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April 3, 2019
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April 12, 2019
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December 14, 1977
Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Tig CE ERN 9569 152010Z DEC 77. INDICATE = COLLECT CHARGE TO E.O. 11652: TAGS: SUBJECT: ACTION: AMB DCX POL-3 POL/R ECON USIS RF CHRGN FROM AMEMBASSY BUENOS AIRES CLASSIFICATION CONFIDENTIAL GDS SHUM, AR DETENTION OF JACOB� TIMERMAN: LATEST DEVELOPMENTS SECSTATE WASHDC CONFIDENTIAL BUENOS AIRES: 9569 1. SUMMARY: ADVOCATES OF THE RELEASE OF JACOBO TIMERMAN ARE RENEWING THEIR EFFORTS TO OBTAIN THE FORMER EDITOR'S RELEASE AS THE GOA PREPARES 20. ITS EXPECTED CHRISTMAS AMNESTY ANNOUNCEMENTS. TIMERMAN'S RABBI, MARSHALL MEYER, MET WITH PRESIDENT VIDELA AND JUNTA MEMBER MASSERA TO MAKE A SPECIAL PLEA FOR TIMERMAN'S FREEDOM. THE LOCAL JEWISH ORGANIZATION, THE DATA, HAS ISSUED A SPECIAL APPEAL IN THE TIMERMAN CASE. THE BUENOS AIRES HERALD HAS DONE SEVERAL PIECES ON THE IMPORTANCE OF THE TIMERMAN CASE. FOREIGN OFFICE BASED RUMORS THAT TIMERMAN WOULD BE EXPELLED SHORTLY ARE PROBABLY OPTIMISTIC SPECULATIONS, AND IN FACT WE FEAR THAT TIMERMAN'S VERY CELEBRITY WILL WORK TO HIS DRAFTED BY: POL:FAHarris:eg CLEARANCES: DCM:MChaplin POLCOUNS:WHHallma 50153-101 DRAFTING DATE *12/14/77 TEL. EXT. 277 CONFIDENTIAL iCONTENTS AND CLASSItFI AMB:RCastro CLASSIFICATION Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 APJ1.OVED BY: OPTIONAL FORM 153 (Formerly FS-413) January 1975 Dept. of State 50153-201 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 , CONFIDENTIAL. Classification peg. 2 of 5 FS-Of MRN [-DISADVANTAGE AS MILITARY HAROLINERS_ON_IN THEIR HEELS. xuanammimauatztwanumanixxIMMURNIMMEDIMIM XXXXIQUESIMEMICIOCIRECAMPIEECICC END SUMMARY. 2. VIDELA AND MASSERA MEETINGS RABBI MARSHALL MEYER, ACCOMPANIED BY TIMERMAN'S SON, HECTOR CALLED ON AMBASSADOR CASTRO ON DECEMBER 10 TO DISCUSS HIS CONVERSATIONS WITH PRESIDENT VIDELA ON DECEMBER 8 AND WITH NAVY JUNTA MEMBER MASSERA ON DECEMBER 5. 3. MEYER'S SCHEDULED 15 MINUTE MEETING WITH PRESIDENT VIDELA TURNED INTO, ACCORDING TO THE RABBI, AN 80 MINUTE SERIOUS DIALOGUE ON ANTI-SEMITISM AND THE TIMERMAN CASE. MEYER DESCRIBED OPENLY AND FRANKLY TO THE PRESIDENT THE SERIOUS ANTI-SEMITIC PROBLEMS HE SEES IN ARGENTINA. HE FOCUSSED ON THE MISUNDERSTANDING OF ZIONISM WITHIN THIS COUNTRY AS A FORM OF SUBVERSION AND THE IMPORTANCE ISIBISSINEff OF THE TIMERMAN CASE TO ARGENTINE AND WORLD JEWISH OPINION. 4. THE PRESIDENT LISTENED INTENTLY TO THE RABBI'S PRESENTATION ON THE ANTI-SEMITIC PROBLEMS IN THE COUNTRY BUT VIDELA'S MAJOR OBSERVATIONS WERE MADE ON THE TIMERMAN CASE. PRESIDENT VIDELA STATED THAT TIMERMAN WOULD HAVE To CLEAR UP QUESTIONS , QUESTION REGARDING HIS FINANCIAL RELATIONS WHICH ARE uNDERmeeemew DUE TO HIS CLOSE CONNECTIONS WITH GRAIVER. THE PRESIDENT SAID THAT HE HAD ASSURED SECRETARY VANCE THAT THE GOVERNMENT OF ARGENTINA CLEAR HAD NO REASON TO HOLD MR. TIMERMAN, EXCEPT TO/DDEMBMNOCUP THESE OUTSTANDING FINANCIAL QUESTIONS. CONFIDENTIAL Classification Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 OPTIONAL FORM 153/ (Formerly FS-413A January 1971 Dept. of Stet 50153-201 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 CONFIDENTIAL 3 a 5 963Y Pori Classification MRN F-5. PRESIDENT VIDELA URGED THE RABBI TO HAVE THE TIMERMAN FAMILY BEGIN ORGANIZING HIS FINANCIAL RECORDS FOR PRESENTATION TO THE REVIEW BOARD WHICH IS. JUST BEING SET UP TO INVESTIGATE THE ASSETS OF THOSE PERSONS HELD UNDER THE INSTITUTIONAL ACT. THE PRESIDENT SAID THAT THE BOARD WILL BEGIN ITS WORK WITHIN 10 TO 15 DAYS AND THAT IT WOULD NOT TAKE A SUMMER RECESS, THE DEMAND THAT PANEL HAS TWO METHODS OF OPERATIONS. IT WOULD EITHER PROVE MR. TIMERMAN NiMaidenn THE REGULARITY OF CERTAIN SPECIFIC ACCOUNT FOR FINANCIAL TRANSACTIONS OR ASK MR. TIMERMAN TO ateiniALL HIS ASSETS. THE PRESIDENT SUGGESTED THAT THE LATTER METHOD WOULD PROBABLY BE MORE APPROPRIATE AND ADVANTAGEOUS TO TIMERMAN, ,.1,4,,.ce�c.pera..E, .1t4rt'�'41:94. lt.tyl/V-,4114,, "Pio IC :44.1nAcro. :c IF MR, TIMERMAN IS ABLE TO SATISFY THE BOARD REGARDING THE ACQUISITION OF HIS ASSETS, HE WOULD BE FREE TO LEAVE. AT THE 6.A MEYER'S EARLIER 20 MINUTE MEETING WITIIPAVY COMMANDER IN CHIEF/21MM, HAS SERA INDICATED THAT THE TIMERMAN CASE WAS INEXPLICABLE. HE REITERATED THAT HE PERSONALLY HAD VOTED AGAINST PLACING TIMERMAN UNDER THE INSTITUTIONAL ACT AND SUPPORTED TIMERMAN'S IMMEDIATE RELEASE. HE ADDED THAT UNFORTUNATELY THE OTHER JUNTA MEMBERS "DID NOT SEE THE CASE THE SAME WAY THAT NE DID." 7. MASSERA IN RESPONSE TO RABBI'MEYER/S PRESENTATION REGARDING ANTI-SEMITISM IN ARGENTINA PLACED THE BLAME ON THE CONFIDENTIAL Classification Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 OPTIONAL FORM 153A (Formerly FS-413A) January 1975 Dept. of State 601.53-201 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 CONFIDENTIAL Classification 4 5 95 -67 PqM d *PAN rLACK OF CENTRAL MILITARY CONTROL WITHIN THE ARMY, MASSERA STATED, "WHO IS GOING TO GIVE ORDERS TO GENERAL MENENDEZ. EVERYONE HAS HIS OWN FIEFDOM (FEUDO) HERE." ' 8. DATA STATEMENT ----- SHORTLY AFTER THE DATA'S MEETING WITH SECRETARY VANCE ON NOVEMBER 21, THIS CONSERVATIVE JEWISH GROUP ISSUED A CAREFULLY WORDED STATEMENT EXPRESSING THE WORRY AND CONCERN OF THE JEWISH COMMUNITY IN ARGENTINA OVER THE CONTINUED IMPRISONMENT OF jACOBO TIMERMAN. THE STATEMENT RECEIVED LITTLE PUBLIC ATTENTION IN ARGENTINA, WITH THE EXCEPTION OF THE BUENOS AIRES HERALD, . HOWEVER, THE ISSUANCE OF A PUBLIC STATEMENT BY THE DATA IS ITSELF' .f SIGNIFICANrAS IT REPRESENTS A DEPARTURE FROM THEIR PREVIOUS SPEAKING SELDOM AND HOPING. FOR THE REX PRACTICE OP .413:111602MISiten BEST. 9. BUENOS AIRES HERALD CAMPAIGN, THE BUENOS AIRES HERALD, WHICH HAD NOT EDITORIALIZED ABOUT THE TIMERMAN CASE FOR SOME TIME, RAN A STRONG EDITORIAL AT THE TIME OP-ED PAGE OF THE SECRETARY'S VISIT AND A BITING WM PIECE DECEMBER 8. THE LATTER, BY THE HERALD'S POLITICAL COLUMNIST. JAMES NEILSON, COMPARED THE TIMERMAN CASE IN ARGENTINA TO THE DREYFUS CASE IN FRANCE. 10. EMBASSY COMMENT: WITH INCREASING PRESS AND INTERNATIONAL ATTENTION BEING FOCUSSED ON JACOBO TIMERMAN, HIS DETENTION IS BECOMING MORE AND MORE OF A SYMBOL. TO THE JEWISH COMMUNITY, REPRESENT THE TREATMENT ACCORDED TIMMERMAN HAS COME TO/ANTI-SEMITISM AND CONFIDENTIAL Classification Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 OPTIONAL FORM 153A (Formerly FS-413A} January 1975 Dept. of State 50153-201 _Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 CONFIDENTIAL pone 5 0 5 Classification fis10 MRN r-- --1 REPRESSION IN ARGENTINA. FOR MANY IN THE MILITARY, TIMERMAN Is TIMMEMENNECODZEINEZ THE SYMBOL OF "INTELLECTUAL SUBVERSION", WHICH AS THE NAVY'S NEW SECRETARY GENERAL SAID LAST WEEK "MUST REAP WHAT IT HAS SOWN." FINDING A FACE SAVING WAY OUT OF THE Tan aila he very TIMERMAN CASE IOUPUUOUGMOMMOMMOUUMUCCOgre DIFFICULT FOR THE VIDELA ADMINISTRATION. CASTRO CONFIDENTIAL Classification Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 OPTIONALFORMI153A (Formerly FS-413A) January 1975 Dept. of State Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 0.8.3E .TIL313131t3dIAN Rziec44/ $4; . 755.-.9261o/g,sw97 J#, 844,5/ass9/a;A Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 � TIMEHMAN CASE UPDATE I�. New of the September 15 habeas corpus petition requesting freedom for former LA OPINION editor Jacobo Timerman was leaked to the Argentine press in mid-October. The press stories carried resumes of the Timerman petition See Buenos Aires .) that the vacating of the PEN decree by the Supreme Court removed the only basis on which the Executive can continue to detain Mr. Timerman as the Acta Institucional does not give the Executive detention authority. The Attorney General's office has responded to the petition and Timerman's lawyers are now preparing their final rebuttal. TimucIaKtmaf The last of the Timerman children, Hector, left Argentina for Israel on October 7. Mr. Timerman has Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 requested Ambassador Castro and the Israeli Ambassador for their support in seeking his expulsion from Argentina. The message relayed to this Embassy by Timerman's Rabbi Marshal Meyer stated that Timerman would not object to the GOA's removing his citizenship and immediately expelling him from the country. He stated that he would be happy to leave Argentina and to start his career again in Israel. Timerman stated that he would not petition for the right of option as the Supreme has declared that he is not legally held under Executive detetion decree. He feels that acceptance of the right of option would legitimitize his detention and amount to an admission of his guilt. If the government is only willing to release him under the right of option, then he feels he Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 3 has no alternative but to remain under house arrest. He stated that people have paid greater prices and it is something that he must do for "dignity of the Jewish people." Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 rt-tel Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 ,4 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 ( A-4e _ Cf d e /0-1A Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 .� .� ExcLustvE REPORTS BY EN TINE : � JOURNALISTS FOR U.S. JO 4VALISTS Buenos Aires, Argentina Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Cartas de Argentina HOW TO SPEND A FORTNIGHT IN BUENOS AIRES FREE ! See page -95 � I ! . � :Sent by courtesy of . Address ' F loor ...1,..Apartment . , BUENOS AIRES - ARGEN- TINA Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 . , .. � � . . . . . . As a:result of an Upsurge in the foreign slander campaign against Argentina; prin- cipally keyed to the anti-guerrilla fight and 'alleged VlolatiOns'of hurrian'rightaie group! of Argentine. journalists has decided to come together to give a genuine and' untrarn- nieled Viewotwhat la going on here. � �� � ' -. . � - � . The professional journalists who are with me.weric In the, mott'important:newa- �papers and magazines in Argentina. This Country Ida melting pot of immigration and. . . those of us who produce this publication belong to Various races, various faltfie;� and ' er Front � various political and social philoiephies. .:*. ' ; ... . � .. ' * � . - In Argentina, whethe(froin conviction .or�becaUse It sounds. goect;:everybody mut-' rgentina � . .... tersihings about the, government and blame's the people in charge foieverything�that . . gees wrong: � � � � � � � .. � " . ,. � � . .,.... . ..- But above" all-thie:We're-patrietiC 'and the-elandiirtarriplign' hurts.. It'triiii it' r � � � - ,. Exclusive reports., prepared by Argentine � . . Journalists for journalists In the US � Av. Santa Fe 4134�Plso 8�."0" � Telefono 71-3668 1 42 5 - Buenos Aires - Repittlica Argentina STAFF :Editor i Antonio Rodriguez Carinona : .� � . � ;Gesk.E.dlter,.� :Martin Attica � � :Associate Editor: Rosa Julia Bellizi Contributors to this Issue: Orbarto Beladrich � Claudio Bramanti HT-Granad . � . � generated by spurious Interest And this is one thing In which prefeeelonatiournalists worthy of the name won budge. We brUmble, but were not traitors: Seme.'unfor- tunate economic circumstances affect us,, but we're not starving. We have some res- triQtlons on information', because afterall� a state of war. but Wedon't live. under. any dictatorial censorship-. On the. contrary, the. amount of news padereand.Mage . . zlnes in Argentina grows all the time:, in this travail which we have been through as a result of the guerrilla attack coor- dinated by. the Fourth international in Paris, the public supported the fOrrner'Peronist goVernMent and the' Current' one. Peronlim as a mass force alwayS frontally. rejk3cted� . subversion arid fought iton every front, refusing to support If politically. � � Nor are we anti-Semitic; as has been said. 'No government ever campaigned agaldf'.� Jews. because Aroentina we have alWavs lived In freedom and tolerance from much. longer ago than many other, see find criticize us from theirinfor.- . Mahon centers. * - ���� . , ' � � . . . �� And�dUr7inal.cornment to out U.S. colleagues and brotners Isinetwe ire-neither an �offl�i flora government-sponsored publiCatien.� Thiele a-vicirli of fajth;�the tier:VW' �� thing.that leso nooulat In the�United States: The most sianifIcant financial support Lester from Argentina corrieS�from�US Buns which operate here. �-� � r ��� � . :. If WehaVe financial' difficulties. It Is because there is no support from Argentine! companies nor from government Offices and departments .� The Arg'entine.Cltizen'e . 'classic "What, me wotryr attitude is probably the reason Why there leholcicat:s0p- � pert. We hope that we can give some sort of an example,' not merely to defend Our- .;selyes.against,the aggressive attack of autiversidn, but also go out and attack in turn � .'shorving all the good thingo In Argentina. � . � ...This is�What Letter from Argontina�, . . . � � . � . - Ante ei-reCrudedimienteliela-campafta-eitranjerade-desCrecilto-contralithrgentina, .. '--??"-7--7!-- � os-A Live nal .M�a Mateos Ana Maria Mattas Jorge 02 Patacios Noted.� Raffled � Fernando Sanchez Zinny �'Eduardo Torhasai ��e.s--pa�pral_nTekttecirtiClucTfi�.,ammlig.uerfilrerai,--yz�la-7p�rearntirvaiefft�de--,14.-. dprechoe�humaripe; 4171�"grupade p,eriodtstat Argentines nes haMoS propUbatO der une� � .. irhageri reai y verdade.ra de la activIdad _nacional.. Les PeriodidteeprofeSIOnales�que ,, tratiaian en los principaies diaries y revIstaeargentinee,�y en este :razes nuestrci, pertenecemos los que ?lace:M.06.1 � "cARTAs .DE. ARGENTINA�. a distintes. razas, credos; filosOfias politIcad"socials;' Los argentinos, somos por�conviCcion O. pot qua queda eihiges.'de Murrnurer contra el gobierno y atribuirtodos nuestros problernas a los.que mandenl: � � Pero por sobre tbdo..somos argentinos y nos dueid la camParle internacional centre,' nuestro pais. PorqUe ho es cierta. Es tette* Interesada yen eso los..beriedIstas- . profeSionales que hecemoe este amide informative, no transartroe.'Noa quejamOs,. .per.o. no somos traidores;� nos ckielen algunas CircunstanClas econemicasdesfaver. pero no nos morimos de-haMbre; sufrimos algenasitmitoclohei.en Ia intor-� rnacidn; . per la guerra en la Otis estambs empeflados contra la gUerrilla,. prim no vi- virnosbajo una censure dictatorial. Cada velhey mas periddlcot y revistasen. Argon-, tina En todo este proceso," en 'que nos hemos %fist() Inmersod per el ataque de le '� � geerrIlladIng.idedesde pans perla IV InternaCional, el puebto.estukie con el goblernia peronista. anterior y con el � gobierno actual, apoyando a sus fuerzas armadas,- La � masa" popular perOniste, rechazo.siempre frontaimente a la subversion Oa cOtnbati6 en�todds los Rented y restandole.apoye politico. Tampocia somos antlsamitaa, come se ha dado en deck per�ahl. NingUn goblerno reek� campaltealguna; porqUe en Ar- gentina viVimos siernpre.�en una liberted anti-cipade en muchos Arles, a.:la de taiga' naciones que ahora permiten qUe se nee desprestigle desde� skis' centre's de infer- � Mack*. . � � Per Ciltimo- les decinios inuestros hermanoi y colegas nortearhericanos(no Samba. � publIcacien Oficial ni gubernamental, Este es una'obra de fe, a la quo uatedee son, ' tan propenses en sueobjetives. El mayorrespaido financier!) a nuestrotostoso.ser- � vicio de informaciOn en .:"CARTAS. DE ARGENTINA" proviene de las empresas, nor-- tearnerIcanis .que .opetan en nuestro medic?. QuIza tenemos dIfIcultadee financleres; .por que no hay respald.o eh las ampresas argentInas ni en las repartrciones.oficiales.0 gubernarhentales El claslco "que me importa" del argentine, tarfiblenle.hace retaceaif � la cola.boraciOn a nueatra publicaciem.�EsPeremos que nosotres demos�el ejemple.a los argentines para pasar no.a defendemos del ataque levede; agresiOn�periodistica International, sino que tOmemosja ofenshia demostrar todo�lo bueno que�tiene nues- tro pais: Ese es lo que quiere haCarro."CARTAS�DE�ARGENTINA'-��� lo noi; � , cl.!: � . . � � � ' � �ELDlbiliii �. , . Rag istrO Nacional de' la, Propiedad%-� � InteleCtUal. N� -1'392.664 ��� � . ��� � ' � : ." ConCedidn del ' Correo', Argentino; . F(educida; 2877 � Fran- .2-queb Pagado:'N16 � . � �.. . � , hereby authorize our US colleagues to treeiy:reprint; completely or in part, any 'of.theseepecial reports. We *Quid be hap-, py to receive the publications which "Let- tar from Argentina", is sent to, on an ex- � ;.chtiage. basis.:.Rlease. address correspon. ,dence or send 'exchange, copies to "Letter Argentina",; Avenia Santa Fe 4134, 8/.0,' 1425 BUENOS AIRES, Argentina. : � ; For additional information on Argentine, / please write "LETTER FROM ARGEN- TINA", Avenida Santa Fe 4134 8/0, 1425 BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA. . Letter from Argentina Page 2 � Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Letter From Argentina _ . TABLE OF CONTENTS Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 , Current Eventa ' . 4 - "We'll forge ahead", by Monsignor Derisl ' '' 6 A Jesuit's opinions, by Giovanni Ruin S.J....: .. : ' . 7' Interview with Brigadier General - Orlando Agosti , � � Pslcopathy ob subversion ' 9 , Agony and ecstasy (1973-75) * ' ''10 � The end of a montonerq captain 11, � Timerman and Campora: two crooks 12 - 'A victorius general: Luciand B. Menendez 13 Who wants kill Campora? 14 New York Times, Juan dEiOnis and I 4 �. � < 'Nobody persecutes psychiatry ' . In Argentina 18 ' Three women 20 -. The antl-Semitism question 22, .. 10th Congress of Jewish Communities 23. � ' One million argentine muslimS '24 , "The way I Think"� '25. 1.0 � . � 1.0 years after "Populorum Progressio" 26 A reply to Me. Carter '27 US Chamber of Commerce ' �L-l2Leta_he1p_Argenitn.a...---�.� � � � � ��-� � ��� � � .: � � ; � � 29 - '-, ___�___,LIntentiewwittktneloreigirmin ister----- _�_,.-,...: 32�:........,..._ .� -..� "La Nader," newspaper 34 � � - "Cinema is a means of. expression', by � . L.Torre NIlason , . . - 36 ' Momentoes of the Past 39. The tango:, a.syrionym for Buenos Aires ........, _41, ,.. Art. Gallery � � ' - 43' - "liandru"', humor always, In fashion . 44 ' . . Better jourrialists and commentators ' � `"' � ' 45 � � ATANOR, a furnace stippiying Argentina ..' :. "For things to be more than things"' .. ... : . ........." 50. The Revolutionary objectives � �' .- - � '62' A giant project: Saito Grande ' � �'' 53 Governor Saint Jean's performance in office . 54 Reople,- � 55 TheANOrld Cup steersMan ' ' 58 Peter Heinlein and the World CUP 59. Jose Maria Munez, . � "the sportscaster athe Americas"60�Plate, Metropolitan Champion . 61 Wings for the World Cup. ' '' ' 62 . . . _ . i3Oca Juniors in the American Soccer Championship? 63. Reutemann's last chance .� ' 6,4' Polo: Moore's School 66 Hunting the ferocious wild board' 67 Aragon Hotel Chain 70. TheSouthern Lakes: � Temptation fortravelers . 72 ' [Let's go eat out! - � � .; 74 Franzosi, master of masters .��..5.:i. :.1011��..� -7.5 Casares,1Grey.&ASS9Ciates . . , . � .. . ri et)sv ia.riei.a. ,,1113 , . Selection of features ir.t.apaRIMI,::.�:::fil�eAT:FAE)".'����iqr- ' AG,EN.94+w..0 9 � . � . � - Guest Editorial's by Atexerider Perry tik. � . . President Of the American Chamber Of .Carrimerce in Argentina. As president of the American Chamber of Commerce In Ar-. �gentina :,-and as an Am,erican:cltizen carrying out business :IkArgentina� I fully share the optimism, concerning Argen.r. � tina's..potential and economic possibilities, .w_hich has .been 'generated in .business circles,�botn herepand abroad, :by the adoption-in:Argentine�government circled:of airee4nterprise_ approach. . . . , I am fully 'aware that this. approadh, ban only .be implemen- ted gradually;.-..that, thanks to years (and, in some reOiCte.. .decades)' of ,economic mismanagement, the country's rise to *edonom lc soundness end-indeed greatness has to begin frOm a considerable depth into.whichlt had fallen:, and that the road- ahead � is difficult and not Without pitfalls', economic, social and political. .,Argentina, the country where I have chosen to...carry out muy. businessilfe,. the country to which I contribute muy ef fortSboth in :a private capacity and as a Chamber of Commer- ce official, and which I am certain will repay these efforts I . Mention.; is one of the countries which' constitute exceptions to that, overall..trend towards paternalism and Interference by thestate-A-think that all of us who: have for years: been urging the' rollback of �the state and the freeing .9f-the Market, as a general principle, should give aur backing to the place where our policies have been put into practice. I aan express It even More'clearly: I think' foreing companies.which believe in free enterprise should actively abnelder investing- In Argentina, -not only for the material rewards which It will bring as a business operation, but to help 'strengthen the econoMic. leaders.hip which put into practice the principles these com- panies stand for. If that leaderahip falls,.through lack of sup- port, it will in all probability be claimed that; the reason it.dld so,..was that the, principles were faulty �it will be forgotten 'that. 'What Was missing was appropriate, backing at the right � time � " � - - � �Ing-.--ztttrans tatedlzintoarnoreziimmediateterinszzi � Not thatra'decision to. invest In Argentina and its future need only be taken as a kind of gesture of solidarity With the � free. enterprise principles where it is being brought intO'full being:-Far- frorn it. I believe that it will also bee- a paying � proposition. ,..For this adoption .of a .market -4esonomy�� philosophy� this unusual event nowadays�',.took place-ln. a coirritW.which has a lot going foc it. . . - � �� -Argentina ja a large, viable,country. its area is equal to a third Of.. that .otthe continental United States:. in.drable land, ranks Jiftfr in the world, and much of is. not frie- realy arable.; fits prodigiously fertile. Argentina has a�don= � . siderable, diversified industrial Infraestructure; it'is virtually ;Self7iiifficlerit�in oil and natural. gas, and the recent reversal of, eponomic'policies has pet in 'motion the.thalkof events 'whIckwill shortly allovilt to become fully self-sufficient, as indeed it 'already was at one point twenty years ago. The population has a high level of general education and 'many in- dustrial skit* manpoWer is an Argentine plus in the same. way as its alniost untapped mineral Wealth :and its tourist potential: � � � � � .- � . . � In rrivy Own'business life I have been connected with the � Ceinent Industry and With�mining in the Andes range. But in- .vePtmerit opportunities in Argentina range overa wide sppeC-� � trurn, from farming'and cattle' raising: to � Industry in all its branches, Vilthout neglecting the "industry without chimney- s'!, tourisni. Bright opportunities beckon, for instance, in.' food. processing and-other agro-industrial activitiea, as well as in energy_ develobrefent in its various toertis; and in ccin't's muniCatiOnS. Especially favored are'Investments which make'. good use of local resources 'and manpower, Increase exports Improve existing technology, etc. � Are you Ihterested In Argentina? TheAtnerIcan Chamber of �Commerce wilt be happy' to provide information; asistanCe � 'and. guidahde. � � 1 Letter from Argentina Page 3 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 CVMSIMM21 8\218M218 _October was quite a Special month fort Argentina. It began with the chase and Capture of 'pirate Russian and Bulgarian. fiShing .boats isee separate. report in this . Issue).. The boats had flagrantly and re- peatedly violated the:200-mile continental sea limit, accepted by every country in. the � world after the III Conference Of the Seel � � ThelArgentine Navy's attitude in not ad- � muting even, the slightest violation of Ar- -geritirieS-OTiefelpty was unanimously ap- plauded by the public. It meant giving. practical and unmistakable forth to every' .thing that had always been said regarding. the defence of our heritage, material or spiritual either when threatened'openly, as in: the case of the fishing boats, or obvertly,. as in 'the case of subversion and itsmanycOlered activities. � - The Foreign Minister, Vice-Admiral Os-' car Antonio � Monies, was also warmly ap- � 'plauded when he spoke at the 32nd Ge- neral Assembly of the United Nations (see, separate story in this. issue). Ationtes ra- . tifiect Argentina's traditional' support fon all: fair causes', starting with Argentina's claims on the Malvinas. Islands and con- cluding with support for a Middle East homeland for the Palestinians., And *And the key'figure in national diplomacy (the word is not a euphemism In this case) warmly welcomed the treatment, given to the Panama Canal questionby the govern- ments of the United 'States and Panama. He said it was' an example of the virtue of negotiation instead of force in the solution of international disagreements. Meanwhile, statements by the new US rn bassad or-Ttcr:Arge nti r-Ra4I�Cas _ ReTellMt semi, "rm-goitigio-feel-asiffwas-afhomer-- beciuse I. know the language and the en- vironment. I have often visited that country end- I like it because it is open, and� sin- cere":' � Mr; Castro; former governor of Arizona, "is in .no doubt that Latin American cOuns- tries 'have agreat affection for the United States. I hope that in the future the United States will be able to accept that affection In good faith". This is what everybody In Argentina wants, too. " In .COrdoba, Planning Minister General Ramon Genaro Diaz Bessone said that "ii is necessary to labor untiringly toWards national unity, which means no conces- sions to anything that could lead us to stagnation and retreat". �The general's statement was, nothing more than the truth when he said that. "there can be no democracy in:Arrientina without. political parties, but it is neces- sary to take into accoUnt the opinion of the: Intermediate groups". It is necessary � to ,stress that those groups' lack of represen-* fatNity led to a maze' of.disorganization in Whicti this,party's cause became lost in the narrow, confines of Individual ambition' - � And ambition' Economy Minister Jose Alfredo: Martinez de Hoz returned meanwhile from, the. United States, where he' received as- �surances of warm support for the April, ,1976 economic program. The support was materialized � in financing and various in- dustrial investment projects. . . Interior Minister General Albano Eduar- Letter fromArgentina Page 4 Planning Minister General Raman Diaz Beason. Foreign Minister Montes;always active, was Meanwhile engaged in denying that Argentina Intended to make a pact with South Africa for the defence of the, South Atlantic. This was another proof or the AO of responsibility of understanding of certain foreign news agencies,.but Monies' denial clarified the situation. .: He made the statement himself without interme- diaries._ -And General. Roberto Viola, Chief' 'of Staff of the Argentine Army told a busines- smen's meeting that it is imperative that Argentine youth understand and assi- milate the objectives of the National Reor- ganization. Process and adopt them as their own. �"An extended period Of .suc- cessiVe crises in the recent history of Ar- gentina was the factor which conditioned a confused and confusing society," Viola said: "Subversion, with its negative, des- tructive and dissociative charge, pene- trated this weakness, exaggerating con- tradictIont,., Irritating': injuries, and ge- nerating violence." General Viola insisted in his idea of the "moral recovery" 'which rules the. present process and stressed that the future will -belong to those who are mature and res- ponsible enough to lead. � In 'another, reception, Ali: Force Com- mander-in-Chief Brigadier Orlando Renton Agostk asked rhetorically, "What sad of a ' dictatorship is this, without a dictator, and with an institticional mechanism. Which guarantees the replacement of the men in- the most important posts? What sort of authoritarian governmdnt is this, in the Aande.-.-.ot-theltfflatitcunshakably7-sepport. _ 1=--L-Ahre-dirritNtireZdeln-O-dradY..-W,tiatZsbritliof. - -.Meanness can-be laid 'at the foot 'of those of Us Who have voluntarily cut short the time in which We will exercise power?" . And General lberico Manuel Saint-Jean, Governor of the Province. of Buenos Aires, said. emphatically that it "Was necessary to do away with the myth that poverty is the result of injustice, because poverty is In fact the result of underdevelopment." The farmer is the most important figure in the development of the Argentine. farming economy, said 'the governor. "The' farm economy must be transformed" he said.. "We must cease sending bulk grains abroad and in future send only processed foodstuffs.". President of Argentina � Lieutenant' General Jorge Rafael Videla meanwhile received journalists from Iran and. gave them a rundown of what conditions were like in Argentina when the present military government took over. He said that within the regulations -of the "state of siege" (built in to the National. Constitution), "we have taken measures which for the ma- jority of Argentines guarantee the full use of these rights, like the:right. to-work, to travel,' to study, and to. give an opinion, even to those who, by virtue of subvertive aggression, tried to restrict thoie, rights, plotting against the freedom and dignity of Argentina." � . Monsignor Juan Carlos Aremburu. do Harguincleguy also discussed political organizatiOn. In Entre Rios he said that - "dialog was starting at all levels, muni- cipal; provincial and national."He said the objective was a political project to be ins- -trumented through the Economy Ministry.. There was an event Of spiritual signi- ,ficance too, in October, when over300.000 faithful marched on foot to the sanctuary of. Our�Lady 'of LUjan. This was a Mature 'reply; lull of faith in the Patron of Argen- tina. Monsignor Juan Carlos Arambutu, Cardinal-Archbishop of Buenos Aires,' prayed for the unity of the nation and the church, for the success ;of the�Episcopal. Synod' which at that time was meeting in the Vatican, and for the intentions of Pope Paul VI. . in October the government rejected a � court appeal- by former President' Hector Jos�aMpora (see story in this issue), whoVried?liretnanded a life pensiOn. The. Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 \ Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Sr o J L BV MVO executile said. that this was net applicable. in the case of persons "responsible for damage to the- higher interests of Argen- tina". The military courts have ordered *court- martial proceedings against eight-of. the people connected..with the economic and subversive Grahrer gibup, after the pre- liminary Study of available documents and statements by the detainees. The public reacted with satisfaction to this Important step Which will mean suitable punishment for those Who used � for their benefit the -political process which midst expectations generated in the last 40 years, who ravi- shed this process in their own criminal cause, _ . � At Mid-menth. President V.Idela told 'the Christian Management. Association that.. the National Reorganization Process "did: not have an established time limit, but that "in politics, immobility is Costly". TheAr- gentine President reminded businessmen of their social responsibilities at these critical times, and said that their present living standards were "preserved by lives offered up by heroes and martyrs". VIdela stressed again that this time 'there would be no repetition of the mistake Of guick� elections based On unstable agreements. He said the armed forces 'would submit a .proposal to the ration "in due course. and ..In "dye form". To this end � he said the government "needed to develop political. responsibility with increasing-possibilities for an active consensus". . General Roberto Viola, ' a 'separate development the govern- ment decided � to consider development, production, use and control of atomic energy "of high priority riational-interest". Rear-Admiral Carlos CastrO Made- ro;PresIdent of the National Atomic Energ- �y Commission � ONE'A has 66 days in Doctor Raul Matera, an eminent Argen- �4hich to suggest organic, functional and ti�ne-neuros.0 rg eon-and-a-1. o rmer-Pe rOn I st.�..-admini ittellY.Q7-hleaaufea10:-Ptit-.!n_to-effect Iona p no - n.- ea -o,-'� -gen main- e- e .0-s ra eg c-in us res . _ the world, there is no robi, for excessive A 'significant October event was the trip party influence, which' is the real sickness :tci Spain and Italy of navy Commander-in- of democracy". When the time comes for Chief Admiral Emilio Eduardo Ma r -I-1 "a� new political period,", Matera said, "severe�self-criticism will, b necessary'. At .this time nobody:In Argentina is In a hurry far elections". He went on, "we don't went premature agreements nor Is eiectoral vic-. tory.our only objective". � was r'eceived In a special InterVIew by Pope Paul VI. AdmiraF Massera's trip to Europe was specifically connected with navy subject's, but the opportunity was seized for. him to personally see Spanish and Italian leaders � DeCtor Real 'Meters . � �representing the. two' countries who' provided the greatest amount of Immigran- ts to Argentina. � � - � � Masseia's statements abfoad pave a very clear. pa.norama of the political and titutionar situation of Argentina, with that spontaneous frankness so characteristic pronouncements. Almost at_the - - �- -- � � Latin American syippogium on busirTell -cooperation in Montreux, Switzerland. Some. important 'subversive documents were discovered showing a psychological Dian to spread .rumour and confusibn. in Firome;Admiral Maisera said that the National Reorganization Process"must necessarily be an extended one" and that the problem is not.dates but the shape that � will be given to the turnover of power. � ffi � � ; ,;-.-Vice:AIMIrante Oscar A. Months Two, major personalities come to 'Argen- tina at the end of the month: French Presidential envoy Michel Ponialowski and � President of Gabon Al Hoeg Omar Bongo, -the' first African head of state to visit Ar- gentina. -Both discussed areas of mutual :interest and -reaffirmed their support of- Western democracy. And Foreign Rela- tions Undersecretary Navy Captain Gualter ,Allara went to.New York to present to the United Nations Argentina's position on at; lairs Of topical interest, and to coordinate 'details of the trip to Argentine of US Secretary of State Cyrus R. Vance on .November 20. In,that period a partial trent- portation conflict was worked out by dialog between workers and the govern- ment. The latter stressed the "patriotism" � orthose who'returned to work in search of s reasonable solution. The situation was 9xplOited ,by terrorists to cut down three innocent people (a police seargenti a sociologist and a retired air force major), 'and -to stage a bomb ' attack on khe Labor. Ministry. There were nO casualties. Letter from Argentina Page 5 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 IT THE RECTOR Of THE ARGENTINE CATHOLIC .IJNIYERSITT:. a . _ �Letter frail?, Argentine interviewed Mon- - signor Octavio Derisi; auxiliary bishop of La � Plata .(1.3u_e*:4S Aires_province.),_university._ professor and rector, .of the "Santa Maria de � los Buenos Aires Argentine Catholic Uni: versity, *among �many other distinction � asked Mgr. Derisi what he though about the � subjects which are mainly in the news in Ar- gentina today:: � -Nronsignor Octavio ponding member of tgiTh Nicolas beds' was born Society of Philosophy of �,PergaminO, .BA Louvain (Belgium), a province .on- April. 27: : titular member of .the 1907.. During his. career . Philosophy,Seciatiee of �. in the church, he has' Mexico and Peru, a' � �, tield�the :highest po'- regular member of the , � sitiqns and has devoted National Academy of - hiinsellto study�and: io:�.� Moral and Political terpretatiOn of path-olio Sciences of the. St � Th-eology :arid Thomas Aquinas Roman sop*, . AcadeMY and ' Monsignor Derisi is a -a cories onding member. ' 'doctor- in Philos'ophy.: .of toe Roman Pontiticial �:and 'Sciences" and in � ,.Acad.emy Of.Theology.. Sacred theology; a dec-. Monsignor Derisi has _IL�to4in_RhitosqPtLY�and�Le"deti.'Ved . i41numer�e-- sor of Normal, and , "Special Training. in ;������;�Philos.ophy� 'In that univerSity, � .. . He is the head of the . Santa Maria del Buen � .� ;Aire. ppntificial univer- sity �and �DUCAL, the Organization of Latin American Catholic Universities. He *has presided over the Coun- .� 01 of Rectors of Private Argentine Universities. and the Latin. American Society. of Catholic Philosophers. He is a regular mem- ber of the Argentine �Academy of Letters, a titular member and founder of � the . Tomfst Argentine Society of Philosophy, a corres- 29136Oks of his own and . . Jour: .translations of 'philosophical works by. Men 'such,. as Reginald GarrigouLagrange. or �� Jacques. -Maritaih, ' � �among : othOrs.��He � has also written same '700 � papers, on philosophy, .published in specialized. magazines all over the world. He' has :touched � on numerous subjects, � -...apart from' philosophy' and theology, including' art, .psychology, the history .of culture and' � 'others, St. Thomas.' Aquinas', -AriStotle; Benedetto Croce.' Heidegger, John XXIII, � St Augustine and others' � are among tshose he has studied:. Dialog with Mo.nsignor Derisi is easy because "he ansWers questions 'gene- rously, howewer difficult they.seem. We asked him about. the role he envi- saged for the church in Argentina at the present, time,. and at all levels. � 1. He Said that "the church's role is deter- mined by its Mission. St Thomas Aquinas' said that whenever a society .was to be considered, � it was necessary to meditate on its purpose and its constitution. In the Letter frdir Argentina Page 6 : . � .� .� . � . � � � . � � . The Rector of. the 'argentine catholic University, MotisIgnoi Octavio Modal': � .case'of the church,' its' retie is. Clearly sal- �villori, as it 'receives, arid �transMits,, the ..redempion of Christ. He built it up..a. a hierarchical society, of which the: Pope is. the' Vicar and the Bishop's the sucdesspti: bUthe Apostles. GOing from the gsner0.111 the particular, 'in order to 'save�Mait�ifile church mint take him Over .ciomPIA.tety';1 a Christian must 'always. be a Christian, whatever hts profession' -economist,, politician, jurist, etc." � � � � .` � . ''But,�': "he added, !'temporal activity is the 'prerrOgative of the state,ahd catholic -seglars, who have to transmit the Lorin- -ciples of Chribtianity �daily, living: 'The as such, should' riot 'rtitivd a'plgthing to do nith temporal activity, bVt":is' � should." incli.rectly.: ac ti 566 oti�t Rai s h I fig qh it" WO Weal...Weis pro- cesses (politics, economy, culture, etc) Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 - Here the �church should Play its part be :cause of Its principles. -The church does �� not have, temporal solutions. because the church's Social Doctrine consitts�precisely In -those moral principles in all these ac- tivities. But lay Christians have the-duty of sating directly based- on the doctrinaire technique.. For this .reason; at the last catholic University graduation, .1 said that We'. haiiiindertaken to cooperate, sits a University With the government ot the ar- med services, at this time which is se im- � for Argentina. � � . � � ' � �Oink' that' everybody in -Argon, lina'shotild play his: part; becipae, as.1:a1- . se. Said On that oC.caslon, the armed forces' ,are not.. a. 'party but *the expression of the :Argentine PeOidle".. � ' � :Not long agp�PresidentVidela said that .national recoVery inust be based on.,the ovatties-of Christianity for it to have any, per- . -Menet-foe. The Banta ,Marja de!. Buen Aire Catholic tiniversitY-bris 'already, graduated 7,50 studente with...this, policy, and one of -them-, ls . at ..the niothent Commerce Se- cretary. And our graduates play *fief r;roles every aspect of national life. .". ' ;. Speaking in general terrns.f think young peOple 'have to play- a .rnajor� role. .They 'don't' have the 'prejudices adults 'have, .40 . they, pan. embark :on .prOjects :with -a muChAreaterpurity.of intentions.' � ".theepriversation then a subjet whl,t' is of fundamental importance everyz Where', M. the :World; terrorist violence,-. which appeared to �have increased again Monsignor Decis( first: looked at the problem frOm -the national angle when: he said "organizationwise, the .guerrillat, teefn!lo,hav,e. beep beaten.�"There's still a lot to do, :thou'gh'. -He said, however, that �Ahls upsurge because the terrerts- 'IS :feel i� they've: got lo react against the beating �� got:oiter the hijacked airliner . ,.couldfighthedonisrti, pornogrephy,letc. �� Christ's appeal'it e real and'afervorotis. one..' one has to achieve it. 'The tions can get in via mass.CoMMUnicattont Media: after that comes More SySternatiC formation". . ,The interview finalized, with a *staterrient "by Monsignor'. Deriti, whicth, we have re- prOducecl becaUse 'di: itilaritY 'and be- cause it needs he further'comment:�; ."Argentina now has a wonderful oppor,, .tunity to return to its road Of.grandeur and � t evere, a.,decline that' started erdund 7 100. We needn't aSk ourselves why right nowf.. the ;Important things is for Us to . become ..powerful !again, building into: ,..� logether drtMelence, itcould expand; 'but ut .goyerriniehts' do Workout a common', :policy *lents won't prosper". ('Speaking as' a Priest, , he enunciated: another heoremt �"Youthf.must be '.given ideals to' fight with�. very often the yeung� haveseen nothing.round.theni,but violence! and Marxism. If all 'those mistaken people the right' road they-Can Werk.; for the,.gOod� *of 'humanity arid, 'country,".' � �-�' - � � ,., � , ""Pastorally speaking there is an, event' � which. has occupied, the, 'attention, of,�Ca- " �thOlica all over�the 'world. The Synod of' 8;ishopt,rnet all through October in BOrne - and its main Working._ subject Was�im-, _Proving',theipropagOon Of Christianity In this :Connection.. Monsignor Derisi con Siders-that, "the Catechism our children rebeiVe in � 'churches � and aohOof Is. still' valid, because I think it's the'bestsway to form their faith:.' Bat nowadays constant use is required of 'mass communication media to-reach 'out to as many people at possible (radio, TV, newspapers, maga- zines and other information sources). This is the best way to get across to the bigger social echelons.; by -doing things .the traditional way the response is likely to be More reduced. I thirik.that if mass com- munications media were Used adeq,iately, a double purpose could' be achieVe one hand we could' get across witt4ur Met segeAnd on't�helOtherz#e ci9,41d,ay..0 letting peopleoget tockgiftabgur � 4 f ou nded-n,o-less-th a n-1-2-7.-years,ag 4.wateured4at-Aogadishii - � . " � future generations a love for the Fatherland Then we must try to imbue other social . echelons � with �thYS sentiment. The re-: quirement otthe day is for facts to blot out the spurious image of a riven,defeated ,co-untry. We.are bio country an I'm con-. ' � vinced we: can progress. The tools that res- ponsible peciple should use are the moral reserves Of�faith:�This is. the, way to attain' the material'values that are their, conse- quence in any well-ordered society. . Argentine history is limpid and: the peopleare -magnificent�ristian and. Wes- tern. They require education and 0. re- Shaping Of , national consciende, love of .country, work and sacrifice:. Jesuit's opinions . � � ',The Italian Jesuit ipriett Gioyanni� Rulli � Weht through' auenos,Airet recently on his way from Rome -tO7 visit several ti,atin American ;countries, During hi S stay here ha called on preminent;governinent and" church persOrialities, � including foreign, Minister NI:antes and 'Apostolic Nuncio Rib � . �. �, , . � Interviewed by_us,lhe told us hgPPY � fe'was at .being. again, in Argentine., .this is--his'foutth'..visit. He said he found that. things herewetemoving up and that con-'� ditions,�ware'rCertainly not-as bed as had been said abroad. � � . is one of the most [moor- tent CathOlichurch joUrnalists .and 'his' .6PiniOn� will therefore be. of, PartiCular in- � terest�heyour.AMerican colleagues: handles foreign informatibn and neWS, .In the ;Jesuit 'magazine "La Civilta Cattolica",: yjhith is' a prestigiout: ma- � gaziria fi lf-tkatiVkatiretit?ap!:--:-:-; 'Pe cribers-Werldwide; but its influence ; � more than; its circulation suggests,' be- � cause-it reflects the political, social and � .cuitural Viewpoint of theChurcrftfierarehy, . � Very ofterf:Some issues are sold 'out and have, to -he; re.pripted, particularly, when they* dist.uss .fUnda mental prOblerns of ;the . time, its ..inflUerice la so Marked that its subicriberS..include foverhment officials arict,Oroiriithiio in Rmssia'and-othff iron purtein.cOulitrieS. � etkedliirn bo' he envisaged the role Ofthristienity at the present time, as itap- ,peared to be on,t he way to being displaced bOther currentS 'of thought ,which. held .vaseereat'Of the world,'"Chris- tieriity' is 'very Much Rulli, "betauie, it basically depends- ,on hu- Maniern, net taken Into account by:iriy�of 'the 'Other philosophies. Man, in, the' Image of God, 'is the basis Of.,Chrlatian. 'doctrine, which is very much superior to anything else. "Pope .Paul VI has presented himself to the world as a human apostle; as he said addressing the United. Nations or speaking in- his encyclicals. He has confirmed this klithr his open rejection of. the German terrorists when ..he offered himself as a � hOstage a few day's ago. In effect, Paul VI Was 'telling them 'as .yoU are incapable-of 21,ciroiVing these' innocent people, take my . � � , '''thrt,is, a teal and perfeCtact Of Christian. �� � "love.:: nit generous' of fee-' produced Such � an. that in Italy; even leftwing *and anticlerical 'newspapers,strested. it with unstinted praise..."' We suggested 'to Father:Ruili that. it is idoubtful whether Marxism and Christianity can coexist. He 'Said 'that 'ideologically it 'was impossible: "I believe"; he said, "that in the very long term Communism will lose � its.athelsticbasis� and will return to Chris- lien humanism. BO it Would take a long time. Remember that Christianity operates: in Communist countries, and even the. scraps of freedom 'available there are en-: j9yed by all .the inhabitants, even atheist; _ Finally Rulli rejected dictatorships, :saying that "Christianity emphasizes the dignity of' man, his body and his soul, tn -terpreting the' soul at intelligence� sen- sitivity and dignity. International terrorist m, a. cruel. form. of dictetorthip � of a very, few Over an entire country, cannot conquer the, world eyen though it may produce a lot of noise in some, spec.tecUlar raids. But the last word -will ial ways belong to the silent. majority. And this is a .word of hope, because that majority is.worki.9g to save Letter from Argentina Page 7 fnr Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 A nactrilber of Mille jnt1 e Interview wit rig kr GenerAl elan cm gti I cdt (12 s �?, '1 3 Tics 'Commander-In-chief of the Argentine Air Force, brigadier general Orlando R. Avon. We interviewed the corn-mender-In-chief of the .Argentine Air Force in his office in the COndoy building, the air force's head- quarters.' Brigadier General Agosti is a member' of the three-man Junta which governs Argentina since March 24, 1976. We asked Brigadier Agosti about the air �force's role at this moment in Argentina. Hareplied: � ' � "From.the site of political power in Ar-, gentind which. we wield together with the army and the navy in the junta, and which we hold. by right of fundamental docuThents � we defend the same values we practice in Our daylo day living. We had to give up part of our specific � activity to govern the country. This is not the sort of thing we like to do; our profes- sional vocation isn't this". P: The military junta has repeatedly said that it achieved power without want- it. Do you agree?. . � Absolutely. We certainly achieved power without wanting it'. We made every � effort; every day. to Prevent this obligation from deyolving on military .power. We wanted Argentine society in general to as- sume the responsibility through the re- presentative institutions as foreseen in the National Constitution. � But' it wasn't possible, and the armed forces were Obliged to take the load on Letter from Argentina Page 8 AS far as concerns how long the Junta stays in-power, I can say that�the present members- of the junta will stay on at the most three'years as from March 24, 1976. But we will. be replaced by- other com- manders-In-chief and the junta will con- tinue to hold the supreme authority-of the nation until the objectives of the National Reorganization Process-have been succes- sfully achieved.; � . 1N.hatmakes us feel easy In our mindais the fact � that power will not crystallize among 'the.-men who hold a now. This enables us to acceptcriticism'and lack of comprehension,' either -d.o.rnesticall$r or abrOad, firendlyor Without flo personalism, is dic- tatorship unthinkable in Argentina?. Ftf Exactly. What sort .of dictator- ship-Fa this; 'without a dictator; an with democratic. MethanIsMs whifh guarantee rotatiOn'or men InIkey jobs? What soil of an. authoritarian-government' is this one, carried out by Men. Whose *reports- for R.epresentatiVe Democracy. Is absolute? How can: triviai ambitions, be laid. at the door of people Who have voluntarily limited, their time in government.? A. government ips whioti we 'do not revel; whifh we simply exert as' an act Of .serVic.e to Argentina; to do .whatever, neceSsery. in Order to achieve the lirenouncible objeatiyes the ar- med forces set themselves on' March 24, 1976. � P: � Abroad, and particularly 'In the United States and Europe, where 'Utters from Argentina" leaches out; we haie heard doubts expressed about the future of Argentina. And there are foreign busines- Men .who vacillate about investing in our country. � � � R: Our stand' is with Europe and the �UrlIted States, because- We're Western. their shoulders. There rWaS� other 'way oOt, and "such 'circumstances � had. neVer. been seen' before in Argentina. That's why our process Is a stable one why we.have such confidence in it. � � � P: Are.the armed. forces in agreement on how to conduct all.this? R: � Yes, the' proof is something which can' be seen., The three armed forces wor- ked on.ajoint paper befdre March 24, 1976 and this, has meant for 'us a degree of cohesion which has proved indispensable for the evils which affect our nationality and the application of the sometimes bit- ter remedies required. But this process Is not 'exclusive to the armed forces, much. less so to the Commanders-in-chief. It Is the responsibility of everybody who lives In Argentina. P: � How 'long will the military junta be In office? � R: � The junta is the instrument of the governthent which is based not on persons but on the institution of the armed forces. The unity between the three forces, achieved as I said before, since a time previous to accession to power, must be preserved at any cost.We must-pay no at- tention to differences of opinion as are al- ways possible betweertmen who us_such are fallible. We' must eliminate pers,onal ambition, insidious criticism�I+II or equivocal intentions. � �'�� � � � � pect for fredddm, creativity and pluraliSm. The west is, vocationally aridtraditionally., unity in diversity. ' The value' of �man; ' as someone who passing' thrOtigh, .Is the-root of�our Vision of the cosmos, the Argentine Essence of :Being; which' defines, us and Sets us apart from the. Marxist Businessmen 'are, pe- rhaps., the most representative in this cOmmunity. Marxist countries. havepo- liticians, intellectuals, wage-earners and military men but' can't have business Men, � . The...agOregate Of the performandes of businessmen who-operate in Argentina, loCa(br �foreign,- is what. will enable the productive apparatus to grow. It must�tie a beefs for improving the levet�and quality of life Of every inhabitant on earth... Argentina will not be a healthy -and thrusting nation until its companies gibe/ and. expand for the benef it' of those Who in- tegrate them. This concept is applicable as Much to Arge .me companies as to fore- -ing companies already with �us or whet .will be Coming in. the 'future with new 'In-" 'vestments. � The defence of free enterprise must be coherent with business action, This Must be done efficiently eriough 'to renOunco sectorial or regional protection- or over- protection: Competitivity is the only valid premise for'Arg.entina, both for local corn- panieS and l' 'those-M:16'188611dt in the :P.P.,q:Afi rPYFWX.Pc.;�11tPiq.jr14'ieg Sga:tes. . sfit id y�-�voib !Bev edt � Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 y of cat version - _ terrorist'. All this is a word of warning;-we are A probing, introspective view .of the dangerous jzsyropat4V which characterizes subversion. A no- still in time ,to. hold off those "armed moralists" holds-barred analysis of a sick personality, the (whose only unconscious objetice is the destruction of society. A study of subversion poses a series of questions�which it' is essential to ask..16 subversion basically individualistic or ia essentially a group actIv4? Can supyer- , sion be accepted as a behavior Mode Within defined health standards � or is it fundamentally pathological? � There:is a basic answer to this. It Is lm: possible to evaluate any action. as goOd Or bad without a prior appraiser of whether it IS psYchologically healthy or not. It is not a question of subordinating ethics to psychology butof giving behavior the importance it deserves, ... � Ari eminently urban �way of life has con- tributed extensively tbi a feeling of ...rims: sit cation, a lose of individuality, the lack of communication so .prophettcally: put forward, by Fellini in his�"8 1/2." oNcld to this a general trend. towards '� de- persOnaliiation and the � result is social ,disorganization , and. the � appearance of costly social upheaval. . .Haturaily:thie doesn't mean that the an-' swer is to adopt a bucolic outlook making an apologia for countryi life, or becoming ,mieanthropic "a la Jean-Jacques Rous- seau." But we have to be able to unders- tand the more frequent.manifesiatiOns of thwyariolis forme of pathology at the level ..'of the Psyche in order to be able to Inter- -:- �:-Ifpret.bur-own-personal_deficiencies._:, _ hat2a littt ccibIgnis.that z.we e. . really come from a type of education which at times Originated in moral values Which. Were ambivalent and sometimes even in- consistent.. - ..� . . � � � Soidiers.Standirig Up When we were children we playedwith � toy soldiers and, the winner was�the one wh.o Manacled to-keep his "men" standing uti. The little soldiers arrogantly,, defiantly, faced Their adversaries, Willing to advance even if it meant trampling roughshod on :the defeated In the other .group; soldiers fell; or. friends, the -Other side, tried to pick them up time'and time again. This sort of�thing�happens tb us in life. Weelways keep alew ?soldiers" to be able to survive.and to'retairra coherent balance between the Various areas our behavior is mantfestest�in.. *. � � . If there is .a balance and an�entirety in these, three levels .we can:use to express ourselves, it can be�said�that our conduct is.healthy; and therefore our personality, viewed as a whole, is healthy too. But if an Imbalance appears in any one of the three � levels the result Will be something akin to .pathology In .its different levels of eirpres- *0.� � . � � � ThgpeOttp.f.,Indlvidvally � : 519.11: IS _ � � , � :.?'11,3 c fig � � .1, � . inU �� . Human behavior Nitrates' in Triree'arees. This Is the great discovery of the 20th cen- A- tury. Joie Ortega y Gasset says, with great wisdom, "I am myself and my circumisten- ces." We are not defending a determinism r of the environment ove.mankind, but we understand perfectly how it influences our behavior and the lifestyle we adopt. Sutherland, d iscOs!sing modern cri- minology, says that "criminal behavior Is a conduct Which Is learned." Today we can state that sex is more acquired than inherent � astonishing, isn't It? If one of these three areae, 'Cif 'behavior predomi- nates, then we're. ilk The cure will depend on just how deeply the disequillibrium goes. � � � Subversive behavior is pathological and � at individual level can ,be qualified' as an excess of influence of the .environment. !1iessman would- have referred to it as behavior directed' "from outside." Indi- viduality is Wet Than aptcinishing. fashion and gives way to' grew'', requirements. Behavior becomes more dependent. On sentiment than rationale. There is-noi place for special affection nor for personal yin- ciderations: The sliahlest deviation from the standards imposed-by the subversive group,. any 'form, even if elemental, leads to the most terrible Punishment; The !ell 3MOtili is to destroy individuality, anything 'Aline particular or idiosyncratic. . � ' 3' htherqest of the world, which adapts to established standards; to the status qtfo, becomes abnormal and negative to the � subvereive mentality. Immediate. "pairs", the nearest direct action group and some elementary form of semi-idealist mysticis- m, combine to achieve the perfect subver- sive � a dangerous psycopath. � "It's Everybody Else's Fault" He entered the�consulting room, sat on ,the analyst's chair and 'looked attentively ,at him. The analyst said. "I'm afraid you're really psyccipathic. you're sitting in my' place...this couch Is for you". The boundaries were clearly depicted. For a psy.copath it's the other one who is sick and the victim. The dangerous part is that they'll �execute him even if he isn't to blame., �There is no such thing as blame from the -psychopathic- viewpoint. The greatest atrocities are Committed without the.sligh- test remorse. The others are the bad ones. The-psycopath analyzes his own problems but projects them�onto everybody else. So subversive behavior includes psy- copathy and certain forms of paranoia (persecutipn mania). This Includes rebel conduct with scanty innovation �nor com- prehension of reality. The enemy is every- where, persecution is constant and Im- pWable. In Ille final analysis, a subver- sive's enemy is himself. He sabotages himself with innumerable sanctions which originate in the most demanding "mora- lism"; . Letter from Argentina Page 9 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 � � Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 . . . . This is why there is such a strong rela- - tibnship between having been educated in terms. Of strict � and absolute values and -being able to go over to other groups; also with. "absolute values" which are extreme . and in -which demands; and control, are hard; and to be able, to operate comfor- .tably therein as a "family." The subject has gone over to the.' other extreme with the greatest of ease. � A Dangerous Extreme . � � Muctrmore dangerous, however, is the � extrerrie:- in -which-control appear. .most Absolute freedom, the complete Ab- sence of restrictions, tharnOstefined form of "justice., the best-marketed: Messiah � � � . � � rale. At aliMe like tlii.the�personality Of �tha skveriivetecornesorrinipotert in the riidat eleitientary simblicitY: Reality shrin- k a to un-toriiseep levels. There is only one' real :world, 'the. world of the group' he b'elongs 'Theirs are the only iniths. HIs "justice" is the.bestiEverything that hap- � penejemie. to a single cause, follbwed by a single effect*.. �� . effect asubversiYe is one Who has lest the Concept' of. fallibility,, of the necessity te,�Self-itnPoSe. some. form of limitation, 'and alsdno longer retains the capacity for . .dePahderide on' anybody' or anything. - Paradax 'call y., sub.versive. psycopatilygoes. to,such remarkable extremes, that They try to convince us that they are really 'clean" and thatw.eare the undleartones .� . � � � .� � Agon.. �:ii. n. d. , � . ... (1973.-75) .:., �, . _ .. . . .. , . .ratiOn.Front..,with a right to "free exPres- . . . � .. . . .. . -sion", which condemned -whet. it 'Called � Southern Argentina. Shortly before, A month. before the disacivery of a sped- i" phallocentri.c" capitalism ' and the. ape - Roberto Quiet� (leader of the Armed teduler guerrilla jungle operative in 'T6- nating bourgeoisie, which apParently exis- Revolutionary Forces; FAR). and Roberto ,c1:Irnah, a bomb killed police inspector-. ted, under permanent 'subjection .to ne- �Matio SantuchO (head Of the- *People's general Alberto Villar, head, of. the Argen- buldus i.nternationalConspira6ies: � .,. � Revolutionary Army) had got away. ' ' . tine federal police,- and one of the reid- Naturally the exponents of these fillet of Infiltration � and downright occupation lutionary left 'S most hated targets. .- -policy- had prominent 'government' pasts 'continued in fectoriei, centers oflearning When:Peranism went inta government in: and "coexisted 'peacefully" wifr!:000ultist � of all types,- 'hospitals; radio' stations .� 197: it was strongly influenced by the ex- cells and had an efficient .messenger ser-� Huge ransom's for kidnappings swell the; . treme-left wing. This led to an unrestricted vice with the major: foreign: revolutionary coffers af subversion and' those who at-. form Of amnesty..yoder which hundreds: of War centers., . . � .... . . tempt to resist the advance at anarchY are - terrorists; who had been, arrested in. the In 'the dais iminediately following ' to ,subject to. threats"and coercion. The inten-- .sity of the inter-terrdriSrbower struggle was highlighted in dramatic relief by the . : Ezeiza Massacre" on joie 20, 1973 when former President Juan Domingo. Per6n previous military government, were set 'May.- 25, 1973; terrorism�which already free.- This amnesty was rejected by healthy held' :captive rear-admiral � Francisco public opinion e.nd springboardfor Aleman..and geridarrnerie � commander violence Unprecedented in the history of JaCobO Was active Murdering Argentina, union :leader Dirk Kloosterman briefly ---2-returnedto-Argentina.- ,���� . . . _ As the democratization process advent- taking over th_e.working-class-suburbGerli, . But m ea n tsFeu eta i f1S-if Or",�:,-H cto eri r;19iAnotQriously antileftlabor - � Campo ra , Altwrit f1rS7f1ust rated'Kerent ; ten I y-Pedarn e. eyid en t af ter the. Ma r--laader-,--7-pe nerallz:aboU f ederation . � On OctOber-'12,. PerOrl-beeame President ch 24, 1976, military takeover), the subver- Secretary-Generel JoselgriaClo Rucci.. . for the third time and Sharply disasso slOn machine girded itself for the final bat- Of courselhese-weren't the fir-St murders � 'dieted himself from. terrorism - � of this tyPe. Years before Agusto Timotiio � presented him with Ffudci's dody. Bookstores and newsstands were in-. Vendor and Jose AlonsO had been Cut The: degree." of Marxist infiltration. in ..v r .aded by thousands of "popula.rags, in down, :too .Sey nothing Of industrialist . . eiery. sphere of life,.. including � provincial fested with Marxist cant. Defenders and Oberdan SallastrO� and Admiral Hermes .governments ; was -reflected ,in murders, representatives of terrorism took over the .Quijada.-The. latter had been "fingeredt!' by kidnappings:and-attempts at taking Over universities �and primary,i high. school and subversives* because of his performance � army units, such as the attempt in which technical education Many religious bo- during a massive jailbreak by. -Argentine. Colonel Cann! Arturo. Gay 'and his wife dies,. protected. by the� national consti- -and Chilean terrorists from-the Trefew �were murdered: � � .� � Montonerd� leader' Merit). FIrmenich .-claimed�he-Was a."socialist- but it was the ERP which Was.outlawed first: The govern- ment toppled not .by the.moStorthadox of methods � provincial- administrations in Buenos-Aires, COrdoba and Mendoza, and embraced the university with a grip of Steel,- under- the administration of doctor Alberto Ottalagano: � � � � FerOn died 'op July 1, 1974, and the ins- � titutional' prOdess began to decline.. The Military had tried to Support it- with real heroism,: but -without the minimum 'sup- port necessary to be able. to fight- subver- sion, The' next' step Was 'a lraVesty� of AOVerriMent 'under Maria Esteia "Martinez Cartes, the ex president's third wife-Here the level of corruption' reached :'unprece- 'dented' heights: Marxiam.received valuable contributions from- excesses; of power, unbridled trades unionisrn and widespread corruption. ' In September Arturo Mom. Rolg, an in- 'tenor Minister under the military govern- ment of General Lanusse, Was murdered. � � Letter from Argentina. Page 10 tution, also became. rostrums for reyo- :lutionary oratory. � There even was a Homosexual Libe- , 'peeler Sltvio,Fronrifii, ganIzed terror.� . Penitentiery in' - Others Were also Murdered, like Co- - !oriels Jorge. Grasei and -Jorge .1par-zit:oat, Lieutenant Colonel Jos�ardon.,_ Majors JOrge.Glmeno la biochemist) end Hared� Lopez, 'Captain Humberto Viola and hlalit- tle�daughter; and other. devoted 'officers, tiUtineSsmen and intellectuals -of a mar- kedly. anti-Marxist standing, like prafes- sors Jordan Bruno Genta� and Carlos Al- berto Sacheri. This Was a .reply. to the .violent death of Important practical, And doctrinaire figureheads of.aubverdion. On � February. 9, 1975; the ormed*.fOrce.8 .were authorized to carry' out l'Operationln- 'dependence in TUCurnari. in order to invest gderrilla strongpoints 'in- Lu.les,. Famailia, . MonteroS and Tafi def.Valle. � � .' The army* put 3:800.rnen, including other security' forces, � under .the �command of :general- Atdel.,Edgardo Vilas, commander .,:iafi:the-5th Infantry Brigade, who carried out Elhis dUties.very.efficiently.. ..� of.. or. ���rl(NeictctInsiaimentmPereecutio-kand go- . triPmi3nt". � Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 'Alberto Miguel Camps; "the man of braes" .Arggrktin:to...The.end of a .ifioOtitineitti,-c.algain . .� � 4 :).f.n vv-7 atiiyedqorpre*.irttel.ligentheSitfof4tirsig i-e.o.rg pixel Con :that ce officers and a young woman �,-�,nt in � JO time wag�cOnSidered.the most powerful' ,to.a.baker's.Shop In-Lomas de 4arnora; a In Latin America; the MPntonerOs.- ���:suburb.of Buenos-Aires. They�asked--for a : LIVING DANGEROUSLY countries. in Latin America and Europe on "public relations" before Making a clan- destIne return to Argentina. One of the countries -where '"Captain"- Camps ap- peared to have been most active was Fran- ce�where he Interviewed Regis Debray for the latter to include a pro-Montonercik chapter in his book "Cristicism of Arms." Camps' group was very worried because of the significance in. Paris .circles of re- presentatives of the rival 'People's Re- volutionary Army, ERP, group,. which seemed- to have the. "Solidarity' .of the European left wing. � ' They felt that. this Was in part due to a 'particular View.of.Argentina as-represented _. -by Alain Labrousde,. "Revolution and Counter-revolution in Argentina.' Debray � had agreed to "study"- the Montoneros more profoundly, but- an even greater suc- cess.was an interview between Camps and 'Fran'cols . Mitterrand, .obtained thanks to Debray. Another story, which has been definitely confirmed, mentions. Camps' interviews With PLO representatives based in Madrid. These contacts were made thanks to. the Cuban embassy in France and enabled a summit meeting to be held with Abu El Es, .� the PLO man in Madrid. Back in Argentina, Camps took over the Military Secretariat of the South Colurrin, � -from where -he planned and directed do- .zens of raids: At this time .the Montoneros declared "a war, of extermination" which coneiddrod any member of the armed for- ces or the police to be a suitable target, . without .distinction of rank or respOnsi- just because they wore uniforms. .. � This got so far that they even murdered. railroad security personnel (in Camps' area :of responsibility specifically) fire depart- ment NC0s. � . . --,.1.Atmid-.4.ear_CarnosJ_Degathe_the bead' of subordinate-to--live with hi m�The-vlsit-had-- :.,..;ther.cp turn m.etn-May,..4).had4akep,a.f emale� been "compartmentalized"; the girl didn't � � know where the house was. Butat break- fast they all had these sandwich rolls with. a very special flavor: And they. mentioned they were from "the bakery' round the dor- . , The following month the girl- was-arres- led by' security fordeS��and decided to cooperate. 'small' sandwich -roll called � .a pebete in 'Buenos Aires. The girl-bit Into it and�nod- � ded.."The taste's the same." she . . The .intelligence .men� looked at each other, with an expression' of �relief:: New they seemed to be getting somewherO; at- ' ter� three' months Methodically going � �' terrorist career had begun in 1969 with attacks on the Nuevo Banco Italiano branch :in Ramos Mejia. and the Q.uilrnes� branch of the Bank of the PrOvin- ce of Buenos Aires. He was arrested for � � the first time in 1970 in'a failed attempt to through every bakery in 0:e Greater :break Into the AleForCe branch of the Bank . . Buenos Aires area. � . of the Province of COrdoba. FroM there �he , � -was taken to the Rawsop prison, in 0�1 far � � � . � "Them armed civilians-discreetly began ,-sduth, frorn Whence he escaped on August fanning Out around the neighborhood The ..13,�,.1972. Hewes immediately recaptured last piece missing In the jigsaw puzzle - fell �� and on August -22 Was seriously injured in Into Plade. When they approached a peat, -1�-a new escape attempt at the Airpiranje Zar well built house at Beltran N9 451 which Navy Bade. �Sixteen detainee's were killed .had twohigriblerhOmes beside it. This was 'there andia'fur1her threeinjureci. �� " the hideout of Alberto Miguel carrips,...Aido. �In 1973 there was a general and known as GervadiOiCietente,�or Felipe ,..a �Camps became an almost ledendanjfIgure� ."captain " of the M.ontonero "army" and a .�(they.dalled..h10. The Man of Bretd.3 In 'secretary of . that guerrilla OrganIzatron's 1 974 The waearrested again' and -a,:re#ular "Southern Coliptur." .� � ' � ' arsenal was found in his home. � �Atthat �� time Juan Domingo Per:in Was � predlderit, of Argentina,. and, the .Monto- �nergs had been 'able tocOntinue topperete The-momprieras' concept of war � WaS,wh'at.they called. '."1"otal-an.d impjltd sc.tlipphrenic. practice of being legat and :illegal-at the -same Urnei then' Inspiration -.was -'d phrase by PerOn'hirnself. WhOI�had �small -children; "MiradulouSly iUririawlwere �:�-�,'S'aid''If I've got tWo 'hands; -I'll strike With sobbing � in a' nearby; room. One& sthe . � ;. . . � major figures-In Argentina guerrilla warfare '�rfrAPril, 1-975, Camps wes allowed to hadlliki�ecifffsirde-s-ifiried!endqIGarrrIpSt'grianner � -leave Argentina and traveled .over various ,Thvir � Now was, the-tIme for unIfOrmed troops lo sUrroUnd the house and to demand the -Occuoaritd to surrender. They were "met With a hall of machinegun.fife:�Thesecurl- ty forces fired. back � and � then invested .the home. Inside they found the bullet:rid- 'died bOdy of ayound� man, still clutching srPoking 9�rnm' Uzi- machine-gun. -Two . THE -LAST OF THE HARDLINERS? �. 'The death of this major terrorist figure ;seems to mark the end of a period in Ar- gentina,. the definite end to: guerrilla war- - fare. This was been mere or less implicit in the hurried departure of, the top than, � � i"Commander" Mario Eduardo Firrnenich. "Hid was the firstof a series Of departures "which went down to "Assistant Comman- der' and "Major" levels, Including the leaders themselves, their families and their , bodyguards, it Is edUmated thatabout 200 Montoneros have left In what they. call a _"tactical withdrawal." This has brought � them serious *difficulties With the rank and 'file. There is a contradiction between the � -.demand that all -.militants, and-even au- xiliary figures, -carry at all times a cyanide � pastille. to. eliminate,- themselves, and the fact that theguerrilla summit all decamped Eastern Europe and Cuba: Camps was the last of the "historical chiefs" to remain in. Argentina. � � Debray himself, In .his book,. said that Latin American revolutionary movements � � Letter from Argentina Page 11 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 began to acquire notoriety in�Paris when they wire destroyed in their own coun- tries. This %happened - too with the Vene- zuelan FA.LN., the Bolivian ELN,. the Uruguayan Tupamaros. and the ERP and Montoneros in Argentina. The defeat of the latter was the end of a cycle, not Only fOi Argentina but also for Latin America. This Is something which started in. 1960 with the bush wars; their first big defeat was in 1967 when Che Guevara was killed in Bolivia. � The bush war principle failed miserably and urban guerrilla warfare was then resor- ted to. The Tuparnarqs 'and the MOntd- neros, convinced-they had. learned-from Ches �thistakes, became the new star fi- gures of the South ArrieriCan uliraleft. iit . � the�"policy of the tale, whether ruraior urban, made the same mistakes. It Was generated by young Men and women. of the bourgeOisie and the petit bourgeoi- sie, imbued With a romantic spirit Of deliverance. They decided that armed 'con- flict was the only, possible means of social Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 expression. "Armed policy is the most sig- nificant . form of poliCy... � This was their own, �ferocious definition. Curiously enough their cult of ;direct action, their conscient and exclusive choice of violence and its glorification, made them brothers- in-arms of another philosophy whiah Is al- so the. product of the frustrations pf a petit bourgeoisie in crisis. The other is, of cour- se,' Fascism, another way of "living dan- gerously." � � "WANDERING GUERRILLAS" � � But unfortunately the similarity was not . only in the-opposites of their philosophy- _ b.utalso_in:_their .c.oncrete.methodology an- ', worse. still, in the result of those me- thodotOgies. .The sucCession of bombs, kidnapping, murders and-raids of all kinds was endless, Just as endless as. the list of widOws and orphans of those who died at the hands of these "liberators'. � There is still cause for concern in the operation of their remaining structures" abroad. There are many Argentine guii riillas in various parts. of the world. Op: Timerman and Campora: ONE CROOK Jacobo Tirnerman, former editor of ;Buenos Aires' La Opinion newSpaPer, . now in' the hands of a government trus- tee, has now been included in the InS- :titutional Respbrisibility.Act by order of � -� � _ - 7. 5i- On April 7-last the SpecIal-Stabl � Council of War No: 1 deCided 'thathe 'is .arrested at the disposal of the national ...exe6Utive; outside the Jurisdiction of �that military tribunal. Apart from Timer- man, the:junta inCluded 'Lydia Playa* Brodsky de Graiver and Eva Gltnach de. ..Gralver in the Institutional Respon- sibility Act. .. As was reported at the time, this fact I . prevents the said suspects . from 1 free use 'of their property 'until the National .Assets Responsibility Corn, mission shall have issueda verdict-on ,-the legitimacy of-the assets. . Another crook: Campfire *- feated, .but unwilling to admit defeat, frus- Arated and charged with hatred. The Argen- tine guerrilla is probably the world's best urban fighter at this time. The commando raids here-could have been the envy Of the ETA, the IRA, the IRGUN or the EOKA. And the worst thing is that these sta- teless revolutionaries not only know how to emply a method, 'they have also got ,used to it. Violence, living with the gun and by the gun, can be a style of life or, even worse, abad habit. They can find ,lus-, tlfications anywhere � .A proof of all this can be found in the group which kidnapped ReVelli-Beaumont.. These-were-merely the survivors of a, previous group, much less developed than Montoneros, knoWn as FAP (Peronist Ar- med Forces.) � . What can be, expected with the tech- nically qualified, . military efficient and numerically larger Montoneros? Inter- national terrorism is getting reinforceCnek ts right now. Undoubtedly, Europe will be _hearing about them soon. A crook: TImermen ANOTHER CROOK � Hector J. Campora was president of Argentina less than to months. Bac- ked by Perini, he won the elections defeating the Radical candidate Ricardo Baibin. But those two months were enough' to very, nearly turn Argentina over. to Communists and ultraleft guerrilla organliations who wanted to create a Leninist-Marxist state. Per6n obliged him to resign' and his post was temporarily taken over by Raiil Lastiri, .chairman of the Chamber of Deputies, until new election time, when Penton was reelected. . . Now Campora, from .his golden as- ylum in the Mexican embassy, 'has petitioned demanding the pension granted by law to former Presidents, � even if the "ungoverned... the country for a few days only. The !Social Welfare Ministry suspended payment-of thia lite pension and then Campora, taking carer of his interests, appealed. The -envie t.: . cutive has deniedthe request again tak- ing into account spirit of Article II of the Act, considering the conduct of people responsible for harming the '� higher Interests of Argentina,, which can only be rescinded. by the Military . Junta. It says that, furthermore, "this ins- titutional act prohibited administration . and disposal or. assets in operations between living persons, as the result of the lack Of observance of basic moral principles, a manifest perversion of his mandate, and complacency in the face of increasing corruption in the civil ser- vice. It is therefore self-defeating to ap- prove payment of a pension which was instituted by law so that those who' 'carried out executive responsibility may- cOntinbe to live' their � normal lives,' in ��dig,nity and decorum as imposed by the untablidations Inherent In ,the positions tte'y formerly held ii � .Letter from Argentina. Page 12 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 A VICTORIOUS GENERAL Division General Luciano ; Benjamin MenendeZ)Com- mander of .the Third Army. Group, said.: "We.,.the sok .diees, can fight the present ones. You, will have to fight the futures ories. � �Division Generall,uciano. Benjamin .Menendez, Commander of the Thirld Army ;Group, lectured recently In the Arglintina Pavilion of the COrdoba-University.Cty; 700 kilometers (450 miles) north' of Buenos. .Aires, on the battle against subversion. . � Menendez has been comthander COr- doba for three years, the. time When a fron-- tal assault was made on�subversivos who had set up in some villages in the sugar- growing province of Tucuman. � ponsibility to general. Acdel Vilas, replaced. :at the 'end of 1975 by General Antonio BO- si, now governor of Tucuman. � � �. h :pat tje_wksit g 'This is why subversion will be definitel- y.defeated Only when both roads to power are closed to it, when' the Armed Forces vanquish' them Militarily and when the unanimous. rejection of our people blocks any attempts at mass insurrection. This is our responsibility at this crucial stage in the history of our country. Part of the solution of the problems of Argentina will be .born of the creative capacity and pa- triotism of yourselves. The object is to prevent new subversives appearing. � the military-front MenerrdelTelegath4e-S- . ... . � - � � - . This- soldier's courage is proverbial, and ' in many antiguerrilla operatives he': vas,, . the head of the cblumn. � During the lecture,' General Menendez addressed hundreds of people represen- ting many community sectors to make a. series Of considerations'. He said: "The ar- my and its sister forces are' engaged in a �military pursuit campaign. The results:are' excellent and victory is on the way.. But' .peace must be won and this meant that all. of us must 'work, civilians and soldiers. If .not,.this military viotory which is already in .our hands, will be ephemeral because-we.. . shall not be, able to consolidate Peace, � which must be something achieved by all: . of us and whidh will give victory a final And, lasting character. � "The erienly", Menendez continued, "af- ter the defeat of his armed�columns; has tried to Infiltrate himself, and to hide in the deb-. fig reeent ones. You Will have to figr�Tribi�ftiture ones. This will close th'e doors to Marxism In Argentina and prevent any possibility of its .appearing in the future, which is the basic condition on'whlOh peace and gran- deur will be erected' in Argentina. "The commitment and the responsibility I have mentioned are fundamentally impor- tant to hard-working, educated people. "Employers' responsibilities are to: . a) Find out what ;their employees' problems-are and heti) to solve. !barn. .- b).'telk Only to genuine labor leaberds and, not to agitators; even, Is "semi- official". � c) Increase production and create' more: wealth. . � 0) Make less of a profit and distribute more.. � � - � -e) Reinvest 'profits to create more, and better;amployment opportunifies: f)- -Apply 'whatever administrative measures are required..(both encourage- ment and .punishment) � -g)8upply-precise information on 'activis- ts and agitators. . h.) peter' differentiation with middle and upper echelons. .i).Face pressure, threats and sabotage with courage. � � � .� . �_ � . , e- general Menendez advised employees nd,workinen to: . . a) Exchange views with their employers. b),Not strike, walk out, slowdown, etc. public. Ttiey are trying to attack, weaken � and infiltrate everything they can � y, club, factory, school, etc. They Want to replace them by other organizations,which will 'produce � constant exciternKind : mobilization and whic.h�, Ih,sy� ti2keadWill a lead them to power After A ciesis 'of au- ' . thority� ". � DIVIelon General Luciano Benlemln Menendez, c) Produce. Inexistentwealth cannot be distributed. � .0) Show respect for rank and obey ins- tructions from foremen, supervisor's,. chiefs., etc. e) Reject unofficial action 'by- so-called "saviors." f) Reject and denounce agitators. g) Face:threats and pressure' � h) Be serious and responsible 'abOut trade unionism. i) Realize the gravity of the situation that was inherited, and understand that -to emerge from this ills necessary to carry out temporary sacrifices so that the coun- try is'able to realize its potential wealth. Letter from Argentina Page 1 3 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 006626878 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 ..unite" Compors ruined the country atter 45 days In government. zWho wants to kill Campora? - A' Usefui idiot, a fellow traveler, a mouth- 1itin'a4fir??,YO-Catkinid-r-traitor :1'16-7:Perot:and - � PerortiOni; Poliler2cidiy, the scapegoat, of a special -Moment for Argentine 'youth,'. stan- dard .bearer :of ,"revolutionary yoUth.' All --.these ePithets,. so setf-contradictory, so .abundant,'. surround ,the image of Hector Jose � (ampora, the former president who. took re- fuge in the BuenOs. Aires Mexican embeissy.. Extremes sometimes touch, trice- this is � an 'exception in. the case of this' famous "uncle". This. study ,of Cainpo. ra as ,a man is -necessary in order to gain mOre insight into ihis- real dimension and, his pallid chances' of a � political revival which .ii .any case would '':carry with it an.inex. orable death sentence. . _ in Mistime of modern Communications, In which psycho- logy and sociology have made such. tremendous stride for- ward, and when there has been such a marked cultural impro- vement in mass education everywhere Intheworld, it seems strange that some people should still strive tO create an idol with feet of clay � an idol quite (unable to grasp important . problems for � himself within the Confines of his Simple', lus- treless soul. There are people who try to do this relying. on the leak of' knowledge of Argentina which is so Manifestin manyinternational opini6n:forniing centers.' � These people feel rio qualms in introducing Hector Jose Ca.mpOra, 32nd former president of Argentina, as the "victim"'. Of an historic injustice, as the "standard-bearer" of a lea- derless popular cause. They think that in this way'they will be .Letter from Argentina Page 14 able to make progress in the slander campaing they have embarked on against Argentina., � � � . � : - . .*: But this requires, an examination of what Campine is and What he isn't.. His nationality is so obtuse that it,ls.easy to� use his name with impunity and for any purpose not requiring a broad scope or too much Intellectual effort., Campora has. been. exiled in the Mexican Embassy. Since the .military uprising or March 24, 1976. 'Atter having been. president three years ago, Campora still believes he wields political clout. This in itself is just nonsense. But behind the nearly septuagenarian figure of Cimpora is a shadowy web of interests dedicated to the return of Marxist terrorism' to government-in this country. . � Campora, the' last personal delegate of Juan Domingo Peron (and who onlyeOcceeded In clumsily imitating some of '�"his-defects) has also managed to -attract -the ettention:Of. worldwide "human .rights" Specialists, making things on- cOmfortable for his Mexican hosts. The Mexican's every now and again have to Mediate Un acrimonious dispute over "suc, ' cession".between CarnPOra and his former N.� ?..rnan,':Juan -Mamie!. Abel Medina and at, other times have to try..and . soothe the ex president's fits of melancholia: These difficul- ties are understandable by checking back a bit in history. If there ever was somebody tied down, by his past end so reluC- progress that even his problems are static' that person is Campora. , e."ECOE HOMO?' . � . .Hector Jos�ampora was born into a conservative 'family San -:Andres de Giles', in Buenos Aires' province and, his chief concern seemed to be not to stand out. He spelled Well, and even showed some proficiency in mathematics:, but his reportcards show deficiencies in intellectual achievement., ..Very probably there was some sort of psychical ortphy- .siolooical dauSe for all this. baCkWardness, but there 16 no � .prootof this: But he was able to�scrape through on four poin- .tp (out of ten). � � � "graduated" from grade school and then high school and succeeded in getting in to the unhiersity. Nothing was to become this open-mouthed sleepwalker as a career�M dentistry, although even in adolescence there was nothing ' -very remarkable about his. own teeth. Campora was ;not .so much doricentrated *as neat �and thorough. Hefted ho imagination. He was always punctilious -.+-..:WittrhiSleachers'.-abd-souldmot �he-made-toThurry:- He went badlai'd I lea'W ' ��� His Universe *at Orderly and 'Spherical. His readirig Was confined to the local newspaperand he married Ns' first: girl friend --later on he was to earn an undeserved'reputation as a ladies'-man. Politics were a �closed subject to CarnpOra then, like classical music or foreign languages.. H.e..�.ni. ere.iy . ...sided with power, and in those days power was conservative and relied on.caudillos. GREAT CHANOES � � .:This patrician cairn wee disturbed On June, 4., 1943, by a , .military.thuo which deposed preSident Dr Ramon S. Castillo and put -thiqugh,a seileS'of popOlistically-motivated popular soc.16-.6conOrrii.b reform's. Right behind the Main. "putsch" ' �figures,was .a 'certain Colonel Per6n, who rejected spedta- cular pasts and opted Instead for the Labour and Social Wel- fare Department. People from all Walks of life guessed hewas the man of the future and called.on him for all, ierts of tea- sons. All of them had something to suggest, something to ask�for,. something they wanted to change. There Was a wave .of coinpliahcewhich 'included thecon4eniatives �:*and Many of them were professiOnal men. . . . � CaniPora, who. revealed: himself a . professional in . self- advancement, lloated.along with the current and then star- ted to climb' within. what Was first the Unifiesd Revolutionary . . Party and then betaine the National Justicialist MOvemeht: . 'Campcirat rise was a vendetta against the village doctor 'and 'the village priest, a chance to swap his yellowed dentiePs '.'diploma for a brandnew deputy's' certificate, the trade the white smock for evening dress. And to lead his unassuming wife and two children to' the 'glittering circle surrounding' these two- c.hildlees beings, Peron (now president) and his ChatisMatiesecond wife, Eva Duarte. � . . � � Campora � preteiritib'd t-Pidolatrize the so-cal led.�'!Standird- Bearer of 'the Humble". lie' carefully read her speech.0 and .fnade a s@ritcria:-diff ififf-tiiillearrtriberIepaSsagesbyrhearti93ut the "Senci74".'oriiy.reorista-13-6auh'cfafilyto:faluthlsr..1NIP Ong r.); Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 before she had fled from a country environment full of bump- kins who wanted to make the headlines, Just .like Campora, whorri��she often referred to contemptuously as a "remorse- Itil'aristo." � � � � 0 LAUGHTER AND GRIMACES This hiimillation was suffered in silence by ..Campord who had :become president of the Chamber of Deputies (lower house); He preferred instead to revenge himself on the unfor- tunate oppOsition deputies.. � 'On' A:Jae � 16 1955 part Of the Navy rose again-s1 Peron who . was by this time a widower and was surrounded by a group qt..worthles whom he himself later called "field-marshals of defeat." Rebel aircraft bombed i Plaza 'de Mayo and Peron went to the Army Ministry to control repressi6n. Just as well that he didn't try to call CamPora,�thotigh; The ex-dentist sought "refuge" for the firsttime in his life,..notin an embas�- Sv but in'a Government House basement. Aftelthe air raid he stood with sewer water up to the knees because.a bomb had daMaged, some of .the conduits, shaking in unalloyed terror. After telling him repeatedly' that everything was. over he grasped the situation and dashed' to reaffirm his "everlasting loyalty"-lo the Leader of the Workers. - �."fi).RU,N.AWAY IS TO DREAM" . Ex'a'ctly' three month's later there wasanother military coup which unseated-PerOn from his second presidencY. But this time,,Ca.rnpora was unable to spirit himself 'away. He was arrested with Jose Antonio and other exponents of the de- feated, regime, and taken to. the Ushuaia jail, In the extreme South of, the continent .back to Buenos Airesand finally to Rio Gallegos, Where we find -him and his sorry group in January.. 1956::� � �� � ...A ,year later the .groUp decided_ to flee to chile:A Peronist Coup in June, 1966, had been 'put doWn and-the interne were afraid .t hat' some-Jetaliatbry� 'action might .be taken against - them... Initially Campora: wasn't on the list: His co-reli- gionaries considered him to be "Yellow" and were afraid he'd do .something wrong at the worst pOesible.moment::The one -;Who most disliked the former 'dentist was Guillermo�PatriCio Kelty, the former head of the. Nationalist Liberating Alliance, , known.'. for his. temerity. But Kelly was in the same cell as C.a,mpOra,. and .he though �up a trick to make him perform a. "useful function. of the ,,prison inmates were .Communists' the' ,Pe-rOn supporters _instinctlyelytmistrusted� themA:They-,con- " � ,c,eiVed the idea of-knocking:them out-with a.sleeping'potidh:' Without the ."remorseful .'aristo's" khOwledge, Kelly . ex-. Derimentally putsleeping potion in his food an.d watched as Campora snored 'beatifically. ,They decided to tell 'him no- thing tip to the very moment offlight, In case "yellowbelly" 'revealed the. Whole thing, . Despite his �protestarlon he was . dragged to Punta Arenas, where the Chilean police preven- tively arrested them. Then' they were taken .to .Santiago 'de Chile; where Campora emoted even further: He swore by the .-Virgin of L'ujan" never to have anything more to do with politics,(now, as, a guest.of thetyiexican embassy in Buenos ,Aires,, he can ponder on how things would.h.ave gone if :he'd kept his promise.), For unexplained reasons he Was afraid he'd be called a Communist and he. panicked When he heard , that the temporary president, General' Pedro Eugenfo Aram- buru, intended to ask,forthe'extradition of the fugitiVes. e THE RETURN OF "LAZARUS" .'Between 1958 and 1971 his existence went completely unrecorded. He had nothing to. do' with Peronism's lengthy struggle to return to power,. nor;did he have anything to do, ,kith the so-called "special formations" which later, magical- ly, 'became his main support in. his dispute over .powervith-. Per6n himself. In union .circles, !he spinal -column of the. Peronista movement, Carnpora's name was also mud.. The . only way' toresuscitate this Weatherbeaten Lazarus, was-with � personal Intervention from' the Leader himself; .hawas then -living in Madrid and had for the third time married, to-a girl who had been his secretary. imPanama. � � 't�/Ieanwhile PerOn's 'tpersonal delegates" came and. went, from the exquisite former foreign affairs minister JcrOnirno Remorino (like CampOra, , a former -conservative) to -.Jorge Daniel. Paladino, whose independent I.,s_p.j0,was -disliked by the OA Man. . :, � � -� � i-PenonnW,as,aLMasterpat,the,qurprlaptic,anOldecided to calil art4Cantportta fo,r,,tbe,:_letigthy ifOageouvre,in volved .in his return to Argentina. DaVid.Graiver ._ The ex chamberlain accepted With'alacrity, and his arrival� in- Buenos, Aires proved 'equally. mystifying both to friends . and foes. But that bewilderment turned to horror when Peron, held in check by events, refused to be presidential candidate and bestowed that honor on Campora. To make matters.wor-.� se, 'Campora won the 1973 elections and later went around telling his friends that it was a personal victory for him'. But the Campora who never really knew what to do With. himself nbw had two sons who did the thinking for him. And they had a cohort of crypto-Marxists who collared a number of ministries, provincial governments and universities. They decreed an insane "amnesty" which turned loose on the streets the most notorious figures in crime (including one of them; Francois Chiappe, linked to the French Connection in drugs). They also tried to kill Peron on Jure 20,1973, (accor- ding to a statement by Horacio Calderon) when he came back , to Argentina and was about to land in Ezeiza airport. The man who was once afraid to be called a "communist", the :one-time devotee of the Virgin of Lujan, now called "Uncle" � by thousands of young boys deliriously dreaming of "na- tional socialism" made.' Argentina look remarkably, and _unhappily; like the Red Communes in Paris in 1871 and 1968. I � DOWN THE HILL �� .Campora's smiling face, with complete new false teeth and . a smart blue-shirt, shone down from every city wall, just like another "Uncle", Joseph Stalin, before 1953. Campora failed to appreciate, as usual, that the ground was trembling be- neath his feet ,and that Peron did not intend to tolerate any disorderhe-was-unableto-control at-will., - - - � 'i-Ie had a-Violent-discussion with the Leader-in:his estate . in :4,Jburban-Buenos Aires and realized that it was about to be all over. Although the "New Left" fanatics identified with the F.bOrth International urged him. to resist, he announced his resignation.. On October 12 Peron, wearing his 'lieutenant , general's uniform and with his wife .Maria.Estela Elise Mar- . tinez- as running mate, inaugurated his third presidential term- after an election which was above'alLa plebiscite. This was when trouble started for the professional Mar- k xist terrorists, who had infiltrated the so-called "special for- mations." For Campora the time came to dress up as a martyr and Wait for the death, expected not to delay too much, of his - , patient benefactor. � He was appointed ambassador to Mexico and began to � receive the most conspicuous international Marxists, many of them Argentina, In his, sumptuous residence in Chapul- tepe.c, after a tour of- Panama. Campora at that time was ac- , ting the part Of Heir Presumptive rather than ambassador � �but luck still wasn't With him. The Peronist governing clique 'threw him out cif the party and Peran's.lbs1 official act before . dying on July 1,1974, was to fire him. There were those who . said the signature was a forgery. or that "somebody" forced the dying man's hand. But even so the ."compulsive traitor" � went to Peron's wake in Congress and made a typically 'oblique' reference to wishing to "cooperate" with his widow and.heiress: _ He.was rejectedcbut pcobably expected to be. He returned to Mexico .and published a manifesto full of adulation for PerOn (the dead,Per6n, that is). He returned to Buenos.Aires, almost ignored 'by the Peronist. press, and was in Buenes. Aires on the day of the March 24,1976, coup. -Nobody but Cameora himself believes that he has anything to offer to an. Argentina devastated by the biggest deception in its history. But he also knows, �and. this is the worst thing for the former dentist,-that if he. is offered the chance of political-rehabilitation (even-if nothing more than that) the terrorists .who used him as a shield will sign his sentence of � death. Letter from Argentina Page 15 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 New York Times, Juan de Onis On Monday, November 21, the Argentine Foreign Office and the Argentine news- papers had a' cable transcribing an article /published by th New York Times on Sun- day, November 20, The story, written by Buenos Aires correspondent Juan de Onis, perplexed everybody in Argentina, not only because of what- the correspondent saldT-but-be-- cause of its notorious ill-will. It was a masterwork of "intelligence" view a view to hampering the results of the visit that US Secretary of State Cyrus Vance made to Buenos Aires the next day. Weare the people best qualified to know what is going on in our own country; this is why we have to disapprove very strongly of the lies disseminated by the feverish an- d easily upset Juan de Onis. What did he hope to achieve with this story? What were his sources? Where did he get the information he attributes to well-informed sources? VV,here-does he-get- the' idea that President Videla is not in control 'of the military commands and that they act On their own? Why does he refer to Timerman's punishment as "severe"? Where did he get the Information that Timerman was tortured during "ques- tioning"? Why does he call the fight-again- st guerrillas "anti-Semitism?" Why does he offend the armed forces which have spilled so much blood in the battle against the Subversive enemy? Somebody-in Argentina, governed by the armed forces, must put an end to "subver- - sive-aggression" by Juan de Onis-,-a direct accomplice Of the guerrillas, who have spilled the blood of so many Argentines. The government must be firm, in the face of this "stab in the back" by a foreigner, who i: infringing Argentine laws never THE NEW YORK TIMES, SUNDAY NOVEMBER 20,,1977 JEWS IN ARGENTINAINSET OVER ARRESTS Severe Punishment of Publisher Has Increased Alarm Over Anti-Semitism in Military � ByTDAN-de-ONIS� �-� sped, 0Th. New Vert _ ,--BUF.NOSrAIRES,--Nciyi-19:-The-Argen 4, Jewish community, which for some Vine has been alarmed about anti-Semitic actions by members of the security forces, Is further disturbed by the severe punishment recently imposed by the mili- tary junta on Jacobo Timmerman, a news- paper publisher, who has been stripped of his civil rights and property. , � . "Would this have happened if Timmer- man were not a Jew?" asked a leader of a Jewish_organization who requested' that he no( to be identified, hut whose question pointed up the widespread con- cern among Jews about anti-Semitism here. The Government of President Jorge Ru. fuelVidela, the commander in chief of the army, firmly disavows � any official policy of anti-Semitism, and. has taken . measures to prevent the circulation of blatantly anti-Jewish publications. Leaders of the Jewish community, such as Nehemlas Hesnitsky, a lawyer who is president of the loose association of Jew- ish organizations known as Daia, have ready access to high officials, such as Gen. Albano Harguindeguy, the Minister - of Interior, and Adm. Emilio Masses-a, the commander in chief of the navy, who is a member of the junta. Sense of Insecurity These relationships with highly Placed Government offitials do not offset, how- -ever, a sense of insecurity among many lews that stems from many inaications that some elements of the security forces believe that Jews have been deeply In- solved in the left-wing guerrilla groups. The majority of Argentina's 400.000 :Jews have not been directly affected by aecurity operations. But one Jewish source said that about 600 Jews, most 6f them young , have been among the )1000 people that the military says have been killed arrested or kidnapped since it took power In March 1976. � There are many accounts from people Sabo say they %.were taken into custody sby security personnel because they were aews. 1,some�-cases, there1lave.been-re-- -- orts -that �swastikas-and;photographi. of -- ie l,, ll tlen_were.seenlatlinterrogation.centers.. Jewish leaders who haValthought deeply bout the problem feethat there mav aye been an unusually high number of ms among . the, stUdents,, physicians, wyers and other-people who belonged fo leftist political groups from Which the guerrilla organizations recruit. This is ;lino true of the Communist Party, al- gpough it has opposed the armed violence of the guerrillas. _ . � . . - . History of Anti-SernitIsm ; But there is also evidence that the se. .curity forces include right-wing, anti- ;Communist and nationalist elements that have a history of anti-Sernitic action in 'Argentina. In the emotionally' charged mood of Ile security forces, who are fighting guer- rillas, the suspicion of present or . past embership in. grotips regarded as left, wing" or_"subversive'l is sufficient cause (iv a secreiive arrest, a violent interroga-; Non undo summary execution. Alejandrei Deutsch, his wife, Elena, and their three daughters, who were arrested Aug. 27 in Colorado, are Jewish. The army says that a Son, whom they are seeking. Was a member of a guerrilla,group. The father is still in jail, along with one aaughter. because he 'allegedly warned his son to flee when army investigators arrived at their home. . Jewish leaders tend to ascribe the threats against Jacob� Kovadloff, the rep- resentative here of the American Jewish Committee, who left Argentina with his family in July, to a tight-wing group oper- ating outside the official security force. Links to the Security Forces But It is now widely believed that the Letter from Argentina Page 16 Government is unable to guarantee th safety of person seriously threatenes by such groups, which appear tolhav close -relations with the security force: and virtual Impunity to Oct. Although President.Vwiela and his mili tory collaborators have often spokes shout the need to establish a "monopoll of -repression" under high-level control --tfieY- admit-that-this --has-not-beer� - - .The_caSe.oLivir.-Tinainenisansta-e-fonnei- tinlalisher of-the newspaper La. Opinion raises ;further questions about the Prest ilent s control over military. decisions. , -.Although he was seized -by military ;personnel April 15 and subsequently tar- red Under questioning, Mr. Timmerman ,tes neVer been formally charged with any tame In the investigation .of alleged -EPancial links between his newspaper Sind the late David .Graiver, a young Ar- tine banker charged with having ac- reptedlillegal funds from guerrilla groups gdr investment abroad. ail...Nevertheless, the military junta im- tised its most severe punishment on Mr. Umro erman last week by taking away Nalpolitical rights,- placing his property 1.6-,state- custody, depriving him of the Plitt to work as a professional, and in- definitely extending his detention. cllThere is a conviction in the military that there is a connection. between Tins. mermananclGraiver, and that makes him ailsubversIve," said a Government official. -President Carter expressed his concern to President Videla about the Timmerman case when the Argentine President was in Washington in September, and Secre- tary of State Cyrus B. Vance, who is scheduled to visit Argentina Monday, Is expected to renew the American concern that he be given a fair trial. . But for members of the Jewish comb munity been, who regard Mr. Timmerman with admiration as a committed Zionist concerned with the welfare of Jews here and. in Israel, the action taken against him has 'reduced confidence in the way the � Government handles problems when a Jew is involved. iS M r".L u an:A ntsi LB uenosL Aires correspondent for "The-, - New York Times" wrote an ar- ticle on November-19 last referring- to "alarm' over anti- Semitic action" by the present Argentine government. This sort of journalistic adventure is not exclusive to the govern- . �- ment period Which began on March 24, 1976. -- And there are many jour- nalists like ourselves who are engaged in a conetant and - sometimes difficult. struggle -to get this question sorted out. Correspondent . Onis says that Jacob� Timerman, former editor of La .0piniOn news- paper, to whom we have refer- red in other,-pages- of Letters from Arg'erritina,- has been "severely - punished". by the military junta, when in fact this person is 'protected by the. same rights and guarantees available to all his country- men. Always provided they do not break the law or .make. an. at- tempt on national security-and 'sovereignty. The "Timerman -affair'-- is being upc.onsotous),y-,-pro- -, a .part Of:the; pkesa, and by,certain-i.sectorscwhich have been rejected by the Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 and I Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 mind how much of a journalist he is. But, not to use his same methods, he must be given an opportunity to defend himself and to explain where he got the information for his story. And then action must be taken accordingly. The New York Times has a circulation of copies. It has great Influence in the U.S. and. its stories are widely circulated in the world press. This is why the harm done by Onis is so serious for the Image of an Argentina we all want to preserve. This is an opportunity for..Argentina to score a goal in the fight for a better image. patriotic. Argentine Citizenry, to try and turn it into a ree- dition of the "Dreyfus affair" that 'shook .France at the beginning of the century. The difference is that the Alsatian captain was innocent and that at least half Of France moved resolutely to his defen- ce. This does not occur with Jacobo Timerman, Who was never popular, and for very good reasons. - This is an old divisionist� The government has not and economic delinquency � � strategy, born of the classic wanted to turn this into an most of whom are not even �political montages" so often emotional case. Timerman 's remotely Jewish � tends resorted to by agents of sub- offences against the nation mainly to set an example to are public knowledge and Ar- � youth,. a frequent victim of his � version gentina, which once protected dissociating preaching. This is true not. only of Ar- him as an immigrant, now And also to all those who 'gentina but also of the rest of --:-wants justice. - �,-,-,--abuse-thetreedomotthe.presr.the world, such as is proven in Merely justice which is s and other liberties of an es-- . Chile and .oft"TI_ rat-jiff-des-, contrary to the reWnchistri t here' "intelleCt. I " lik � - that he proposed from the and attempt- to undermine. the � Jacob() Til-nerman manage to columns of his newspaper foundations of the social body ,monopolise an appreciable against all thoseof us who did we live in or in which we want. degree of notoriety. Anton}o Rodriguez Carmona not believe in his 'socialist to continue living, fatherland". But.Onis' story goes beyond To confuse legal action a personal anecdote or a mag- against Timerman with a s-o-�' ' nification of the odyssey of . cal led oUtbreak of anti- the La Opinion ex editor. Seimtism is, at the very least,. It also attempts to establish to confuse the trees and the a dichotomy in the military wood.. government, casting President His inclusion' in the. Ins- Videla as Dr Jekyll and "mem- tutional Responsibility Act, bers of the security forces" as together with other nefarious a heterogenous collection of representatives ,of subversion Mr Hydes. A nightmare never seen in Argentine. Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Onis' attack on Argentine nationalism, identifying it with ideologi6 which 'neer had any success among us, has an emotional charge much greater than what he-attritiuteS to these elements. We're so "Nazis" that we let former SS 'men like Adolf Eichmann (1961) and Eduard Roschmann (a few month ago) be spirited away from under our very.noses, not to mention the patience we show When minoritarian sectors which never assithilated-to a -pea- ceful society, officially oblige us to share in their centuries- old rancour and persecution mania. And we're. about to pass a special law against racism. Naturally the Argentine .Jewish community denies any form of representativity to those professional com- plainers., . and -regrets' more than anybody else � due to the confusion which springs from their errors and mistakes � the fact that journalists like Juan de Onis should gaily spread this all about the worl- d. � We don't know if our co- lleague is Jewish or not. , We only want him to reflect, Which is what we'd expect of any human being never mind his family tree. ; Nobody in .Argentina be- lieves (and we have unvited 'journalists from all over the, WO-H.6,10-6o m end -see-f orIL -- �thernSelVes) that.`!thi.:gOieiri;-= ment is Incapable Of guarart- teeing the safety of a seriously .threatened person" by those groups Juan de Onis refers to in hmis extensive column. The monopoly of, security, more than of repression, is. in' the hands of the military junta, according to � the charter of principles under which it took.' over power nearly two years ago. The "New York Times" correspondent is trying to disassociate the action of an armed force (in this- case the w'my, commanded by Pre- sident Videla) from the other � ,two. This is serious. � . President' Videla does not have "military associates" but subbrdinates instead, just like 'Admiral MasSera and Bri- gadier General Agosti in their' respective areas. Just as the real Argentine - Jews are not a state within a 'state, and consequently obey the law and don't expect protection from "decided Zionists" like Timerman and his friends, as defined by Mr Onis. A'. Rodriguez Carmona Letter from Argentina Page 17 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 The end of a misrepresentation "Nobody persecutes psychiatry in Argentina" Dr Arnaldo- Rascovsky's --- -- professional career is such that no further comment is called for. In his sphere he is a per- sonality of the first magnitude due to his dedication to psy- choanalysis and his partici- pation in international scientific events. His declarations dis- pelling the ridiculous defa- mation campaign generated abroad alleging prohibition or limitation on the exercise of ps- ychiatry and psychoanalysis in Argentina have therefore great weight. They are also awarning to those who allows themselves to be 'misled by subversives or people completely ill-informed on realities in Ar g entina. ----0:-What does-"FIlluifi" mein? 0: Dies It operate only in-ArgentinaT A: "FIllUrn" is an Interdisciplinary Ins- A: NO. It exists elsewhere, like Spain, titution for the study and prevention of and branches are being organized In othe filicide. By extension It covers the general places like Brazil, Bolivia, Venezuela and defence of the child. Peru. Dr. Arnaldo liascovsky �Hanorary .President of COPAL (Latin American Psychoanalysis Organizations Coordinating Committee). �Founder and former president of the Argentine Psychoanalysis Association, �Founder and former president of the Argentine Medical Psychology, Psychoanal- ysis and Psychosomatic Medicine Society. �Faculty-teacher of the Buenos Aires psychoanalytical Institute. �National .Honorary Member of the Argentine Medical Association Doctor In Buenos Aires hospitals and Children's Hospital 1926-1949. �Member of various domestic and foreign scientific societies. �Secretary for Latin America of the International Psycho-Analytical Group for the Study of Problems of Peace and War. �Founder and former editor of the Argentine Psychoanalysis Magazine. . �Co-author of Psychosomatic Pathology, Fetal Psychism, Psychoanalysis of. 'Manias and PsycoPathies, Profound Psychism Levels; Psycoanalysls of War. �Author of:' Killing of Children and other essays, Fllicide, Knowing your Son, Knowing Women, Decalogue of Good and Bad Parents, Notes on Mother-Child Re- lationships, FIlicide, Violence and War, The Hidden Face of the Cinema. Being prin- ted is The Foetus'Braln. �Over 50 papers published In Argentina and Foreign magazines. �Founder and President of FILIUM, Interdisciplinary Association for the Study and Prevention of Filicide. �Courses and lectures in many cities including Rio de Janeiro, San Pablo, Porto Alegre, Santiago de Chile, Quito, Bogota, Barranquilla, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Mexico, Montevideo, Madrid, Milan, Bologna, Barcelona, Punta del'Este, Caracas. Boston. etc. Letter from Argentina Page 18 -07Was "Fillum" tiie result of an Argen- tina Idea? A: Yes, it was. It was born and deve- loped In Argentina which has been the site. Of two congresses, one in Mendoza and one � in Rosario. There�was an international congress In Paris in 1973; Q: There are a lot of ideas � particularly at. man-in-the-street level � about psy- chiatry. How do you define It? � -A: psychiatry is,the branch of medicine which looks after mental diseases. 0: Who are the persons empowered to practice psychiatry? A: Whoever has studied and practiced as necessary. There is a postgraduate-school In Buenos Aires to obtaln.tne title of doc- tor in psychiatry. � 0: Are their psychiatric consulting rooms In national or municipal hospitals? A:: Yes. Most of :them have consulting rooms in psychopathology which are generally in the hands of psychiatrists and Psychologists. And psychoanalysts, too-,. ...Of What Sort of patients do psychiatrists look after? A:' Anybody whose -sickneta is mental. Particularly to the Psychotic, � I.e. those who have the disease of mental imbalance to. an. advanced degree. Q: Are their limitations on psychiatry In Argentina? � A: No, there are no limitations. Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Q: Is this speciality well developed in Argentina? A: Fairly wel developed. It has deteriorated lately-because things in general went through stich-a�bad phase. In thp broad view, psychiatric sprviCes are ddficient. There is no proportion between services offered and the increasing amount of metal disorders. There are too few technicians for.too many doctors:It is to be hoped that doncerp for mental patients will increase in the next few. year,. � particularly in the creation of more technical men and of therapeutic communities. Cf: Is third Mass information on psychiatry? I don't think so. Not any more than is . available for other branches of medicine, anyway. Q: What do Argentines feel about psychiatry � are they afraid of it, contemptuous of it, scared of it or ignorant about it? A: Argentines are not more apprehensive about it than in other Western countries, and perhaps less. In many cases people try to.avoid contact with psychiatrists because theyfeafraid of being referred to as mental cases. But this sort of prejudice is being overcome. More and more people are realizing that a mental disorder can be as temporary as any clinical illness: . Q: Is there communication with other countries on psychiatric affairs? A: Yes, intensely and permanently. We Dr. Arnaldo Rescovsky participate in international, Pan-American and Latin American congresses. Argentine training is very mitchin demand in many . Latin American countries.Nany American universities have Argentine professors. � .� Q: So what Is psychoanalysis? 'A;��� I'd need three,months to answer this. I'd have to write ten books or give a foolish rep IV. 0: Do you think your previous replies havebeen.foolrsh? A: No. Psychoanalysis is.tb elevate. to patients' conscience the unconscious motivations of their ideas, symptoms and disorders. These generally spring from a sum of inherited circumstances (developed all through life) and events of the day.:All this includes an interaction between the .individual and pressure exerted on him by the environment during his evolutionary .process. 0: Who is authorized to practice psychoanalysis? . �A:. People who have trained according to internationaily approved standards and who have the approval ofia psychoanalytical institute recognized by the International psychoanalytical Association. In Argentina, it is required by some institutions that a potential psychoanalyst must have formal medical training. Formation includes an individual psychoanalysisOf the candidate, lasting at least four years with supervision of his patients and theoretical study courses that must be followed 'during 10 years at least in the Institute.. 0: Is there a `-`brain drain" in - psychiatrists and psychoanalysts? A: jo'a certain extent, to countries like Spain i the U.S: and Canada. Q: Why? A: .For various reasons-. Some have been associated with subversion or have anonymously threatened: It's happened to� me onCe or twice-, too. I think this could be envy, professional rivalry or some patient who vas upset. There are other people who go abroad in search of more favorable,. . .economic cinditions. And there are some. who, because of the immense prestige of: � Argentine Specialists-, have gone-abroad because they have been offered highly advantageous chairs and cohtracts. Q: Are there limitations on the exercise of these specialities?. A: A: As I said bei;re, there no limitations to.professionals who are genuinely' qualified qualified to preactice trese professions. Q: Have you heard of the existence of a slander campaign from abroad which claims that psychiatry is forbidden in . Argentina, and which has been heard even in internarional organizations? A: I hadn't heard and it seems ridiculous. These people are completely at odds with reality. Visit by Michel Poniatowsky Ambassador Michel Poniatowski, . special envoy of French PresIdeut -.Vale-ry:-,D1Scard -WEstaing-, was In B;uenos:Aires OCtober.24-thrdugh 26. ,The distinguished French diplomat, whols One of the most prominent per- sonalities of 'France, interviewed President Videla, the Ministers of Foreign Relations, Planning, and Cul- ture and Education, he Air Force com- mander-in-chief and the archbishop of Buenos Aires. On his departure he. offered 'a press conference at the French embassy, where he Said:-"my trip has been essen- tially-political and it had two purposes: I Wanted to transmit a message of Nen- 'clthiP and understanding to the,Argen- .''tihe, government and also the concern of the French government over some e- ssential points In. International poll- . He was,'asked about the general political drift of France in the power balance between the superpowers. He replied: Like most .intermediate, third world, countries, were are trying to keep alive the 1:3olicy qf detente of the last few years. All of US have something to' lose if the cold war starts up again." �How do you feet dAtente is inserted in the framework of' Carter's human rights policy?- �- -The most TimOOrtant, .thing about .human rights,:,freedonfand progress is to wipe: Out -the-ferrpriSM:all of us are subject to Terrorism is'a form of war and all states are boundtogether to fight it. France an ally of:all battles against terrorism. We havetoordinated our action:1n this respect with Germany and Britain. Sub- version, which originates in 'certain foreign powers, never. mind'which, is diminishing in Latin. America and Europe and' becoming more significant in Africa. .Three,�weeks . ago, after. SchleYer's kidnapping, German Foreign:. Minister Schmidt said to me, 'I won't surrender. In these conditions terrorists will,. Only try' something worse. I won't give in, because if I do, .1 destroy -law; � and the. institutions, and I leaves the � :weak in the violent Letter from Argentna Page 19 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Maria Elena Iglesias de Ronan Doctor Maria Azucena Carcamo Three women Three representative Argentine women talk about their country, their hopes for it and_their_hopes-for_1978.-Their approach was p�iTnIliind-refrained froM_SkirtiiiglififfiCUlt issues � which is what makes it so valuable. Charming, fascinating, Maria Elena Iglesias de Renan, 38,, two children; re- sembles a figure of the Renaissance: She is multiple, essentially, creative. She owns the "Estudio del Bajo" advertising agency, .celebrated in Argentina and. abroad. In the agency, Maria is the guiding spirit, no- thing happens that she doesn't know about. She is the quintessence of vitality. Maria can't stop creating, color, images, ideas, viewpoints. Her husband is Sergio Renan, a ,distinguishedArgentinefilmdIrectorwhose "La Tregua"' (The Truce) was in the final round loran Academy Award. 1) Argentina is facing up to its reality very painfully. We have a magical tendency to think that change comes suddenly.. It's hard for us to realize that change means every one of us. We seem to be growing up a bit, which is very good. This year indus- try strode forward the most. 2) Yes. 3) Hopes for the National Project must be entertained by everybody in Argentina and not only by women. We've got to try and be more grown-up, more responsible, to have a more solid concept of the future. 4) In don't think all Argentine women are the same. I think we're independent despite ,being Latin Ameriban. On the average,. I think it fair to say Argentine women are intelligent we have an uncom- mon capacity to "Help along." Letter from Argentina Page 20 Maybe it's her biological makeup which ensures that women have a great vitality and a concept of the future. She needs more self:assurance and on that basis to play a greater part In whatever goes on. "Dames with Jobs" (a very characteristic saying in Ruenos Aires), are not all foo- lishly feministic. To us, it is Important to .preserve femininity, work and vocation. It Doctor SilvIa Gil Arcay Is important to appreciate that indepen- dently of whether one faces economic necessity, we have a role, in society and a vocation. Women are partners with men in whatever happens to the country. 5) What I hope for, my expectations for my family are a climate in which everybody can develop the best in him or her. I'd like to be smart enough not to put obstacles in their way, as I have so much to do with their lives:-I'vergot-to-let-others--dpielop the things7in them, even though they don't seem the best to me. From the world outside I ask for peace, stability and mutual respect so that my children and I can live in contact with "the outside." 6) think we're all hoping for an end to violence, because it's a "Long Live Death!" and I'M for "Long Live Life!" I'm concerned about more than just getting rid of violen- ce. I think we've got to look at it medically and prevent subversion. The most impor- tant thing we've got to do is to channel the vitality and creative potential of youth to avoid it being used, in good faith or in bad QUESTIONNAIRE 1) 1977 Is nearly over; a year of sacrifice for sorne, of hope, of disappolntmen even. How do you evaluate events In Argentina as from January? ,2) Do you think the future wIll.always be better? 3) What do ArgentIne.women expect from the National Project? 4) How would- you.rate the Virtues and defects of 'Argentine women in 1977. Let's be realistic about this... 5) We think the most nearly perfect state which resembles a family. A normal family, naturally. Can you. tell us what you want for Our family and for the state In what is left of 1977? . 6) Latterly violence has struck at many homes. There's been a lot of talk of human rights, not always with a proper understanding of the problems that were foisted on us. . , President VIdela said we'd spend Christmas in peace, and pray God he's Iright._What would you wish for our authorities so that violence, and lack of un- derstanding should end in time for all 1978 to be Christmas? 7) Vihaf clO You tnink ordemagognery? . 8) If you had to propose a subject for a national referendum, what subject would you suggest? 9) Is anything superior to life itself? 10 Internationally, who was the person who most Impressed you, and why?_} Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 faith, by people who think that violence, can improve things. 7) Demagoguery is an evil which only immature countries accept. I think we've .got to grow and accustom.youth to grow up without it. � 8) I'd ask them 'what .sort of a country they'd really like to have, and then I'd challenge them to create it. 9) No, life itself. . 10) These things are very difficult. I ad- mire people for some of their qualities, not necessarily all. I have enormous respect for the late Malraux because he had thei courage to suggest that culture was vital: - and to predicate that ideological extremis- ms, 'never mind of what-type, mutilate aid inhibit an ample vision of life.. Dr Maria Azucena Carcamo is a lawyer, a graduate of the National Buenos Aires University. She specializes in Adminis- trative Law, works. as an independent and is 35. She has one child. She has traveled extensivily and is distinguished for her maturity and aplomb. She is.warm and ma- kes everybody feel at ease. 1) I see It as a complex, critical process. I think we're coming out of it slowly, with, everybody's assistance. 2) In hope, I think so. 3) To be able to realize themsehies sonally. � 4) In hope, I think so. 3) To to realize themselves. per- sonally. 4) I'm not referring necessarily,to � women of 1977 but to Women of the present time. I see them about to take off, .about to open up, wanting to get. thing* .done "end to show the world that they. can. orm outsi a e kitchen. .1 see this _ more; marked arriorig.. young. womMi; wbo7, , �� * � � � � � Women are afraid Of breaking.thing's,.ot: pitting their professions against their ch.ik dren and husband. Argentine women will have to learn to do some serious home- work:, in order to win a Place in a compe- titive market.. They'll have to face.challen- ges and realize that that's the only way to become a full human being; 5) For my family, and for the state, I hope for understanding and mutual res- pect. 6) I hope violence Is never necessary. I hope we never again have problems or trouble spots which can unchain violence. 7) I think. demagouguery is something which takes hold in countries which are in-. tellectual too Infantile to assume their res- ponsabllities. 8) One of the questions would be reci- ted to the economy:. 'What do Argentines think of the economic process? I'd also ask about the import and export. modus op- erandi. Of Course I woulde3 ask everybody that question. What do people think about a gradual return to politics? Do � labor leaders think that they will soon play a major role in union life again? � . 91 I think so, but I've got serious doubts 'abOut a' borderline situation as related. to: life. Any other answer would be, for me, dishonest. � 10) Internationally I haven't got too much time for so-called "leaders." I can't. find .a single person I admire overall. I could mention specific points In a.number ;of people.. Dr Silvia Gil Arcay is a doctor, two chil- dree, the direater of the Medical Depart- Ment of the Merck, Sharp 6 Liiiihme-phaF-- 'maceuticals ddinpany. She IS brilliant, talented, a well-known''journalist; very categorial and sure In what she says. She Is extremely femiriine andjias an almost metaphysical desire to please. - 1) I think Argentina is going through a transition Period: Wellave to come out of a period which was :really dramatic for the . Country. We all hope that everything turns out for the best for. the country and its This year, and probably next year, will be difficult ones. We 'already know about economic problems but we're all resolved , to clO all we can for the country and we. ourselves to be where We want to be � and be. . � 2) I forget who it was but somebody said, "How. can I nor worry about the future if It'll be the. present very soon!" I think 'we're all worried about the future. Per- sonally what concerns Me most about it Is my children. One always fights fora better future. This is the best thing one can wish for those that one loves and for the country I much. 3) People like myself in their thirties are riot waiting so much for projects or pro- .rtilses as to be able to"work for the-thins they want to achieve.. -I love my country: that's why I think it's worth while trying to support it in whatever Implies progress. ' 4) Argentine women., play a Major role and this makes them a part of the country. But th.ey're. not quite sure yet of the role they .should- play. There are women who support. feminism -and live in permanent competition with -men. Others dwell In ,slavery. I think�that in Argentina, like ever- tywhere-else,_there_are_wornen_who like, to targets, and other that . � . . � � .� ,� �� �� ,� don, Y.--And-there-are --manr-gccupations� barred to women: Women who try to climb In a society bUilt. by Men are bound to have a hard'time :att. ManY�.of us have to go out and work today becaiise -things are: that � way economically, but we still feel bound by. housework and we want to get "perfect scores" in everything. What woman achieve will be the product� of capacity and. willpower. This will be the only form of discrimination among women. � 5) I've got a sole objetive in my life. I want to.. be happy. To 'me happiness in- cludes my home,, my friends, my .country. I think most human beings have the same objectives. My family and my country should all "pull the same way" so that we can be happy. 6) All Argentina -has been witness to events in which not only was. a perSon eliminated but: the whole-family-has-been obliged to witness the horrible killings. My wish is that the Argentine government should continue to battle subversion and produce a turnaround in a situation Which It' has. inherited from a long time ago. I hope it -achieves a social context which is gratifying to everybody In Argentina. . 7),Demagoguery and tyranny, or dic- tatorships, are the result of socioeconomic conditions In a country. There are times when things seem to come together to create demagoguery. Obviously nobody likes living in demagoguery; thera' is no doubt that it is preferable to 'live in de� mocracy. Sometimes, demagoguery is, necessary, in borderline situations. And sometimes there are ad-honorem de- magogueries... 8) Divorce; type of government . we'd choose; should the university be indepen- dent or not, and study Plans; . options as, regards the health policy; general Ii-' neaments of the econorrplan. 9) Living in happiness,' nothing is finer than life,. - ,19) As time goes by ond onei epos, my- ths-fade-away -andLthe-choteebecornes more difficult. I'd find It hard tc, give a name, a person. In general I prefer people who are working to improve conditions in. the world and for the peace of the world. Letter from Argentina Page 21 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 The Semi(' s question notorious es criminals and have cast a shadow on the Image Of those who share a common ancestry with them. In the third place it is necessary to study the. condition ,of internal war that Is only itist- coming to, an end in Argentina. Ex- tremists caused to much death and des- truction that many people in-Argentina had had to suffer the consequences thereof. And all communities have been represen- ted in this quota of suffering, not least the Jewa. But this does not mean that there is any reason to single them out as having , been particularly victimized in this con- frontation. The reasons, explanations, and -historic-- and -political-- origins- of-all- this have nothing to dOwith anti-Semitism: ATTITUDES The . problems mentioned before, and �which have not been properly understood, are being used by subversion to support a slander .campaign against .the National Government. This is the reason -for.cons- tent accusations of anti-Semitism in this Dr. Magaidl, president at the Confederation _ of Welfare Societies, :addresses a group. of .0uAt'ry. �,-:. � - : - . Jewish women who work for general social welfare.\ - But there is an 'opinion ' which should , carry considerable weight, except of cour- . , ... . ,. The National Government is .conscious The National Constitution our Magna .se in the case of people specially interes- .. of the value and importance of the. sig- '.Charta, definitely excludes racial prejudice �. ted inslandering Argentina It is the nificant role played' by the fecund and har- and governments since 1945 on, have beert�.--2,opinion� of Israel in thlsrespect and attitu- Oworking Israeli community in Argentina," coherent in this respect. This coherence des by.the..national government which are ,says General Videla's message to the has also been observed in '..i.elations .with :�:_cluite eloquent as to the real situation of. ,-,Jewish community on the 25th anniversary the state of Isfael,_WhIchhave.always:been-,..,4eNia in Argentina. _ . ' of the Federation of Israeli Argentine Corn- cordial and fruitful '. , as they have been With ,'.-.....QUIte. recently 'acultural, scientific and . -munitibs, and it reflects the thought, of the other ethnic and migratorminoritieS1\technical:agreerrient :was signed with . - the armed forces over the need to integrate that have contributed ,to the development , Israel. It tightens the already strong links - the contribution of this, community into of Argentina. . r ,',F . _ -.. between both eduntries. There Is no doubt � national development. And as this is more It should not be forgotten that.Argentina.;.�.i,othat_the Israeli government would not have important than any other interest, nobody was the First . country-, to recognize..tha...:signed::this_agreement if. it felt that Jews ; � ' ' - - . will able to modify the policy which has state of Israel In 1948.- , . ',L.'. were being discriminated 'against in.. Ar been defined in this connection. � But recently, more concretely .Since the . . �'.-Ontina. ' � - : ' ' .. , The sentiments of the � Jewisch corn- Military Junta took, ever,. there have been :." ..� There have been recent press statements _ .._mu.nity.are,sim ilar..On_the occasion,of_this____sOme_Rvents__,Which,_Jf_incerrectly_inter-.:7M--,-BuenosHAIres--by--spokesmentfor-the- .;.;:-.anniversary.,--�-theirownr-ieadersexpresed-,,,-preted-,-.cOuld: leaditO7:sPme-Misteken'arid.,"?.fgrael I-T;erga-riliatibecs -Iii.-Ar-girriti iii:Teri �their appreciation of the presidential mes ---unfair conclusions . '-'-national holidays like : Yom Kippur. On '- Sage. "How can we fee) anything but love . . ' in the, first placti, one of the most 'those occasions, too, ; special � messages for 'this land where we have been able to prominent bankers In , Argentina, David �of godd will have been ' received � from . grow in ireedom? We want to live In peace, Graiver, has been' charged with economic President VIdela. and Admiral Massera, ... , In justi,;e and freedom. We are a corn- offences and .with connections with sub- This is adequate proof of the fact' that so- munity that participates, fully in .the de- version Graiver killed in an air brash in called:. anti SemitIsm in Argentina is so- ...veloprri int of this beautiful country and August, 1976, was Jewish and represented mething which has - been invented, by centrib le to it in spheres of activity Jewish banking interests in Buenos Aires people to _whom the idea- of a� reborn Ar- ' '.� However, mony press media taking ad- The other. directors. of group that gentina is distasteful; vantage ' of events of a circumstantial. Graiver headed have been arrested and will' ' When Mr Jacob Kovadloff, president of , nature, have insistently made the corn- ,be:tried by�a special tribunal of warmn order_i_t.he Jewish-American Committee In � -pletely erroneous statement that there' is to. ascertain the. truth .of the allegations Buenos Aires, was threatendd oyer the anti-Semitism. that have been made against Graiver and ' telephone by extremists, the Foreign Of- . . The statement that after the war many his associates. fice kept inconstant touch with him during'Nazis came to Argentina, is true, as is The detainees Include . Jacob�. Timer- his self-Imposed exile In the US., and of- , � ',proved by the ,capture here of Adolf Eich- man, a totimalist of Jewish , extraction and fared him special guarantees if. he wished mann, subsequent proof that Joseph Men- editor .of La �Wien newspaper. He has to. return. In New York, foreign minister ,.gele had lived in Argentina for many years, been accused Of maneuvers to take Control Mentes met with members of the Jewish- 'and the recent death in Paraguay of Eduard of' the paper, formerly ,the property of American community. This is another. ... Roschmann, a few.days after having left -Graiver. demonstration of where official policy is !: :Argentina when a police warrant was is- � 'Jos�er Gelbard, who died very recently heading and Ills a direction that will not be � �-�sued :for his .afrest, .as well as other de- In the US, was for some time Economy given up. mands by foreign coursts for German war Minister with the government of General Mention should also be made of several . criminals presumed to be living here. Juan' Per6n.--His connection with the set- pro-Nazi publications which have been ' There, is no doubt that Argentina was a ting . up of. the country's first aluminum banned by the. Office of the President. :� shelter for these men after the war, plant is being extensively probed. But the There had been a spate of these nublica- : But does this necessarily 'suggest that Investigation has 'nothing to do with the tions in IBuenos Aires newsstands (an -,there ever was an anti-Semitic policy In Ar- fact that Gelbard was Jewish. event which ,has also been observed in '."gentina? - The fact that Graiver, Timerman, Gelbar- other countries. There seems to be a Nazi ..: ANALYZING SOME FACTS � d, Broner (Gelbard's right:hand and former nostalgia cult growing In many Western' .. . president of the General. Economic Con- ,countries) And the Military Junta has . -There Is no evidence that any. time the federation) are of Jewish extraction has decided to modify the Final Code Moor- . goverement . ever imposed or suggested nothing 'to do with their arraignment on porating, a specific anti-racist statute.. It .. ,any form of anti-Semitism of any kind. trial. The fact Is that they have committed specifies and establishes means of repres- . _ � , ,.This Is Independent of the_ _ government'S offences which are a disservice to the sion of anybody who tries to Introduce " outlook toWards ex-Nazia:. � Jewish community.. They have become racism in Argentina. � -Letter fromArgentIna Page 22 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Rabbi GRAETZ lectures at a public session � 10th Congress of Jewish Communities The Federation of Jewish Communities have developed had it not been for the in�Argentinacelebrated'Iti Silver Jubilee spirit Of and 'mutual respect that .last OP.tobler 8spY--cirgenizi,ng th'e'l 0 -th guides 1111-Sinatiori.- And- it_IS Congress of' Jewish Communities In the this Argentine spirit of welcome that Jews. Argentine Hebrew SOclety building: in Argentina feel free and are able to con- serve their ethnic identity and their Zionist links. This is Impossible. �in totalitarian - countries which brutally suppress any ex- pressions of .pluralism and pursue alt minorities, whether ethnic or religious.. Totalitarianism excludes tolerance. This is what, in our times, made the tragedy of the ,barbarous Nazi holocaust possible. This is also .why we see Zionism persecuted in Soviet Russia, which denies Jews the right The ceremonies started In the morning in � San � MirtirI Sguare.''Hundreds of chil- dren. from Jewiah. SchbOls, Israeli diplo 'meta; and officials' from "the Federation and from DAIA, the Delegation of Argentine- Israeli Associations)' paid tribUte to Argen- tina's hiStoricai hero, General Jos�e San Martin: � Congress ceremonies began with the Argentine and IsraelInational anthems and message's were read from 'Argentine Pre- sident Lieutenant '.Geheral Jorge -Rafael-, ,and from President Me- �'-'�nahern� 'eg In and Foreign Minister General Moshe Dayah.-All Were warmly applauded_ over 300 delegates representing the country's 125 Jewish communities. " � Dr Ram N irgad, the Jewish ambassador Ito Argentina, stressed "the importance of 'this day in the historY of�the Jewish corn- ' ' munity in, 'A community which !always ,played a major part in the develop- ment' of this beautiful country,..contribut- ing to all spheres of activity; agridulture, colonization of the vast land'areas:' Indus- . try, science Argentina already has � four generations of Jews. � ','"This' form 'of community � existence," 'Ambassador Nirgad went on, "is only pos- sible In a free country; the communiTy life of the Jews could not have been developed Were it not for the democratic spirit of Ar- gentina. Jewish institutions would not 3) The community donates a portrait al General San Martin to Rio Negro's "State of Israel" school to emigrate and forbids � them the right to self-expression In Russia itself". Ambassador Nirgad added: "Tolerance and liberalism has been always firmly en- trenched In'Argentina. This Is why concep- ts like 'digesting' minorities or cultures are foreign to Argentine traditions of. freedom of mam" � DAIA President Dr Nehemias Resnitzky. also spoke. - He stressed the "great love' Jews have for Argentina, where we have been able to work and have been able to grow in the. exercise_ of freedom." speaker was Dr Mario Gorens- tein, President of the. Federation-and of AMIA, .The Argentine-Israeli Mutual As- sociation, which organized the Congress. Dr �Gorenstein 'referred to the work of the 125 organized Jewish communities In Ar- ..9entIna which have been operating' since 1881. "Today We can submit' to the 'con- . sideration, of this Congress and of public opinion in general, the existence of a net- work of lc schools in Buenos Aires' and surroundings and 27 inthe interior, includ- ing primary and secondary schools and. some tertiary organizations which form 'specialized teachers and some Rabbinical Seminaries which �atsure the continuance of leadership and spiritual orientation". Dr Gol'enstein continued saying that these communities are also proud of their contributions Iry other fields, like tech- -:nology, science, industry, commerce and finance. They must no understand and ,give their reply, as the part of the country they are, to the historic moments of the 'republic." � He added, '"This Is why the community. has never been indifferent to the way thin- gs have gone in Argentina; thus it was in the. pait,.. ri;mornents. w lc Pa! h.O. Os- I t t riLt he first place,, a firm vocation to live in a pea- ceful Society, where genuine differences In viewpoint are examined. within an appro- priate, institutional framework, because this .is a guiding principle of our cultural � and . religious heritage. As Prophet. Za- carias said condemning violence. "Justice and freedom cannot be attained with force but with the spirit.". Dr Gorenstein continued to say that "we. Jews therefore emphatically disassociate ourselves with any effort to modify the complex of social and Institutional rela- tions of our country, Argentina, through the use.of_force or subversion. Just asthe other sectors of Argentine life, we are alive to. the vital-importance of the struggle that is being .Waged In order that our children may inherit a greater and more peaceful (Argentina. This is why we achieve 'this' sort' of country and why we will strive 'to attain It. "Furthermore, we will also say today that we have seen as very positive the ef- forts made (by' the Argentine government) Such as the ban on. various Nazi publi- cations and' on harebrained anti-Semitic propaganda, with the purpose of avoiding further sterile division in Argentine socie- ty. We will .also contribute with our effort to the validity � of what President General Videla said on his trip to the United States: "Argentina does not have a Nazi-vocation; it was born free With a vocation of freedom end It will fight to maintain this vocation." Letter from Argentina' Page 23 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 One million argentine muslims WE LIVE LOT FREEDOM Many may be surprised on hearing that there are a million Muslims here, who freely practice their religion without inter- fering with anybody, or being interfered with in the pursuit of their religious beliefs or their immensely rich cultural tradition. _ Professor Ibrahim Hallar has a distinguished pla.ceamong the- faithful to Islam, God's Revelation to Mohammed:Jn the 7th century of our time. He occupies a privileged position as a student of various disciplines related to this spirityal pheno- menon 'Which originated in Arabia Felix to rapidly spread through Asia Minor, the Levant, northern Africa and southern Europe, where it established itself in Spain during its greatest period of splendour. This is where the gaucho gets his Arab stock; his name comes from the Arabix "guacho", equivalent to free, savage or mo- therless, rather like the desert Bedouin or the Russian Cossack. This is what Professor Hallar told us. �What are the foundations of Islam?, �God's Revelation to Prophet Moham- med has five fundamental pillars. The first� is the testimony of faith. Prior to initiation in Islam it is necessary to repeat this phrase, "I testify that there is no God out- side God, and I -attest that Mohammed is the envoy of God." This is the meaning of the word Next comes prayer. We Muslims pray -five-times-a-dayT� diY- ri'd th-ele,i b I re .p7rajieF I t heTrribal" styles of believers all over the world. This 'mayor assembly is held on the 10th day of the month after Ramadan,. called Sulhiga. The last pilgrimage to Mecca gathered together two million Muslims from 63 countries. �How many Muslims are there in the world? �Well, I suppose that was a logical _question._There.are.125.million Muslims.in_ �.: the7-22.:.countries.-.which:' form- the: Arab-. 'But- there -are about 800 million believers all over the world, many of them non-Arabic. This should give an idea of Islam's force and power of conviction. In Argentina there are a million believers and the first mosque is being built. They are grouped in various celebrated religious, cultural and social organizations of great prestige. In Buenos Aires the rites of Islam are celebrated in the Buenos Aires Islam Center. r �Do Argentine Muslims ever feel that they have been discriminated against for re- ligious or other reasons? . _ ques. - Next comes oblation, lithurgical Pu- rification. Giving alms is an obligation towards the fellow-man, just as prayer is an obligation towards God. Tradition has established 2.5 percent of the permanent,. productive capital for alms. It isadvisable. to pay�this "lithurgical lax" after the month of Ramadan in Order to receive the blessing Of fasting. This is the fourth pillar of Islam. In the ninth month of the Muslim lunar year (Ramadan Calendar) fasting is held to dominate the body and purify the soul to take part in the sorrows and de- privations of the poor. Neither solid nor liquid food may be taken from dawn to sunset. Carnal contact and tobacco are al- so forbidden in that time. In that month the faithful try not to commit sins of charity and .to devote most of their time to adore and contemplate God. The only persons exempt from this are, naturally, children, the 'sick, pregnant women and travelers. But all of them must fast at another time of the year or exert charity. The fifth, and possibly the most widely known, of the Islamic prescriptions is the pilgrimage to Mecca, in Saudi Arabia.. This has to be done in conscience at least once in a lifetime. This Is a symbol of unity and permanence for all Muslims, ap Islam, for the first time in history, puts a value on the importance of assemblies inspired in reasons of faith. The pilgrimage to the tomb of the Prophet permits the cultural' and social interchange of ideas ;and life- Letter from Asrgentlha Page 24 Left to right, Orthodox Archbishop of Jia_g_hdad Cardinal Sergio Pignedoll.protessor Haller. , God. This dogma of the Inmaculated Con ception of Mary, and of Jesus as the Mes- siah and the saviour of the world; was a dogma in Islam 1.100 years before it was defined as such by the Catholic Church when Pius IX was Pope. � As for the Koran revealed to Moham- med, this is the word of God transmitted directly without euphemism or ommis- _sion_l_t_is_the_b.o.ok_of_all_Muslims_and _the__ 7 condensation previous-sacred ti- ���teratUreiheluding2--the 'briptures. Re- member that it was dictated to the prophet over a time of 23 years, according to va- rious.circumstances and motives. Going even more deeply into your ques- tion, I had the same thing asked of me by Cardinal Sergio Pignedolli during the Islam-Christian Congress in Tripoli; in Lib- ya, a year ago. At that time I felt proud of being a native Argentine and. a Muslim and I was able to show that there had never been racial, religious or social discrimi- nation in Argentina. There is liberty here in its every expression, provided there is no interference from interests foreign to the interests of the nation. Naturally there is interest, deep interest, In Argentina over Islamic studies: The gaucho -or guacho, originally, was the product. of Andalusian soldiers (probably the race most influenced by the Arab presence in Spain) with the aborigines and other races that settled down here. .There are many Words which have been taken from the Arabic, like chiripa (a cummer- bund used by gauchos round their waist) and alazan, a roan horse... The philologist. Gonzalo de Reparas said that Whoever spoke Spanish, spoke Arabic all -day. wi- thout ever knowing it... 'Letter from Argentina thus left Professor Ibrahim Hailer after an interview that was more-like a lesson, .plus innumerable cups of coffee and the bonhomie of one who is a brother in nationality and respect to fun- damental standards of Argentine life. On the contrary. Nothing like that has ever happened. Our relationship with other. religions is friendly and constructive. We' all believe in one God and in the destiny of man,. beyond all temporal Considerations. We can't find any reason for problems with any other monotheistic faith (Muslim means precisely that, monotheistic.) Mohammed did not, as is-generally sup- posed, found Islam. He was the last of the prophets or, as we say, the "seal" of all prophecies. Mohammed considered him- self a follower of the monotheistic ideas of Abraham, who was neither Hebrew nor Christian, simply a monotheist. Moses, a Hebrew prophet and legislator, is con- sidered within Islam because he was, un- doubtedly, a monotheist. And, to us, Jesus Christ is Islamic, because he took monotheism to its highest expression the time, fulfilling the Scriptures as the Son of the Virgin Mary and the Spirit of Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 "The way I think" The following -', ques- tion regarding crucial matters of internal and foreign affairs show how much public per sonalities In Argentina- -. are interested ,in rea- sonable solutions. ,doctor Silvia Oil krcey, director of the Me: dical department of Merck Sharp & Dohme. 1) Should the Beagle Channel decision be accepted? _ .Yes, insofar as it Is fair and respects our sovereignty. I don't it has been and I think new conditions should be negotiated. Anew arbier, for example. 2) How has the Navy reacted to the presence of pirate Russian fishing craft? , Admiral Massera kept his word that our sovereignty would not be violated. They should have confiscated the ships as well as the fish. 3) What do you think about the controversy with Brazil on the subject of 'taint"' !und Corpus? � I don't see why it should be so difficult to work things out in a Matter which is of priority importance for the three -countries (Argentina:;�Paraguay-and-Braz11.)-- --4) yoO4hink:abbut It should be carried out on all fronts. It isn't merely'a---' question of armed fighting. It's also a question of der- piving subversion of the social, cultural and economic conditions which favor It. I think it is fundamental to 'illustrate the public on how .subversion is financed, In order to do away with the heroic mythology surrounding it. � , 5). Your opinion on the Videla-Carter Interview. Obviously, in foreign policy It is necessary to hold con- , vereations with every 'country, buy only insofar as Other countries show respect torus and for our liberty. . 1) I think that If this decision were sim- ply rejected it would create a difficult situation for Argentina's honor. It was probably wrongly envisaged from the beginning, but it's too late for regrets now. As a decision, it is grossly unfair and ig- nores bilateral oceanic ,agreements. If it, were carried out it would imply a state Of �permanent tension between two sister, :countries. The solution is neither to reject nor to accept, but to create a climate of dialog with Chile so that a satisfactory ,'solution can be arrived at. . 2j'It reacted In the only way It could react in the defense of Argentine 'sovereignty and the country's property. 3) Dialog between Argentina and Brazil should be fluid and constructive. . There are a lot of vested interests in action and the profits are 'incalculable. The welfare of the countries requieres that governments leave no stone unturned to achieve -a peaceful use of potential riches. The proverbial . friendship of Argentina and Brazil will find a Way to smooth over this conflict. 4) The government is obliged to create conditions for .citizens to be able to live and work ih peace and mutual respect. It is 'obliged to face anything. that can upset peace and, perturb it. But this battle must be fought with the gentlemanly spirit which emanates from a love of freedom and human rights, without adopting _methods. that subvert this _same_ spirit of ;�gentlernanh.ness,--*.-. � 5) Any meetin-betWeen-well-intentioned..- heads Of state is very conmendable. Par- ticularly at this-time, When Argentina has. to clarify an insidious international carri- ' paign against it. Naturally this doesn't .mean giving expalanations submissively, merely re-emphasizing our republican and .democratic vocation. The Interview is fruit- : fu I, because it breeds understanding and because both countries submit,to more in- tensive and creative trade. Doctor Luis Pedro Bucafus- co, President of Unelam (Latin American Evan- gelical Unity), President of the Argentine House in Israel and for- mer President of the Argentine Federation of Evangelist Chur- ches Doctor Eduardo Ottelageno, attorney and former rector-interventor of the Buenos Aires university. 1) Should the Beagle Channel decisiou, be accepted? An appeal for revision should not be lod- ged because the whole thing Is "an error of 'fact". which leads to "notorious injustice." The finding is arbitrary and ignores geography and history. It is impossible to apply. In, the solution of the conflict with Chile an attempt must be Made to conciliate Ar- gentine-Chilean brotherhood with the irrenounceable intereste:of sovereignty. 2) How has. .. navy reacted to the presence of pirate Russian fishing craft? As is required by the defence of our sea. The function of policing the waters cannot. be laid aside. It is parE of the exercise of sovereignty.. � 3) What do you think about the con- troversy with Brazil on the subject of Italp6 and Corpus? A slution must be found which contem- plates continental solidarity, on a basis of mutual respect for the sovereignty of the parts and their highest naticinal interests. 4) What do you think ,about terrorism in Argenti it should be more integral Subversion must be fought everywhere. It must be fought in culture, in religion, in the family, the economy, in society, in the judiciary; in the police force, in the ar- med services, etc. Effects are attacked but not causes. There is no point in the police and the armed forces eliminating one guerrilla, if schools, the economy, jour- nalism and television manufacture five more. � 5) Your opinion of the Carter-Videla in- terview_ I hope it will have the function of illus- trating the US people on the' drama of terrorism and its repression in Argentina, and so sweep away with misconceptions, and tighten links with the U.S. Letter from ArgintIna. Page 25 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 10 years after "Populorum" 'Monsignor Doctor Antonio QuarracInociElishop of Aveilaneda Ten years after Popuiorum Progressio, Monsignor Dr. Antonio Quarracino, Bi- shop of the Industrie( city of Avellaneda (linked to Buenos Aires by variuos bridges over the Riachuelo, little rivtr), writes in "clarin" newspaper that that encyclical was "a solemn call forrcarkete action in favour of the iptegral development of man and the joint development of humanity". sence of the Church's social teaching. A � curious, painful fault! To this, says Quarracino, must be added extremist in- terpretations, and .their concrete expres- sions. � Even the Populorum Progressio name was misused and played on in. such a fashion that even its tittle Was invalidated because "development" was presented as a screen for dominating'' countries. The word of the daywas "Liberating revolution" and the rest WAS all "celdstial music". , .How many. young people in.. Latin . America ingenuously and carelessly' pi- -- irouetted- to -a ,macabre dance pjayed by guerrillas; "liberating movements'', -fools-. �m",- with a Marxist � inspiration that in- troduced the drama of an island in the con- Ur-lent:as its ,opus magnum! The man who called for 'lair develop- ment or world suicide" is. not, says Quarracino; An ecciesiatic buta man of the economic and financial world, Aurelio Pe.- ccef, 'president of the Club of Rome. He calls for a fairer society "or � we will not be able to carryon..." He says present con- ditions are complex and the balance is-so' delicate that even marginal, irrational for- ces can subvert it or paralyze It. "Violence will continue to succeed and we will con- tinue to �fight it without understanding it, fighting its effects while its causes are the ones that should be fought against. ARGENTINA AND DEVELOPMENT Quoting monsignor LOpez Trujillo, hei said -Mat "the inspiration of Popqlorum Progresslo circulated through all the chur- ches. Perhaps there was some vacillation in taking these ideals and 'giving then con- crete form, due to errors of reception and planning mistakes. One of its causes was wakness in forming "agents" of change,.. according to the foundations and the es- Argentina against discrimination The Executive has sent the CAL (Legislative Advisory Commission) composed.. of members of the three armed forces, and which meets In Congress, a draft law to repress what would be .a new offence on the books, racialism. 'Reliable sources said the Executive has "given Instructions to the committee, -which is working on the reform of.the Penal.Offences Code, to evaluate repression� Among, offences against the public peace,�of: 1) Participation in organizations based on Ideas or theories which. Imply .the superority of a race or a group of persons of any determined religion, ethnic origin . or color. . 2) Propaganda or publications based .on those postulates, with the object of justifying or promoting this type of discrimination. 3) Incitation to violance or realization of acts of violence individually or taking"' part. In organizations specified in 1), against persons or groups or persons because of their race, religion, ethnic origin or color, 4) Carryng out acts which imply hatred or discrimination against persons or, groups of persons based on, their race, religion, ethnic origin or color, as well as instigation to carry out those acts. The project stipulates that racial hatred In general will be severely punished, in- cluding up to prison terms. Letter from Argentina Page 26 What to say about Argentina? it looks like a developed country but is partly unde- veloped. It has all the conditions to zoom, but it is underpopulated 'and the popu- lations growth rate is very low. And de- velopmente has been postponed by po- litical,An-dcolOssa-finitak�esf or -years. - There are two- temptations to be fought, says Quarracina. One is to fall back into thinking everything' should. be "easy", the other is to submit to "frustration". And there � are other temptations, to; dema- goguery, mIthicism, the parvenue syn-. drorne "A lot of lost time has to be recovered", Monsignor Quarracino says:: "Above all, the people of Argentina must be encou- raged to look ahead and work for the f u- � tura. We can't do this with words and ges- tures.' To do it we've got to build roads, im- prove conditions in the University, indus- traliZe,' imp`rove farming conditions, work on national health, on education, and. on � culture. And� we've got to do this all ,over the country, not only in Argentina. The country Is a whole and not only a part." "This is'a job all of us"; he says. "loan mention one key, Word, Participation. We have to 'find* new and efficacious ways to channel participation. �.. � � . "Democracy must be vigorous to defend itself from.chaos, demagoguery and Wes-, ponsitility. Without going, into the'realms of fantasy, creative ,imagination needs to think up ways to participate. ''And Argentina cannot afford to feel a point In space, in isolation and solitude. Above all, it must think withits neighbors, . cooperate with its neighbors; they need us and We need them. Argentina cannot be absent: it must receive and give. Anything to the contrary would be selfishness and ruin. Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 'Buenos Aires, October, 1977 Mr James Earl Carter, ,President, The United States of America, THE WHITE HOUSE, Washington, DC Dear Mr. PresIdente: We have seen In a Buenos Aires newspaper, an artIcie.sig,ned by you on your conceptorhuman rights. To us-these words of yours seemed clear, simple and cou- rageous, written in almost an Evangelical style, with the as- sUredness and limpidity that can only spring from profound convictions. . You say, Mr President, and you are very right in saying. It, that there is no such thing as "a typical American". (We like to call you, pereaps-overofficiously, "North Americans") YOu say that your compatriots are as diverse as humanity itself. You add that If there is something ,which links them all in. a bond, it Is a universal belief in some basic human rights, suctv- as a person's right to life or to physical Integrity, to freedom and to the pursuit of happiness . As you very rightly point out, none of these desirable rights can be -attained in countries subject to totali- tarian rule, and the United States certainly has the right to claim that those �rights have been Inflexibly observed for 200 years, permanently maintaining alive the vitality of the country's ins- titutions. Y have lives in the United States and I konw that all this is true, and I also have to admit, not without of nostalgia, that the conditions under which our respective countries have lived and have developed, ensure that it is Just not possible to apply the experiences of the one to the other. To -put It another way, less diplomatically, the United States suffers from a inability to export its way,of life, which is in itself a genuine and constant revolution, a revolution of 'cul- ture and the spirit and never one of coercion, while Other coun- tries can export exotic models of redemption whose only target is to,establish the aberration of a system of tyranny and Iniquity. For many years now, Mr President, we have been one of the main targets of this shadowy psychological. action, often ex- pressed In criminal violence, and which In latter times has found ample support from overseas. In; this Way, not even the best- inspired of governments has In this time been able to escape the slander campaigns underwritten by those whose arnbition it is to dominate Argentina. � REPLY TO MR. CARTER This article was originally published in the Baltimore Sun and was reproduced by the Buenos Aires Herald on sSep- tember 22 1977. It expounds views ideas held by President ,Carter on human rights. This views is our democratic answer ,in Letter from Argentina. Just like North Americans, we Argentines, Mr President, are a People of mixed ethnical, cultural and religious makeup. Our principles on the subject of human rights are the same as yours. They are Inspired In our Christian and Evangelical conception of 'life rather than in the sayings of a father figure, even one as prestigious as Thomas Jefferson (whom you mention in your ar- 'tide.) As you know, Mr Jefferson had slaves on his plantation. Argentina decreed the end of slavery in 1813, even If It only existed before that In a very _mild form; this was 50 years before the'-United -States and,Brazil;.:and-not- a drop-df,blood-was shed .- tO achieve- IL-Meii-froinealtplaCe.siiikeuLifayetti:and-Ko.iclusko� In the United_ States, contributed to shape Argentine Indepen- dence, and, unlike other "traninational" heroes, stayed behind to form families which have .enrichened our history with .their..;. descendants In the most diverse walks of life. , Then the turn came for- waves of Immigrants to iOnize those,' parts of the country that were still wild (like the conquest.of the -- West in your country) and the mere fact that they were foreigners ensured that they were treated with the maximum consideration by the people. _ , Working together, they built up something moie, than merely a race. Because there is no chauvinism here and' because its origin of generosity is mantalned constantly latent; there is a veiled, surprlsiong national Identify, which Is con- tradictory but-sure of its basic values. So much sq, Mr Presiden- t, that our Founding Fathers very little time to write up 'the Con- stitution of 1853 which still in force. The instituticliS, laid down � in this document already existed-in the national conscience and it was not necessary to improvise on them, or, has very mis- takenly said to give way to a fascination for importe' precedent's This enabled Argentina to subscribe, without-being either.By- , zantine or hypocritical, and without any weighing of pros and contras, the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human , Rights and develop a foreign policy which Is one of friendship. with the entire world; on the basics of the postulates of 'non- intervention, respect for sovereignty and territorial Integrity of other countries and eschewing the use of force to settle any for- ' m of conflict whether permanente temporary.. In 167 years we have only three foreign wars: the .War of In- dependence, a Contkibt. With Brazil and another with Paraguay (almost at the sometime as the US Civli War) and none of ,them were born of. a desire for conquest nor using the�old saw about: consolidating our security. ' in fact, it has even been said ironically that Argentina:Wins the-, war and loses the peace. For us, Mr President, this is-a�rtiatter por self-congratulation, because our outlook is humanistic and we not believe In grandeu based on force or abusing the weak: Letter from Argardina Page 27' Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 is on our side . by Jimmy Carter IN most ways, there is no such thing as a "typical American"; In ancestry, religion, colour, accent. cultural background�even country of birth�we are as varied as humanity itself But if any one thing does. unite Us, :it: iS,a ecirninOtteliefi:ineertain basic human rights In the eight months LhaVe been ikofficej.have. sought to Weave a dile regard for those rights intor. the fabric of our fdireigniblieY; One Of the incidental effects of this somewhat experiniental'effort�hae.tieeri':;a.,Mationwidein:'''". deed worldwide--debate on.thenatureof human*. rights and how best they May be advanced?!: ': � Defining human rights is a hazardous � :� business There is the danger of leaving out � something essential: there is the equal danger Of including things which, however desirable they may be, are not rights at all: The best definition I --know�and certainly the most Succinct�is the phrase,.Jefterson used in the Declaration of Independence : Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness: The most basic of these is life-the right to the integrity of the person. This is the right of each individual to live unmolested and free of arbitrary execution, torture; or imprisonment. There can't be any argument about this right an ' g people of good Will, no matter what theirq. political ideology may be. *. It is the irreducible basis Of the social contract, and a regime that systematically and repeatedly violates it ultimately forfeits its own legitimacY.. Jefferson's second "unalienable :right", 'liber- ty, encompasses the civil freedoms enshrined in many :great doeurnents, from our own Bill of w3 Rights to.the,,fitst half of,the United Nations. UrciyetSatiLlee at ioriz-ofLiii_glitS",,The2rriciet.')..!:- � important of theee. freedoms is freedOim. of: con- science, with its corollaries, freedom of and freedom* of the press.:. j..7; � - The third right is the-pursilit of happiness, and it is a mark of Jeffersort'eliarticulat-geniuS that he phrased it in just this Way, instead of using the rather cold* formulation of his day-the pursuit of property' : � � . � . In a modern context,most of us would under-, stand the pursuit of happiness to include theright- to _a_basic standard of material existence�to food, shelter,- health care, and education. In international law, this third right�which is not so much a freedOrn. ?sit is a Matter of social and economic justice�finds expression in the second half of the universal declaration. If defining.fiurnan. rights is difficult, finding ways to 'advance-them is even more so. Human rights cannot. be-:the only..goal.of our foreign !policY�not in a�Weirld in which peace is literally matter of Survival. We are circumscribed by the fact that a'. &bite that moves us towards one .'of ,our goals* may move us farther away from � r�andther, and by the limits of our power. In this *imperfect world, the results of our actions Will 'usually be' rniked , even when our motives are not Through public discussion and Private per- . suasion, some progress has been made But we cannot expect quick or easy results in the struggle for 'human rights, a struggle which has been.going on for many centuries. � In the end, the best many we ca n advance the cause of human rights abroad is to do all we can to advance it at home. There is no comparison between the human rights Situation in totalitarian countries and in our own. The systematic destruction of liberty by an all-powerful state has never been part of the American story, Nevertheless, it is worth remembering that as recently as 15 years ago, American citizens were � Still being deprived Of the right to vote on account of colour. And even today, Jefferson's third freedom is still imperfectly fulfilled as far as many Americans are concerned. The struggle goes on here at home. And if that remains true of the United States, whose demberatie.freedoms.havea..history that..stret, , -etieS aerbee.-tVibleentbrie8; it iSctrtierzstill.of the - whole 'world, Many Parts of which have never .known those freedoms. In the long run, I am optimistic. Changes will not come quickly, but they will surely come. History moves slowly and fitfully; but as long as we are true to ourselves, history, where human rights are concerned, is on our side. Ist.This article was originally written by .President Carter for the Baltimore Sun. It is reproduced by courtesy Of the Inter-American Press Service. Our mot Important historical figure, General Jos�e San Martin; aft* having freed 13 South American countries, chose the hard ro' of the exile with his little daughter rather than using his mil tary genius to overpower other lands or to ensure the victory of political party in his Own country. For this i-eas n, and for-Many others, Mr President, I feel that reason is on oi.r side, that God is in our humility to get over our gr wing pains which have a concrete expression in disagreements, except � fortunately� those which are the result of the sy tematic violation of human rights. And those w o at one time had no hesitation In setting them- selves up as t e owner's or the omnipotent:- custodians of ever- yone else's lif , freedom, and pursuit of happiness, were soon crushed,. byhe universal rejection of Argentina's conscience before than y sheer weight of arils. This is h w we have now reached this difficult-Stage In our history in >hlch we are eager to seek our structural defects, our .difficulti in understanding, and to consolidate our identities so that ur children do not haveto go through the trials that we have fated. Our battle is, Mr President, just as yo'u.say yours is, one of survival. We know �as you say� that the results of whatever we do seeking internal peace-will usually be mixed even if our Letter from Argentina �Page 28 motives aren't. And we don't believe in easy or quick results in our battle for authentic human rights. This is why, applying your words again, we are struggling to consolidate them at home, where everybody has always had the right to vote without color distinctions. In this, naturally, I hope we will have the understanding. of your government and of your notable men, so that they are not hoodwinked by the faliacius claims of adventurers whe pose as victims instead of executioners, and who forsake their own flag to seek shelter in your noble and generous country. Terrorists, vocational murderers, the sick in mind and spirit, those who ravished -Argentina's coffers, the despoilers of our culture, cannot advise anybody on human rights. Coming back to your remarks, Mr President, human rights are put Into prac- tice between men of goodwill, never mind their political ideolog- y. I am sure, Mr President, that the illustrious Jefferson would have agreed with this attitude. Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Yours sincerely, Martin Atka, Chief Editor Writer Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 "LET'S HELP ARGENTINA US Chamber of Commerce Ever since 1918, when it was founded � 'with C. W. Whittemore as its first presi- dent, C. F. VVelherrer as vice-president, G. Cobean as secretary, and 'R.:C.-toile-as treasurer � the American Chamber of Commerce in Argentina has actively promoted development df trade links bet- ween the United States arid the Chamber's host country. AmCham's task in this respect has 'become markedly more important since the advent of a new administration and a new government philosophy in March 1976. The new authorities ,have, reversed the ..trend towards economic and social anarchy of the immediately preceding years,. and the statist and 'anti-foreign (and particularly anti-US) stance which., with variations In intensity and emphasis, dates back several decades. In its place they have given their backing to a policy, favoring private enter- prise, an economy relying on untrammeled operation of the marketplace, and a wel- come to foreign investment. This, official .adoetion� of an outlook identical ,in prin- ciple to that which had always 'been ad-. .vocated by the American Chamber of Com merce (and by its sister Chambers in the � United States and around the world) could not fail to revitalize the operations of the Chamber.- It has responded by, redoubling its activities of fering,whateveraid-jtcaryin,... the'�trinsit policy � policy is gradually being implemented by the new authorities. "news-letter, frOntlining economic news but also, providing services like listings of trade opportunities and �an employment exchange.. - , - � The Chambers various committees carry out specialized functions. Recently incor- porated or newly planned activities and services include industry-wide wage level surveys; sector-by-sector economic sur- .veys and forecasts based on member com- panies expertise in the various fields; the award of an prize to the best annual report published by a company, vvhcitther it is a Chamber Member- or not, (this Is an in- ducement to improve the quality of such an -important company tool as the annual report) and other ventured. Alexander Perry Jr. president of de Chamber those two institutions, and "alsO corres- ponds with other American Chambers of Commerce around the world, keeping up a steady cross-fertilization of ideas. For the benefit of its members in Argen- tina � and, in the case of many of its ser- vices, also for that of the public in general AmCham Argentina functions as a storehouse of trade information, economic statistics, legal information on trade mat- ters, etc. Its specialized directories and istincis of trading and, industrial adresses in the United States are consulted by many interested parties daily, while its employment �service helps individuals to locate jobs and member companies to fill .One of AmCham's � major functions, carried out in various ways and .using diverse forums, is to explai,n the virtues and advantages of the free enterprise 'sys- tem and disseminate this. information as widely as possible. The proniotiO Of-trade' has to go hand in hand.with arredUcationat, drive iri which the merits of the free enter-. � prise system are expounded insiStentlY. the other .point of view has received enough covera�e -already. Large segments iof the population have probably.never bein exposed to the thinking that seed the best guarahtee of prosperity in the .free'opeT � ration of market f orces..,AmCham:A.rgen-t�:�_ tins is helping to bridge this�.;ideofogiCal information gap with'. articles,' speeches, committee work �and the, example of its own operations, organizing seminars, conferences and other events for the study and promotion of specified segments' of trading activities. The Chamber publishes every year a "Directory of American Business in'Argen- tins". It also produces a monthly Maga- zine, "Comments on Argentine Trade'.', dedicated not only to .exploring the eco- nomy sector by sector, but also to fur- thering the cause of free enterprise, and orovidinq information and guidance in such areas as management and marke- ting: Finally, it also brings out a weekly. Exporters Symposium ArriCham Argentina seeks to further not � ohlY the advancement of United States companies, theirsubsidiaries, agents and representatives,' and vs citizens, in Argen- tina, but also the interests Of Argentina in the United States. It represents and voices to the opinions of the US !business com- munity in Argentina, availing' itself. of its experience in dealing with Argentine authorities; � and, through 'press releases,� speeches by Chamber authorities and other measures, explains and Clarifies Ar-j gentine realities abroad, where severe mis-i conceptions about � Argentina abound," . apart from equally damaging part-truths which the Chamber 'tries to Correct by giving the full picture. The American Chamber of Commerce in Argentina is a member of the Chamber of Commerce of the United States (COCUSA) and of the Association of Arnerican Cham- ber of Commerce in Latin America (AAC- CLA), maintaining constant contact with vacancies ranging from office boy to general manager. One of the keenest endeavors of the American Chamber of Commerce in Ar- gentina is the furtherance of Argentine ex- ports � not only by its member companies and to the United States but by all Argen- tine industry and to all parts of the world, in theconviction that a sound foreign trade sector is the cornerstone of a successful economy. For years now � ever since it Was founded in �1971 � one of the most enterprising, effective, and widely ap- plauded aspects of the Chamber's activity has been the constant effort carried out in this area by a specialized committe of AmCham's, the Export Managers' As- sociation (AGEX). Every year, AGEX awards prizes to member companies which have especially distinguished themselves in the exports fi.eld, whether by earning the greatest amount of foreign exchange,exporting to Letter from Argentina Page 29 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 tfie. greatest number of new markets,carr-' .'ying. out. the most unusual or imeo,inatiVe, export operations,or similar achievements At the same time, AGEX announces the , Year's new additions to the "Million Dollar :Club", an exclusive inner group formed by -� those companies. which have managed to. export one million dollars' worth of goods Within thetwelvemonth. . All of this is done to develop an export- conscience arming Argentine business- men' and industrialists, but AGEX's ac- tivities are far from circumscribed to this kind of action. .. Alone or in conjunction � with other institutions:which:are interested. in the promotion of the country's/exports' �. both state,: and private concerns �AGEX orgenizes'prestigious seminars and conventions: zeroing in on one or more ',..,specialized 'aspects � of the expbrt trade. Working luncheons and conferences com- plement this steady educational drive. Nor does AGEX concentrate exclusively on the Buenos Aires area, a megalopolis which contains� a full third� of the population of Argentina; it also organizes special se- minars in the interior, which .have earned widespread praise for making the export- 'in skills Of its experts available to bu- sinessmen in the provinces' who would gladly participate In, the country's export drive but .have, previously not done so sim- ply for lack of detailed knowledge of. its procedural ins and outs. :Aqx likewise seeks to maintain a per- manent contact with government officials running the pertinent areas of the economy in order, to express the point of.view.of the exporting sector on current and prqposed measures ,which affect it, see ng to streamline ,and improve procedi.4s and operations generally. In this AG reflects the task2Of theCharnberas.amhoite, which New US Ambassador to Argentina Kalil IL Castro New US ambassador to Argentina, Gov. Ratil H. Castro (left), chats with ?nem- bres of one Senatorial Committee in Washington DC. second from right Is Sen. Barry Goldwater. At the close of. , November; Governor RaUl Cas tro. , the new US ambassador to Asgentinaave. hi, first_ press-conference ;express business's. andAiscussed-subjectslof:great importanr view-in favor of-dynamic, reSponsive� .rulings,, h Celto the"relationehip between Washington government and,BuenosAires' ' ' . nical experience and, aid � to whatever Mr Castro, the first Latin American to government dePartment may request It in represent the. White House in Argentina, drawing up and perfecting regulations. referred to -human rights and to the -ra- The American Chamber of Commerce tification by.. Argentina. of th,e Tlate101co will-shortly be moving to more spacious Treaty to denuclearize the hemisphere: premises in the.same downtown Buenos Q: What was the position adopted, by Aires. area., where it ,currently has its Of- Secretary of State'Cyrus.Vance on human fiCes, -a move which will 'allow it to expand rights during his recent -visit to Buenos some services such as, for example, the Aires? � . .,64-ze of its .reference library on trade and . 46"gal affairs, specialized publications, etc. A: The subject was discussed of people .A4 the same time, it will ,continue .� as 'under arrest and how to speed Up. their throughout its ,almost sixty years of eXis- trials within the framework of the country's fence � to., promote the, contribution tif laws. . . . United States companies, their represen- Q; .Could you specify some of the . . . . . tativeS and.agents, . to the economic problems which led tri ia..coolness in re- progress of Argentina, carrying out its ac- lations between Argentina and-the US? tivities within .a framework, of respect for, .A: That coolness, as you call It, was un- the established laws and regulations:. doubtedly provoked by the human 'rights coordinating, the US bOsiness'communit- question, as the US Congress attaches �V's interests and channeling its concerns great importance to this subject in relation' and communications with the. Argentine . to foreign policy Congress has just ap- government, with other trade associations proved an amendment which will come in- end tbranches of industry and business, to force on October 1, 1978, which says. and with the public in general; and helping that no type of aid nor cooperation, nor an- to establish sound and prosperous rela- y type of military support, will be given to tionships between its member companies, countries which violate human rights. and between the latter and othe business In any case. I think that the present Ar- concerns In Argentina and abroad. . .� gentine government has been very patient A steady .drive for self-improvement, for with us. It has understood us, it has made the laUriching of new Services, and the ex- efforts and it has a great wish to tighten its - tensibi9Ot existing ones, will, the Chamber links with the American continent, trusts, enable it to carry out ever more ef- Q: What does the US expect' fro.rn the ficiently- its task In support of improved ratification of the Tlatelolco Treaty? trade and, through it,�a better life for all; A: Your country produces a lot of na-, - . . Letter froin rgentine Page 30 , � tural uranium. Enriched uranium is neces- sary in order to continue nuclear develop- - ment. We are willing to- supply this ura' mum, in. order to- cooperate with Argentina and for' this country to-be within the- Lon- don Group. This Is a very. select group Of countries that is outstanding in the-nuclear field. � If this process continues as. we�expect,� Argentina. will become an exporter of nucleartechnology. - Q: Will the United States .adopt any stand regarding our national claims on. the Malvinas archipelago? A: As far as I know my Country has not taken a stand on this problem. This is a question which must be worked out bet- ween Argentina and Great Britain, with no intervention or interference from the United States. Q: Mr Vance has given our government a list of persons supposedly vanished or arrested in Argentina': What is this all about? Does the government give credence to this list? A:. Unfortunately there has been a lot of confusion in this case. The Secretary of State brought a list drawn up by three groups, One of 'them Jewish, .one of them Catholic and the other independent. Better said, the list was brougnt by assistant secretary Terence Tod man and Miss Patricia Derian. Mr Van= ce 'stressed to the Argentine foreign minister that our government had abso- lutely nothing to do with preparation of the list. Consequently the United States cannot give any guarantees. that the, names in- cluded In the list are either adequate or' genuine. Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 THE ARGENTINE SEA: Argentina enforces its rights Seven Russian and two Bulgarian fishing boats were cap-, _ tured recently by the argentine navy. It was necessary to use. firepower, in order to ensure that the fishing boats,particutarlY the, bulgarians, obeyed orders and 'surrendered. They, were fishing in argentine waters without a licence, attracted by the welth in fish of those waters, a genuine reserve for the world. Argentina has been a pioneer country in the proclamation of rights to offshore seas. A serious warning: sovereignty will be defended in every case and using every available means. With astonishment, but not withou. pride, Argentine newspapers for days� related the saga of the pirate fishing boats. The pride was due to the firm attitude of the Argentine authorities, who' were deter- mined to see that ships from every country in the world respected Argentina's off- shore limits �200 miles. The astonishment was originated in the audacity and insistence of the intruding fleets, who continued to fish illegally even after the capture of the -first boats �end when they were about to be captured they, In turn, attempted to flee. These attempts were unsuccessful; the navy .was. firm and caln in its- resolve to reaffirm -.national sovereignty2-Up-td-the-Oltirnate-cOnseq.uen--: ces. Warning shots were 'fired, but when the intruders persisted In flight, shots with thirnmy 'ammunition were fired, aiming to hit. One Bulgarian sailor was wounded,' and was immediately looked after by the navy, which honored the best marine tradition. Three Argentine navy petty of- ficers, Carlos Gonzalez, Jos�uras and :Ponciano Gonzalez, were drowned whitle, attempting to board one of the Soviet fishing_ boats: thus the intruders' irrespon- sability cost theree young lives, offered up as 9ar!rifice,for the nation. � The Disputed Wealth Argentina has committed itself to� protecting its fishing wealth which is enor- mous in a sea which has about two million square kilometers of area (over 750,000 square miles). The world needs more and more food, particularly proteins. A country with concern over its own future cannot overlook protecting the biology cycle of marine species and restraining depre- dation of renewable resources. The sea's riches are being protected so that they remain available to the whole world. Plans for Intensive fishing, which, will guide an industrywide expansion over the next five years, are actively under way. Help is being sought from private capital plus the know-how and financial support from countries which have ample expe- rience in fishing, like Japan, West Ger- many an Spain. The fishing capacity of Argentine fleets is only 400,000 tons to- day, but it is projected to 1.000.000 tons in 1980. For Argentina this will mean belri- ging in around 500 million dollars a year, rom the sea. Even in this case Argentina will only have fished the surface .of thelm- mense potential of Its offshore sea. The total capacity is estimated as. at least 3,500,000 tons per' annum of marine species, without any. redUction Of its re- plenishment capacity. The Argentine offshore Sea is one of the world's biggest reserves and Argentina is determined to see that it, continues that way. AN IRRITATING DUALITY These . riches are What the Intruders Without paYing.f fshing-righ- - t�;--without-any-alithOrizatitifti-theyi'makea� brilliant business out of , ,other people's riches; and as they fish furtively, operating. at top speed and withdrawing hastily, they. have no, qualms about fishing forbidden species.. This was proved by examining the catch'in the holds of the captured ships. A private company bought the catch and ..unloaded. it in Puerto. Madryn. It is most remarkable that seven of these boats should come from the Soviet Union, a country which less than a year ago an- nounced various measures to protect its own continental, sea. Its laws several punish clandestine fishing and heavy fines can be levied for every unit fished, wha- tever. its species. While they adopt these means of defending their own interests an- d riches, the Soviet authorities �nobody else can be held responsible in a country Admiral Emilio Eduardo Massaro Without any form of � free enterprise �allow, and even encourage, its ships to fish off other countries'stocks. 200 MILES, AN ARGENTINE TRADITION .Argentina pioneered the proclamation of 'the 200-mile . offshore limit. It has sus- tained this right from time immemorial in the most 'important international forums. In 1966 it put this thesis into practiCe, but. precedents go back to 1946, when _It proclaimed its ,sovereignty over the can- tinental shelf and the corresponding epicontinental sea. � Irtis tladltion of a right born in Latin. America and adOpted. by more and more countries in the world, cannot belgnored by. any, flag, without accepting the risks implicit in this attitude. Nine fishing boats captured .in Puerto Madryn were, fined for their. f urtive attitude which violates Argen- tine,-sovereignlYT-he�datchalreadY processed (processed fish, fishmeal) was� confiscated., They have lost the product of their catch and each individual boat is now liable to a fine of between 5,000 and 100,000 dollars: But if these fines are a lesson, even. more so are the vicissitues through which the intruders 'went through. They surely did not expect such a decisive attitude on the part .of the �Argentine boats. Now it should be very clear to them how deter- mined' Argentina is that its sovereignty and its wealth should be defended. Argen- tina is 'firmly on .tne way to .Intensive ex- ploitation of its maritime wealth and there can be no hesitation in protecting 'these reserves. Argentina has always respecte, the 'rights of others, but has also always gallantly defended its own alentine Fishing Reserves Species Reserves Allowable Catch (tons) (tons) . Squid 3,000,000 500,000 Grenadier-fish 180,000 45,000 Southern cod 50,000 12,000 Black hake , 42,000 10,000 Sea salmon 14,000 3,500 Krill 200,000,000 1,000,000 Hake 2,400,000 600,000 Polaca ,3,000,000 750,000 Tail hake 1,000,000 250,000 Pollack 100,000 25,000 Anchovy 1,500,000 300,000 Letter from Argentina Page 31 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 INTERNATIONAL ARGENTINIE PANORAMA Interview with the foreign minister 'Letter from Argentina. recently Inter-. viewed Vice-Admiral Oscar Montes, Fo- reign Minister of Argentina, asking him for _._ replies on present-day, events in Argentina for the benefit of 5.000. US newspaper and magazine journalists. He acceeded with pleasure and his replies were easy but firm. "Argentina's relations with the US have, always been good. There may have been ups and downs, but after presidente Videla's trip to Wa- shington when Latin American. president Carter, things have improved 'remarkably. The U.S. has already accredited a new am- bassador, Dr Raul Castro, and with his presence in Buenos Aires we hope the relationship will continue at its present top level. And the ralationship will be :con- solidated when Secretary of State Cyrus - .Vance come here on November 21". "What are you going to talk about with Mr Vance?". , Foreign Minister Mantes with "Letter from Argentina". Anything of a bilateral or multilateral nesses. They refuse to recognize symbols "Navy Commander-in-Chief Admiral. nature between Argentina and the United of nationality. What's the position Emilio Eduardo Massera has already said States. But fundamentally two subjects, here?" . �and public opinion backs him irrespec- human rights and nuclear proliferation. "There's a perfectly clear court decision five of ideologies or standes� that no We'll discuss these two in-depth." this, maintaining complete independence mutilation of national territory will be "After the Videla-Oarter interview there between the government and the courts. allowed: Is this what the Junta thinks?" was a lot of talk about 'Christmas in Whatever the courts decided will be ap- . "This has been cleared up perfectly. Peace.' Does this mean . any agreement, plied by, the executive. The U.S. has al- We've said that Argentina has every res- with the. U.S. on a status. which mould . ways claimed that human. rights are a pect for international law, but can't allow enable the guerrillla fighttobelet up,r �� Audicio._projtern-7.hererwhat.: is. being .ap-- -any 'infringement of soyereigRty-on.theAr., . �Th-et..sdrt of thing can t .be interpreted�pliWTS-a-firdi-diardecisionit can't-be-in==�gentlne-sea-and-territories." . ' ' . � ------ ' exactly at Its face value. President. Videla terpreted as unconstitutional because it "Why. does Chile want . a road to the has expressed his hope'. that everybod- comes from the same source charged with Atlantic, but won't give Bolivia free pas: y in Argentina will spend Christmas in jealously guarding the' effectivity of the sageway to the sea?. What's Argentina's at: peacp, beacauce he feels that will be the constitution." titude?" _, , end of terrorism. But if terrorism isn't "According to information from abroad, , "On many occasions, and for many wiped out by then it's terrorists who will. It seems there's a reguler campaign in Ar- years, we have been in favor of 'a passemae- sure that we don't spend Christmas gentina against, professional persons, geway to the sea for 'Bolivia, always in in peace." more specifically psychologists and- psy- agreement with the countries involved." "What can be done about the European chiatrists, and even more speficially Jews "Is the Russian fishing boat incident and North American slander campaign Ar- or Communist party members. What can over?." gentina's battle with subversion?" we tell the' American press through Letter "The intruding fishing boats agreed to "The world anti-Argentine slander cam- from Argentina?" �. pay the fines without waiting � for court paign Is organized by undesirable, anti- There has been no anti-Semitism nor an- proceedings to be substantiated. "Their 'national elements. It is being conducted ti-Communist party' action in Argentina. cargoes were impounden and sold 'to third not only in the US but also in Western Eur- Argentina is a country 'without religious, parties, so it hasn't been a very profitable ope. The Executive has given the Foreign racial or political discrimination. ' trio for them." Office responsibility in giving a realistic There has never been racial "Will they fish in our waters again?" 'image of Argentine abroad. A few days persecution here, now or at any.other time., 'The Navy is always vigilant and will al.- ways act when our sovereignty is endan7 gered." ago we set up an Argentine Information Like all the otherpollticelparties in �Argen- Center in Paris which is coordinating ac- tina, the Communist party has been sus- tion in other European countries. We're pended, - but there is no, form of perse-- ' going to put up another center in the U.S., cution against it just because it'sCom- "What are our relations with Brazil like?" too, to coordinate action in the US and sis- munist. "The third three-cornered meeting ' has. ter Republics In the Americas wherever In the United Nations,Argentina has ex- been held with Paraguay for technical dis- necessary. . plained what international terrorism mean-. cussions..Later other rounds will be held "Political and cultural organizations in s, and will' continue to toke whatever and I hope that everything will have been Europe are continually demanding the measures are necessary to wipe it out sorted out by then, so that the two reser- freedom of former President Campora. Are here." . voirs �Itaip0 and Corpus� can be corn- there any developments in this sense? "Public opinion in Argentina is also con- patibilized and the waters which God us, "Argentina is strictly fulfilling its inter- cerned about bilateral :talks in the Far used in the best fashion." national commitments. Campora, his son South. What is going to be done about . "Did the talks with Paraguayan Foreign and. Fernando Abal Medina are exiled 'in this?" Minister Nougties satisfy you?" the Maexican embassy and their situation : After the second .round of informal "Yes; certainly. We discussed bilateral, is continually under review." . conversations I personally told the Corn- economic, political, cultural and other � "There's another difficult problem in Ar- mander-in-Chiet what had been discussed, subjects. It has all been very positive for gentine-US relations, the Jehovah's Wit- and new steps are under consideration." Paraguay and, Argentina." _ Letter from Argentina Page 32 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 (13 WILVVA The Colon Theater, Acropolis of Music Nueve de Julio, reputed to be.the widest avenue in the world. One of � the streets which border' it is Cerrito. On Cerrito, majestic, imposing, Is the Buenos Aires Coltin Theater, one of the IndispUted glories of Argentina. Letter from Argentina was received by the theater's artistic advisor, conductor Juan Emilio Martini. Martini is a conductor of world repute and also professor of orchestration at the Argentine Catholic University. He was � recently appointed Musical Education Area Director for the OAS (Organization of American States). - Martini has directed innumerable operas and concerts,-in all the types of music per- formed in the Colon. He has an inner dis- cipline, a vocation and a capacity for self- criticism which distinguishes him as much as the, ease and affability with which he replied to our questions during the inter- view.: 1) I have been the ColOn's artistic advisor since July, 1976. 2) l� have cOnducted in the US., Europe and nearly all the Latin American coun- tries. :3)--The COIOn�was. built 1908.. It.,is.69 � � - - 4) The Colon's total seating capacity is. .3,432 spectators. The. main floor seats 632 and there are 2j100 seats at the other levels. All those spectators can be seated in complete com- fort. Buenos-Aires' Colon Theater is a cultural center of first mag- nitude; its acoustics are magic, and it opens its mysterious doors to us in this article. 1) What is your present position in the Colon Theater? 2) Tell us something of your professional career? 3) How many years old is the Colon? 4) How many people can it seat? 5) Is it a replica of any European theater? 6) How many people work there? 8) What sortof performance Is held at the Colon? 9) What type of activity Is carried oirt therer 10) Is it true that the Colon is like a city and that one only sees .10 percent of what Is going on? 11) Which are your favorite operas... ballets... concerts? 12) What do you hope for in 1978 for the Colon? 5) Not really. The entrance is similar to the Paris opera house, but the general style of the building is French Renaissance. The architecture is closely inspired in Italian and French theaters. The Colon's acoustics are famed every- where. The stage Is 32.25 meters (106 ft) wide and 34.50 meters (113 ft) deep. It has a 'rotating platform of 20 meters (65 ft). This makes scene-shifting easier. Really, it's a most impressive stage. 6) Including artistes, 'technicians and ad- ministrative personnel,, about 1,300 people. work at the ColOn 7) All the major figures in music have per- formed. here, as. well �as, some of th.e�lop campoSers_including_Richard:Strauss. . . _ Toscamm conducted here twice. It's hard hard to mention any more names because there are so many. .6) Opera, ballet, ,and concerts. 'There are four Or five performances a week, 10 mon- ths of.the year. . - I Splendor of one of the most famous opera houses In the world. The Colon has regular personnel including two major orchestras, the regular Colon Orchestra and the Buenos Aires Philar- monic. They have 100 performers each. We also have a 120-voice choir, a chil- dren's choir and a regular troupe of 60 opera singers. They:constitute the basis of the performances and are reinforced by major figures from abroad. .- 9) Decorations, costumes, footwear, hair- dressing, etc., are all done on the pre- mises. These- workshops are immensely :valuable, and so are the Illumination shops 'and the sculpture ateliers. The theater also has rehearsal halls. '10) It is reason able to say so. The ba- Seinent of. the COIOn is a _regular _city with its own induStry. It is.self-supportingif----- 11) Naturally_when I conduct I put my whole body and soul into it. I have par- tiaularly pleasant membries-of the first e works l.vercOnducted, naturally! 'Among the earliest operas i directed I remember a. "Boherne" by Giacomo Puc- cini. But my most poignant-memories are for Serguei Prokofiev's "Peter and the Wolf". As for ballet, I prefer it to be either very classical or 'very modern. Concertwise, I have a preference for Mozart and Haydn., don't think anyone has, yet come near the genius of Igor Stravinsky. I think that Maurice Ravel is the most perfect of com- posers in what refers to technique, par- ticularly instrumentation. 12) In general', I hope that the national authorities realise the importance of the theater in Argentine culture. I hope the people who Work there_ will be pais suf- ficiently to be able to live free of excessive worry and work hard. I would like the ColOn to have a much .wider appeal and not necessarily cater for an elite. Mind you, nowadays many Colon performances are cheaper than going to the cinema. This encourages people to love art and also generates future regular Colon patrons. Young people thus begin developing an aesthetic taste. ,Every Monday morning secondary school pupils visit the Colon and get an insight, into what goes on there. And there's never any lack of applicants to get in! Letter from Argentina Page 33 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 F4,rtolorne Mitre, founder of 'la NaciOn" "Editor Doctor Bartolome Mitre "La NaciOn" � La � NaciPn _.newspaper, foulided on January :4,-1870: ,by Lieutenant General !fa rtoldme_holitre,,js one_oLthe.,most.distiN g u ished.:exponents of -Argentine joUrnalls- m. Its millions Of..readerslind in its pages the. most objective information, an edl- terial� philosophy which- isidentified with the imperatives of -national and interna, tional reality,' and -a .vast � selection of ar- tidies and commentaries on the .Widest range of subjectS. - . � � Mitre was more than a.joUrnalist. He OC-' typies:a place In nearly a century of 'Ar- gentine history (born in Buenos Aires, 1821, died 1906) and shone as a soldier, a politician,. an historian, a poet,, a coin collector and even a translator � he produced a magnificent Spanish version of the Divine Comedy. � "Don Bartolo", as he was familiarly knOwn during-the fundamental stage ofAr- gentine institutions, became president of the republic in-1862. He governed In a dif- ficult time but he was successful in his ad- ministration nevertheless. . � His, spirit lives permanently on in "La NaciOn" where all he' taught in journalism Is profoundly borne in mind. .� Ever since its foundation La Nacion of- fered its readers abundant information and commentaries on the most. important events and their., influence-on politics and on nations. As the cable services expanded and their operational speed increased, Mitre's paper began to devote itself to creating a cons- cience � Of citizenship in Argentina. The paper's efforts have produced a person who is alive to events everywhere in the Letter from Argentina Page 34 But more Was to come. In 1962 La Nation bought two sophisticated Chemco photogravure machines, which increased production speed and plate quality con- �siderably. They were also cheaper to Operate. Seven years later the paper inaugurated three Fairchild perforators and two Interty- pe C-4 readers in its shop. Subsequently they added three Monarch composers and eight new perforators. o CULTURE AND HUMOR � -.La Naciori Introduced another revolution in journalism by featuring comic strips in Its pages. At first they seemed lost 'among. the type, bUt in�their way they anticipated � what was later to become a. regular fa- shirr, as. in the U.S. One of the first really successful car- toons in'the 20s was Betty, created by U.S. humorist. Charles A. Voight..The first car- toon:to appear in LS Nacion, however, was a self-caricature of tenor Enribo. Caruso, published with his autograph in July-, 1904. � Naturalty enough culture has always been important In Mitre's newspaper. At the time of its foundation the paper -re- ferred to the visit to Buenos Aires of star violinist. Pablo de Sarasate. The, editorial offices were visited by, another music great, Francesco Tamagno, when he came to Buenos .Aires to sing La Traviata � and �Othello,. In the Colon Theater: Almost at the. same time La Nacion reviewed Julian Gayarre, one of the most beautiful � but forgotten � voices of the opera.. Years � later, the insuperable Adelina. Patti, .fresh from her triumphs in Europe and Broad- way, came'to the Coltm.. - world; essentiallY.a universalist and above . And so in time La Nacion.'became..the all person used to. comparing: opinions .most ,� important witness..of-,arti.Stic 'events andweighing-thelr-r'elativeValue. in_Suenes�Aires-,--net-only-in-musit'b.ut'alSO in literature and the visual-arts..'The papers � � cultural supplements' included -contri- � o THE FORM AND THE ESSENCE outions from figures as significant as Leon _ _ . Tolstoy, Emile Zola,.Anatole,France,, Mark .After the initial stage; ' in the 20s the Twain Ruben Dario, H.. G..-Wells Gilbert .paper adopted its present format, the full K.., Chesterton, Rudyard 'Kipling, Luigi size, .or broadsheet as �distinct from. the Pirandelfo, Paul ..Claudel,: Miguel- de tabloid; broadhseet is the size '� used by, Unamuno,, Thomas Mann. and Ernest. say, the New York Times or the London Hemingway, together with the most Times., trious Argentine writers like Leopoldo _ So when La NaciOn .Changed centuries it Lugones, Victoria Ocampo,�and Jorge Luis also changed its format and adapted it to Borges. technical convenience at the time. One of Ever .since it Started.; La .Nacien dedi- its advertising slogans was ."a paper that dated ample space to the cinema and its always. has something new".. So It turned files. contain information of -incalculable Out to be. value on movies 'of those early days, both . Up to 1901 .the paper was-,set.byliand, It Argentine and international. � was necessary to form the types and build � up the page line'.by line with the composer O PAFER.ANDELLULOID in order to fill�the enormous' pages. Then it � all had to be stripped down'again a the ty- In May 1920 the paper Inaugurated its pe boys put the type back into its cases: � snow section with a headline*on the wed- IncidenatIly La Nacion bought one of the ding of Mary Pickford and Douglas Fair- first linotypes to come to Argentina. The banks. This was a really "princely', event rotaries which had been used in the "pOdy- which took place in Los Angeles, Califor- graphic establishment" (so it was called in nia. And shorthlyafterwards the Seethearts those days) had previously come from of America became feature writters�for La � France and Germany. Nacken. Fairbanks wrote "Does personality Then came the time for offset printing depend on physical- aptitude? How exer- and in 1931 La Nacion started � Its roto, else helps:the brain.". And the protagonist gravure.SUnday supplements, which were of,Don-Juan certainly had both! � .- an important step forward forArgentine -Meanwhile, his Wife Was, writing The journalism at the time. � setret� popularity.asa.moVie:star,'; in This marked the first time that all Sun a. Yery, Melancholy trine, 'Another.- news day's sports, events could appear on' Mon- paper.:'sceOp,w-as when; �Charlie,thaPlin day with this new system. spoke by overseas telephone to the news- Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 paper's critic, of whom he was a personal friend, and after "City Lights" assured him that he would continue to make only silent Years afterwards, In an entirely different order of things, astronauts Neil Armstron- g, Edward Aldrin, and Michael Collins per- sonally told La Naclon about their ex- periences and sensations on the moon. 'o A CONSIDERATE EMPLOYER But La Naci6n is more than just a news- paper or a company.. The present editor is Dr. Bartolome Mitre, a direct descendant of the founder. Under- his-leadership- the paper offers its employees various services of a social nature; a free medical clinic, for example, with general practitioners 'and specialists. There also a free medical attention in- surance plan; the employe can Include his family by paying a small fee. There is also a�very low-cost collective life-insurance scheme, of which the news- paper carries half the cost of the premium AS the job in most cases requires rapid lunching, afternoon coffee or dining "news can't wait", La Nacion has an internal res- taurant and a quick-lunch service in the shops, in a recently inaugurated building. The library and the record collection are free and Of the lending type. So La Nacion has fulfilled its creator's wish for it to be a platform for the enun- ciation of doctrine. And it is also a warm and responsible home for those who work in it The paper's circulation is 220.000 Mon- day through Saturday, and it increases considerably, � on 'Sunday, when the issue appears with the full-color La Nacion magazine. The dal ly..ed ition.costs: 80 pesos (15 US - � -Cents) There-arel 50, journalists- Working on It and the total staff is 1,500 The widest street in the world Porteflos (inhabitants of Buenos Aires) have a lot of things in their city to be proud of;, thls is the biggest Spanish-speaking city in the world, for Instance, 12 million population (with environs). One of ,the things that always interests them Is progress of 9 th July Avenue, the widest street 'in the world, 100 meters (about 110 yards) sidewalk to sidewalk, a street with leafy shade trees and popular outside cafes. There are only two city bloks of old houses left to go down before the Street can be linked up with aristocratic 'Avenida del Libertador, from the Retiro Railway Station north to Palermo and Belgrano, the premier districts of Buenos Aires. � -Municipality �public works-secretary �Dr Guillermo Laura has announced that the final stretch of the avenue will be finished hef ore the start of the World Soccer Cup. 3) Thelacedeolp the beef Spantsh style. Letter from Argentina Page 35 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 "Cinema is a means of expression" Leopoklo Torre Nilsson has his own style, a restlessness in the search for subjects to make pictures about. He is probably the only Argentine director who has really been successful abroad. His pictures are lucid, intelligentn sirnificaNilsson is _ one of those who continues_to believe that cinema is an art and a - reflection of reality. "I think there's a recurrent theme in all turns. They have social, psychological and moral stories to tell, when those events conspire against what I conceive as the nature and the development of the indi- vidual. I've always tried to depict the prison cells man and society invent for themselves." These words are a reflection of Leopoldo Torre Nilsson's views on the cinema or what he is trying to do with it. A Creative universe as dense and complex as Torre Nilsson's can't really be encompassed in a few words. But they do represent an ap- proximatien to his view of the cinema.. Torre Nilsson is restlegs, often makes his spectators feel restless too. He is probably the only Argentine director to have really made a name for himself abroad and his art is often mentioned in Europe and the United States: �. . . IrrArgentinaTTorreT�N I ss s:sti I I:a-man of the present time, even though there have been many talented filmmakers here. Perhaps the best days are over, but many are still showing now and again what they can do; one of them is Torre Nilsson with his most reeent work, Piedra Llbee. Torre Nilsson was born in Buenos Aires on May 5� 1924, the son-of Leopoldo Torres Bios and May Nilsson. His father also was a film director, who specialized in showing the day-to-day world as he saw it, and who put a lot of warmth into his task. His wife, Beatriz Guido, Is a prolific writer and one of his children. Javier, recently. directed a play � although the reception from the critics was lukewarm. The whole family- is art-conscious. Torre Nilsson's career started with three shorts, El Muro (The Wall), Precursores de liMusica Argentina (Pioneers of Argentine Music) and Los Arboles de Buenos Aires (Trees of Buenos Aires.) He used these in his search fora distinctive style. In 1950 he. codirected with his father .,El Crimen de Oribe (The Crime of Oribe) with script by Arturo Cerretini_ based on Adolfo Bioy Casares' "El la Nieve" (The Per- jury, of the Snows).. This experienbe with -full-length films taught him. how to handle extended scripts. After this he made El hijo del Crack (The son of the star), based on an Idea by actor- Letter from Argentina Page 36 director Armando Bo (also codirected with his father), Dias de Odio (Days of Hate), based on a story by Jorge Luis.Borges, La Tigra (The Tigress), which was banned for 'a long time, Para Vestir Santos (The spin- 'ter), with a powerful figure; Tita Merello, Graciela, El PrOtegido (The Protege) with his own script. These films, including the shorts, were produced in the period 1947/56, and later in his full-length pictures there Is a trend to greater clarity and less complicated subjects: for instance, Para Vestir Santos 'and El HU� del Crack are clearly for mass consumption. � , In 1957 he started to work closely with, his wife Beatriz Guido on scripts based on' her books. He started to turn out his-Own highly personal, intellectuV, -often , her- metic cinema, always rich in form, always � � . _ Films in this period include La Casa del Angel (The House of the Angel), El Se- cuestrador (The Kidnapper), where Leonar-- do Favlo, later to become a clever and in- tuitive director In his own right, first ap- peared as an actor. Films like Le Caida (The Fall), Fin de Flesla (End of the Party), La Mano en la Trairipa (Hand in a Trap),and Piel de Verano (Summer Skin) are all coherent in their subject matter, he said and we transcribed at the beginning of this story. And there is an evident reluc- tance to give in to conventionalism. There is a strong tendency to a stable team, too; during this stage he worked' on his wife's story ideas and often used the same per- formers, too, like Elsa Daniel, Laularo Murua, Favio, and Graciela Borges. The stories had a lot to do, with politics,. prejudice, taboos, the awakening of adolescence, the loss of a spiritual pa-. radlse which faded away in the face of the realitj, to which he subjected his charac- ters. Pschoanalysis was Important In all this, because there was an evident attention to the inner being of everybody and to mo- tivations. This part of his career appears obsessively devoted' to fanaticism, lies, sterile pride, disenchantment, frustration. And in this time, too,' he -acquired inter- national repute. Many prominent Perab�-.� nalitles';of the time were-interested in On, � others admired In him a type of Cirlerria that was.familiar to them. � � Leopoldo TORO Nilsson In among all these titles it is also neces- sary to name Un. Guapo del 900, (A 1900 Tough), a film which didn't seem to have too much to do with the rest of his produc- tion,_ because it was a theatrically written, realistic drama. But there were elements of Torre NilssoWs inner mind in some of the characters.'2.Guapo.!': contact with an excellent actor, Alfredo Al- con., later to make eight more films with Torre Nilsson. � Sitenta siete .(Seventy times � . seven) was another film which didn't seem to be very much in the Nilsson style, par- ticularly as it starred. vamp Isabel Sarli, identified with superficial and simple cinema. Torre Nilsson himself said later: "It was quite an experience using a comm- ercialized star and a powerful, interesting book like this one by Dalmiro Shenz. I thought Isabel Serif would be usable...I'm not -unhappy about the film. I think it has its own validity." Then came a time when it looked as if his best days.had gone by; some of his fil- ms were good', others bad. His production at this time includes -Homeneje a la Hora de- ta Siesta (Tribute to Siesta Time), La Terraza (The Terrace), El Ojo de la Ce-. rrathira (The Keyhole), La Chica del Luries. (Monday Girl), and Los Traidores de San Angel (The Traitors of St Angel),.. . But he then embarked on his "historic period", including "Martin Fierro", "El Santo de la Espada" (on General Sap Mar- tin), both very good films and La Tierra en Armes (The Land in Arms) a less success- ful recollection of a colorful personality, MartinGiiemes). � -'an-int,-Spedti.e,.,:i�nte- Iligent, probing cinema! with La Mafia (The Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Alfredo Alcan In "El pibe Cabeza" Mafia), Los Siete Locos (Seven Madmen), Boquitas Pintades (Painted Lips), and El Pibe Cabeza (Big Heag kid). Torre Nilsson was. back to uncovering dreams and de- liriums, meannesses, violence, hope and despair. . He has made two more pictures so far, La Guerra del Cerdo (The Pig's War), and, Piedra Libre (No holds barred). The latter is a retUrn to The House of the Angel days, his most significant period. He has had his ups and downs, but he has always been creative. We might close Aith something Torre Nifssdn himself said in 1959: "I think that the cinema has a fundamental social and aesthetic duty. By fulfilling this duty give some sense to its structure as an in- dustry and a craft. Cinema can be a bu- siness...but essentially it is a means'of ex- pression." EUDEBA TODAY A permanent drive for cultural improvement Luis Pan, 58, is an Argentine who has spent much of his life going round the world and visiting out-of-the-way places In Argentina. He has been in journalism and writing for over 35 years and is a leader writer for La Prensa newspaper, a lecturer and an essayist. Pan is now executive director of Buenos Aires' University Press (EUDEBA), and Cartas de Argentina inter- viewed him.. EUDEBA is a first-class: publishing house, possibly the most im- portant of its type in Latin America. ,What's EUDEBA's significance in the development of university culture in Ar- gentine?. I visualize EUDEBA as an off-campus In-- centive to research and student infor- mation. But it has to relate with what the faculty Is saying, too. Overall we like to think of it as keyed to the major cultural movements of this century. LI-Ijow many books does EUDEBA have In its 6italog since lb foundation in 1959? What about editorial plans for this year'? We have 1,600 titles in our catalog, about 60% Argentine authors and the rest other nationalities. We're working now on reprinting the complete works of Sarmien- to and Alberdi. The country's been going through a lot of mixed-up thinking. We feel it's time to refresh people's memories about how meaningful these two really were. We're also working on three collected works, one on problems of the sea, aimed at enlightening people on What's going on seawise. Another compilation will discuss atomic 'development in Argentina In the last 25 years of the 20th century. A third will be on Modern Military Thought,_on the armed forces' role in history. We think this. is very important because of what a well-known strategist said recen*ly � that for the first time in. history the. m]litary have the function of preventing war instead of generating it and fighting it. We also want to complete the "Conquest of the Desert" series, an 18-volume collec- tion which has been published under Colonel Junan Carlos Walter. 1979 is the 100th anniversary of General Julio A. Roca's desert campaign. This was a sig- nificant milestone in the history of Argen- tina and I think paved the way to the oreSent. &Does. EUDEBA have any exchange agreement with other countries? Naturally, and I think this is very impor- tant. Our cultural reach Isn't restricted to Argentina, because our material goes to all Latin America, to Spanish-speaking US and tp Spain. Quite a number. of Latin American uliversIty� study courses are 'based on our textbooks. � I,What has EUDEBA published.about apart from scientific subjects? We think we have contributed signifi- cantly to,other. subjects-. One,-forins.tance-,- _ _ . is visuaharts. We've:published-many-of the moat important Argentine painters: I could name Quinquela Martin, Basald6a, Alon- so, Castagnino, Seoane, Uruchtia, Spilim- bergo and others. 1,How'do you think we, shape up with other countries? . intellectually I think the answer Is good; even though a long process of economic deterioration has hampered our keeping more closely In touch with the major talen- ts of our times. Other countries have been able to keep up to date with less difficulty � but in Argentina we've been stymied by price 'increases in--paper (In dollar terms), in industrial costs, expensive financing and the fact that a major proportion of Ar- gentina's printing equipment is obsolete.' We can see this in the internatibnal book -fairs and exhibitions held round the world, What's production -like so far? So far in 1977 we've published 150 titles, some new, some reprints. Students and jacuityteacners get a 20.pereent discount on cover prices by showing their identi- fication cards. And EUDEBA also operates a ''ermar,ent Long Distance School which operates by mail by an agreement with the, Adult �Education Board (DINEA).� ' The three main subjects we,are working on now. are Modern Mathematics, General Accounting, and Introduction to Computer. Techniques. We have other subjects ready for 1978. We're the, only people who are doing this sort of thing in Argentina. Letter from Argentina Page 37 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Jell something about what you and your team have done in EUDEBA's executive ,direction? Well, it hasn't been easy. We've tried to restore order, clarity and method In a com- pany which had been chiefly used as a springboard for subversion. And for wild flights of imagination. There were 165 on the payroll when we took over; we've pared Ahem down to 100 now. Production and salesare onthe upswing. Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Things were managed very badly here... you can say that all the problems of Argon- tins' were reflected in ELIDi� BA. But were �vor the hump now. Ever since EUDECA was founded it operated with huge sit.ies from the Buenos Aires university. -We took owl: in September, 1976, and we 'agreed with the university to eliminate subsidies. 3ince� then we've managed on Our own. � Argentine Letters: the pioneers Jose Hernandez and Leopoldo Lugones are two of the outs- tanding figures in Argentine poetry. Hernandez wrote the Martin Flerro, which has become a standard wort In Argentine Lugones also dealt with gaucho subjects. His poetry is exalted, lyrical. Both of them have a strong nationalistic, ge- nu Inely Argentine essence. . � "We derive the greatest benefits from mad- ness, which we undoubtedly receive from a divine source.. .which comes from the muses, which occupy a pure and tender soul, awaken It and transport It to Bacchic heights expres- sed In odes and- every type of poetry and which, celebrating thousands of ancient ges- tures, educate posterity". - Plato, "Phaedre." Leopoldo Logone, Letter from Argentina Page 38 Jose Hernandez Plato had that to say about poets. And it can safely be said that two Argentine poets, Jos�ernandez and Leopoldo Lugones, live fully up to the Greek philosopher's description. They each have their similarities. And their differences. Jos�afael Hernandez y Pueyrred6n was born November 10, 1834. He was more than a poet; he was also a soldier, a jour- nalists, a legislator, a businessman and a farmer. During the period of National Organization, Hernandez worked tirelessly at all this. His one objective was the unity of a bitterly fragmented Argentina. In the beginning writing Martin Flerro was just another project, fOr him. He could hardly be expected to know that it was to be- come the consular work In Argentine literature. The author Plum- bed deeply into the gaucho; how he lived, how he thought,how he expressed himself.. eSsentidlly;11A1rtin Fier& Is a collection of couplets: ' Fierro is-a man -who is persecuted, hunted down, by other 'men: But alrha'aildhe Is to be a gaucho, a solitary man, an :outlaw. He wants freedom and justice. With them come peace,. the only thing that keeps the world balanced. "Heroism, that Is to say fighting, for liberty and justice, Is the human activity of this :harmony; and it is therefore something spiritual; so that epic poetry essentially becomes something religious". The quote Is from Lugones In El Payador (literally The Minstrel") where Lu- gones made the first critical evaluation of the Martin Flerro.Lu- gones went through aseries of ideological phases which gradually revolutionized his conception of the world. He was aSocialist first and a rightwinger at the end. There were many stages In between, all of them reflected In his love for his country. Lugones Is the genuine poet of Argentina. He expresses the essence of the coun- try. His writing is synthesis of proper use of the language, man's poetic capacity, and local flavor. His personal development can be traced througb his literary output. His two' best prose works are i no gentlemanly Ideal and The Writer's Mission. His poetic output is vast (not counting all he wrote during his modernistic phase) and the most Important of his offerings here Is Romanza of Rio Seco (Rio Seco Is the vi- llage in C6rdoba where Lugones was born, in 1874) . In this work Lugones unrolls his poetic thread to reveal his Own guiding lifeline, the Icing-suffering soil of his countary. This Is a return to the land and to everything connected with it. There is a waeith of information on his home town, on tradition and how people lived there from day today. Romanza Is epic poetr- y, "something religious" us Lugones himself was looking for. There Is a profound knowledge of country life, its people and its animals, its uses and customs, how they lived. It was written In a time transition: lugones had repudiated religious liberalism buta had not yet become a practicing Catholic. Nevertheless religion, buried in him from thetimeof his youth in COrdoba, appears here. ,ILugonesI,poety springs from an inner harmony depicted aus- terely and-descriptively. The environment conditions the writer .pf;i3 the vi,riter makes the environment live... just -like Hernandez had done�with Martin Flerro. Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 1930 was the heroic age of the radio. A multitude In Avenida de Mayo listens to the World Soccer Cup final between Argentina and Uruguay In Montevideo.. Monientoes of the Past Juan -Carlos- Lightower Stahlberg is a degree holder in :Economy and Vicepre:- sident and General Manager of Casa America, one .of the most prestigious Ar- gentine names in music, with an 80-year career in music and imported and locally- made instruments. - Stahlberg, who is married (to M6nica Echandi) and has three. sonS (Balbino, Juan Ignacio and Alejandro), tikes all sorts of music though he confesses .to.a pre- dileation for Bach. He likes the open air but doeS-not -practice sports.; and he is a devoted fan of-the River Plate soccer club. To be able. to talk about a company which has.been operating for 80 years � it's necessary to delve into, the files a little. this case we hadadditional support.. At we-searched through yellowing sheets of paper, we were told that we woule also talk to a living archive, as it were: JoSe Lightower, a sprightly.95 and Juan Carlos' grandfather. The elder Lightower lives, with his daughtAr Elena in a smart apartment in northern Buenos Aires' residential Bel- gran.o.district. "Casa America," says Lightower, was founded by my father, my brother Tomas and myself., In 1897 we set up as GA:. Stahlberg & Sons on .B.uen- Orden street (they call it Bernardo de lrigoyen today), number 430, and we called the shop Bazar Edison.. I remember.we used to sell Edison phonographs which we'd imported from the .United States. They had been created by.the great Thomas .Alva Edison, but their sound reproduction was pretty rudimen- tary, with earpieces and wax cylinders. . "But' when Other-compariies in Europe and the U.S. .begartworking on the system it. Was. soon develbped.arid earpieces were �replaced - by speakers-with more .sensitive membranes.; __These deVices, began to be known as..gramophones and soon became Florenctcr,'Perravicini, the inimitable comic of Buenos Aires' theater of years ago. Jos�tahlberg SO years ago. Junto Suarez, "the Little Butt of Mataderos", was one of Argentina's first Idols of the ring. Letterfrom Argentina Page 39 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 very popular here. They were our biggest sales Item." � -;; . "What sort of Music did they record In those days?"; ."Classics and U.S. music. Buta market built up, Particularly in Northern ,Argen- tina, for local' music, Which naturally we weren't getting from abroad: So then; we toOk a very big step. We set up.a facilitylo record on blanks that we imported from the United States. � Mind you, we; were.. all foreigners, but we felt very identified with Argentina. Soon We built up a local selec- tion with figures like Villoldo, the Podesta brother's, Navas,: Munilla; ,Gabino Ezeiza and many others:: � - wasn't so easy in those days. We could only record one blank at a time, so if we wanted 50 blanks the artiste had to sing 50 times. It was pretty hard work, but that's' the .way the, recording industry got started in Argentina.... . "Then we imported.duplicatars.and later. metal matrices � so.. we, could areas: hun, �dreds of. records . with ,one oi;ginal. We .Were doing well,. -buA one day � the shop caught fire and there was nothing left but a few charred ashes. And thPflameSalso b- urnt Out our housing quarters on topof the shop. There- was an insurance policy but the company refused to pay up for some ..reason or other."' ; � "So what did you do then?" � Well, we worked hard and made'a lot of sacrifices. I was 20 then. A friend of mine sold hardware and umbrellas on Avenida de Mayo. :He suggested 1-sellrecords.and phonographs in a�corner of his, shop: Meanwhile,. cylinder were being repladed by discs and reproduction was 'being im- proved. That way recording houses were able to pay huge surns.for the topSingers of the moment and yet sell records at bar-.' gain prices; . , ; "Haw Was CaSa America born?" ."Thatwasio,191.7, -at the closing�stages of World War l'anctfafter a- trip to-Europe. We hired the Shop , at Avenida. de Mayo 979.1. and that v7ias the start. of Casa America. The company was.Stahlberg and RIgotti; my brother Tornas, myself and Luis. 'Back, then, in time, to.197.7;, to a huge, bLiStling Buenos Aires andlo.Juan Carlos Stahlberg, .grandnespheW. of Jose Stahl- berg pUt uPthe preSent building-in 1924. After that came the depression of the early 30S' 'It.-.Vvaa-prettY difficult and we had to Sell 'a radidatatiori we hadthen, also called Casa;AreriPa.� But-we.sUrViVed and once the depression was over we became the rhoSt� important company. in Argentina in the ;Sale -We 'became the ost important cr.3i-ripany.irr,Argentind in the tale of Musical instrunierits.' and other activities related to muatd:"- "Casa America is'an industry leader both in home. appliances and in music," Juan Carlos says. "We've been' cal led 'The Home of Good ..Music'. 'We import all sorts of musical instruments, particularly organs, which.are'very popular here. �And; � this is something we're very proud of we've spenryears promoting good music with special courses, piano, vi^!in and song recitals and other activities in �uilaborati�on 'with the Education-and Culture Ministry." This part of the business is handled by the Musical Development Division, headed.. by_ 'the l_ridef atigabje Ana Lucia Frega. Arridn-g recent prominent perfor- mances ;'are recitals by top Argentine pianist Antonio de Raco,. � We witnessed-one of the habitualfriday 7..45 pm concerts' in.-the 'basement; of the sales room after' the shop closes. ;Pianist Miguel Angel Rosado played for an.hour and a half delighting the'audlence of music' levers. Beniamlno 131911mnd Tito Schipa autograph recordings In Casa America. - Italian ,composer Ottorino Respighl visiting "the home of good music". Letter:from Argentina Page 40 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 The tango, a synonym for Buenos Aires The tango is Buenos Aires' folk music. It was always asso- ciated with the history of the city. It was born in the last stage of last century, and was "forbidden music" for many decades in the more fashionable part of town. It was only when ssuccess came abroad that tout Buenos Aires welcomed it. The pioneers insisted, the Parisian adventurers were successful and Carlos Garders voice charmed a generation. Then came a tune of great orchestras and celebrated singers, until tango fell into a trough in the 50s. Astor Piazzolla started the long way back, achieved with considerable effort. Today the tango has made a comeback in Buenos Aires and is played in the most sophisticated night spots for local enthusiasts and for tourists. Borges. said that "tango is what Buenos Aires is, and shall be what Buenos Aires shall be: Tango always had something to do with Argentina's biggest city :Students of the subject' argue about how tango was - born, but there are points of agreement; the tango, they all say, began in the last pail of the 19th century with massive im- migration. :And 'tango became identified with its en- vironment, the city,,, just as�the carnavalito became identified With the.wild and rugged north where it .was born. At one time an outcast- of society, 'tango soon- burst its original boundaries and ventured out into. thiel,Worid-. -But .before_this the prim and proPer:B-Os had Called the tango "dirty: and lascivious". This This stage lasted about 20 years and the:. tango perforniers. usually holed out in the sybiirbs � originally,. the4Jsed to be violin, guitar and piano trios. � The tango at that time had no lyrics yet, not in their present form, altough now and again .a few lines, of dOggerel were sung with the music.- Singing, in thb-se days before recordings, was by the payadores, the-, latter-day equivalent of the 'Greek., bards:, IT STARTED IN. LA BOCA The tango. pioneers used Buenas Aires'.13oca district 'as 'a springboard for their attadk on the . center. The earliest musicians' played there in dimly lit, smoke- filled halls filled with, the hubbub of a dozen tongues. Their names were Samuel Castriota, Francisco Caner�, Roberto Fir- po and Eduardo Arolakamong others. And. bit by bit people came drifting, in from other areas and the dingy cafes With their waitresses ,gradually: turned into night " The ,carnival atmosphere soon'-attracted the high-society 'toughs who went slum- ming with results that usually called for police intervention. - Towards the end of the century the.tant go.settled down In Palermo and seyerarqt. the more celebrated cafes started up ifie:riH, � tiarisen;,`El ,Tambito Arand - El Tarana,,� where4p3trens,ate,'jidt:ank';::and.,-Iistenedto. music. But the tango's way to downtown Buenos Aires was still barred. . Still, the tango perforates weren't about to give up the fight. As 'the 20th century came round the 'tango Moved out Into Europe. Paris received It With open arms and it it became the:rage in the best night spots like Pigalte, L'Abbaye, Maxim's Sans Soucl and La Feria. � That was the time whenknowing how to dance the tango properly l could be worth money and 'young beaux 'charged to "do the tango" with the ladies.1 At -that time no dance hallin. Paris was � _ complete without its tango and dress- makers used to leave a slit in the skirts so that women had freedon of movement,� and the fashion was referred to as the 'tango fashion." , Tango was successful in Paris. But, how did it get there? Who exported it? The story is an interesting one. The tango first went to Europe on board an Argentine Navy ves- sel. The celebrated fleet- training frigate "Fregate Sarmiento" took 1,000 Copies of the Music of La Morocha to the "other side": TH .POPE AGAINST TANGO . :It is .curious that while in Paris tanao openedevery door, in Buenos Aires, where it was �Porn, sciciety .still. deprecated, it, calling it "undignified and corrupt." The Pope. banned the' tango and pOrtenos in- vented '.a rhyming .phrase about 'it. Some people said the tango Wasn't elegant, and yet poet Ruben Dario always said, "In or- der to � be elegant have' to be familiar with the Argentine tango." These arguments .. and counter- arguments take, us- to 1916, when Carlos Garde!' recorded his first. song,. Mi Noche -Triale by PasCual Conturii. From then on tango had it Made and. became instantly fashionable In Buenos Aires.too. No lon- ger�Was it "forbidden music.", Frorn'then-on there was no Stopping: In 1920 'three young ,musicians, Osvaldo Fresedo, Enrique Delfino and David Roc-. catagliata formed.the Trio Select and Went, to play In the U:S. And. not only to play; .they also danced tangos, in the approved Rodplfo Valentinostyle. . Now success ,followed success. In 1925 Francisco. -,Canaro made his triumphal t's" a ritual: violins, bandoneons the bass. A microphone and a singer In itittlenbs- Aires, the tango beat fills the night. Various tango spots are the attrac- liOri cif Buenos Aires: for Agentlnes and for tourists as well. Letter from Argentina Page 41 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 debut In Paris and Gardel did so a year later in Madrid. He later went to Paris too, -and in 1931 the Criolio Nightingale made his first picture, Lights of Buenos Aires, for Paramount. This was all tango needed to forge ahead. The film traveled .all over the con- tinent and gained more and more suppor- ters for this type of music. Porterios began whistling tangos in the street and some caf�later to be historic, like "El Nacio- nal," appeared on Corrientes. Orchestras began to appear: Pedro maf- fia, Julio de Caro, Osvaldo Fresedo, Fran- cisco. Lomuto, and Pedro Laurenz. Ten came the Forties and with them Carlos Di Sarli, Miguel Cali', andAnibal Troilo among May others. .PIAZZOLLA'S.ROAD NO rest .for the mUsicians. They played in caf� on tour and in night clubs. The foremost singers were fought over by.the Orchestras began to appear: Pedro Mat- - fia, Julio de�Caro, Osvaldo Fresedo, Fran- Angel Vargas and Francisco Fiorentino. :Tango was to reveive a serious blow in the. 50s The recording studios' enthu-.. siasm began to wane and there was an in- vasion of foreign music: . About this time a young bandoneon player appeared on the scene with ideas about renewing the tango by stressing its musicality. His name was Astor Piazzolla and .he'appeared on the scene at a difficult time. Cabarets had,closed, there Were, no more live performes on the radio, and neighborhood clubs stopped offering their traditional dance evenings. � Plazzolla began a new, stage. The in- tuitive period .was over. "Just as ,in jazz," Plaziolla says., "to play the have to. know music, and know it well."-H is new lines of thought i were, evident in his very first -combos-,--arounth-.1946:----syncopated -- refrains on the bandoneon; changes of ,' tone and counterpoint violin solos. � Edniurido Ffivero and . But it wasn't the instruments but the music itself that made Plazzolla so po- pular. Some professed to distinguish over- tones of.Mozart, others hated;the new form because it.was.a departure from the old.- ,) There was no stopping Piazzolla. In 1965 1. he played in New York's Lincoln Center, I invited by the Pan-American Union. The results, of all his years of effort' reached I climax. seven years ago when he created . his. New Tango quintet, which summarised his previous experiences: and projected new forms. While retaining the musical es- sence of .the: traditional tango, he added things like "Adios Nonino"' and "Verano Porteno." in" .a new musical definition of the city. . Astor Piazzolla is composing and per- forming abroad now. But he has some im- portant followers now, like , Atilto Stam- pone, , Leopoldo. Federico, Enrique Mario Franchini, Osvaldo Piro and the Bite-. nos Aires B musical group. � FASHIONABLE SPOTS And now, nearly 100 years after its birth,. tango is reappearing into fashion in Buenos Aires. A sophisticated group of spectators, many of them. foreign tourists, meet every night in Viejo Almacen and Cao 14 to -hear the major combos and .In1925 Francisco Catiaro m,ade his triumphal debut /aid soloists perform. So it all goes back to the beg inning' and . what . BOrges' Said, comes Evolution has also reached Buenos Aires and it is not logical for it to live as it did 30 or 40 years ago; there are no street- cars, no more � riverside toughs, no more yellowish street l'arrips -guttering in the corners. And tango had to' change, too, with in- flation; pollution and. skyscrapes. Com- posers:and lyrics writers have something else to create with now. They would have . frightened the people of an older.age, but not the people of today..., "Viejo Almacen" Letter from Argentina Page 42 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 "Caracole", by Manuel Clara BetlInelll Argentine visual arts in 1977 The closind!monins of 1977 are the right Moment to take a 'look at what went on in. visual 'arts in Buenos Aires-. Not that .this year; was substantially, different to others in-thelaSt decade or so. painting, scu.10--' lure,- and associated !arts .nave achieved - locally a level ensure their con-. tinUitV for many years.. ! 1977 stressed this once more. There are , cirCumstantial-events! � a sales recession:, lately; for instance � .and a gradual Modification in styles and techniques, ! which tend .to emphasise certain art forms sometimes to the detriment of Others!. But; as usual, this year Buenos -Aires saw a great :number of art shows, various forms-. of Interest- In the visual arts,. experiences,: competitions and retrospectives of great - value!: Marketing has developed acceptably within :buying power expectations and,. local artists have, been Successful. rious 'events. Argentine artists tfigured. prominently in the Maldonado (Uruguay) Design Competition!, AntOnib Segui won a major distinction in .Paris and the Sao Paulo, Biennial gave a significant award to a group of Argentine artists who originally studied in the active CAYC, Buenos Aires Art and Communications Center � � These awards have in general been given id:_the! work : of highly 'respected Indivi- duals. But the individual is the product of his environment and the artistic ambience of Buenos Aires helps the aspiring creator to 'improve himself. This, of course, has been the situation for many years and is no different from other periods In artistic creativity. Naturally, there is a difference between an artist like say Benedit or Teata, whal ive and create within, the ambience of the Argentine, and Segui, for example, who lives In Europe and IS recognized there as an eminent figure. But even so there,are cultural constants which appear regularly. On the domestic scene there have been no events Which have made any significant change in this situation. The' importance-of a well-defined group ,of artists has grown, but this has been !a:. natural process-of' evolution over many years.. There -is: no: suggestion of new -trends � a situation which has been observed, for years � but there -is a persistence of an. eclecticism which draws Inspiration from various philosophies, and in the final-analysis relies orrpre-modern painting in Argentina and abroad. This eclecticism, is..also being preferred by marchands and by critics.and. judges. This�aesthetic.position.was represented in the well-deserved National Salon distinc- tions to Carlos Cans, Manuel Claro Bet- hnal and Arturo Irureta. These three ex- cellent artists synthsize modern and, ex- perimental trends. They have an original and sympathetic,. but .balanced, , view of human life and adventure. Canes, Bettlnelli and lrureta have trod- den very .similar pathways in local painting arid there Is !a .netural :diStinction and i natural selection between the three.. The one who has most improved in 1977 has been Bettinelli,' whose real value has only been recognized relatively recently despite' his yeteranship; His Oolor is ex- cellent' and his vitality is reflected in his pictures; he seems to be better at depict- ing- the happier moments of life:than the draina.! Rather silently, as it were he has . become One Of the most iMpOrtant names ! in artin-Argentina. , Actually, the same' could- be�said for Canes and !Irtireta. But- they have been celebrities for a long time and saying hoW good they are Isn't news. � Claro Bettinelli Letter from Argentina Page 43 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Landriti: Humor always in fashion Juan Carlos Colombres, uniyersalmente co- nocldo y celebrado por su inquietante seudO- nimo, Landru, es uno de los humoristas,poll- ticos m�famosos de la Argentina. Dias atras ha reedltado "Tia Vicenta", un semanarlo donde todo_ se _lo_ ye .tras. lo s cristales detormantes, pert) respetuosos, de este artista singular. Por- quo, ademas de dibutante y periodIsta, Landru, es uno de los m�finos y populares criticos de costumbres quo han existido en este pals. Juan Carlos "Landrir Colombres Q.; When did you start to be a humorist? A: When I was five. I started to draw on school copybooks. � I drew. my own car- tina, read by all sectors of society, and Gente magazine, which also aims for a wide-ranging market. Q; Can you use a cartoon or a strip .to editorialize?. A:. In the States they call a cartoonist � domestic, international or economic � an editorialist. His cartoon is virtually a new- spaper editorial. In Argentina:they call him the funny man", humor so there Wasn't any. It was replaced Q: Are there any limitations on political by nonpolitical:humor. If you ban printed hurnor right now? political humor, somehow it'il turn up in A: Well, yes, there are some. Some sub'- newspapers and in the Music-hall, jects had best be left alone on .�asis of Q: y_o_u thj_n_k_hurnor is a human right? sheer_gp_o_d_taste.N.V.e.ourselves_hold_back.. a human condition. I remember a For instance, it isn't very funny to make+ humor fair in Madrid. Theslogan. It used okes about subversion, which has killed so -was: "Laughter sets humans apart from many people. animals. Don't be an animal �laugh!". . Q: Do humor schools exist? 0: Do you believe In the time element in A: VVell, art schools exist. They teach humor? how to draw, but they cant't teach..ina- � A: Some humorists specialize in up-to: ipiration..It's just like poetry or any other the-minute humor. In 'my case whatever I art. I call inspiration the "little flame". I'm read about in the papers I examine:under going to start a school for clever phrases. my personal viewpoint, the amusing side. The sort of thing you can say in a cocktail There aren't many on-the-spot humorists party or your famous last words. because you've got to read all the papers Q: What do government officials say and a lot of magazines, too. Every day I about your drawings? take along to "Clarin" newspaper 10 or 15 A: Economy Minister Martinez de Hoz cartoons on local or international events collects my .drawings of him. He's got and he chooses two or three, them under his glass desktop. So do Vice- Q: What's .the difference between your' Admiral Bardi (social welfare Minister). . humor and aggression? - � � � Buenos Aires city major Cacclatore, labor A: I don't' make jokes against people but Minister General Liendo, Navy Comman- about them. All I do Is exaggerate reality. der-in-Chief Admiral Masserai,.. and . lots 0: Is there a Special way to make people' more, even though I don't know them per- laugh? �I. do know Interior 'Minister Ge- A: I think it's surprise that makes people neral Harguindeguy. He told rne he likes to laugh: Always provided it isn't a (lisp- be associated with polo � he played fairly greeable surprise.. That s where laughter well atone time. comes from.� ' Q: Do you have faith In Argentina? 0: What's the relationship between A: You' bet I have! I'm 100 percent 'Ar- humor and freedom of expression? gentina and my forefathers came here with .A: Total freedom of expresaion doesn't the Conquistadors. toon,s_and.Made_up.rpagazinesi which I dis exist.anywhere.._The_humorist.hasitaadapt �0: What world figure :do- you respect tribTutedamong. the other kids. This went to circumstances and to the disposition of most? on in high school and In college. I used to draw for the college "wallimagazine". 0: Why didn't you graduate as an ar- chitect? A: Well, all the houses were built alread- y. But there were a lot of cartoons still to be created!' Q: How do you define humor? A: I don't. There are lots of definitions but don't like any of them. My humor is the logic of absurdity. Q: What's Argentine humor like? .. A: There are lots of varieties of humor. the men up top. Or the indisposition... A: ldi Amin, so he doesn't eat me if he When limitations are greater, a mere hint is comes across me one day.. enough. 0: Why -do you use the Landru pen- Q: Why do Argentines laugh - Is it being name? childish, escapist or very mature? ,- A: When I wore a beard I lookeda lot like A: 'People all over the world want to the famous murderer Landr6. BeSidesit's a laugh because it's a Condition of the short name, easy to remember. � human being. It's a 'safety valve. The big-.. ger the problems, the' greater the wish, to escape. � 0: Do Argentines laugh at themselves? A: Yes. So much so that when I.Organize "championships" I get. letters from-People But humor's the same all Over the world explaining why they .voted that way, or when you take into consideration defferen- laughing at tics and mannerisms of people ces in language, ways of thinking, etc. mentioned. -Some 'people even vote. for There are a lot of cartoonists in Argentina themselves. � many of them are working In other 0: What is "Tia Vicente"? countries. A: It started out as a name that appeared 0: How about political humor? very often in the. things I wrote. Then I A: We have a tradition I think we produced a magazine featuring a character inherited from the Spaniards. When I was a called Tia Vicenta (Aunt Vicenta). Actually child the covers of Cares y Caretas ma-. I tobk her from a real aunt of mine, Cora � gazine were political Jokes. PBT Magazine she's dead now. She had the Tia Vicenta had done political humor even before that, mentality, thought the Tia Vicenta though- Going back in history there was a publl- ts. TiaVIcenta's personality and outlook are. cation called El Mosquito, which Was always the same. Only the characters founded. by a Swiss cartoonist, Enrique around her change. Stein, at the time of national organization. Q: Do all social classes have the same There was a lot of political humor then, awareness of humour? too. Mosquito lampooned many prominent . A: Well, I didn't think so, at first. Every- figures in Argentine history, like Sarmien- body kept on telling me my humoriwasifor to, Avellaneda, Roca, Pellegrini and many an elite' only. But it just hasn't workedibut others. They all bore It very well. At other that way. I'm a contributor toClariA,' the times, the authorities didn't like political biggest-circulation newspaper in Argen- Letter from Argentina Page 44 AND 1 � 'W1 � S300,41%fic. LA REVLSTA DEL HUMOR SANITO LA, Tr 1*,1429L, Alemoors Era �� uora Vicanta,!Lendry's 'Aunt!, ,! Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 BETTER JOURNALISTS AND COMMENTATORS CONIFER courses It ,is an undisputable fact that the so- the bare bones of information, every hour called "electronic communications media" on the hour, always the same amount of (Radio ah,d TV) have created a new type ot words and hardly any dramatism at all. journalism. The first people to write for the P: So what's the future look like, then? airwaves media were journalists culled R: If we don't do something the dullness from newspapers or the movies. Time we obsbrve today will be a death certificate showed that their approach was not really for communications media of this type. Or keyed to the airwaves. Today this Is a otherwise the hunt 'fOr information will crisis area; Radio and TV newscast� tend deform everything so much that what we to be dull. Quite apart from concessions saw in the film "Network" will become a which it necessary to make in the fight for fact. This is in TV... in radioat ttiie rate the rating, or to please Advertisers, the impor- stations Will turn into cassette players. tent problem is a lack of specialization. P: Was the course a success? What To talk about this we interviewed Fer- about the future? nando Salas who directed a finishing cour- R: I'd say the result was two-pronged. se for radio and television journalists, or- We compatibilized results between stu- ganized by COMFER, the Federal Ra- dent expectations and Course possibilities diodiffusion Committee, which was held in and we have nowdetected real reguiremen, the Higher Rad,iodiffusion School. ts and areas of shortcoming. The future P: What was the objetive of this COM- means applying everything we have �lear- FER course? ned. _ R: The primary objective, within the area of 'mass communications, has been, from COMFER's point of view, to begin ra- tionalization of something which could in time turn out to be a university career. We detected a,need for finishing among news- casters, journalists, and other people as- sociated with radio and television. We think that the common or garden "speaker" has to. give .way to a different person, the "radio man", and thathe needs finishing. in � order to achieve this. .This course has pay,ed Ole _Ach.ievi_ngLa .num der of.,, Luop je41,i.Ve4tiLi f-,-:2,--ato.O.v0-4Itit43, fitighted. Many deficien.eies-. So the objectives are, to awaken interest, attract. people with � potential and establish'how we're going to work out the definitive course. P: -There certainly Is a lack of specia- lization among radio and TV men. Why is this? In Argentina anybody can be a jour- nalist; it's just a formality. Theimplication therefore is that the level , of. professional capacity of these people has to be cons- tantly upgraded. Many radio-TV men came from newspapers, others have years of air- wave experience. Some are good, some aren't. There are some who get jobs 'be- cause they have a good voice and an at- tractive appearance. But then they get tired of reading news and decide they want to be journalists, which .iS where the trouble starts. Ideally,.the man who goes on the air 'should be the journalist. If we can't achieve this, then let's have good speakers and good journalists. Otherwise, we get good journalists Who can't talk properly or good speakers who don't know anything � about journalism. And a badly read' radio news item is like a badly printed item iria paper. . P: What's the present state of radio-TV Information? � . .9: There's a basic ,problem we have to discuSs first. I think that the spectacularity Cacho.Fontana's "VideoshoW" Is the rn-ost oustanding TV news ser- of,te. medium affectS balanced TV.z,:k,Oeviis- in Argentina. - ca04'L,;.,Nowaday... people want:..�et,SOW CONFER 'S nisslon is to provide with Its experience to replace old f fashioned. machines, such as the one shown below by TV reportes radio has self-reStrioted:�itSelf-ito:IsS'ulng Eduardo Tarnassi Letter from Argentina Page 45 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 GEMROZA The challenge of health �What did things look like when you took over the National Health Department In an interview exclusive to Letter from Argentina, Public in March 1976? . --I'd say that a common denominator Health Secretary Rear-Admiral Manuel Iran Campo talked for'hOSOitals.,'.inStitutee and other facirties Was disorder and a lack of even the most abOut the problems of his jOb. He discussed the condition of _ Laic essentials. *A leek Of food, even, let hospitals. at the present.time, distribution of resources and the , , alone -basic equipment. Whatever there brain drain( particularly to the United States). The interviewer was available was in bad Condition. So our St job was to get everything going again. . was Dr... Silvia Gil'firArcay; director of the Medical Department of _ We were able to ,do this without spending � Merck Sharp.8./ Dohme Argentina. fOb. much. of the government's money by reSchethiling personnel, starting up inope-. rat ive equipment and also trying to rebuild tearrispirit among the hospital personnel.' 'Thihgs li.ave 'changed now. Now equip- ment is .fully operative. 'The stock of medicaments. is first-rate. and they are freely' handed out to interns and outpatien- ' tsi., are no limitations on food sup- plieS. within the requirements o,f eabh hos-, -..When, we took .over the 'situation- was really, tragic and We. found patients corn- pletely.:undernourisched,:� particularly chronic cases. Now all that is Changed and; noSpitals:are really operating .,1�What's the answer to the problem of the uneven distribution of doctors and nOr..,. sing personnel in Argentina? It effects ruxili� staft:,OurOe.Stt'tpt.ctu re;in medicine'-has-beent7-diStoeteld-fOr-a. -long tirne, But things aren't,getting any better:' � in ;recent �years there' has; been .a tremen,-.� dOUs.influx�of students and at the moment we have More doctors and paramedicals' than we can deal with. And the distribution picture hasn't improved at all. This is the most. serious problem. The -government has never supplied the Education Ministry with,.the Information necessary. to know how and how much to redimension human resources. .So What we have 'to 00 first' is find out exactly what the country. needs in terms of nurnan resources and where to optirnize its location. To do this we employed a team of experts who worked on its for six months. For the. first time the Education Ministry hes.a 10-year projection of requirements in medicine. --What's the shape Of the future Argen- tine sanitary policy? Are we heading to- wards state, private, or social medicine? !,'�There's one aspect of medicine in Ar- gentina which unfortunately occurs in other countries too. I mean a lack of coor- dination between sectors of medical atten- tion; state-operated, semi-state and private. When I say semi-state; I mean the labour union and other mutual Welfare or- ganizations. We have to correct this problem. Which, as I say, Occurs in many places. The important thing is also to maximize employment of resources to the fullest possible extent. This is another thing that is usually very difficult to do, Letter from Argentina Page 46 Rear-AdmIral.(Meilc'el) Manuel Irfin Campo not onlY in Argentina but in other more developecicountries as weif ,Within the present context in Argentine and of the revolutionary Process', our aim is to direct medicine to mankind, make it human race-Orientes. Philosophically, that's the-problem. Any -sort ,of state medicine which doesn't look on man as the main objective, is bound to go wrong. We've seen it go wrong elsewhere and we can't run the risk of importing mistakes. Man must be the fundamental objeative, and the: doctor, . who is the tool of the' operation, must: have an individual rela- tionship with the patient. We can't afford to massify medicine. We can't have patien- ts being Carelessly or indifferently treated. The patient ha's to be aware that ht's being personally and individually looked after,,' that his problem is understtood, his famil- y's problem too, and the relationship with the envoronment. We need a mediCalprac- tice keyed to the realities of Argentina. We must reschedule things so that state, social and private medicine operate ef- ficiently in their own areas without ove- rlapping. State medicine should deploy its �resources and its installed capacity. Social , medicine should orient itself basically�� towards financing medical care. Private medicine should develop its capacity within its specific sphere of action. This means that we need centralized planning, countrywide, for the health problem. The 'Health �Department should have the legal right to carry out this planning. �As is well known all over the world, Argentina has a massive brain drain problem. There are very many Argentine doctors who graduated here and go on to distinghished careers in other countries. The United States, for example, has a great number of Argentie doctors who are con- sidered medically very prominent there. How can we 'stop the drain of talent we need so badly? � �pus is a problem which affects a lot of. _professions, 'and not only medicine. We've had it for 'a long time. Graduate doc- tors are attracted by countries with a degree of development like the US. And I don't think all of them realize just how muCh prestige they can gain simply by staying, home. In research, high com- plexity medicine, teaching and other philosphies, Argentina is very prominent. There' is' Scope here as well as abroad for .aspiring young professional Mind � you, it true that 0 lot of, peoPle are coming back now and findings th,ngs were much tieffer than they were before.'.. Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 The economy of Argentina A YEAR AND A HALF OF MARTINEZ DE HOZ' PERFORMANCE 'Martinez, di Hoz reviews his performance In office shows year ends half. The Argentina Chamber of Commerce celebrated its 53rd an- _ niversay with a banquet presided over by its chairman,. Dr - ArmandoBraun. � � The guest of honour was Argentina's Economy Minister, Dr Jos�lfredo Martinez de Hoz, who-spoke on' his own perfor- � � mance as Economy Minister of Argentina since MarCh, 1976. Martinez 'de Hoz said important steps had been taken In this period for Argentina to be a great country again and for its inhabitants to recover their standards of living. "There are lots of things that, cost us effort now and didn't before, and adaptation costs time, but we're On the right road. and we can already_ see - the end of it. "In the. private sector employees now 'collect more, in real ter- ms, than what Inflation had taken away from them. Nobod who' wants to work can claim that unemployment exists. Nobody who' wants to make more money Is barred from doing-so, either working harder or seeking a new job. The employer who can't pay higher wages loses hisstaff le others who have a more_dynamic view of 'reality". "But civil service wages have fallen behind," Martinez de Hoi- , said. He announced, that a program would soon be put:into ef- fect to upgrade these workers as from January I, Under these conditions,- the minister said, things have im- proved for .wageearners. Previously he had said that the prograrn started on April 2,1976, "han demanded sacrifices from every- body." Farmers now have to pay much higher taxes on land" said fvla'rti'ne"' de -Hoz. "Manufacturers were first asked not to dis charge e�nnel Later whei.V:the'ffrst ieceg�diOn had gone by and the economy was recovering, tariff:protection was reduced � because it tended to make them .lose Interest in growth. Higher- income sectors were taxed harder. And the working groups were asked to .make efforts commensurate with their levels of re- muneration." � If inflation still survives -said Martinez de Hoz, This is Par- ' fly because producers and consumers have lost the will to fight � it. In the first stage the government also contributed to an uP- ward. price drift by eliminating subsidies and political fare struc- tures, which were one Of me causes ot inflation." He added; "A lot has been done in this sense and we are op; timistic about the future. Next year we will be able to fight In- flation much-more effectively with more order in public finance, greater control over monetary expansion and increased Com- petition from abroad.. � The current policy of genuine Interest rates has prevented in- -flation from discouraging savings and Incorrectly assigning 'resources, with its result on the. distribution of productivity in Argentina. in thismay; national saving has increased 50 percent In real , terms. and Is about .30 percent of the .gross. national product The Economy Minister finally Said that the current economic program calledfor a gradual reversion of the tendency to con- centrate �resou roes in-the metropolitan area. Ninety-two percent - � of iinduatrial promotion projects ,approved totalling 2,500 million dollars, have been for projects in the Interior, outside Buenos Aires and in the cities of C6rdoba and' Rosario. These three are, the most important cities in�Argentina including their industrial' ,concentrations. Letter from Argentina Page.47. Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Investments in Argentina Foreign Trade At the present time Argentina is the most attractive and brilliant opportunity .for foreign investment. Industrial Develop- ment Secretary Flaymundo Podesta said �recently stressing that "our people, to- , .. gether with the armed forces, have wiped out guerrilla-organizations." The Argentine off iciar-was-speaking- in Montreux, 'Switzerland,- at the First Eu- ropean-Latin � American Business Coo- peration ..SymposiUm, held in that city in The last week of October. . Addressing .,delegates from Latin American and European countries, the In- dustrial. Development Secreta'ry said that be gross national product. of Argentina is . about 42;500 million dollars' a year and its per capita income, 1.700 dollars, is among the highest in Latin America. He then Summed upthe outlook for the various economic sectors. Power: Uranium deposits are sufficient for a predicted life of 20 years assuming an installed nuclear capacity of about 4.000 megawatts. The inveStment.ViSualized un- der the electricity plan is 12.000 million dollars, with the accent on hydroelectrici- ty. The later is .projected- to supply 5.000MVV out of a total of 8.000 towards 1985. Anoter 12.400'million dollars will be spent on oil and gas �so that self- sufficiency in these fuels is reached by 1980. � Foodstuffs: The drive to increase overall farm production is two-pronged, i.e. exist- ing productivity per acre and � increasing acreage to be worked. Two to three million hectares (about 7.5 million acres).will be taken on by recovering flooded acreas. Conversely, - irrigation will fertilize another five million hectares (over 12 million acres) and brush-cleaning Will,recycle hectares (about nine million acres) more. The yield per acre can ,be boosted 30 'to 200 percent: by 'Using the appropriate� levels:are im- proving. "Inve.stor's have. an ample scope for intensive -or .extensive �production of foodstuffs:and their processing." Fishing: An international 'tender, has been opened here. The target is a'catch of one million tons-a year ter 1980. Industrial Development: Major hy- droelectric works under construction mean that new cement. plans Will be required. The outlook for these is very..goodi. Basic industry deficiencies are in steel, cellulose and' 'paper, heavy chemicals, petroche- micals: aluminum and copper.� � .' Steel: Four million tons per annum more than present production .is required � to fill the flat laminates spectrum of demand. Petrochemicals: This areawilltake a .big teristIcs which, afer muth indecision, has step forward when the Bahia Blanca Pe7- decided to embark on a policy of gran- trochemical complex is operative.. A plant deour; to occupy again the position of will' be required to produce 1,009 tons of . preeminence in readiness for den- . fertilizer a day from ammonia, plus two fury." smaller plants for domestic consumption: . The priority' use of hydrocarbons, with priority over their use as fuel, has been reserved for the petrochemicals industry. Cellulose and paper: Plants which are being installed (long fiber cellulose, ce- llulose paste and paper) imply an invest- ment of 300 million dollars, the highest private investment in history. A loompo ton .newsprint plant is being built and two more are under way. Another project, which has been initially okayed, is for 400 million dollars in paper of various types. � Mining: Argentina will become "an expor ter. 'of copper instead of importing "When-the f utUre-E1' Pach6n'and La. Alum- brera fields are started up.. The Secretary. . said that the new mining, code and .the new mining � promotion law opened up brilliant . prospects .for foreign. investment in 'a 'sector which up to now had not been f011y exploited. In his. address the Industrial Promotion Secretary also summed up the objetives of. the new Foreign Investments Att .and the Transfer of Technology Act'. He said that the, new Industrial Promotion' Act �"does. not distinguish between foreign and domestic investment, except' for certain indispensable. formalities. At. the present . time, Argentina is the most attractive and brilliant opportunity fOrfOreigh investmen- t, for the financier the businessman, the . technician, the worker and the immigrant". He also stressed "the opportunities inherent in a country .with, these. charac-- � -� � :� � � .� Trading.'wit tit:world The possibility of exporting is considered by many small and medium producers and manufacturers as something of the ex- clusive domain of large enterprises. They see it like this because they-Consider it is necessary to have-a' specilized staff which devotes itself exclusively to the' promotion Of their products through correspondence-, generally in a foreign language, which keeps itself constantly up to date regarding regulations in the matter of exchange, customs treatment of the products, packing systems, handling and forwarding of the goods, a.s.o. Besides this staff would be idle at the times there Is' no specific export work, as would the case with agricultural pro- ducts which are seasonal. These manufacturers or producers have been contacted many. times by foreign persons interested in their products, but do not know' how to carry out the transaction when they have to-cal- culate their prices in foreign currencies, pack in a form different from the usual, contract freight, negotiate the shipping do- cuments in the banks, etc. There is a solution to this problem as ther,e are firths who make a specialty of promoting international business and carry - out everything related. to the forwarding of the goods, bank procedures. a.s.o. Such firms, acting as exportagents for various manufactures and producers, promote the articles, look out for clients abroad -or establish contacts with interested persons already known by the manufacturers, in the name of these, replacing them in the action, but acting always in their name. That they act in the name of the producer is fundamental, sin- . ce buyer and seller must know each other. The first one has a. right to know how and by whom the merchandise- he buys Is made. He may even visit the manufacturers establishment. The... by Robert Bertha seller in his turn wishes to know the one who uses or distributes his product even if it is done abroad No one can know better than he (ides how it is to be Used or how it can be adapted to dif- ferent circumstances' or ways-. He can even make modifications 7 in accodance with the needs of his purchaser. . . � � � Besides, when there are special benefits for exporting (e.g. tax credits, preferential bank loans, etc.) it is the producer who is entitled to them. That is, the export agent has simply to offer, a a service; put at the producers commend his-specific' know.led- ge, advise him in certain cases and replacing him` in othes, like: the search for the most convenient packing, the best ways of forwarding, his products at the lowest rates. Also to conciliate theconveniences of the buyer,with those of the seller. � �. � On the other hand It is the export agents duty to keep himself up to' date of 'all the regulations concerning foreign trade, like rulings about exchanges, customs', banking, as well as about all news.concerning packing,loading and freights. Another function which these 'service firms perform is the in- -verse work. That is, in the presence of an inquiry from abroad search for the prOducers andsubmit the most convenientoffers. In many cases the producers are surpirsed by the inquiries from abroad for which they, are not prepared. In such cases they must be advised' in order to be able to comply with the requirements of the foreign purchaser. In, conclusi6n these true bonds between far away buyer and . seller must be andowed with a great versatility and a commercial turn,, of mind, besides acting with total-impartiality, defending the interest of both parties. Very often the producers do not know. the problems of theirpurchasers,.and the latter ones do not imagine the difficUlties.,Which�often turn up In a production. The agent generally can cathOdSe the Ides and the requirements � of both. - . �,�����-.,-:, � � Letter from Argentina Page 48 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 � Atanor, a furnace supplying argentina Atanor Is an Argentine company which astorilshes everyone by its lightning progress in, chemicals, particularly pe- trochemicals, so essential to modern In- dustry. � � . Atanor's a growing thing, It started in 1938 and now it operates a number of businesses under its control. For instance, Petroquimica Rio Tercero., a TDI factory; Hoganor, which -produces and markets home' appliances; Tecnor, a consulting engineering service; � Duranor, which makes raw Materials for the plastics and agrochemicals industries, .Atanor Entre Rios, chemicals and agrochemicals: Fadecor, mosquito repellents, and Abetos Atanor., forestry and the recovery of arid areas. Argentina needs more companies like,. this, which' is why Letter from Argentina went to the company to find out something about. its development. Atanor, a crucible for industry The name chosen for the company was prophetic. Atanor is. a Spanish word of Arabic origin which means a_crucibie and is symbolic fora company like this. Atanor started operations in 1938 and in 1940 was producing hydrogen peroxide. It then went Into bleaching textiles and soon built up a reputation for itself. The reputation .gra- doalty improved and Is. maintained in A s everyday production. - In. the Mbnro,' Buenos Aires province, plant, production. started in 1941 with acetic ..aldehyde and acetic acid. From these. beginnings the company then went Rio Tercerorpordoba province plant-- on to dissolvers (ethyl,, butyl and amyl acetates). Later Atanor set up an alcohol distillery in Tucuman and then produced esters which were bought up by the paint, foot-- wear, cellophane, rubber, oil, textiles, Soap and other industries. In 1944 Atanor won a Military Industries Board competition an became a mixed company manufacturing chemicals essen- tial to national defence. It became a mixed joint stock company for the-chemical in- dustry." The company than moved In to synthetic rubber and accelerants. The Rio Tercero, COrdoba, plant works on the synthesis of methanol. Atanor and the war against the Insects Few companies can have attained a degree of technological development similar to Atanor's In pesticides. The com- pany has an agreement With J. R. Geigy. of Basle, Switzerland, for the production of DDT (di-cloro di-phenyl tricloro-ethane) basic pesticide raw material. Atanor products also include the results of processing HCH, MCPA and sodium salt and, particularly, pentachlorophenol. In a farming country like ArgentInaipeS- ticide production is indispensable as well as complete consumer c.onfld.en.ce in products. � Atanor j has worked :harct. I n'the development of chemical produets. In 1957 It entered Into an agreement with Olin Mathieson Chemical Corporation an the result was Mathieson Atanor SAI. The merger has proved fruitful to farmers and to the country in general. Atanor In the Home . All these products are raw materials for chemicals used In the. home, like repellen- ts against mosquitos. and other insects, paint. and varnish removers, alcoho), cleaning fluids and various types of hy- drogen .peroxide, from 20-proof for me- dicine to 40-proof for other professional applications. � This line of:goods for the home began to be produced in. 1965. Since then the-line has been developed remarkably. Atanor in the world Argentina is a vigorous country and its industry is growing. It needs to devote more than efforts to export. Atanor is com- peting very well on the international mar- ket. The company started exporting to Latin America four years-after the company was founded and its market expanded when the Latin American Free Trade Association (L,'AFTA).came.into being. -rAt''the present time the company Is a regular exporter to Brazil, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela and Uruguay. These Munro, Buenos Aires province plant countries buy methanol, formol, hexa- hy lentetramine, ethyl and butyl acetates, DDT, 2.4-D acid butylic ester, MCPA and its amino salt, hydrogen pe- roxide and many others. ' Atanor sends Colombia and the US 2:4- 'D acid, an excellent and complex herbi- cide. The Latin American countries In general, particularly Brazil, buy hydrogen peroxide from Atanor. Its plant, the first of its type In Latin America has a production of 7,250 tons per annum- at 100 proof. Obviously there is no further need to comment on an Industry, which can expand at a rate like . ',Atanor has branches all over the country and is. 'Internally speaking an excellent channel of communication Atanor is' a school where people learn a trade.. There. are daily--training sessions for Atanor personnel-at all the company's facilities-but particularly at the Munro, Buenos Aires province, plant.' In 1970, employing 825 persons, pro- duction Was 106,000 tons, and in 1972, with 850 persons, it was 121,000 tons. Atanor is permanently concerned With. deyeloprnents in science and technology, which is Why it concerns itself through its training Centers with the genuine inter- pretation of the word technology which Is so related to the word "art". Atanor has achieved the difficult balance between organization and productive capacity. They should always go together, but they .don't... This ieader coNpany has -achieved this, to everyone's benefit. Atanor has proved that its rapid growth is not the product of improvisation but of conscientiously developing its facilities in an industry as complicated as chemicals. It IS ,Interesting to note that most inter- national' companies have had some 'con- nection with Atarior and its capitals. . Steel giants, complicated piping, cleanliness, order, and efficiency without limits. A -capacity -for research and or- ganization, application of sicence, What more can be asked of a company? � This Is why so many people who believe in Argentina, have put their trust In Atanor. Letter from Argentina Page 49 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 "For things to be more than things" The Integral Service Center Braun International's Industrial plant Is In San Martin, one of the cities of the Greater Buenos Aires complex. The visitor is astonished by the organization and or- der in this company which for 50 years has .been manufacturing sophisticated electri- cal equipment. Braun was founded by Max Braun In the 20s in Frankfurt, West Germany. Initially it devoted itself to producing radios and in- dustrial components but in 1930 it added home appliances, consumer durables and personal bare aids. DESIGN ISA LEITMOTIV FOR BRAUN In 1930. Braun took on design specialist Dr Fritz Eichler. He was a technician in er- gonometrIcs and devoted himself to the study of objects and their relationship to man. That's how the company slogan, "For things to be more than things," Started. Braun wants its products to be part of the home, almost like people, like assitan- ce or Integration to man's corporate sys- tem. This makes products indispensable Letter from Argentina Page 50 for their efficiency and�thelr utility. Braun also wants its products to be agreeable to sight and touch, to be easy to handle, to have plenty or color. This philosophy makes Braun a leader company in interior and exterior design. At present the company makes shavers, elec- trical apparatus of all types, personal care appliances, audio, film cameras; flash at- tachments and the Celebrated Braun ligh- ters.. BRAUN'S "OSCARS" Braun's five German plants and overseas branches all think hard about consumers. This has availed the company numerous prizes awarded all over the world. The chain of distinctions started in 1957 when first prize was won at the Milan Triennial. The maximum distinction achieved was one of the world's most important, per- manent exhibition of Braun products in the New York Modern Art Museum. These awards are being won every year because of Braun's efficiency\ and dedi- cation. Braun's products are on permanent exhibition because, for the company, design is an obsession. Braun's success in the consumer mar- ket is due to the daily use Of technology with first,class productions. BRAUN IN ARGENTINA Braun's first approach to Argentina was in 1972 when it exhibited a range of Ger- manmade products in .Bonino art gallery. .And the _first.:Argentine-made - Braun- product was announced in that year, too, it was a coffee grinder, later followed by a fruit juice crusher. This celerity. In keeping up to date with events is 'a feature of Braun. The local branch :has announced 21 absolutely original products, much more than the usual industry one-per-year rate, because Braun has only been in Argentina five year- s� None of the 21 products has any com- mon component. That's dIversificacation! Buenos Aires is Braun's bridgehead to Latin America, particularly because of, its Brazilian and Mexican plants. AS we have said before, Braun's Argentine plant is in San Martin, in Buenos Aires province, a .busy,.active Industrial center. � ' in Argentina the company has a Tauber division which r manufactures home se- curity appliances. These include a che- m ical powder extinguiSher which can elimInte all forms of combustion and a visor with a chain lock and-an alarm. In, 1.975 Braun started to export, parti- cularly home appliances, personal care ap- pliances � and shavers. Exports go out through Uruguay, Brazil, Mexico, Vene- zuela, *Panama and other countries in the Aniericai: BRAUN'S OBJECTIVES. Any organized and productive comp-any 'has to, have' well-defined objectives. Braun, top, has its objectives ancEWork's 'hard to Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 achieve them. Basically the company is In- terested in sqpplying the market with something new all the time. Every one of its products so far has been entirely dif- ferent from the other and it has never 'repeated itself. In the second place Braun wants to be sure its Argentine products are genuinely made in Argentina. And in the third place its products are not simply faihionale, their styling is of the type which endures. - This is an interesting viewpoint, be- cause It ensures a certain permanence even if the company obviously Is 'devoted to-the philosophy of-consiimption. This is commendable within the Structure of sup- ply and demand in Argentina. . Braun products don't "age" easily. This � is because Of design and because quality is really looked for. BRAUN AND BRAUN'S PEOPLE About 350 staff work at Braun's .San' Martin. plant In at .atmosphere of comfort and cordiality. But braun has a lot to say . about service. . Normally if an electrical appliance breaks dow,n getting it serviced is a com- plicated process involving seemingly in- terminable waits until the customer gets the repaired appliance back. Braun have a customer service center in Buenos Aires which has personalized at- tention and Instant repair thanks to top technology in diaggosis and highly quali- fied personnel. Sometimes it isn't pos- sible, but usually appliances are repaired right then and there. , We really think that Braun honors Its leitmotiv, "For things to be more than things". For Braun, man is first, which .is prodUcts_work.' well:and -bedOrrie-a- part of the home just like another memem- ber of the family. Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Letter from Argentina Page 51 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 THE REVOLUTIONARY OBJECTIVES By President of Argentina Lieutenant Gt-neral - Jorge Rafael Videla During .an Iranian TV interview, Presi- dent Jorge Rafael Videla reaffirmed the ar- med forces objective to reestablish in Ar- gentina an authentic democracy in which value is given, to freedom and human dig- nity. Although he admitted that to achieve this some formal adjustments might have to made. He also referred to Latin American integration. , , The interview, by Iranian government TV (NIRT), journalist Djadad Alamir, began With a question on Argentina's role in Latin A rnerica in the next few years. �VVe��shall have an *portant role to play. Argentina has geographical borders with five countries and an'an-iple seaboard which !inks it with practically the entire world. We don't have any ideas of leader- ship or of making up a supranational bloc or axis. But we want to push for Latin �Americarhinteg ration .L.___Tbus;:_integration.,.haS.- Many sides: a concrete side, the economy, physical communication with our area neighbors, and on the other hand the interchange of Cu Itu re". � After .this President .Videla referred to the way the government found things after � taking over government. He said a power vacuum had been �tilled. He added that a year and a half had gone by, not enougt to entirely forget what things were like be- fore, .but short enough because what had been done in that time was a kiracle. "But we can say that With the effort of all Of us, Argentina, which .was in a state of near-collapse, is now on its feet again, ready to start on the long and difficult road towards .an authentically democratic government". - � � ' � "We want a strong and stable democrac- y: Stability means a periodical change in governments.w.hich are�stable in themsel- ves in order to avoid further, military inter- vention. This-doesn't mean there wont't be military representation in the military presence is inevitable in any modern goVernment". . When the Iranian jOurnalist asked when and � how-constitutionality would be retur- ned to, General, Videla said: "The armed forces have established their Objective: they want a modern, strong and stable democracy. So we haven't finished our job until that objective is achieved. But we have called for national unity. This im- plies winning the war against subversion and also winning the peace. A peace based on unity.. This means that the citizens are going to take part gradually in this proces- s. There are a group of ideas, of concepts, which the armed forces want to give con- crete form to so that democracy can have a structure as we know it.. And we want to. enricher' it with profound communication and joint efforts between civilians and military men. This is why we all. want a stable, modern, strong democracy". Asked about his US visit, the President said: "It was important in an American relationship context. The Panama treaty climaxed a lengthy discussion period and opened the doors to better understanding between the Americas.. .We had thecon- viction that the best Way to understand each other was. to talk face to face. We think that talking is a way to settle troubles amicably". Asked about human, rights and indivi- dual freedoms, Videla said: "I can't say categorically that human rights and in- dividual guarantees have been revoked. We are. In. an emergency situation and this necessited emergency measures, such as the state of siege, which is a condition provided for in the National Constitution. Within the state of siege framework we have, taken measures that seek to guaran- tee the free exercise Of those liberties for all Argentines. -This includes freedom to work, to travel, to study, and to give an opinion, even in the face Of-those whose aggressive subversion�implied a restriction of ,this type of right". � � . ; ) Letter from Argentina Page 52 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 The first part of the dam, facing the Uruguayan aide, has been finished � A GIANT PROJECT: Salto Grande There are times when man's sensitivity Is put to trial by the most unexpected events. When one travels over the tourist attractions of our territory, be they lands- capes or seascapes, prairies or mountain slopes, our perception is heightened and we cannot but admire Nature's magnificent job. But human .effort can also.. .heighten: -peroeption and--Can'also-call forth-- -unex---- pected superlatives. There is no doubt that the Argentine lit- toral is an ecological marvel. One of the -places most frequently visited in Argentine territory is the area of the-ViTazu Falls. But now the mighty rivets, the rushing Parana and the peaceful Uruguay, the natural frontiers of this-territory, are set off by one of the most important hydroelectric corn-- plexes ever to be initiated by Argentina. We. refer to the Salto Grande dam, a monumental construction that has been jointly started by Argentina and Uruguay to utilize the river's hydroelectric potential. � The site chosen for the project is known as � El Ayui, 18 kilometers (about 11.5 miles) from Salto (Uruguay) and Concordia (Ar- gentina). In turn, Concordia is 520 .km (about 330 miles) from Montevideo and 370 km (about 230 miles) from Buenos Aires. - Argentina is used to thinking in terms of the integration of Latin America. San Mar- tin, the father figure of Argentine history, left us this historic mission more than 100 years ago and, physically at least, we have . been doing this for a long time. For exam- ple, there are many electrical interconnec- tions with neighboring countries: This Sal- to Grande complex is, however, the first major energy integration project in. Spa- nish-speaking America. . Construction began on April 1, 1974, ad- . ministered by the � Salto Grande Mixed Technical Commission. Since then wOrk schedules have not only been fulfilled bUt are .30- days-ahead, despite- the' inevitable difficulties associated with a project -so big. The first major Job was to divert the flow of the Uruguay river. Two huge retaining walls were built on the Uruguayan side, 700 meter (about 2.200 ft) long and athwart the river. The two walls, which retained an- d diverted the waters, were complemented - by'thidWall. parallel to the river's flow. This formed a closed container after which the waters poured through a narrow, .300- meter (1.000 ft) gorge. Once the closed cell was pumped but, the subsoil was exca- vated in order to set up the pylons and basements. The next step is to built the generating turbine housings. A project of this 'type calls for large number of people and plentiful equipment. There are over 5.000 men working in Salto Grande. in- cluding' engineers, technicians and wor- kers, Argentine and Uruguayan. Right from the beginning of the project the Comrnission was faced with the need. to build housing, as ob .viously the capacity of the s mall cities of Salto and Concordia would soon be overflowing. The required accommodation was duly built on both banks. It was- also necessary to carefully work out food suppliesas the contracts required feeding of personnel to be looked after. The dining�hall is huge and can 'seat 4,000 persons. It is vastand its equipment is modern. � Due to the 'type of project it was neces- sary for much'of its equipment. to be built on-Site. A central Concrete plant has been build: it is the Most up-to-date in South America and has been designed for. a capacity of 100.000 cubic meters (about 3.5 million cubic feet) per annum. It is 'completely automated and receives raw -material from the Paso El Terrible pits, and. the, Cement in. bags comes from a Uru- guayan factory In Paysandu (about 400 tons a day.). The processing is carried out' in this plant in three stages. ' First the basaltic rocks is crushed into sand. Then the crush is conveyed for its classification-and then two mixers, which turn:' over 200: cubic meters (about. 7.000 cu. ft.) a time prepare the concrete. This then . goes to an ice cooling plant and is ready for use. Struc- tures in steel and wood are built up on si- - le, and building installations also includ equipment for , clasification, washing, loading, transport, placing and cOmpac- ting for construction of the dam walls. The civil engineering on the Uruguayan .side is almoSt ready, and the retaining walls have been installed on the Argentine- Side where excavation of the lodgement has started.. So Jar. 650,000 cu.m: (23mcu. ft.) of concrete has been placed ihsitu Italian, Argentine and Uruguayan com- panies have been Working jointly on cons- truction of the dam, the engine � hall, the navigation channel, -etc. Turbines and generators are being built by the. Soviet Union, Argentina and Uruguay, Other countries taking part in construction .of, vital .parts are Japan, Austria and German- . There are two main financing sources for the Salto Grande project. About 60% of -the project is domestically financed .through funds supplied by govern- ments. They have put up.40 Million dollars each- in five-million-dollar yearly. . install- ments. Another. source of .datheStie finan- ce is the energy' funds,- the National Great electric Project-Fund of Argentina and the Uruguayan Energy Fund.- Thirty-four per- cent of the project has outside 'financing from two main sources, the Inter-American Development Bank (BID) and supplier credits. In the period -1977/78 investments will exceed 59./0 of the project. So far the total liweiftherit fOtSalto-Gea'rideliaSteert - estimated at 1,243 million dollars. � What does Salk) Grande. comprise? in the 'first -place a dam', 39 meters. (128 tt) high which will form a 78,300 � hectare (nearly .200,000 acre) lake. Two ancient towns, -Federacion (Argentina) and Santa Ana (Uruguay) will disappear under -the waters. -Nevertheless, predictions concer- ning the tourist value of the complex-are. very optimistic. There will be two intercon- nected hydro power stations with a total � installed power of 1,890,000 kilowatts Each power' station, one on the Argentine side and the other on the Uruguayan side, will be equipped With seven 135.000 ki- lowatt turbines. There will 'also be an inter- national bridge. for railroad and ��Motor vehicle use. The rail netv..orks of. the. two countries will be connected for the first time. . . .. - Another attractiOn will be a�12-kilometer (about 7.5-mire), navigation 'channel on. the Argentine side. It will extend the �-navi- gability of the river Uruguay to 144.'krn -(90 miles). upriver of the reservoir. There will be an extensive electricity' network '.whieh will fully supply the Uruguayan electricity � demand prid will sae both countries 120 million dollars a year. in outSide energy purchases. And. 1.30,000 hectares (well over .300.000 acres) .will be adequately irrigated. . . � - Salto Grande is an exponent of tech- nological potential and proof of what men can do in the major works in this part of South America.. � . � Letter from Argentina Page 53 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 IFS GOVERNOR PERFORMANCE IN OFFICE Province of Buenos Aires "We've got to put an endto the myth that 'poverty � is born of injustice," Buenos Aires .,province governor General (retired) Manuel ,lberico Saint Jean said in a speech recentl- y. "Poverty- Is solely...the. result-of- under- ,development." � .; This - was during an open-admittance 'gathering in El Rosario faun, in Poblet, ,about 15 km (9.5 Miles) from La Plata city ;'and (38 miles) from Buenos Aires. :The meeting was organized by the �Agricultural Extension Foundation. (FUNDEA). and the Holando-Argentine .Breeders'Asociation (ACHA). Governor Saint Jean expressed his. ,satisfaction at the repercussion of agricul- tural extension programs. He urged ,producers to revolutionize farming. "We've ,goi to. stop sending bulk, food abroad," Saint 'Jean .said. "only processed foods. in 'the future.." But. he said this change was up, to the producer.. -He just can't load. bulk On a truck and forget about it." '. ."I believe in- men of goodwill.," the .,governor said. "Not in people who today to the governMent but .in.those who want, to 'make:Argentina.. an efficient and modern �'country. We must achieve a brilliant living .standard for ourselves and ourchildrec..- The -armed forces government has �en- trusted. governor Saint Jean with adminis- tering 'Buenos Aires, the biggest of all. the .:Argentine.provinces..its,capitaLis.14Plata, r60-km-from-Buenos-Aires. -� The province has a population of ,000,500 inhabitants and most of them 'live .in the so-called metropolitan_ area. SeventV eight- percent of them (8.612.400 lpersons) plus Buenos Aires city's three . million, make up . Greater -Buenos Aires with a population of .nearly 12 millions. This makes it one of the biggest urban ; concentrations in the world. � Of the - remainder,- 11.5 percent (1 ,262,400 � inhabitants)- live on the Me- diterranean axis and 3.4' percent (370,900 persons) on the Pampas axis'. Some 410,100 people live in the great seaside resort of Mar del Plata and 344,700 in Bahia Blanca, a big' naval base and grain 'port. The province's population density is 36.1 inhabitants per square kilometer (92,4 per square mile.) An interesting figure is the life expec- tation of the person born In Buenos Aires . province. The general average is 6944 years and the breakdown is 66.13 men, 72.92 women. . � . ---; Ecucation According to .1976 figures a total of 1,295,633 students registered in schools at all levels�in Buenos Aires. The,aggregate teaching. staff was 93,788 persons. Of this total, 104,555 students .were pre-primary, 971,936 primary, 60,285 high school, 16,444 'in technical training schools, 11,888 college, 23,816 adult schools, - Letter from Argentina Page 54 Governor Manuel Marko Saint Jean 29,425 adult schools, 8,945 in art schools and 16,452 in. schools for the, mentally handicapped. Health . -":ThereThrel--,691 health establishment's in, Buenos Aires province; either-provincial, national, municipal or private. They have in total 38,358 beds. The average is thus 3,48 beds per 1,000 inhabitants. A total of 20,584. doctors practice in the province. The .average is 1.89 per .1,000 inhabitants. In regard to social security, 1,300,000 students get school insurance and 834,285 persons receive medical 'assistan- ce and free medicaments, The number of pensioners and retired persons who re- ceive aid from the' Provincial Secdrity Ins- titute, is considerably lower, 87,095. Farming: The province has 28,298,084 hectares (6.98m acres). under farming (crops or livestock.). There are 93,478 producers so the average is 304.86 hectares (753 acres) per farmer. . Livestock and crop farming, are the most highly developed, activities. There are 44,953 livestock farmers and 20,356 crop farmers, while 7,704 go in for both types. Others are dairies (8,860), kitchen gardens (1,505) orchards . (876), forestry (1,642), beekeepers (41-3), poultry formers (876); livestock feed farms (2,823) and 534 "sun- dries." The most highly -developed 'crop 'is wheat,..3.1m hectares (7.6m acres) sown and 2.95m, hectares ..(7.3m .acres) harves-. ted, with a 1975/76 prodUction,-1 of . 4,300,900 tons. The yield is 1,459kilo.,: grams per hectare (1,299 lbs/acre).� Corn has- a higher yield - 2,870- kilo- s/hectare, 2,555 lbs/acre and is the second most important crop in Argentina A total of 1;402,50.0. hectare's ,of..cOriV.i.s sown (3,46m acres) and the production. is 3,240,000 tons. - After this come oats, 899,300 hectares (2.22M acres) and 390,600 tons; sunfloL werseed, 725,400 hectares (1.79m acres);. rye 594;700 hectares, (1-.47m acres), beer barley 316,300 hectares-. (0,78m acres); feed barley 206,500 hectares (0.51m.acres) and birdseed 35,400 hectares (0.08M acres) � - As-concerns livestock Buenos Aires has 1,157,621 hogs and 601,626 horses. : � � GROSS Internal Product:. At current cost factors the Gross Inter-. nal Product of the Province, is, 339,752 million' pesos according to .1975 figures:: The' most important . this total is manufacturing; with a highly sig nificant 48.1 percent.- Other major items are wholesale and retail trade, restaurants and hotels (11.3 percent) farming, hunting,. forestry and fishing (10.9 percent) and per- sonal and � community services (13.1 per- cent;) Much smaller are activities like mining, power; gas, water and health Ser- vices, building,. transportation,. storage and communications, and finance - in- cluding insurance companies. On the basis of..constant-cPst figures the GIP total. is 5,423 million peeps and the !manufacturing _industry accounts ..for 51 percent. The GIP per inhabitant ie thus 28,326 pesos in Greater Buenos' Aires; 43,298 in the rest of the province and 34,153 average for the entire territory. Other figures: � � � - � �.. The roads of Buenos Aires province are, used by 873,.796-cars, 348,974 trucks and' 107,4747-cinf he-r Work. is: -139;633 km (86;764 friigi)-1-6Fg. -,. � ' One hundred and seventy 'six ne-, wspapers; 30 magazines, are printed in the province as well as 60 operating radio. stations; 46 theaters and 76 cine-theaters; Education_ exchange with the United States An educational exchange .program has just been signed between, the province of Buenos' Aires and .the American Asso- ciation of State Colleges�und Universities, according, to an announcement made by Governor Saint Jean. The agreement seeks to improve unders- tanding between the US and .Argentina; transfer of technology to support BA 'educational programs; teacher; training,' administrative personnel training, plann- ing technician training, implementation of. cultural and scientific programs and�a con- - tribution of technology for productive sec- tors. Five rectors from the,U.S. were schedu- led to arrive in Argentina on December 1 to establish guidelines for .program � imple- mentation, according to both- parties' needs and reqpirements: � It has also been agreed to organizestudy journeys and excursion tours to places of tourist interest in Buenos Aires-and: in the .United States. The first. contingent from -- 30 to 40 teachers - Is:expected to leave around March, 1.978. The Methci-. dology 0, be. employed in ,their selection in,c19R&4_)Wso e�-) . Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 PROPAZ The Buenos Aires National Academy. of. Sciences, In a public session held in thetalons of the Ar- gentine Medical Association, Incor- porated Dr Ren�. Favaloro as a regular member. He _ had been ap- pointed on October 16.. The vicepresident of the academy, Dr � EgIcilO Mazzel, introduced the new academician with a word- picture of his personality and ac- complishments which have made him a privileged international figure in medicine. . 1Dr Favaloro then lectured on "The! . past, the present and the future in' heart. surgery", which is his spe- ciality and in which he has achieved his immense prestige.. A significant cycle In Argentine sculture was closed on October 20 . last With the death Of Jose Fioravan- .! 'ti, 81, in his house in Olives, an aris- tocratic locality three . kilometers north of Buenos Aires, where he had his atelier: Fioravanti was .one of the most importantartists. in Argentina. His, statutes are defied all over Argentine .and are a tribute to. Roque Seene Pena ("America for humanity"), � William -ShakeSpeare;. Nicolas Avellaneda, Simen Belivar,.Franklin Delano Roosevelt, .Walter Owens, Ulrico Schmidel,. Ruben 'Dario. and Carlos LOpez Buch.ardo.'.He is the sculptor in Argentina with most wor- kS:available for public-viewing. Also Fioravanti's .is the most majestic monument , in Argentina, the Flag . Monument, on the shores of the Parana 200 miles from Buenos Aires.. FiOraVenti was self-taught.. At 12 he. came circumstantially into con- tact with Altaic) Yorls, owner of . a cast bronze sculpture. When . he realized how good the child was � naturally, he put hint on to sculpting laurel and oak leaves fpr statues. At. 16 he had already produced some :heads, including a self- portrait, but it � was 1912 before a sculpture of his was accepted by the National' Fine Arta ..Salon. But. in .191,9 he -won 'first place with his "My ..sister 'Maria'', in marble,' nearly five feet high.. !!�. � _in 1924, Fioravanti�went to Spain and received, an accolade from the - most celebrated critic of that period, -Edgenio � D'Ors. :He continued to work intensely and � in 1937 came his definite . recognition'. with his "Woman with a book.", He 'went abroad again and on. his return star- � .-ted .working pUblic:menuments, Which. remain-the most eloquent ex- pressions of his capacity and p1 ratIon don't bellevethere's-a.resurgen- ce of =vialehte," interior tvlirilbter Doctor Ren�. Favaloro GenerarAlbano Harguindegiry said recently in a press conference. "As long as a lunatic wants to set off a . bomb, he can set it right herein the ROral Harguindeguy was _ speaking in Coronel, Suarez, -a city 1280 miles frorn!Buenos Aires which- is in a den- farming area and is the' site of the mostfamous polo team in the world � all four of its members have 10-handicaps, the highest pos- sible.' Harguindeguy� insisted in his contention that subversion is under control. � "Yes, there May be some selective terrorist- attempt, a man � ma-V.' be 'killed. But generalized violence�and massive operatives, where subver- sion could make a display of streng- '.th, have disappeared long ago. Asked aboul an agreement bet- ween. Israel and Chile by which the Chileans would receive missiles and Military training,. Hargulndeguy said, �my answer would be that every country bah arm itself as it wishes to defend its sovereignly and to establish its political outline. don't Know if Chile is rearming now 'or whether- Its "--getting instruction from Israel. Everybody buys where he prefers-to-buy, to get instruction, etc. So de we have the right to make what we need on - world markets:' � The ambassador of the. UnitedI States to Argentina, Dr Flea!' H. Ca's- trci, *presented his credentials.- to President- Videla On Wednesday, November 16. Oh�arriving in Ezelza, Buenos .Aires' international airport, Castro 'said -that "Argentina and the United .States share the same Values and ideals. We have a mutual con- viction of human dignity and justice as the bond that best ,links us to- gether. I have, listen and to learn aboutthe country. I don't come as -a learned man. I come to get to know the Argentine people, to work Josh Floravantl General Mena Hargulndequy in a positive and not negative way:" "There is no doubt that a new age is starting -in Argentine-US relation- ships for the good of, both coun- tries." The new ambassador was bo-rn in _1916 in ,Cananea, Mexican state of Sonora. He became - a US citizen and performed .as TUc- ma County state attorney and later Supreme Court Judge in, Tucson, Arizona. Former President Lyndon- Johnson appointed him-ambassador to El 'Salvadoriand, four years tater, to Bolivia. In 1.974' he was' eleCied governor' ofArizona. He resigned that post to* take over the ambassa- � !dorship in Buenos'Aires. Doctor Osvaldo Loudet heard over the radio in hiS own home that he � Letter from' Argentina Page 55 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 PROPan had been awarded the Grand Prix d'Honneur of the Lutece Interna- tional Academy's Science Section, hors concOurs, for his work in psy- chiatry, criminologyli and legal medicine. � He was born on April 3, 1889, and is still as lucid as ever. At. 88, .. Lou'det says vcontinUed activity keeps -me-in an-excellent-physical � and mental state." He spends several hours a day on the. job in the National.-Academy of Medicine,- the Argentina Academy of Letters, and the academies of Scien- ce, of Moral and Political Sciences and of Biochemistry and Pharmacy,' of all of which he is'amactive.mern- ber And he still has time to see a few private patients. He perpetual student and is permanently. concer- ned ;with anything that has anything to do with legal-medicine: For 20 years he directed the Buenos Aires :institute- of Crimi- nology, Psychiatry and Legal Me- dicine, founded py_philosopher Jos� Ingenieros.- � � . � � . � � The worst thing that could have happened to the university in Argen- tina, says Loudet,- "Is that it became infected by politics. 'Every govern- ment tried to seize it and use-it as a � political instrument. If the University wants to retain. its 'essence it cant afford to be paralyzed either on the left or the right." At 88, Dr. _Loudet isstill �working_ �On:the-.-organilaticrii-of the rialaCtiti-i.: � gress:, oi.'History 'of -�MiClicine-lcr- be - held shortly in'La- Plata, the capital � of the province of Buenos Aires, 40 'miles by road from ..Buenbs, Aires City: � � � " :The celebrated Argentine wilteri Jorge Luis Borges Was awarded the' Vermeil Medal, of the City of Paris, in a ceremony in the Modern Art Museum in that-city: French govern- Doctor Raul H. Castro Letter from Argentina Page 56 � ment culture advisor Pierre Bas made the presentation to the�half- blind Argentine Author, who has several times been a candidate fo. the Nobel Prize. , Bas warmly praised Borges whose surprising genius was celebrated in 1933 ,by Drieu de la Rochelle, but Whom France took too icing to re- - cognize. Paris now-has-the honor-of distinguishing ,this. writer whose decisive influence on French lite- rature can now be measured quoting philosophers and novelists like Michel F.oucaUlt, Alain Robbe-Grillet or Miahel Butor. The-fact that the in- spiration for all these writers 'is an Argentine author, born in Buenos Aires, educated In Switzerland, who developed with British and French literature, proves how universal his writings are. Borges is a citizen of -the world; his literature- Is the ex, pression of .cosmopolitan Buenos . ,Aires but his' universal stature Is beyond the' bounds of nationality. A man whose hknOwledge of Victor Hugo would astonish a' Frenchman, .whose .knowledge of Dante would enthrall an Italian,' whose knowledge of Shakespeare would enchant an :Englishman." ' Borges, his blind eyes full of 'tears, with the weight of his age on his shoulders, listened to the speech seated.-He was too overcome to reply ad only said emotionally. .."Thankyou... I'm. very happy... 'Ernotion-7'preVents-i'me'-'Saying _how- --frappy-TArn An eXpansion and. modernization plan forlha Loma Negra cement fac- tory in .0Iavarria, Buenos Aires province, (200 miles from Buenos Aires city) Was announced in a press conference by company president Amalie Lacroze 'de Fortabat. Mrs. Fortabat also announced the ins Doctor Osvaldo Loudet 1allation of a new plant in Catamar- ca, in northwestern Argentina, to ex- pand the capacity of the present plant In Frias (Santiago del'Estero.) "The expansion of the CilaVarria 'plant Is under way," Mrs iFortabat said, "and it includes modernisation of 'production lines and � their tech- nical transformation, including the most s'ophisticated progress- in world engineering' in cement pro- duction. This- Will 'increase produc- tion to 500,000 tons a_year With the 'same quality, thanks to automation of the brindlnig, process and per- rnanente computerized chemical tests wich are today only tote seen in some of the most up-to-date plan- ts in the world." � He said that the cost of the frroject was 32' million dollars of which 2/3 was to be spent locally technolo- gy, machinery and equipment, ciVil 'works; labor and 'electrical supplies', which would' represent major con- tracts -for domestic suppliers when they are qualified to make the neces- sary components. . She also announced the expan- sion of the Frias: plant and the incor- poration of a complete plant in the province of Catamarca, near route 157 and 20 kilometers from Frias. The factory is. to be Set up in a desert area, which will ensure prospects of development for the region. The area where the plant is to be installed is on the western side of the Ancasti . . hills. in Catamarca. Togethe.r..with.,the_l_..L.,� Fries' plant IfWill constitute a 500.000' ton yearly productive com- plex. The investment Is 60 �mtIllonsi� dollars, of which 70 percent-Is to be spent locally i�� Juin M. Courard, President of Ford Motor Co., Argentina, presided over the press launching of a Cycle of historical short films under- the � � -gkW-171'7-4-R-774, 14:1- Jorge LuIs Borges Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 PROPEIR Amelia !AcreZs de Fortabet. Juan M. Courard, "History of the Nation" bannerhead. The series was introduced in a down 'town BA hotel and 'six our of a series of -20. five-minute :films were. shown, in 35-mm colour: the ci- nema.and 16-mm black and white for television. The films are on early days in Argentina. � Introducing :the series Courard said,:th,at it_ reflected :"an. historic __pas1�...wi1h._hercieszand4olorles._vvhich- - are an example to those who. inherit them. The idea of the greatness 'of the motherland, which has inspired some of the' mcist glorious 'Cages. of our history, should be. remembered' even at times of relaxation so that then, in. the serenity of the circums- tances, it can be felt that the inheritance' Is .received faithfully and in the necessary spirit of emula- lien." This ambitious Ford project took nine months to finish. A team of his- torians an&advisers mulled over 200 subjects befpre selecting 20. Some of- the' anecdotes are almost unk- nown, such-as that of a British gun- boat which,:, during the invasions of the early 19th century, was boarded In the River Plate by. horsemen un- derensign Martin Guemes. -It also recalls anonymous heroes ,.like the women .of Ayohuma in northern Ar- gentin . .children during the British invasion, up to the great civic and military upheavals. Courard said that the effort re- quired to produce this cycle was un.- precedented in Argentina an.d that it was the first -such .series -produced here: One hundred _actors were em- ployed plus-.2,000 extras. Two hun- � dred Period uniforms were made as well as 300:wigs.and. toupees. There Were 72 people in the production team, led by Horaclo Casares. The filming �was. principally in- Lujan; -70 kilometres 'west of Buenos Aires. Tons of earth were strewn on the city streets to Make them look . un- paved. A twin-Masted, square- rigged barquentine was also built according to the original layout. Fif- ty-to Make-thern,ioOk-unpaved:-Fifty - cannon arid:150 rifles were used, 20 Remingtons and a .dozen 19th cen- tury pieces; plus the original ca- rriage in which General Manuel Rel- grano � creator, of the Argentine flag � made .his last, _deathbed trip 'from the north to Efuenos Aires. Dear US Colleagues: We Want to be sure that "Letter from Ar- gentina" reaches you regularly. We'd be very arateful if you acknowledge receipt or, better stipp, send us your publication on an exchange basis. Write "LETTER FROM ARGENTINA", Avenida Santa Fe 4132, 0, 1425 BUENOS AIRES, Argentina. "LETTER FROM ARGENTINA" is an Ar- gentine Press Information Services pu- blication for the US. Ills sent completely free of charge to 5.000 papers, magazines and periodicals in the United States.. Please write us for extra copies: "LETTER FROM ARGENTINA", Avenida Santa Fe 4134, 8/0, 1425 BUENOS AIRES, ARGEN- TINA We hereby authorize our US colleagues to freely reprint, completely or in part, any of these special reports. We would be hap- py to receive the publicaiions which "Let- ter from Argentina" is sent to, on an ex- change basis. Please address correspon- dence or send exchange copies to "Letter from Argentina", Avenida Santa Fe 4134, 8/0, 1425 BUENOS AIRES, Argentina. For additional Information on Argentina, please write "LETTER FROM ARGEN- TINA", Avenida Santa Fe 4134 8/0, 1425 BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA. ' Letter from Argentina Page 57 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 The Steersman -title fon our interviewee isn't just something we made-up. Carlos A. Lacoste- is a navy captain, and is -to be� promoted.. to, rear-admiral in a month's time; LecOste� is the key man EAM the Work!. Cup-. organizing -department, which is' Coordinating the thousand- and' one things that have to be done to get the cup 'under way. Held once every four years,. ..the-1978.World Soccer Cup be held in Argentina:-. � - � LaCoste is working 14 to 15 hours a day at thiS event which Argentina is Spending 400. rnillOfl dollars on�and. which eill make thiS'b cuntrylhe capital. of the-world for a month...At least, for 1,500 million people' who' be,:hinging. literally onto their television sets to follow their favorite team'. - � � Lacoste' H48, �'six children, eldest daughter married, youngest son age four� gets a-�barrage-of domestic problems from his" wife every time he comes home. "Adult problern's.Keep me-awake at night," Lacos- te says, "and adds philosophically, ."So I prefer to listen to children's problems which evaporate guitker.". :�EAMT-isn't�,Lacoste's only.,job; he's, also adviser-to Vice-Admiral Julio Juan Bardt nbw the;Social Wilfare..Minister. And just to keep .his hand in,' he's president of the Naval Industry comrniSsion which checks , outddty-free import of parts necessary for I the-local shipyard industry.: . � � Lacostre -talks. passionately but sounds entirely sure,of � a-. Are the stadiums going to be ready in time for the World Cup? A,90 percent of. the civil engineering and the basic structure of the stadiums will betready by the, end of March, 60 days before ..the' .Cup starts and. 30 to 45 days beforethat we'll be running.through everything,as it's going to be On June. 1, Inauguration Day. r 0. There'll be a record number of foreig- n journalists here. With accredited local representatives they'll total over, 6,000 Whatlatilities are going to, be available? A. HOtel. abcomodation'S been 'looked after.; AS' far- as concerns their specific Missi.on, � they'll. have the Press Centers which. Will be operating 30 days earlier. In Buenos Aires they'll be in the San Martin Cultural Center; in Mar del. Plata, in the Provincial Hotel; 'in COrdoba, in the J- ockey Club.and, in Rosario and Mendoza, special sites are being built - they'll be ready a month beforehand, too. *.Q.:-"There's an estimation that 35,000 people will be coming from abroad- Have wegot enough hotel-roorn for them? More than- enoUgh.- We ban-turn out 120;000' beds without any effort at all. It's Letter from Argentina Page 58 �OPcx-Iles The World Cup steersman Rear-Admiral Carlos A. Lacoste, the World Cup Steersman stadium seats which, are keeping our availabilities down. The biggest, is River Plate, but it has only 45,000 preferred seat- s apart from the bleachers. We'�ie kept 15,000 for Argentina and the ,rest for fo- reign visitors. We can't have a than travel thousands of miles and then find he can't get a plaCe. I think-we'll-be able to take In 30 to 35, Many of them will come with their wives who- probably won't got� the marches-. _ Q. Where are the principal teams going to play? A. Argentina, as the host country, will be playing in Buenos Aires. West German- y, the current champion, will play in COr- doba and 'the team will be put up In the Air Force hotel in Ascochinga, 70 km (45 miles) from C6rdoba' city. The Football Federation, FIFA, will establish the sites for the other area heads: But it's almost certain that Brazil. will play in Mar del Plata, and Holland �or' Italy �assuming they classify�.in Mendoza. Q. What transportation medium is goin- g to be used to carry players, team direc- tors, journalistp and the public? A. The distances are pretty big so. We'll be using the airlines. Of course June is winter and the weather might affect air travel. This, year we had 12 riOnflying.days In June.. The railrOads.will be a backup and � it won't be vary difficult for them to carry 30,000 fans from one Subsitelo the orher. And each delegatiOn will 'also have a, special bus. We've worked �et interiste flights with � Aerolineas.. Argentines and Austral. Given good.. flying' weather they shOuldn'i have. any difficulty' In transpor, lation. Both companies have. bought new. planes.- Just to ensure the best �possible utilization of .flying time, _we'll :gibe top priority to. a' carter flight for. players, au,, � thorities, referees and journalists, to leave- twO hours after every march. Or If not, as soon as the weather lifts. And thateharter will have- top � landing priority even' if Other aircraft have to be diverted.... � Q. What about color TV? A-. No problem-. Most color .TV equip- ment, for BA and the subsites, is already. � 'in Argentina. Germany Is training Argen- tine technicians and will send top men here to supervise operations. Q. Do you have a message for readers.of. 'Letter from Argentina?' A. The message Is for them to come here . with confidence. We're preparing everything very well sO. they can live with us for a,..Month. without any trouble We think they Ii an�unfOrgettablettrne.' Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Peter Heinlein: Argentina Is a normal country Peter Heinlein and the WORLD_ cup Peter Heinlein isn't a soccer player but even so his World Cup already started, last September. When West Germany kicks the championship off in' River Plate stadium, oh J-une 1, 1978, at 3.30 pm, several.thousand of their countrymen will be able to, watch in comfortable seats thanks toth.e.efforts of Peter Heinlein. ' Peter, 26, unm.arrled, gooldlooking, is the Buenos Aires correspondent for NEUE REVUE, 'a general-interest magaiine prOdUted by Heinrich' Bauer Verlag, Ham- burg, Germany. The company also pro- du'ces "Quick" and a German "Playboy", aggregates*about 10 million copies a week (Neue Revue, 1.5m). . . _ . . Like -Letter� from Argentina, we also reach out to German journalists, 3,000 of them, via BRIEF AUS ARGENTINIEN. During a working breakfast Peter, looking out -onto .Buenos Aires'Palermo Park, 'told us that German. esthuslasm for the World Cup was such that a charter flight to Buenos Aires was sold out in two days. Preters should ,know: he's generated part of the enthusiasm himself by. p b- ducing 10-page supplements for is magazine. � � � Ther:PtAtscher Fussball7bund allotted: Neue.Reyip aecade Of:0: ticWetCdttel." and alabilun C.'V erSitor 1:600'dermanS. They are being sold at 3,150 DM (1,400 dollars), will travel in DC-.10 operated .by " the 'Dutch company Martin Air, and in Ar- gentina will stay at hotels:commiSsioned by Hapag-Lloyd (Bremen, branches all over West Germany). This operation (AKTION WN 78)-is spon- sored by the German League, organized by '!Do you think Argentina's organizing the :Hapag Lloyd and includes various German WorIctcuo properly?" commercial companies (like Foto Quelle "Yes, I do. By Cup time everything'll'be International, the biggest photo vendors in ready. A tremendous effort iS being made-: the world). Nuts chocolates,�Grundlg and in 'communicatior's, for example. think' ' the German Renault company. Argentina was 20 years behind. But' every- - thing..will be all right. "Will terrorism hamper. the World Cup in any way?"; "What are you going to tell the other Gerrhans?" "I'll tell them it's worth while coming, that they'll never see anything like it. But I'll have to tell them to come in an adven- turous spirit... I don't think they'll find everything as orderly as in Germany. But they'll be very well received because there's a great capacity for improvisation in Argentina, and-enormous hospitality," "Germany will be working from COr- doba. What do you think of that city?!' "COrdoba is a 'city of one million inhabitants-, traditional, in the colonial st- yle -but with all the modern comforts. It doesn't have too many attractions of its own, .but 'the surroundings are beautiful. There's Villa Carlos Paz, 36 .1010metres (22, miles) from COrdoba, on Lake San Rogue,' with beautiful hotels, plenty of fishing, an d the hills. La Falda is another major - place, 90 kilometers away. Alta Gracia is. 30 kilometers away and has a fine gcilf lin- ks. There's the Anizacate river, for fishing... For we Germans; there'll be reminiscences., of the Black Forest in Villa General Bel- g rano, 90 kilometers away. It's a little town, of 4,000 inhabitants, almost all of them German. The Belgrano Germans have or- ganized the Beer Festival for the World Cup." "What can you tell. us about your. im- pressions of Buenos Aires?" ..- "Well, if you come to Buenos Aires, the. city's got everything. It's a world metro- polis.' The hotels are good, restaurants fir- st-rate. Anything you can ask for. .Mind you, they shouldn't expect amusements like they'll get In Chinatowns in other parts. . of the world. But there's any arnot.M of shows, oight-clubs, caf�oncerts:" "What. w.ill German. tourists _be %doing , apart f rorn.watching_thematthe's?_"_...____ _ "As far as concerns those who come from Germany, we Won't let them alone a single day. When there are no matches to be played we'll organize launch trips in the Parana Delta; we'll visit farms for- tar- becues (grIllfest) with the best beef in the'' world Argentine wines are excellent, too. We'll put on night shows, folklore shows. We'll organize reunions with German club- The Germans (1,600 in this operative, about 3,000 are expected) will be coming in four flights. 'The first flight will come for the Inauguration Otis two -matches. The second Is to fly straight to COrdoba to see first-round matches. The third tomes to Buenos Aires for tWo second-round mat- ches; and. the fourth flight Is for the final. "You've been here two months, already, Peter. How do you find things?". "I . was here in 1975... this country is beautiful and rich. It has a brilliant future "What about 'Germany's World Cup because of. its size, its climate, its inha- prospects?" - bitants". -. � . "Germany's the favorite, but it's always "Do,you find things very upset here?" been difficult to work through to first. 'AfdpOlina is a normal country, Just like' place. Everybody will be out to beat the 'ret of the world. I haven't Seen any- many. Butt think Germany will be inbrieof thing exceptional represslonwise. I've had . the first fourplaces,logether with Hollan- no difficulty In going wherever I wished." d, Poland, Argentina and Brazil. Letter from Argentina Page 59 "I don't think so. Three months ago'the Montoneros told Der Spiegel, the pro- ' minent German weekly, that the World Cup was a festival of the people and they would see that no type of problem was created. Besides, I think a lot of responsibility Is being put into doing things properly. Ever- ' yt h ing's absolutely normal." Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 "THE SPORTSCASTER OF THE AMERICAS" Champions three times and Uruguay twice.) The World Cup has been a challenge since 1970 when Argentina was nominated by Fifa, the World Football Federation. A -lot of things went wrong after that. There � was a lack of continuity In preparations. � Nobody really got. down to work until comparatively recently, when when the special organizing body (EAM 78) was set up, including civilians and military officer- s; all of whom work for nothing. EAM handles organization and adminis- tration, while the sporting side is handled by the Argentine Football Association or AFA, which In turn is runty the presidents Of the aff II lated league clubs. "The Cup," Munoz says, "has political Implications, because it's the only way that Argentina can project a favorable image to the entire world this century. For a month there'll. be 1,500 million' persons watching us every day. They'll find us on the map, they'll hear that our constitution is 100 years old, they'll hear about our con- cern for human rights at a time when the world has lost its sensitivity. We're a free. country. and we live in freedom of credo, of right, and of color. ask Argentines,". Munoz says, 'to be, .their natural, kindhearted � and hospitable selves as is typical to us. There will be - .The voice of the "commentator of the Americas" is even heard in cafes and bars. He Is 'thousands of tourists here for a month and risen. ' here with his .son, � andfellow commentator, Carlos Alberto. they will be sharing with. us the admirablebeauties of our country.. If anybody thinks conditions in Argen- tina aren't peaceful enough to celebrate these, events,' I can guarantee that every- thing will go well . In 1973 Germany proved that it was able to organize things with Maximum security after the terrible events of Munich, in the Olympic Games. That was a tragedy for the world, not for Ger- many alone. Then the 'Germans made up for it. all with the World Cup. And Chile h`ail -1U�st7-coThe 'through a terrible 'earth- Champion at Cup time in 1978. If- the authorities expect the World Cup to be a shopwindow which reflects the reality of a country where the war and the peace are being Won against guerrillas and against 'disorganization, Munoz is without a doubt the greatest supporter Of the event and the person who has always been one hundred per cent for its realization. Even during moments when the world wondered if Argentina could handle it. This enthusiasm and this defense of Ar- gentlna's World Cup organization take Munoz altround the world on his whirlwind travels, commentating preliminary events in Europe and the Americas. Wherever he goes, Munoz does his bit for "Argentina Letters from Argentina interviewed him in a publicity meeting in the deposit of a furniture shop one Saturday at noon. There. were 200 people in the room when Munoz boomingly told us that, he'd been advised the day before that Spain had awarded him its own TV Oscar, the Ondas Prize, for his performance at the mocro- phone. "This award isn't tor me," he said, "it's for all Argentina and its effort at organizing the World Cup." Munoz addressed those present and retold the history of how Argentina was appointed. the site for the World Cup,, He,. told of previous frustrations and the po- pular wish to be World Champions someday. Neighbors Brazil have been World In_ Argentina the passion for foottball Is almost overpowering. It used to be "men but in the early 70s;the Lanusse government instituted the PRODE pools system and woman are also now interested in.this worldwide Sport. , ' First diVision soccer Is played in Argen- tina on �Wednesdays and Sundays plus a Friday�nighit_ match for. TV._ Hundreds.. of thoUSaridS,-:bf---:WorneKL-Sit �b Irerisiater- iadiOS Or watch .on 'TV as--the scores tot up - and they �speculate, how near they are to getting a winning pools card. SO most Buenos Aires radios transmit :soccer games live. One of the most active is Radio Rivadavia, "the sports fan's station", with its inimitable sportscaster Jos�aria Munoz, "the sportscaster of the Americas", or as his friends more simply call him, "Fatty." � He has a personal unusual style, very different-to the other sportscasters, even Including the revered veteran FioraVanti, 'affectionately known by everyone else as "the maestro." . � But -Munoz is unique. Many people turn On the TV set, turn down the volurria, and switch on the radio so itiye get TV, video plus Munoz audio. Then come thoSe moments of sheer fantasy 'which have � made 'Munoz so popular. Suddenly both teams are fighting inches away from a .goalMouth, literally millions of viewers are hanging on to their chairs, and Munoz .serenely babbles on about the need to vac- cinate children or how he's going to link up With an Antarctic station so they can hear �the results. 'But Munoz makes up for its as soon as he. realizes what's going on and suddenly .builds up the next event in the game, even if. it 'doesn't have any importance at all. Some people claim, that ,his popularity is due to the fact that e doesn't merely com- mentate, he talks to the crowds in .the .Letter from Argentina Page 60 stands, of which nearly all of them carry, transistor radios with them. Munoz has soothed the crowds on many occasions and prevented spot fights from becoming generalized, and while many think Munoz' cycle Is waning, others are sure. he's still got a long way to go. And many of his sup- porters feel that Munoz is so Identified with his work that he is struggling hard to _ ensure. that Argentine . quake when it organized the Cup in 1962'�, �and organized it well. "The World Cup is by now a formidable _instrument for peace. Together with the Olympics it\is -the most important sporting event in the world and attracts more and more entries every time. It is a factor which works for world unity and peace. "It is easy to see that soccer helps to keep people on friendnly terms in a world increasingly agitated by terrorism. Look at the US Cosmos team, which was wildly acclaimed by the Chinese." Munoz went on: "In � Argentina we're going to invest � .not spend, invest :� hundreds of millions of dollars, which we'll get an excellent return. from. Apart from the fact that I hope we win the Cup... Argentina's image in the world will benefit and we'll prove that we're living In peace and working hard to forge ahead. "The World Cup also paves the way for a communications infrastructure,, which' is so necessary in a country like Argentina, to be terminated. We'll be buying the most modern color and black and white equip- ment, which we'll have seven years to pay for. We'll be Improving roads, reinforcing our commercial air fleets and.expanding the airports, in Buenos.Aires and in the in- terior:�And we'll be 'able to show Argentina 'live' to millions who will appreciate its beauties and its travel possibilities. This will decisively influence postlCuP, travel, the industry without smokestacks, which has meant so much to so many countries." Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 River Plate Metropolitan Champion The Metropolitan Football Champion- ship came to an end in mid-November with a victory for the River Plate club, which has its stadium in Nunez, in northern Buenos Aires city. River Plate, the traditional rival of Ar- gentina's other great, Boca Juniors, played the most consistent game of all the teams in the championship and won deservedly. Its fervorous supporters had already felt the championship�was within their grasp when, a day before the end of the sche- dule, they beat. their arch-rival Boca. 2-1 with a last-minute goal. lndependiente was second. The "Red. Devils'' have their facilities in Avellaneda, an industrial city just across the Riachuele or Little River from Buenos Aires. After a major triumph for Boca Juniors when they won the Liberators of America Cup, the team lost its competitive edge and many championship games were played with substitutes. Even if River Plate has had its ups and downs (18 years. without a championship) it is a very�powerful and influential club. Its stadium is being remodeled and will be the principal site of the World Soccer Cup to be held in Buenos Aires in June, 1978. The club practices-not only football but also 40 sports more, on a 10-hectare (25- acre) complex just by the banks of the River Plate. River Plate have always been known as the millionaires" because of its aristo- cratic' location and because many of its fansiare_eniddletor high;ClaseLasagainst the more popUlar social classes which make up the -Boca supporters. Further- more, River Plate has always paid enor- mous sums for of key players. Its present strength features, goalie Ubaldo' Fillol, one of the country's best, 'together with "blackie" Juan Jos�bpez, a fine midfield player with a strong kick. Their Number Nine is a national selection player, Jacinto Luque t;-,e team's top scorer and one of the, best players in Ar- gentina. River Plate's fans celebrated gaily on this .occasion which was the club's 14 th championship, although perhaps not as wildly as Boca fans do. when their club wins. The Metro touney is played every Wednesday and Sunday. B.oth th.e...president - of. River . which means that, they're playing three o four matches every Week. � � - So River Plate and Boca Juniors want a 'reduction in the amount of teams taking part. They firmly.- support the present relegation .system which _sends down three teams. a 'year (Ferro Carril .Oeste, Temperley and Lanus this -year.) But Es7 tudiante-s, an old4ime, second division club, is to play in first fivisibn in 1978. The level of ploy in, this championship left �too much to be .d.esired and boded ill _ . for Argenttna.s._chances_in_thei.W.orld;Cup:. AragOn_Valera (see in.terview_in_this issue) �The national selection is ted by g'erfOtti-';_a and his Boca- opposite number of teams former soccer player. It has been criticized because a really.- effective plan has not yet been evolved. A number of. international games played at mid-year with Paraguay and European teornS and the results were frankly 0.eploradk.. taking part. They say the present situation obliges players to exert themselvesv unduly and also costs spectators too much money. And the teams that win the cham- pionships also play in the Liberators Cup, I C 4 COINS FOR THE WORLD CUP Baires S.A., the distributor for Argentina and the rest of the world for the 1978 World Soccer Cup commemorative coins, showed � these coins to journalists in Buenos Aires at a press conference which included representatives of the Argentine Centra.-Bank, the National�Mint and EAM 78, the utility created to oversee World.Cup organization. This is the first time that a World Cup organizing country issues commemorative coins. The values minted were all in 900- grade silver and the face values are 1,000 peso's (two dollars), 2,000 pesos (four � dollars) and 3,000 pesos (six dollars). This is not only the first World Cup coin issue but also the first time that Argentine issues a silver coin in 93 years. The last . time was in 1893 when � a 50-centavo coin Was mintedY'' Dr Enrique Waterhouse, president.of the Balres S.A. company. presented inter- national specialist Luis .V1gdor, who had traveled specially to Argentine. Mr Vigdor said that "Argentina has taken the first step to create a series to commemorate the 1978 World Cup and I am sure .that from now on this example will be rePeated'by every host country. This will automatically . turn the coin series into a collector's rarity, because it will have been the first .inthe worldo and, more ' important still, the amount of coins minted is limited in com- parison with world population and interest in the event. Mr Vigdor showed guests several U:S: publications in which reference was made to this issue, and also mentioned how. eager some collectors had been to acquire sample coins. Letter from Argentina Page 61 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 normal availability," Reynal said. "Together with Aerolineas we've plotted out every .day in June. i We've foreseen all contingencies, all shifts from to the other. This .includes players, delegates, journaliSts and public." . `You said Austral was to buy new aircraft; What type?" * � "We're looking at the A. 300 Air- bus, a 245-bassenger aircraft built by a conglomerate of European fir- ms; Douglas for the DC-9 Super 80 (155 , passengers) and Boeing for the 727-200, 160 passengers." "Will you be taking these planes on in time for the World Cup?" "The manufacturers can't suplly' them in time but we'll be leasing three aircraft. We plan to buy 15 in � five years." , Austral, the biggest Argentine "Does Austral make money?" privately-owned airline, Which "Argentine fares are below inter- operates dornestic,flights, is going national levels, but even so we're through a process of change. growing. We've got 2,020 people Miguel Reyna!, its Director and working directly for Austral and Commercial Manager, spoke war- 900 for other group companies. mly of ,developments in Austral. That makes about 3,000 people." "We're building .a new terminal at Austral's history starts in 1956 the Aeroparque metropolitan air- with another company, Aerotrans- port, "he says. "It's being dimen- portes del Litoral Argentino (ALA). sioned, to handle 1978 World Cup Austrai was born in February, traffic." 1957. The two companies used. He said they were also corn- Aero Commanders and C-46 Curtis' puterizing reservations and traffic Commuters. Gradually they grew flow to improvestustOrner service. to --ctiVe-r-the- entire country. Then "We want to change the entire they began to operate jointly. company image, he said. "We're 1967 was jet time and British- getting new aircraft, new logos, made BAC One-Eleven jetliners new staff uniforms. We're renwing were purchased. They can fly at the company's outside and internal 550 itph and operating costs begin image." to come down. Seven were bought, He said they would be doing plus three YS-11 Japanese tur- their own catering for the company boprops. passengers to be able to enjoy the The two companies merged best in meals. They were also buil- legally in 1971 creating Austral ding up the fleet. Lineas Aereas. The chairman of the We asked them how they were board is William Reynal with vi- preparing for the World Cup. cecommodore Rogelio� Balado as "An Air Transportation Commit- President. Titular board members tee has been set up" he says. are Eduardo Braun Cantilo, Felix "Aerolineas Argentinas (the de Barrio, Roberto Servente, Raul state carrier) is represented on it, Palma, Enrique Stegmann, Miguel Vice-Commodore Pellegrini and Mr Reynal, Carlos Mongiardino, Mattenet. For our company we Ricardo Solana, General, Manuel have vice-president*Balado and Mr Laprida and Dr Guillermo Lousteau Alvarez." Heguy. Both Companies are Keeping The commercial manager is constantly in touch with EAM, the Miguel Reynal, and his closest as- World Cup organization, on sociates are regional manager availabilities for 1978. , Carlos Iglesias Matheu, traffic and "Will the requirements of the en 7 sales Manager Horacio Alvarez, tire contingent of travelers be freight manager Juan Jos�lmos covered, we asked and rnarketong manager ,Joaquin "We'll be working at 400 percent Pichoriviere.' '. . ', , . - Austral planes are high-speed, Ideal for domestic commuting. Wings for the -world cup Austral president William Reyna! Letter from Argentina Page 62 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Boca Juniors soccer 18 hours a day. .And 'when he think's asleep he's really working out new ideas..." 61s0 it dangerous for Boca to play in a country where seccer is only just starting? � .Not 'really. I wouldn't take a single step Unless I had the backing of a serious. business organization worthy of a club like. Boca Juniors. You can't afford a afilure in a country like the � U.S., with 240 millions inhabitants and television so powerful it can pay. Cassius Clay 10 to 15 millions. dollars for .a sideshow. Imagine what will be like in a few years' time when soccer is. popular coast to coast.. Remember. the -- concentrations of Latin Americans' in Ne,w York. California, and Miami, the Italians, people from other Europeantountries,.. -,Can Boca make up two teams, one to � play in Argentina and the other for. the 1' 'United States? .� Right. noWwe have '38 players-under� contract and 32 more ready to become pros. But a Boca play in the States would be a South'American selection, 1,0o you think Boca could be successful in.the US? . - Well win the first championship' we play in.. Look at it this way., Soccer has takentimeto'catch hold in the US because. thefirst coaches they brought in were En- glishmen...And these coaches brought With . them � English players, most of them at.the end of. their careers. � But what they need are young players, hungry. players'who:runt all over the field, like in Boca. And we've provecrthat we:ve got them. . ' . And BOca is a major team here, in the To play in the American- � world,, because it' grip, its supporters United 'States, or anywhere else in the � have grip, its coach, Lorenzo, has got grip, and its president, myself, has grip. We'dSocc:er Ch�ampiOnshi . . right away They fightears,theiboxers. haVe :the. Americen public rooting. .fOr- us . .; �.��� .� . ..� �- _ ....,.. � . � � . � - � - ������ ��-� � who hits�dutand gets hit back, and'Bdca is Vin. ready' to start talking on behalf of Boca 'Play in the U S championship and Boca .,Juniers. With :any . serious-minded he was interested too when he. heard that business organization in the United States Letter lircLmtArgentina went to journalists so thatvve cart�cornpete in the U.S. soccer. in that � country: He _told us, then that he championship. The ideaislO take along an hoped 'something would materialize very Argentine and South American selection; it soon. - - could be an unbeatable team." . � "Look at these figures,". he says; coming -.This � is .the big news item, which will right to the potnt. Cosmos spends three make front-page news in Argentina and the million -dollars on a player '.like. Pete, a sports pages of the newspapers. in 'the magnificent player' but one already On the. U.S..;. this country is now . seriously 'wor- decline. And another three million on pec- king towards promotion of socCer; the kenbauer. And you need II men to make up most popular sport in the world.... a team.. Boca Juniors needs-a.solid back- Anying and three million .dollars and we can � .j,o,urnalist who interviews..Alberto.d. Armando has to be ready to be surprised at go .and play .in �the ' States w.ith. a regular any .time,. even ..though it may look like', a South American Setet Hon (Argentine routine l story-. You never can tell.what.this players from Boca plus people from Brazil; remarkable man, as much a .faniiidO-as he Uruguay arid. Peru.) We would' be simply is the club president, will out.of his unbeatable, he a.dd.s enthusiaStIcally... � , hat. For years nOW Armando has been the ,Has this been talkettabout already?. - president Of. Boca Juniors; the most po- � It certainly haS,- we warit to do things puler club in Argentina and orie of the",Bes-. in a businesslike fashion as befits Boca t4noWn In the world-.. Juniors. l'rrtready to:pit my experience and . In fact it is exactly 23. years-since he the experience of Juan Carlos Lorenzo, the became club. President (a case unique in world's best soccer technician. I think he's' history except for the. Spanish. Club Real the closest thing to a real colossus or the. Madrid's ,Bernabeu). Armando was the art, Helenio Herrera. � most prominent dealer for.the Ford ,Motor (:,Would you .leave the . presidency of Company, but later transferred to Dodge Boca to play in the US? . cars, built �like the Fords� in Argentina. No, . definitely not: I've. been doing Boca Juniors has 22 national champion- this for 23 years' and .Lorenzo Is a.m,an.wiho ships in its history and Boca.anctArmando knows all there is to know about soccer have now-achieved:another singular vic-:. and then some. We're working now on a . tory: winning- the Liberators of ..America� Soccer Board to run things. in Boca, which . Cup after having beat Brazil's' CrUteirO:". � could start in 'straightaway on a.. team to We knew of Armando's interest in having play in North America. Lorenzo works on ideal for thiS-. We've gbt all the mystique of Boca, some 20�year�old players., others - aged 22 or 23, some 27. or 28. The average age for the team is 24: This would' enable us. charnpionship� or.two -.right away and. later go �adding".'new majOr.ti- gures. Imagine the children who go to the' US's 40,900 high schools, watching us.'on television. We'd have fanaticos by the tens :Armando left us. with the impression . that'Boca's participation in the US.cham- pionship was a distinct possibility. So we went on to'. the local, Metropolitan. Cham- planship,- which is coming to an end, With Boca well-placed but chance *of winning. � The' team are unmotivated in this first championship . of the year after having achieved their supreme objective of win -- fling the- Liberators of America Cup.. Re- cently they've made a lot of money and they don't care about a domestic cham- pionship where they get about 50 to 60,000 pesos every time they play. Boca fans should learn, that their players have been making about 2.5 million pesos a month . and (goalie) ,Gatti much more, � because Gatti alone can fill. a stadium. In twelve months Boca has won .three champion- ships. Now we're headirg for the National Championship and we hope to Win ih a. canter with some' new players we've goton the sidelines. And we hope to take thelft� tercontinental Cup off _Germany's Borus- sia. We'll play Cosmos too, if they beat Veracruz (Mexico). In two matches against Letter from Argentina Page 63' Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Cosmos well show we really are the best in America. You say that Boca has some reserves lined up. Who are they? 7-- Boca is taking on four top players, three forwards and a midfielder. Right now I'm not releasing any names, but there is one player. that the fans and I would like to see on our First Division team: Daniel Ber- toni, well offer lndependiente 300 million He's got to get -65 million out of this. I thinks its feasible.. The former most expensive transfer in the .history of Argentine soccer was when Villa was bought by the Racing Club. One wouldn't- think- Argentine-soccer-was in �a- .condition .for a club to pay 300 million pesos for a player. But Armando seemed to guess at our surprise and said smilingly, "Don't worry about the money. With Bertoni and the other people we take or, we'll collect-the money in two matches. We've got to play two games, on March 21 in Buenos Aires and March 27 ,in Germany. Then well play off the real Cup of the Three Americas with Cosmos or Veracruz. And we're already classified for. the 1978 edition of the Li- berators Cup. ,There we'll collact at least 200 Million pesos a match." js it true that you and Gatti will both give up soccer this year'? � I've�had every scirt of satisfaction in- ,cluding 14 championships as president of Boca:- want-toduit-but they wont let me. - If Gatti leaves, the only club that could buy him is Cosmos. He costs three: million - Reutemann's last chance . Many people .in Argentina were sur- prised when the legendary Enzo Ferrari confirmed Carlos Alberto Reutemann on �his team for 1978. The Santa Fe� (Argen- tina) born driver is now, in fact, the teams Number One driver after the departure of new Warld�Champion Niki Lauda (who will new drive from Brabham-Alfa Romeo) and the rejection of offers from drivers like Mario Andreotti and Jody Scheckter. True enough, Ferrari did try to fill the 'gap Lauda left. But when his feelers were unsuccesful, he didn't-seem to worried � about it all. It was as if he was convinced healreadyhad the ideal man In Reutemann. And; looking for a reserve driver, he signed on the thrusting young Gilles Villeneuye whose first Ferrari performance ended up .with_ a spectacular crash in the Ca- ---,,,----Biitfb-.-retiirri'tO=.ReTiterrienri-perhaps� thls year wasn't a very brilliant one, as the Severe Italian critics claim. This deduction can .be arrived at on the basis of the wide gap' in points between -Lauda and Reu- .temann when the year was over � and everybody Insistslhatboth cars had equal care and attention lavished, on them. They Said-the cars were the same but the drivers weren't. � 'An incident which helped to keep the controversy alive and which probably Worried Ferrari himself was, for Instance, Reutemann's apathetic performance in the Austrian GP. The Argentine driver tucked in behind Hans Stuck's Brabham In third place With only four laps to go. In 1977 � Stuck proved to be a good but not a first- rate driver, and besides, his Brabham was not operating at 100 percent efficiency at the�time. It seemed a good opportunity for Reutemann to' pass and seize third place. . But he stayed behind. An Italian commen- tator ..said incisively: � !'There is no doubt that _Reutemann. looks after his car, but that isn't enough to drive a Ferrari: it needs bravura, itoo...'' After Austria it seemed certain that Reutemann would be leaving Ferrari. But it wasn't so. Now, at 36, Reutemann will be . playing perhaps his decisive card (and he has already hinted 1978 might be his last .year) in an attempt to win the 1978 Cherry- pionship.And the season starts in January, , in Buenos Aires precisely. In Buenos Aires 'Reutemann will have a new Ferrari, Letter from Argentina Page 64 will be Number One driver, and will or Will not ,give Enzo.the:satisfaction of .another first place. Reutemann himself has ,said that this is the moment. It may be, too. o Two Medium-;heavyweights on the scales � . . The' only two. current -boxing world -Champions In Argentina,. after Carlos Mon- zoo's � retirement are, curiously enough, -both Mediutli heav.yweights. Victor Ern!lio Galindez is the World Boxing Association (WBA) champion and MIgGel Angel Cuello holds the World Boxing Council -,'WBC) crown . Both can' Le said' to hold different cham- pionships but both seem to agree exactly on a set of problems which has them trap- ped. - Galindez's case is. the most widely pu- blicized. The first two times he defended his title his; physical training was at least 80 percent satisfactory. After that Galindez appeared to have turned over anew.'-life hew lifestyle which didn't leave too Much room for physical training. In 1977 he defended the title twice, both times in Rome. He was succesful but disappointed his fans with lackluster -performances, mainly due to a lack of form. His first 1977 defence was against Richie Kates of the 1J,S �whom he had roundly beaten In South Africa� and in August faced Me- xican-born, US-resident Alvaro Lapez. Despite LOpez obvious lack of expertise, Galindez found�things pretty tough going: The judges voted far the champion but it looked like a draw to many people, .Galin;. dez's 'excuse was that 'the climate of Rome isn't' good. It wasn't good enough . _ . _ His supporters smiled rather ruefully and his manager, Juan Carlos Lectoure ,(operator Of Buenos Aires's Luna Park stadium) was furious. "If .Galindez con, tinues to act in this undisciplined way," ha said," the future looks pretty. grim. He's being self-destructive now...lf he.doesn't face reality, .nobody, nothing-Is going to save hirh from a crash:" � . � After the more recent experience in the ,Rome Sports Palace; and Once back. in Buenos Aires. GalindeilC)rganii&l'a pres .conference with Lectoure seated ,at his side. He admitted many of his- mistakes, although in a way he transferred the blame to his trainers Juan Caries Cue- Ile and Carlos Canete, both of whom were fired right then. � Galindez stressed that "from now on, everything will be different, everything will be,as it was when. I. was in my best moment", said that Lectoure was to be the only person responsible for his performan- ces in the future. His first real test Is to be on. November 19 In 'Milan,'facIng Eddie Gregory of the US. Galindez Willa be defen ding his future here 'instead, of his title. Will Milan's Climate be more favorable 'to him than Rome's? � Cuello case is envolved too. Lately he's 'had a bad'streak of injuries, starting while ne was training to defend against Mate .Parloy of Yugoslavia. The fight had tobe put off twice because.o/ muscles pulled In both legs in a two-month period. It seems that after the. second � incident ,the orga- nizers of the fight threatened to withdraw Cuello's title because they feared his motivatioh was a schemata delay Meeting ParloVWalkiOg 'painfully-and with difficul ty,' Cuello flew to Rome where the doctors verified the injury and put the match back to December. This was .always *provided that Cuello remained in Europe so that the promoters could keep an eye on him. Obviously, faced with the chance otlosing. his crown, Cuello-fulfilled all the condi- tions obediently. But Cuello's worst problem may be an entirely different one. Cuello can no longer depend on manager. Amilcar Brusa (the man who "made" Carlos ManzOn) for him- self. The two split up quite recently for reasons which never were, satisfactorily explained. One theory may be as put for- ward by friends. of "Brusa: "Amilcar managed Cuello whenCuello won the title; but he's got his eye on somebody else now, -� Norberto I Cabrera, has been 'one of. 1 s � favorite� pupils for some. time back, and Amilcar. wants him to fight for the title MonzOn.left vacant, before the end:of 1977. 'Brusa _wants to devote himself entirely to Cabrera, Cuello's different , he was a fulk yfledged professional- already when Brusa took him under his �wing., But Cabrera is, Brusa's best pupil today. � And he's fight there in the wings for ,MonzOn's vacant title...". . :,Cuello hasn't Said anything, but Brusa's departure was as good as a knockout pun- ch: We II to wait�tu,Dpeernber to see Cuello gets cirr'witribuf�Brusa: Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Arf Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 A crucible for champions Ricardo Was Roberto De Vicenzo played In many countries. Golf is an entirely different thing. In the Thirties, Jos�urado nearly won the British Open and Roberto De VIcenzo made sure of first place in�the Sixties. Ar- gentina has won the Canada Cup. De Vicenzo twice won first place in the individual classifi- cation of the World Cup. De Vicenzo, a well-known veteran, Is asymbol. He comes from a working-class family and his first contact with-a golf links was to fisch lost balls out of the pond. Later he became a caddie. Once he started to play he quickly worked his way up to being the most significant Argentine golfer of all time. He has been. several times round the world and he was been first In international competitions in many places There are other excellent players, like Vicente Fernandez, Fiorentino Molina, Martin Posse, Antonio Gera, and others. All have competed regularly round the world. � The number of golf clubs increases, and new schools are being opened all the time. And many smaller clubs can't afford a regular links so they make do with a putting green and a training net! o OTHER SPORTS Argentine girls recently placed second in the world grass hoc- key championships. This Is less surprising than It might seem at first glance; hockey Is played In English-language schools and Sportswise, many people associate Argentina wits football, there are Innumerable clubs devoted to this sport. In men's hoc- boxing, an occasional _champion racing driver, a tennis player key, the Argentine team Is the best In the Americas and has'even like Guillermo Vilas. defeated India. The Argentine rollerskate hockey team was Not that this Image is an entirely erroneous one in a first anal- . second In the last world championship. In other world tourney's ysis; the quality of Argentine football Is proverbial and nu- it always finished In the first five places. A ' merous Argentine players are performing In teams all over the And Argentine rugby is reaching for the stars, too. Its most world. Two of the most outstanding are, perhaps, Alfredo Di outstanding performance was In 1965 when Argentina beat the Stefano and Enrique Sivori. ' Junior Springboks in South Africa. In Argentina, the Argentine There is a lot of truth in boxing, too; Argentine world cham- team has beaten Wales, Scotland, Oxford-Cambridge, Romaniapions include. Nlcolino Locche, Pascual Perez, Carlos Monz6n, and Ireland, plus a draw with France in 1977. ,Victor,..Galindez,MigueLAngeI Cuello, -Miguel Castellini. and The Pumas are by now, celebrated worldwide. But, funnily .HOrtiCio Accavallo.. ..enough,--they.. never lntendedto call thernselvespumasT1'-The- ps. --Argentine'llugby-Union-escUtcheon hai-on --it _rin-oth-er.-tipti 'of Juan Manuel Fanglo's five world motor racing championships nor the fact that Carlos Reutemann is one of the foremost for- feline, a yagUarete or "South American tiger." When the'Argen- mula one drivers of the present time. tine selection arrived in South Africa, in 1968;. 1008I Joumalis- TennISwise, Vllas is too Important, too recent, to be left out of ts thought the yaguarete, which they had never seen, was a puma. From that day the Argentine team has always been known any list of celebrated sportsmen,But there are other sports, too, which are important, which deserve their place in any mention. as The Pumas. A detailed -list would be too long, too boring, but a few highligh- There have been other sports in which Argentines have ex- ts may be selected. celled, too. Luis Nicolao won the world 100 metres-butterfly st- yle and only lost the title to Mark Spitz. oTHE WORLD OF POLO Electronics engineer Horacio Iglesias was five times world open sea swimming champion. Jorge Batiz won two world . Everybody knows that Argentine polo is the best in the world, speed cycling championships and Carlos Delia was second in Argentina won the 1936 Olympics and has always beaten the US. riding. Also in show jumping. Carlos Muratorio won a Silver Argentin': players and Argentine ponies take the lion's share of Medal in the last Olympics. Both are army officers. victory wherever the game is played: Britain, France, the United Argentina .has had many world -champions. in the Spanish States. The polo seasons in those countries are regularly visited variety of squash known as pelota vasca.. Argentine-players have by Argentine players, who have played in most of the major often beat the Spaniards at their own game; An another events, variety, paleta argentina, was invented here. It Is uses-a thinner . There Is a reason for all these victories, all these frontline but wider bat than the Spanish variety. players. Polo Is something 'which comes naturally In the prai- o OWN STRUCTURE ries, the pampas of Argentina, and people who star In the game usually started with a stick in their hand while they were chll- In the fifties Argentine basketball was the world's best. It went dren. Polo is played by farmers, agronomists, warehouse owners, through a time of. crisis after that but Is now recovering and there livestock merchants, and their friends. Hardly surprising, then, are several Argentine players performing very well in the highly that training should be so good, and that players are on top form competitive Italian championship, which also has US teams In even when the season is long past. Another point is that the It. The Argentine team performed very well during the 1952 and polo season is expanding and is no longer restricted to spring. 1956 Olympics; 1950 didn't happen by chance. In the Palermo grounds the Argentine Open. Championship Is The list of Argentine performances in other sports is too,ex- held every year and spectators get their regular chance to see the tensive to be detailed. We have always been outstanding parlor- . mars in the: Chess Olympics which Argentina will organize in best polo in the w^ orld. One of the teams, Coronel Suarez, ag- 1978: Argentina had two Juvenile champions', Oscar Panno and �gregates 40 handicap, the highest possible team total. Carlos Bielickl, and adult players NaJdorf, , Rossetti, the Bolbochan brothers, Gulmard, Eliskases, Ouinteros 'and San a DE VICENZO, A SYMBOL guinetti, are celebrated everywhere. The organization of sports in Argentina is different to other The world of polo is a restricted one and the game is not countries.. Almost all activity begins in Clubs, who usually have Letter from Argentina Page 65 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Installations and equipment Impossible to achieve with private enterprise. There are clubs_ like Buenos Aires' Glmnasla rEs- orna, por example, which have 50,000 members and where 40 different sports can be-played. � Other major clubs are Voilez Sarsfield, River Plate, Comunl- caciones and many others. Mere may be a tendency to visualize sports As relaxation. rather than competition, but the figures do appear from time to time. For example, -Buenos-Aires has more tennis courts than any other city In the world. And yet, Vilas is not a Buenos Aires . man at all -= he was born in Mar del Plata, 250 miles south. The Buenos Aires resident is. Enrique Morea, a prominent player of � the 50s. � This should afford a more comprehensive view of sports In Ar- gentina. True: football, motor racing, and boxing still continue to be very .pdpu tar. But there is more to It than that: Thousands of people practice sports every day, and there will always be a figure, a champion, ready to appear. � Eduardo Moore Polo: -Moore's School � "award� Moore is a distinguished 9- .handicap polo player for the Nueva Esco- cia. team. an unusual and very good- idea, a,first-class polo school for aspiring players from all over the wOrld..In Carlos Casares, in -Buenos Aires province, he built a fine country house for overseas visitors and started his . day � or one- month cOurses, two pupils at a time.. Tuition was held. in Moore's farm, which has plenty of .horses, several polo fields and 2,000.-hectares_(ab9ut 5,000 acres) of: land; nearCarloS Casares. - TVeanwhile, Moore's- polo.' playing con- tinued uninterruptedly and.he continued to gather friends and . trophies overseas.. Moore won five Gold Cups in Britain, � two in France and two in Spain. He also sold 25 purebred ponies to King. Hussein Of Jor- dan. . , Five years .after the house was built last year, to put it another way Moore's dream was realized. In brief, intense study courses, 40 people from 25 countries. lear- ned the elements and the major secrets of polo.. Chief instructor was. Daniel Debriand, a Briton, with a,. profound knowledge of technique and horsemanship, skill with the sticks and interpretation and appli- cation of the rules. Moore himself was ac- tive in the instruction courses, as the -guests came -and went, from October through January. They came from many countries, particularly Hawaii, Britain, France, Australia, South Africa, Colombia and Venezuela. The polo pupils' day starts at 8 am when a pickup comes by the country. house and drives them to the farm. There\they chan- ge, select'd horse, pick up their`sticks and go out to the grounds., Debriand, and perhaps Moore as well; will be waiting for rthem there They start practicing hitting, starting easily and working their way up, - �tor an,hour or two. The, pickup comes by again and they are driven back to the house for lunch. Then. comes rigidly observed Letter from Argentina Page 66 siesta time, and at half past three they're back On the groundS for practice matches � Moore is always present here. After five,. exclusively horsemanship Is taught. And so another day comes to aclose. There are over 100 horses available for use, and the house in Casares Is run to a very high standard, including peons; grooms, gardeners and house staff, there are over 25 people employed by the school. The house. is similar to some of the more palatial, residences In Buenos Aires' re- STderitial San Isidro: It, occupies about a city block (some '2 142 acres) and is en- tirely surrounded by green lawns. The house itself has a thatched roof, and the visitor is greeted by portraits of polo players in action. There are two large living rooms on the ground floor,, a dining room and the kitchens. Upstairs there is a more Informal lounge with cushions on the floor and It .is here that an inforinal tea is.drunk eVery. afternoon.. There are eight rooms, soberly furnished In rustic style; the fur- nishings were all made in the Moore � home's carpentry. There is a swimming pool in the. garden, with sunshades and deck chairs, a thatched barbecue tent, a brick tennis court -and facilities for the school's administrative staff. All these are wired for electricity which can be turned on at any time of the day or night. But there is more to it, too. There is an open 'gymnasium, with a sauna and four rooms-, a projection room using old-car bucket seats in genuine London style, and a handball court. Is the course expensive? I don't think so says Moore. "As soon as he -gets here the pupil has everything he wants Lodging, board, transportation to the farm (and sometimes we have to use the Cessna aircraft for urgent business) People who come to .these courses are used to a high standard of living and they often need an aircraft. If you look at the service we give, 200 dollars a-day doesnl seem so much. A Class A hotel like the Sheraton costs 100 dollars a day without board, without hor- ses, without transportation and without a polo school. And in- Casares we also have two very high class cooks. We can be sure of what we serve at table." Moore looks af- ter the horses and their care every day. "The stables, he says, "are looked after by people who live here and who know the animals from the day they were born. Nobody can expect to handle them better than them. I buy and sell horses apart from playing polo � we sold 150 in 1976. It was a good year and an exceptional result; nor- mally we don't go over 60 or 70. I try to of- fer nothing but the best, and that goes for the school too. That's the only way to keep customers... There are no secrets about this. One really can't talk about prices... they vary according to each individual specimen. I suppose the average is about � 2,000 dollars." Eduardo Moore has been riding since ageten -L. and he had a polostick in his hand, too. At 18 he played his first "official" mat- ch, and at 36 he has already won-all the trophies mentioned before his handicap is an excellent nine and he has traveled to 'Europe over 20 times in order tocompete and demonstrate the world superiority of Argen- tine polo. He is a frequent visitor to Queen Elizabeth (she has already handed him three Gold Cups) � and to many other Important world personalities. No wonder he is the ex- clusive supplier of thorough breds to no- tables in othercountries. � Eduardo is the son of Diego Roberto Moore, of British descendance. He was born in -Bahia Blanca and settled down in the country. It is a singular fact that in a country replete with 10-handicap players �the Harriot brothers, the Heguy brothers' the Dorignac brothers and the Tanoira brothers� Moore has "only" nine. His team has fought gallantly in National Polo Championship finals in Palermo, the most Important pologrounds in Argentina But Moore has 'had 'a brilliant career as a man and a sportsman. And mention must also be made of his unpublicized work in the polo school. One is forced to admire Moore's personality. And to offer the facilities of the school to visitors from overseas to want to learn polo the proper way. Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 The gallant dogos have already spring the wild boar. What follows is a fight to the finish which comes to a climax when the dogs pin the boar down. Then the hunter stabs him through the heart with his knife A SPORT FOR BRAVE MEN Hunting the ferocious wild boar -"The_pack held �thiwn the wild boar and, in a synchronised move, the hunter stabbed the beast twice through the heart". This is, in a word, wild boar hunting, a sport which has more and more followers In Argentina. This story is told by one of two brothers who had a foreing tourist as a guest. The visitor said he was really im- pressed and spoke glowingly of his hosts' courage and valour. Stalking Is the most usual type of hunting, although some people consider it to be'too easy, too com- fortable." "We were ambling along on horseback near the province border between La Pampa an San Luis. Close behind us was ourguest, on his second trip to Argentina, attracted by what he'd heard about this surprising way of hunting big game. For an hour we'd been following in the tracks of a wild IcrOar �and, Judging by the spoor, It was quite a big one, too. The five-dogo pack was following closely behind. . . twice already they had given a false alarm. More than once my brother and I had looked at each other disappointedly. We did want to put on Some sort of show for our companion, who was making a ge- nuine effort to ride cross-country in his desire to see this remarkable spectacle. But luck was on our side. First one of the dogs barked, then suddenly they all tore off, baying frienzedly. Galloped to small clearing in the scrub, where the pack .had cut off a wild pig. The sus-scrofa, to use his scientific name, had no option but, fight,, and desperately tried to skewer one Of the dogs with his tusks. But the bravest dog seized him by the snout, enabling- the others to hang on to other parts of_hls body. "After .several minutes of bloody fight- ing, and sure that the boar could not get iway. Bruno Jumped off his horse. Silently he crept .up, seized a leg, and toppled him over. He whipped out his sharp knife and twice stabbed it into the boar's, heart, kil- ling him instantly. The next Job was to calm down the furious dogos. And then we had time to look at the trophy; it must have weighed200 kilos (440Ibs.)., "When we turned round to look at our .co.mpanion we saw ,that he was pale. But he recovered-right away, ihook, our hands and said he was really impressed. 'I never expected to see hunting this way, so�en-: thralling, so dangerous', he said." This.story told by Sergio, who together with his brother Bruno were the prota- gonists of the adventure, is eloquent.proof of the Interest that hunting wild boar with a knife awakes in sportsmen' from other la- .titudes. o DANGEROUS TACTICS There are various ways of hunting the wild boar. The most popular way is at the .same the most unorthodox. It Is the "stalk- ing" method, the easiest and less tiring. All the hunter has to do settle in before .night fell somewhere near a pool Where cat- tle .drink. Naturally, 'precautions must be - taken -for man's presence to be completely hidden away.. The site is a cavity in the ground, co- vered � over with shrubs and branches. Naturally, every precaution must be taken � for the hunters to -locate themselves up- wind, as the wild boar has an extraordinary sense of Smell. After this it is only neces- sary to, wait and press the trigger at the right time. - The other Way is to use a pack, as told In the . story, and this custom. has been fo- llowed in Argentina since long beforelhe wild boar, was introduced. In the..old.days the big'-felines-,--the pumes-and-yaguaretes,-- were'htinted 'in. this-lashion:'-T-hey':-1;Yere-- hunted -by.the gaucho who used .a pack of dogs for this purpose. Later the brother Antonio and Agustin Noret Martinez got the idea of producing a special breed for pack hunting. After leng- thy-cross-breeding the dogo argentin� was born. Its origin is a fighting pug, with in- numerable bloodstreams mixed into it; a dogo Is the product of a cross between bullterrier, bulldog, Great Dane, boxer; 'Pyrenees mastiff, Irish greyhound, Pointer,' Bordeaux dogean Mastiff. The pack must always be at a peak ot physical training.''Qf this ner:Pssity, Nores Martinez says mat "suppose we train pu- rebred, tine pedigree race horse for gene- rations, but � We never let. frig we undertake the time Wilrcome when a.carthorse will beat them." - This remark is eloquent enough: noth- ing must be left to chance in a battle to the death Where a .step back may mean a gory end. There is a third system but it is prac- tically never used in Argentina � hunting on .horseback and with spears. This Is as old As cavalry itself and as "plg-stickirg" was mainly developed in India. by British army officers.. The boar Is flushed out of - .his mountain sanctuary and the-hOrsemen wait to see which'way'he runs before start- ing, out after him and, when the time is ripe, spearing hini from the saddle. This requires places where the bbar can hide and also flatlands where the Chase 'can be carried out: It Is difficult to find .both together in Argentina. Letter from Argentina Page 67 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 ii�011SME Tourism Undersecretary Antonio Torrejen � An:iiiterdieW TourIsM: Undersecretary of Argentina; Antonio Torrejrin, a man who has devoted most of his life to promoting natural attractions and to improving standards of comfort for visitors. What's a good way to define tourism? In a word we can say that tourism in generated by seasonal traveling. It is voluntary and persons leave their habitual places of residence. For their expenses they use resources not generated in the p- lace where they are spent. What are the objectives of tourism in the current year?' , Domestic and international objectives. have been defined Nationally tourism, in Argentina, is viewed'as a way to distribute .the gross national product within the phy- sical boundaries of the country. This is a way to help level out the imbalances be- tween the richer and the poorer provinces and help the latter to develop. This generates a constant need for skil- led labour in developing. goods and ser- vices which travel itself requires. And, as you know, travel is influential in everything connected with human life. Why is tourism a strategic area In gover- nment? Travel is one of the finest ways to im- prove mankind spiritually and socially. It is Letter from Argentina Page 68 a. wayto 6COnomic expansion and con- tributes materially to an improved awa-- reness of nationality. Travel has no fron- tiers. Travel is a unifying agent. Travel is a silent but effective way to defend natio- nality. Why is the promotion of tourism so im- portant? Travel links the whole world in brother- hood. Every time foreigners come to Ar- gentina they learn more about it. They know more abqut gur people, Our scenery, our industry. Each one will have his own message to bear when he gets back to his 'native land. International travel induces reciprocity among countries. It promotes new customs, new styles of life. It enri- chens living. It teaches men how to live in a world with a safe and longlasting peace as its only banner. What. Is to be the policy of the Tourism Undersecietariat? Our policy has been designed after a careful, precise study of conditions na tionwide, regionally and sectorially. Nationally, we want to classify and im- prove travel legislation, The objective is a National Tourism Law. We want to clearly define government and private respon- sibilities. Argentina is ir the South American tourist area and most visitors come from the so-called "Southern Cone." Statistics, compiled from 1960 onwards, show that 80 percent of foreign visitors are South American. This points to a need to Inten- sify travel promotion in North America, iiarticularly. In ,thiS, context. we're giving_ top priority to anything connected with the 1978 World Football- Cup. Cup organi- zation is run by an independent body, set up at the instigation ,of the Social Welfare ' Ministry. Our Undersecretariat is a depen- dency of this ministry. . What tourist areas are priority this year? Development plans for the More sig- nificant areas are evaluated daily. We are also building intensely, to preserve and to improve. For 1977 the priority area is the Iguazb Falls in Misiones province. The government feels- that it should concen- trate its efforts on the less developed areas and leave private industry to operate in zones which are already self-supporting. The objective of sector policy is to con- centrate on building up the groundwork, the infrastructure. Hotels; transportation and travel facilities are the real priority Reins but not the only ones. And tourists use more-public transpor; tation than any other sector, so we feel that we should have a share in planning its development, we want to be able' to get better air fares for the Southern Cone and we want to key fare structures to the im- portance of promotion on an area-by-area. basis. What are the Tourism Undersecretariat's main activities? Telling about the things we.d.p may give, a broader idea of the scope of our efforts, which are all directed at Improving things for Argentina. We instal reception centers for travelers Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 In places where people come in from abroad. We design and produce promotion 'material for travel. We advise on coordi- nation, counsel, study and execution .of subjects associated with. the development of the hotel industry. We survey hotels on- ce a year in order to keep our records up to date. We support Antarctic cruises by Ar- gentine vessels. And we constantly.liaise regionally and rnationally � with provincial Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 tourist directors to ensure that travel gets, the right priority and to evaluate results. obtained so far. What would you like to see travelwise from now on? I'd like everybody in al I areas to real ize that the time for improvization is over. Now we've got to analyze, toevaluateeverything,indep- th, Travel is one of the wonders of the mo-g dern world, but it has to be properly looked after. Argentine National -Parks nificant culturally, socially and scienti- fically. z,What are your department's plans? Basically, we are�concentratIng on sup- port structures to make it easier and more pleasurable to visit the parks. For instan- ce, we have gone to a lot of trouble to put some order into skiing in Cerro Catedral., The slopes have been improved and a ten- der has been put out bra new hotel. There are a lot of improvements for travelers. . How is all this financed? � Ninety percent of our overall budget, . is. a 'pretty - big one, -comes from the � government and we generate the remaining 10:Percent ourselves'. Many people thing .that We could. make the parks self- 'supporting by charging an admittance fee. as in, the U.S. But it doesn't work here. We've'breated a number of special federal taxeS,..such as on photography equipment and on camping gear, which. go into a .national parks 'maintenance fund. The existence of reserves like these is .of tremendous importance to tourism. For us the classic example is Bariloche, one. of : the most prosperous cities in the interior and the third in traffic density. This winter Bariloche has had up to 49 planes a day. That should give an idea of how .active it is.:. and all because it's in the center of Nahuel Huapi National Park: But we don't turn them into profit-making concerns. They don't make money, but there's another kind of profitability,- too. , One of the major areas of concern for the modern world is the deterioration of the 'en- vironment due to technological and economic development. These, and other concurrent fac- tors, are constantly encroaching on space and on the natural resources that belong to all humaiMy. The National Parks are beautiful reserves -created both to protect nature and to educate and recreate the population. In Argentina the. parks are under the care of the National Parks Department. Letter from Argentina inter- viewed Department head Dr. Felipe C. La- riviere recently. The objective of the department you run Is to preserve, maintain and expand Na- tional Pow. -p-rtajip_Rajlpcwity objec �tive.'.'_How_manyitatincinal parka are 'there? How is this national resource being looked , after/ At the moment Argentina has 18 na- tional parks running all the way from the frontier with Bolivia in the north' to the: :Beagle _Channel in the'far south In,1934, _theYLweradecreed_iorbestate:prOpeify for- ever and may not be sold or leased: They are to be successively- left for futiire ge- nerations, Just as our generation can enjoy them now. This is what makes them Sig-i Letter from Argentina Page 69 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 1. IGUAZU: 55.000 hectares (135,000 acres) in the northweet of Misiones province. The river Iguazii, almost - where it meets the river Paraguay, forms these world-famous falls, against the fantastic backdrop of the- Mi- siones jungle. 2. RIO PILCOMAYO: 60,000 hectares (150,000 acres) on the south bank of the Pilcomayo river in Formosa province., Jun- ,gle, rivers, streams and .marshes. There are islands covered-in hard- wood, palm trees, and the lapacho which produces beautiful pink flowers In September and October (spring). 3. CHACO: 15,000 hectares (nearly 40,000 acres) of varied and exuberant jungle. Animal species found here include wildcat, grey fox, tortoises, alligators, lizards and snakes. Main Features reta or Priodontes. surroundings is enhan- Giganteus, a throwback ced by the arrayanes which is on the verge of trees, a variety of myr- extinction. tle. These trees have a 5. EL REY: 441,000 cinnamon-colored bark and-can be as-much as -hectares (about 110,000-- - � 40 to 50 feet tall. Some acres.) The jungles are untrodden by man and of them are. over 300 many are impenetrable. years old. .The only The area is .a natural am- arrayanes in the world are to be found here and phitheatre surrounded by elevations 3,000 feet in Chile. high. 9. NAHUEL HUAPI: 765,900 hectares (1.9 m 6. LAGUNA BLAN--acres). It has sheer CA: 1,1,250 hectares mountain drops, rushin- (about 28,000 acres). It g rivers which are fed by includes almost all the melting snows. lakes lake bearing its name. and forests. It is one of This park was reserved the best-organized mainly to save black- tourist areas in Argen- neck swans from extinc- tina. . tion. 10, PUELO: This is an 7. LANIN: Occupies area of valleys and some 400,000 hectares mountains near Lake (about a million acres). Puelo. Its waters are Dominating the su- blue-green, blue so- rroundings is Lanin vol- metimes, and link up, cano, 3.774 metres after a rivulet, with (12,400 ft) tall. The sum- Chile's Lego Inferior. mit of Lanin is covered 11. LOS ALERCES: in an icecap many feet � The alerce tree is a thick. Sport fishermen variety of the larch, and come here for trout, sal- this national park is 4.- -FORMOSA NA mon and the local - � -- --T U-R A-L=R-E &ERN E-: - - pejerrey - `--.:- � - - , _ 10,000 hectares (25,000 8. LOS ARRAYANES: acres). The area is reser- 1,100 hectares (about ved mainly for the 2,750 acres) on the protection of the giant shores of Lake Nahuel armadillo, the tali! car- Huapi. The beauty of the 12. PERITO FHAN- CISCO P. MORENO: The park is named in tribute to an explorer and a pioneer of the National- Parks. -This - park has an eight-lake system, all eight inter- connected, massive peaks, and rushing rivers. Fossils and traces of early Indian cultures can be found here. There is also cave- art with pictographs of animals (the guanaco, a member of the llama family) and handprints. 13. LOS GLACIARES: This, area abounds in enormous, slow-moving masses of Ice and snow amid towering moun- tains. These glaciers are the biggest in the entire Andes system.. 14. TIERRA DEL FUEGO: This is the world's most southerly national park and, the only Argentine national park to have its own -..celebrated --for� its seaboard.-Its-location is 1-specimens, 'some-of on-the-Beagle-Ch-annel them 100 feet tall and and the frontier with others as much as 150 Chile. There is sport feet. Trunks hace a fishing Jiere and an diameter of 10 to 12 abundance of camping feet. spots. Southern Lakes Argentina has a treasure of incalculable value in its tourist attractions in the South. They, include snowcapped peaks, woods with trees which arelhousands of years old, and the ty- pical mountain landscapes. Not to mention first-clase hotels, ski runs, and rivers bursting with salmon and trout, for the benefit of tourists who liketo combine a vacation with their favorite sport. Every year more and more people como to visit Patogonia, more specifically the, southern lakes. This is eloquent 'proof of ,the attraction exerte by the national. parks. As civilisation 'progressed in the more closely populated areas of the planet, it had the side effect of modifying or 'destroying primitive flora, 'fauna and geomorphology. Many. once-fertile areas then gra- dually dried up and became desertic. Fortunatelly, this has not happened in Argentina, and our country was one of the first in the Americas to institutionalize. natural resources. The results .are evident: � forests, lakes, snowcapped peaks, .glaclers and Letter from Argentina Page 70 jungles which are an unequalle introduction card" for travelers from all over the world. Much of this is due to the explorer, geographer and naturalist Francisco P. Moreno. In the early years of the century he turned ver to the state three square leagues of land which-constituted the basis for Nahuel Huapi National Park, the country's most important and one of the most beautiful in the world. But the policy of defending flora and fauna began to take on greater im- portance in 1934. In that year an Act was passed by Congress creating the National Parks Department to administer and main- tain natural resources which are inalienably public property. Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 0 PARQUE NAHUEL HUAPI This park is located In the Cordillera area, to the west of the provinces of Neuquen and Rio Negro. The Nahuel Huapi Na- tional Park Is undoubtedly the most Imoor1ant from a travel point .of view. Its hinterland contains slopes which are ideal for skiing and the Nahuel Huapi lake, covering 530 square kilo- meters (over 200 square miles). On the shores of the lake Is pic- turesque San Carlos de Bariloche, which in the last few years has turned.into a, tourist complex not very.of ten matched In the i,vorld. It has. paved reads, railroads and modern Jet-age airport to link the rest of Argentina and the world. The city has everything to offer the traveler during his stay, like first,Class hotels, 'restaurants,. night clubs, golf links, casino, iCe skating rinks,, and Most iMportant,..a springboard for dazzling tours all over this wonderousbr scenic part of the world. One place the travelershouldn't miss is Victoria island, which astonishes the tourist and fascinatesthe student of natural sciences: There the faunals peculiar: many of the species that live there 'were saved from extinction, like the local variety of ,deer called the-humul, pumas,.blackneck swans and many others of scientific interest. Another very special attraction is the wealth in fisheries. All the lakes and rivers contain members-of the Salmonidae family and the area Is a paradise for the game fisherman. It will be enough to tempt devoted fishermen to mention,that last season several' brown trout weighing from eight to 10 kilos (18 to 22 lbs. ap- Prox.) were taken. , � The world's only arrayan forest (the arrayan is a member of. the myrtle fan-illy) .is to 'be also found within the confines of the National-Park. The.arrayitn. is a slow-growing tree and Its. bark takes on a cinnamon colour. The forest is located in the .Que- � trihue peninsula and�'was the inspiration for Wilt. Disney's "Bambr. � � � � . The weather is moderate at all times of the year. In summer the median 14 degrees C: (57.2� 9:and in winter 2� C (35.6� F).' Prevailing winds come from the west-southwest at an aVerage of about 18 kilometres per hoUr (about-I 1.mph). Rainfall varies. between 900 and 4,000 millimetres (35 and 160 in- ches) a year. Snow falls betweeen May and September as a rule. e LANIN PARK Lenin, Park is. to a certain. extent the geographic continuity of .Nahuel.HuapLand th-ere is�a similarity. in'flora-and-fauna,--The-- , name:;'corries:.frorpiMi._,Leriiniant_exiinci,v_orcan-O.::(1vir. , [TO ft high (Lawn is an Indian word for "dead. rock"). The terrain Isty- pical .for the. south:cordillera, with abrupt mountains, forests, and lakes.. San Martin de los Andes, a Modern, upcoming town, is located on Lake Lacar, one of the area's most beautiful. � Prolific in this the pehuen, a tree of prehistoric origin with its branches boughed down to the ground like a sunshade; � Cutting it' i's strictly forbidden. The area also has excellent hotels and hot springs and-the Chapelco ski run is one of the continen- t's best.. � Hunters come yearly from various parts of.the world, attracted by to species which' are abundant here, wIldiboar and the red ' deer. There is a good chance of obtaining an Impressive side- board trophy, here. In 1964, a cast-away 14-point antler was dis- covered In Canadon Leen, Neuquen province. There is reason to believe that the deer who brought It down had 22 points. For years after, the most prominent hunters tried to find and bring' down this colossal stag without any success. Had they found him, Argentina would have surely beat all the hunting records up to the present day. Near the frontier with Chile, Baron Meinoff Mayr brought down a stag rated at 243.52 points; he became the highest-placed hunter in the Austrian classification and the third internationally. � LOS ALERCES Further south, in Chubut province, there is another Magni- ficent park which has every sort of atraction that could be de- sired. Los Alerce's 263,000 hectares (650,000 acres) 'conserve the.forested, primeval nature of the Andean-Patagonian lands- -cape. This area.has numerous lakes, withan exuberant variety of: fish which make it rresistibly tempting to sports fishermen, Lake. Menendez is particularly attractive due to two features; one of vithich is Mt Torrecillas, one of the niOst-Coveted peaks' with its .colossal glacier, and the aierce (hardwood) forests after which this park has been named. These huge trees are believed to lie 3;000 years old, which would make them the oldest- sur- viving forms of Vegetable life except for the California sequoias.. The traveler will find something to enchant him everywhere he Los Alercespark. , . These three parks are a major trilogy'which Argentina.can of- ferto world travelers. The setting Is ideal for visitors frornother parts of the world, because of natural attractions and because of a stjtle.oftiullding simlI�o the mountains of�Central.EurOpe. Letter from Argentitia Page 71 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 � Aragon Hotel chain Rafael Aragon: hotels, insurance, travel agencies, and River Plate . � . Thii wit FoUra: a 0-6-61,t 6-6 p o rlint .h-Ote I :b hal IT rn-A . . Una." - It was founded thanks to the vision and tenaciousness -Of , Buenos Aires-born Rafael AragOn, 66, who currently spends:12 hours a day looking after his multiple interests like hotels, in- surance companies, travel agencies, finance. corporations, bull- ' ding enterprises, etc. And he Still has time to. experience the' joys and the agonies of sport. -.�AragOn is .President of River :Plate, one of the biggest soccer .Clubs in Argentina, 'which re- cently won the Metropolitan Football Championship. � . � Now AragOn has an extra set of problems: his-club's soocer stadium, one of Argentine's biggest, Is to be used for the 1978 World Cup. This means enlargement and a millIon-extra things to do. � � Aragon thinks, like Lettersfrom Argentina, that Argentina comes first irrespective of the government in power. He. says with pride that his group has always reinvested profits in the, country never mind what the situation, was at�the time. That, says AragOn, is what makes us leaders in most of theflelds we're in. Because of the Wrid Cup AragOn strongly supported Updating the hotel network. He has worked very hard to get them Up to ln ternational standars and now owns 11 hotels all over the countr- y. . AragOn Cadena de Hoteles is the biggest company of its type in Argentina and one of the biggest in Latin America. The Hotel Continental, in the heart of- Downtown Buenos Aires, a block away from Florida, the street "everybody" walks down, had been closed for four years. AragOn bought it and tur- , ned it into one of the best hotels in Buenos Aires, together with the other three he owns in the city. In C6rdoba, 700 kilometers from Buenos Aires and a World Cup subsite, the company owns the 'Crillorr. the NOgar6, lo of the city's best; the latter had also been closed for two Yg@fs, AragOn Hotel chains owns an aggregate of 11 hotels, 1,510 rooms, 3,451beds, 11 snack-bars, five restaurants With a ca- " pacitY'of 980 diners and a hotel staff of 1,763. Letter from Argentina Page 72 Continental Hotel . . �--..H..Al.IL-Arag6n!pl-staff-receive fraining..coursee-,sO.-they. can.:-sper � _ .c lz.e.and:'-iM rfrOve-ree;li Ce:-Ara g On-d 660 hi ir-b y.L h ri ng=fri-strub-L -- tors from Argentina and from other countries as well. The cOmpany Is very interested in looking after travelers from abroad. The-company, working hand in hand with the govern- ments -tourist Board, ....omotes visits from travel agents who, the company feels, are the-best promoters of trade from their countries. . They. also have representatives dotted all over Europe and the Americas!andlalso connections with foreign hotel enterprises.. Apart from exchanging know-how they develop joint tourism campaigns: . Nation!! Hotel School. The AragOn company is Interested in much more than just. -operating .hotels, though: It runs, a comprehensive personnel f-training scheme; Sdme go abroad for. final instruction and then -Come back to pass on-what they have learnt. Carlos Jellan Suitrez,.34, married,: two daughters, Is manager of the company and'the..reciplent of. this year's Tourism Depart-- . ment award for hotel administration for his paper on "Establish- ment of a National Hotel School in Argentina", Presented during the SIMCATUR 77 Tourism instruction Symposium. Suarez has Studied the matter deeply-and has carried out courses in various .universities over "Hotel administration and .management". Nets also a frequent visitor to international congresses. He holds chairs in Hotel Administration and Management-at. the Salvador and MOrOn Universities.- � AragOn and-Suarez,-both believe firmly - in the need to train � qualified hotel men to be able to-conduct hotel business scien- tifically. Up to quite recent times hotel administration has been more acquired than the: result of formal-instruction in Argentina, except- for some foreign groups. Tourism Is expected to con- tinue being a major source of income over the years, which Is . why both strongly support a National Hotel School. It could. be based-on Suarez' prizewinning paper. Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 ANTIGUA TASCA DE LOS CUCHILLEROS The World Cup Restaurant 200 'years of memories Flashback to a narrow street,. a cart iabbriously tracking over the bumpy pave- ment; a yellow, guttering street lamp lit with a candle. A wall, some of its plaster gone, and a huge Iron grating. Behind the grating a woman, eating her heart out for a lost love. BehInd-a-patlora-well-,-two mon-treee. The Year 17907----- That c-Ould be the settlif-g-foTin ��ient house. Which is still standing In Buenos Aires. In San Telmo district, to be exact, Carlos Calvo street number 319. Today It's one of the-city's five best restaurants. It was bought by an architect, Jorge Jimenez-Marcos. He felt there was too much history in it to keep it all to himself and wanted to open it up to visitors and residents. The Antigua Tasca de Cuchl- Ileros has been appointed ''The 1978 World Football Cup restaurant." Jimenez Marcos Is an expert In Colonial architecture. He says its name comes from "a tavern that operated there in 1790 It was patronized by the cattle drovers who came to the Plaza de los A ltosde San Pedro (Dorrego Square today). And the most famous 'tas cas' In Madrid are in Calle de los Cuchille- ros." The building was entirely restored -In 1974 using photographs supplied by the National Archives. Its. style Is entirely colonial and it-was rebuilt from rubble ob-. tamed after other houses of the same period had been torn down. The attractions include a 300-foot tunnel which surfaces in the San Telrno church and which was used as a hideout during the British Invasions (In the early 19th cen�- tury). Two hundred years after it was first built, the house now offers three different spectacles: its own mysteries, the cooking. and the spectacular shows that are put on there. For the 1978 World Football Cup the mane ment Is to put on shows of the 1820-189b period and typical Buenos Aires city music. � GOING BACK IN HISTORY The house was first built In 1790 and it is �assumed-that-It-was-commissioned -by �SOme-wealthy-busine-seman:, In. the' tithe' of -the-c-ATidill-o-Juan Manuel de Rosas (around 1840) the Oliden family lived thereand one of 'the family's constant visitors was the feared Colonel CultIno, head of the Mazorca secret Police. It Is said that Cuitlho fell In love with the beautiful Margarita, the daughter of the 'house, and proposed to her, out Margarita ,preferred one Juan de la Cruz Cuello and' both: escaped to, the. Interior. Not for long, though, because the Jilted Cuitino hurled his secret police after them and both were murdered. AE S ANII(AN EL RESTAURANTE DEL MUNDIA08 � exquisaas comidas , � exceocional show candombe Carlos Calvo319 flamenco 33-1627 The house was shut up for several years ,until a Basque called Gorrichu put up a tavern there. It gradually turned Into a house of ill repute. Then it became a theatre and a rooming house. In 1974 the present owner refurbished the building and laid down the Tasca de Cuchilleros, more or less on Gorrichu's ground plan. � SECRETS OF THE TABLE The most celebrated dish on the res- taurant's bill of fare is probably the.roast suckling with pepper. Jimenez Marcos uses cereal-fed sows to produce sucklings which are fed on milk only and are served when 15 days old. The are slowly roasted over 12 hours and seasoned with herbs and Cayenne pepper. There are other things to eat, too, like cantimpalo cold cuts, ham, or a seafood -docktell-The garlic soup, cooked--Spanish- Style- is -agreeable7ancrheatteriifig-:- The paella, another typio-allYiSpanreh dish, is prepared according to the classic tradition and the rice is always au point. And for the more demanding of gour- mets there is a fritter of seafood which Is out of this world, sole prepared with cheese, sprinkled-with cognac and covered in white sauce, and another fish (the besugo) with seafood on the side: There are also several exotic, types of desert, many of them embodying local fruit, or the ever-present omelette surprise. And the cellars are magnificent! � ;Let's go eat out! o A stimulus to imagination, on every- thing you have to know about eating out in Buenos Aires. Secrets of Argentine cooking and exclusive places for exclusive readers. .The greatest temptation for visitors to Argentina is food. People say Argentina is one of the few countries of the world where you can sit down to the table four times a day. Menu cards have every possible selec- tion from the most simple to the most highly sophisticated, and restaurants ran- ge from the most worldly to smaller, 'home-cooking" establishments which, the connoisseurs aver, is where you really eat well, Among the latter are the places where taxi drivers and truck operators eat out, whether in town or on the road. There's a well-established cliche: "If truck drillers eat there, you can be sure the food is good and cheap!" In Buenos Aires' aristocratic north the most favored district is La Recoleta, The Letter from Argentin'a Page 73 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 names to conjure with there are "La Biela" and its simply incredible oysters, "Mu- nich" (German in name add furnishings only � its cooking is international), or "El Norte" a little less fancy, with an excellent' grille and well-flavored salads. One of these places really stands out. because of its decor, its intimacy and its .cuisine; "Clark's". Some delicious dishes can be had here, Particularly marinated meat, seacrab, pears a la Burgundy, left to soak for hours in liquor, and, of course, the most celebrated wines.. FIRST GLASS BRANDS Argentine wines are, of extremely high- quality, whether red, white or rose: Argen- tine champagnes have also achieved Inter-, national repute, particularly the most prominent of them, ."Baron B" ideal for ac- companying caviar. Other top win -brands include "Rincon Famoso", Chateau Vieux", "Chateau Mon- .Ch.enot", "Don Valentin:', "Carcassone", and "Dos Estribos"..-in red wines. White wine ice buckets seem to glitter more with "Castel Chandon", "Suter Brown Label", San Felipe", "Colon", -."Soleras del Ci- garral"..and many others. To continue- our good food selection, "Pepa", also in the.Recoleta, is a-gay, fin- de-si�e place established in a fine 'old house. It had split levels and gaily Oainted' walls. :The service is firSt-class add there are fine meats and .exquisite fresh cham- pignon canapes � which are a. pleasure for conoisseurs. � . Not far from there is another old home which has been turned .intb.a restaurant, "Robertlno", .with brilliant international cooking. Ten points for its chef. and for the marvellous 'condiments used In its, secret ,dishes.. . - B an Chem", ._his_700.71yarleties..-of-'pizza. rand.inLaCriolllta" the visitor cansav� one of the mOst popular Argentine deli- cacies the meat patty or empanada, hot out of the over. They come with various sorts, of filling and each Ardentlne provin- ce has its particular "touch" to turn them out; whether in condiments or the pastry. Another local speciality that can be or- dered in "La Criollita" and many other res- taurants. is IOCro, from-inland .Argentina. Locro Is a stew with beef, corn, and others . ,Or try humita and carbonada both of: � 'Which are delicious. The visitor 'will find that Argentine cooking is wholesome, uses a lot of beef, is lightly peppered but may have a fair.sprinkling of seasoning, and requires sympathetiC handling for the taste to-come oUt right. -SOUTH OF BUENOS AIRES ., . There is a splendid; typical district in Buenos Aires' south: San Telmo. It would :be. almost impossible to make a list of 'eating -places in this area because there are too many. But one can't refrain from, men- tioning. "El San Telmo", with excellent .service, fine tableware, drapes, first-class wines, a "six-fork" rating, and Its specialities: almond trout, exquisite desserts and an exchisive drink to lighten the time of waiting before a table becomes available. And on leaving, the ladies re- ceive little presentation, jugs in ceramics, and,. gentlemen an ashtray with the res- taurant's escutcheon. �� :Others- are "La Tasca de los Cuchille- ros", "La � Posada del Trio Los Panchos", Letter from Argentina Page 74 and "AwCoin de.Marsailles". All of them have fresh-picked flowers on the table, delicate, candles, and a night there Is dif- �ficu It to forget. � Avenida del Libertador General San Martin (Palermo): On the one side parks, lakes, and more parks. On the other bars and more bare. The bars' are huge,. elegant .in steel and acryclic,,in imaginative styles. "Sabot" and "Fondue" specialize in beef and are attended by attractive and plea- sant waitresses in equally attractive cos- tumes. There are grilles which are the. quintessence of Argentina, particularly "La Tranquera", ideal for Buenos Aires Sunday noontimes. There is a mystique about all :this too, :sundrenched sidewalks, a de- licious fragrance coming from the bar, tecues7--gsuchoS. with- sharp, .dangerous- looking knives. Some people say you need know-how to make .a barbecue and others Insist that there's something mysterious about it. � The ceremony starts fairly early in the morning; when they start-making the fire, a low, glowing ratner man Blazing me -- -don't burn the beef, but don't let It get too low either because you don't want to broil �It. An asado should be grilled slowly. The 'longer the better, and when meter cooks turn the beef around on the grate, better still. The best-known barbecue restaurants In Buenos Aires are "La Cabana and "La Veda". � 'Still In Palermo', there's "Bistro" and "La Vleja Casa del Conde" which attract vi- .sitors from everywhere in the world. - And back downtown are the giant Spanish-inspired stews known as "pu- cheros7: Tropezon" and -"Pedemon- te" ck ...AND THE ENVIRONS All around the city of Buenos Aires Is a marvellous chain of restaurants of all ty- pes, ranging from "Mangiami", "Los Miqueles" and "Perigord" to "The Embers" in the U.S. style with giant hamburgers. And there are teashops- and Ice cream parlors,�too, enough to astonish anyone: If you walk by "Freddo" or "Via FlamJnia" be -careful because the sidewalks 'are full of ice cream cones and the "pinitos" (cream cones bathed in thick hot chocolate) melt rather easily. � So you've got to be careful when you. nibble pinitoS. They're, very popular on hot summer nights and also provoke pcirtenos to humor, like when a very attractive girl swayed past licking a pinito and a young man went right up to her and said, The ice cream hasn't done you any harm so why do you stick your tongue.out alit? And if you want to organize a party your guests will love you for it If you go to. places like "Ritz7,,"Oesly" and particularly_ _ Chinos!'=for.� yo-Ur catering., . . �They've-beert-in-the--business-tor.-half a - century. .' This should be enough to stimulate your appetite. There's lots more, too, to find If� you explore Buenos Aires with a healthy appetite. Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 24A T-4-48111 Franzosi, master of masters An excursion to the universe of coiffure This is Franzosi, an international coiffeur ex- pert who came to live in Buenos Aires 30 years ago after having set the hair of such prominent personalities as Marlene Dietrich, Mistin- guett, Elvira Popescu, Marie-Beatrice of Sa- voia. Franzosi was a pioneer in hairstyling, makeup and costumes for the Italian cinema. This was after studying at the Sorbonne. He took a 75�year-old Dame aux Camelias and made her look like a young girl. Now he talked for us about women in Argentina, women in the worl- d, his own indefatigable creativity and his gratitude for the country which received him and enabled him to develop his esthetic genius freely and without hindrance. It was a alight man, Of nervous character but self-assured, who that day received the slim, blonde woman, with-an Indefinable air of class, somewhere in Europe. The Second. World. War, with Its stark horrors', was yet to come. The-hall was furnished-according, to-the ..very':_tateSt'lashiorr;.:-Putt.:.externalthings. seem- to�wOrry-�-the. Mari to`o� Mu-ch. Nor did -they seemingly. concern the'wo- man, who nodded a brief greeting and slid smoothly into an easy chair, facing a. mirroro. The man was Franzosi. Celebrities don't, lonesco doesn't.' The lady was Marlene Diet rich She uses a front name... but that's because of cinema directors who demand it, Men who have directed people like Emil Jennings, Charles Boyer, and so many -others famous in the .UFA and in Hollywood... Both .are -artists. Franzosi was born in Venice but When he was nine his parents took him to Paris -ter Schooling. Going back to the Middle Ages, this was the ac- cepted routine, and that's when the Sor- bonne was founded. Franzosi enrolled in decoration and �architecture, treading the same pathways used by some of the greatest thinkers of all the ages. . His dynamic spirit found an expression' In the dynamism of university itself. Wherever he turned There� roads to explore in art; in literature. He felt. the urge to create,'�to make something new, to open up new horizons'in a world-of cons- tant change..Then'Franzosi found his real 'niche inn life. One of his_predecessors, the � Meat Antoine, was revolutionizing .coif- fure. and breaking away from the long, tortured arrangements that, endured- as a relic of the belle epoqUe. Short hairstyles. were associated.with..Joan of Arc, with the artistic and personal 'eccet-ntriOities, of ,George Sand.� so regreted by Musset. Creator Franzos1 From Italy with love Chopin, Alexandre Dumas the younger ancV figures- neorrealiSm were associated so many other unhappy personalities -of_ with it. Franzosi met and enjoyed a wor- '�the time! � � king relationship with them all. That was the end of the Sorbonrie's � Destination Buenos Aires dampness and academIcIty. Franzosi In 1947 things were difficult in. Italy and, became a hairdresser and felt it was worth Franzosi wanted 'to. make his way. Like so, more than. a university degree. His .clien- many of his compatriots, he set 'sail for Ar: tele gradually built up to inalude..the most .gentina, specially invited by the Mar- prominent women in European art and chibness Teobelli, cultural attache to the society.. Marlene 'bietrich was a frequent Italian embassy in Buenos Aires. Customer. He also: hairstyled -for Mistin- The first' thing- they demanded of him guett (she'd got over Maurice Chevallier by was a to say the least: to Make that time!), the princess, Marie-Beatrice-of �a credible Dame aux. Camelias out of 75 - Savoie, and Elvira pOpeacii, the diva of the year-old Emma Grainmatica. But he- was a. Comedie Francaise succesful, and-Marguerite Gauthier was as 1942 was a. year when big things were beautiful as-ever as she tripped lightly over happening to. Italian cinema- iii Cinecitta, the stages of Buenos 'Aires. and Franzosi 'obediently-went back to his But Franzosi didn't want to go back -to a native land. He began hairdressing and Europe torn apart by six years of war. He costuming stars and often suggested, eh- stayed in Buenos Aires and became an Ar- tire characterizations. He may have had gentine citizen. nostalgic memories of Montmarte when This is the Franzosi that Letter from ArL he worked on costumes and makeup Ifor gentina 'interviewed as he counselled his Dumas.' Les deux orpheline, played by-the clientele � women from the immense seductive Alicia Valli and- Valentina Cor- Middle class or Argentina as well--as the tese.- Later; in those studios hallowed by members of the moneyed classes. Bertirti: Boren': Efoonora.Duse. and poet � Informal conversation.� � Gabriele..D'Annunzio, FranzOsi. worked on Franzosi is an easygoing, cordial man. stars like Amadeb .Nazzari, Clara Cala- No need to set up an interview, with care mai, Aldo Fabrizi, and the hapless Luisa and meditation. Replies., come naturally Ferida, dead as 'the result of postwar re- fro'm him. His. memory Is Impressive. His prisals. .F.thnzosi was one of the. key �fi- humor springs forth like the novelties from gures In what has become an Immortal of his beauty salon at Juncal 835. in resideri- the cinema, Rome Open City.- Alessandro tial Buenos Aire. � Biassetti directed and Vittorio De sica, What sort of style are you influenced by? Luigi � Zampa and many 'other consular I create fashion a year before... that's Letter from Argentina-Page 75 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 why I travel 'so rntich to the ,States, to Europe, to the Caribbean. Wherever I go, I find something to add to my styles for Ar- gentine .women. They're so individualistic in their tastes. � How would you describe 'Argentine � women? � . There's been a lot of Immigration to Ar- gentina... the Argentine woman Is like Italian � women, French women,. British women. I think Argentine women are a . beautiful blend of all these races. And they. want to be up-to-date in .fashion, too, par- ticularly young girls. Right now Argentine _ 'women arenostalgically:going beck to the 30s. It was such an elegant; feminine st- yle. That makes It easy for we hairdressers to recover the femininity that other Circum- stances seem to have cast away. You use your Memory a lot. Has tra- veling around the world constantly taught you very much? Travel always helps creativity. You leam things from folklore, from mannerisms, how they walk, how they eat. All this pain-.. Is a picture to me. I learn to live more and More intensely. I learn to translate all those wonderful. things .1 . see into my creations. I want everything I create. to be once only; Onarepeatalile. What do, you think about women from other places? In the US women are very practical and hard-Working. Frenchwomen, are chic, but they enjoy being housewives. I can't tell you much about German Women, because I don't know enough about them. � Italian women are like Argentine women; they Want to marry, 'to build a solid; stable home, as God wishes., In sentiment they are loyal, with a healthy, well-profiled outlook. Englishwomen are marvelous... and what a .._ountry _they_ have to be mar-; furious, and savagely I. replied Just look velous-inLAnd,everywHere,you_see..those.... h b d th'ng � are' In your country' that sexy beautiful colored women ---- - 4Oii:hajteTiO,Call-an-sometiody-Who comes' We Just had to break off. Eranzosi'S cus- from a place where things are so bad. torners kept asking for him. We left and Things in My country are fine. Otherwise felt that the whole thing was a melange of we wouldn't be 'representing It abroad as charleston, tango and beat. Something we're doing noiiv": I cancelled the press which springs to' life in the hands of the conference right then arid 'there and stal- great FranzOsi . ked Argentina. fashion as a sentiment Paco Jamandreu, one of the best-known of Ar- gentine dress designers, is creative, has an un- doubted sense of aesthetics. And above all he is a pioneer. He doesn't like interviews, but is worth trying hard to convince him. Paco Jarriandreu 'we's educated In Eu- rope but he has a particular vocation for everything Argentine. His fashions, for example, are largely based on Argentine folklore. , Jamandreu is a. smallish man, very' refined. He has class. And bespeaks very �fast. So much so, that he Isn't easy to in- terview, because of that speed and that dy- namism which throw the Interviewer off base. If he's as talented as he is dynamic (we think he is), Jamandreu must be pretty fir-. st-rate. He doesn't like Interviews and at best has organized a press conference or two during his tours. There is a story he tells about a time he was in Venezuela that says a lot about him. "I vvas about to stage a fashion parade in Caracas and I called journalists in for a press cOnference. ,We'd barely started. when' one journalist sald, "Is it true that things are so bad in your country?" I was Argentine actress Elena Sedova and a Fran zosl reminiscence. Letter from Argentina Page 76 � How long ago was Jamandreu founded? Twenty-eight years ago. How did , star?.. I alwayS loved design and then I learned the career. I used tossell.,my drawings In' the street. .� � Which are the most important fashion shows you've held in Argentina .and abroad? In 1951 I started with a monster show in Buenos Aires in the Embassy Casino, which was one of the better spots of the time. Then I took it to Punta del Este In Uruguay. At that time I had with me several distinguished show business persona- lities, like Miguel de Molina. In the united States I worked a lot at designs for textiles and I organized a very. pleasant fashion' show in Miami. In 1958 traveled all over Brazil, from Sao Paulo to Manaus, then Colombia, Lima, Chile... In Paris I remembered I dressed the Countess Castellane. She was a descen- dant of Fouche, Napoleon's feared police chief... . Which would you evaluate as your prin- cipal creations? Theatrewise, I think the costumes for The Taming of the Shrew, in the Cervantes Theater with Fanny Navarro. A cinema ac- tress- 1 always ..designed for was Moreno. And' I think that 1,977's my year; despite its ups and downs.'. I did all the 'costumes for "Simplj,,;a-1Bourgeois", with � Alberto Closes in the read InTrOle., Which kind of materiel do you prefer to work with? � I think all, modern materials are splendid to work with. If I've got to use Wool, I use Argentine wool. But I use imported ma- terials, too. A good percentage of my of- ferings are in cloth from France. Hindu weaves fascinate me and I work a lot with them. Do you like present-day fashion? Yes, definitely so, because it represents a return to luxury and to age: In the Sixties fashion seemed to concern itself � did only concern itself � with teenagers. Adult women, after a certain age, had to limit themselves to jersey dresses with wide sleeves. Today fashion has innumerable pos- sibilities for all ages. It has. gained in femininity and in nostalgia. . What is fashion? Fashion is science, art, mystery and an economic and social phenomenon. It has everything that it can have. It even lets us Zully Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 be merciful and lets us make somebody Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 who's on the way out, think that there's still a chance... I'm about to publish a book on that. Miss Ylang: suppliers What will 1978 fashion trends be? Well, I'm always looking for something the mid new. The fact that.I'm a draughtsman helps ..,._, me to get things into perspective. My ins- piration is whatever ii native to countries, 1937 in Argeniina Wes.PresidentAgustIn particularly Argentina. I've had terrific suc- :P. Justo's last year in office. Not long .cess in shows with my "Gaucho Look". ,before, the president of the US, Franklin I select hand-woven cloth and on that' IDelanonoosevelt,had visited this country basis I Make my.designs. �for. the Peace Conference Which signified I hate fashion shows. which are �tradi- the end of the war between Bolivia and honer; the mannequins almost stock-still.?: .Paraguay '� over the Chaco region. Later the I 'like originality. Fashion should be a... Foreign Minister of Argentina, Carlos �show, with. music, singing, something of Saavedra Lamas, was to get .the Nobel the ballet. � Peace Prize for his efforts. I have thirteen models and they go with . Elsewhere, the world tensely wondered .me wherever we go. � r if another world war was inevitable or coul- , .I'm also interested in fashion based on d be avoided. the tango. Listening to tangos makes me Audiences, as if sensing an end to creative. I began to think about a tango; peace, filled theaters and � clnerna halls to Which says, "Hey, Madame, you who, see Greta Garbo, Ca?ole Lombard, and speak in French..." I suddenly realized that 7: Josephine Baker. die class there would- be a special fashion for show business. Elegant, but special. So I dreamed up a long, flowing black dress with collar and cuffs in genuine white fox. A brilliant, spectacular dress for a woman tango singer. � I don't like 'designers who .trade on a country's misery. I have noticed that when a country' is going through the most ex- traordinary�difficulties is. when its fashion becomes more spectacular, more costly. A sort of contrast. . � �� I devote myself to going round the world giving a genuine image...of _Argentine women, who are among the best-dressed in the world. In Argentina women looked as elegant as ever and were preoccupied as ever about looking attractive., The competed to see who looked Most like the stars of the stage or the "Silver screen". One.of the gimmicks was colored stockings' to add tone to the.. legs. Argentina. was known at the time as the granary of the world" but the crisis manifested Itself In ways other than foods- tuffs. The shortage, for instance, of nylon, almost totally used In the manufacture of warmeterials: At this, tirhe a new laboratory, Wang, which was making face powder, '!.investigate alternatives to stockings. Here you find ordinary women, dressed ,.,:.Company technicians delved Into ancient _for everyday and,not.for parties,.have,a-Balr4history booksgping-right-back-to Roman - for wearing exattly-the-reight thing, fe-Se-arctipro 'The tyiiical-Afgeritirie'IWOr2ftans-tAll-,--dar- vided the groundwork for "Enamel for Leg- s", a spray which was a Complete novelty in those and became an instant sales suc- cess. Later, the comOgny expanded In- .troducing other products. In 1962, Laboratorios Ylang sponsored a Miss Argentina .competition and Norma Beatriz Nolan was elected. Miss Nolan went on to the Miss Universe Contest and .won it, This was the most beautiful evett of the . in. Argentina and �put Norma Nolan right up among Ithe prominent iwornen. of 'the time, like Jacqueline Ken- nedy, Soaya and Elizabeth II,. whose at- tractions are perhaps not comparable., k-haired, light-complexioned and has well- defined features. Argentine women ' are pretty almost by definition. Look -at these pictures of my last fashion show and you'll see vv hat I rnean. I don't socialize, except for press con- ferences before my shows. A part of fashion is that climate of rhys- ,tery surrounding the people who make fashion. I try to preserve that mystery. o..E5cECUTIVE � The history of the company was given us by its v'jcepresident, Carlos Weinstein, a. �young and busy executive who took a short' time out from .his labors to see our inter- viewer. The interview was punctuated by te- lephone buzzers,. Consultations by other company staff members, and a check on export prices of Miss. Ylang products for other Latin American countries. The com- pany has been exporting to the area more than 10 years. ' Then he slowed down and.we shot some questions at him. His reply was instant, sure: "Our products go to a wide middle .class echelon where is no competition from the International brands. Our produc- ts use dom, eetic raw materials and are less costly. We use very little imported ma- terial. Our development men are conti- nually seeking new ideas in our labora- tories, which incorporate equipment which we ourselves have designed and built. Usually their findings are presented as papers in international congresses. 'Our Art and Advertising Department also designs our own packaging. We've also been successful in marketing in the last 15 years. Now we offer very high quality, ex- cellent prices and, fundamentally, new products all the time. We've got about 500 products in our line now.., we sell more than,anybody else in Argentina!" Lighting another cigarette, VVaipstein tells us that in the last decade cosmetics' have progreAed so rapidly in Argentina that women here are as up to date as any- where else in the world. And their cus- tomers are always on the lookout for new developments, which makes them among the most demanding customers in the world. "Argentine ,women have a well-defined personality. They know what they want an- 'd .Ibey want something new all the time. They are hard to please because they know' a lot about quality and about caracteristic- s. They have taste but are hard to please. They only will accept something which is ,really forward-looking. :Efefore-coming on the market with 'a new product or "look" a lot of research is made Into. customer preferences, whether the' new product justifies being made and. Whether it is viable to produce it well. The clirnetedamt57 not:very cold,_ hot in, Snrrt- Jrier--lihii6"ti`d taken iiitd'EOFisideTatiOri: "We have a. new product: committee' to _approve, modify or reject neWlooks�, Wainstein says. "The committee is made up .of directors, managers or heads of the departments in the company." Beauty Director Claudia Baritello says that "all of us are responsible for the Miss .Ylang line. There's a special pace to laun- chings of 'looks' or other new products, which are, made every six months. This in- 6iudes sales promotion in outlets. We select girls for these campaigns who must be.attractIve; pleasant, have a wide-based culture, must find it easy to communicate and must be elegant." They have to sell beauty, illusion. They have to be convinced that fantasy can in- vent .forms that are turned into reality by .cosmetic treatments. It requires talent and sensitivity to find this out. There are differences in the various Miss Ylang looks, says Claudia. The current fashion Is "Moda Floo" which is absolutely new in Argentina. It consists of a double- effect product, one color and reflections of another. It's a sophisticated, brilliant, tone, as compared to the "Blue Line" .which is classical and uses traditional colors. Style is achieved harmonizing "look", coiffure and footwear, says Claudia. Laboratorios Ylang is one of most im- _portant Argentine companies in the field of cosmetics and is. an example of how people work in Argentina to improve their product and contribute to the country's growth. This is our style of doing things. Letter from Argentina Page 77 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 NFREE ega PISBILECES&B � � Casares, Grey & Associates "Creatives in everything." This was the :slogan used by. anAdvertiSing Agertcy which set itself the task of getting to the top and did so in only eight years. ,Ca- sares, Grey � Associates was founded in October, 1969, and has fOr some time been the most prominent of. 1,000-registered Ar- gentine agenaies (of which 51 belong- to the International Advertising Association.) One of he major milestones In this growth. Was the agency's,1972 association with Gray Adverting, Inc.; the fifth big- gest agency in the world. Grey's share of thercapital is 13.25 percent emit supplies with international services. Ar- gentina has representatives of J. Walter. Thompson, McCann-Erickson, Llhtas, Benton � Bowles, and Ogilvy. Many of them are well-positioned �and, have been operating in Argentina for many years, but all have been surpassed by Casares, Grey � Asociados. . This agency is expanding in every area, from staff (16 to 130) to customer size and importance. Many clients are interna- tionally renowned, like Gillette, Citroen, ,,,tSinger,. Revlon, Martini, Kent, 'Wrangler, ��-.. ?peckitt and Colman, Corn-.Products, and .4Others are powerful local enterprises like -:'Fiirlotti (a huge vintners), Molinos Rio de La Plata (foodstuffs), Federal (home ,-,cleaning), Alpargatas (apparel and foot- wear), Bagley (cookies), etc., - --pFpwTHARp HOW.TO.ACHIEvg, - ---�� � �-� � -- ---� �-� . �-�.----�-,-� - � �� - '.-This 'accelerated- growth is 'due, to five basic premises which all the Casares executives bear carefully in Mind: 1) Our business is helping to sell products. This sounds obvious -- but of- ten its forgotten in the day-to-day hustle of advertising. And the only .way to help our-clientes to sell Is not .to lose sight of what an agency should sell: .useful creativity. � � 2) The consumers are our clients: This premise is "obvious," too. But it shouldn't be forgotten. campaigns by Casares; Grey .� Associates are designed,. for receptivity by the, consumer and not lust to make a customer happy. . ... : - '- . � 3) We grow as our accounts grow. Facts have borne this out time and time again. The Agency grew first with small custo- mers, who grew in their turn. Then it re- ceived big' customers Who at first allowed them to handle minor produts. Now' OUr big customers give�us.their entire account. ' 5)- We don't believe in "a man" but" a, team." Theis..P.rofession Is now so soohis- tiCated technically that It Is expect one or two men to be. The best In ' ,evey.,,area, from. creativity to f Inance.- The �St4;it .'ipg Is to have real' specialists. 'So l, an.1:,,, customer has a. specific area 1),1,.:.1-te can discuss' It with the agenc most talented expert. And the pro- blem Is solved better. � SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT There Is a Casares style, a 'touch", Lette44rom Argentina Page 78 which can be detected even in attention to � customers. The Account Directors them- selves personally stay in touch with cus- tomers. The -"contacts", in this case, follow-up campaigns Internally, metho- dically CheCkIng progress. The difference Is perceptible. But the agency's principal characteristic Is creativity, which even competitors ap- plaud. It Is ,certainly true that Casares, Grey. -� Associates employs the best professional in the �field," and that their output is multiplied by the polished ef- ficiency of the agency Itself. The question a creative person must ask Is, Is what we did, different enough, and fresh enough, to stand out from other ad- vertising on the market? IS creativity useful? Do we think big and say it small? "Do we talk about advantages for the con- sumer and not the product characteristics? Or, to put it another way, are we telling the consumer about what interests him, i.e. the benefits he gets from the product? An- more important than anything else, does he have an Idea?: But creativity does- n't end here, nor even, when the customer approves the plan. It goes on until the ad-, the leaflet prin-, ted, the commercial oh the alt. And let's remember that Casares, Grey is the N�. 1 agency in TV spots per annum. CONSUMER_TO_CONSUMER � . � � � Casares �G reY-�-contr I n ual ly=probes -con sumer attitudes and expectations with the most advanced reseajch and., testing fa- cilities. The agency knows all that can be .known about that elusive being, the con- sumer. And can reach him using media which � like everything else in this sin- gular agency � have .been carefully though! out. For instance, Media planning and 'Media Purchase are separated: Plan- fling works out the best plan to achieve the desired objetives; then Media covers the objectives as cheaply as possible. And media strategy are worked out join- tly with creative' strategy to obtain greater message coherence. PEOPLE , Hugo Casares (president), Elias Bensig- nor (vicepresident), Cesar. Badinl, Antonio Barreiro, Ruben Marll and Horacio Rival. (associate, directors), Hern�Valenzuela, Miguel Marinelli ,and , Oscar Glrol la, (as- sociatee) are the "basic" team and also nine key men In the business.: Each one handles his specific area but has a part In the oyerall output. Each one Is conscious of the main objective, which is defined as "To bathe most professional agency in the market, with an, adequate amount of front- line customers, so we Can look after them with more and more front-line associates." It is astonishing to see how these objec- tives have been achieved in only eight years. And how the process.goes on des- pite the incredible rate of growth. Hugo Casares � "Creativos en todo". Con ,ese slogan comenz6 el fe- n6meno producido en Argen- tina or una Agenda de Pu- blicdad: ascenderensoloocho atios desde la nada al to- . _oe,,deljanking.,'.Casar,esGrey � �&.-ASociadOe-se-Iundo' en 4 tubre de 1969 y desde hace ya tiempo.11eva la delantera entre . mas de 1,000 agencias argen, tinas registradas (51 de ellas pertenecientes a la Asociacion _Argentina de Agencies de Pubilcidad). Uno de los hitos importan- tes de ese crecimiento es su asociacitin, en 1972, con Grey. Advertising Inc_ la 5a. agen- pia del mundo. Grey participa actualmente. con �un 13,25% :del- 'capital, y provee nece- sarlosservicios Internacio- - nales.'Pero'en Argentina estan presentes taMbien J. Waiter :Thompson, McCann Erickson, Lintas, Benton & Bowles, Ogilvy;-y, pese aocupar pues- tos de privilegio y contar al- gUnas ellas Con muchos ahos en el pals, se han visto sobrepasadaS pot la .joyen Casares, Grey�& Asociados.. . La expansion de esta agen- cia atierca todos los 6rdenes, desde su. nOmero de ern- pleadoS (16 al. prindipio, 136 ..ahora) hasta la cantldad y . inagnItud de sus clientes. En� tre ellos se encuentran mu- chds conocidos internacional- mente �corno Gillette, Ci- Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 'troen, Singer, Revlon, Martini, tras Cuentas depends nuestro por los mlsmos competldores. esta singular agenda� este Kent, Wrangler, Reckitt and crecimiento. Esta afIrmacion Clerto es que Casares, Grey & cu idadosamente . pensado. Colman, Corn Products� y se ha vista, en el caso, lar- Asociados emplea a los Asi, Planeamiento, de Medios poderosas empresas locales, gamente comprobada por los mejores profeslonales del y Compra de Medios ester' coma Furlottl (una enorme hechos. La Agencia creole � mercado, y que su rendimlen- separados. Planeamientaha0e bodega) Molinos Rio de la junto a clientes pequenos to se acentua por el aceitado el plan 6ptimo para alcahzar mecanismo de la agericia. los objetivos planteados; Plata . (comestibles) Federal �que crecian tan o mas , ,� ' (articulos de limpieza), Alpar- aceleradamente� o grandes, Alli un creativo debe recien despues, Medics cubre gatas (Indumentaria y calzado que al prInciplo sOlo le con- rpreguntarse: ,Lo que hiclmoe .ese plan de la manera m� deportivo), Bagley (galletitas), 'fiaron un producto poco im- es suficientemente diferente y econ6miCa posible. etcetera. portante, y terminaron 'asig- fresco como para distinguirse nandole la totalidad o la de - los dernas mensajes del .Por otra parte, las eOtra- . CRECER Y COMO LOGRAR- mayoria de la cuenta. mercado? LES creatividad Util? leg las de med los se esta- LO 5) No creemos en "El Horn- LPiensa en grande y.lo dice en blew en forrnaconjunta con bre". Creemos en "El Equlpo". chico? -LHabla de los bane- las eatrategias creativas, para. Los motivos de tan ace- En una profesi6n tan soils- tidos para el consumidor y no Ileyar el .mensaje a su. forma lerado desarrollo hay que bus- ticada tecnicamente, es im- ,de loo atributos del producto? mas coherente.. caries en las clnco premises, posible tener uno o dos horn- ;es clecir Lie corrtunicamoS al que todos los dIrectivos de bres que sean los mejorea en .Consumidor lo que le interesa, FINALMENTE, GENTE . . Casares tienen blen presen- .todas la's areas, desde los beneficios que le Oritida el tes: Creatividad hasta Finanzas. produato? Y. ante todo, lo que Hugo Casares (presIdente); . 1) Nuestro negocio es .Lo optimo es contar con los bedimos Ltlene una idea? Pero Elias Bensignor (Vicepresl- ayudar a vender produclos. Mejores especialistas. �Asi, el trabajo de los creativos no dente) Cesar Badini, Antonio, Esto, que parece obvio, es a cuando un bliente- tiene un term ina aqui., n1 cuando el Barreiro, Ruben Mani y Flo- veces olvidado en el trajin problems especifIco de un cliente aprueba lo presentado; racio Rival (Dlrectores Aso,- -diarlo de la publicidad. Pero la area, habla con la persona que contimia haste que el aviso ciados) Hernan . ValenZuela,. Unica manerarie ayudar a ven- mas sabe de es0 dentro de la este publIcado, el toilet�. im- Miguel Morine111 y. Oscar der productos es no perder de agenda. Y el problema se preso, el comercial en el aire. G.IrbIla (Asoblados) consti- vista que es lo que vende una resuelve mejor. Y hay que tener en cuenta.que tuyen no selo. el "equIpp" agencia: creatividadirtil. Casares, Grey es la Agenda basic� sine . tamblen (y ac 2) Nuestros Cllentes son los H� 1 en cantidad de spots tivamente) nueve de los pun- Consumidores: Otra premisa, UN TOQUE DE ATENCION � top claves de la empress ; cada anUaleS en T.V. ''obvia". Pero tambien impres- uno desenvolviendose en su cindible. Las campanas de Hay un estilo, un 'toque' DEL CONSUMIDOR AL CON- area . especifica. pero partl-. Casares, Grey & Asociados Casares, y.. ello se advlerte SUMIDOR cipando de la totalidad; cada estan hethas para que las desde el trato con los cllentes. uno ,consclente del objetiv0 reciba un consumidor y no De hecho, son los Directores 'principal, asi 'definido: "Ser la para satisfacer a un cllente. de Cuentas quienes tienen el Casares, Grey trabaja con- agenda m�profeslonal del. 3)Nuestro imico capital es contact� permanente con los tinuamente con las ekpec- mercado, con una cantidad, nuestra Gente. El constituir clientes. Los "contactos" tativag y actItudes del pUblico adacuada 'de, Clienteo de", una agenda de Asoclados �.que en otras agendas cum-comprador, utilizando todas priinera linea,-que nos permlta practIcamente elimina el turn- plen .esa mislOn� se dedican las. tecnicas.mas avanzadas de atenderlos siempre a � _ _ over an- los-primer.Whivaja.O1 . aqui .al -Se4uirriianto:fritertio --trii.e-sti dac len . y. tests.- Asl.-� n uestra-gepte de mayor niver. . . - al- eiriPlear a la.mejor gentadel______minuclos0,�_deli_materiall-decon.oCe-todo-16-que-hay-;que--��ASombra-;ver-Comor.ien-S6lo 8 mercado para cada puesto, trabajo. Una diferencla que se conocer sobre este slempre .. anoS, esos objetivos se. han por pequeno que sea, asegura nota. - � evanescente personaje, el alcanzado. largamente; Y la profesionalidad de los Pero la caracteristica sa- consurniclor. Y-puede Ilegar'a . c6rnp, a pesar del pasmoso resultados. liente de la agenda es su el a traves de un manela de 'crecimiento, se siguen cum- 4) Del crecimiento de flues- creativIdad, aplaudida hasta medlos -clue �como todo _en pllendo al pie de la letra. - Antonio Barreiro; Marketing Director Elias Bensignor, VIcepresident arid Financial Director Ruben Medi, General Creative Director HoraciO Rivet, Media Planning Director General Accounte Director Letter from Argentina Page 79 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Decoration class PAN AMERICAN ART SCHOOL hit search of dialog with mankind Buenos Aires has a private center de- voted to graphic research and audiovisual arts, like cinema, photography, deco- The School constantly receives requests from companies and advertising agencies for suitable graduates in advertising and other lines. The School's academic level can be deduced from the fact that it was the only one of its kind in Latin America to be represented in the art design school exhibition held in Edmonton, 'Canada, in July 1975. Its drafts for teaching material in food education, figure in the Canadian National Design Council catalog and it al- so took part in the "Design for Necessity" Congress organized by the London Royal. College of Arts. But the activities Of the Pan-American Art School are not restricted to art design. The building also has a very modern photo lab with the latest equipment, where students can learn every phase of the profession, from studying, the object to developing, fixing and printing. There is also a film set, with high-precision equip- ment. Productions by students are projec- ted in .the School's viewing room, after which teachers and pupil discuss the vir- tues of the film.they have seen. The School has ambitious plans for the future. It is planned to expand to other Americarrcountries whicIthave this type of requirement. The first experience was very successful in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Locally speaking the School is working on a contribution to the community of which it forms a part. This contribution is an accident prevention campaign for Buenos Aires, using the most recent visual techniques. When the project is finalized it will. be turned over to the Buenos Aires Cit- shop) for posts of responsibility In adver- y Hall. tising, layout, sighposting and identifi- Next year the school plans a Labor Ex- cation systems, television art and many change for students and graduates. It is ration, painting, engraving and associated_ _other. applications.. The objective in all .hoped to considerably improve conditions - ..techniques, �which-can-be..considered. sig,�these relate..theorywhichjs --nificaritLwOrldv.vide-initsspeciality-thankirldiSpenSable-for-a:systematic_training,_to_L.Seeing that type of work the students practice, either In the school or outside it, are turning out, and observing their en- so that the trainee can familiarize himself thusiasm and impetus,- it is clear that the with ,area problems 'while he develops per- Pan-American School is honoring Its sonally. Projects chosen to work on are declared objective to "train professional taken from real life in order to maximize men and women to give things a language their functionality. so that they Can dialog with mankind:" to the dedication that has been put into everything it does. We refer to the .Pan-American Art. School, which in 1970 inaugurated a five- storey building specially built for the pur- pose. It has about 500 students, not only Argentines but also from other countries In South America like Peru, Chile, Ecuador, Venezuela and Colombia. , Letter from Argentina recently inter- viewed School President David Lipszyc, and Nicolas Gimenez, both of Whom are in great measure responsible.for the school's excellent reputation. Mr Gimenez is the president of the Argentine Association of Graphic. Designers (iDISENAR"), which exchanges information with similar, or- ganizations in Many parts of the world on the Subject of modern graphic art. � The .International Council of Art Design Associations recently *named the Pan- American Art School as one of 10., in the . World which will tarry. out a study on uniform International signposts. Their ob- jective is to boil signs�,down to about 30 which will be readily, understandable no matter what the language of the viewer. The symbols developed .will first be tested In various parts of the world .in order to grade receptivity and then will be submit- led for final approval to international or- partizations, .Returning specifically to the School, it- Art .Design and Advertising Department preqSaTes junior designers (a three-year study course and a postgraduate work- Letterfrom Argentina, Page 80 The school's photo lab - Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 48* e Olt 0 4 lk COI mallea PSICOPATIA DE LA SUBVERSION On � an�ls del cornpor- tamiento sdbversivo provoca algunos .interrOgantes qUe resultan de interes espe- cialisimo pare conocer M�y mejor este tip� de actividades, ,Es Ia conducta. subversiva una acci6n�puramente grupal o tiene una dimensi6n eStric- temente individual?, e:,Se puede pensar en at compor- tam iento subversivo coma una conducta admisible deritro de ciertos patrones de salud, o en cam bio Puede hablarse de una conducta eStrictarnerite pa- tolOgica? -� � Aqui se parte de algo ba- sico.' Ninguna acci6h- puede ser,LConsiderada' eticamente buena o mala, Si antes no se. conode si es psicolOgiCamen- te sane', No se trata de subor- dinar lo n)vel psico- 16gico siriode,atribuir al corn- portarn lento su justo'valor. La .sociedad con estllos de vida emlnehterriente -urbanos ha contribUido; en :gran parte;. - a la .masifiCaCi6n, la perdida cre,i1:10 idad .esa forma di3itl'n'COM:'Ohybaci6101:41rtrnitirL,L,_ tali.Zada Por Federico Fellint .en su .profetica �"8 y Medic)" Asi como a.problemas de des- personalizaciOn en -general, que contribuyen a la desor--- ganizaciOn- social y -*a la aparicion de problemas SO-, dales de gran costo humano. Es equivocado colocerse en una postura bucOlica,. hacien- do la apologia dela vidayural o en una posiciOn misan- trOpica at estilci de-Jean jac- ques�Rbusseau. Sin embargo, nos toca cornprender cuales nalidad �se. acercara a lo Pa-. son. las manifestaciones m�tolOgico- en sus diferentes frectientes de as distintas'for- niveles de expresiOn. mas *de- patologia en' el nivel. ps,iquico para saber tambien MUERTE DE LA INDIVI-. con que deficiencias con-. .DUALICiAD tamos en nuestro nivel per- sonal,- .. Las areas en que se divide el Tar vez, los problemas que� comportamiento humeno son hoy atribuimos a la sociedad tres: menie; '.cuerpo y mundo industrial y Urbana tengan su exterho. Este Ultima es la gran verdadera raiz en todo Un novedad del siglo XX,Jose Or- proceso educativo. que partici lege 'Gasset �dice, y con ra- en -'determinadas, de zOnt. "ifo soy yo y mi -circuns- bases morales ambivalentes y tanela".. Si bien es cierto que - a veces hasta inconsistentes. ,no es nuestra posici6n la de un . determinismo del- medfo, LOS SOLDADITOS DE PIE �sobre, el hombre, sin embargo 'conocemos perfectamente su Cuatiao influericla sobre nuestro corn- 'gabarh'-dSLI dqo& SbldeiditbS-"Jr(3ortamiento y hasta sobre el ganab4indegae'qbego'CeP-601 (Jest ilo,de Oda que adoptamos, conseguia mantener de pie su ejercito inc6lume. Los sol- daditos se clantaban ante el adversario arrogantes, en- teritbs, capaces de avanzar aun a costa de la.presencla de -los derr'otados. - � En el grupo opuesto varios soldaditos han caldo, sus' cuidadores, nuestros ami-. guitos, "los . contrarios" apurados, tratabah de levan- . tarlos upa y otra'vez. � Algo parecido nos sucede en nuestra vide, en la que, ala .largo de su trayectoria, vamos -dejando algunos "soldaditos" con les que contarnoS para. poder sobrevivir y mantener un equilibrio 'coherente entre las distiritas areas en .que manifiesta nuestro corn por- tam lento. SI.e.stOs tres niveles en. que podemos expresarnos se rnantienen incalumes y equilibrados. puede decIrse que nuestra conducta es sana; entorices lo es tambion nuestra personal idad comb un Sutherland, dentro 'de las formes de criminologia moderna decia que "el corn- portamiento delincuente es � una conducta aprendida". Hoy estamos 'en concilciones de afirniar que .hasta 'el sexo es ma's una conducta.aprendida que una coriducta adquirida 6Asombroso, no? . � Si una de estas tres areas de nuestro- coMportarniento predomina. sobre las dernas estarernos .enfermos � y del grado desequilibrio exis tente dependera lacuraciOn. � El .comporiamiento subver- sivo es patologico y califi- .cable, a nivel individual, por un. exceso de inflUencia . del area mundo externo. Riess- man lo califIcaria como un .comportamiento dirigido. "desde fuera". La indivi- dualidad se . pierde,. en_ forma asombrosa, para dar lugar .los requerimientos del. grupo. Importen mas los compor-� tamientos afectivos quo- los instrumentales o racionales. No hay lugai.para afectos es- bec.iales, ni 'pare conside- raciones de indole personal. - . valores_estric.t.os�.abs.olulp_s,_y_ � Uni�simple � . � pocier;.--pasarluegO-a:otiO,tipo.-. norrbei�impuestas .-=oupo tarnblerj con- grupo�subveraiio, algune -. � me,* aunque elemental de terror,. Revere. al mas ternible de los castigos. La san.cion ae- hare. sentir. La tonsigna:. "Destruir la individualldad, le peculiar, lildiosincrasia". El resto� del,- mUndo, que en parte se adapts a las no.rmas Impuestas, al ."statu quo", sera para el .sustantivo .un mundo 'anorrhal y negativo. Los "pares" inmediatos, el grupo de acciOn rpas_cercano y alguna forma elemental de m isticismo semi-idealists lograran subversivo perfecto: un peligroso psicopata. ma's peligroso:. 10. ejecutara sin la menor culpa. Para un .tipo psicopatico la culpa no existe. Las atrocidades mos grandes se .cometen.-sin el menor remOrdimiento. Los malos son los dernas�. El psicopata contempla sus. propios problemas pert) proyectados en los denies. Por eso en el comporta- mientO subversivo aparecen la psiCOpatia y algunas-. formas de paranoia (delirios perse-. cutorios) en una conducta rebelde con pocas caracteriS- ticas de innovaci6n y re- creaci6n de la realidad. El enemigo este en todas.partes,. la persecuciOn se le hace constante e � implacable. El enethigo no es otro, en .de-, finitiva, que el mismo. Se sabotea a .si mismo con in- -numerables sanciones ra- yanas en el rues exigente "moralismo". Es por eso que existe una. relaci6n tan fuerte entre haber sido educado. en terminos de Pslcopata FIrmenich todo. Si uria� de las tres areas .se desequilibra, la perso- "LA CULPA LA TIENEN LOS DEMAS" � Entr6-, se sent() en el sill6n de Su, psi'quiatra y lo mir6 ateqamente, .rhientras el, ler dijo: "me temo que es Ud. una psicOpata a todes lucet. Esta Ud. sentada en m(lugar, su,asiento es este, divan.- � � � �� 'Los lugareS-estaban cla- ramente delimitados pero para Un pSiCOpata el enfermo es el citrd. y rapidamente Jo coloca �en SituaciOn de victima. Lo "valores absolutoa"- yes- tremos on los .que la exigen, cia. y el control son muy fuer- tes, para asi sentIrse "c6- modos, como en "familia". Se. ha pasado al otro polo con la mas absolUta comodidad. Un peligrosO extremo. Mucho m�peligroso earl, es el extremo en el que el con- trol aparece balo las formes de' la mas absoluta fiber-tad, la mas completa escasez de limites, mas acabada forma de la lusticia", el meSianisrno mejor vendido. En -ese mento, la personalidad del subversivo se ha ,vuelto om- nipotente hasta CI ries el& mental de los �simplismos. -La. realidad se le reduce, enco7 giendola hasta estrecheces sospechadas, El Calico mundo verdadero es el de Su grupo .pertenencia.. No hay. verdades como las suyas, La "justicia" que reclama es � la mejor.- Los' ten6menos-, todo8,. � lican.por una sola-causa ara quo' sucede un solo efecto. El subversivo, en..suma; alguien que. ha Perdido la preclosa conciencia de la falibilidad, de la necesidad de, Letter from Argentina Page 0 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 limitarnos por alguien y por algo, asi coma la capacidad de depender de algo y por al- guien. Parad6jicamente, la psi- copatia subversive !lege a ex- treMos tan grandes, que spretende convencernos de que la escoria total cone por cuen- te .nuestra y de "que ellOs son una "pura limpleza". mommommomogo RESPUESTA A CARTER -.Senor James Earl Carter Presidente' de los Estados ,Uniclos de America CASA BLANCA Washing- ton D. C. Estimad6 senor Presidente:.. � Hemos leido en' un peri6-' 'clic� de Buenos' Aires un ar- 'ticulo firmado por Ud., re- ferente,a su concepciOn de los derechos humanos. A mi criterio, son palabras claras, sencillas. y valientes, 'escrit,as en un estilo casi evangelic�, con el aplomo y la chafanidad que � sOlo.:dan 'las conviccioneS profundas. , Senor Presidente: Ud. afir- � Ma, y'con razorr, que no existe. .como, tal .un "americano. ti- pico" (nosotros. decirno-s aqui, Un tanto .excesivamente, "norteamericanos"), y ,que sus .tan_variedo.S -coma la- Misma- hbmanidad. Apurita:tambien�que�Si hay al- go que los �une a todos,.es la creencia � comun en algunas ..derechos hurnanos basiCos, tales como el derecho a la vide o la integridad de' la persona, el derecho a la libertad y el. derecho a aspirar a la felicl- dad. Ninguna de estas notas, como Ud. bien senala, es ob- servabte en los paises sO- metidos a un regimen tote- litano, y Estados Unidos tiene suficiepte ,autoridad como 'pare proclarnar que .durante dos centuries esos derechos rigierbn alli permanentemen- renovando asi el, Vigor de sus instituciones., Por haber yivido alguna vez en Estados Unidos se que todo eso es valldo�y clerto, y debo.admitir (ambler) �no sin- Cierto grado de nostalgia_ � que/ las _diversas,.condiciones en que se han desarrollado:las vidaa. e ,historias de nuestros, respectivos paises 'no nos per- ., rniten intercambiar algunas , .experiencias fundaMentales. �,Dicho en 'otras palabras algo ma's duras, Estados Unidos tiene la desventaja de .no poder � exporter su "modelo nacional", que en si ednsti- Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 tuye una genuine revoluciOn permanente desenvuelta en el ambito de los espiritus y la culture y jamas el de lai coercign, en tanto que .otros paies pueden exportar ex6ticos prototlpos de reden- ciOn cuyo objetlyo es implan- ter un sistema de aberrante tirania e inlquidad. . Nosotros, senor PresIdente, so-mos desde haCe ,muchos an os uno de' los blaneos predilectos de esa �acciOn .psicolOgica solapada gue a menudo se expresa. tamblen President. Jimmy Caner por la violencia .criminal, y que en los Ultimos tiempos ha encontrado apestoles 'en el exterior, de tal manera que ningun :,00bernante bien ins7 pirado ha podido en eSe lapso sustraerse a as campanas de desprestigio subvencionadas por qUienes acariclan proyec- tos de dominaciOn sobre �la Argentina. Los argejitjjos, _ Se f)19 r_ Ifresidenle; , (al :.igual- que- los nbrtearnericarios) un pueblo de. variada compo- siciOn &nice religiose y. cul- tural, y nos guiamos por iden- fleas ideas acerca de los' derechos humanos basicos, que surgen de 'nuestra con- cepci6n cristlaria y evangelise de la vida antes que de los principios enunciados por , ningim procer, incluso de la estatura de un. Thomas Jeffer- son (cited� justamente por Ud. en su articulo), quien, como Ud. 'sabe, tenia esclavos en . su plantaciOn. La Argentina sancion6 el fin de la esclavitud, que Par otra parte habla asurnido formes harto atenuadas durante el periodo colonial, en 1813, m� de medio slglo 'antes que Es- , tados Unidos y que el Brash, y 'sin que pare ello hayamos tenido. que derramar una sole gota de sangre .en guerras civiles.. Hombres provenientes de todas las. latitudes, como La 'Fayette. y Kosciusko en Es- tadOs Unides, contribuyeron a funder nuestra independencia y, a diferencia de aquellos heroes "transnaclonales", se quedaron aqui pare former families que .han dado lustre Letter from Argentina Page 82 con su descendencta_a- aueS- tros � anales' histerlcos ejer- ciendo las mas diversas ac- tividades. tras ellos, arribaron en sucesivas oleadas.Mmigrantes pare colonizer nuestros te- rritorios. airn salyajes comb ocurr16 con la epopeya del Lejano Oeste de su pals� y el 'solo titulo de extranjeros' -los hacia acreedores a la Ma's alta consideraciOn de nuestros :gobiernos y de -la poblacien au toctona. � '�Juntos, arnasaron._no.L.una � raze sino mhs importante porque esta de , chauvinism� y mentlene en consiante latencle su .raiz generosa; una identidad .nacional multifacetica y sor- prendente, contradICtorta y segura de sus valores basicos. Tanto es est, senor Preslden- He, que tb.m6 muy escaso tlempo .a nuestros Padres Fundadores redactar en 1853 .1a Constitueien que nos rige, ya que las instituciones que � eSe� documento consagra ya existian en el espiritu nacional y no fueron, por consiguiente, fruto de la improvisaci6n. o �coma err6neamente se � Suele decir� de lalascinatiOn par ,cie.rtos .,modelos �impor- .tados.� Asi, .1a:Argentina pudc. sus- crIbir sin apelar. a ningOn bizantinismo, sin hipocresla y sin . 'calculo . de: ninguna �.na-, tureleia., la . Declaraclon . Universal_ de DereChoS.Hu�-_ 141-a cl o n e i dasy ' _ . . politica exterioramistoSa con ,todos' los pueblos del mundo.: sobre a base de los. Oostu-. lados de. no intery,enci6n,. de respeto a la soberania e ,in- Yiolabilidad territorial de�otros paises y de no recurrencia ala fuerza para de � .conflicto, permanente o transitorio. . Hemos tenido en 167 anos solo tres guerras exteriOres: la de. la 'Independencia y Otra: contra el Imperio del Brasil y le Ultima contra el..� Paraguay � �casi "contemPoranea de. ,la Guerra- de Secesi6n de Es- tados Unidos� y ninguna de ellas fue suscitada por el elan de � expansiOn o de conguista, O �con el antiguo pretext� de ConSolidar nuestra seguriOad. Suele 'decirse incluso, con un dejo de. ironie;.�que Ia Ar- gentina gene les guerras y.' pierde la paz, pen) ello; senor' Presidente, es un � molly� de Orgullp para nosotros porque soinos hUmanistas y no 'creemos en la grandeza que se apoya sobre la preOotencle o el abuso tie los mie,debilesi.:�� .N ues tra herdge max I rriel general Jose -ideeSan fftrtlin, _ luego de� haberdad 0 la �,likiepta.�1 . . a tres naciones de America.del Sur, eligi6 el duro sender� del eXillo junto a su pequeria, antes ,que emPlear sO sable victorioSo en. arrogarSe el Poder sobrelienas.extranas o en irnponer la voluntad de un partido ensu propiaPatria..' POr esas y muchas .otras razonbs, senor Presidente�nb solamente.pienso que la his- toria esta de nuestro lath), como reza el �titulo de su ar- .ticulo,. sino que Dios, nos ayuda en. nuestra: .humildad para.superar nuestras crisis de _ crecimiento, traducidas en diferentes discordias, menbs que. errier- gen de la violacign sistematica de los derechos humanos. - Indus� quienes alguna.vez Oretendieron erigirse ..en duenos o custodios om,ni- potentes y providenciales,de la vida, la libertad � y la bUs- queda 'de la felicidad de los den-las, no. tardaron en ser. abatidos, antes que por la fuerza' de las.. armas, .por el repUdio generalized� . las conciencias argentinas. Ash es corno.hemos .1Iegado a esta dificil etapa de nuestra historia en que anhelamos descubrir. ;nuestros � defectos 'estruttUrales, nuestros viciOs � de entendimiento y consolidar nuestra identidad .para 'que nuestros .hijos no tengan que PerloOlsta Martin Attica .padecer as pruebas que noSotros estamos Nuestra lucha; como dice Ud. de la suya, senor Presi- dente, .es de supervivencia, sabemos �como Ud. senten- cia� que los resultados de nuestras acciones en procure de la paz interna serif) usual- mente mezclados atin cuando rriotivos no lo sean. Tampoco creernos en resultados faciles o rapidos en la brega par los autenticos derechos huma- nos, 'y es por eso, siguiendo und vez mas sus'Palabras, que nos empenamos por este- blecerlOS en caSa, donde siempre hubo libertad de yoter para todos, sin distingos de color. Para pito; desde luego, es- pero le tomprenSion- su 6 g,9bierng;, y.-dp sFl8,nbres 'nolaqile'g, Parra aide 268uver- - Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 . miter! ser enganadoS .por las CapcidsaS falacias de clertos averiturerbs que siendo viC-. �timarios posan�de victirnas y. ,quo, renegando de su .bandera. .buscan escOdarse en su noble y generoso pais. Lbs terroristas, los asesinos, P01 vocacion, los enfermos de merit& y espiritb, los sal-� teaderes .de las finanzas� publicas argentinas, los agreeores�de nuestra culture, no pueden ser brienos ase, sores sobre derechos hu-� manos. EStos se ejercen, retomandO .sus .donceplos', senor Presidente;entre gentes de buena %/blunted, no impor- tarido dual sea su ideologia- politica. EStoy� seguro, senor Pre- sidente, de que el gran Jeffer- son dompartiria esta actitud. .5iri- otro particular, to. sa- ludo�don toda.consideraclon. Martin Allica AGONIA Y EXTASIS La exaltaCiOn de la vertlente� liquierdIsta del peronismo al dobierno, en 1973, consagra una' amnistia. irreStrIcta -quo Verrnite salir a le cane a ceri- -tenares de gUerrilleroS:presos losAltimos-anos---de-ed- Wit'rec�i66--fr-Trifiter';i6Orf- - - - por el general Alejan-. clto 'Lanusse,.:provocando un ;Sofocado sentimiento de- -repUlsa en la cludaddrila y :desatendo .una er�upciOn de iiolencla � desconocida haste. entonces enlos anales de la historia nacional.,. Al socaire del proceso Ins, titucionalizador y de. clertas infiltraciones que desde. el 24 de marzo de 1976 COrrilenzan a tomar estad.o. pbblico. el -aparato- de chocitie" Insu- rrecional este Ilsto para librar la batella final por el poder:. Miliares de publicaplones "populates", .cargadas .de. farhosa lista inteledtuai -Mer: kiSte, inveden las librerlas .y los puestos -de yenta calle- jerOs..La Unfversidad,y-el con- trol absoluto de la enSenanza primaria, media y tecnica son . asumidos por notorios epi- .gonos de la guerrilla-La prac- tice jacobina del psicoanalisis .subyuga a vastos sectores de la clase media ansiosa de ."concientizaclOn" y. nurne- rosos.pulpitos de las diVersas �confesiones religiosas am-, .parades par: la Constituci6n Nacrierrate .convierten,:en ,tribunas .,reVO.IVJ- cionaria Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Alberto Villar Hasta un desmariado Frente de Liberacion Homosexual tiene pie de imprenta y acceso. a la "libre� expresion", . con condenas al regimen "falocen- .trico" del capitalism� y la 1"biirguesia alienante" - so- metida al dictator de nebu- loses conspiraciones , Inter- nacionales. Desde ya que cripticosa- deptos a tales monsergas revistan con wos puestos en el. goblerno, en "pace coexIsten- cia" con cenaculos ocultIstas y un eficiente servicio de men- -sajeria con as grandes cen- trales de guerra revolucionaria en el exterior, En las Jornadas inmedla- temente anteriores al 25 de mayo de 1973, la guerrilla, que mantiene cautivos al contraal- mirante Francisco Aleman. y al comandante de gendarmeria Jacobo. Nassit, produce demostraclOnes de fuerza -asesinando.- al. _ _dlrigente_ .,O.rerrr I al1,-,D I rk7:..K lbost Orme n7 - -gaPtO�rando-fugazenenteGerli, - un suburblo obrero de "Buenos Aires, y amenazando de.muer- te al notorlamente antlizquier- dIsta Jose- Ignacio Rucci, secreted� general de la Con- federaclOn General del � Ira- bajo. � Hay antecedentes: aflos an- tes han acribillado a' sus predecesores AUguito TI- moteo Vandor y.Joso Alonso, sin. habter -del industrial lta- Ilano Oberdan Sallustro y del alrhirante -Hermes OulJada, a quien -sulaVersiOn vincula cor2- la muerte, mientras se fugaban de la surena ciudad de Trelew, de un drupo de terrorlstes argentinos � y chllenos. Poo� antes se habian evadldo a Chile Rober- to Ouleto (FAR) v Roberto Mario, Santucho (cabeza del ERP)! . Las ocupaciones de plantas industriales, de centros deen- senanza de lodo -nivel,- hos- plfales y radlodlfusoras, sl- guen a pleno ritmo. Las.finan- 'zas� g.uerrilleras: continuan in- cremlerfrandose� Merced a) cobettilithfr sifstancibsos res- tatbsY 9e3Th6ltiplican las ralrheneies�Y�ddreddiones' Contra' quienes rehusan�sOmeter-se al .Imperio de la anarquia p,revia a la'sdyietilaciori del pais. � La "mesicre de Ezeila".del 20 de Junk) de 1973, cuando � regreso definifivo del 'ex . . . presidente Juan-Domingo Per6n, � muestra in .trag ico despllegiie a .i'odas las or- ganIzaciones aubvereivas dls- Putandole. la: h,egerricinia a otros sectores del movim lento - instalado en el Poder.. .ES el canto de cisne ,para Hector JOsVcainpora, frus- trado� Kerensky argeniino. El 12 de octubre PerOn accede por tercera vez ai�residencia de la Republica y marca un brusco divorcio, ton la gue- rrilla, la cual Ic "Obsequle,e1 cadeyer de Rucci. � � . Los asesinatos, secuestros e' tritentos` de iOma de 'ever- lefes� (como-�que direste la vide a! coronel Camilo Arturo Jose Ignacio Rucc1 su esposa, en Aiul a-- - comienzos do 1974-revelan--eI :TeihIble-A-rado�de-lrifiltlePlarn--- nificativo valor PSicologlco ala guerrillamarxista. ' � . En setiernbre es aSesInado Arturo Mor Roig, ex minl_stro del Inter'itir del gobierno rnilitar-del Gral. LanOsse y, un mes antes del descubrimlento de' un fcico subversiQo en� la zona selvatiea de Tucuman, Se produce la espectacular vo- lad ura del -comlsario-general Alberto Villar, Jefe de la '.policia federal: argentine, y,er- dadera �"13ateneire" de la iz- quierda revolucionaria. .-Caen tambien los dotoriele-t- - Jorge Grassi,Jorge el teniente coronel .lose Gar- 'd6,ri, los; may.ores Jaime :GI- meriO -(bioquimico) y'Horacio Lopez, .el capiten , Humberto Viola y su y_otros ab- r hegados Jefes militeres, ern- presarlos e IriteleCtUales ncitoriamente antitnarxistas, comp los profesores Jordan Bruno Genta y CaFlos Alberto Sacherl; como replica a-la Muerte violenta de conspicuos- testaferros practiccis y doc- .trinarloS dela subversign. ,i 9 de febrero de 1.975, las fuerzas armadas obtienen.per- rniso.pera real izareh Tucuman el .!'Operativo Independencia" pare batir a la guerrilla rural focalliada. en Lules,:Farhaille, Montergs y Tall Los..500 efectivOs_del gjer- Pit' y fuerzas de .eegurldad' Son corifiados al-general- Adel .Edgardo Vilas comandante. de la brigade de infanterie�quien .170e;MOSIrara"a, " merxista' en les gobiernos �prOvinCialee.I _ . � FIrmenich, al frente desus MOntorieroS, muestra, sir. cethila identidad � � . c)aliste" pero�s es el ERP "el Priihero en ser puesib fuera de � 'la ley. El gobierno d.erriba, nb sie.mpre Ortodoxamente,.a las admInistraciones izqulerdis- les de Buenos Airea, COrdoba y MendOza, y pone dentro de un guantelete de' hierro a la ,Universidad -en la adminis- tradiOn del-doctor Alberto Ot- tafagano. El falleCimiento del pre- sldente Per6n. el 1� de iullp de 1974, Inicia :la airya, clescen- dente del. prOceso. iristitu- clonal., al que las fuerzas ar- madas han servido don una leaned rayana en el heroismo, pero sin poder contar con los instrumentos idOneos 'pare erradicar la sjitiversiOri. Asi se inicla la parodia gu- bernarriental de Maria Estele Elise Martinez Cariat;�tercere � eSpOsa" del ex mandated�, en que et inusitado nivel de corrupclOn adrninistrativa, la dernagodia trasnochada, y Jos excesos de la" demarille sin- dical prestan 'arMaS de sig- (Pr�xima nota: "Persecucion y !cerco"). 11111111111MINIMII LANTISEMITISMO EN ARGENTINA? "El. gobierno naclonal cons- ciente del valor :y' dicande del trascendente papel dum-: plido por Ia laboribaa y fecun- � de dornunidad Israelite argeh- tine" �segim rem :la salu- tadion presidencial ' erwleda 'po.'r general. Videla a' la do-. �murrided �jOdia al cumPlirse el: vioesjmo quint� aniverserio!de'eaCiOn de 'la FederaciOn de. Comunidadis israelitaS ar- gerltlnas_ resume el Pen- sarbierit6 de las fuerzas ar-� madeS� sbbre la necesidad de intedrar el importante aporte :de la rnencionada comunibad �al.desarrollo de la naCiort: Hacla el Mismo lugarapun- Letter from Argentina Page 83 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 tan los sentimientos de la comunidad judia, que en boca de sus propios dirigentes y ton motivo del aniversarlo referido anteriormente, sti- pieron agradecer el acogi- miento argentino: ",como no nos a quecer este tierra si ii hemos podido nutrirnos ejercicio de la libertad?, piramos fundamentalmente vivir en paz. Somos una colectividad que participa plenamente en el desarrollo de este hermoso pais, contri- ...buyendo en. todas_las_ramas, de actividades", afirm6 Uno de sus dirigentes mas'notorios. INTRODUCCION Ciertos circulos de la prensa internacional, valiendose de algunos hechos circunstan- ciales, se apoyan para lanzar el infundio de que en la Argen- tina existe una "tradiciOn" de an tisemitismo. La captura de Adolf Elch- man en Buenos Aires, efec- tuada varios anos atras por el servicio secreto israeli, las comprobaciones posteriores de que Jose Mengel� habria :vivido en la Argentina durante .bastante tiempo, y la reciente muerte de Eduard Roschmann en Paraguay� a pocos dias de haber salido de la Argentina requerldo por la policia mas otros ejemplos de peticiones de la justicia extranjera contra criminales-de guerra afincados en nuestro pais, aparentemen- 4.1110 Broner ex C.G.E. . te ser..virlan debase..pAra -7.7-71.G:ile-rra'ESPe-t la l-,;.-t'cinS"t iturd3 a � naturaleza menclonada. los 'fines de dar una soluci6n Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 que reconocio al Estado de' :Israel en 1948. . � Sin embargo desde la ins- talaciOn en el poder deaJUn- ta Militar, han ocurrido 'gunos hechoS que incorrec- tamente interpretados e injus-, ttamente encuadrados puedeh ;Ilevar. a conclusiones equi-: vocadas, En primer Iugar, uno de los .banqueros m�encurnbrados del pais �David Graiver, desaparecldo en Mejicb a causa de un accidente de aviation en agosto de 1976- que reconoce su origen judio �en razen de lo cual repre- sentaba ala banca israeli en Buenos Aires� ha sido ha- Ilado culpable de delitos 3conemicos y vinculaciones subversivas. En consecuen- cia, los directives del grupo econ6micO que comandaba han ido a parar a la cartel y se hallan actualmente bajo up Cbnsejo de proceso de Ahora bien, es saludable preguntarse Si esta referencia histOrica configura una su- ficlente sustentaci6n Corn- probatoria sobre la existencia de una politica antisemita en la Argentina. Antes de responder, veamos algo mas. � EL ANALISIS DE ALGUNOS HECHOS No existen pruebas de que desde las esferas oficiales se haya impulsado en algOn- Moment� politicas que tengan relation con el racismo. .La ConstituciOn Nacional lo aclara expresamente y las ac- titudes de los distintos go- biernos, desde 1945 a la fecha, ha sido coherente al respecto. Coherencia tambien manifes- tufa en is relaciones con el; Estado de Israel, que slempre han sido cordiales y fructi- feras, al igual que con as demas. rninorias etnicas y corrientes inmigratorias que han abonado las roices de la poblaciOn .argentina. Cabe recordar aqui que la Republica Argentina fue el primer pais ecuanime y rapida a tan es- � pinosa cuesti6n. Entre los. detenidos se halla el periodis- ta de origen Judi� Jacobo Timerman, director del diarlo La Opinion, . acusado de manejos ilegales sobre el paquete accionario del' men- cionado periodic� para aproplarse de el, dado qua era propiedad de Gravier. En vinculacion 'con lo an- terior, y tarnbien motivado per manejos turbios, pero esta vez referidos a is instalaciOn de la primer planta de aluminio en el pais, el ex Ministro de Economia del ultimo gobierno .civil �Jos�er Gelbaid re- (cientemente fallecido en Washington, ha sido inves- t igado por cliches causas que, obviamente, de su apreciation no dan a entender que tengan que ver con su origen semita. El hecho de que Graiver, Timerman, Gelbard, Julio Broner �mano "derecha" del anterior y Ultimo presldente de la CGE (Confederacion Ge- neral EconOmica)� proven- gan de families judias no sig- nIfIca que la justicia lea haya Letter from Argentina Page 84 caido encima por eso. La razen . as haber delinquido y, por eso mismo, flaCo servicio le han hecho a la.comunidad Judie, haciandose famosos como delincuentes, deslu- clendo la imagen de quienes reconocen su tram� origen sernita. En tercer lugar, y entrando al ahalisis del fenOmeno de la guerra interna que este con- cluyendo en la Argentina, es verdad que entre tanta muerte y terror provocada por el ex- -trernismo; muchos argentinos han _tenido que sufrir las con- secuencias. Entre ellos, thiembros de las .diferentes comunidades extranjeras radicadas en el pais, 'Flan per- dldo su cuota de_sangre. Los judios� tamblen hap sufrido, cual no. implica que: haya existido alguna razOn especial para ublcarlos en los puntos de mira de una situacien de enfrentamiento que tiene sus fundamentos, explicaciones y origenes hIstOricos-politicos en razones de estricto orden privado para la RepUblica Ar- gentina. LAS ACTITU DES Los malentendidos pro- blemas anterlormente plan- teados, estan slendo�utill- 4ados por'la sub-versiOn para desatar desde el exterior una campana -de desprestigio. con- tra el gobierno .nacional. Es asi que_se_acusa-concreta� i. rtiente,-cler-nrotegerse---7oficiak : m_ante e la. A-rgentinaru-na-- . ri: . poi � Para averitar toda duda, nada m�partial pero no en ,el sentido deseado per los .detractores del pais� que-la opinion de los Israelites. al respecto, y las attitudes de -nuestro goblerno sobre el par- ticular, que .hablan a las tiaras' de lo que realmenie pasa en la Argentina cop los judios. Antes que nada, se debe tomar en cuenta un reciente convenio cultural, cientifico-y tecnico firmado par Argentina e Israel donde pasan a es- Itrecharse mas aun las yin- culationes entre ambas na- clones. Hay que hacer notar que la diplomacia judia no fir- maria dicho acuerdo si es- tuviera convencida de que el .gobierno argentino es adverse su raza. Las Ultimas declaraciones .recogiclas per la prensa de .Buenos Aires vertidas per los lepresentantes de las . orga- �nizaciones. israelies en nues- tro pais, a causa de aniver- sarios como .1a fecha.del,.`ccim .Kipur, tanto. cor:po..:lassalu- taci:ones enviadas nor el Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Presidentt- Videla y el Al- mirante Massera a tales re- presentaciones, son una prueba mas que efectiva para poner de manifiesto que el an- tisemitismo en-la Argentina es un invento de quienes estan contra el resurgimiento del pais, producto de una ima- ginaciOn enferma y mal inten- cionada. La especial dedicaclan que la cancilleria. argentine le ha dado al exilio en los EEUU del senor Jacobo Kovadlof _presidente del Comite_Judio Norteamericano en Buenos Aires� quien fuera amena- zado- telefOnicamente por elementos extremistas, iratando de of recerle garantias especiales para su regreso, asi como la privada entrevista en- tre el canciller Montes en Nueva York con miembros de la colectividad judia nOr- teamericana, es otra demos- tratiOn m�de cual es el. camino que se ha emprendido, per el cual seguira transitando, la politica of itial. En tal sentido, hay que remarcar la prohibiciOn de cir- culation, decretada por el Poder Ejecutivo, afectando a ipublicaciones pro-nazis que habian comenzado a proliferar en los- kioscos de Buenos Aires, como tambien la de- cisiOn de la Junta Militar de modificar el actual C6digo Penal, Mcorporando a la le-. gislacion una especifica ley _antirrac_i_sta ._g.g.e part icu lar.- _.me_nte,tr:ate.ia:categorizaonSp.,y :diosamente,. intenten intro- ducir dicha enfe.rmedad en el cuerpo social argentino. 1111.1111111111111111111111111=1�1111.11111 DOS CARADURAS: TIMERMAN Y CAMPORA 11111111111.111111111111 UN CARADURA Per disposici6n de la Junta Militar, ha sido incluido en el Acta de Responsabilldad Ins- titutional, el. ex 'director del diario "La OpinlOn" que se edita en la Capital Federal y que se halla intervenido.por el Gobierno, don Jacobo Timer- mar.. Como se sabe, el Consejo de Guerra Especial Estable No. 1, decidi6 recientemente que se halla detenido a dis- posiciOn del Poder Ejecutivo Nacional, desde el 7 de abril fuera de la competen- cia de ese tribunal militar. Jacobo Timerman, la Junta incluy6 en el Acta Institucional a Lidia Haydee .Brodsky de Graiver y a Eva Gitnach de Graiver. Tal si- tuaci6n, como se infOrrpO am-. pliamente en su oporturiidad, . ' \ impide a los comprendldos en esa medida, el Ilbre uso y dis- ponibilidad de sus bienes, en- tre otras restricciones, haste que la Comisi6n Nacional de Responsabilldad Patrimonial se expida sobre la legitimidad de esos bienes. OTRO CARADURA Campora quiere que le paguen la pension vitalicia como Presidente. Hector J. Campora fue presidente de la Argentina por menos de dos meses. Respal- dado por Peren, gan6 as eleceiones derrotando al radical Ricardo Ba!bin. Pero en dos meses escasos, Cam- pore puso a la �naciOn casl en manos de los comunistas y .crgarlizaciones guerrilleras de. ultra-iz.quierda que querian instalar un estado leninista- marxista. PerOn lo oblig6 a renunciar, slendo su puesto ocupado; ;provislonalmente por el pre- sidente de la Camara de Di- putados, Lastiri, hasta que convocadas nuevas . elec- clones, fue elegido el anciano liderjusticiallsta. Ahora CampOra, desde .su dorado asilo en .1a embajada de Mexico, peticiona cobrar la pensiOn que la ley otorga a los ex presidentes, aunque hayan desgobernado el pais por _pocos. dias.._El_minIsterlo de ;..Btenester...Sopial.:1e s up pend i gd'd e=d e n's vitalicia y entonceS Campora, cuidandO su bolsillo Interpuso recurso jerarquico, el que ahora le fue denegado por el Poder Ejecutivo, "teniendo en ctienta el espiritu del articulo 2�. del Acta, para considerar ia conducta de las personas responsables de lesionar los supremos intereses de la Naci6n, y cuyo levantamiento compete Cinicamente a la Jun- ta Militar. Agrega que "poi. �otra parte, el citado acto Ins- titucional ha establecido la proMbiciOn de administrar y disponer de sus bienes por ac- tos entre 'vivos, a personas comprendides, como resul-� tado de la inobservancla de principios morales basicos, Manitiesla desviaciOn del mandato para el que se los habia convocado y la corn- � placencia en el avance de la sorrupciOn en la funciOn publica, resultando un des- prop6sito entender proceden- te el pago de una pensi6n que fue instltuida por la ley con el objeto de que quienes desem- peharpn responsebilidedes ejecpW.e.s, puedan continuer desarr011riddIsUS activ.idades siudad'ahas.cOn la mistna dig- nidad � y decoro, que le im- Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 pusleron las oBligaclones inherentes a los cargos que ocuparon." MINIENIMMIONS � MEDICOS CONTRA LA DICTADURA ? Dos medicos latinoame- ricanos, la doctora Silvia Ber- man de Argentina y el doctor Hugo Behm de Chile, denun- ciaron hoy que la toma del poder por los militares en sus paises empeord las condi- clones sanitarias. En una rueda de prensa aus- piciada por la convenci6n nacional de trabajadores de la saiud de Estados Unldos, Ber- man y Behm serialaron que en sus paises ha aumentado la desnutricion como resultado de la .politica economics adoptada por los gobiernos m Illtares. Ambos medicos denuiv ciaron tambien que en Chile y Argentina empeorci gravemen- te la situacion de la sanidad publica, al privatizar el gobier- no la asistencia medica. -La�doctora- -Berm nTco� iai-pIi� persecucion que sus cblegas sufren en Argentina. La junta militar piensa que los psiquiatras somos pelf- grosos y que el psicoanAlisis es glithversivo declare, Silvia Berman. Como ejemplo puso la quema de libros de Sigmund Freud decretada por las au- toridades militares en la ciudact de Cordoba. Berman hao ptiblica igual- mente una lista de trede psiquiatras argentinos de- tenidos por las autorldades militares. adquieren proyecciones de denuncia. Y de alerta pare faquellos qua se dejan.engaliar por subversivos o desubi- 'cados de la realidad que vive nuestro pais. P: 6Que es "Fillum"? R: Es una instituclan Inter- disciplinaria para el estudio y prevencidn del filicidio y por extensi6n, para la defensa general del hijo. P: 4Funclona enicamente en la Argentina? R: No. "Filium" existe en otros paises, como Espana, y se estan organizando filiales en algunos otros, como Brasil, Bolivia, Venezuela y Peri. P:L"Filium" es producto de una idea argentine? R: En efecto. Es una idea nacida y desarrollada en nues- tro pais, donde se han rea- lizado ya dos congresos, uno aquelias -personas que pa- decen la enfermedad 0 de- sequilibrio mental en estado. avanzado. . P: LHay en la Argentina limitaciones para el ejercjclo de la psiquiatria? R: No hay ninguna limi- taciOn. P: 1,Que desarrollo ha alcan- especialidad en nuestro pais? R: RelatiVamente importan- te. Ha sufridd el deterloro. de � la critica situaciOn que atraves6 el pais en los ultlmos an os. Universalmente,,los Ser, viclos .psiquiatricos son deficientes. No hay propor- ciOmentre la debida asistencia prestada y dl creciente nUmerci de perturbaciones rnentales. Hay pocos tecnicos para ex- cesivos enfermos. La Argen- tina no escapa a .esa regle mundial. Es de esperar que en los prOximos arias se in- cremente la 'preocupaciOn par el enfermo mental, sobre todo 'en la formaciOn *de mayor mirnero de tecnicos (profe- sionales) y de comunidades terapeuticas. Pi GSe difunde masivamente la psiquiatria? R: . Creo que no. En -tOdo caso, en los mismOs term inos que; el restb de las especia- lidades medicas. P: 6Cual es la actltud de los uoctorAmaldoRascovsky argentinos ante la psiquiatria: le temen la �desprecian le clenunclo eri*. le; provInciaide�Mendoza-y - _ � HotsienteprenSion-'6-- la ig- La trayectoria profesional del doctor Arnaldo Rascovsky, creador de "Filium", debiera eximir de cualquier comen-: tario adicional. Su dedicaciOn a la esOecialidad psicoana- litica y su participacion en acontecimientos cientificos internacionales acreditan en el a una personalidad de.primera linea en su ambito de acti- vidad. Asi, sus declaraclones contrarrestando la ' absurda carriparia� difamatoria gene- ra'da rrs-e el '.exterior sobre 'al ejoiciCio de psiquiatria del psicoanallsis en la .Argen- sari�. Pero hubo otro, de' naran? - cardcter internacional, en R: No mas que en el restd Paris, en 1973. de .Occidente, y quiza m.enos P: Existen diversos concep- en la Argentina. El temor aque tos sobre psiquiatria, parti- �se le adjudique el rOtulo. de ctilarmente a nivel popular. enfermo mental hace que el i,Cual es su definicion? publico, salvo en condiciones :R: Psiquiatria es la rama de extremes, trate de.rehuir el en- la medicine que se ocupa de la f rentamiento con la � psi- enfermedad mental. quiatria. No obstante, es un . 0: LOuienes pueden ejercer prejuicio que se este superan- ia psiquiatria? do. Se acepta sada Vez ries la 9: Todos los: que hayan posibilidad de una alteraci6.n realizado Una formaciOn y mental como la de cualquiera .practIca adecuadas. En alteraciOn organise. Buenos Aires funciona una . . escuela de postgradO para ob- P:. 4Existen interdambios terier el titulo �do medico con otros paises en materia psiquiatra. psiqUietrica? . P: 4Existen en los hospi- R: Si, muy intensos .y per- tales nacionaies o .munici- rnanentes Se concurre a con- pales consultorios psiquia- gresos internacionales, pe- trices? namericanos o iatinciameri- R: Si, existen. En la 'gran canos. La formaciOn argentine maYoria de �ellos funcionan ha .sido muy solicitada en consultorios de psicopato- diversos paises de America logia, quo ester' generalmente Latina, en el plantel de cuyas a ' cargo de psiquiatras y uniVersidades se encuentran psicOlogos. Y tambien. de Muchos profesores argen- psicoanalistas. . tinds. P: A que clase de enfermos. P: 4Cuales son las diferen- atienden los psiquiatras? cias -entre psiquiatras, psi- R: A todos los que se con- cologos V.psicoanalistas? : sideran afectados dentro de la R: Psiquiatras son los esfera mental. Especialmente medicos que se ocupan fe- a los psic6ticos, es decir, nomenol6gicamente del . eh- � Letter from Argentina Page 8.5 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 fermo mental, recurriendo ,preferentemente a metodos biolOgicos (medicaciOn, tratemiento por shock, ci- regie), 'aunque. much6s , de epos.' adquieren formacionea. pit,c,olOgipas o Psicoanaii- ticas. ' En' .cuanto a. los psj- .cOloges, actUan con metodos exclUsivamente p.sicolOgtcos: tei.ts,:persuasibn, teraples de ay:uda, .loatarsls. Elto.&;. a Veces,- trabajan en opmbl; riaCjOn Opri, los psiquiatraS. 'per fin, los psicoanalistasson _ las. 'matt- vaciOn Inconsciente de los trastornos del paclente. USan .07 metodo' psicoanalitico con exclualvidad; constituldo,'Oor un procedtmiento: mea. fre-cuente', 'orotund� y duradero. Mks que e la' cu- ,racitin de los. sintomas, el Ps.icoanalisis tiende a,. erre- dicer el cenflicto que sufre el , pacterite ,en so inconsciente que desconoce. � P:IQGG as, en sumG el pSitOWIMISIS?:� � Para: responderie. ten- quei venir ustedes tres meses. seguides. Precisaria � diez� volUmenes ode lo con- ' .irario, contester come urrton- ii 4Entonces usted supone que ha-contestado hasta.ahora � como un tonto? No.- Psicoanalisis es - never 'a la conciencia-, del paciente as motivacienes in- conscientes de sus ideas, sin- yi-perturbaclorteslos Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 que hace quese encuentren en Espana, Estados UnIdos� 'Canada y otros poises algunos , psicOanalistas, pslqulatras y psicalogas. P: i,PorqUe? , � . � � R: 'Por.diferentes 'rezones, Algunos por haber estado yin- culados con la subversibn o por haber sido amenazados anenimamente, cosa que me acurr16 a rni tambion:OMpar de veces: Entlendo que' puede tratarse: de 'envIdia, Avant:lad, profeslonal o- el, desporde de aig�n''Paclente � dascontento. -Creo que el-que qtt(rt.rri 'per- ; judicar a aigulen no se lo 'avisa de antemano. Stguiendo con le -del &Oda, existen lambkin . los que procuran en,elexterier , panprama econamico mas . favorable. Y finalmente hay quienes; dada ia-gran far- , macien que poseen los profesionaleS argentlnds, - se han ido etraidos por ofreci- mientos de paiaes'Oue les propusleron � catedras y ho- norarios. muy supertores a los que se pueden percibir *nor- malmente en nuestro pais. , � P;;.i,Existen Ilmitaclones pare el ejercicio de estas es- peclalldades? � . Ft; Los protestonales con- � venientemente capacitades . pare' el estas es- pecialidades, com�. ye' lo geanale anferiormente, no .tenon limitaciones dentro de : sus respectivea camPos. ,Alberto Armando � P:El terrorista, i,es un sujeto de la s uiatria o del Prafundamente..fanatico de He aqui la noticla bombe, .que indudablemente sacudira el amblente futbollstico argen- . tine y porque no, tamblen &del gran pals del.Norteique esta comenzandoa dar sus primeros pasos muy firmes para pro- mocionar el deporte mas popularen.el mundo: el fOtbol. EntrevIstar a Alberta J. Ar- mando es pata cualquler pe- riodista-una verdadera caja de sorpresas, aunque aparen- temente la, note sea de rutine. Nadie sabe loqueestevIgoroso y apasionado "dirlgente- Pintlia" del mai popular de los deportes, va a sacar de su galera. Presidente del club m� popularde la Argentinay unode los m�conocidos en el mun- do, cargado de hazallas, cam- peonatos y .honores, ya no se sabe si Armando es Boca 0 B oca es Armando. " q 'general Ine'rife7rebo-noden:-.;- rnaciOn de factbres ' heredados mas � los factoresd histericos� .(que son.os - de- lsarrollados a lo largo de su vida) maS las circunstanclas � actuates': En todo esto�'existe uria interacciOn entre el An- dividue y las presiones cRie el aMblente: ha. ejercido sobre,et darante todo proceso 'evolutlyo. P: 40isienes puede!) ejercer � el psicoanallsls? ' Las personas formadas ' acuerdo - con las: regula- ".alenes. que rigen�interna- 'cianalmente y que exigen.el � aval de on instituto-psicoa- nalitico reconocido. por la AsociaciOn Psicpanalitica ternacional. En la. Argentina, 'lOsinstitutos requieren -quo el ' 'candidata a p.sicoanalista'sea ' -medico). La (ormacian'consis- - -tei ,en psicoanalisis vidua/ del candidate, gee dura por lo menes cuatro ones, en � supervisiOn de sus paclen-, �'tes y .en curses tegricoa. que 'debe seguir durante Aproxl- madamente cuatro altos en el .� Institute. � P':. ,Hay exodo psi- - quiatres y pelcoanallstas? R: Si, hay on relattybexodo, _ desde hace 23 arias en _ _ qUe le 041 direCclOndeBoca ides� C unIe en el mundo des- P: panOce li,. la exIstenCla pees Bernabeu en el Real de una campana difematarla �Madrld, de Esparta), Armando, provenlente del exterior segun cuyos voceros, isdirchados Incluse, en organismos' Inter- nacionales, la pstquiatria este protdbida en Is Argentina? - DescOnozco esa cam- pana,..oLie me resulta a0Surda. Es'o.s senores estan des- ebicadoS' per completo la realidad.' i,JUGARA BOCA JUNIORS EN EL CAMPEONATO DE USA? -"Yo estoy dispuesto a traves de Boca Juniors, a entraren converSaciones con cualquier empresa seria de los .Estados Un ides para competir en el campeonato de 40tbol de ese' pais con una verdadera selec- clan argentinay sudarnericana: el equip� imbatIbie", Letter from Argentina Page 86 ..ex primer vendedor de la Ford Motor Company, es ahora laes- trella de la Chrysler, batiendo todos los records de yenta de los autos Dodge, construldos en Argentina. � Armando-Boca Juniors acatian de lograr el:mas pre- ciado iauro de so historia deportiya (22 campeonatos hasta ahora) al derrotar al equip� brasilefto del Cruceiro Yr conqufstar. la Cepa Liber- tadores de America. , Conociendo la preocupa- clan de Armando de meter baza en el carnpeonato de Hit- ' bol de los EE.UIJ., y enterado � de que CARTAS DE ARGEN- TINA liege a 5.000 period1stas de USA, Armando nos confir- .' ma de entrada so deseo de participar a la mayor brevedad posible directamente en la competencia � futbollstica de USA: ---"Fijese usted �entra derecho en materia-- que el Cosmos invierte en an jugador :gloriosa; pero,yaeoglkAspde su .carrera)LpgrAqi,ReAki, fres millones de ddja�resx:eAual � Approved for Release: 2018/10/ni � -1 r.) a suma en un solo jugador, Bec- kenbauer, cuando en el equipo son 11 jugadores. Boca Ju- niora, insisto; con un respaldo empresario serlo y tres mi- Hones de 'dOlares, va a Ira ,competir, 'A Norteamerica con una verdadera selecciOn sudamericana (argentinos in- tegrantesde Boca, con ref uer- zos brasilenos, uniguayos, paraguayos' y peruanosy Y tormariamos mi .querido ami- go, el equipO Imbatible". �,Hay iniciadas gestioneS en.esesentido? � �.=-Si-fas hay,-pero queremos hacer las cases con_ shriedad empresaria, conic) es la que exists en Boca Juniors. Yo es- Loy dispuesto con mi experien- cia y con,laexperienciadeJu,an Carlos Lorenzo, el mejor tee- nice en ci mundo, el mescer- cano eniConocirnientbs depOr- tivos y personalldad a ese gran- de,que se Ilarng Helenle He- rrera. , . zAbandonaria Boca Juniors paralugaren EstadosUnIdos? �DeningUnamariera. Mi ex- -periencia de 23anosal.frente de Boca Juniors,. sin duda una de las Instituciones.mas pede- roses del mundo y lade Loren- zo, que es el hornbre.igee sabe todo lo qua hay que saber en,e1 . fOtbol y.un�poquIto m�, la repartlremos entre Argentina y Estados Unidos., Lorenze este trabejando para pacer una DIrecclOn General de Fetboren Boca que-podila epliCaree de inmedlato'en el petiole! Norte. �Larenzo,trabaja:18 hare� d iOes jra-rer'arf 1)113151--;Y:ti.ierfdriieller'.6e- q ue�duerme, en las 6 horasrts- tantes, sigue elaborando , planes Para& equipo".. Jaen Canoe Lorene* . . aorta on peligro para Boca Juniors participar en un media que reCten Se inlcla en estedeporte? --En absolute. No daria on paso sin el respaldo de una eM- presa seri, acorde con la categorie'y fame internacional de Soca Juniors. No se puede fracasar en USA, con 240 millOnesste habitantes, servida poruna televislOn que puede pager a Casle.a.Clay 10 0 15 lones,derdplarAI;Bara on c�e P v � 33n;-1110 -Is st; aonls)etnD ,?0rris-� imaginese lo que resultaria cuando en muy pocos anos el fUtbol tome un arraigo de costa a costa, ayudado por las grandes concentraclones de lett- noamericanos en Nueva Yerk, California, Miami y de otras coiectividades como la itallana y dedlstintos paiseseuropeos. --LBoca podria formar dos equipos para cornpetir simul- taneamente en Argentina y en los Estados Unidos? .�Actualmente teneMos 38 jugadores con contrato y 22 m as que pueden ser prof e- sionales en cualquier momen- ta, y que pueden integrar am- bos planteles. Pero insistoque el Boca Juniors que actuaria en ese pais, seria una verdadera selecciOn.sudamericana. �Le ye poslbilidades de exitoa BocaJunlorsen USA? �Yentas a salir campeOn en el primer certamen que dis- putemos. Permitame una dis- quisiciOn. El fUtbol demor6 en imponerse on Norteamarica porque los prirneros directores tecnicos que importaron, fueron, ingleses. LOgicamente estos tecnicos Ilevaron ju- gadores de su pais, la mayoria de &los ya acabados. Para triunfar�alli hay que Ilevar ju- gadores jOvenes, que se maten eni la cancha, domolohacen los de Boca y tambien a algUnos experimentados para orientar ese est uerzo. Y Boca ha de- mostrado que los thane. Pero ei -5en cu'alqUiei partadel mundo pat Cualro rezones: es un equipo. de garra; tiene una hin7 chada do ,garra;:tiene un trio- nico, Lorenzo, de garra y.tiene up president., yo, de garra. Al pOtilico ,norteameripano to conqulatariamos de inrne- diato. A ellos les gusta el es- pectaculo de garra, el bo- xeador qUa day reciba el que se brinda. Y: Boca es el equip� Ideal en ese estilo. un equip� pon 1a mistica de Boca Juniors y con varies jugadores de 20 an os, otros de 22 a 23 anos y algunos con 27 028 &los. Una edad promedio de 24 anos en et equip� que le permitiria ob- teller Un.par de campeonatos .entrada y luego In indor- porando nuevas flguraS de relieve. Usted se imagine cuando � los chlcos de los 40.000 coleglos secundarios de Norteamerica per rnedio de la televlai6n vean jugar, a nuestro ,equipo, las decenes de mIllones de "hinchas" que vamos a conquistar alli. Apabullados por, la segu: ridad de la .participaciOn de ' Boca,..lentors en unteturo mas o menos, preximo en el _que podHa ser erdempeonato mas lmportante del mundo, queremos enterarnos de al Approved for Re/ease: 2018//0/0 gunas novedades que flotan en el'amblente local sobre la actuacien en el Campeonato Metropolitan� de Buenos Aires, Los jugadores ban ganado 'mucho diner� y fatalmente no se interesan much� en los 'partidos locales donde ob- tienen 5/6 millones por ac- tuaciOn. Sopa la hInchada de Boca que cada integrante del plant& ha ganado en este alto un promedio de 250 rnillones por mes y Gatti ha ganado m�a�n, porque se lo merece ya que el sOlo es capaz .de Ilenar un estadio. Bocaen es (Os Ultimos 12 meses ha ganado tres campeonatos y el Nacional lo ganarernos al galope . Borussia de Alemania tambien to ganaremos la Cops Inter- continental. Vamos a jugar tambien con el Cosmos, si es- te le gana Ia seccidn nor- teamericana at equipo me- lt:can� de Veracruz. Y. asi..en dos partidos contra el Cos- mos.. alli y aqui, demostra- rime's que somos realmente los mejores de America. �Sr. Armando. Red& menclon6 que Boca incor- porara ref uerzes. tquales son? � , . �Boca .va a incorporer a cuatro jugadores de primera file: un medlocampista y tres delanteros. :Por ahora me reservo los nombres, aunque :Iray�Jun jagador hapla46:..querernbs Vet en riuestro Omer equiOo: as Daniel Bertorp. Ofrecerernos a Independiente 30.000 Mill:ones de pesos viejos, Y como al jugader is corresponderian 6:500 mIllones,. creo que la operaci66 puede hacerse El cronista piensa que la transferencle mes cara del ft'at bol argentin� fue la del ju- gador Villa, adquirido el 'ano pasado par el Racing Deb y piensa si hay en el tutbol ar- gentin� un iub que puede pagar 30.000 millones de pesos. Arimando -parece adivinar nuestro pensarniento y nos aclara con rotunda con- vicciOn: "No se aflija par la plata. Con Bertoni y las otras incorporaciones recaudamos ese dinero en dos partklos. Y no olvide que .Boca jugara dos partidos, el 21 y 27 do marzo prOximo, en Buenos "Aires �y A lemania resOectiyamente. Despues jugaremos rc00 el Cosmos o el Veracruz la ver- dadera Cope dales 3 Americas y que edemas ya estamos clasificados -pare la edIclOn 1978 dela Cope Llbertadores OK& Mita Juniors. recaudara coal� nitni?no,20.000 millones - �Una Ultima pregunta. LEs cierto que Alberto J. Armando Approved for Re/ease: y.el arquero�Hugo "Loco" Gatti ,.� dejarian el fetbol a fin �Yo ya recital todas las glories, 14 campeonatos como presidents de Boca juniors. Culero retirarme pero no me quiereiv dejar. ir. En cuanto a Gatti si se va de Boca; el UnIco club' en el mundo.que puede ,comprarlo es el Cosmos. Vale tres-millones de dOlares, :NEW YORK :TIMES, JUAN DE ONIS y YO siaamereeeseeaseimememeeweapege DETENCIONES PREOCUPAN A JUDIOS EN LA ARGENTINA -� Sever� Castigo a Editor Aumenia Preocupacion sabre Antisemitismo militar , par JUAN DE ONIS Especial pare el,Ne,w York Times_ BUENOS AIRES, Noviembre 19 �La conninidad judia en la Argentina, alarmade dasde tiernpo Was poi acciones an- tisernitices do integrantes,�de les c,uerpos 'de seguridad, se encuentra ahora m� preo- cupadaaenpcir el severo cas- tigo impuestb p9r la junta � militer a JaCobo Timer-Man, un editor de diarids, a quieri se le _he-p_riVedo: de-sus-derechos- �-.Civiles, bierieS.'" . . � ocurrido esto sr Timerman: no �fUera judio?" preguntO Un .dirigente judo qUe pidie, no ser, rdentificado, pen) cuya pregunta subray6 la .preoCuoaci6n. :de los judios sabre antisemitismo en la Ar- gentina.. El gobierno. del 'presidente �Jorge Rafael. Videla, coman- dante en- jefe del ejercito, fir- mernente.niega que exists an- tisemitisnio Oficlai, y ha tornado rnedidas para evitar clue Circulery publicaCiones- de cote muy antisemite, Dirigentes de la colectividad judia tales coma Neherbies Reseitsky, ebogado y pre.- sidentis de laasociaciOn infor- mal Cle organizaciones udias conocida como DAIA, tienen pronto acceso a altos ofi- elates,. tales como el general . Albano' HargUindeguy; Miriis- tro.del Interior, y el almlrante 'Emilio Massera, comandante en ,jefe� de la.armada, un.� in- tegrante a la ,vez de telunta militar. Inseguridad Sin embargo, -estoe contacz tos con al.toS funcionarios no sirven para contrarrestar Is in- segieidad que sienten muchos � 066268 78 judioa ante las. I repUenteS indiCaCiOpea que ,algapOS eleinentos de, las fueriaa,: 'de Seguridad conSiderpe que he habido judios profundartiante irnplicadoS con los :gruPda guerrilleroade izquierda. La, mayoria de los:400:000 ludiot ,argentinos nO ha.,SIOO directamente. afectada pot operativos de segurldad; Pep. seg(in'. ,pna .fuente � j,i10,1e, aproXiMedarnente '600 judibs;,. la .rnayoria giyehres, hen. �es;7., tadO entre 8.000 personas que, segUrr, los militareS, had sido matados, farresta:doS,',*Se= cuestrados .desde marZo de 1976. � Hay rpu:p,hos relatda de gen- te _gee dice habersidoarl� tada.' por las fuerzaa de Se: guridad 'por ser �judioa,"Eil gurios casos se ha cornentado gee en centros do Interro- . gacion Se han vista suaStieas y fotos de Hitler. ' � Los, dirigentes judios que han estudiado el problemaia tondo piensan que ha'habidra un: nurnero inusualmente alto de' judibs entre los estudian- tes, medicos; -abOoados otroepertenecientes a'grupos politicos de Izquierda que les -sirVerf a les- guerrtilerOS COMO �hientea'de retursos:-humenos, Este vale tambien para el per- tido comunistaHaunque.este se ha, opuesto ala violenciade loS,ouerrilleros, ' _ ,- Pero'tambien- hay evidencia que as fuerzas de seguridad rnciuyen elementos,.nacio- naliStas.�y"anticomunistas, de derecha que barren un his- tonal de, antlsernitlsrna on la Argentlna, 'En et context� emocional- mente intenso de as fuerzas de seguridad -que .estan Hu- Oland� contra los querritleros, ,la ,'sospecha de actual o� an- tenor participaciOn en',grupos considerados "de izquierda" "subversivos" .es caqal -suficiente� de arrest�, semi- secreto,. un :violen'to'�inte- rrogatorio y una surparia ejecucion. � Alejandro Deutsch., .S11 mule? Elena, y sus tres, hijas, los.quefueron arreStados;e1.27 de agosto en Colorado (????) son � judios: El -ejercitof dice que un hijo, a quien aun bus- can, ea un guerrillero. El padre airri esta en la carcel; junto con'una.hija,,porque se alegp que advirti6 a su hsjo quo so escapara: cuando la patrulla del ejercito Ilee6 a�.- SegUn dirigentes,judios, las amerfazas... contra Jacob� Kovadloff, representante en este de. la ComisiOn norteamericana, quien se: ft& del pais cansu larnilla en Letter from Argentina Page 81 julio, obedecen a un grupo derechista que opera fuera de las fuerzas regulares de se- guridad. Vinculos con las fuerzas de seguridad Pero ahora se cree en forme generalizada .que el goblerno no puede garantizar la se- guridad de una ' persona se riamente amenazada por esos grueos, que aperentemente tienen una estrecha ligazon cOn las fuerzas�de'seguridad-e -- impunidad virtual para actuar. Aunque el presidente Videla y sus colaboradores militeres han habledo muchas veces sobre la necesidad de este- blecer un "monopolio de la. represiOn" bajo control de alto nivel, adniiten que est� no se ha logrado. El caso del senor Timerman, ex editor del diario La 01* nion, crea dudes aUn mayores acefca de hasta que punto el Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 un joven banquero argentin� acusado de haber aceptado fondos clandestinos de grupos guerrilleros para su in- version en el extranjero. Sin embargo, la junta militar impuso al senor Timerman su castigo m�severo la semana pasada al retirarle los dere- chos politicos, poner- sus bienes bajo custodia oficlal, privarle del derecho de trabajar como profesional, y extender su arresto en forma indefinlda. militares estan conven- cidos que hay Uria-VincUlaciOn--- primer mag 'sired� controla las decisiones militares. Aunque fue .detenido por personal militar el 15 de junio y subsiguientemente tortu- red� durante interrogatoriOs, al senor Timerman jamas se lo acus6 formalmente de fling& delito en la InvestigaciOn sobre supuestos vinculos financieros entre su diario y el desaparecido David Graiver.. entre Timerman y Graiver, y eso lo convierte en "subver- sivo", dice On funcionario. El presidente Carter expres6 , al presidente Videla su preocupaciOn por el. caso Timerman durante la visite a Washington en septiembre del presidente argentino, y el secretario de estado Cyrus Vance, que debe� Ilegar el lunes a la Argentina, renovara, a no dudarlo, la preocupaciOn estadounidense pare que se le haga un proceso justo. � - Pero los integrantes de la 'colectividad _judia en la A- rgentina, quienes contemplan al senor Timerman con ad- , mired& como un dedicado sionista preocupado por, el blenestar de Judios 'aqui y en Israel, consideran que la ac- ciOn contra el no contribuye a mayor confianza en cuanto a la forma en que el goblerno. maneja las cosas cuando hay un judio de por rnedio. � IEYVEILUJSIVO PARA A CENTINI)S Algunos corresponsales extranieros afIrman que en la Argon- - Una hay 'una .sistematIca persecuclOn contra los Judloa (secuestros, tortures y asesInatos). Nosotros, los argenti- nos, sostenemos que no es asi. Esta es parte de nuestra lucha en "CARTAS DE ARGENTINA" ft alp01.1/1: � c,11.1 0011.11 iel d77) _Mina Page 88 LOS PESQUEROS RUSOS Siete�pesqueros, sovleticos y dos pesqueros, b6flperos ha/2 sldo apresados recientemente por la armada argehtina. Deb16 hacerse uso de les armas de los. buques de guerra, para, _ , lograr quelos barcos, es . � � pecialmente los bulgaros, se Cometieran a la autoriaad ar- gentine. Motivo: pescaban en el .mar jurisdiccional argen- tino, sin licencia, atraidos por la riqueza icticola �de esas aguas, verdadera reserve mun- dial. La Argentina ha sido un pais pionero en la� procla- mad& del mar patrimonial. Una seria adVertencia: la 'soberania sera defendida slempre y por todos los medios. � UNA ENERGICA RESPUFSTA ilmiammomm����=mummus Durante varios dias, los Utiulares de los diarios argen- tihos se refirieron, con or- pero tamblen con es- tilpor, al caso de los pes- queros "pirates". Con orgullo, inocultable, por la decidida actitud de las autoridades ar- gentinas-dispuestas-a.que.los.... ,, derea1l-e1=1Sat's so b mar �jurisdicciori5t-'4=(20- � Ilas), sean respetados por todas las banderas del mundo. � Con estupor, por la audacia y la pertInacia puesta de manifiesto por as flotillas in- trusas, que persistieron en la pesca.ilegal atin despues que hubieran sido apresados los prlmeros buques y que, mien- do a su vez lban a ser cap, turados, trataran de huir poniendo. distancia con as naves de la Armada Nacional. Estos intentos no les dieron resultados: la serenidad y fir- . meza exhibidas en su apre- .samiento entranaban la deter- mined& de la Argentina de imponer �su condiciOn de soberana hasta las OltImas .consecuencias. Se dispare modo de advertencia y, cuan- do la respuesta continu6 sien- ' do la fuga, se dispar6 a pegar con municiOn inerte. Hubo un bulgaro herido, atendido con la celeridad del caso por la Ar- mada, que hizo gala de as mejores tradiciones, marinas. Carlos Gonzalez, Jos�urac y . � Ponciano Gonzalez., tres cabos de la Armada Argentina, , yr. desepamcieron en el mar al intenter abord'arUno- de' los' Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 pesqueros sovieticos; la irres- porisabilidad de los�.intrusos cost6 el precio de tres vides jevenes, tres vides ofrendadas en acto de servicio a la so- berania de la Petrie. LAS RIQUEZAS CODICIADAS: La RepUblica Argentina estal empenada en proteger sus riquezas icticolas en su vasto mar patrirnonial, de dos millones de kllemetros cuadrados de superficle. En� un mundo cada vez m� necesitado de alimentos, es- pecialmente proteinicos, la proteccien. del equilibrio biologic� de as especies marinas, la lucha contra la depredecien de los recursos renovables, resultan tareas irrenunciables para un pueblo con conciencia de futuro. Se dades sovieticas �a nadie p.rotegejariqueze del Ter ed_e-atrib Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 importancla y los argentinos estan dispuestos a garantizar que continOe siendolo. UNA DUALIGAD IRRITANTE Estes riquezas son las que los intrusos vinieron a buscar. Sin pager �derechos, sin au- torizacien, realizan pipgires negocios explotando riquezas ajenas; y lo m�grave es�que, por su condiciOn de furtivos,' que les exige' operar a full y retirarse rapidamente de la zona, no vacilah en capturar especies y tamenos cuya pes- ca esta prohibida. Asi, lo demuestra !a pesca acum.u- lada en las bodegas de las barcos capturados, que fue adquirida posteriormente por una empresa privada que hizo la Gorrespouliente descarga, en Puerto Madryn, una ciudad co.stera de la Patagonia. to singular del caso es que siete de ellos proVienen de la Union Sovietica, un pais que ha promulgado, .hace menos de un ano, distintas medidas para proteger. su propio mar patrimonial; sus leyes penan severamente la pesca clandes- tine y. Ilegan a imponer. ele- vadisimaS multas por unidad capturada, de cualquier es- pecie que sea. A Is vez que adoptan esos arbitrios para defender sus propios inte- reses y riquezas, las autori- latoria de. la soberanie argen- tine. El producto de su pesca (Pescado procesado, .pescado), de gran magnitud, .jfue conliscado..por. las -au- toridades argentinas.A cada � uno le ha correSPandtdo edemas una multa que oscila entre.. 5.000 y 100.000 deletes. A estos perjuiclos deberan sumar.el del lucro cesante por la prolongada interrupcien im- puestaa sus actividades. Pero. con � Ser estas san- ciones .ejemplanzederas,Ia nan der ser mas las a que se vieron so met dos � por su irresponsabi- lidad'. Segurarriente no espe- . raban una actitud tan decidida et por parte. de la Armada Argen- tina. 'Han comprobado ahora, con total clariclaridad, hasta donde ha de Ilegar la deter- minacien de los argentinos en la defense de su soberania y de sus riquezas. En una Ar- gentina que encara con fir- meza la explotackm Intense de sus riquezas maritimas, no puede haber lugar para las ac- titudes vacilantes en la proteccion de esas riquezas. La Argentina ha sldo slempre Un pais respetuoso de !Qs derechos de las otras na- ciones; pero tambien ha sabido .siempre defender con gallardia sus propios derechos soberanos. Mons. via) Derilsi Con el proposito de conocer su pen- samiento en cuanto a los temas wind- - pales del quehacer nacional, CARTAS AR- GENTINAS entrevisto a Monserior Ociavlo Nicolas Perisi, obispo auxillar de La Plata (provIncia de Buenos Aires), profesor universitario y rector de la Universidad Catolica Argentina "Santa Maria de los Buenos Aires", entre otros rnuahos titulos que jalonan una vida de estudio y docen- cla. iodo el mun o, de manera-in- I l'bm Dersi resulta facil dada -Sit' del criStianisMo. La interven- crementada y permanente. . arnabilidad .y� aptitud para no:. presa� permiten .y aim es- Los .planes de explotacien timulan a. las naves bajo su dejar temas sin abordar, por . pesquera, que impulsaran una bandera a depreder las ri- . eSpInosos que.ellOs�parezcan importante �expansien para el q_uezas de otros.peises. , Ante Una pregOnta acerca. preximo lustro,. ester) acti- . 'del paper que el cOnsidera vamente en marcha; Se ob- . .. debe .desempener la Iglesia ar- ' tiene el concurso del capital LAS 200 MILLAS, TRADICION gentina, en lodoe sus niveles , privado, el aporte tecnologico ARGENTINA' - . , y jerarquias, para con el actual y f i n a n c i erci de palses con am- p.receso� naciohal, monsenor plia experiencia en la materia, Drisi puntualizO .que "el pap& com.o el Japen, Alemania de la lglesia esta determined� Federal y Espana. La caps- /Dor elfin de la misnia: Santo cidad de pesca delas TOrnas de .Aquino ensena que gentinas, que es hoy de selo siempre que so. deba consi- 400 .mil toneladas anueles, derar una sociedad, ha de Ilegara�al miller) de toneladas pensarSe en el fin y en la con- en 1980. Para el pais signi- 'stituciOn de ella..En el caso de ficara el ingreso de alrededor la Iglesia, st.1 fin es eminen- de 500 m Welles de &flares por temente � salyific6, ya que ano, en concepto de expor- reaibe y transmite la redenciOn � taciones de frutos del mar. .Y de JesucriSto. El la Constituye air n asi, todaVia se estara lejos como socieciacf. jerarquica; de de poder aprovechar en toda �1a .que el Papa es Vicario y los su magnitud la capacidad de ObiSpos, sucesores de los ese mar patrimonial, que qp6Stoles: Yendo pues at ofrece la posibilidad de cap- /caScr-COncreto, para salver at turar, cuanto menos, 3,5 hi:m*6 �-fa I.glesia debe. to- rri illones de toneladas anuales marl�, totalmente; el cristiano de distintas especies marinas, debe' serIO siempre, sea sin. alterar su potencial icti- ecOnomista, politico, jurista, cola. . . . � etc. De esta manera, el mar ju- y agregO'.' "Ahora biert: la risciccierjel argentino, conS7_ actrividad temporal le compete al 'Estado y a los seglares cat011cds,- qUe. deben� Ilevar a. La Reptiblica Argentina ha sido. pionera en la procla- macien de la extension de las 200 millas como mar.jutisdic- cional. Ha sostenido este. derecho desde hace tiempo en los principales fobs mun- diales; ha apoyado esta tesis y la ha efectivizado en 1966, pero sus antecedentes deben buscarse ya en 1946, cuando- proclame su soberania sobre el zecalo o plataforma con- tinental y el mar epicontinen- tal correspondiente. Esta tradicien de un de- recho nacido en America latina y adoptado.por cada vez mas naciones del mUndo, no puede ser desoonocida por ninguna bandera, sin aceptar los riesgos que tal actitud ert- tranaral_os Neve buques pes- queros capturados en Pue- tituye 'boy .por rtoVadryn fueron sancionados reserva: rnundiales- de mayor;), Oso' actitud furtive vio- ci6n de la Iglesia, como tal, en 'la actividad temporal no corresponde: Si la indirecta, es decir, debe actuar activan- do a las concienclas, dando los principios morales para los distintos procesos (politicos, econornicos, de la culture, et- c.). En ese sentido si le toca actuar a la lglesia, porque esos principios son suyos. No tiene soluciones temporales, ya que la Doctrina Social de la lglesia consiste en, justamen- te, esos principios morales que infunden a todas esas ac- tividades; pero los cristianos lalcos tienen el deber de ac- tuar directamente, en base a Letter, from Argentina Page 89 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 esa tonics doctrinarla. Pre- cisamente por ello, en la 61- titha colaciOn:digrados de la Univesidad CatOlica, posluvo . � � que esta _se coninromelie a coiaborar,. como. Univer.sidad, con el gobiemo de la Fuerzas Armadas esta hora 'moor- tante de-la Patna: � ,, , . Entiendo que. todo argen- tino este en la obligaciOn. de colaborar, ya que, come tam- bien, dile en esa Oportunidad, las Fuerzes Armadas no cons- tituyen Un /partido, sino que encarnan.y..expresan al pueblo argentino", . 'conversaciOn derive luego. hecia su � condiciOn de responsable de la formaciOn de rnuetios .jOvenes con va- caciOn 'universitaria. Se le in- quiri6 ei a su juicio los j6venes tienen papel -especial que'curnplir en estas circuns- tancias. La respuesta no .,se hizo.'esperar: "Las univer- sidades-,�catOlicas deben for- mer jOvenes en un doble sen-. tido: en la especifico de cada carrera,-y a la vez integrando ese saber en una formaciOn sUpertor,- con- una..visiOn fi- lodO, le yida. De 'eda.1-nanera, la universidad caiOliba cplabora de pertante..con.:el. proceso,'�na ciOnalt-ya.que da al pais horn-- '-rnyjeres. asf fOrrriadOs para .que puedan �cumplin, en stie -Tesp'ectivoe carnlios; Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 guerrilla, como organizacion, parece quebrada.- Por supues- to, queda aim much� por hacerse en .este terreno":' Pero entiende que "el recrudeci- miento puede atribuirse a la necesidad de esas: organi- zaciones de dar una respuesta a su derrola.en el episodin del avion..ateman secuestrado y retomado en el aeropuerto de MogadIsclo.- Asi, las bandas pretenden asentar su presen- cia en el mundo". Agrega nuestro entrevistado que "SI no se unen todos toe paises contra la violencla, estepodria propagarse a�n mils; per� sl los ,gobiernos se ponen fir- mes, la violencia no 'pros- perara". . Su condiciOn de 'pastor le hace agregar un aspecto riles a lo que cree viable como so- luciOn a tan terrible flagelo: "deben. .darse ideales. a Agt jnventud, ya que en algunos casos esta no ha visto m� que violencia y marxismo a su alrededor. Si .se logra inculcar valores positivos en esa por- ci.on. de. eqUivocados, segu- ramente .muchos de..ellos pueden Itegar a trabajar po- sitivamente por su Patney por la humanidad toda".' Dentro del terreno�pastoral, un acontecimierito ocupa la atenclOn de los .medios ca- tolicos -de todo el .mundo: el Ob' d , eConomistas, juristas, , � . liber6 durante todo el nies de -E4greeidente Videlaxitio_, no octubre�en-Rorna, y-cuyo-terna Ilegar. La primera palabra puede Ir por la via de los riled ios masivos; despues Ilegara la formaciOn siste- matica". La entrevlsta finalize con un pensamiento de monsenor Derisi que, por su claridad ex- positive, exime de comen- tarios e invite ala reflexiOn: "La Argentina tiene ahora , una gran oportunidad de en- cauzarse por el camino de grandeza que antes tuvo, y� que, por niter una fecha, comenz6 a declinar a partir de 1930. No es el caso ahora de analizar las causes; es si el mornento de rehacer nuestro poderio, por medio de la for- -maciOn de nuestres gene- raciones nuevas en el amor a � la Patria. Luego se tratara de difundlr ese sentimientO a las restantes capas sociales. La conslgria es guitar con hechos la -false irnagen intema de un pais denoted� y deshecho. Somos un pueblo grande, y estoy convencido de que podremos sallr, adelante. En las reserves ,morales de la Fe este la herrarnienta idOnea a utilizer por .parte ,d los res- pondables. De ese modo y a traves de ello, habremos de Hagar a los valores rnaterlales, consecuencia de aquellas en tada comunIded nacional debidamente estructUrada. La. historia argentine es !Im- ola, y el pueblo es magnifico, imbuido de la concepcion y una verdadera recreaclon de la conciencia nacional; amor autentico a la Patria, trabajo y sacrificlo". salife. la- bases de 'valores -cris- lianbs tenga'per- manencia. La 'Universldad Catolica Argentina "Santa Maria del Buen Aire" ya ha dado 7.500 4raduados"con esa impronta .formativa, y. noy vanos de ellos ejereen fun- cio'ne8 como' ininistroS en las provinCias, e ,inctuao unit es acivalmante Secretario�de Es- tado de Comercio de la NA- ciiin.-Ademis, en toc,Ios.- los sectores de la vide' harCiOnal . , -- acttian-..nyestros� -egresados coin� _ferment� de esa..eicala de'Vatores. ' En cuanto a lo general,'..e- to)0 que los j6venes deben desempener� un -papel .pro- tag'Ohico,. puesto que, bien formados, come no arraStran la. carga de prejulcios que stiel.e..,Condicionar a los ma- yoireS, � pueden lomat corno puraia 'de. intenciones los grandes.ideales patriOticos.". :El rurnbo de la cOnversacion paSa.luego a-un tema acucian- te en todo. el mundo: la viole- ncia terreirista, que parece haber recrudecido. Monsenor Dersi enfoca el problema, en prirrier lugar, en el contexto naCienal� donde,� dice "la P P tiano entrerlos pueblos. Moo- senor.Derisi considera, en es- te sentidd; que catequesis dada a. nuestros n.lnos en paroquias y colegios. sigue teniendo plane vIgencia, por, que a nil entender,es� la mejor manera de .forrnarles en la Fp. Pero la epoca exige el uso consciente de io,s niedlos rnasivos de comunicaciOn, que permiten flegaNal .mayor nUmero de personas . (radio, televisiOn, dlarios, revistas y todo otro informativo). Asi se puede .Ilegar � mas y mejor' a .los grandes "dectores qua cog la forma tradicienal, ya que a veces los: grupOs de ninos. y javenes que se acer-. can a recibir la formaciOn 'es- piritlial son reducidos,. Estoy seguro de que, Si se 'apro-., vecharan debidarnente los medios de cernunicaciOn masiva, se podrialOgrarufl doble.propOsIto; per un 'add,' Ilegar con el .mensaje, y per el otro, evItar la perniclosa en- senanza de .la vide tack del hedonisrno, de la pornograhia, etc. . El mensajc de Ctrista, edemas de ser verdadero, en- fervoriza. La cuestian es poder Letter from Argentina Page 90 En primer lugar contesta el ex rector-interventor en la Universided de Buenos Aires, Dr. -Alberto Eduardo Ottala- gano 1) No. Se debe interponer recurso de revisiOn, por baser- se en "error de hecho que conlleva a injusticia notoria" Es un fallo arbitrario, que ig- nore la geografia y la historia. Es de aplIcaciOn Imposible. 2) Como lo manda fa defen- sa del Patrio Mar. Su funciOn de alta policia maritirna es de cumplimlen,to Inexcusable. _ Hace at ejerciclo de la so- berania. --. � 3).. Se debe buscar una soluclOn que .contemple la colaboraciOn solldaria en fun- ci6n continental sobre la base del respecto mutuo de las soberanias de las tres na- clones .Intervinientes, que se concilie con sus mas-elevados intereses nacionales. "YO PIENS� ASI" "CARTAS DE ARGENTINA" este ablerta a que todo ciu- dadano argentlno o extranjero, de su opiniOn sobre temas es-- pecificos, que son de interes pare la comunidad: Hoy publIcamos las res- puestas a cinco preguntas: 1) Se debe aceptar el Laudo sobre el canal de Beagle? 2) C6mo califica la reacciOn de la Armada frente a los pes- q ueros pirates rusos? 3), Que opine sobre la con- troversia con Brasil sobre las represas de Itaip6 y Corpus? 4) Que pienda sobre la lucha antiterrorista en nuestro pals? ",', ls 5) Su OPIniOn' sObre la' en- trevista Carter-Videla Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 siOn en todos los ambitos: cultural, religioso, - familiar, econOmico, social, judicial, policial, minter; etc. Se atacan los efectos, pero� deberian atacarse m�las causas. No se -trata que la policia y las FF.AA. eliminen un guerrillero. y que la escuela o la econo- mia, por ejemplo, fabriquen 5) Espero que sIrva para es- clarecer al .pablico nortea- mericano sabre el drama del terrorlsrno-y su repreelOn en la Argentina, para dIsipar malos entendldos; y estrechar yin- cubs con la gran naci6n del Norte. La doctora Silvia Gil Arcay as directora del Departamento medico deun Leb.oratorio nor- teamericano. 1) Si, -en 'la medida que se ajusto' y respete nueStra soberania. Creo que no lo he sidci y por le tanto deberiamos negeciar nuevas coridiciones p.ej.: cambiar de erbitro. 2) El cunipi16.cdri. s'iPPAidieS'a que' Dr: no iba a .permitir .que nos hagan una .mdti- lacion de nuestra soberania Yo les_habria confiscado no solo la carga, sino tarnbien los , barcos. 3) Supongo que no debe ser tan ctificii conciliar opinlones en un'asunto.que es de.interes , prioritarlo Para Argentina, Paraguay y Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 de dialog� fructifero con Chile . a fin de Ilegar.a soluciones satisfaCtorias para ambos. - � � 2) �En Verdad ha leaccip�- nado de la Unica Manera coma podria hacerla en represen- tacion .de la soberania argen- tina y fiel,. custodio de los bienes de la patria.. " .3) La dialog� . entre Argentina y Brasil debe ser fluida y constructiva. Los intereses en. juego � son muy grandes y los beneticlos incal- culables. El ,bienestar de los.,. pueblos ,exige de sus gober- nantes extrema(' todos los � ti) Debe desarrollarse en todos los. frentes: no solo en forma de lucha frontal, sino.: especialmente en prIvar Ec la subversiOn de las condialones soclales, econ6micas y cul- turales que la puedan favo- recer. Yen ml opini6n, es fun- damental .ensenarle al pueblo coma. se, mantiene- finan- cieramente lasubversiOn, para destruir el mito,de.los.heroes: --5)-En,:.polilica-exterior - -ThoCv' �los'paises, pero en la medida en .que la conducta de las. demas� naciones hacia no- sotros' sea de reciproco res- peto por nuestros derechos y nuestra libertades. recaudos que posibiliten el pacifico...usufructo de: las .ri- quezas potenciales. Argentina y Brasil en su reiaci6n. de , deseues de la vista del proverbial. amistach.encon- presidente .Videte a West-king- rletrOaTIT.1:osmedios_para.superar.�,,,J..911,...g,9,r0.1.2t con-ct1 - - - - - ,,_vo,catorjafaTiojef e-Sfde:estacto�i- pare ,enmarcar a auspicios-a' finita. del tratado con' Panama y 'con la :posterior entrevista con el' presidente Carter, las relacioneS, fueroh mejorando senSiblemente: I Los Estados Unidos.,yehan acredltado su n'uevci embajadOr, el doctor fael Castro y esperamos que obi) � su� presencia':.eri -Buenos Aires; el alto nivel actual de relaciones se-mantenga, . � -Se' ha-habledO:luegO'de la entrevista�Videle-.Carter, sabre "la.Navidad eh pai". Indiearie que hay Un cornpromiso con:. Estados .Unidos �sabre un statue que permitiera Un �aflojerniento de la Iiiche Corti Ira la'guerrilla? " -No hay eue tomarlo al pie de' la letra. El presidente' Videla ha. Manifestado'su deSeb de �que la � proxima NaVidad Sea pasada en nal por todos' les .argentinos, porque constdera que' pare ese enton; c,es. el terroriSmo estara, anulado on el pais. ,Si des- greciadamente el terrorismo no es 'anUlado, los terrOristaS se encargaran- que losargen- tinos no pasemos la Navided EL MINISTRO DE RELACIONES ,EXTERIORES Impusimes el Ministro de RelaciOnes ExtePOres ,de la Argentina, vicealmirante OS- car Mbntes de la actividadqiie desarr011a "CARTAS DE AR- GENTINA la: verdad,..pacionel, ante' 5.000 periodistaS norteeinerieeno pertenecierites a otros tantos diarios, periOdicos y revistas: �'Se rnostr6 rnuy cornplacido y con absolute tranquilidad no exenta de firtneia,respondi6 nuestras pregUntas'sobre dis- tintos te,ma5'relacionados con lei.ectividad exterior.'de la NeciOn.. Como� 'legit-nos_ principal-. rnente. a los medics de fusiOn ao USA, nuestra primer pregunta: se refiri6 al: estado de :las relaciones argentino- ribrtearnericanas. � relaCiOnes -"de Argen�-� tina con Estades- Unidos siempre han sido buenes." Si bien c.ounturalmente puederi haber pasado por algtin moment� de disminubion; 74-7 contra la subversi6n; que. se eSta .desarrollando en Europa' y EstadOs'Unictbs?- � ' ' -1A`'eaMpana Mundial �de' deteriOrd de la imagen eigen.1 tine en el exterior es dirigida pot' elementos 'indeseableS y antiargentinos. Esta cempana- nO 5-Olo es Ilevada a a cabro en USA '.sino tarnbien en vario's paises de Europa Occidental. El- Poder- �Ejecutivo ha 'tras-, ladedo a la Cancillerla la res., porisabilidad de � der la Imagen. real'del pais en elexteriOr'y eS- asi como hemos inStrumen- tado hace pocos mesas un Centro. de DifusiOn Argentina, - due 'este' coardinandO, 1.3.2'aC- cion esclarecedora. sobre..1a. realidad argentina -en todos. esos� paises europeos. A este CentrO'de DifusiOn Argentina de Paris, le seguira otro-en los Estados Unid,os para coon- dinar la accien en ese. gran Pais. y .-tambien en aquellas naciones hermanas de El Dr. Luis .Pedro.Bucafus- co, presidente-de la Casa Ar- gentina en. Israel.; presidente de UNELAM � (Unidad Evan gelica Latinoamericana) y ex presidente de la Federacien, Argentina, ,de.,. Iglesias- Evan- gelicas, resume � su � opinien asi:- 1) Creo que este Laudo plantea up serio problema al honor argentino, en caso que lisa y Ilanamente se rechazara. Tal .vez fue errOneamente en- carado deSde un principio, pero xaes,-"tarde para los la- mentos. El LaUdo en' s�como pronunciamiento importa una. real, .injUSticia y Un -desco- notimiento .a acuerdo,s oceanicoS bilaterales, y ,5u cumplimien,to traeria ape- rejedo,creaciOn de. una.' zone de.EurrIcienertte,, teriSjOn entre dos�pmelt)10's.',,, La soluciOn no eslr'echear'hi aceptar.sino crear un clime de 4). El gobierno 4iene la obligaciOn de &ear las.' Con diciones para 'clue � la ciOda- dania se�ejeria enun clima de paz y respeto mutuo. � Por lo tent� esta obligado-a, oponer- se a todo .aquello que pueda alterar la. tranguilitlad,Yqueln- tente perturbar la �paz:. Pero esta lucha debe realizarse con la hidalguia que da el amor por la libertad y por los derechos humanos, sin caer en�metodos que�desnaturalicen esa. :mis- ma hidalguia..., 5) Tpdasentrevista entre dos gobernantes bien intenclo- nados es muy saludable. Par: ticularmente en.esta hora,, en que nueStro pals tiene que . disipar .o clarificar, el . clima creado por una insidiesa cam- , pana en, su contra, en :el am- bito Internacional. .Por , puesto que n.0 significa, dar, ',come ex- presien cle.sumisiOn, sino re- afirmar .nuestra Posiclon republicene y.dern,ocratica. Le' entrey,i.s9, epo:fociemas de ser fructifera por el enlendirniento que,a, ocp.,,,s,tarabie.rt_porque cre perrnite que,los � d.osaiSeS.Se ,�.�, �_ apresten a Uri mas intenso y creativo intercambio. America ,en: que: sea necesariO haterlo, , � .-Peri6dicamente Ilegan paireOl.a,rnac.lone,s,, de al,.., gUnos.grupos� politicos y cul turele.s .de, Europa; libertad del. ex president CarnPora. Hay algupa�novedad,... en-ese senlido? ;Argentina sigue ourripijeri-,:� dq-..estrictamente. todos ,sPs. corripibmiSos internaCiOnaleS.,- Tanto Campora, como.pir hijO y Abal Medina sigUen esilados en la empajada de;Mexico y perrnanentemente se estudia,.,1 la Situaci6n de 'eStos tres per sonajes. , -01r6 tema urticarite en ,las . � relaelones argentin,onbr7:;. teamericanas, lo constituye le situaciOn .de.,los�adherentes la ,secta religiose denominada ' Testigos' de Jehova .qUe 5e , niegan a reVerenCiar los sm bolos pathos. Cual es' la ,i-'- tuaciari actual de ese -Sobre este asunto hey,un LQue se puede hacer'frente a. dictamen juridico perfecte- la-cempana de descredito don- mente .claro de la justiCia tra la Argentina en su lucha manteniendo la total:indepep- Letter from Argentina Page 91 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 dencia entre el Poder Eje- �Esto este perfectamente cutivo y & Poder Judicial, lo claro y lo hemos dicho que Ar- resuelto.en ese dictamen sera gentina es muy respetuosa del . aplicado por el Qobierno. Los Derecho Internacional, pero Estado.s Unidos sierripre han no va a permitir que se afecte sostenido que los derechos nuestra soberania sobre te- humanos estan basados en el rritorio y mar argentinos. problema juridi'co y en este caso justamente lo que se este . �Porque Chile quiere una apticando es un dictamen salida al Atlantico y niega juridico 'que no puede ser categOricamente la salida at tornado como atentatorio .a mar, que anhela Bolivia? ninguna de las libertades que (:,Cual es la actitud argentine? establece� nuestra Consti- �Nosotros heroes apoyado - -tuci.6n,.._ya _que..ese_.d.i.cternen_ en reiteradas oportunidades y nace justamente del Poder quo. vela. el fiel cumplitniento de nuestra ConsituciOn. . -Cables recientes del ex- tranjero sostienen que habria en nuestro pais una represiOn contra profesionales y mas especificamennte de la . psi- cOlogka y psiqpiatria, espe- cialmente de la colectividad israelita,, o de miembros del Partido Comuniste. Que podemos informer a la prensa de Estados Unidos a la que Ilegamos con "CARTAS DE ARGENTINA"? -No han surgido ideas ni ac- titudes antisemitas o contra el partido Comunista .en Argen- tina.. Puedo declarer con or- WI� que en nuestro pais no hay discriminaciOn .alguna, ni religiose, ni de raza, ni per MOti.vos politicos. No solo ahora, sino que nunca han exiStido violencies ni per- �La Armada mentiene una secuciones raciales. Por Ora permanente vigilancia y con- parte, el partt.d.o_Comunista trol sobre nuestras 200 millaS .y=siempre,que, sea violada-su tidos�politicos ergo tierten suspendida su ecti- vidad politica, pero de flirt- gun'a manors son persegui- dos, por el solo ser cornunistas. . Argentina ha dicho en � las Nacidnes Unidas, que sig- nifica el terrorisrno interna- cional y ha tornado y. sigue tomando todas las medidas a fin de que desaparezca y sea aniquilado en nuestro pais. -Otro tem-a que. 'este in- dUietando a la opini6n pUblica es la actitud a tomarse en las conversaciones bileterales sobre la zona austral. Que se plensa hacer? -Terminada la segunda ron- da de conversaclones infor- males yo he informado recien- teniente a la Junta de Coman- dantes en Jefe., sobre los resultados de. .la misma y se �Satisfecho de las conver- .estan estudiando los nuevos saciones con el 'oancilier pasos a dar. paraguayo Nougues en la -Ya el Comandante en Jete visite que finalize en Buenos de la Armada, almirante Aires? Emilio Eduardo Massera habria -adelantado, inter- �Si muy satisfecho. He- pretando el general reclamo, mos anal izado los.; temas popular, sin distinciOn de bilaterales, econernicos, politicos, culturales y como banderias, que no se admitire l a mutilacion del territorio evaluaciOn yo dire que ha side a - riacional. Es ese el pensa- ltamente positive para Pa- miento de la Junta Mutter? rag uay y Argentina. Letter from Argentina Page 92 desde'riaCe muchos anos una � salida al mar para la hermana repUblica de Bolivia, siempre de acuerdo y satisfacciOn de los paises involucrados en es- te problema. �Argentina considera ter- mined� el incidente con los pesqueros rusos? �Los pesqueros intrusos se han avenido a pagar las multas que estableceran los correspondientes sumarios, aim no concluidos y en cuanto a la carga 'fue confiscada y vendida a terceros, per lo que' dichos pesqueros no han podido beneficiarse de nin- guna manera. �Podren reincidir los pes- queros pirates extranjeros dentro de nuestras aguas? que considere adecuadas para que nunca sea violada esta soberania. �Corn� estan nuestras relaciones con Brasil? �Ya se ha realized� la segunda .roncia tripartira (Brasil, Paraguay y Argentina) en la que se han efectuado in- tercambioS de caracter tec- nice. El 17 de este roes se Ilevara a cabo la tercera rO.nda, donde espero se terminen de analizar todos estos dabs, para iniciar ya los estudios en profundidad .a fin de poder compatibilizar ambas represas de Itaip6 y Corpus, con la idea del mayor y mejor aprove- chamiento del ague que Dios ha dado a estos tres pueblos y en beneficio de los mismos. PETER !HEINLEIN Y LA COPA DEL MUNDO Aunque ya no es ninguna estrella del futbol, para Peter Heinlein la Cope del Mundo ya comeriz6 en septiembre 61- timo. Y cuando Alemanla Oc- cidental inaugure el cam- peonato en la cancha de River Plate, el 1� de junio de 1978, a las 15.30 hores, varies miles de alemanes cOmodamente instalados en las platees del estadio, veran a sus favoritos gracias a la labor previa de Peter Heinlein. Peter, 26, soltero, "pintOn" corn() decimOs los portenos, este destacado en Buenos Aires por NE(JE REVUE, revis- ta de interes general de la editorial Heinrich Bauer Verlag, de Hamburgo, Ale- mania. Las publIcaciones de este complejo editor, tiran unos 10 millones de ejem- plares semanales, en ver- siones germanas de "Play Boy", "Quick" y otras. "Neue Revue" tiene una circulaciOn de 1.500.000 ejemplareS. De acuerdo con la politica de CARTAS DE ARGENTINA que tambien liege" a 3.000 periodlstas 'alemanes a traves de "BRIEF AUS ARGENTI- NIEN" invitamos; a Peter a desaynar en nuestro hogar. Confortablemente insta- lados, y a la vista del hermoso parque de. Palermo desde nuestro octavo else, Peter nos cuenta que el entusiasmo en Alemanla por el Mundial, es tat que en dos dies se ago-. taron 'los pasajes para un "charter" que Ilegara a Buenos Aires para el partido final. Y Peter este contribuyendo a ese entusiasmo con suplernentos de 10 pagleas..que redacta .desde Buenos AIres. Su re v..i.'s,t.adAt Olio: de la Deutech'er..F.U1S-Stiall+Bund, .un cupo de' 'aborioSi-.--(pasajes Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 aereos, hoteles y entrada al estadio) para 1.600 alemanes. Se venden a 3.150 marcos (u$s 1.400.�). Viajaran en un DC- 10 de la Martin Air, de Holanda y toda su estadia en Argentina este preparada por Hapag- Lloyd, operadores de Bremen, -con sucursales en toda Alemanla. Este Operative, denomlnado AKTION WM 78, es patro- cinado por la Liga Alemana, organizado per Hapag Lloyd e Intervienen con el propbsito de bajar los costos, varies fir- mas comerciales como Foto ()thane International,. la m� grande casa de fOtoS en el rnundo; Chocolates Nuts; Grundig y la Renault alemana. Los 1.600 alemanes (en total viajaran m�de 3.000) Ilegeran en 4 vuelos: el primero Heger& para la inauguraclOn, con ac- ceso a otros dos partidos m� el segundo volara direc- temente a C6rdoba, para ver 4 partidos de la primera roncla; el .tercer "charter" estara on Buenos Aires para dos par- tidos de la segunda ronda; y el cuarto vuelo sera para la final. Le preguntamos a Peter Heinlein, come ye a la Argen- tina en estos dos meses de estada. - habia estado en 1975. Es un pals muy lindo, que grandes riquezas y con mucho futuro, por su exten- siOn, sus climes, sus habitan7 riorttr ste..eL. aiS.rfiu convulsionado? �Argentina es un pais nor- mal, igual al resto del mundo, En todos los paises hay pOlicias y militares en guardia. No he visto nada excepaional en cuanto a represiOn.. He tenido la m�amplia libertad para trasladarme 'a cualquier lugar. � �,Que les dirias a los alemanes? �"Que vale la pena venir, que nunca habran vista alga parecido. Eso si, le stengo que advertir que vengan con animo de aventuras, ya que no les puedo asegurar que van a encontrar todo tan ordenado come en Alemania, pero la capacldad de improvisaclOn de los argentinos, en su mente latina, y con gran hospltall- dad, hare que los alemanes sean muy bien recibidos. �Alemanla va a iniclar su trabajO en CCordoba, ,que impreslOn tienes de esa eluded? �XOrdoba, la sede inicial para Alemaeia es una ciudad de 1.000-.000 de habitantes. Antigua, de estp, colonial,. con.:todo..el.confOrt .de la vide oderna.�N.O,0 rece en si muchos atractivos, pero las villas y localidades de los alrededores . son hermosas. Villa Carlos Paz, a orillas del lago San 'Rogue, a 36 k116- metros, of rece hermoSos hoteles, el lago, pes6a, as sierras. La FaIda es otra lo- calidad importante a 90 ki- 16metros; Alta Gracia a 30 kilOrnetros, con buena ho- teleria y cancha de golf, y Rio Anizacate, para la pesca. Tambien los alemanes varnos a tener reminIscenclas de la SeIva Negra, en Villa General Mitre, a 90 kllOrnetros de Cer- doba,, un pueblIto de 4.000 habitantes, casi todos ale- manes. Para el mundlal nues- tros compatriotas de Villa General Mitre han organizado la Fiesta de la Cerveza. --z,Y qua impresiOn podas adelantar de Buenos Aires? �Los que vengan a Buenos Aires, la ciudad les of rece todo. Es una metrOpolis mun-, dial. Hoteles buenos, res-� taurantes de'alto nivel, todo lo que puede ofrecer una de las cludades mas importantes del Mundo. Eso Si, que no es- peren diversiones como as que ofrecen los barrios chinos de otras cludades. En cuanto a shows, night clubs, cafe con- certs, hay cUalquier cantid- dad. �,Se ve el esfuerzo argen- tino en la construcciOn�de los _es_tadios? - yucclOn, el m�Undo es el de Mendoza, y el estadlo prin- cipal de River se asta corn- pletando como una obra gi- gante al lado del. Rio de la Plata. �Aparte de ver los parti7 dos, Lque van a hacer I s turistas alemanes? �A los que vengtan desde Alemania, no les vamos a .d.ejar solos ni un solo minuto del dia. Los dias que no haya partidos organizaremos excur- slones en lancha por el Delta del Parana, visitaremos estan- cias para dIstrutar de suculen- tos asados (grillfest) con lamejor carne del mundo. Los vinos argentinos son tambien excelentes. Tendremos shows nocturnos y folklOrIcos. Ofreceremos encuentros con clubes de la colectividad alemana. �tCrees que la Argentina este organizando bien el Mun- dial? �Si, por supuestO. Para el Mundial va a estar todo list& Es.pecialmente en as co- municaclones. se esta hacien- do un esfuerzo tremendo, ya que creo-q.ue Argentina estaba atrasada 20 anos..Pero todo va a estar a punto y bien. Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Argentina '78 Enact. d. taitol a .1 Mr Inal� -A mediados de 1978, la Argentina sera -sede del XI Campeonato Mundial de FUtbol por la Copa F.I.F.A. Las ciudadessde Buenos , Aires, capital clp la RepUblica, Cordoba -capital de la provincia � homOnimam Mar del Plata-la m�importante ciudad balnearia del pais, sobre la costa atlantica de la provincia de Buenos Aires-, Mendoza -ciudad capital de la provincia del mismo nombre ubicada al pie de la cordillera de los Andes- y Rosario de Santa Fe, a orillas del rio Parana, son las cinco que haran las veces de subsedes. r La Argentina se .prepara aceleradamente para este importante acontecimiento deportivo, consciente de la respdnsabilidad que entrana el organizar con seriedad y eficrencia, una justa detamana magnitud. La aguarda, asimismo, como una valiosa oportunidad Raja mostrar, ante las cielegaciones concurrentes, su importante _ infraestructu ra deportiva, entre la que se destaca particularmente la aplicada al futbol, uno de los mas populares deportes en el pais. Y, tambien, para exhibir a los visitantesque Ileguen con motivo del torneo, todo su potencial turistico, como el apropiado complemento que Cl Campeonato necesita para ser inolvidable. Subsecretaria , u e Turismo Letter from Argentina Page 93 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Letter From Argentina OBJETO: Difundir'en et exterior, -aspectos posItivos de la realidad ar- gentine, mediante informes especiales de nuestrb cuerpo de redacclOn. _ TEMATICA: _ ..LOsinfOrITIes_que integran ''CARTAS DE ARGENTINA" abarcan Po- . . Utica, EcOnomia, Trabajo, CulturarEducaciar,-Clentia, Arte, Politica Ex- terior, Derechos Humanos, Lucha antisubversiva, Turlsmo, DeporteS, Mundial "78",. Personalidades, Empresas, ExportaciOn, La Mujef Argen- tina, Belleza, Modes, ReliglOn, Llbros,�Perlbdismo, ACciOn de goblernos Nacional y Provinciales, etc. DISTRIBUCION: . Tor via aerea yen forma totalmente gratuita. CALIFICACION: Nuestro lnformaciones es UNICO, EN EL MUNDO, pues va dirigido exclusivarnente a periodlstas de los diarlos, periOdicos y revistas de Estados UnidoS,, inglaterra, Francla, Espana, Italia, Portugal, Paises Bajos, Paises Escandinavos y Suiza. "BRIEF AUS ARGEN,TINIEN" se distribuye en Alemanla Federal, Republica Popular-Alemana y Austria, exclusivamente a periodistas. "CkIRTAS- D_E *ARGENTINA" es el UNICO SERVICIO IN- FO8MTIVO EN EL MUNDO,,.que Ilega a lainesaide trabajo , de 5.000 periodistas norteamericanos, perteneclentes.a otros tantos diarios,iperiOdlcos y revistas de esa naciOn. No sOlo informamos a los directores, jefes de secclOn y periodistas de esas 5.000 publicaclones, sin� que tambien Ilegamos a los despachos oficiales del presidente Carter y su "staff" .en la Casa Blanca (80 funcionarios)�' a 50 goberna- dores de los Estados de la UnI6n, a 100 senaderes, 435 re- presentantes, a 146 altos jefes m 'Mares del Pentagon�, a 156 DUDA DR LOS PRINCIPAIES DIARIOS DE DOS ESTADOS UNIDOS, A DOS QUE LUSA "CARTAS DE ARGENTINA� C IUDAD ZJE1IPLARES 11.113, New 2.759.182. Erihune ,. 1.008.995 1.113.916 fimen ' rime- ' 803.123 :Slobs . Pree Frees 620.541 Examiner 627.569 606.353 637.201 News � Sun-Timea 566.127 Silletin 540.851 Journal 522.138 Poet 614.849 Chronicle 463.376 , 443.097 Herald American Newedey 421.627 437:814 Register . Star-lStar edger k Inquirer Newark 425.161 The Washington Star Washington 385.240 400.190 Bold .. Bansaa City 396.457 383.923 Plain Dealer Cleveland 377.328 News Chicago 358.550 Star Indiandpolie 352.601 Sun Baltimore gilwauEse 338.597 350.372 Herald 2maminer. News Dallas Clev 321.801 eland 347.463 Journal Loa Angeles Trees 318.705 TimearPicayune Arizona Republic Phoenix 317.939 Nueva Orleana 310.053 Chronicle Houston 303.459 I Rodeo rates dierioe con mis de 300.000 ejemplaree de tirade, a ctras 5.000. puelicaciones (diarios, periddicos y revistae) de los EE.OU., llegamoe con .CARTAS DE ARGENTINA., para mostrar la realided positive de nueatro pale. NUestro partial� de informs- clones en Taco rri la, MUNDO. I es argentine... _MUNDIAL, "Yr: Es cada vez mayor la atenclOn que las � reVistas deportivas dedlcan al fCitbol en los Estados UnIdos.: El trato preferente.que damos al Campeonato Mundial, puede ser reproduCldo por algunas de las 400 publicaciones.nor- teamericanas dediCadas a deportes. Algunas de alias son: The College Game . 4.909.000.e emplares� Sports illustrated 2.310.879 e emplares . OutdoorLife 1.782.773 e emplares Sport � 1.373..952 e emplares - :.brigadieres-y-generales-de-lwFuerza_Aerea_a_148,gener_ales ,,Sports Afield . , _ .. 1.110.464 e emplares, ifilfailt&deArrnad_s7cle-4-,.S.q\=7--"---_--==--i-----T--,TAZA-7=YESt.RESCAUmle-dacTtOr�Tespeciallpdbgle "C4A R IN" -..--.7-.Eyerjertiff.ya*2-84-1 $ nHiirirtfermicib-n-trel;rtibro. Argentine-ea-7 Nueva York Chicago Los Angeles Nueva York San Francisco Detroit Detroit Poston Chicago Filadelfia Atlanta Washington San Francisco Garden City Boston Dee Moines Filedelfia mlembros de. la Defense �Logistics Agency, a 22 altos fun- un pais Ideal para la practica de ambos deportes.pnas 50 cionarios civiles y rnilltares de la ComislOn de 'Derechos publicaciones del pais del Norte-son destinatarlas de nuestro Humanosi a 61,m iembros del United States Secret Service y a las princIpales autoridadeS dela-Central Intelligence Agency. Estos envios alcanzan a 1.500 funcionarios, con lo cual el total de:distribuciOn en USA; alc,anza a,6:500.ejemplares. � Distribucion en Aleinania y Austria Los. 3.000 ejemplares en aleman de "BRIEF AUS ARGEN- ' TINIEN" seran distribuidos a los periodistas de Alemania Oc- cidental, A Iemania orientaly Austria. � r 'i,Clue es et"efecto mulliplicante"? � La firma argentina SOMISA declara haber construldo el mayor edificio en el mundo, integramente en acero. Esta', noticia .publicada por.nosotros, Ilega entre otras a unas 500 . publicaciones norteamericanas dedicadas ala Industrie de la construcciOn, una de las cuales "MODERN STEEL CONS- TRUCTION" tiene una circulaciOn de 25 mIllones de ejern7 plares. Si la noticia de SOMISA es. interesante para ellos o cualquier otra publicaciOn especializada, la nota sobre- SOM ISA puede alcanzar. tIradas In imagInables an el mercado editorial argentino: muchos millones de ejemplares. OTRO CASO: A mediados de octubre Ultimo, se reunIO en Buenos Aires, el Congreso Mundial de Flebologia con. las asistencia 'de numerosos cientif loos argentinos y extra')- (eros.- Nosotros publicamos dos paginas sobre dlcho evento queen este mes denoviembre Ilegaran.a unas 400 publi- caciones especializadas ,en Mei:Ile-Ina -en USA, una 'de- las. cuales "Round Up" tiene una circulaciOn de 4 miliones de ejemplares. Es pesible que eeta� notIcia sea reproduclda en millOnes de copies. ServIcio Informativo, entre ellas, "Field and.Stream" que tira� 2.000.073 ejemplares y "American Rifleman". dcin una clr- culaclOn de 1.-.032.164.copias, que tienen en nUeStro material, 'un aporte muy interesante -para reproducir en mIllones de L ejemplares. � , RELIGION: Es blen sabIdo dile' la pampana contra Argen-, tine' en el terna de los Derechos Hurrianes es hablImente � . airigida.pOr grupos subversivos argentinos y extranjeros que explotan, la buena fey los naturales b,uenos sentimientos del' pueblo hortearnerIcano, uno de los mas�rellgiosos del mun- ' do. El ,poder de la Prensa religiosa en lOs EE.UU es enorme, ;proporcional a sus tirades millenaries. La inforrnaclOn veraz y positiva-que les enviamos por medlo de "CARTAS -DE AR- GENTINA" Ilega a- unas 400 publicaclones rellglosasi entre que se destacan:- , - Watchower 10.200.000 ejemplares . . Awake . 10.050.000 ejemplares Decision 4.000.000 ejemplares Mission. 3.200.00aejemplares Guideposts -2:100.000 ejemplares Abundant Life 1.300.000 ejemplares A ESTO LLAMAMOS EL "EFECTO MULTIPLICANTE"...I Noticias publicadas en "CARTAS DE ARGENTINA" pueden ser reproducidas por mIllones de ejemplares en USA, alcan- zando una difuslOrijqUe supera la totalldad del Wale de la su ma de todas las-publIcaciones argentinas (dlarlos, pe- TIOdlcos y 'reylstas),e.g�unagolaediplOn. i,-� � � Letter from Argentina Page 94 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 (AGENDA Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 IMPORTANTE PARA LOS PERIODISTAS NORTEAMERICANOS Viva 15 dias en Buenos Aires � GRATIS. El grupo de periodistas argentinos que hacemos CARTAS DE ARGEN- TINA, no queremos solarnente darles inforrnacion veraz sobre el acontecer dirio en nuestra Patria. Vamos mas alla. Deseamos que algunos de ustedes nos visiten en nuestras propias casas, que se abriran-fraternalmente para hospedarlos. Si algunos de ustedes -pueden'viajar a Argentina, nos cornprometemos a alojarlos en nuestros hogares, compartiendo nuestra vida familiar durante quince dias, con todos los gastos de estadia, desplazamientos en la ciudad, y espectaculc:Is por nuestra cuenta. Tambien les acercaremos a las perso- nalidades que ustedes deseen entrevistar, para lograr "in situ" una verdadera imagen del pais. Escribanos de inmediato, piles por razones obvias las vacantes son limitadas. AcerqUenos sus datos y en que fecha podrian venir y de inrnediato les contestaremos para concretar su visita. Les vamos a recibir Qon los brazos abiertos, como argentinos que somos... Dirijan su corres- oondencia a: Sr. Antonio Rodriguez -- "Cartas de Argentina" Av. Santa Fe 4134 - 8� "0" �Buenos Aires, Republica Argentina y a vuelta de correo, ten- dra nuestra conforrnidai. EL DIRECTOR , IMPORTANT TO U.S. JOURNALISTS _ �LIVE 15 DAY JN QS j� .iGRATIS!_ The group or Argentine journalists who produce LETTERS FROM ARGENTINA want to give you more than just information about what goes on in Argentina. Our objectives go much further than that. We'd like some of you to visit us In our own homes. You'll be wel- come If you want to get a first-hand look at Argentina we'll undertake to put you up completely free for 15 days, and transportacion, entertainment, and lodging are all on us. We'll also help you to contact the personalities you want to interview so that you can get a better image of Argentina. Please write at once; obviously places are limited. Give us your name and address and tell us when you could come, and we'll reply to you right away. You'll be able to see for yourselves what an Argentine welcome is. Write Antonio Rodriguez, "Car- tas de Argentina", Av. Santa Fe 4134, 8� "0", Buenos Aires, Argentina. We'll reply by first post. Letter from Argentina Page 95 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878 Letter from Argentina Pogo 843 Approved for Release: 2018/10/01 C06626878