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April 3, 2019
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April 12, 2019
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May 15, 1961
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Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626797 - Air Pouch CONFIDENTIAL Amembassy BUMS 1437 May 15, 1961 Embassy Despatch 919 of January 27, 1961 Jacobo TIMMERMAN Says Argentina Will Soon Break Relations with Cuba Enclosed is a memorandum of conversation with Jacob� Timmerman, a keen observer of Argentine political affairs and a close collaborator on occasion to the Minera Almine group, a powerful business co ,bine operating in the field of banking, construction, mining, housing, and transportation. Timmerman, who is also a confidant of Rogelio FRIGERIO, former Secretary to the President on Economic and Social Affairs, is a well-known newspaper man and radio commentator and has recently been appointed as a consultant to the NBC-affiliated Television Cnannel 9 here. Timmerman, who was formerly a political commentator for the afternoon daily, La Raz6n, was also instrumental in getting the Minera Alumine group inter- ested in purchasing the Editorial Haynes publishing house, publishers of many popular magazines ana the newspaper El MUndo. Timmerman told the reporting officer that he was shortly to leave for the United States where he was interested in filming a series of interviews with leading members of the Kennedy Administration. He said that after the programs are presented over Channel 9, they will be presented to USIS for distribution to other television stations. For the Ambassador: . � Irving W.. Salert First Secretary of tklbassy Copy sent to: ARA/EST/A MAY 19 1%1 POL: DiSalert: ap CONFIDEliTIAL Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626797 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626797 CONFIDDTIAL 2 1 11137 Buenos Aires said for the Peronists and for Per6n, Frit:erio was the best of the lot and, despite the fact that Frigerio was a highly controversial individual, there was a history of onntrovereial people coming to power in Argentina. Per6n has a good exac,le of that. Timmerman concluded is renarxs seyin thct Frigerio was not enthusiastic, to sey the least, about the Kennemy Aaranistration. Re preferrea the Repuolicans in po.;er. "They are realists who unclerstana the role that bia business must perform," To his way of tninxin:, in oraer or Arzentina to participAte in the power play, she must first organize effe:tively own poher z-zoupin:!s ithin :he Argentine ecoromi. The Democratic AnniniQi,--tions are too aeaicftea to "ew- heaa tneories, socill pro;r.:;ss cad Pssistance for immeaite social action programa." We need," he said, speaking for the aim. of Frizerio, "bi7 business de7elopment in the fiel:Is of electric po-oer, basic industr-, and transport. The Kennedy Amministration is interested ir nousing, food for peace, etc.n The reportin,z officer pointed out that he lid not believe that tne present Aaministration in Washington woula change its social philosophy or orientation simply to please the Fri,yerio school and that U.S. interests were also of major importance, not only to the 150vernmert in Wasninflton but also to the entire U.S. population. Timmerman then said that he unaerstooa this cut that Frigerio and his top team were really naive ,4-hen it came to understanding the U.S. and its basic objectives, i.e., the struggle against Communist growth and penetration. He tnen reiteratea that the Frondizi Administration was dedicated to main- taining a close bond of friendship with the U.S. aria the West in general, and that he uas certain that the Argentine Government .:ould shortly break off tiplamatic relations witn Cuba. CONFIDr.11 TIAL Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626797