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August 24, 2023
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August 21, 2023
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September 8, 1973
Approved for Release: 2023/08/14 C07079876 The President's ef 8 September 1973 4 5 Tup Sccrct 6.2(d) Approved for Release: 2023/08/14 C07079876 Approved for Release: 2023/08/14 C07079876 FOR THE PRESIDENT ONLY THE PRESIDENT'S DAILY BRIEF 8 September 1973 PRINCIPAL DEVELOPMENTS Cambodia, (Page 1) The North Vietnamese are bui din will enable them to resupply the Vietnam and Cambodia virtually w weather. (Page 2) ads in Laos that ces in South ut regard to the EC political directors, in preparation for President Nixon's visit to Europe, made some progress this week toward a draft declaration on US-EC relations. (Page 3) A number of reports have been received from Chile indicating the possibility of an early military coup attempt. (Page 4) Libya has laid a minefield outside its territorial waters. (Page 5) FOR THE PRESIDENT ONLY Approved for Release: 2023/08/14 C07079876 Approved for Release: 2023/08/14 C07079876 FOR THE PRESIDENT ONLY CHILE A number of reports have been received fr Chile indicating the Possibility of an oarlv ml tary coup attempt. unrest centers in the navy, whose per- sonne1 have been on edge about the imminent naming of a new service chief. Navy men plotting to over- throw the government now claim army and air force support. There is no evidence of a coordinated tri- service coup plan. Army generals in fact. ZateZu have been talking of ways of building tnterservtce unity with a view to increas- ing the military's influence on the gov- ernment. Should hotheads in the navy act in the belief they will automatically receive support from the other services, they could find themselves isolated. There are also indications that naval officers could be planning joint anti-government actions with militant civilian opponents of the regime. The far- rightist Fatherland and Freedom Movement has been blocking roads and provoking clashes with the na- tional police, adding to the tension caused by con- tinuing strikes and opposition political moves. President Allende earlier this week said he believed the armed forces will ask for his resigna- tion if he does not change his economic and polit- ical policies. He raised the prospect of an "armed confrontation" between his followers and the mili- tary. Allende said his supporters do not have enough weapons to prevail in such an event and that it would do no good to try to distribute more arms now, since the military would not permit it. He concluded that the only solution is a "political one." Allende seemed to be trying to convince that the situation is se- rious and requires cautious handling, and that some tactical political retreats may be in order. He is worried about the sustained opposition pressures against him and, especially, about the intentions of the military. 4 FOR THE PRESIDENT ONLY Approved for Release: 2023/08/14 C07079876