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December 28, 2016
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SIGNATURE RECORD AND ' COVER SHEET 3 ~~ t 3Ll ~l DOCUMENT DESCRIPTION REGi; SOURCE DD/P CIA CONTROL NO_" W DOC. NO. 150484 DATE DOCUMENT RECEIVED DOC. DATE 27 Dec 3 257 - - COPY NO. 17 ?: LOGGED BY rp NUMBER OF PAGES # NUMBER OF ATTACHMENTS V !~ /f Cy,Z7>1 7 L ATTENTION: This form will be placed on top of and attached to each Top Secret document received by the Central Inter ligence Agency or classified Top Secret within the CIA and will remain attached to the document until such time-as it is downgraded, destroyed, or transmitted outside of CIA. Access to Top Secret matter is limited to Top Secret Control personnel and those individuals whose official duties relate to the matter. Top Secret Control Officers who receive and/or release the attached Top Secret material will sign this form and indicate period of custody in the11eft-h columns provided. Each individual who sees the Top Secret document will sign and indicate the date of handling in !l~ right-hand columns. REFERRED TO RECEIVED RELEASED SEEN BY OFFICE SIGNATURE DATE TIME DATE TIME SIGNATURE AND O FICE DATE 2,5 X 1 V It-w . Declas t Review by A NOTICE OF DETACHMENT: When spaces below and transmitted this form is detached from Top Secret material it shall be completed in the appropriate to Central Top Secret Control for record. DOWNGRADED DESTROYED DISPATCHED (OUTSIDE CIA) TO BY (Signature) TO BY (Signature) WITNESSED BY (Signature) BY (Signature) DATE DATE J OFFICE D ATE Approved For Release 2006/04/1 TOE I 13TO2228ROOO100240001-9 iprM FP%IeUOOM/1,A-1J3lM281J1 L iO TOP SECRIET 11-36.b do- T- -3 PHOTOGRAPHIC INTELLIGENCE REPORT TBILISI/SOGANLUG -AIRFIELD 27 DECEMBER 1957 RR-GP/DP-7-57 Ti N 25X1 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY fWro o a4MO6l17 -ROWTSM8F I O( O 1C P CF('RFT AOTO T..~`:`~'FL T' E1~T .E ItEPUF ' Approved ~i~ Fo leas 006/04117 A-R 03T'02 00 TOP SECRET -VO SHILOVGRAD K ach onu PP STALING ST pVtNG tis ? erkhnfy Raskunchak - - parme s _ SHAH Ty OS n s l T HDANOV ANRO O. Tsym/y s aya bn OCHERK Os' ASS k .{ Q Zimovniki S R ~. Yeysk _ anyushkino_ - PH O FAldty .. d Z 0 _~0S epnoy ASTRAKHA Tikhoretsk Divnose Peschwoy Kropp 1?u KRASN OD ? Blagodarnoye VOrossrysk Stavropol' h~na ' - r Maykop % Budennoyss Tua se eJ Cherke At nedck r f / Kislovodsi - '7 1 Sorb ` - - \' - Nal'chik GROZNYY '~ "? ' N - B L C .~ ` ( DZAUDZHI U F.' a' .. _4;~ ~.. g SSA" R;,n ~~ :~ Kutaisi Stahmr T :?- Kurdgelaun ??n: TIFLIS ~~ S. Y! '~ sty 4 wit Gi R st 10 is Nu kha j resun ze t o Leninak ?,, OZERO\ Karn SE3'ANl\\~ s YEREVAN Kirovabad BAK KrasnovQdsl f Ad in - -? ~ htr guP Erzurum e T '` U R K F ~ e n " 9 ~? ' i '~ Nu nt i Ela akh LAKE heva n z `?~ ! r f very Van .` ~e7 - ti F i t 3 r -p. . ti K~ ?ta an TABRIZ . ~olemenk ?( 6'R.Y J ?? f., ,y `, - Mraneh Rash Z ` de J J v M b I 1' ` abad A R Chiles Shbhi e: osz, A Q I Kazvin , e, ". e?: Mosul RAN . Z b \.. TEH SYRIA 38 42 46 50 U.S.S.R. CAUCASUS ~?.~ a.ternational boundary Qt National capital Road (selected) --~-~- Railroad (selected) Scale 18,500.000 0 100 200 300 Miles 0 100 200 300 Kilometers M prM FJMIeAM00M/17MA-J3 28)1 CJ0{M M TOP SECRET This photo analysis of Tbilisi/Soganlug Airfield is based on small format photograph and has been preparedby the Photo Intelligence Division of ORR. Two preliminary reports, Nos. have been prepared using the same photography. However, informationpresentedherein is the result of a more careful analysis of the photographs and supersedes data in the preliminary reports. This airfield is also discussed briefly in two other reports, Nos.. RR-GP/DP-1-57 RR-GP/DP-2-57 graphy. which are based on different photo.. TOP SECRET prM FAWleJ OO /1 /A-1J3M@281 )1 C 0{ To P _q FCR FT Navigational facilities include a control tower, numerous pos- sible pole-type antennas located southwest of the parking apron, two probable meteorological boxes in a fenced area adjacent to the oper- ations building, and approximately eight light posts along the parking apron. The only transportation facility serving the airfield is an asphalt road which leads northwest to Tbilisi Airframe Plant No. 31. An electrified railroad passes northeast of the field, but there is no spur or siding to serve the airfield. The following is a report of aircraft and activities observed on the airfield during the Summer and Fall of 1957. Early July photography reveals no activity or aircraft on the airfield. Thirteen MIG-17s (Frescos) are imaged on photography taken in Mid-July (see plate 1). Seven are located on the parking apron, two on the taxiway near the northeast end of the hangar, one on the service apron in front of the hangar, and three in the .:hangar, as evidenced by protruding tail sections. Vehicles present consist of three tank trucks, one moving northwest along the parking apron, and one each parked on the grass southwest and north of the parking apron. Twenty-eight LI-2s, (Cabs) are visible on photography of late October (see plate 2). Nine are loc ated on the grass just northeast of the runway, one on the grass near the southeast end of the runway, and 18 on the grass between the runway and taxiway. One large and 38 small tents are pitched south of the hardstand which extends southwest TOP SECRET Approved For Release 2006/04/17: CIA-RDP03TO2228R000100240001-9 P F le U 11 A- TOP SECRET of the taxiway, Num. ra'u,s trucks are. parked on the hardotand and one truck is 1isOole near the'nin; Cabs parked i ortheast Of the run `ay. The of the ai.rfrani plant. stand. Three trucks are six, the taxiway heading. north est i* &A dir?ttio14 ; trucks are probably b'ei g used to un1`oad cargo frbrr~ the ai,rpl' a s. < targpd, guar` ; s _of supplies are spread out in an area -egrtk*, atof the hard tbgr.aphy sh vs 31 LI:.2-s (dabs' a3*4-: Early No-fembex pha hangar aid the tither, is '.on the parking apron. Oil* Marge and f ltr small ju,st n*rthes.s:t of the runways and 22 are on the ',raigts lieu, the ru awn and taxiway. One Fresco is .located on the service aprHxn i's fret of the MIGm179 (Frescos) (see plate I), Nin. Cabs are ati11 arhOd.o* the tents are the Only ones r:emai g from the 59 tents obse'riod, it'. a:te October. There ar.e sti11 n~ mertau9 supplies located n@rthWest ti the hardstand, although the quantity, has diminiah~ed. No t:r-uck are visible L the field. 1000 Mid July 1957 2000 Feet W U W C I t r + MIG-17 Y MIG-17 IN HANGAR Approved P a r b1e`6ge'2000x ,17 C A 3,T0 218R' 00100240001-9 Approved For Release 2006/04/17: CIA-R DP03T02228R000100240001-9 TBILI S I/SOGANLUG A/F 41?391N 44?'56'E Pproved For'Release 200604 " CIA-P01'03T02228?R000100240001-9 f W W R KURA - LI-2 TENTS ^ PARKED TRUCKS r OPEN STORAGE VEHICLE TRACKS Approved For Release 2006/04/17: CIA-RDP03TO2228R000100240001-9 81LIS1/SOGANLUG A/F 41?39'N 4456'E 1000 2000 Feet 1 1 I LEGEND Yr KURA A p ve ` efea~e 20,66''0474 Approved For 1000 2000 Feet Mlpr M F 1eJMOO '170W-I 310281 10i0ow` m I QOP.SECRET