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October 25, 2016
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APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2009/06/16: CIA- RDP01- 00707R000200090030 -3 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2009/06/16: CIA- RDP01- 00707R000200090030 -3 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2009/06/16: CIA- RDP01- 00707R000200090030 -3 NATIONAL INTELLIGENCE SURVEY PUBLICATIONS The basic unit of the NIS is the General Survey, which is now published in a bound -by- chapter format sc that topics of greater per- ishability can be updated on an individual basis. These chapters Country Profile, The Society, Government and Politics, The Economy, Military Geog- raphy, Transportation and Telecommunications, Armed Forces, Science, and Intelligence and Security, pro:'l:1c the primary NIS coverage. Some chapters, particularly Science and Intelligence and Security, that are not pertinent to all countries, are produced seiectively. For small countries requiring only minimal NIS treatment, the General Surrey coverage may be bound into one volume. Supplementing the General Survey is the NIS Basic Intelligence Fact book, a ready reference publication that semiannually updates key sta- tistical data found in the Survey. An unclassified edition of the factbook omits some details on the economy, the defense forces, and the intelligence and security organizations. Although detailed sections on many topics were part of the 'NIS Program, production of these sections has been phased out. Those pre- viously produced will continue to be available as long as the major portion of the study is considered valid. A quarterly listing of all active NIS units is published in the Inventory of Available NIS Publications, which is also bound into the concurrent classified Factbook. The Inventory lists all NIS units by area name and number and includes classification and date of issue; it thus facilitates the ordering of NIS units as well as their filing, cataloging, and utilization. InEtial di3semination, additional copi of NIS units, or separate chapters of the General Surveys can be obtained directly or through liaison channels from the Central Intelligence Agency. The General Survey is prepared for the NIS by the Central Intelligence Agency and the Defense Intelligence Agency under the general direction of the NIS Committee. It is coordinated, edited, published, and dissemi- nated by the Central Intelligence Agency. WARNING This document contains information affecting the national defense of the United States, within the meaning of title 18, sections 793 and 791 of 0.9 US code, as amended. Its transmission or revelation of its cont.nts to or receipt by an unauthorised person is prohibited by law. rLASSIFIED of 019641. EXEMPT FROM GENERAL DECLASSIFI- CATION SCHEDULE OF E. O. 11652 EXEMPTION CATEGORIES 55 (1), (3). DECLASSIFIED ONLY ON APPROVAL OF THE DIRECTOR OF CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE. APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2009/06/16: CIA- RDP01- 00707R000200090030 -3 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2009/06/16: CIA- RDP01- 00707R000200090030 -3 WARNING The NIS is National Intelligence and may not be re- leased or shown to representatives of any foreign govern- ment or in ?arnational body except by specific authorization of the Director of Central Intelligence in accordance with the provisions of National Security Council Intelligence Di- rective No. 1. For NIS containing unclassified material, however, the portions so marked may be made available for official pur- poses to foreign nationals and nongovernment personnel provided no attribution is made to National Intelligence or the National Intelligence Survey. Subsections and graphics are individually classified according to content. Classification /control designa- tions are: (U /OU) Unclassified/ For Official Use Only (C) Confidential (S) Secret APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2009/06/16: CIA- RDP01- 00707R000200090030 -3 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2009/06/16: CIA- RDP01- 00707R000200090030 -3 GENERAL SURVEY CHAPTE:;S COUNTRY PROFILE Integrated perspective of the subject country Chronoiogy "Area Brief Stint mary M3v THE SOCIETY Social structure Population tabor, Health Living conditions Social Problems Religion Education Public infor- rnatio,t Artistic expression GOVERNMENT AND POLITICS Political evolu- tion of the state Governmental strength and sta- hility *.Structure and. function Political dynamics National policies Threats. t.) stability The police Count ersubvc r4on and counterinsurgency capabilities TIIE ECONOMY Appraisal of .the econorny Its str act ure- agriculttire, fisheries, forestry, fuels and power, metals and minerals, manufacturing and construction Domestic trade Economic policy and development International economic relu- lions TRANSPORTATION AND TELECOMMUNICATIONS Appraisal of systems Strategic mobility Railroads Highways Inland waterways Pipelines Ports Nlerchaut marine Civil air 0 Airfields The telecom system ,M] LITARY GEOGRAPHY Topography and climate Military geographic regions s Strategic areas 4 internal routes Approachm land, scsa, air ARMED FORCES The defense establishment o -rint activities Cround forces 0 Naval forces Air forces Paramilitary SCIENCE Level of scientific advancement Or- ganization, planning, and financing of research Scientific education, manpower, and taciiities Major research fields APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2009/06/16: CIA- RDP01- 00707R000200090030 -3 The Other Superpower 1 Giant land of Many Peoples Pmducin� Gores and Goulash The Govemment and Its Critics Moscow and the World Chronology. 21 Area Brief 32 Summary Maps follows 32 This Cv n:ry Profile was prepared fur the NIS by the Central Intelligence Agency. Research was substantially ,completed by February 1974. Fort OvVICIAL USF ONES APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2009/06/16: CIA- RDP01- 00707R000200090030 -3 MME 0 t s t 7 7 l E rr z1 (.f/a;G�. M1 j rY 13'` �G' '.dc r '}'r' d ?f T'_� a.. .rv. ''.c w, i s.i' -^a.+ ...+t .,,a 3s r r r[ i. t t 4 to n s n ..s .wte.. T� .f P i'` r ..r a; '07 �.Y r E z x 1* yart c f t t d �"s,y i .es,- f I `k a 'r r r a r c fit.- �w -s' f c'ti..... �+'r"`K Y Rf.f r. la,wr H h c 1 xx t a e y ...L v',r .'rP o 'a, -.K +..�i ro x s- s do `��..vim "4 A!'Yr' b' ry Tr J Y 3. L j l.Y S3 S 3 Y y G i r. v r. '.Re'` �Lfi^.1eq k. t, IT''' lL' 9^ ....a"'vrn 6 `s.!n .0 Sry'Y.. r! t t !",7+y 7^ -3'y' ,r �',a a h 'r nti kT :.'z'` f 5 .�.a+.. j sue.� .%:a ,y "abe5: 's "r -'F y"F F y fi sF y r x .,.r'_. f i. v`.sHa w �.v ti }'"5 a. '4 ?'�`,e ,,a �Ta is' -q s rtlo x g ,.S r r Ta j a n >.>a' a a r rte� ,c s�^� r. 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