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CO2378407 Approved for Release: 2019/11/05 C06774185 TOPS ET .444 %le � TO SECRET � o. rcc AQUILINE BRIEFING STATEMENT TOP RET Approved for Release: 2019/11/05 C06774185 CO2378407 Approved for Release: 2019/11/05 C06774185 3.5(c) 'ger' 3.3(h)(2) r'. AQUILINE BRIEFING STATEMENT This memorandum pertains to an operation known as AQUILINE. The number of people holding AQUILINE access approvals will be held to an absolute minimum. AQUILINE access covers all aspects of the operation. AQUILINE is a restrictive access involving a small powered glider capable of flying thousands of miles, emplacing devices, interrogating previously emplaced devices, and performing special reconnaissance or collection missions. It will present bird-like radar, acoustic and visual signa- tures designed to blend with the 'ad_iae1Qus signal environment.. Possessing a range in excess of it will be capable in its advanced form of hovering.over.targets for as long as 120 days. AQUILINE is specifically designed to protect: 1) The role of CIA in AQUILINE. 2) That the CIA is developing a small, bird-like surreptitious vehicle with sufficiently small acoustic, visible and radar cross-section to permit it to operate in the natural physical signal environment of living birds. 3) Details of initial, interim or final embodi- ments of the vehicle design when presented or observed in such a manner as to suggest the operational characteristics or purpose of the device. 4) Details of any subsystem of the vehicle when presented or observed in such a manner as to suggest an association with or a capability peculiar to the AQUILINE mission. AQUILINE information will include mission analysis data such as the location and nature of threat radar as well as visual or acoustic sensors, the terrain over which flights will be made, and targets of interest to the mission. This mission analysis data will often involve COMINT as well as end products derived from overhead reconnaissance. The Approved for Release: 2019/11/05 C06774185 002378407 Approved for Release: 2019/11/05 C06774185 TOP SE ET At- Att 70 SECEIFIT -2- clearances for COMINT and these end products will therefore be prerequisites for access to AQUILINE information. The particular restrictions imposed on persons holding these clearances, which include the possibility of prosecution by the U. S. Government, may also apply to violations con- cerning AQUILINE information. AQUILINE access is granted only by CIA. The determina- tion that an individual possesses a need-to-know for access � to AQUILINE information will be made by the'Director/ORD. Participants who have a question concerning an individual's status must verify the existence of his access prior to any discussion of this sensitive information. Approved for Release: 2019/11/05 C06774185 CO2378407 Approved for Release: 2019/11/05 C06774185 TOPS 'RET 4R4� Atakt. -, "REP early of AQUM.:JINE SECURITY BRIEF= This brochure pertains to the.S2CRET activity_known as Project AQUILINE. The word =ELUTE when used in-thie-Contia-is a covert intelligence collection operation of the highest sensitivity. It has as its objective the collection of electronic and photographic ittelligesce through the use of a small bird-like unmanned powered Older. Project AQUILINE operates under the sponsorship and direction of the Central Matealigence Avncy. Access to project sensitive in- formation is restricted to an absolute minimum number of persons. The success of the program depends in large measure on an effective security program, thus the following principles have been established: An AQUILINE acces eroval Is required before a person may receive sensitive project information. Existing clearances, such as TOP SECEET.or other special clearances, are not in themselves sufficient for access to AQUILL1E. A strict "need-to-know" principle is enforced. Access approvale win not. be granted merely as a matter of courtesy or in deference to rank or position. One only justification for access to AQUILINE information is that a pernoa requires access to enable him to make a positive contribution to the project. AQUILINE clearances are granted by the Central intelligence Agency. Request for clearances will be submitted in writing to Projeet AQUIL/NE Headquarters throughchannele as designated by the responsible AQUILINE security representative. The AQUILINE clearance status of en individual must be verified prior to any discussion relating to the Program. A master index of all AQU/LlNE clearances is maiataine4 at Azauna Headquarters. Prior to visiting participating industrial firms or operatioml locations on AQUILINE bustness the clearance status of the visitor =net be certified to the installation throegh AQUILINE Headquarters. (1) TOP RET Approved for Release: 2019/11/05 C06774185 CO2378407 Approved for Release: 2019/11/05 C06774185 TOP S CRET PET Access to the end-nroduct der the. =LILT operation is not authorized er le 4E access approval. Teem are three categorieu of AQUILINE briefings. The most comprehensive is that which is contained in this brochure. The lower category briefings are provided to personnel of industrial suppliers who have no need to know of.Central intelligence Agency sponsorship or participation. They are briefed only to the extent necessary to make possible their maximum contribution to the project effort. All AQUILINE sensitive information umst be protected and particularly: (1) The role of the Central intelligence Agency in AQUILIES. ,(2) That the Central intelligence Agency is developing a smaIll bird-like surreptitious vehicle with sufficiently small ficoustitriVITYETFand radar cross-section to permit it to operate in the natural physical signal environment of living birds. (3) Details of the vehicle design when presented or observed in such a manner as to suggest the true operational purpose of the vehicle. (4) Details of any subsystem when presented or observed in such a manner as to suggest an association with or a capability peculiar to the AQUILINE mission. 71 MD (2) CRET Approved for Release: 2019/11/05 C06774185 002378407 Approved for Release: 2019/11/05 C06774185 ET NO' ' SECURITY PLAN - PROJECT RECHARTER .1. This plan represents the coordinated positions of the Office of Special Activities and the Office of Research and Development, Deputy Directorate for Science and Technology. These groundrules are the established maximum security measures governing this TOP SECRET project at Area 51 throughout the flight testing sequence, training or related activities leading toward the operational deployment of this aerial intelligence system. The Security Staff, Office of Special Activities, is charged with assisting the Director of Special Activities in maintaining a maximum security environment for the conduct of OSA and specified DD/S&T activities; therefore, the successful implement- ation of these policies will depend largely on the cooperation of CIA elements, other supporting government agencies and the principal contractors charged with the development of this highly sensitive covert intelligence system. 2. It is collectively understood by all participants that program transition toward operational readiness will necessitate close coordin- ation and special cooperation with the Office of Logistics in view of their paramount responsibilities in the field of contracting and related - industrial security matters. 3. This plan will be reviewed periodically, updated and procedures refined to meet future program needs, including special icgigRET Approved for Release: 2019/11/05 C06774185 CO2378407 Approved for Release: 2019/11/05 C06774185 CRET Noe ��itoo Page 2 manpower requirements necessary to support the multi-purpose specialized covert project objectives. A. GENERAL GUIDELINES - PROJECT HEADQUARTERS AND AREA 51 (1) Upon acceptance of this Security plan, Project AQUILINE will be known by the classified SECRET operational designator RECHARTER within OSA areas of responsibility. The unclassified nickname will be Project 274. The objectives, state-of-art achievements, and mission purposed of Project RECHARTER will be controlled at the TOP SECRET level in accordance with site-sensitive program concepts based on the traditional "must know" philosophy practiced by OSA. (2) As appropriate, the above designators will be used in all verbal and written correspondence to Area 51 and the names of all personnel approved for project access will be maintained on permanent record by the Security Office at Area 51 and at Project Headquarters. (3) Classified documents and correspondence: � (a) All communications and documents regarding Project RECHARTER activities will be marked classified and controlled at the appropriate level of Approved for Release: 2019/11/05 C06774185 CO2378407 - � Approved for Release: 2019/11/05 C06774185 CRET Now Page 3 sensitivity and will be limited to personnel who are approved for Program RECHARTER acccss as certified .by Project Headquarters. (b) TOP SECRET documents must be transmitted via approved courier system. (4) Access to Area 51 will be controlled from Project Headquarters, OSA. Individuals from CIA, other government agencies, or Project related industry will be Certified for access to Area .51 only after establishment of clearability and with sufficient notice and biographical data to insure verification of identity and clearability particulars. Failure to transmit required notice will result in denial of access. (5) Clearance basis: (a) Clearability standards for Area 51 access require at least a Phase II investigation which includes a 15-year background investigation and NAC's. (b) Personnel to be used in missions and/or deployment overseas activities will be processed at the Phase III level. . (6) West Coast Security Office, Office of Special Activities, will act for West Coast facilities as a point of contact for access to Area 51 after initial certification / clearability by Project adquarters.. SECRET Approved for Release: 2019/11/05 C06774185 CO2378407 pproved for Release: 2019/11/05 C06774185 � 12e1-.1 0" � .Page 4 (7) Project RECHARTE.R personnel assigned to work at Area 51 will comply with rules and regulations detailed in Attachment A. Attachment A represents the approved policy of the Director of Special Activities as executed by the Field Commander at Area 51. Tenant organizations are responsible for the direct control of their personnel and they must ensure compliance with base standards, operating procedures, Security/Cover, and applicable USAF regulations. Violations or infractions will be reported to Project Headquarters promptly. (8) All personnel certified for Project inform- ation will be Security briefed at the approved level of access and will execute briefing statements (oath), as contained in Attachment B. Reindoctrinations will be periodically rescheduled as part of Project Security Education Program. (9) Attachment C Briefing Booklet will be used as guideline for briefing of Phase III personnel which is the usual government access level based on clear- ability standards expressed in DCID 1/14. Pertaining to other compartmented information programs. SEC TO SECRET Approved for Release: 2019/11/05 C06774185 002378407 Approved for Release: 2019/11/05 C06774185 RET Page 5 INS (10) Criteria for Security access to RECHARTER operational matters: Phase I A Phase I approval is required for an individual who is engaged in semi-sensitive fabrication � activities but who does not work in nor require access to a closed Project area. Such individuals do not need to know and will not be told the ultimate application or future sensitive use of the equipment being developed or manufactured. Neither will they be permitted access to Project communications or documents. Generally speaking, the work which he is doing could have a variety of applications and is a job that is not unique to the development of Project hardware. (No access to Area 51.) Phase II A Phase II approval is required for an individual who may be told, assuming the need to know exists, the general purpose of the system, equipment or system configuration, performance characteristics, identification of other contractors, suppliers and vendors, test site locations and knowledge of equipment or subsystem capabilities. In general, this individual will be told information, requirements and parameters which Approved for Release: 2019/11/05 C06774185 002378407 Approved for Release: 2019/11/05 C06774185 ET Page 6 reflect an advance in the 'state of the art or, by the nature of the function he performs, will have access to areas, material or information from which he might be able to deduce such knowledge. (Access to Area 51 permitted.) Phase III A Phase III approval is required and will ; be granted only for those individuals who require official confirmation of the true identity of Project Headquarters. Personnel who must-know broad mission objectives, operational information, success or failure of missions, future planning, or relationship to other classified programs normally require a Phase III approval. Likewise, operational mission details of the system will only be released to those who have a Phase III Access Approval. Phase III approvals will not be granted as a matter of courtesy, deference or convenience either within government or industry and all requests for approval at this level must be adequately justified. (Access to Area 51 permitted and to overseas operating locations.) (11) Compartmentation of the Project RECHARTER physical location will be the responsibility of the assigned Staff Security Officer and a contingent of five contract l*SECRET Approved for Release: 2019/11/05 C06774185 CO2378407 � Approved for Release: 2019/11/05 C06774185 prCRET ,4,,of .Page 7 � Security Assistants/Guards that will control the hangar and operating areas including classified equipment, documents, systems and peculiar stored stocks. (12) Security philosophy on a "must know" basis will be practiced to ensure holddown on sensitive details, particularly when Project RECHARTER launch and recovery procedures are in effect during flight testing, training and operations. (13) A Staff Security Officer directly responsive to Project Headquarters, Security Staff will be available to assist the Program Manager in the Project RECHARTER area throughout all flight testing, training and support activities. Appropriate liaison and coordination with the Base Commander will be accomplished to ensure the integrity of Project RECHARTER and other compartMented activities utilizing Area 51. This senior security official will be responsible for all personnel, physical and project matters of a security nature carried out at that � facility. As requirements increase, security manpower must be augmented to ensure project coverage. (14) Travel to Area 51 will be coordinated in advance to facilitate access and may be arranged by Approved for Release: 2019/11/05 C06774185 CO2378407 Approved for Release: 2019/11/05 C06774185 Nal .Page 8 surface or approved air shuttle service. (Cover contingency considerations will be provided upon the introduction of an approved air system.) (15) Project .RECHARTER operational clearances do not entitle approved personnel to special intelligence information or other special Project .programs at Area 51. (16) Periodic counter audio inspections and physical surveys of Project RECHARTER areas will be scheduled as required. B. INDUSTRIAL SECURITY (1) Close liaison with Office of Logistics will . be accomplished throughout the transition period to ensure a uniform industrial security criteria at McDonnell Douglas and other principal Project related firms. (2) The Office of Special Activities Security Staff will take cognizance of industrial contracts initiated by the OSA contracting staff in support, of forthcoming operational phases. (3) Industrial security inspections of OSA contractor areas will be conducted periodically in accordance with standards presently practiced by OSA. (4) The industrial security package will be hand- tailored to the contractors' peculiar environment in Approved for Release: 2019/11/05 C06774185 CO2378407 TO Approved for Release: 2019/11/05 C06774185 � �; - tt-r Page 9 'nor accordance with the level of classification of its activities in conjunction with the "must know" philosophy expressed throughout this plan. (5) The prime contractor will enforce compliance with security policy at subcontractors, vendors and suppliers. (McDonnell Douglas, etal. ) (6) Sterilization of operational vehicles and associated systems and subsystems, when deemed necessary, will be accomplished to ensure the contingency cover integrity of future operational missions. C. OPERATIONAL/MISSION SECURITY PROCEDURES (1) The Office of Special Activities Security Staff will employ, highly specialized techniques where and when appropriate to protect the Project RECHARTER mission, methods, assets, fuel, and personnel. (2) Operational security procedures will be prepared to meet the needs of each mission situation as determined by the Contingency Cover stipulations imposed. (3) Mission and unit personnel will be briefed in advance of all operational activities on cover details. � (4) Office of Special Activities will provide priority covert courier support for the expeditious move- ment of mission systems, hardware and classified intelligence product, as TOP Approved for Release: 2019/11/05 C06774185 002378407 Approved for Release: 2019/11/05 C06774185 Page 10 StgAr-r-RE (5) Liaison with U.S. Government, industry, and overseas security and law enforcement channels or host governments will be accomplished before, during and after the mission sequence, as required and in accordance with Headquarters instructions. (6) A Staff Security Officer(s) and appropriate contract security assistants/guards/couriers will accompany the mission team on overseas deployment to provide security support, advice,, guidance and control of operating mission locations and particularly at launch/recovery points. D. CONTINGENCY COVER PLANS (1) Contingency Cover Plan for Area 51 flight testing program is contained in the Cover Plan, Attachment D. (2) Contingency Cover Plan for contingency mission deployment and flight testing outside Area 51 are included in the Cover Plan, Attachment D. "ItTCRET Approved for Release: 2019/11/05 C06774185 CO2378407 1- - -! Approved for Release: 2019/11/05 C06774185 TOP S AftAlt, Ahmed 15. Conceptual Security Support Appropriate Security support to include physical, personnel and operational security is being provided during .he Pre-Operational Period and will be provided during the Operational Period. Additionally, security of the entire Industrial effort now rests with another Agency component, but will be continued by OSA Security .tiff at an alpilvopOate future date. _ . - � a. Physical Security: � (1) Secure perimeter of operating, training testing locations from Vnauthorized entry. (2) Provide appropriate .surveillance�OT vehicles, fuel, subsystems, and other sensitive, associated systems and assets. (3) Conduct periodic counter-audio.inspec7ions of Detachment areas, installations and associated communications equipment. , (4) Assure implementation of appropriate security controls for safe guarding the movement and storage of classified equipment and documents. (5) Establish physical security program to ensure integrity of sight sensitive characteristics of AV and related systems. b. Personnel Security: (1) Assure that personnel assigned to or visiting industrial work areas and opdrating locations have been granted the appropriate. Security clearance and are approved for access to the location by Project Headquarters. (2) Requests for program clearances will be processed in accordance with existing OSA Security Staff criteria. (3) Establish briefing controls whereby the Project knowledge of cleared personnel will be restricted on an individual "must know" basis. TOP CRET Approved for Release: 2019/11/05 C06774185 CO2378407 Approved for Release: 2019/11/05 C06774185 2 _ TOP "ak, ANakt (4) Monitor the security consciousness of all Project-cleared personnel, and advise Project � Hadquarters of,any individual's conduct, persoaal or official, *which might tend to compro=ise the unit or mission. (5) �Establish an organized system of periodic security reindoctrinations for all cleared personnel.. (6) Investigate security violations and incidents, and recommend appropriate disciplinary action to Project Headquarters. c. Operational Security: (1) Employ deceptive techniques when and where appropriate to protect the mission, assets and personnel. (2) Maintain liaison with local law enforcement and security forces and solicit their assistance in establishing effective security support. (3) Establish security procedures for emergency situations. (4) Promulgate mission and unit cover stories to personnel at operating locations. (5) Assure sterilization of mission configured vehicle. (6) Provide couriers for expeditious movement of mission product to the processing facility and to Headquarters. (7) Security officer member of the Mobility Team will provide Security advice and guidance to Mobility Team Commander and will ensure implementation of above security responsibilities. d. Cover and Contingency Plan: (See Cover and Contingency Annex). TOP CRET Approved for Release: 2019/11/05 C06774185