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April 3, 2019
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April 12, 2019
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June 28, 1961
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Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626796 LIMITED OFFICIAL USE )90 4, - "enee- 77 1 V 1 1658 Buenos Aires MEMORADDUA OF CONVERSATION DATE: June 28, 1.961 PARTICIPANTS: Jacob* Timmerman, Public Relations Specialist for Televieion Channel 9 and a journalist with intimate ties to Rogelio Frieerio, former Secretary for Social and Economic Affairs to the President of the Republic. Irving W. Salert, American Embassy Jacobo T opened the conversation by seying that he was leaving for the ates on Saturday, July 3 in an attempt to meet and persuade former Presiaent Harry Truman an Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt to come to Argentina and partici- pate in a T.V. program tentatively entitled "Argentina Wants to Moe", featuring world-famous personalities interviewed by a panel of outstandine Argentine journalists in an hour-long prozram once a month over Television Channel 9, the Argentine station affilictee witn the :IBC. 4e ecid that he did not, at this tire, ask for U.S. Government or Embassy support, but that he hoped to visit with Edward R. Murrow, Director of USIA, Nhen he visits Washington, but thought that he could arrange this through NBC and, if necessary, American Jewish Committee contacts, sna not use the Argentine or the J.S. embassies for this purpose. Timnermmn said that he was planning to visit other capitals of Europe and that he would invite General MOATGONERY, Pierre MUM FRANCE, and other world- famous personalities, and maybe even David BM GURION, to come to Argentina as guests of Channel 9. He said the Channel was prepared to pay US$5,000 for a fee ana up to USA20,000 or additionsl ezpenses for the services of these personalities. He said that after their broaaceat they (the famous personalities), eould, if so desirea, be given a red carpet tour of Argentina or be permitted to engage in lectures, etc. He said that the Channel 9 station, heaaen by a Dr. 1119;01129_ RECALDEe nes enthusiastic about this project end had given bin careinche -puthorit7 to necoziate for the eervices of outszars-ing le.1:1e7s to appear on the televlsion *ation, pointea out La=.t. it -aaolea to me th:t he shootinli a little ai-Th and that, if I'ers he, I soula nz---te a _IAA of secona or third�choice canzadates who -ere equeily ineortant tut not quite en faeoua es the n-es mantionee oe Timmerman. Timmerman then eent on to say thet the neu Minister Designate of Labor, ...1.47.4.ulatitjaa�, vas a eersonal friene: of his and had invitee him, Timmerman., to join nis "kiechen ceninet" as , eeecial edviseel and that he hi ceceptea. Fe saia that Bruno Quijane, alehoueh very youne in ais- (35j, nes an encellent ceoice -- ea eerienced lawyer -eho yes interestee in meinteinine the stetns ere� in the trade-union movenent and also interested in securing, if possible, lanor-management peace, avoiding .nen poesinle labor conflicts. This, he said, as a political year and Bruno Quijana, a msAcsr of eee elehoueh ceiling nimseig an Aramhuru LIT4ITED OFFICIAL USE Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626796 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626796 LIMITED OFFICIAL USE 2 1 1658 Buenos Aires man, was interested in securing the political support of the Peraniet Am' of the Argentine trade-union movement. Timmerman also said that prior be his departure for the U.S. he was inter- ested in arrangine a luncheon for me eith Minister of Labor Bruno Quijana. I readily accepted. He then said that the key advisers to the Presiaent were, in the main, pleesea witn Ambassador Aclai Stevenson's visit here and su*eestea that they were a little disappointed with the fact that Ambascador Stevenson did not visit with Rogelio Frigerio. I pleaded ignordnce dna sugesetee that the eroeram of the Stevenson visit, norked out eith the fall approval anu consent of the Argentine Government sna P-esiaene Frondizi, was SO conplAely croedee that tnere eaen't a possible mament for visits �trier than those that eere approved end planned in anvence,end pointea out also that the Stevenson teem dianit have time to visit with 'me labor sector because of lack of open time on the program. Timmerman concluded his remarks by saying that he wes certain that the Perunist vote would go DO Guillensto ACURA ARZORENA for governor of the Province of Buenos Aires, and that the Peronists eould not run their own candidate in the forthcoming elections. He sdid if the Peroniets ran a separate ticket, the UCRP candidates would win and this PEON did not want to see happen. He said that despite all of the newspener stores and statements made by the Peronist High Command here in Argentina, Perin '1011.l0. instruct his follevers� at the opporeune moment, to go along with the UCRI. Timmerman said that he was willing to wager that AcuEa Anzorena, former Minister of Labor, eould be the next governor of tne Province of Buenos Aires. ie concluded by san-ine that "the deal has already been worked out." "Frondizi, Aramburus Frigerio end Perin are in egreement on the necessity of maintaining the status quo and the status quo means no., support for Frondixi-selected canaiaates in the forthcomine elections," * 4 * * * * * * * LIMITED OFFICIAL USE Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626796