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December 27, 2016
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December 30, 2011
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September 13, 1944
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Declassified in Part- Sanitized Copy Approved forRelease2013/12/29 : CIA-RDPOOM01914R001000030070-5 1 kir 0.1D-C71*--Ed-1.-_ 1J1-1. U IN 1 50X1 From: NEW YORK To: MOSCOW No.: 1313. 13 Sept 1944 To VICTOR[i]. Your number 4247[a]. SERGEJ[ii] has three times attempted to effect liaison with PANCAKE [BLINNiii] in CARTHAGE [KARFAGEN][iv] in the line of cover[v] [9% but] each time PANCAKE declined [C% on the grounds of] being busy with trips. IDE [YaZI] has carefully attempted to sound him, but P. [B.][vi] did not react. P. occupies a very prominent position in the journalistic world and has vast connections. To determ;pe precisely his relations to us we will commission ECHO [EKhO][vii] to make a check. No.733. Your number 4246[a]. NICK.[NIK][viii] has been[b] summoned to TYRE [TIR][ix] and a meeting has been arranged [69 groups unrecoverable] character [KhARAKTERISTIKA] given to BOB[x] by IKS[xi]. However, BASS [BAS][xii] said that he did not intend to embark on a [9% risky][c] business as there was no need. In time he and BOB will get big commissions for the deal in CHILE. BASS said that BOB was behaving rather [Q% despicably] with the companies who were intending[d] personal representation in Chile [C% and] if it had not been for BASS'S insistence they would have broken off business relations with BOB. BASS saya that BOB is not keen to get an appointment in Chile, preferring to remain in the COUNTRY [STRANA][xiii]. In our work with BOB allowance shOuld be made for the difficulties which are encountered in carrying through affairs begun by others and witholit having received in good time exhaustive characters [KhARAKTERISTIKI] of probationers. No.734 MAY [MAJ][xiv] T.N.: [a] Not available. [b] Or "is being". [c) Or [C% compromising]. [d] A group with some such meaning as "to set up" appears to have been omitted at this point. Comments: [i] VICTOR: possibly Lt. Gen. P.M. FITIN. [ii] SERGEJ: Vladimir Sergeevich PRAVDIN. [iii] BLINi Isidor Feinstein STONE. See S/NBF/T23, Item 4, in which on 23 October 1944 MAJ reported on a meeting between SERGEJ and BLIN in WASHINGTON. [iv] KARFAGEN: WASHINGTON, D.C. [v] i.e. in SERGEJIs capacity as TASS representative (cf S/NBF/T23). (OVER) 1--Torr?SEERE?TADAUNT Declassified in Part. - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release .(:)1/1/29 : CiA-RDPOOM01944R0-0.166066676-6' Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/12/29: CIA-RDPOOM01914R001000030070-5 . , [vi] B.: i.e. BLIN. [vii] EKhO: _possibly Bernard SCHUSTER (Communist Party name CHESTER). [viii] NIK: Amadeo SABATINI. Compare S/NBF/T166, in which on 6 Sept 1944 MM said: "In DOUGLAS's opinion he should not continue to work in the West" (apparently referring to NIK?. SABATINI is known to have acted as "go-between' on behalf of Grigorij KhEIFETs, Soviet Vice-Consul in SAN FRANCISCO. [ix] TER: NEW YORK, N.Y. [x] BOB: Robert Owen MENAKER. [xi] IKS: Joseph KATZ. [xii] AS: Michael BURD (originally WEISBURD). [xiii] STRANA: The United States of America. [xiv] MAJ: Pavel Ivanovich FEDOSIMOV. Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/12/29 : CIA-RDPOOM01914R001000030070-5