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December 27, 2016
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December 30, 2011
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November 18, 1944
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Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/12/30: CIA-RDP00M01914R001000040027-2 95 USSR From: NEW YORK To: MCGCCW No.: 1613 To VIKTCR[i]. Ref., No.: 3/NBF/T1996 Issued : Copy No.:30/ REISSUE OF ITEM I OF 3/NBF/T37 (of .7/3/1951) DISCUSSICN OF FUTURE USE OF KNYaZ': 4/2ERT, C.KEKh, VALIM (1944) 50X1 7/3/1972 50X1 18th November 1944 50X1 In mid-October AMBERT[ii] tried to get in touch with KNYaZi[iii]. ,The latter's wife stated that KNYaZ' had left for the PROVINCES[iv] and would return after Christmas. At one time KNYaZ' was compelled to resign because of the dismissal of LUN' s[v] former deputy on the grounds of organisational and political disagreement. As a result of the election, LUN'is dismissal and the appointment of LCTsMAN[vi] in his place are not ruled out. Inasmuch as KNYaZ' is friendly with LCTsMAN [1 group unrecovered] he could count on a leading post in the BANK[vii]. 3/NBFID 996 K6-b Con nec.,4ed. V P Goaltad. Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/12/30: CIA-RDP00M01914R001000040027-2 Declassified in Part- Sanitized Copy Approved for Release2013/12/30 : CIA-RDP00M01914R001000040027-2 95 117:111, - , TOP SECRET - 2 - 3/NBF/T1996 50X1 About five months ago, having proposed to AL'BERT the suspension of meetings with KNYaZ', you promised to give, subsequently, instructions on how AL'BERT would explain the break to KNYaZ'. AL'BERT considers that a complicated explanation is not necessary as KNYaZ' knew of AL'BERT's chronic illness and himself recommended the latter to go away to the COUNTRYSIDE[viii] or to ARIZCNA for a few months [34 groups unrecoverable] use: 1. If LCTsMAN gets an interesting post it goes without saying that KNYaZ' must "get in on it" by using his friendship. 2. If not, then we can try notwithstanding to use KNYaZ"s proximity to LCTsMAN to fix. him. up in a suitable establishment, still extracting, via him, interest- ing information which will [C% in any case] come LOTsMAN's way; or to send him to MI[ix] or to some other place in the PROVINCES, using the cover of _ representative of a firm (according to AL'BERT the PROVINCIAL[iv] experience of KNYaZ' allows him to count on any such appointment), and there to use him as the head of a private office (instead of, or with, ChEKh[x]). If you agree I shall brief ALYBERT in this spirit. We consider that KNYaZ' should be turned over to VADIM[xi] only after AL'BERT has ascertained his prospects. No. 907 MAJ[xii] 18th November Comments: [i] VIKTOR: [ii] AL'BERT: [iii] KNYaZ': [iv] PROVINCES, PROVINCIAL: Lt. Gen, P.M. FITIN. i.e. "ALBERT"; probably Iskhak Abdulovich AKhMERCV. i.e. "PRINCE"; possibly Laurence DUGGAN. Latin AMERICA(N). Ev] LUN': i.e. "HEN-HARRIER"; Cordell HULL. [vi] LCTsMAN: i.e. "CHANNEL-PILOT"; Henry Agard WALLACE. [vii] BANK: U.S. State Department. [viii] COUNTRYSIDE: MEXICO. 3/NBF/T1996 ;,11,? TOP SECRET Declassified in Part- Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/12/30: CIA-RDP00M01914R001000040027-2 HRILLIJ II!!LJJ III [I Declassified in Part- Sanitized Copy Approved forRelease2013/12/30 : CIA-RDP00M01914R001000040027-2 95 V P .P)s.! ?-'"? b,, ' 4 r ? ; TOP SECRET TO BE HANDLED IN ACCORDANCE WITH IRSIG - 3 - 3/NBF/T1996 Comments [Cont'd]: [ix] MI: Probably CHILE. 3/NBE/T1996 [x] ChEKh: i.e. "CZECH"; Robert Owen MENAKER. [xi] VADIM: Anatolij porisovich GRCMCV, First Secretary at the Soviet Embassy in WASHINGTON. MAJ: i.e. "MAY"; Stepan Zakharovich APRESYaN. ' ' r : ? TOP SECRET Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/12/30: CIA-RDP00M01914R001000040027-2