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December 28, 2016
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ro ase 2007103107: CIA-RDP02T06408R001100010054-9 PHOTOGRAPHIC INTERPRETATION REPORT CHRONOLOGY OF THE IVANKOVO GUIDED MISSILE PLANT USSR ipO COPY 116 5 PAGES TOP SECRET 14 DECLASS RE. IEUV by F M 1MIDOD Aroved For Release 2007103(07: CIA-RDP02T06408R001100010054-9 GROUP 1 EXCLUDED FROM ARCHIVAL RECORD AUTOMATIC DOWNGRAD4 EASE RE UT N L AND DECLASSIF1M3EIIICY CHIV B 25X1 Approved For Release 2007103107: CIA-RDP02T06408R001100010054-9 Approved For Release 2007103(07: CIA-RDP02T06408R001100010054-9 TITLE NPIC 25X1 RECORD COPY COPY NO. PUB. DATE LOCATION MASTER DATE RECEIVED LOCATION DISPOSITION DATE(S) LEVEL MAXIMUM 10 CUT TO COPIES 0 DATE I' 7-~J("T CUT TO COPIES DATE COPIES DESTROYED CUT TO COPIES DATE CUT TO COPIES DATE CUT TO COPIES DATE MASTER DATE DATE NUMBER OF COPIES DATE RECE VED OR NUMBER OF COPIES MO. DAY YR. RECEIVED OR ISSUED REC D ISS ~D BAL MO. DAY YR. I ISSUED RECD ISS'D BAL 3 25 68 Dist. Unit #106-115 10 10 3 11 ' C- 4- /p 4P _or If 4e T34 Approved For Release 2007/03/07: CIA-RDP02TO6408RO01100010054-9 March 1968 Approved For ?Jpse j : CIA-RDP02T06408R001 100010054-9 CHRONOLOGY OF THE IVANKOVO GUIDED MISSILE PLANT, USSR 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 INTRODUCTION This report is a study of the chronological develop- ment of the Ivankovo Guided Missile Plant 56-45N 037-07E), USSR, and is one of a series of reports on Soviet missile production and test facilities (Figure 1). The Ivankovo Guided Missile Plant is located on the western side of the town of Ivankovo (Podberezye) on the bank of the IvankovskoYe Vodokhranilishche (Reservoir). The plant is close to the confluence of the Volga River and the Moskva Canal. The city of Moskva is located approxi- mately 60 nautical miles south-southeast of the plant. The plant covers an area of approximately 3 3,300 b ~ Y 2,700 feet (Figure 2). The majority of the buildings have been erected on the eastern two thirds of the plant area, and the western section of the plant has remained wooded. There are several clearings in the woods, and the location of small unidentified structures in these areas suggests that they may be used as test areas. Although the plant is served by road, and rail transportation is available nearby on the south side of the Volga River, the prime means of transportation for the plant are the waterways. A small dock is located on the west side of the plant, providing easy trans- portation of materials in and out of the plant. The primary source of electric power may be the Ivankovo hydropower plant located south of the Guided Missile Plant. Additional power and heating requirements are probably supplied by the powerplant at the installation. The principal buildings in the plant include a large assembly-type building, a subassembly building, a power- plant, a forge/foundry, 2 administration buildings, nu- merous workshops, and several general support and storage buildings. A large administration/engineering building and a new assembly-type building are under construction at the present time on the east side of the lant. Roof cover in 1942 was computed at Between 1942 and 1962 the roof cover had increased by feet; between 1962 and 1963, by between 1963 and 1964, by 56,390 square feet; and between 1964 and 1967, by When the buildings now under construction are completed, the total roof cover for the -t-'-- Railroad - Road NAUTICAL MILES MOSKVA GUID10 MISS LE P A'T 1JVANKf7,, --8645 Nikolskoye FIGURE?. LOCATION MAP. TOP SECRET plant will exceed 1 million square feet. The Ivankovo Guided Missile Plant is primarily a re- search and development installation. It was involved in seaplane production prior to World War II. During the war, the production equipment from the plant was evacuated to the east. At the end of the conflict, German aeronautical design engineers from aircraft plants in Halle and Dessen, East Germany, were relocated to this plant. Using German designs implemented by Soviet engineers, the plant became involved in research and development of aircraft and mis- sile systems during the postwar years. Basic designs were developed and testin s made on the EF 126 a g (piloted version of the V-1 rocket), the M 100 (a 2-stage missile), and many other jet and rocket airframes. 1/ Research and develop- ment work was also done on fuels engines, and navigational equipment. At the present time, the plant is believed to be produc- ing air-to-surface missiles (ASM). During 1960-61, there were reports that the Ivankovo plant produced the AS-1 (KENNEL), and later information has indicated an associa- tion with the Tbilisi Airframe Plant 31 in the production of the AS-2 (KIPPER) missile system. 2/ It has not been pos- sible to confirm or deny involvmen t of the plant in the ASM program by means of available photography. HIGHLIGHTS OF CONSTRUCTION DEVELOPMENT Photographic coverage of the Ivankovo Guided Mis- sile Plant has included 35 missions. The early photography was characterized by poor interpretability that in many cases precluded the determination of building con- struction status. Smoke emitted from the stacks of the steamplant generally obliterated the area north of the large assembly building. The first coverage of good interpret- ability was not obtained untilI I 1942 The first available photographic coverage of the Ivan- kovo Plant was obtained in The plant at this time was identified by 2 names: the Ivankovo Aircraft Plant and Experimental Plant No 1, Podberezye. The plant then consisted of the main final assembly/subassembly build- ing (item 21, Figure 3), the powerplant (item 40), a forge/foundry, (item 24), an administration building, 2 workshops, and several small support buildings. 1962 Two decades elapsed before the plant was again ob- served on overhead photography. Photography of although of poor interpretability, revealed significant changes, including the construction of a large new sub- assembly building (item 14) and the addition to the final assembly/subassembly building. Several new workshops and support buildings had been constructed during this pe- riod. Additions had also been erected on the forge/foundry and a workshop (item 1). Several small support buildings, 25X1 25X1 Aroved For Release 2007/03/07: CIA-RDP02T06408R001100010054-9 25X1 FIGURE Z IVANKOVO GUIDED MISSILE PLANT, USSR, Approved For Release 2007/03/07 TOP SECRET 500 1100010054-9 FELT APPROXIMATE ? Present, Complete or U /C Completed or u%c O Completed or u/c Completed or u/c 500 ITEM NUMBERS ARE KEYED TO TABLE I FIGURE 3. LAYOUT OF IVANKOVO GUIDED MISSILE PLANT. TOP SECRET Aroved For Release 2007/03/07: CIA-RDPO2TO6408R001100010054-9 IVANKOVSKOYE 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2007/03/0 7. ClA-RDP02T0C400i 01100010054-9 25X1 Table 1. Description and Dimensions of Structu res in the Guided Missile Plant, Ivankovo , USSR Function/ Dimensions (ft)* Roof Cover Date First Function/ Dimensions (ft)* Roof Cover Date First Item Description L W H (sq ft) Observed** Comments Item Description L W H (sq ft) Observed** Comments Workshop A third wing was added to this bldg 27 Workshop between 1942 & 1962 28 Workshop Includes low bay section, - 25X1 2 Workshop Dimensions aprx I I on W end 25X1 29 Poss laboratory/ 3 Workshop 4 Support bldg Dimensions aprx test bldg 30 Poss laboratory/ 5 Workshop 6 Support bldg Dimensions aprx test bldg 7 Workshop 31 Workshop Small scale of photography precluded 8 Workshop identification until O 9 Workshop 32 Workshop 10 Electric substa- Roof complete, D 33 Workshop tion 34 Workshop 11 Admin/engineer- Wins are 40 ft high; bldg still u/c 35 Workshop 15X1 ing I I 36 Workshop 37 Worksho Bld attached to fenced area containing 12 Admin bldg p g 13 Admin bldg open storage 14 Subassembly bldg 38 Prob pumphouse 15 Storage bldg Dimensions aprx 39 Workshop Dimensions overall 16 Storage bldg 40 Powerplant Plant appeared operational in 1942; sub- 17 Storage bldg Small-scale photogra h recluded sequent additions and modifications not 5X1 identification until fully apparent until 18 Storage bldg Dimensions aprx 41 Support bldg 42 Support bldg Dimensions overall 19 Workshop 43 Poss laboratory/ 20 Gatehouse 21 Main final assem- test bldg bl b 44 U/I bldg Circular structure on E end of bldg has a assem bly/su bldg y 0 New addition 45 Poss laboratory/ Subassembly sec- tion test bldg 46 Workshop Final assembly 47 Support bldg section 48 Prob test bldg Exact configuration of bldg not confirmed 22 Support hldg until l Ismall vertical stacks an 23 Support bldg Dimensions aprx N side 24 Forge;/foundry Only 1 section present in 1942; 49 Assembly bldg Bldg still u/c, 25X1 second added b third 50 Storage bldg 25X1 observed in 51 Storage bldg 25 Poss laboratory/ 52 Storage bldg Prob used for coverage storage of bldg test bldg 26 Support bldg Status of bldg undetermined until 53 Workshop materials for item 49 1964; width aprx 54 Workshop Length of bldg doubled during 1964 *Horizontal measurements are accurate to within ?5 ft or 5%, whichever is greater, and vertical measurements are accurate to within ?10 ft. **Construction complete when first observed unless noted in Comments. present in 1942, had been removed. 1964 1965 1963 An administration building (item 12), a possible labo- ratory/test building (item 30), a workshop (item 53), and 2 small support buildings were first observed on photography of No other changes were discernible. Photography of presented the first coverage of good interpretability of the Ivankovo plant. A second new section was observed on the forge/foundry. The powerplant, previously obscured by smoke, was observed on the photog- raphy for the first time since 1942, and it was evident that several new sections had been added to this building. In addition, 2 workshops and b other small support and storage buildings were newly identified. construction was noted on a building (item 10) in the southwest section of the plant. No other changes were observed. By his structure, identified as an electric substation, appeared to be complete. On pho- tography of initial construction was noted on a large C-shaped administration/engineering building (item 11). -3- TOP SECRET Aroved For Release 2007/03/07 : CIA-RDP02T06408R001100010054-9 1966-1967 25X1 In construction for a new assembly building (item 49) on the northeast section of the plant was first no- Approved For s : CIA-RDP02T06408R00 1100010054-9 ted, The building measured] I No additional changes have been observed at this plant since Construction is nearing completion on the ad- REFERENCES ministration/engineeringbuilding and the new assembly building as of the date of the latest photography. TOP SECRET Aroved For Release 2007/03/07: CIA-RDP02T06408R001100010054-9 25X1 25X1 Approved For s 7 REFERENCES (Continued) 10054-9 MAPS OR CHARTS ACIC. US Air Target Chart, Series 200, Sheets 0154-17, 0154-22 DOCUMENTS 1. CIA. SI 3-52, 2. NSA. REQUIREMENT CIA. C-DI5-82,973 NPIC PROJECT iIrcft Research & Development At Experimental Plant No. 1, Podberezye, USSR, Mar 52 (SECRET) ~8 Apr 64 (TOP SECRET TOP SECRET Aroved For Release 2007103(07: CIA-RDP02T06408R001100010054-9 Approved For Release 3l P02T06408R001100010054-9 TOP SECRET Aroved For Release 2007103(07: CIA-RDP02T06408R001100010054-9