DAILY SUMMARY - 1946/04/12

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September 11, 2018
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Approved for Release: 2018/09/05 C06749269 APPROVED FOR RELEASE - Historical Programs Staff 30 August 2018 #49 12 APR 1946 1,, 91/Er/promises USSR to withdraw case from Sectirit Council--Qavam has informed Embassy Tehran that,, as a result of insistent pressure" from Soviet Ambassador Sadchikov, he has promised to-instruct Ambas- sador Ala to withdraw the Iranian case from the. Security Council. He fears that if he now antagonizes the Soviets he. may lose all that he has gained so far and jeopardize the contemplated negotiations with the Azerbaijan "Democrats." He asks whether the US can influence the Security Council to maintain a "favorable attitude" toward Iran even if the case were withdrawn. He plans not to instruct Ala until he has received the US reply� 2. French views on Paris conferences--Secretary Byrnes has suggested to the French that they (a)send invitations to the participating govern- ments for he Council of Foreign Ministers meeting in Paris on 25 April, and (b) notify China, although it would only participate if German questions are discussed. Byrnes adds that the US would agree to dis- cussion of German questions after completion of the Councils work on draft treaties. Caffery reports that French agreement to these suggestions is anticipated. The French, on the other hand, do not intend to issue invi- tations now for the 1. May conference, in view of the Soviet position that prior agreement on the draft treaties is necessary. 3. British admit failure of Polish rekatriation plan--Embassy London reports that, according to British officials, the results of the recent poll indicate that the bulk of the Polish troops serving under British command have elected not to return to Poland. The British reportedly are considering the following proposals for the disposal of these troops: (a) incorporation in the British colonial Police and semi-military units, (D) emigration to Latin American countries and British dominions and colonies, and (6) assimilation into the British economy largely in un- killed and-low paid activities. 4. Cha_nattilsh attitude toward future Italian Nay --ABritish Admiralty representative has stated to Dunn triTt.ii"vong Frances' is important to Britain and that the British are now inclined to support the French position regarding the Italian fleet. (The French contend that they will SS FOR DECLASSIFICATION ACTION Approved for Release: 2018/09/05 C06749269 Approved for Release: 2018/09/05 C06749269 APPROVED FOR RELEASE - Historical Programs Staff 30 August 2018 not tolerate Italian naval superiority in the Mediterranean.) Dunn points out that the new British position represents a change of atti- tude; since the British recently advocated an increase in the strength' of the Italian Navy beyond the terms of their own_Septeraber proposal. � 5. Italians ask Soviet supportfor armistice reVision,-T.he Italian Ambas- sador to M�scow has informed the US Embassy that he recently expressed to Molotov his hope for Soviet support of the US proposal to revise the Italian armistice terms. In reply to Molotov's inquiry whether this question is "still current," the Italian Ambassador pointed out that (a) there might be delays in the peace negotiations scheduled for 1 May, and (b) the armistice terms were of "vital concern" to all political parties in the coming Italian elections. Molotov showed con- siderable interest in the latter point and later replied that the proposed revision was "under consideration" by the Soviet Government. 6. International regime for Trieste--Dunn interprets the attitude of the UK a=ran.ce as opposed to any international regime for the port of Trieste involving (a) a commission with only recommendatory powers and (b) "time-consuming appeals procedure." The USSR will take a similar position if Trieste is given to Italy. 7. Reported Soviet gift of warships to Poland--The Naval Attache in Moscow reports that, according to a Tass dispatch from Warsaw the Soviet Fleet recently transferred 23 warships to Poland. The Tass dispatch mentioned no names, types, or origin of the vessels. The Naval Attache suspects that they were formerly German. 8. US gift of lane to King Michael deemed im racticable--The State and +-tar ilepar ments ve authorize ener. ey, U glegate ACC, to negotiate the sale of a surplus C-45 now in Rumania to King Michael for $35,000, (Both General Key and US representatiire Berry had pre- viously suggested that the aircraft be donated to the King, pointing out . that he had already received as gifts two smaller planes from the Soviets and a Delahaye automobile with racing motor" from the French.) The State Department regrets that it is "impracticable" to arrange the gift of the C-45. Approved for Release: 2018/09/05 C06749269 Approved for Release: 2018/09/05 C06749269 APPROVED FOR RELEASE - Historical Programs Staff 30 August 2018 EUROPE-AFRICA 9. PORTUGAL: British-American aerial mapping program rejected,� Ambassador BaT-Thic reports tarthe Portuguese have flatly rejected a British proposal for joint British-American aerial mapping of Portugal and the Azores. 10. NETHERLANDS: Government views re annexations�Ambassador Hornbeck has been informed that the Netherlands Government now desires only "minor rectifications" along the German frontier, "particularly in the extreme north and in the Nijmegen-Cleve area. The Government considers that it would be "unwise to seek large annexations, unless Netherlands public opinion so demands. FAR EAST 89 11. INDIA: Widespread disorders exPected�US Consul Bombay has been told that they expect turbances throughout India during the next four months. p�ponsiders that the situation is worse than at any time .uring is years of residence in India. . THE AMERICAS 12. GUATEMALA: Revolution plotters ask US attitude�Embassy Guatemala City has been approached by group which plans to overthrow the Arevalo Government by a bloodless coup, pos- sibly on 13 April. The emissary received no encouragement. Approved for Release: 2018/09/05 C06749269 3.3(h)(2) 3.3(h)(2)
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