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March 16, 2022
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August 5, 2016
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May 8, 1961
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for Release: 2016/07/05 C 06541077V/////////////, aloe' se' 8 May 1961 Copy No. C CENTRAL IVIELLIGENCE BULLETIN P-SECR-ET, Approved for Release: 2016/07/05 C06541077 ZApproved for Release: 2016/07/05 C06541077 (b)(3) Congo: Foreign Minister Bomboko's statement on 7 May that the Leopoldville government plans to try Tshombe for treason will heighten tension among his followers in Katanga, who are already concerned regarding possible UN moves to disarm Tshombd's armed forces. An official of the Katanga government has alleged to the American consul that the UN Is preparing an "offensive" against Katanga, and warned that the Elisabethville government would sabotage key mining in- stallations rather than permit them to be turned over to the central government. Hammarskjold his previously indicated that he hoped to appoint a committee to assume Dayal's functions, possibly after his return to Leopoldville for a token period-7 04, USSR: Khrushchev's remarks oh the international situa- tion during a 6 May speech in Yerevan were apparently in- tended to assure the US that recent events in Laos and Cuba have not damaged long-term prospects for the improvement of Soviet-US relations. According to Ambassador Thompson, the Soviet premier laid strong emphasis on the need for dis- cussion of substantive matters in bilateral disarmament ne- gotiations with the US. Khrushchev referred to talks which were to take place "soon" on the disarmament question and asserted that Moscow was preparing for these talks with O k. "complete seriousness." Turning to the recent events in Cuba, Khrushchev called upon Cuba and the US to "live like good neighbors," and in generally restrained remarks on the situa- tion commented that the USSR would like to look "optimistical- ly" on the future course of Cuban-American relations. Khru- shchev reiterated that Moscow desires a genuinely independ- ent and neutral Laos. He made clear his view that an improve- ment in relations with the US depended not only on the outcome of disarmament negotiations but on the settlement of the Ber- lin and German problems as well. He repeated standard de- mands for a reorganization of the United Nations, but called 8 May 61 DAILY BRIEF 11 -TOP---SECREZ (b)(3) Approved for Release: 2016/07/05 C06541077