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October 25, 2016
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t 0 brazil September 1973 ,f c i NATIONAL INTELLIGENCE SUR'VE' 9 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2009/06/16: CIA- RDP01- 00707R000200080018 -8 x/11 fe1- 1107 Pao Pa] NATIONAL INTELLIGENCE SURVEY PUBLICATIONS The basic unit of the NIS is the General Survey, which is now published in a bound -by- chapter format so that topics of greatar per- ishability can be updated on an individual basis. These chapters� Country Profile, The Society, Government and Politics, The Economy, Military Geog- raphy, Transportation and Telecommunications, Armed Forces, Science, and Intelligence and Security, provide the primary NIS coverage. Some chapters, particularly Science and Intelligence and Security, that are not pertinent to all countries, are produced selectively. For small countries requiring only minimal NIS treatment, the General Survey coverage may be bound into one volume. Supplementing the General Survey is the NIS Basic Intelligence Fact book, a ready reference publication that semiannually updates key sta- tistical data found in the Survey. An unclassified edition of the factbook omits some details on the economy, the defense forces, and the intelligence i and security organizations. Although detailed sections on many topics were part of the NIS Program, production of these sections has been phased out. Those pre- viously produced will continue to be available as long as the major portion of the study is considered valid. A quarterly listing of all active NIS units is published in the Inventory 4 of Available NIS Publications, which is also bound int the concurrent classified Factbook. The Inventory lists all NIS units by area name and number and includes classification and date of issue; it thus facilitates the ordering of NIS units as well as their filing, cataloging, and util'zation. Initial dissemination, additional copies of NIS units, or separate chapters of the General Surveys can be obtained direc''y or through liaison channels from the Central Intelligence Agency. The General Survey is prepared for the NIS by the Central Intelligence Agency and the Defense Intelligence Agency under the general direction of the NIS Committee. It is coordinated, edited, published, and dissemi- nated by the Central Intelligence Agency. 1 WARNING This document contains information affecting the national defense of the United States, within the meaning of title 18, sections 793 and 794 of the US code, as amended. Its transmission or revelation of its contents to or receipt by an unauthorized person is prohibited by law. CLASSIFIED BY 019641. EXEMPT FROM GENERAL DECLASSIFI- CATION SCHEDULE OF E. O. 11634 EXEMPTION CATEGORIES SB (1), (4), (3). DECLASSIFIED ONLY ON APPROVAL OF THE DIRECTOR OF CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE. i i I APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2009/06/16: CIA- RDP01- 00707R000200080018 -8 f y E 4" I4 WARNING The NIS is National Intelligence and may not be re- leased or shown to representatives of any foreign govern- ment or international body except by specific authorization of the Director of Central Intelligence in accordance with the provisions of National Security Council Intelligence Di- rective No. 1. For NIS containing unclassified material, however, the portions so marked may be made available for official pur poses to foreign nationals and nongovernment personnel provided no attribution is made to National Intelligence or the National Intelligence Survey. Subsections and graphics are individually classified according to content. Classification /control designa- tions are: (U/OU) Unclassified /For Official Use Only (C) Confidential (S) Secret x. APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2009/06/16: CIA- RDP01- 00707R000200080018 -8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2009/06/16: CIA- RDP01- 00707R000200080018 -8 t`�s r r y Y. F Y rv s C( t t .l tl o- q y t Hs,'fi..0 .,.4 t ,i '^ .t y t j 5 BRAZIL CONTENTS This chapter supersedes the economic coverage in the General Survey dated January 1970 A. Economic appraisal 1 B. Sectors of the economy 1. Agriculture, fisheries and forestry a. Land use and tenure b. Agrarian reform c. Agricultural inputs d. Principal crops (1) Export crops (2) Domestic crops I e. Livestock f. Fisheries g. Forestry 7 7 7 9 11 11 11 14 15 16 17 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2009/06/16: CIA- RDP01- 00707R000200080018 -8 Eri 0�n0Ta Q Page 2. Fuels and power 17 a. Solid fuels 17 b. Petroleum and natural gas 18 c. Electric power 18 3. Metals and minerals 20 a. Ferrous metals 20 b. Nonferrous metals 22 c. Cement 23 4. Manufacturing 23 a. Food products 23 b. Textiles 24 c. Chemical and pharmaceuticals 24 d. Pulp and paper 25 e. Motor vehicles and agricultural 35 equipment 25 f. Machinery and equipment 26 g. Electric and communications equip- 36 ment........................... 26 li. Shipbuildi ng 26 L Aircraft and missiles I 26 5. Construction 27 Page C. Economic policy and development 27 1. Economic policy 27 2. Public finance 29 a. Revenues 29 b. Expenditures 30 3. Money and banking 31 a. Monetary policy 31 b. The money market 31 4. Development 32 a. Planning 32 b. Approaches to development 33 c. Development prospects 34 5. Manpower 34 a. Size and structure of the labor force 34 b. Productivity 35 c. Wages and social benefits 35 d. Labor organization 36 D. International economic relation, 36 1. Commodity composition of trade 37 2. Direction of trade 37 3. Trade regulations 39 4. Balance of payments 39 5. Foreign aid 40 i 0 i FIGURES Page Fig. 1 Gross domestic product (chart) 2 Fig. 2 Economic activity (map) 3 Fig. 3 Growth of output in major sectors 16 Fig. 17 (chart) 4 Fig. 4 Origin of GDP chart) 4 Fig. 5 General price index (chart) 5 Fig. 6 Economic regions, states and ter- 24 Fig. 20 ritories, and population density 25 Fig. 21 (map) 6 Fig. 7 Drought in the Northeast photos) 7 Fig. 8 Land use chart) 8 Fig. 9 Natural vegetation (imp) 9 Fig. 1G Land tenure table) 9 Fig. 11 Farm village in Amazon area photo) 10 Fig. 12 Area of principal crops table) 12 Fig. 13 Crop production table) 12 Fig. 14 Coffee exports (chart) 13 Fig. 15 Livestock numbers (table) 15 if i 3 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2009/06/16: CIA- RDP01- 00707R000200080018 -8 Page Fig. 16 Livestock and fishery products (table) 16 Fig. 17 Production of ores and metals table) 20 Fig. 18 Indexes of manufacturing table) 23 Fig. 19 Value added and employment in manufacturing table) 24 Fig. 20 Motor vehicle production (table) 25 Fig. 21 Auto assembly plant photo) 26 Fig. 22 Sao Paulo (photo) 28 Fig. 23 Federal government budget chart) 29 Fig. 24 Federal revenue (table) 30 Fig. 25 Banking assets and liabilities (table) 32 Fig. 26 Balance of trade chart) 36 Fig. 27 Composition of exports table) 37 Fig. 28 Shifts in export composition chart) 38 Fig. 29 Composition of imports table) 38 Fig. 30 Geographic distribution of trade (chart) 38 Fig. 31 Balance of payments table) 40 i 3 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2009/06/16: CIA- RDP01- 00707R000200080018 -8 y 1 J r 3 r The Economy A. Economic appraisal fhe Brazilian econonrv. one of liu� world's nust d \Ila nlle_ nuti I t ai ne(I a oral gro%%tb rate averaging more than fir( annually throughout the 19:)O's and IS)60* and during 196S-T2 grovvtlr averaged ncark 10 l)1-r year (Figure I Development has been vve11 diversified an(I bias produced a highly integrated modern sector. :\Ithougb napidl\ rising exports h:avr hecotru� an important intpetns to economic gro\\th, pnttlnction still is dircct,�d primarily to\vard the donu�stic rnarket. The Inrge industrial sector and broad reuntrcc base are adetluale to nuet the country's requirements for all hilt a fevv goods. Brazil still dep