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December 28, 2016
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November 17, 2003
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April 1, 1964
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Copy 107 20 Papa TOP SECRET aIUPiR->,'u+ Approved For Release 2004/01/12: CIA-RDP02TO6408R000100010032-4 April 1964 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY PHOTOGRAPHIC INTELLIGENCE REPORT SOVIET-TYPE SAM INSTALLATIONS, WACS 1679 1689 169, AND 1 70 A Declass Review by NIMA/DOD Published and Disseminated By NATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHIC INTERPRETATION CENTER TOP SECRET GROUP I E..Iud.d from acwna.uafng .nd declaaaificatlen Approved For Relea e 2004/01/12 : CIA-RDP02T06408R000100010032-4 SOVIET-TYPE SAM INSTALLATIONS, WAGS 167, `I68, 169, AND 170 CIA/PIR-11/64 April 1964 1 1 Approved For Release 2004101112 : CIA-RDP02T06408R000100010032-4 1 TOP SECRET PREFACE. This is the fifth in a series of reports, prepared in response to CIA requirement C-RR3-80 7 , 33, presenting locational ` and other pertinent information on all Soviet- type missile A YPe (SAM) installations. j/ In- stallations included are SAM launch sites (SA-1, SA-2, SA-3, and SA-O), antimissile-missile activities, SAM support facilities SAM R & D and trainin facilities and unidentified installations, possibly SAM-related. The information will be 'presented by World Aeronautical Chart (WAC), and with each WAC by SAM defense area, as determined from pho- tography and collateral sources.. When the defense functia of an installation cannot be determined, this will be et indicated. Where no installations have been identified in a WAC area, that WAC will be omitted. INTRODUCTION This report presents information on all Soviet-type SAM installations located in the areas covered by WACs 167, 168, 169, and 170 and identified on photography. The cutoff date for this information is 27 March 1964. Figure 1 shows all the WAC areas, except Cuba, which will be covered in this series; those in red are covered in this report. WACs covered in the previous reports are outlined in red, and the report number is indicated on the graphic. Diagrams of the configurations of the common types of SAM installations are presented in Figure 2. Information for each WAC is shown in a table Tables 1-4 which gives detailed data and a ma which indicates (Figures 3-6), the location and t of each SAM installation. Due to the volume of data for WACs 167 and 168, Figures 3 and 4 have been repeated for easier reference. Explanations of the columnar headings used in the tables are as follows: Item--Given in numerical sequence for each W A C, with numbers assigned to installations arbitrarily, and keyed to the accompanying WAG. Name Site Designator, BE Number--In accordance with the TDI. Absence of any of this information indicates that it was not available at the time of publication. Coordinates--Given in degrees, minutes, and seconds, and plotted from series 200 US Air Target Charts unlees_ otherwise indicated in next column. Country & Map Reference--BE country codes used. - Map reference is to the Air Target Chart sheet number (scale 1:200,000) unless otherwise indicated. Type & Configuration--Indicates the type of SAM instal- lation and its configuration as illustrated in Figure 2 . Mission & Date First Appears--Gives the number and date of the mission on which the installation was first sighted. Mission & Date Installation Negated--Refers to the later photography on which it has been established that construction of the installation had not been started. Absence of any notation indicates that this information could not be determined. Remarks--Covers items of special or unusual interest TOP SECRET Approved For Re! ease 2004/01/12 : CIA-RDP02T06408R000100010032-4 CIA/PIR-11/64 FIGURE 1. ALL AREAS TO BE COVERED IN THIS SERIES. Areas covered by this report in red; areas covered by preceding reports, red-bordered and report numbers indicated. Approved For Release 2004101112 : CIA-RDP02T06408R000100010032-4 A r e v 5X1 5X1 Approved For Release 2004/01/12 : CIA-RDP02TO6408R000100010032-4 Approved For Release 2004/01/12 : CIA-RDP02TO6408R000100010032-4 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved For Releas Country & Map Ref Type & Configuration Mission & Date First Appears 4 Gomel SAM Site B25-2, 52.21-OON 30.41-15E UK 0167-21 SA-2, link 5 Gomel SAM Site A83-2, 52-32-50N 30-52-55E UK 0167-21 SA-2, probable link 6 Gomel SAM Support Facr ,ty, 52-25-20N 50-55-20E UK 0167-21 Type I (rectangular) 7 Gomel SAM Site B18-2, 52-13-05N 31-00-55E UR 0167-21 SA-2, link 8 Gomel SAM Site A15-2, 52-1B-OON 31-08-OOE UK 0167-21 SA-2, link 54-34.15N 30-29-25E UK 0167-6 SA-2, star 54-29.OON 80-25.40E UK 0167-6 Type II (square) 54-19-OON 30-33-OOE UK 0167-11 SA-2, star Mission & Date Installation Negated 2 Orsha SAM Support Facr r y, 3 Grebe SAM Site B16-2 Hryanek SAM Site BSS-2, 53-19-40N 33-56-BOE UR 0167-18 SA-2, link Hryanek SAM Site B13-2, 53-03-40N 34-01-40E UK 0167-18 SA-2, link Bryansk SAM Site B01-2, 58.28.45N 34-22.00E UK 0167-18 SA-2, link Bryansk SAM Support Fa 53.21-16N 34-17-50E UK 0167-18 Type II (square) Bryansk SAM Site A13-2, 53.11-58N 34-34-15E UR 0167-18 SA-2, link 14 Moscow SAM Site E28-3, 55.52-20N 36.18.40E UR 0167-4 SA-3, configuration F 15 Moscow SAM Site E28-1, 55-52-24N 36-17-58E UK 0167-4 SA-1, herringbone 16 Moscow SAM Site E27-3, 55-44-BON 38.14.30E UR 0167-4 SA-3, configuration G 17 Moscow SAM Site E27-1, 55.44.23N 36-16-OSE UK 0167-4 SA-1, herringbone 18 Moscow SAM Site E26-8, 55.36-40N 36.19.00E UR 0187.4 SA-3, configuration 0 19 Moscow SAM Site E26-1, 55-36.41N 36-19-26E UK 0167-4 SA-1, herringbone 20 Moscow SAM Site E25-1, 55.27-46N 36-24-24E UK 0167-4 SA-1, herringbone 21 Moscow SAM Site E24-1, 55-21.04N 36-29-27E UR 0167-4 SA-1, herringbone 22 Moscow SAM Site E23-1,I 55-14-45N 36-38-18E UK 0167-4 SA-1, herringbone 28 Moscow SAM Site E22-1, 55-09-08N 36-50-42E UK 0187-9 SA-1, herringbone 24 Moscow SAM Site E21.1, 25 Moscow SAM Site E20.1, 26 Moscow SAM Site E19-1, 27 Moscow SAM Site E18-1, 28 Moscow SAM Site E17.1, 29 Moscow SAM Site E16-1, 30 Moscow SAM Site E15-1, 31 Moscow SAM Site E14-1, 82 Moscow SAM Site E18.1, 88 Moscow SAM Site E12.1, 34 Moscow SAM Site E10.1, 38 Moscow SAM Site C07-1, 89 Moscow SAM Site C09.1, 40 Moscow SAM Site C10-1, 41 Stepanovo SAM Storage Site, Moscow SAM Site C12-1, Moscow SAM Site C14.1, 44 Moscow SAM Site C1O.1, 45 Belyye Stolby SAM Storage rte, 46 Moscow SAM Site C17-1, 47 Moscow SAM Site C19-1, II 55.04.10N 37-01-20E UR 0167-9 SA-1, herringbone 55-00-34N 37-14.09E UK 0167-10 SA-1, herringbone 55.00-30N 37.29.32E UK 0167-10 SA-1, herringbone 55-01-10N 37-42-20E UR 0167-10 SA-1, herringbone 55-02.53N 37-55.42E UK 0167.10 SA-1, herringbone 55-05-34N 38-10-43E UK 0167.10 SA-1, herringbone 55-09.50N 38.22-17E UK 0167-10 SA-1, herringbone 55-15-81N 38.32-OOE UK 0167-5 SA-1, herringbone 55-23-37N 38-43-32E UK 0167.5 SA-1, herringbone 55-28.32N 38-49-47E UK 0167-5 SA-1, herringbone 56-37.12N 38.55.31E UK 0187-5 SA-1, herringbone 55-44-13N 88-54-54E UK 0187-5 SA-1, herringbone 55-53.19N 38.54-49E UK 0167-5 SA-1, herringbone 55-59-45N 38.20-SOB UK 0187-5 Missile assembly and storage plant 55-55-18N 38-20-28E UK 0167-5 SA-1, herringbone 55-47-38N 38-21-40E UK 0167-5 SA-1, herringbone 55-40-17N 38-21-59E UK 0167-5 SA-1, herringbone 55-41-80N 38-27-45E UK 0167-5 Missile assembly and storage plant 55-32-10N 88-22-40E UK 0167-5 SA-1, herringbone 55.27-49N 38-09-01E UK 0167-5 SA-1, herringbone 55-22-12N 37-58-51E UK 0167-5 SA-1, herringbone 55.19-20N 37-54-50E UK 0167.5 Missile assembly and storage plant 55-18-43N 37-46-05E UK 0167-5 SA-1, herringbone 55.17-08N 37-34-35E UK 0167-5 SA-1, herringbone This is one of the four SA-1 sites at Moscow which shows possible AMM-associated activity. This is one of the four SA-1 sites at Moscow which show possible AMM-associated activity. This is one of seven such facilities deployed around Moscow. This is one of seven such facilities deployed around Moscow. This is one of seven. such facilities deployed around Moscow. TOP SECREIo1 Approved For Re lea e ? t S~'f9 A1A ~ , t P RT 411 !44A ~ - ,E q J ~ v'y>- ' E 5 OW SA S? - r ~a .: '?"" - 400 4 ~. 4 { } P ?~ 1 ~ DL V' /~ GL 3 ? ryti ? ' '? C A C ~ ~ j ' J 8 ' 'r x?9 q i C _ 1 , - ~ L K l_ ~,~ \ w ry I M ~~ 1 7, W o H ?' ?' ? s?,x an' TO SE RET PK . QK Approved For RefealgerA2OO4t&1-P9?2??ctA DPO2 64a8R000100010032-4 25X1 Approved F or Rele Country & Map Ref Type & Configuration Mission & Date First Appears Mission & Date Installation Negated D. Moscow SAM Defenses (continued) 48 25X1 Klimovsk SAM Storage Site, 55-19-40N 37-27-05E UR 0187-5 Missile assembly and storage plant 25X1 50 49 Moscow SAM Site C20- Moscow SAM Site C22. 1 1 55-20.15N 55-22-57N 37-22-07E UR 0167-5 SA-1, herringbone 37-10-39E UR 0167-4 SA-1, herringbone 51 Moscow SAM Site C24- 1 55-27-33N 36-59-25E UR 0107-4 SA-1, herringbone 25X1 52 53 Moscow SAM Site D25 Moscow SAM Site D25- A-, 2, 55-33-OON 55-83-10N 36-40-50E UR 0167-4 SA-2, unrevetted 86.41-15E UR 0167-4 SA-2, link 55-84-35N 86-52131E UR 0167-4 SA-1, herringbone 55 55-87-50N 36-53-10E UR 0167-4 Missile assembly 25X1 and storage plant 25X1 5z Moscow SAM Site C27- Moscow SAM Site C28- 1, 1, 55-41.01N 55-49-17N 36-49-55E UR 0187-4 SA-1, herringbone 36-59-05E UR 0187-4 SA-1, herringbone 58 55-51-30N 36-51-40E UR 0167-4 Missile assembly 25X1 and storage plant 25X1 ea Moscow SAM Site Ci30- Moscow SAM Site B31- 1, 2, 55-56.32N 55-54-10N 38.55.05E UR 0167-4 SA-1, herringbone 87-18-45E UR 0167-5 SA-2, link Moscow SAM Site B16- 2, 55-54.20N 37-47-OOE UR 0187-5 SA-2, link Biryulevo SAM Support Facr 55-35-SON 37-44-OOE UR 0187.5 Type I (rectangular) Moscow SAM Site B11- 2, 55-42-OON 88.00-OOE UR 0187.5 SA-2, link Moscow SAM Site B06. 2, 55-52-80N 37-53-35E UR 0187.5 SA-2, link Moscow SAM Site B01- 2, 55-57.50N 87-40-10E UR 0167-5 SA-2, link Moscow SAM Site A35- 2, 55-52-24N 37-33-49E UR 0167-5 SA-2, configuration 73 Moscow SAM Site C80. 2, 55-54-1ON undetermined 87-03-25E UR 0167-4 SA-2, configuration 74 Moscow SAM Site B29- 2, 55.47-50N undetermined 37-16-OOE UR 0167-5 SA-2, configuration 75 Moscow SAM Site B26 A- 55.40.50N undetermined 37-05-40E UR 0167-4 SA-2, configuration 76 Moscow SAM Site B21- 2, 55-27.30N undetermined 37.23.00E UR 0167-5 SA-2, configuration 77 Moscow SAM Site C17- 2, 55-22-80N undetermined 87-46-30E UR 0187-5 SA-2, configuration 78 Moscow SAM Site C13- 2, 55-32-22N undetermined 88-06-10E UR 0167-5 SA-2, configuration undetermined SA-2, configuration undetermined 25X1 69 70 Tula SAM Site A25-2, Tula SAM Site B06-2, 54-08-10N 54-17-30N 37-21-30E UR 0167-15 SA-2, configuration undetermined 37-54-30E UR 0167-15 SA-2, link Tula SAM Site B15-2 25X1 , F. Defense Role Undetermined 72 25X1 Smolensk SAM Site A54.2,I I 54-44-15N 81-55-4OE UR 0187-7 SA-2, modified link This is one of seven such facilities deployed around Moscow. This site, and Moscow SAM Site D25A-2, are possibly used for SAM training. This is one of seven such facilities deployed around Moscow. This site has a secured storage/support facility collocated with it. This is one of seven such facilities deployed around Moscow. This site consists of six revetments arranged in a semicircle. An apparent attempt has been made to camouflage this site. An apparent attempt has been made to camouflage this site. The perimeter road of this SAM site ismore rectangular than circular. Approved For Release 2004/01/12-- CIA-RDP02TO6408R000100010032-4 ... v . . .u ohms AM T { _$AM RT 9L / V ?W SA f T1.4 t6 t 6 ..,.rs y as d -l. Y O x E w .l o ? r 5 63 3O ..n r. 2. }. 3 - , 5 . \ ' ti- .G, . ti4~ q ~ - b 0 .. 20 3a .oa. 1 1 ` rom{ n Z7 - 46 - _ i ~ r S r 1 ~ 8 ss ^ ax DL ~ r ,d o a y d ~r ? ~' ~ (9 / 1 4 .~~ -ro ro el~ -' 9 ,tl ` ? ~b L ~i,? ~ SES EF ~ u II z? - ~ e 1 ~ 4 - ~~. aS ~ m. ysz r ." ~ ~ ~. % ~ /~ ,.~ v .. . F:'H o o x 7.'? HH ll TO SE RE pprove or aT N ~A7 10032-4 UPPER OKA RIVER (167) 25X1 TOP SECRET 25X1 01 25X1 0 1 I Approved For Releas 2004/01/12 : CIA-RDP02TO6408R000100010032-4 Country & Map Ref Type & Configuration Mission & Date Mission & Date First Appears Installation Negated An attempt has been made to group these sites into logical complexes; however, it is recognized that the arrangement presented here is only one of several possible solutions. Kaliningrad SAM Defenses (in defense of strategic rail and water transportation routes; military supply depots, training bases, and garrisons; shipbuilding and railroad stock manufacturing; and MRBM complexes) 54-50.20N 21-06-45E UK 0168-6 SA-8, configuration undetermined SA-3, configuration F 54-50-10N 21-07-20E UK 0168-6 SA-2, star 54-38-OON 21-03-OOE UK 0168-6 SA-8, configuration G 54-38-50N 21-05-56E UK 0168.8 Type I (rectangular) Chemyakhovak--major rail transportation, military center, and MRBM deployment area; Grodno-large military training. and supply base;) I- .Pruzhanv MRBM Complex: and Brest--strategic rail traasloadins point. service and renair facility. and military centerl 6 Palanga SAM Site A03-3, 55-59-51N 21-06-OOE UK 0168-1 SA-3, configuration F 7 Palanga SAM Site A03-2, 55-58-45N 21-06-30E UK 0168-1 SA-2, link 8 Klaipeda SAM Site A17-3 55-37-45N 21-10-OOE UK 0168-1 SA-3, configuration G 9 Klaipeda SAM Sit. A17-2 56-37-30N, 21-10-20E UR 0168-1 SA-2, star 10 Sovetsk SAM Site B32-3, 55-17-45N 21-30-1OE UK 0168-1 SA-3, configuration F 11 Sovetsk SAM Site B32.2, 55.17-21N 21.30-20E UK 0168-1 SA-2, link 12 Sovetsk MRBM Complex rte 01-8 , 55.09-55N 21.33-50L UK 0168-6 SA-3, configuration G L 13 vets Complex SAM Site A06-3, 14 ve e 5 upport Facility 55.08.45N 21-55-OOE UK 0168-6 Type 11 (square) 15 Ragnit SAM Site A24-3, 55-01-25N 21-59-50E UK 0168-6 SA-3, configuration F 16 Chemyakhovak SAM Site B21-3, 54.20.15N 21.35-30E UK 0168-11 SA-3, probable config- uration F 17 Chemyakhovak SAM Site B21.2, 54.20-20N 21-86-18E UK 0168.11. SA-2, link 18 Chemyakhovak SAM Site B16-2 54-24-50N 22-02-IOE UK 0168.8 SA-2, star 19 Ozerak SAM Site A10-3 54.24.35N 22.02-25E UK 0168.6 SA-3, configuration F 20 Chernyshevskoye SAM Site A 54.38-50N 22.43-05E UK 0168-8 SA-2, star 21 Marijampole SAM Site A18.2, 54.28-OON 23-23-OOE UK 0168-7 SA-2, link 22 Grodno SAM Site A29-2, 53-42-40N 23.39-OOE UK 0188-12 SA-2, probable link 23 Lida MRBM Complex SA r e 53-58.55N 24-48-15E UK 0168.18 SA-3, configuration F 24 Lida MRBM Complex SAM Site C29-2 53-58-45N 24-48-20E UK 0168-13 SA-2, link 25 Shchuchin SAM Support Facility, 53.35.OON 24.59.00E UK 0188.18 Type II (square) 26 Shchuchin SAM Site A28.2 , 58.35-80N 24.88.00E UR 0168-18 SA-2, link 27 Shchuchin SAM Site A27-3 , 53-35-45N 24-37-30E UK 0168-18 BA-3, configuration F 28 Vclkovyek SAM Site A34- 3, 58.18-ION 24-21.30E UK 0168-17 SA-3, configuration F 29 Vclkovyek SAM Site A34- 2, 58-18-OON 2442-20E UK 0168-17 SA-2, link 55.10.10N 24.28.00E UK 0168-17 SA-3, configuration undetermined 31 Vclkovyek SAM Site B19- 3, 52.55.20N 24-25-00E UK 0168-17 SA-3, configuration F 32 Vclkovyek SAM Site B19- 2, 52-55-35N 24-25.20E UR 0168-17 SA-2, link 33 Prazhany MRBM Complex SAM Site B06.3, 52.40.OON 24-28.20E UK 0168-22 SA-3, configuration F 34 ruz any Site C27-2 52-32.55N 28-46.20E UK 0168.22 SA-2, link 35 Pruzhan MRBM Complex bAM Site 1 -2, 52.30.OON 24.50-15E UK 0168-22 SA-2, link 36 mz an BM Complex SAM Site 810-3, 52-31-20N 24-81.00E UK 0168-22 SA-3, configuration F 37 uSp Facilit 52.30-35N 24.58.40E UK 0168-23 Type I (rectangular) 38 y Prnzruzhe ny SAM Support Facility, 52-16-40N 24.20.50E UR 0168.22 Type II (square) 39 Pruzh~v MRBM Complex SAM Site B18.3, 52.16-1ON 24-20-OOOE UK 0168-22 SA-3, configuration F 40 Brest SAM Site ASS-2 52-13-40N 23-49.80E UK 0168-22 SA-2, link 41 ort F. lit EE~ Brest SAM Su 52-07-30N 23-87-20E UK 0188.22 e I rectan ular) T 42 pp Brest SAM Site A11-2, 52-03-ION 23-53-20E UR 0168-22 ( yp g SA-2, link This site has two additional large revetments of unknown function associated with it. This site has two additional large revetments of unknown function associated with it. This site has two additional large revetments of unknown function associated with it. This SAM site has an unrevetted site adjacent to it. This site has two additional large revetments-of unknown function associated with it. Approved For Release 2004/01/42: CIA-RDP02TO6408R000100010032-4 n (168) WORLD AERONAUTICAL CHART 4 Approved For Relea - - .,,. K- K ~M S d ) rl , ., 0 LM rMM ~ " 1 - 3 7: o . 0 1 ~ i ) E 0 js ' ~` ` s m ! _ " Q.. e ?- r'* t -SAS 1 E dx ~." yz a R i JSSR' TERN 9 1 flE EFyEN3~ _ ~~ ~~ - TI N(IAION) L - eve ry \ \ .. 1 - \ F~ ! SY?'./ Y. S ^ I r .,1- (? hw" I j a.. 77A/ 1 f r .y }' FJ' bl s ? ? c : .. ~"" - _ 3~ t '~ _ i?F U l Ar1ID A K?- 9 ~ er A RA`s Sr )EFt-~ SEg ~ - r r " "'- k'A 'IJN) -C IILd i 1 o _ . n r .ur * .+. _ E t / ~p~ _ ~ 1.-i,,,J 1\ \ r 9 I ~, ~~? ! l `lp r - .. ~' _ a rv - 1 t ? r. S .v. a ?, 011i n - - .. I $$ ?h w. A s z7 1 - ., ~ x, ~_ _ x ~ so ao .0 soi ?n .?".,a" m s0 00 00 s0 ~0 s0 s0 .0u-.,?r u~.,,, 5 so s0 00 so ,0 s0 s0 9,s C u y . J o ? ,. K OK Approve ~-'~ e N ET- 1 - 25X1 Approved For Relea Name, Site Designator, & BE No 25X1 44 Warsaw SAM Site B04-2, Warsaw SAM Site B09-2, 25X1 46 Ukmer SAM Site 04, 47 Ukmerge SAM Site A04.2.2, 48 Jonava SAM Site A15-2, th= r% r- X/ A Vilnius SAM Site A34-2, Vilnius SAM Site A08.2, Vilnius SAM Site A26.2, 25X1 50 51 25X1 25X1 ^N/ G. Baranovichi SAM Defenses (in defense of long-range bomber basel and military facilities) 7TL/L/~SXX~~ 54 Baraoovichi SAM Site B24-2,II 53-01-50N 25-45-IOE UR 0188-18 SA-2, fan H. Pinsk MRBM Complex SAM Defenses (in defense of Pinsk MRBM Complex) 55 Pinsk MRBM Complex SAM Site A25.2, 52-09-30N 25-86-20E UR 0168-23 SA-2, link 25X1 56 ins omplex SAM Site B11-2, 52-07-40N 26-03-20E UR 0168-23 SA-2, link 25X1 os avy MKFI Complex SAM Site B10-2, 25X1 58 25X1 59 25X1 60 25X1 52 Vsel b MRBM Complex SAM Site C02.2, 53 r a u Complex SAM Site A29-2, 61 82 Drisse SAM Site A21-2, 0 Borkovichi MRBM Complex SAM Site B03.2, 1-770K Support Facility, Polotsk SAM Site D24-2, 52-22-50N 21-11-SOE PO 0168-21 SA-2, fan 52-16-25N 21-28-00E PO 0168-21 SA-2, fan 52-01-20N 21.10-10E PO 0168-21 SA-2, fan 55-19-30N 23.59-IOE UR 0168.2 SA-2, link 55-21-20N 24.53-00E UR 0188-3 SA-2, star 55-01-45N 24-21-05E UR 0168-7 SA-2, star 54-48-50N 25-12-30E UR 0168-8 SA-2, link 54.44-ION 25-26-50E UR 0168-8 SA-2, link 54-38-OON 25-02-OOE UR 0188.8 SA-2, link 55-28-OON 26-40.50E UR 0168-4 SA-2, link 55-08.OON 27-14-00E UR 0168-9 SA-2, link 55-07-OON 26-14-OOE UR 0168-8 SA-2, link 54.54-20N 26-26-40E UR 0168-9 SA-2, fan 55-45-40N 27-55-50E UR 0168-14 SA-2, link 55-54-20N 28-38-20E UR 0188-5 SA-2, link 55-32-35N 28-42-20E UR 0168.5 Type II (square) 55-12-88N 27.58-35E UR 0168-4 SA-2, link Country & Type & Map Ref Configuration Mission & Date First Appears Mission & Date Installation Negated This site has one additional large revetment of unknown function associated with it. This site has two additional large revetments of unknown function associated with it. This site has two additional large revetments of unknown function associated with it. 85 Minsk SAM Site B28.2 66 Minsk SAM Site A01.2 67 Minsk SAM Support Fam 68 Minsk SAM Site BiO.2, 69 Minsk SAM Site A12-2, 70 Minsk SAM Site A17-2, 53.54.50N 27-10-45E 54.O0.55N 27-34-25E 53-54-50N 27.40-40E 53-52-40N 27-55-1OE 53-49-50N 27.45-10E 58.45-50N 27.38-OOE UR 0168-14 SA-2, link UR 0168-14 SA-2, link UR 0168-14 Type I (rectangular) UR 0168-14 SA-2, link UR 0168-14 SA-2, link UR 0168-14 SA-2, link Approved For Release 2004/01L112 : CIA-RDP02TO6408R000100010032-4 K QK A---A A. Atom I M _ 0 0 M~ e ( c S3 T ~. ~ 3aA yw ' a K a ,~; ~,?~ ill s liNi"AU - DEFENSES .,,. _ ?-, una _ f t: DE ( - 1i tag A.ii..7dEY T10N) I I -' ". e* '.. ?5m: 0 - L? ^nY. S-o. 'T.." .J - _ __ AM ra , ? fi. - a rmrw , . wY I - _ _ F~l wIflO ul _ _ - - AM FE i - ro }I e - - - - ? 8O m nu.. so ao