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October 25, 2016
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Irtopis $WWI APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2009/06/16: CIA-RDP01-00707R000200070015-2 4 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2009/06/16: CIA-RDP01-00707R000200070015-2 Y. jjrr r C. comes iftwo 7 L Alt mA ob dd F 12 1. oww""m 7 L QpL&mfim 13 OL Tovuww 7 t shmigth. mnpodexp, and 13 b. TwcS=! 1 3, Tmw% 14 L lk gd morwdom. wd 7 4L Legktka 3, Tj%M 6 4. XA$Wtks 9 F. M&wimd 1 is ID. N" finee 9 L Fycolim co uid is L Orgmkmdm s IL Alert PW$m -15 JL SMCDgth. F Iti, An d Al 10 a Swieky Goad RO&MM 16 1 7'm ing 11 is 17 yx;.Um pw pw n&i Amodfm 14otmmm&ad(dua) 3 ft Z -%kl6s to Ua:nft (phaq) F ,V#g. S Pmovad stmgihs. (labU) 5 FI& 8 H&I In zubmadw doff (phaw) 32 F4 3 Ddm- budpts mW) a SA-2 -i ce (pht") 14 1 FI& 4 MAjv a= and eq*qamcnt (UW) 8 ft 8 Mftw7 d6tdm (mw) 19 0 m APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2009/06/16: CIA-RDP01-00707R000200070015-2 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2009/06/16: CIA- RDP01- 00707R000200070015 -2 f 4; f 5 :f' 1 1 YY! A. Defense establlshownt (S) The East: C,erm it almod rorct: consist of Kmw3il. rMwel, and- air and alt drfenw fames, aced lhne rivets N plus a urlfitarfWA wcudly forcer worn ac the Frvotkr Command, make up The Nz Pr c c Army 4h VA) 77x armed tomes WUltuln sipgle, a cu4y Inersmietid. and cwtrWly epnitolled fnrcc. They rte uualcr lull alvrotiunal sad atindikidraiive eonlyd the Alinlare far Hatlorw Drlensr, %hO it >R'disard by a ualt ir,d NAlk oomnuula, The t 1 WO- nn armed ibtm, whik we of t he unliert, a anrn o the motet nwdem And best equlpprd ut I N! vastnn $uropcon Communiat lom m 77io gmund ;ones lmvt apptoUmately 60.000 men wp irtd Inln oAr dlY4Lko* 'Me naval (otra, wish o mwl4ndAmwb orabout 17,%10, steenulpprd with owr 450 dJpa qd crud. pw*ndrrantly patrol 3blps mIurswrepras, 7U M00106m4La air form are cquiyfr4 ui th aheut 400 w4ma h, of shish SW ara 10 Filthlam The air dtlexaw compacenl dra prmanne) Frua} 14 0iround times to man lu rfaC&Ia -air mi>aile (SAM), 4113alrrnart arl{ljcly (AAA), �add air conird and wamldR (ACWJ radot unllsi pi aaa and a 6 qtr. rrrwnncl for alydefeme arepa5vldW by tho alt fonxi The armed futets have a Ilizillcd offensir,e CARbillty, but Irs f ulf10mmt of. 164r M1 0c'm of terrttwisl dcicnsc they ail` opable of docialvewflnn y441n34 Western faros r 414hl to.10clivldem They weld not, hoKvwr, maintain aJtclr. prncct o ats of dm4lerm mt at oandad sustained mllitory. amitlons wJ1huut uanliawd SoM wmwrt: Dutine wartime, Ilw amied.(pion world be enap1gvd:rs a part of the osreall Warsa v Pa.c1 effort, Ifs 5uvlris ccww v vast Ge'tmnny as M� .d the llrst stcwli%e wheloni a. Ilro Wonaw Pact forces. 11W W Caraa n amwd Foioen are srrr l" along the 11nm or the Snsiel to W N and At Savlets mrcrfi a roruldcrat, Influ"" on L'as1 Cei Sian nilllla. -a APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2009/06/16: CIA- RDP01- 00707R000200070015 -2 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2009/06/16: CIA- RDP0l- 00707R000200070015 -2 4 %7 1 `4 .I tint >r'. .w... ter+: ^1,- The Pal silpslficbrd o1mvIgpenent in the eltal4jo. mint of a lrzal Iosis fnrtlwarerrd form lookplatrm -Misreh JIM. %hen the u.S.S,F, fornwlly nropimed 17ast Cernlany at a x43t?tiV40 mpublir. Vials nscnaoilion -A'L erafflrnted In SrVember I&M by au czdsanXe of insies. bclutem the Woo strelec The office of the Smltt 1910 (IcbntnmisAunrr In Ctmu vx'pr, offkially abullAtd, and rM;bPon;bet)Jt} for wnlsol ul the frunfkt (excelet that drr AI1W Vd ilary and I)tlles offidal lrnfflO W41, mated Mots lathe East CnTdA eS, Supported lei' Sadrt approval olorw, re'RJrtse amended the oenstlldlfan In September INS to lcxslirrc a national serene estalrl Ameni- The txlftrsim of an srrmrd farce was clot tditria"I acimoo lydpA l00%"rr, unlit 18 y" u oryr I UK %%j n the njime enadrd the law� of the Cptalle,l of the Netionnl FrWWs Army, A WaWry feel National lhferae w,�e simUllaneotisly ctraled out of t iltutn 1)Imctoa461e feet TtainlnK of the Ministry of latedw. The broil evidenre or Lra%1 crrman anval derelopneml. arrurreel bolo in 1919, when the Afoln Drpsrlmeat for >w formed within the InINarirrd pcgLm laliol (silk the rn zUrb Of Ctraling a novel Wa ly1ir1 1rrretmF. In July�t6W a nael v senile wan offiriblly vmlad within the Milildry of lniesar with the 1IIk of Main Dlrmtoratr for s Pkeldsm AlOxetigh t ulwo0jr o pabire farce, it Boor, dewtopod into a trot: 8111111 ogtpnW- Utter. With She Malian of the Minist f t Natloaal Delcntr It became our yd 11me three t:renponetxe ref the armed from'sm gntw NovTrnlscr 1960 the oelianiazdtian has 44ijdvd the Iitk Fwplo�r NmLy (Vo+lfsn,,nfnr)- Tfw PrrdcrftW of the oar 60" Wn bounded In imm iu o4penwativa of this mzat at arum has Mack�F90410 several drrmnRa ifnoe Its User alert. The >mce of asirRtlderal d- rbpami alts MwE kjsepport has Imam dctrnWreed In larks minuum by tlmc $vvlel estinlale of the politlrz.l reltahifity of pilots and other hey pr- rsnnnol. As early as ISM, pilots rtMv d Italning in the UASX Thereaftel. the air Praxearh was tnkirsii0ed unit� a fter the upsWng of 17 June J053, w hen ail Oral". %mx }shed and ki aircraft urm v ilhdrawn, 1ci tnsinlra Wn nyomed (dfowiux the formal estahlle) users; of. the rural form i I"& a� AFZN Imlliano !fee East .emsrwl Goo munlii t%lme has faced the pnrbkm of nror tlrog Ce4oaim military Insdilim lee meet tbate and m osc eptaWk to the t,.ornmunW hleiam ;hy. 111w result has be m a hyledd not enlbled -ticti j motpud by The rAit c,.mpan Woo, TIN trail thwail v dr concise end disdpak a of fanlee Ct*man annks Jwvr eat been fully realinrd In tiro armed fun:)M Until a vatelwiirml nri 4ary oetnice taw Was Paue'd in Jan u2ry 19U. reenoting 4forts tart rontlelcmW etWgatne. nd .ylrW%u foam of eueniva t were oec .409mlly oaM to ulmalate vchiselcrr' !e'crultmctet, Since the tadoplton pF to"Mijotion, lmvxvrr. ISe Ken" atiltudr io Mtird l ht mtll taty ham impmvord, and The pMeealirrn is agates br'xIi%wr4 lu show some piidv In the armed fomec b. l�loriricltl Wue*M Thr'otrjhrout iled cmislener, dht atiaM Furors leave been domirusted, directly or 11kair ely, by Sm paDtical and 411tary ideol;*R Odtplcaily. SotiJet contra of Ihr' ntililotry eamuikhrrmnl was wants PdMadif ihro4111 the Snvkt M141exry Missinn. Srniel 14tory adviser. orm prneni at Wee tirally ull levris, with rbe mllafon of u, .Xoni inx. I ea iulnx, and tiit'lppinx the embryonic Tote s. and i;selr aulhodly +ter; dtdsive \ow, all top romnuod and slutl posillores ore held by Ea.t Gears p to) to Soviet inlercvli. Slot of 11te lusumbrnts ba*e been thoraoxhly leWmitlrtated In Suvl poklival and mlhipery correrpos t Seniet cw ilary sdhrols and acodemim over 9$41 e4 oil mmmjuknjed uvrr 40% of d oer dexu1ar reeaaoml Moaned �!fleets arc members of Irmo Emovt Cennan Communist party, the Src'ixlisl Emily Parry (SED), Ovillosn aullsarity oves the arnsed rarer., CWr4;juvf by t koderxof theloatl erome. it vtrl WXY abvolule. WiNn the armed fvroex, rnnllnuinX indodefrmlion h efrectsd th(U41 Political vffic-M *6 are dteac1ly rasleonslvm; to party Jnflmisac Control stems front a Orpuly Minillce fur Pall" Affain and c;len:lb downward them m the ?ours crFse"i of aommtuul. The rrmlssiam at Ilbc P4tical of4ccr are to provide Fnirtieal IndoNtinalion foe the teuvpK and to ata�irt tree cornamndet tee ooeiforming military develupmeniw In pu, intcnyp. Jb{ tkal 4dficvn are obis st:ilr in thr Polly rolls that exist for pennoncl In most headrluattem Mti, and sc4ioolk Aaathet donee; or polillpd eonero:l is exercised 111MUgh else 111 rot State ser,ttily. whidm ffWntairu a special department for aimed fWWA wMirity. Qounlertntermilfter officer; send agents are amigmd ltnnl Ihls depoeuarnt to urmils Ib=Aosd the anted fa+ocs. Vertiptf C IMI etertt+d by the party luactlaU ties and M,inhlry, for Stott Security axents Js minfarced by dose lateral mninrit wbith local and n791110ai patty �nd MinWsy far Stott Soeauiry orXROlmtJum at all )cads, i Ultirrole 314113rodly linens #rues The Fast ,.r"Mrs C-Merrrnseelt and the t;,onlmuniK Party of the Soviet ll:slars IltitwA the Central C4enndt M of the SED to 1L l oAssol abill sbrctwe tj Y 'C@,iar7 :_tea ..c_ n' .V.. ,.r .ai _3 df> APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2009/06/16: CIA- RDP0l- 00707R000200070015 -2 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2009/06/16: CIA- RDP0l- 00707R000200070015 -2 7:'. M C) Y the CQYrlcd Cd tilinlvletf(CUMAet). Actawl "vemmrn- Lal dietetkm is sarenmpl" ibmvo thu hnlbnal Wense Council (11gurr l Tire national Ddxrtw Council hm fiiN evnlrvl irxf all rewmvev and manpottw of East Cennany for purpoue. of "mmnlorarl drfeme. D1rtoion of all defenie and wruril) meaurres b. site thetnpq:sli,l3ity rviely of the National Wrnw Quoneil, The clualnnan OF tl ee cowscil, S ED Fins Se,crrwry �if:h Ikxuc wt, is rrrrpaxrred la procioim 0 "IW1e of DAQranl defrme." Uloainx whit$ far%ould host Ihr pea wtomodifyat will any Fast German k%him(lan audmx -n to Ignoreut chnprthe ra"tull(m- In notm4IivnesThe Nrtiorwl Ur6roe Courwil isaws InuructAnu through civilian ttwernmtntal org anizalluns sahwdiaatr to Ihr t;nuo it of Minolm in (try" of rakmal rkfenw," RDwevrr, xlth rumilik rlanol and whet k'flul pmvhlons modif ed -x suiprndod tilt 14aiUOMI Defense Coundh o4c" ma be issued directly IhmuRh mltltwry iKru*%,and we binding corn If lboy eaplrrrcne puwjwd lows. The Ministar for National Defcnac, Karl Heinz Ho(Imunn (a leeding _abintl mem1we), is a mwabor of Ilex Noilcul Defeaw Coon 0l- The TWniger tourists full aperalivaal and administralive somnsand of tier amred farts. Key 2"JAunls to the miriisleTRX five, poWIkvwwn,depul)r midslem wb,A he ruv'e i n top pats within T he high eamasond :er ChWi of Ihr Main (Grnetal) Staff, Rent Str-leh Diraclorate. TalMna [Nmdomlr. NIII rat Disc- na :ate. Ainramcnt 'nnd Technalop Direcraanr, the AwpVm Navy, and the Air F orr and Air DOCIMC Command, Additional mwicrstalf ageade*4Ihehi$h command I nc#rsde the bnrnClh d Mj arse fW selntrd PAM~ hr Kr66" DO~ r. F r L A s'' 0" Ora 0,0 or w t d r C 1 A M w ar a 0 CAt$ an *A aw of d� r': 4 I OM Da, Q/fONreree a/p fnR z nsw.eosrra� n.wwxa d 00" d" CAME at Me W t"W Cwd or dr c Mawr Dak"M rl+pN1 tan' M4 Atr Vuhn" CWMPAM Ww Ar c4t*wA# j ._y '4 2'L nrr MA AAA M Ayr half o IJMS iFNIr ti tfl lJwld IRMa Uw r S�.tis_....� �y.l w. ar ,i:',_ `"r FWAM 1. ArA" fee NO trOAWAW w a f APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2009/06/16: CIA- RDP0l- 00707R000200070015 -2 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2009/06/16: CIA- RDP01- 00707R000200070015 -2 4"M and 4mk" artilkry. anti e ngines! Am 6Kwu to r>.ur K Milip �I Owl niuillipwill In t1be 1c1 1c n.lssilr Unil Irla III Ilk 1! &SAL far Ilse- firing ruxiirr Alrets unit .r. crisrs lesthig mo vai lim nuw+ arr Imld Ix'rllo.lirallg atki In'tU �11111 1 kt kt4 %T $sm m ililag (1314rs as well 0. itrim"41 iuR" 7'041 alanrnunubiuurd 104lkrr i .Coi tralnlrtlt P%I" rnls rsmdnrt 111, nupxit} c>< NCO 11eihinIL. 4111Ni11Rh W41W KM Irw lldllf Is R11Ii1[l aW Iii IIPW ,droll. Ati SC O tcV11111WI "oul wat ulauRurairAl ul Ruj4 I In Dr4rm1wr I W9l o Iruhi n wAcly VI N.W slkei011st! A wr%widratir-h of G lider, manewn to, lair 1063 "lolled iti 4111. -4 .411 ulf iirr lis-ir traluln; al Pier lAwbau and 711:uu hndor0w% CA Ihr Fami 4 11nr1:',alm (:roan I'otm Offimn Sch4a 11 CIP Jllair .-t ..11[1[7114 IIIII N I 4031 iirutro oliti, iStllrwdch ImmiatleligR Rrtd untrs lrwy Ile 1�1nuahsiodlyd lkWrmrntto Ili laddltian. Ilorrr Is ter uclsanmrA amuuarxl atrtl .toff 1iitr4. IIIr Fetilrk4i F.nvlt %I1111an Atmeolmlt} Orr -Imp. 01111 .q r1 cdliiro are 0101 wool In Ilk- Smiai L'filcin full advurstri In.Ining ?tGURE A M0129 ore" and 4 0QW1 PPM f51 ae, 41i 0Sorms &MW&I1tPTLZ1 n-*s a-MOT 4ae�tri64- 4 1N q. nsaRO rua4Is ntlM A1rtn11 Rt lk 2 i.u HTII iAr rl1(iU l tan, hrw Tra TT T! tspk IITa Vrs"Im fkil ado T !I teal HTH eb! S. is r36-ntr two a" T 3 unl G.a tr M.Imw- Iwrltlwv T is '.d% IMoupi takom"We 432 -ma rnaiterr tit 1646w4a. s ou tu...a Igmhx4 I.o.rlo. ill 14 s0601 fva 11 t. IN &WON war. S rngrsr t K7 eay 1N q. r S -;i .3 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2009/06/16: CIA- RDP01- 00707R000200070015 -2 IiCa ecw oing of N Wiliellom. A Istlttllon masss prtr stir and is pair 4m wilt� 11w CSFC haf rdate SA -2 SAM .r1lUllrftts "4 -jiog of 37 l,atlalU)ln ontl. ulitrlio r wills llo �Par ew�wt e4laalsd IrJwroom" wt F.wugort." Clowwomilo< Ateak ovellro 4 aMdir 16E brtina -v h.ara wwr ssftmi R, both palwltbrd be the thf.u,r Itd.Opiea tixraei r'.t WaieRtrsttn am Arb.idt lac dlyw Tiwv%wmAkw *ed Trit -oou- w4makeet.01w Amato a ul Ibk l:rwral ittrxr, �t aeil as V-4mw 14. .4F046 tad Srtp4or xhtrkrw vl Iii W ltl. putted tj tb,r Aewnntlntl OaK 4w1 IJWWAII40 [tusk�. foe 16 Iklrrtw rar.lbgewtr Amy 13 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2009/06/16: CIA- RDP01- 00707R000200070015 -2 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2009/06/16: CIA- RDP01- 00707R000200070015 -2 'r i n r 3.' [;r11nla4.TnasNPf4 fi ling till(* jwnfic uA61uale air drfrnw Co ver uf Film Ge1npri v.IPN.*tflt6nirto the RA ?tones the Suvirls Iwtia drFao}r1 91 SA -'s sidles Io lmtskk WW- alUNVIC lair rirfcron of rrlrf ells UM1144rd h} yusiri mlly h. -Ipht Ngwdcs oil liar highiq "Whi i3sed1utsl altiludr SA-4 WiAcjrl aim PteW1111y drlsfn5`nl uilh the GSFC and al icati I%u nines hcilpatm arc mKvied l0 1w lkp'o}rd' by 11;74 T%v ra thirr itgilrestk v( the luw�a111twIr "-a 1+ilMm Ott 41INM tw& itrtt, The "Ir has hMtl .tuikvrd, In Itnsllal numbrrn, to Illy Fw-4 Ccrrrwn SAM innrs WWI this 111r East l'.rt ftti�4 91}-Ir1n has acs ui*d b cuibsidrrafoie krw -aidl LWV ssrlua MAY In ckur a a0wr. 111. tall C,rrma hti 1w%,v 1�i1 aadat Inhiltrorl,, v tlh a bAul J Amid NU ACW rtra3:u Wt* 111r CSF O but 31j ACW nx3ait frla 0lrt3cu1ulal, PrcnrilltatynlrtrabltnA is 13113rirW llh t11r 50drlr fn1 5" and TMhltutarlp. wlatrsa ul[en nicinbcn nr g }ran vf O der 1 raiuiur milt wmi by at )Cvt tr# trnlnirgl, TTUt:llnx In thr tirrdcty LA a. prettr{tlttsitr. for ls1n13d? 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