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October 25, 2016
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APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP01-00707R0001 0016001 0-0 105 " I 75 60 45 30 15 o 15 30 45 60 I ,~:' ~.;:.o~, 75 90 ,~~ I I I j .j c -= I I - ----------1 I 7! 60 45 30 15 0- 15 1- ---- -- ---- - - j )5 90 I . .!," I ---~-~---L_ /-\ I I THE REPRESENTATION OF INj ERNATIONAL B UNDARIES IS N T NECESSARIL ~ AUTHORITATIV 75 60 45 30 15 0 15 s B ard Names 30 30 90 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP01-00707R000100160010-0 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP01-00707R0001 0016001 0-0 UNITED STATES BOARD ON GEOGRAPHIC NAMES Elvyn A. Stoneman, Chairman Richard R. Randall, Executive Secretary Department of State . . . . . . . . . . . . Elvyn A. Stoneman, member Sandra H. Shaw, deputy Department of the Interior . . . . . . . . . . James R. Anderson, member Solomon M. Lang, deputy Department of Agriculture . . . . . . . . . . Raymond M. Housley, member Lewis G, Glover, deputy Department of Commerce . . . . . . . . . . Charles E. Harrington, member Richard Forstall, deputy Hazel McEwen, deputy Government Printing Office . , . . , . , . . . Robert C. McArtor, member John Antonio, deputy Library of Congress. . . . . . . . . , , . . John A. Wolter, member Myrl D. Powell, deputy David K. Carrington, deputy Department of Defense . . . . . . . . . . . Philip D. Kuldell, member Charles D. Rouse, deputy Postal Service . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Shirley B. McDonald, member T.R. Richards, Jr" deputy Bernie G. Hylton, deputy DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR Cecil D. Andrus, Secretary Communications concerning the U,S, Board on Geographic Names should be sent to the Executive Secretary, Defense Mapping Agency, Building 56, U,S, Naval Observetory, Washington, D.C. 20305 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP01-00707R000100160010-0 ., Page . i . .xi . 1 . 371 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP01-00707R0001 0016001 0-0 TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Transliteration System for Arabic Geographic Names Names List-Salldi Arabia . . . . . . . Names List-Iraq-Saudi Arabia Neutral Zone APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP01-00707R000100160010-0 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP01-00707R0001 0016001 0-0 J Saudi Arabia OFFICIAL STANDARD NAMES appro'...ed by the UNITED STATES BOARD ON GEOGRAPHIC NAMES . Prepa re:("! by the Defense Mapping Agency Topographic Center Washington, D, C. 20315, March 1978 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP01-00707R000100160010-0 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP01-00707R0001 0016001 0-0 58 Saudi Arabia 32 International boundary Province boundary @ National capital -+---+- Railroad Road There iJre no provlnclsl capitals,' admmi. sttatlon is Irom Riyadh. Province bound- Sf/es lJre approl/matc. o 100 200 Miles I ' . o 160 200 Kilometers 16 Somalia THF REPRESENTATION OF INTERNATIONAL BQUN[)ARIES IS NOT NECESSARILY AUTHORITATIVE APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP01-00707R000100160010-0 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP01-00707R0001 0016001 0-0 INTRODUCTION This gazetteer contains about 20,800 entries for places and features in two lists: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (20,670) and the Iraq-Saudi Arabia Neutral Zone (130). The reported division of the neutral zone between Iraq and Saudi Arabia had nat been ratified by these twa countries at the time of com pletion of research for this publication in April 1977 . The names in this gazetteer supsersede those in all previous Board lists for the area. The entries include standard names approved by the U.S. Board on Geographic Names (BGN) and unapproved variant names, the latter cross-referenced ta the standard names. Users of the gazetteer should always refer to main entries for approved names, The basic name coverage correspands to that of maps at the scales .of 1 :500,000, 1 :250,000, and larger scales in selected areas. Entries include the names of fIrst-order administrative divisions, populated places of different sizes, various other cultural entities, and a variety of topographic and hydrographic features. Most of the entities can be identified and located by the approved name or a recognizable variant of the approved name on one or more of the following saurces: 1. Joint Operations Graphic (G) 1:250,000, D. Surveyor Director of Military Survey (U.K.); Army Map Service, U.S. Army Topographic Command, Defense Mapping Agency Topographic Center, 1966-1976. [Partial coverage. ] 2. Arabian Peninsula 1 :500,000 (Series K462), AMS (from Miscellaneous Geologic Investigations, 1:500,000, USGS), 1963. [English and Arabic,] APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP01-00707R000100160010-0 3. Arabian Peninsula 1:2,000,000, U,S. Geological Survey, 1963. 4, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Mineral Locality Map of the Arabian Shield 1 :2,000,000, Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, Directorate General of Mineral Resources, Saudi Arabia, 1974. [English and Arabic.] 5, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, Directorate General of Mineral Resources, Saudi Arabia, 1967-75, [A selection of 37 sheets covering portions .of central and western Saudi Arabia, titled "Geologic Map" and "Mineral Investiga- tions Map," Mast are scaled at 1:100,000, with a few sheets at 1:10,000, 1:25,000, and 1:250,000.] . 6. British Admiralty charts, Hydrographic Department, Great Britain, [various dates and scales,] Interpretation of entries It has been necessary to express in code numbers and letters some of the information in this gazetteer in order to accommodate it to machine tabulation, Name.-Approved standard names and unapproved variant names appear in the fIrst column. The variant names are always cross-referenced to the standard names by use of the word "see." Names containing generic elements preceding the specifIc term (except names of populated places) are alpha- betized by the specifIc part; thus Jaww ad Dukhiin, the name .of a depression, is listed as Dukhan, Jaww ad, Where part of a name is underlined, the use of the part not underlined is optional. If two or more names are approved for a feature, each is identifIed in parentheses and any or all may be 'lsed. APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP01-00707R0001 0016001 0-0 ~ Language labels are used to identify alternate local names of nonintemational features. Local names of international features are identified by major-political-entity labels. If only one country is identified parenthetically, no name is available for the feature in the other country. The following short forms for names of countries contiguous to Saudi Arabia are used in this gazett~er where it is necessary to indicate the sovereignty of international names: Yemen (Sana) Yemen (Aden) [Yemen Arab Republic] [Peoples Democratic Republic of Yemen] [United Arab Emirates] U.A.E. A.. far as possible, Arabic names in this gazetteer have been romanized from Arabic script according to the transliteration system used jointly by the Board on Geographic Names and the Permanent Committee on Geographical Names for British Official Use (the BGN/PCGN 1956 System, [Revised in 1972]), which follows on pages xi through xvi. It is almost always necessary to add missing symbols for short vowels (vowel points) in Arabic script and to rewrite dialectal forms in standard written Arabic. Names found written only in roman letters but recognizable as Arabic have been recon- structed into Arabic script and then transliterated. ..j tiI In a few cases, in which it was not possible to determine complete BGN/PCGN Arabic forms, names have been given in the form found in romanized sources and marked with an asterisk (*) preceding the designation; however, individual Arabic words recognizable in these names have been rendered in the system. The diacritical marks used in approved Arabic names in the areas covered by this gazetteer are the macron n, the cedilla (J, and the acute accent ('). These marks are to be used whether the names are written in capital or lowercase letters. In addition, the apostrophe (') and the inverted apostrophe APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP01-00707R000100160010-0 ('), representing the letters hamzah and 'ayn, respectively, frequently occur in Arabic names. In writing Arabic names in capital and lowercase letters, every word in a name should be initially capitalized except the following when they are not name-initial: wa (and) and the definite article aq, ad, adh, aI, an, ar, as, ~, ash, at, at, ath, az, and, a~, The word Al (with a macron), which should not be confused with the defmite article, should always begin with a capital letter. Desi~ation.- The second column contains designations or abbreviations of designations, as listed below. Because practically all geographic tenns have varied meanings, the senses in which the designator terms are used and the range of features to which they are applied in this gazetteer are stated in the list to reduce ambiguity. The distinctions that can be made in a given gazetteer will vary with the quality of the maps of the area and with the nature of the entities that are named. Some of the features do not fit precisely into the categories used to designate them and others could be designated in two or more ways. ADMD ANCH first-order administrative division (min(aqat) anchorage (place within a harbor or roadstead where ships may anchor) area (tract of land identified by a name, but without homogeneous character or established boundaries; may be identified and named for characteristics which no longer pertain to it) bay (coastal indentation of a size intermediate between a gulf and a cove) beach (deposit of sand or other. unconsolidated material along a shore) bight (open body of water forming a slight recession in a coastline) building AREA BAY BCH BGHT BLDG ii APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP01-00707R0001 0016001 0-0 BNK BNKM BSN BUTE CARN ..: CAVE CFT CHNM CLF -