leopoldville Bea pate bet pro, Sebring t ems lacing it. to t 'a agreement -calla far the foreign politi. ' natio:Aerie& other than t. Bazaar- Mxylk% to ar- 211 Leta over are efla proh- ** inns, ory 04,0 'a race a. a* Severn-Or the ? of Approved for Release: 2016/07/05 C06541075 Approved for Release: 2016/07/05 C06541075 Apr dotert ItY agOTICieS,, armY. ern part *f led to Ca* UN's Kabul* and tbe Of Twbombet, 4os "tegroao*Aroo." bee� A maier Setnnek tango resident and ha lated e!J% Perstm-0-1 4md rivalr who PA 14Ott am attpt in to create mimiaterahip lhomb6 to torte/ presidantial fuocti has declared these illegalt hot his seen tO dsoInnte later*. be iccoopazied im aati-Selglan set the Otozgolese, and beset es isolated to moan his 00etts311g support Belgian presence. Were* dotersima* mbee tbo zee-M- oe, *Web el, of et mo0., Oike ban in t Katazgap eportediy base be- whether tboy ilia ON bp force. lag lz Elise- o, of laboabes will reiale between the bateit tat QuttoT which the city Nuoataot 0,Ancl Is additio diat issioner HOrmArd ho has tides� * 4 before. apparent for a brief period but elle asentoallY hie position, of imenge And Sayville alias& Oszeral *pall. slit portedly him ablieh bit) I arml 'data urbed to Orientals- border:. blow re -- Melt, Meroceo re agalm atteupttag oriel support to gime, President od Os IS Apell d seed an turbans*, ile and bintod be Seat OR - Approved for Release: 2016/07/05 C06541075 Approved for Release: 2016/07/05 C06541075 ET IL-la &iv timed to oO lila* but Ai last elver tam Boats tbst the ebb rescarcb in'ofpr tive political" coddetorattaces 14 it tha wocestled 1 iy -Moot &,xiet. alittoeigo cisPlered thet both, 04 amber et coolest explosion* their purpose it be *growl by the Tosztpk. 04 *0 the ficialir sot rosexpeb pen the Plall gaol kkoti experioce, thwt wads tot On dot wrat d *rote enring trAt4 telle*ted lesily on of *lepton-4o nie etatee, scree tbs optima 0e11747 61**ASS 004per00 tbe neighboring tebri*. t trenalt Vele- three [sally OSA, clarifte0 as to "ben emit/ 'he Alort 1 bpi) ti au* -1,ti that Wntlaui rkettillied the throe &Me? .00CUX. ttOft 1143 4 remr years. em s otterpts re- previous * Soviet a &sire eitmilaSOU g00- tiee*, tOOM0Mt tro011, 7 Approved for Release: 2016/07/05 C06541075