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April 3, 2019
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April 12, 2019
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September 26, 1985
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Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626805 VLLLLHNft INDICATE ED COLLECT J CHARGE TO E.0.71= TAGS SUBJECT ACTION. iy la /MO Wilk *out the wows *topmost la ate de je- DRAFTED BY 100106,14thilik1t r CLEARANCES 1. FROM 111410011419Y BMW AIM CLASSIFICATION 12$5. X4610-2. 9-24-4S (02074.1X, SOLIMS,) 0111-11 11=1 PO roams swim sznuaD 11110~11 UMW DIMIMUTS courzarizat num A211XII pass MINOS AIM 7942 1. (f) Jambe fiaerams was aoollad frau Argeatiaa tho wreath, of Sopteldoer 25 by the unitary junta aaterdoeta tatt a decree which also itirtiglist Mak of his Augoatiae ituttioaality, le departed at 2915 hours as hosollaeas Areashitiais flight 414 to Rosa with a trowel doeswaat bearing as Itareall vile. Tiaosaae vas drily* -te the dewatowe Mims airport, aoroPolgoot maid was thee treaefersod to Mit lateroatienal airport Iso by hellooptors with ea additioaal assort heiteeptor Ukiah 1111114114 11.111146 the koseXteese 747 *blob 1/1116111telb isaadtataly beatitit. so eee repeatedly ***evaded to the plane by the Itorneli awry*. Wire wervioee- apported tikat_tipessea telepkwatad his wit* DRAFTING DATE TEL EXT 201 CONTENTS ANDCLASSpligilON APPROVED BY CLASSIFICATION Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626805 OPTIONAL FORM 153' (Formerly FS-413) January 1975 Dept Of State Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626805 CONFIDENTIAL Classification Pogo 2of MRN Janiero and that she would be joining him shortly -1 in Israel. 2. (C) During his interview with Ambassador Castro-- which was almost simultaneous with Timerman's boarding aircraft--General Viola stressed that the expulsion decision had created bitter divisions within the military and had "caused deep wounds which would take a long time to heal.' Viola showed strain and anxiety from the tense discussions preceding the junta deciabn and complained that the timing of the court's decision could hardly have been worse. He implied that the hard- liners had resisted the decision bitterly and that it would have a political impact in many other areas. He said Maio& they had bxpected a possible adverse decision either well before the IANRC visit or a month after, but that the decision during the visit together with the revival of the Campora asylum issue had seriously overloaded the military's circuits. He volunteered that the ampere decision mould be even more difficult and he did not know how that would turn out. 3. (0) GOA certainly complied with its promise to provide %%merman best protection. His manner of travel to the airport is usually reserved for visiting chiefs of state. The Supreme Court published its decision in the Timermanecase on September 25. Decision will be L� subject ovingual; report. Mans of other stibjects disclosed by esptels. CASTRO 0011FID5PTIAL Not, Classification FORM 4-68 FS-413(H)o (CONTINUATION SHEET) DRAFTING OFFICE COPY Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626805