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September 6, 2019
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September 12, 2019
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November 2, 1964
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Approved for Release: 2019/07/30 C06639865. t'r 3.3(h)(2) 6.2(d) 2 November 1964' UEMODANDUM 110P.:. Chief, Special Operations Division L1UDJECT: Project MaGAf; 1. This report is submittod for information only. Per attachments 1 and 2, the nature of tho Project and its prog- ress to date are such that broad spectrum attention to it may � be indicated at a later date. .2. Project =GAS was conceived for the purpose of exploring feasibility of utilizing the bottlo-nose dolphin (Tursioos truncatus) in undorvater attacks against enemy ship- J5117:lis anu .U2D/L3 (DD;) ae co-sponsoring ONYCAS with r/T3 having contracted (;07,370) through ."or the exploration plus providing technical guidance and SOD ;a1'.. Providing the necessary operational input. 3. At the outset, therOXYGAS concept and the modest investment were cOnsidored more than justifiable providing feasibility ccu/d be demonstrated to deliver a simulated weapons packago over an open sea distanco to a propellor of a moored PT boat. Cbviously, if to PT boat attack system can he developed, many spill-over areas of interest will then appear feasible such as: attacks on varieties of ship types; harbor and coastal reconnaissance through photographic means; specializod LILINT funotioas: certain tyoos of resupply opera- tions; placement of sonar, acoustic, and seismic buoys; place- rent of rocket detection units, and RP, UV, LW, CW sensors and trace element collectors. 4. As is known, the Agency and the Navy have spent Con- siderable time and money developing swimmer delivery systems to accmplish these came purposes with the end-product being of marginal effectiveaess at best. .5. As a matter of interest, it is estimated that the combined Agoncy/Vavy annual costs in maintaining marginally effective swimmer attack Eystcms run in excess of five million dollars for the swimmers and specialized equipment alone. This o3timato does not includo support shipping or outfitting cots.. Not an inconsiderable factor in a manned system is .the physical diliK:er to the man in ()nosing himself to an unnatural environment with or without the, additional hazard . of enemy action. i 9(15 - ,.....-7,-._ . , XERO cory P, , , T 771 !7�71 CR:il^ I FIF; CM Approved for Release: 2019/07/30 C06639865 Approved for Release: 2019/07/30 C06639865 6. Progress to date with OXYCAS has been so encouraging that it is now deemed appropriate to invite high level atten- tion to the project. IX, as expected by both 03D/LS and sop/m, feasibility of the use of dolphins in this fashion cm be demonstrated, guidance and support ol moderate magni- tude will be required if the concept is to be .transformed from a technical feasibility stage to an operational system. 7. Assuming feasibility is demonstrated, COD/MB feels the OXYCAS concept should be developad into an operational system. In this contest it should bp understood that the dolphin cannot be expected to corpletely replace the man in the water. The dolphin should, however, he ezpocted to obviate the need for a major portion of our man-effort with n resultant considerable short and long-range dollar saving and many other advantages.. stERO IP/Z"7 Attachments: : 1. Memo 2. Look Distribution: 1-3 - C/SOD , 4E15 - MB/SOD 1 :- 1'.\ 4 ,-.� ,,-; r-z= r� 771 Chief, Maritime Eranch Spacial Operations Division FT-7.1 :7e 'jr4--c, ' ' x ' '7- 7---- -- � - - � - convfl %El CO' Approved for Release: 2019/07/30 C06639865